Abacus Emoji

Abacus is a candidate for inclusion in Unicode 11.0 scheduled for release in 2018 and was added to draft Emoji 11.0 in 2017.

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🧮 U+1F9EE


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Dylan Bourgeois ‏@dtsbourg

Calculus made easy 🧮 https://t.co/p8ikC5tz8L https://t.co/6c5MZHa3pc

Fishy's Fishy 🌞🌛 ‏@SLHusky401

@sujulovableboys @JenluvSJ @iLikeyeunhae86 here's a math porn joke for you then: 🧮🔞 What is the square root of 69? Eight something.

HonMayorPhilly🎾🐊 ‏@HMPhillySports

@tennislifenews In the Draper scenario: They would keep going till 12-12 (24 games) The Isner rule Will they then p… https://t.co/IGp4yPBgzW

Richard Johansen ‏@DataVizJohansen

@CincyAmyK @UCLibraries I feel pretty good about the first 5 and working diligently on learning advanced stats/pred… https://t.co/TtMegnbPuG

Rhombicosidodecahedran ‏@Hamiltoniana2

#MathematicalArt 🎨🧮 'Once you have put more & more of your physical world into a mathematical structure, you realiz… https://t.co/42AGwJ8qY7

Lobo Women's Soccer ‏@UNMLoboWSoccer

#GAMEDAY! ⚽️ Game 16 of 18 🐺@UNMLoboWSoccer vs. Air Force ⌚️7:30 p.m. 📍UNM Soccer Complex 🧮… https://t.co/q7AB1nRY03

Tommy Gallagher 🎸 ‏@tommygallagher

How many #coincidences until it is #mathematically impossible? 🧮 Show The People #The Greatest Show ON Earth 🌎… https://t.co/LLRdTs2HOS

Fuel For Sport ‏@fuelforsport

How many #calories should you consume each day? What about your #protein, carbohydrates, fat and fibre intake? You… https://t.co/QEKm2kObUb

HonMayorPhilly🎾🐊 ‏@HMPhillySports

@LucaBeck Excellent work Luca!! Thank you.🎾💚🧮 So, when you say *other 253 players for Roger, what exactly does that… https://t.co/HfsCJKeNlA

Flipgrid ‏@Flipgrid

@CollsCampYet @Colls_Garfield Our thoughts- Ms. Kelley is a GENIUS for coming up with this creative way for student… https://t.co/6Kv7vPn3qe

Science Vs ‏@sciencevs

Featuring fresh data from @sciencevs' Dr @MerylEHorn 📈📊🧮 https://t.co/nrh3YNhYZj

DoorZone ‏@D00RZ0NE

@BoringDad123 @Komanoff @capntransit Correction: TWO cops. Tomorrow will mark one year of 24/7 🚓👮‍♀️👮‍♂️ on this spot. @NYCComptroller 💰🧮?

Rhombicosidodecahedran ‏@Hamiltoniana2

'Math ... is ... Art ... is ... Math ... is ... Art ...' 🎨🧮 '#Fractal, #Tessellation, #Fibonacci Sequence and… https://t.co/ryfDZ9ihSD

•Logan• ‏@supercoolrad

@ebbsy_ just count em that's the lesson just sit there and... count them 🧮

Chè. 🧘🏽‍♀️ ‏@Dy_mondDassit

Killed em, but taxes FINISHED EM 😭😭😭💀💐⚰️ $358 taken out 🙈🤦🏽‍♀️😫🧮 I’m looking at my paystub .& got the calculator li… https://t.co/m3u5Omdm3x

B. 🥌 ‏@knicks148

@RealistSpeaking @Drews_Way All of this, but especially the part where I'm not reading @Drews_Way's prospect report… https://t.co/a8qyQgbZqB

Scare Me On Fridays ‏@SemetraRhodes

#FrightMonth Day 18 #FinancialFrights Marathon #NowWatching PI 1998 #CountdownToHalloween 🎃🧮🎃🧮🎃 https://t.co/X1p2RfIuap


Maths Club launches this week - Fridays 12pm in room M22. It's Lower school students who have an interest in Maths… https://t.co/Zliy3Sa2Db

L.o.u.i.e ‏@janlouie23

Calculator say it all! 🧮 https://t.co/T018HTd2xU

All In ‏@alliningenieria

Haskell's kind system - a primer 🧮 https://t.co/MY6bxJLdWH

Fantasy Football Hub ‏@FFootballHub

🧮 FIXTURE TICKER UPDATED 🧮 Slight tweak to the algorithm that sits behind it. See ➡️ https://t.co/jTv4XPIsOt Th… https://t.co/Bx3a8DP0WR

Stock On The Side ‏@StockOnTheSide

Started a $20k 💰 Mid / Long Term Investment stock game 🧮 with @MarketWatch See how we fair over the next year 📈 15… https://t.co/Ois6XTwJkj

Gavin Boyle ‏@Gboyleuk

#Stcbh Wow! Google Forms Quiz can now mark equations. Check this out Maths Team @mrpollardmaths 🧮➕➖➗ https://t.co/hyxJag2Vxw

𝔧𝔞𝔫𝔫 ‏@NYOONGl

yall will call me an old ass but call junkook a babyboy in the same breath 🧮📊🤔

Grow_Liverpool ‏@grow_liverpool

A great article promoting creativity in education! 👩‍🏫https://t.co/9ydsC3vAvB Prioritising and separating subjects… https://t.co/MLo3FIXUrZ

Moshe Fasten ‏@MosheFasten

@WABetaInfo It's the new emojis: 🥰 🥵 🥶 🥴 🥳 🥺 🦵 🦶 🦷 🦴 👨‍🦰 👨‍🦱 👨‍🦳 👨‍🦲 👩‍🦰 👩‍🦱 👩‍🦳 👩‍🦲 🦸‍♂️ 🦸‍♀️ 🦹‍♂️ 🦹‍♀️ 🦝 🦙 🦛 🦘 🦡… https://t.co/c48HP4HpSQ

Karen Pirrung ‏@KaddyKappy

@SamSykesSwears @JasAmiri I read it to my kids when they were kids. Does that count?🧮

Kim Yerim ‏@myeminri

愛 ׃ 𝐼𝑓 𝑡𝘩𝑒 𝐻𝑒𝑎𝑣𝑒𝑛𝑠 𝑒𝑣𝑒𝑟 𝑑𝑖𝑑 𝑠𝑝𝑒𝑎𝑘. ━῍The only heaven I'll be sent to is when I'm alone with you. I was born sick,… https://t.co/aZSzIsESDo

Fuel For Sport ‏@fuelforsport

How many #calories should you take on daily? What about #protein and #carbs? Our Nutritional Guidelines Calculator… https://t.co/K0o8fTANUN

ChicagoFaucetShoppe ‏@ChiFaucetShoppe

Strive not to be a success but rather to be of value. – Albert Einstein 🧮👨‍🏫 #TheFaucetShoppe #ENCOURAGEMENT… https://t.co/XnbE8ZKEPP

Kevin Cefalu ‏@kevincefalu

Must've been a seeking arrow, amirite? 🏹 + 🧮 = Winning https://t.co/nMgddI2fU1

Andy Robertson ‏@AndyRobertson33

wst181 Hey wst 1000% is high....very high! You're ten times more certain than 100% - that is confident! (We're pret… https://t.co/SVOeFt55My

PokerStars ‏@PokerStars

@wst181 Hey wst 1000% is high....very high! You're ten times more certain than 100% - that is confident! (We're pre… https://t.co/jdUHf9KNXt

Rudra Kadam ‏@Rudr_Kadam

#MyFavouriteMovies... 🎬 *THE MAN WHO KNEW INFINITY* by Matthew Brown. #MathematicianLegend #TheGreat_Ramanujan 🧮➕ https://t.co/cfJfMOgkdV

betway dota2 ‏@betwaydota2

Calculated 🧮 https://t.co/xqf9RuJVcq


@PYouthreach @GetKahoot @ddletbYR @ddletb No pressure then! 👇🧮 🤔

moneybox ‏@moneyboxteam

@Adam9Rush @KeepCup Great pic Adam! In its natural habitat too 💻🧮

tutu ‏@jimunaisi

Never mind what you did in the past, what will matter is what you will do in the future.If you don't know what you… https://t.co/06d3lmv6Ko

Merklize ‏@merklize

Blockchain for Accountants! 🧮 How will the accounting and auditing industry be disrupted by the Blockchain Technolo… https://t.co/8gC3v7z4SW

AS Roma English ‏@ASRomaEN

3️⃣1️⃣8⃣* Actually, that second goal was @EdDzeko's 318th career strike... maths never was our strong point... 🧮… https://t.co/2QkUDzvrVi

Miss Underwood ‏@MissU_Robins

Robins @RaundsPark have completed a Maths Quiz about place value today! They were stars! There will be no Maths hom… https://t.co/fJL051Wha3

GeorgeHarley ‏@GeorgeIsa1

@PatsKarvelas Morrison is the Fibonacci PM, worse than the previous two added together.🧮


If The Universe Is 13.8 Billion Years Old, How Can We See 46 Billion Light Years Away?🤔 I'm trying to fix my space… https://t.co/kcbD7lyPyf

OECD Education ‏@OECDEduSkills

There's still time to participate in #GlobalMathWeek 🧮 Click here to register and learn more about Exploding Dots… https://t.co/Knk95QeWjk

Reetu Child ‏@uomlib_reetu

No, it's not for nerds - it's for cool people like you👊Share expertise, skills and get support from like minded peo… https://t.co/BK107hUG92

Farrago ‏@farragobooks

This Farragonaut will be spending a lot of time on trains today. Just hope my journey doesn't turn out quite like T… https://t.co/3fs5ABJmLw

HfL Early Years ‏@hertsearlyyears

Day one of the #EastHerts, #Broxbourne, #Welwyn and #Hatfield annual programme is now in full swing at… https://t.co/gGzRAOZuyy

Mark Baldwin-Smith ‏@mbaldwinsmith

R3 14/100 #100DaysOfCode Good morning, groovy apes! 🌄 The world turns, I do my morning maths lessons. 🌎🌍🌏🧮 I've… https://t.co/jcpcVXmqHN

Sarah Madden ‏@TheGingerSci

The Ginger Scientist meets The Ginger Mathematician @FryRsquared ! It was lovely to meet you and thanks for an amaz… https://t.co/zSAn0fxhr0

Brandon Gifted Team ‏@MBrandonGT

Mathletes hard at work! 🧮➕➖✖️➗👷‍♀️👷‍♂️ Growing those 🧠s and getting used to solving math in different ways! 💪… https://t.co/UFAfBnM2Un

Hillsborough Schools ‏@HillsboroughSch

WOW, this is 💥BIG💥BIG💥BIG. Way to go, Anthony @HHSBigRed for earning your award. What a great time to be honored… https://t.co/GYoGzBMaA8

Marilyn McAlister ‏@MarilynEDU

@vlopezcusd @joboaler Wow!!! Enjoy the day! #YouCubed 🧮

jubear ‏@jubear720

*thinks about that Rockstar 100-hr workweek thing* hmmmm *thinks about how there are like, 168 hours in a week* hm… https://t.co/P56RS9cauJ

CFI / FCI ‏@InnovationCA

Math does not come easily to everyone. Most of us reach for our phone for even simple calculations. 🧮 Researchers… https://t.co/PDvVI5mBnX

Selma Elementary ‏@SelmaElemNC

Open House and Math Night have been rescheduled for October 25! Please come meet your child's teachers and play som… https://t.co/Rtl4X3RkYw

Rhombicosidodecahedran ‏@Hamiltoniana2

'The world's oldest decimal #MultiplicationTable'🧮 The 2,300-year-old matrix is made from a few fragments out of a… https://t.co/2UFHJEMQeW

Dave Smyth ‏@websmyth

Oh wow, @typekit has become Adobe Fonts and it’s not just a rebrand: 🔁 No more sync limits 🧮 Font view and domain… https://t.co/M7CHn7zEQs

RTÉ news2day ‏@news2dayRTE

🐘+🎃+🧮+🏁= news2day at 4.30pm! https://t.co/9cSUfCqDkE

LawscotCPD ‏@LawscotCPD

🧮 Our Essential financial skills for lawyers training is tomorrow (16 October)! One-day intro workshop ✅ Perfect f… https://t.co/eyDGGKEQ4F

Lunsford Primary ‏@LunsfordPrimary

Well done to our team of four Year 6 boys who competed in the @OPGSchool Primary Maths Competition on Friday and ca… https://t.co/YOcjvENaCA

Dragons 🏉 ‏@dragonsrugby

🔢 STAT ATTACK | Number crunching in @ERChallengeCup 👇 5⃣2⃣7⃣ metres made 💨 1⃣3⃣6⃣ carries 🤲 5⃣4⃣ points 🧮 3⃣7⃣ def… https://t.co/oBgz300aWZ

Caroline Chavier ‏@MrsCaroline_C

https://t.co/X6NwHs6xJf is hiring for challenging engineering projects in #Paris👇 💻#BackEnd https://t.co/OS3qsvhau8… https://t.co/U0TSL8ZHHy

Traci Piltz  ‏@TraciPiltz

@mandyrobek @NRomersa @MLCmath @Seesaw They're really easy to find on the Math Learning Center site - I also create… https://t.co/MEn0kmuz32

Tracy Karin Prell ‏@tracy_karin

@MartinHeigan @uastronomer @Radio_Astronomy Thanks for tweeting! I think @W9GYR at @LaddObs would be interested! 🚀📚🧮😉🔭

HonMayorPhilly🎾🐊 ‏@HMPhillySports

@BrainGameTennis 👇🏽is the best!! 💚the new adj 'apex predator' & all the Math!🧮 "He is back to being the apex predat… https://t.co/1dRKmysrAr

ChildrensPlaceBooks ‏@AChildrensPlace

Want to hear something cool? An international study of 160,000 people found that MORE books in a home = higher lite… https://t.co/bT0wbkmtss

𝕞𝕒𝕚𝕕𝕒 ‏@Helicoptergoes

inventory day in DTLA! 🧮📊

Eric Rafat ‏@FounderEric

What does a search engine do? - Crawl 🕸️ - Build index - Calculate relevancy 🧮 - Serve results 💻

Lobo Women's Soccer ‏@UNMLoboWSoccer

#GAMEDAY! ⚽️ Game 15 of 18 🐺@UNMLoboWSoccer vs. Nevada ⌚️2 p.m. (MT) 📍Reno, Nev. 🧮 https://t.co/OnZPFuH7NH 📺… https://t.co/12HhiY5sfL

SWA Maths Department ‏@SWAMaths

Year 10 exams this week - make sure that you have all your equipment 🧮😇 https://t.co/CkO57iz0eN

Lance M Snead ‏@HighHeelKnight

Hey @couchtomatofilm Check out this video. @CorderyFX is trying to steal your gimmick. Skip to the 10:00 mark to se… https://t.co/xiTBBLAajP

iain ‏@MT127puddle

@mistresstess1 @EyesWideShutLA Well, I appear to have survived that potential crisis, touch wood. No, no, no, no,… https://t.co/NmFV0Va7rr

New Mexico Football ‏@UNMLoboFB

Another road @MountainWest game on tap!!! 🏈Game 6 of 12 🐺@UNMLoboFB vs. 🐏@CSUFootball ⌚️2:08 p.m. MT 📍Canvas Stadi… https://t.co/olCOMNKRN6

SP Control Service🚢 ‏@SControlService

The Rosario Stock Exchange supports the merger of Rofex and MatBA 🧮📈📉📊 #Stock #Exchange #Rofex #Matba #Merge… https://t.co/2qq6sWM33b

crypto_boss ‏@CryptoZhuk

🧮@Xcryptclub signed an agreement with an important venture capital for 2.5 million dollars💰 $ 1 million. Strategic… https://t.co/nKIh3I5T03

November is coming. 🗽 ‏@piptrain

💡🧮 How about this: What are your favorite moving averages? Mine are 55ema, 100sma, 200ema. $EURUSD is currently tra… https://t.co/kbDcjOtdoy

Lobo Women's Soccer ‏@UNMLoboWSoccer

#GAMEDAY! ⚽️ Game 14 of 18 🐺@UNMLoboWSoccer vs. UNLV ⌚️8 p.m. (MT) 📍Las Vegas, Nev. 🧮 https://t.co/b15uVDp574 📺… https://t.co/txJykLw9Yx

🌈Summerspeaker🦄 ‏@queersing

Ancoms: Markets are fundamentally ableist. Market anarchists: 🧮Can you solve the calculation problem, commie? If n… https://t.co/mfhuvZ9NwK

Beth Chafik ‏@BethChafikARU

Fantastic Opportunity to hear from graduates on the Government Economic Service Fast Stream. Tickets limited for t… https://t.co/Fsqlj6ggyb

GlasgowSLO ‏@GlasgowSLO

Happy In-Service day to all hardworking staff spending a productive day in school! 🏫🧮 Remember, you can still get i… https://t.co/sEHr1nT2xd

Kevin Hillier ‏@KevinHillier

Looking forward to it setting my 7 alarms now. ⌚️📱⏱️⏲️⏰🕰️⏳🧮🍹 https://t.co/MMBdKlYVFB

TokenTrekkie ‏@TokenTrekkie

🧮 point 3 ✅ https://t.co/djT0kMNzfH

Werewolfula Gray ‏@ursulaoctopus

Day 11 of #Inktober2018 featuring Radley, the mathmagician and his enthusiastic roommate, Dianne. 🧮✨ … https://t.co/RS60JAJqrP

Neil Chonofsky ‏@FuturityFirstNJ

BEST Retirement Calculator ever!! 💯 Simple, easy to use, and it's Free! 🧮 Check it out >> https://t.co/Gq1miloygV… https://t.co/V6S6oEdwAQ

Christine Cassis ‏@ChristineCassis

correctly guess the number of puns @sodypop worked into this post (reply in r/blog) for some swanky ~*~Reddit Premi… https://t.co/w2o5rKkGf3

Applied Information Nottinghamshire NHS Healthcare ‏@AppliedInfoNott

#AdaLovelaceDay was a couple of days ago but I'm looking forward to #AdaLovelaceWeekend at Newstead Abbey. Because… https://t.co/ABednSdagW

Manpie [EGN] ‏@_Manpie

@Arekkz Love to know what the calculations per second are 🧮

Vadim Nikiforov ‏@nikifovadim

it's [70/100] #100DaysOfCode Not too much details in the future i will provide them 😋: 🗒️ ✔ Math 🧮 ✔ Reading ✔ https://t.co/EHWUh0O68Z

Greenbriar East ES ‏@gbefcps

Mrs. Argodale's Math Class is using Math Workshop. and can’t wait to explore more of this “tech book”. Great conver… https://t.co/4mjYXt1DnQ

Funding Options ‏@FundingOptions

Running a business often involves making complex financial decisions. Read this guide by @FloatApp to find out how… https://t.co/1m4knw2nKm

-Cheekyozieclique- ‏@Cheekyoziechick

A girl is not an object..a possession..a thing.. She is hope..love..and compassion. Join #MichelleObama and the… https://t.co/TsmnWQDziN

Maak vas. ‏@RV_Davids

Sales quantity variance works on contribution/profit p.u 🧮

Andreas 🤡 ‏@cuddleptic

what's wrong with that hashtags ? 🤔 #twitter @Twitter @TwitterDE 💾🧮🔮 https://t.co/vhsQbEhLM1

finesse finesse 🧞‍♀️ ‏@iamKHADE_

Reflecting 🧮

Utah State Science ‏@UStateScience

🧮🔎 Join Dr. Jim Cangelosi for "Winning the Peace with a Secretive, Invaluable Boost from the Prostitution of Prime… https://t.co/VixG1TjJmQ

Vadim Nikiforov ‏@nikifovadim

it's [69/100] #100DaysOfCode Some: 🗒️ ✔️@freeCodeCamp😛 ✔ Math 🧮 ✔ Reading

BayCoastBank ‏@BayCoastBank

Great photos, thank you for sharing @schoonoverjeff! So proud to be a part of this program and to contribute to… https://t.co/9WaVztGCiE

JP Henderson Element ‏@JP_Falcons

Beautiful work from our 3rd grade students during their math intervention block!🧮@Ponce_East @HISDEastArea @CMtzHTX… https://t.co/Is8s185B4F

HUNCHO 🔋🔌 ‏@ErockyFrm5th

time to go a 100x harder 🧮💸

League ‏@JoinLeague

When it comes to the future of your finances, leading a budget-less life will probably do more harm than good. The… https://t.co/jnhxK2oLKf

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