Airplane Emoji

Used either as a literal airplane, or sometimes to represent an overseas vacation, or airplane mode on a phone or tablet.

Airplane was approved as part of Unicode 1.1 in 1993 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

✈️ Aeroplane

✈️ Flight

✈️ Flying

✈️ Plane

Apple Name

✈️ Airplane


✈ U+2708

️ U+FE0F




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ritz ‏@taewildin

going ✈ emo

J-Air Aviation ‏@jairaviation

The first ever YouTube video from J-Air Aviation ✈ #subscribe #like #share #comment

4LeafClover🍀 ‏@4leafclovertff

Awww, you didn't have to do this just for me😊✈🇬🇧

MarMarie 💙 • HAIKYUU S4 • ‏@LuYaVv

See ya later we ✈✈ going to play

moira ‏@vhallasaldrik

@camphalfblood 'books aren't interesting' we ✈ fight

𝒏𝒂𝒅𝒔 ✈ 𝑺𝒀: 𝑻𝑭 𝒊𝒏 𝑺𝒆𝒐𝒖𝒍 📌 𝑮𝑨 ‏@G0LDENKTH

as for people traveling abroad: most countries are Polio free already so there might be a chance that you'll run in…

Miriam Joyce Yucor ‏@fashionizta15

Airplanes in the sky.. Can you hear it? 'cause I can see it. 💌🚅🚆✈🛩🛫🛬

mia ‏@hiddIesturner

going✈s2 de barry

CSSI Inc. RVSM ✈️ Monitoring Services ‏@CssiRvsm

@captpera Our #RVSM Monitoring toolkit for #Aviation provides worldwide monitoring capability. Contact us to find y…

𝖒𝖊𝖑 ¹¹ ‏@shameIessliam

hold awn we✈ to request siu on my backup and saved accs💔

Capt. Black™ ‏@darkchapdc

@RadioPaparazi Gbayi omo iya... If I be woman, na you I for follow go ooo... Sherubawon ijaya 1. Murphy! Carry go jooorrrrr ✈

𝒏𝒐𝒐𝒕 // 曹承衍 ‏@yulyoun

... it's missing tmw hours ✈✈

বাংলার ছেলে 🇧🇩 ‏@iSoumikSaheb

Still Feeling Vibes Of The Nagaland Journey. The City Was Beautifully Dangerous, Was Amazed To See A Different Type…

Iewis ‏@telelance

going ✈ re-reading klancecorner fics

Simon Peter ‏@sibipeter

✈ The Travel Agents Group ✈ ===================== AIR FARE DEALS Open the link for live fa…

Simon Peter ‏@sibipeter

✈ The Travel Agents Group ✈ ======================== AIR FARE DEALS Open the link for live…

Essex Travel Updates ‏@EssexTravelNews

✈ Southend Airport (SEN) - LIVE Arrival times and LIVE Departure times #Essex #Travel


Jinjoonators slowly fall into the abyss of angst because jinjoo refused to breathe. We ✈ yulyen for the meantime.

Brunswick & Glynn Co. Development Authority ‏@GoldenIsles_EDA

Hooray! We love that ATL can easily be accessed from our #Brunswick airport with 3 daily flights from @Delta ✈✈✈

kimberly ‏@NotYourGrandkid

Grannies on tour ✈ christmas market

Christian Bell ‏@cbellman0

@CullinsDeja Who wants to see my #pussy? DM 😋 #sex 💒✈🎭😝drgF9Hwi8

allen☽ ‏@starseijou

prayer circle we going ✈ scouting

HANNAH ‏@__hannachz

i think im going ✈ junior high hannah in terms of acads,,, goodbYe

Joey ‏@BadGalVirgo

Toronto bound✈❤

Love, Lia. ‏@CHOlJULlE

Me: *puts Love, Lia. as my DN because of this banner a Midzy made for me* My girls: We going✈ Love-Love an. Love,…

Dale ‏@SyoteTan_

Fly high ✈✈✈

☆ ‏@ongniele

@komuprime_ We're getting ✈ back 💘 together.

minnie7th ‏@minnie_got7th

BTS SPEAK YOUR SELF JAPAN GOODS: Image Picket Random 1 member Magnetic bookmark Free!!! 🛒$34 ✈ Shipping fee $13 💸P…

Clickstay ‏@clickstay

Flying into #Dubrovnik Airport? ✈ Stay in a seaside town close to Dubrovnik Airport 🌞

GoAir ‏@goairlinesindia

All set to #FlySmart to #Kuwait, our newest international destination! ✈

CLINTON MCMILLAN ‏@coach_mac98

Wheels up!!!! ☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️🛩🛩🛩🛫🛫🛫🛫🛫🛫🛫✈✈✈✈ #UTM20XX #parabellum #prettygirlslikepassrushers #buttheymarryrunstoppers #doittogether

Team Followers ‏@TeamFollowerID

♥RETWEET♥ONLY♥IF♥YOU♥WANT♥NEW♥FOLLOWERS♥ ✈ #TFBJP ✈ #TeamFollowBack ✈ #TeamRetweet ✈ #FollowNow ✈ #AutoFollowBack ✈ #TeamFollowerID 12.A

💡 ‏@metaphysics_grl

I just wanna go to San Diego alreadyyyy ✈

Kelly ‏@kellyswanholm

@nyckcdave @GraceVanderWaal One of the reasons I'm flying across the country to see her last show in Baltimore. Can…

٩◔̯◔۶ ‏@leeigacy

is this ‘going ✈ cinco’? hahahgahshshaa jk

Ivan Lopez ‏@ivannnnn01

Minnesota flight booked ✈😎🖤💛

Brie ‏@simplybrieeblog

ICYMI: Travel Is Life ✈✈ -

Chizo ‏@luvchizoboi

@Owakina 😂 doooh, street dey crowded since na, na to enter house re-evaluate hw 2 ✈

sean_kobe ‏@leotheplu

@wizkhalifa done dropped a whole tape on us soooo smooth 💥💯✈ we ain't even no it

Tickets Rugby ‏@TicketsRugby

#rugby history today 19/09 in 1972 : Fiji 19-21 Australia ✈ Wallabies win in Suva in 1972 rugby test…

ؘ ‏@voicvs

and we ✈ sleep good night oomfs 💗

noviewistrue ‏@noviewistrue

190919 Incheon Airport✈ 🐶😷💓✨ #백현 #Baekhyun #EXO @B_hundred_Hyun

Abir Mahmood ‏@AbirMahmood

Travel app Walk-through design➜ ✈🚕🚢 I am Available for Hire Contact Me ✉ [email protected]…

𝙠𝙞𝙢 ‏@kxmv_

its y'alls fault that i am going ✈✈✈ emo @Srnmty @a_naiad @/juls

BlkWmnTravelPod ‏@BWTPod

I love ya'll for your travels, sure. But more so for the women you've had to become to make, and keep travel in y…

Eurowings ‏@eurowings

@NathalieEnnis What a gorgeous couple! All the best from us and have a lovely trip. ✈💙

Pringao! ✈😎🚬🔥✈✈✈✈ ‏@abrahamszambra2

😂📢✈✈✈ ME MEO 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 #GHVIP19S

Stephen R Power ‏@racingblogger

@Juanmufc I'm in Belfast ✈

Tiny Hooman ‏@littlehumanbot

This is : Christine × ⸐ ❛ likes : 🍋 ✈

𝓛𝑜𝓋𝑒, Zerin ‏@GoFightWinSwift

@darlingswifter @taylorswift13 @taylornation13 @treepaine Or we ✈ bullying

stemarie ‏@estelamariya

✈ wave chour

*.:。leighanna❈ ‏@pawkyz

we going ✈✈ sad girl hours

marco ‏@makiiintosh

@gabbyanonas ok im going ✈ single forever chz

ryan ‏@ryanorrias

i finished kny and now we ✈✈ ‏@andromeda_saint

google account breached going ✈ changing 96 passwords

ocean ‏@denniellegend

me goin ✈ carat

Amber Violet ‏@GabySPD

@cuervotinelli @almundo_ar Grecia ✈

@yixingxback_ ‏@zyxmarklee

moved ✈ @yixingxback_

RobViper ‏@RobViper

(BO)LA bound! ✈😎 #HYPED

ℳ with luv ‏@Michelle_LOV3

Packing!! 👜👗🎰🎲✈

Nathalie Ennis ‏@NathalieEnnis

@FlyANA_official looking forward to jetting off with you guys today as we head to Japan on our honeymoon! ✈🇯🇵👰🤵💗

tish ‏@somerhow

boy meets evil ✈ going hell knew it

josie🗽 ‏@josie_milligan

3 weeks until Pete and I will be on that plane to Mexico. Please god, hurry up ✈🍹☀️

hire 2 buff rats to carry your swords ‏@geeezed


Shady ‏@Shortempered

Need A Break From Barbados. T - 2✈💆🏾‍♂️

faghaute; #OustDuterte ‏@ATMunoz


troybanks ‏@bankvaultent

✈ BROKEN♥ GLASS🎑 HEART🍯 BY DRACO BANKS #newhiphop #femalerapper #xxlfreshman2019 #soundcloudmusic #unsignedartist…

Trixc ‏@trixsuazo

aviation dream 🥺✈

FC Barcelona ‏@fcbarcelona_fra

1- 👑 2- 4⃣capitaines 3- ✈ 4- 🇫🇷

Guillaume ‏@Guillaume5017

Happy 10 years to the Rafale Solo Display team ! What a wonderful colour scheme ! - ✈ Dassault Rafale C 📋 n°109 / 4…

gibson ‏@Gibson24904969

BSTM ✈ to BSMT🚢 this is exactly what I want.☝

Adoptada Barone ‏@AdoptadaBarone

gianginoble11: Magic!! Thank you Sofia ✈ #ilvolo #musica #tour #bulgary

🌚🏹 ‏@chayoxx_

i just want to interact with my faves. ok, i'm going ✈ to slide on your dms 😳🖤

IMTJ ‏@imtjonline

Join us in Berlin for the 2019 event. 🌍✈ #IMTJSummit2019 #medicaltravel #medicaltourism

silver ‏@emo_erigom

1% battery we ✈ dead

Time Out New York ‏@TimeOutNewYork

17 epic reasons to have your bachelor party in Las Vegas: ✈ Fly a fighter jet 🚁Take a helicopter to the Grand Canyo…

Megan Evangelista ‏@EvangelistaMeg

Things I tell myself while running through the airport to connect flights ✈

Tri_Ridwan ‏@Ridwan1Tri


Seymour & Lerhn ‏@seymourlerhn

Our Lunar Lander app is still live, so there's still a chance to experience an Apollo 11 landing right in front of…

Carol's son ‏@MessyLeo1

We going flying ✈ emo boiz

emoji penis bot ‏@emoji_penis

airplane penis ✈✈ ✈✈✈ ✈✈✈ ✈✈✈ ✈✈✈ ✈✈✈ ✈✈✈ ✈✈✈ ✈✈✈ ✈✈✈…

Dealsmagnet #DealAlert ‏@_dealsmagnet

#Flight ✈ Ticket Offer: Rs.1150 off on 2500

Thiago henry ‏@Thiagoh43207312

@channelstv ✈🚑🏥💉💊 tell me he's going to medical nd not (UNGA)

Philip James Ajagabos ‏@ajagabos007

@channelstv Safe flight ✈ Mr President

M is s*spended ‏@godvrilsflicker

@hauntedshady11 We ✈ cry

𝐚𝐥𝐞𝐱𝐚𝐧𝐝𝐫𝐚 ✧ ‏@OFFTOTHEMENDES

do these match or we going ✈ changing?

█↓█↓█↓RETWEE↓█↓█↓█ ‏@nate70000

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PollyT ‏@polllyt22

@BigTheMusical Its as Red👁✈ as I could get. Keeping my 🤞🤞 to see you and Jay 🕺🏻in person And enjoy #Josh 🎹on stage🎭…

thea ‏@mindfeuille


Gothcat Unleashed ‏@unleashedgoth

From now on this we've really come far now almost 7 am and his friends tonight we goin ✈ spy mode

ً ‏@illegirlangel

going ✈ homeless

✨☔ Peachy Keen! ☔✨ ‏@Dragon_Zena

We going ✈ transph0bic sowk professor Wish me luck bc she'll somehow bring the convo back to how much she doesnt…

Jeanne ‏@jinides

Still your wannable ❤ @WannaOne_twt From SG to PH ✈ had to ask a couple of friends for this favor 💕 @W_one_ko…

ShinDigger BrewingCo ‏@ShinDiggerBeer

✈🌏🇹🇭 Proud moment this morning as we shipped 2 pallets of beer to Thailand. Siam The Resurrection, our 7% New Engl…

The General ‏@iamdegenera1

Airline ➡ Baby Jet ✈ Next destination ➡ NorthEast 🇮🇳 Welcome to Sarusajai, asamoah_gyan3! 🇬🇭 #WelcomeGyan…

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