Airplane Arrival Emoji

A plane approaching a runway for landing. Generally displayed left-right, with the front of the plane facing toward the ground in a position that may result in a crash if attempted in the real world.

Airplane Arrival was approved as part of Unicode 7.0 in 2014 under the name “Airplane Arriving” and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

🛬 Aeroplane Landing

🛬 Plane Landing

Unicode Name

🛬 Airplane Arriving


🛬 U+1F6EC


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IonCuff_Thots! ‏@Idgaf_ILoveBall

🗣Happy Bday Scoop 💙🛬‼️I Love you Bro 🤘🏾🤧 Wish you many more to come 💯👿

Adam Welcome ‏@mradamwelcome

@MrsStearnsOA Just landed in BUF 🛬

El Balderas ‏@mariobalderasc

🛬 (@ Austin Bergstrom International Airport (AUS) - @austinairport in Austin, TX w/ @janetduenas)…

rouge ‏@arxoxj

A video of me landing a Cessna 172 at Thunder Bay Airport 😬 🛬 #YQT

Cole International ‏@coleintl

Aaaand he's landed! 🛬 @coleintl_kyle is with The Gibb Humanitarian Foundation in #Belize, where they spent today so…

TomJoadsGhost ‏@JoadsGh0st

@RealSaavedra #NeverForget 🇮🇱🛬🏢 9/11 Dancing Israelis and Urban Moving Systems - ABC News 20/20 preview, June 21, 2…

🌈Suzu ✈️ [SEA➡️BWI] ‏@simplysuzuu

I’d say 2.5 #Daredevil S3 episodes is a pretty good way to spend a flight. Literally landed before I knew it. Me,…

Mufasa🦁 ‏@kings_34_

A true Gem 💎 @JColeNC @AndersonPaak 🛫.......🛬

BUMPY BALL 2 COINS ONLY ‏@tresdessert

@gabykirschner Pulisic 🛬 Goodison

dinade ‏@Di_Na_De

America's Instagram Story - November 19, 2018 (@AmericaFerrera)🛬

Ken Wong ‏@KillaWong

Great 👀 of @flySFO 🛬 (@ HL Peninsula Pearl in Burlingame, CA)

Hike The Gamer ‏@HikeTheGamer

@OMGitsAliA Landed it! 🛬😂

Björn ‏@backeb

Next month: Cape Town ⏩ Brussels ⏩ Amsterdam ⏩ Cape Town ⏩🌲⏩Amsterdam . 🛫✈✈✈✈✈✈🛬⏰🛫✈🛬🏤🏣🏢🏣🏤🏤🏤🛫✈✈✈✈✈✈✈🛬🌍🔃

Janet Baker ‏@ShiresRock

@Pilot0360 I'm sure you do 🛬

Vincent Lessing ‏@vincentlessing

Morning ⛈ activity in the forecast @ortambo_int potential flight delays 🛬 @FlyMangoSA @kulula

O-O-livia ‏@OMoskot

I got the internship! I'll be in England from May to August this year working for the Wordsworth Trust. 🛫✍🙃😊❤🛬

🤡 N A T E 🤡 ‏@Nate_Is_DatDude

Back in LA 🛬 it’s been a Minute since I’ve Grace this Side of the WEST

razel mae ‏@razelmae18

Ghaad how to be okay?😪🛬

allison misses seb ‏@allimanriquez

we landed 🛬 back home

Honky Tonk Man® ‏@OfficialHTM

Wheels down 🛬 Phx

Mario Dolores ‏@MarioDolores10

! 2 M O R E D A Y S !🛫🇺🇸🛬🇲🇽

Gemma Martin ‏@glmartin31

After watching I’m a celeb I really wanna do another skydive 💃🛬

pintat ‏@pintat3

@danielleolson94 Bonjour à vous if one day you want to come to France to see Disney or Paris my wife and I are happ…

Bruce.V. ‏@manutdbruce

@RedorDead07 Bro I would fly to Manchester rent a car drive to his house pack his bags and drive him to Everton😂..🛬🚘

Great West Way ‏@theGreatWestWay

Fly into the heart of the Great West Way at @BristolAirport to kick start your adventure along the way ⏩…

Christine Ohene ‏@NonsuchKrys

@daniellecharnl2 @LG_NHS @Gardiner4K All the best and safe journey 🛬

Dr. Enigma, Ph.D. ‏@NastyNoble357

...🛬 ya boy back in this MF!!! In the US for a limited time only... #BusinessAndHolidays

Terri ‏@steelet1968

It’s @NBCManifest night 🛬 #Manifest #Manifesters

Aalto Analytics ‏@AaltoAnalytics

@robhawkes @OpenSkyNetwork @HeathrowAirport @yourHeathrow Cool it would be really interesting if you could add the time on the viz too 🛫😁🛬

Andres ‏@andreezy__

This concludes my LA photo set 🛬 🏝 @ In-n-out

Carlos Melegrito ‏@cjmlgrto

Currently in Canberra to present the results of my research project to more interested investors! 🛬

Freebandz 💳 ‏@Fyb_nana

We in the cut 🛬

Shaby ‏@shaby883

🛬 — traveling to Dubai International Airport terminal 1 from Dubai International Airport Terminal 1

Paul Deegan ‏@paul_deegan

An early morning approach to Runway 28 at Dublin 🛬

🎭DiaMen💢 ‏@DiaMen_exe

@_aarava hum I, i just wanna ask, what happen with the episode of your F1 2018 career yesterday? And also, It was r…

Luca Nicora ‏@Lucanicora

When you are about to embark on a trans-Atlantic flight with the best pilot there is: my nephew! 😎 #twinsies 🛫WHAT…

Green-Schools ‏@GreenSchoolsIre

The months of careful planning and preparation are coming to a close and @GreenSchoolsIre are excited to welcome al…

Brockili ‏@brockdonnell

Back in the states 🛬

Proponent ‏@ProponentAero

Your new advocate in aerospace distribution has landed. Introducing the new future of Kapco Global: Proponent. 🛬…

Jamie Pinkerton ‏@CoachPinkerton

Wheels down 🛬 in the Valley if the Sun 🌞 Phoenix. One more leg to Des Moines. Looking forward to spending Thanksgiving at home 🏡

・ᴗ・ ‏@jennezzaaa


V.∞ ‏@metz95

-7 days to go 🛬🙌🏽

Don Cannon ‏@CannonBoi229

A 🛬 can't land until the coast is clear. Some of our blessings are stuck in the air b/c of our environment. 2 much…

Obiagu, The High Priest ‏@the_maximillie

@Ope_Osidipe @iRejjy @SupaZuko @blarkkoffe @its_glowria Only 1 Airman 🛬

KØTA ‏@dakotanashx

Y’all not ready for the touchdown 🛬


INFO ℹ️ | 181120 #Sehun⁠ has safely arrived at KHH airport in Taiwan. 🛬 #EXO #EXO_TEMPO⁠ #weareoneEXO…

Innsbruck Tourism ‏@InnsbruckTVB

They can clear the runway of snow in just 8 MINUTES! 🛬😮 #myInnsbruck #Innsbruck #InnsbruckAirport #Flying #Tyrol…

Kat Baran ‏@Kat_Baran_

Streaming plan - starts at 7pm UTC +1 for all days Nov 20 Nov 23 Countdown for #Mech_Con Nov 26 Nov 27 Nov 28 Nov…

Jay Dees ‏@davenjm1

@RoyalNavy @HMSQnlz Intentionally or an oops moment?🛬

Sam ‏@meetsamio

The 7 scariest aiport runways 🛬

ErikaJBoardman ‏@jd2b1999

@uren_marc F is for #Flight 😿🛬🔥#AtoZMoviePosters

U.tlwano ✨ ‏@kutlwie_M

021 🛫 taking it to the 012 🛬

Rano ‏@RanoUsman1

Welcome to HongKong :))🛬⛩

Lisa Akira ‏@LisaAkira2

@jamiecordon84 I’ll be back to Sydney on Wednesday afternoon. 🛬

Vincent Lessing ‏@vincentlessing

Bumpy flights & delays ✈️ ahead for this afternoon and evening,tracking strong ⛈ activity South for @ortambo_int 🛬…

ZSC Lions ‏@zsclions

touched down 🛬🌅 #oulu @championshockey

Caroline Price ‏@CPrice2184

Finishing off my presentation for @beatED Frontline Conference this Wednesday! Not going to lie.. it’s a big strugg…

adina. ‏@softandsubtIe

going 🛬 get up and face the universe

Baba's Flight Club ‏@BabasFlightClub

If you had the opportunity to travel once a month, would you? 😏🛬

吴亦凡吧-KrisBar🌌ANTARES ‏@WuYiFan_KrisBar

181119 @KrisWu Kris Wu Beijing arrival 🛬 Tired, cold and lonely 😂 Have a good rest dear Fanfan. Cr:PrinceKris小王子…

B4Z01 ‏@B4Z01

@chrisimillward @GiftsInWills @ClaireyJaneR @AshleyRowthorn @AlanClaytonTeam Hmm the weather is against us! 🛬☁️

Caroline Price ‏@CPrice2184

@OpenMindMH @beatED Don’t worry, mine should have said ‘I’m glad you like it’ 🤦🏻‍♀️ I wish we could edit tweets! I’m blaming jet lag! 🛬😴

Ollie Bailey-Pratt ‏@ollie_pr

Great achievement by @Virgin_Orbit 🛫🚀🛬

Cosmetronic | UK ‏@Cosmetronic

Lumina Landing 🛬 How amazing is our Lumina in the New upholstery Sand 😍 Only £549+Vat! Shop here now…

Plymouth High School ‏@PlymouthHSpcsc

Reminder: the PHS Aviation program open house is tonight from 5-8 p.m. at the Plymouth Airport for students or comm…

Hamzah Shariff ‏@hamzahshariff1

Just landed at Amsterdam #Schiphol Airport this morning 🛬. I'm back to my second home, The Netherlands 🇳🇱.

Dave Reilly ‏@davereilly4570

Read this @maxarmstrong Inspiring post! Southwest Airlines ✈️ pilot 👨‍✈️serves customer in Over-the-Top fashion. 🛫…

Pam ‏@pamelageorgia_

2 weeks left!!! 🛬

Signs Express Norwich ‏@sxnorwich

🛫...did you know you can fly to the America’s from @NorwichAirport These new #graphics for @FlyLoganair we’ve jus…

FootLockerNg!™ ‏@FootLockerNg

Mayhor is really excited bout his order! All delivered within the same day! 🛬

#BG3World ‏@BG3America

CLICK LINK 👌🛬🏂 ,,,,,,,

Abbas.hajii👑 ‏@A_7aji31

- 10 days 🇧🇭🛬

Jongin #DMUMT ‏@zkdIkaii

We have safely arrived in KHH Airport, Taiwan. 🛬 But sadly, Lay hyung and Sehun can not attend here. Hello, Kaohsiung!!!

24K.JFB? Mᴀs Osᴇ ᴍᴜʀʀᴀʏɢx̷ʙᴮᵗˡ ‏@osehoonxo

INFO ℹ️ | 181119 #EXO (minus Sehun and Lay) has safely arrived in KHH Airport, Taiwan. 🛬 #EXO_TEMPO⁠ #weareoneEXO…

Amy ‏@amystks

Four weeks doesn’t seem too far away anymore 🛬

faye 🐳 ‏@feredithmaye

Landed safely! 🛬 Hello Bacolod!

steph ‏@steph_isinvenus

12 hours later we arrive in a tiny magical island in the middle of the Pacific 🛬 feels so good to be back, I love you Hawaii ❤️

StauntonsOnTheGreen ‏@Stauntons_

Landing very early in Dublin? 🛬 We'll have the coffee and papers ready! ☕☕📰 📸sweetpeachef, recent guest . . .… Rental Cars & Chauffeur Service ‏@OneClickDrive

Be picked up in our Mercedes Benz V250, the!luxury van. Your VIP guests 🕺💃 and family 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 are sure to be comfor…

FAQ Japan ‏@FAQ_Japan

Viewing #Autumn #Leaves? #Narita-San ⛩️🏯 a close journey from #NaritaAirport 🛬 🛫 is also full of #stunning #scenery…

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