Airplane Arrival Emoji

A plane approaching a runway for landing. Generally displayed left-right, with the front of the plane facing toward the ground in a position that may result in a crash if attempted in the real world.

Airplane Arrival was approved as part of Unicode 7.0 in 2014 under the name “Airplane Arriving” and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

🛬 Aeroplane Landing

🛬 Plane Landing

Unicode Name

🛬 Airplane Arriving


🛬 U+1F6EC


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Landing early and need to check-in ahead of time? 🛬 Not ready to leave your Sonder’s bed and want to check-out late…

♡ 周真顺 ♡ ‏@vinzhous

「 191212 」PEK 🛬 ermaigad can you zipped up your coat if you are wearing so little inside askskldld its so cold in…

minnie / mj ‏@fitz_maplecourt

🛬 my spine hurty

Filter Coffee ‏@filterkaapii

Finally 🛬 Home 🥰

SpaceFund ‏@SpaceFundInc

#ICYMI This is #NewSpace 🚀🛬♻️

Gifts of Kazakhstan ‏@GKazakhstan

🛫 Explore KAZAKHSTAN with us. 🛬 #kazakhstan #almaty #astana #nature #tourism #nature #visithere #giftsofkazakhstan

Canadian Island Gal🇨🇦🇧🇸 ‏@canadian_gal

Landing 🛬 ⚠️ I am a photographer, so for the next month I will be posting a lot vacation pics.⚠️

JFB!! soyif pukis ‏@puwkis

[ Jennie's Upchar ❤️ ]Chaennie when someone at the airport fell, the managers told them to keep moving but they lin…

lake» ‏@LakinGoodman

It’s that time of year.. Cat in the Hat 🛫 🛬 The Grinch 🎄🎅🏼🎁

Val 💗💚 ‏@ValStyle

It’s van Nuys on the touchdown 🛬

Rafael Nardy ‏@RafaNardyy

Landing 🛬... #Travel #Viagem #Vacation #Ferias #Flight #Voo #City #Lights #Salvador #Bahia #Brazil

Dane Flats ‏@daneflats

🎅 Merry Christmas 🎄 🌎 Vatsim Flight 🛫 Orlando 🛬 Atlanta ✈ Boeing 727-100 🔗 #danedelivers…

Muwando Omar Noah ‏@MuwandoN

You have To Overcome Obstacles Daily To Be Successful In Life🏋🏻‍♂️🎬🎞💰🚁🛬🏃🏾‍♂️👍

West Coast GK ‏@WestCoastGK

🛫Air Sylvestre 🛬 #WestCoastProTeam and Forward Madison FC keeper, Brian Sylvestre, coming in direct from Hawaii in…

LonelyBoi:/ ‏@srtmadmax

I Need Pj Ima Landing 🛬

🇺🇸Nancy ‏@blondThought238

@SouthwestAir What a crock. Burbank to Oakland/San Francisco is starting at $29. Vegas has always been the same. Bu…

Jim Adams 🇨🇦 ‏@JimAdams105

@AirlineFlyer @FlyYOW And @FlyYOW is working on a direct connection to @OC_Transpo’s LRT system! 🛬🚃👏…

Chae🐝🐻🍚 ‏@CH_aeri

Just now landing at Sibu airport.. so cloudy 😁🛬

Annie Krall ‏@AnnieKrall

My @MedillSchool story starts here? Well...not again until January!!! My 5th @NorthwesternU Fall Quarter ✅…

Washington Volleyball ‏@UWVolleyball

🛬 We've arrived in Waco! Time for a Texas-sized practice! #PointHuskies x #NCAAVB

Maurine Almario ‏@almariomaurine

@_IUofficial just got landed 🛬 #WelcomeToManilaIU #IULovePoemInManila

jay☽ ‏@solartozier

🛬 - what kind if emoji is this but im going to make u a lana stan bae love u sm 🦈🦈 you should also watch reign with me

Earthing Bot-Art ‏@olivesbotart1

___________________ ☀️⚪⚪☁️⚪⚪ ⚪🛬🌈🌠⚪🚁 ⚪⚪☁️⚪ ⚪ ⚪ 🔷🔷🔷🔷🔷🔷 🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹 .......... .....🚎🏍️..... 🌱🌱🌻🌱🌱🌲 ___________________ -…

Fireheart. ‏@aleezy

🛫 I gotta say, it’s super cool walking around the Boeing plant watching new planes get built and then stepping outs…

Daniel Rough ‏@DanielRough

@emmagraeauthor Airplane! 🛬 Both a fab film and a nice metaphor as despite your fears and anxieties you're landing…

G. aka M0NIX 🇵🇹 ‏@Amonic22

Everybody have their Christmas, yours is now, mine is arriving 🛬

Cole ‏@coleook

@WalrusGuardiola 🛬🎇 Top line

Kian Mohageri ‏@kianmohageri

Hello, Tennessee 🛬

rieco ‏@rieco_oml_ip7

@Black_Terry22 Yeeeeey!! 🇯🇵🛫💿🛬🇮🇹 That album is really nice!! ٩(๑>∀<๑)۶

AusCelticsFan ☘️ ‏@AusCelticsFan

I’ll be seeing you soon @RealBillRussell. (C/o @BostonGlobe) #Celtics  #BillRussell #Boston #GOAT #Winter ☘️🏀💚🐐 🇦🇺🛫…

jfb? Taehyung ‏@teahyufng

#⃝𝓽𝓪𝓮𝓱𝔂𝓾𝓯𝓷𝓰𝓾𝓹𝓬𝓱𝓪𝓻 191205 — 🛬 KR #방탄소년단 #뷔 #방탄소년단뷔 #태형 #BTS #V #BTSV #taehyung BTS_twt

Rik Freeman Photos ‏@rickfr01

@RAF_Luton Ooh clever. Do I see the new stealth machine gun disguised as a refuel probe? Nice work by the RAF Luton Skunkworks team. 🛫🔥🛬😁

⛎ ‏@Ang3l24k


Feℓix pics ❁ ‏@FelixLee_pics

191204 🛬 🔙 from Japan ~Cr. Unlock #StrayKids #Felix @Stray_Kids

Japan Galliano ‏@InJapaan

The doll has landed. 🛬🏠

Caribbeans 🇹🇹🇯🇲 ‏@Freshieras

I need some SUN!!!! Lol soon soon 🛬

TARMAC Aerosave ‏@TarmacAerosave

@aeropuerteruel @TeruelAirport From Moscow to @TarmacAerosave 🛬 #aircraftstorage #aircraftmaintenance

planes on the net ‏@planesonthenet

#UA921 from London to New York On the way back after burning ⛽️. Thx to @ABarlow27 🛫…

𝓜𝔂𝓯𝓪𝓷𝔀𝔂 ‏@JMyfanwy1

If you are into military aircraft you might like my photography on IStock-Getty. #military #airforce #aircraft…

Mae ‏@Mae4545

#wingcrushWednesday ⁦@JetBlue⁩ approach in NYC my husband’s 51 segment 🍎🛬

Fayez Ullah ‏@Fayezcox77

On the Emirets.....🛬🇦🇪🤞 Arabin Young Men's #CapStyle #Dubai. United Arab Emirets

Ryan McCabe ‏@ryanmccabe

jfc you could land an Airbus A380 on that forehead 🛬

Alana Lifschiitz ‏@alifschiitz

@dannydefaria @VictorMatheeeus Welcome to....🛬😍😏

TuSavage ‏@savage_tu

Brah they moved the court house from 51st & Wentworth 🛫all the fucking way to 113th and mexico...🛬...🤦🏽‍♂️ Chicago'…


just had to share this, but this where my next order is being shipped Hammond, America 🛫—🛬 Boston, Massachusetts.

James ‏@matkinsj

🛬 evening, lads

Beenox ‏@BeenoxTeam

(1/3) @thegameawards are right around the corner and our team has landed in LA to attend the show 🛬 We’re so stoked…

Chef Kamz ‏@_chefkamz_

"Chef Kamz the Super Producer" .. who would have thought .. 💚🛫💰🛬💚


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Meron Parn ‏@meronparn

191128 NGO 🛬 I can see your halo~ #twice #트와이스 #정연 #JEONGYEON #ジョンヨン


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Gifts of Kazakhstan People ‏@PeopleGifts

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JFB!! soyif pukis ‏@puwkis

[ Jennie's Upchar ❤️ ]No makeup. Extra sharp so you can zoom into the flaws she doesn’t have 💅 2091205 Incheon Air…

Drizzy ‏@shesceamzDRIZZY

So glad to see family making it in from the Sag 🛬

Servicore GS Corp ‏@sgscorpmia

🛬 We carry a wide range of #groundsupportequipment ready to go for short and long term rentals. We are based in Mia…

Hell Of A Read ‏@hellofaread

Jacqueline Jossa looks miserable as she arrives home with Dan Osborne after narrowly avoiding Natalie Nunn at airpo…

Ron Hernandez ‏@saab007

Landed at #MSY @flyneworleans @AmericanAir #AA1119 🛬⚜️ #FlyingMistress

Synyster Craig 🎄🎅 ‏@craigmaughan

While I expect Conservatives to win, at least I know I wasn't part of the reason the UK continues to get worse and…

إمرأة تقرأ 📖 ‏@w_k_attar

The first 12 emojis in your history will show how 2020 will go: January: ✈️ February: ❤️ March: 😍 April: 🛬 May: 🤩…

Jamie Folsom ‏@jamiefolsom

🛬 in Bordeaux for #linkedpasts (better late than never) & looking forward to catching up with @aboutgeo…

Peter Braathen ‏@PeterBraathen

Sending my selfie greetings from the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City! 🛫#Travel #Vacation #Jetstter #InstaTravel…

dave ‏@davidcwaller

DFW 🛫 ➡️ 🛬 LBB @ DFW Airport

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