Anchor Emoji

A metal device, dropped out of a boat to prevent it drifting away from the current location.

An anchor also refers to a place on a webpage that may be directly linked to, rather than simply loading a page and requiring a user to scroll to the correct location.

Anchor was approved as part of Unicode 4.1 in 2005 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

⚓ Admiralty Pattern Anchor

⚓ Fisherman

Apple Name

⚓ Anchor


⚓ U+2693




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Vaso Aleksic ‏@El_Capitano85

Amaizing time with my team and Sinalco ⚓ ⛵ . . . . #FIBAWC #fiba3x3 #raljaintergalactic #Serbia #becomelegendary

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🐳🐠🐬under the sea⚓🔱

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To best place to be at night is Deck 8 Fwd 😋. #SandBar #Livingthebestlife ⚓🚣 #Freshair #Wavessound

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Steering the Bosporus Strait. 🚢⚓ Aye Aye Captain haha

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A-ZEE ‏@AZEENavy79

@old_osc @GOP @LindseyGrahamSC The Top Brass is always right, they run the military and Bone Spurs shud listen or m…

⚓David⚓ ‏@RetiredMan01

Old Indian sez there is iron in songwriters words! ✝🗽🚂⚓🇺🇸

⚓David⚓ ‏@RetiredMan01

Molon Labe - we can see you coming from miles away on your motorized rocking chairs. All blow & no go! ✝🗽🚂⚓🇺🇸

A-ZEE ‏@AZEENavy79

@MissLynneNYC I'll always back you Ms Lynn, you speak your mind, you act, you do as you say. I know you to good and…

⚓David⚓ ‏@RetiredMan01

And you can take it to the bank! The South will rise again! ✝🗽🚂⚓🇺🇸

⚓David⚓ ‏@RetiredMan01

Just means you have great empathy, a most honorable trait! Mine is Garth Brooks with "I Could Have Missed the Pain,…

ShaneKeriDance ‏@shanekeridance

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⚓David⚓ ‏@RetiredMan01

Remember who is now Governor (and therefore has the power of veto). ✝🗽🚂⚓🇺🇸

Professor Nez ‏@professornez

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⚓David⚓ ‏@RetiredMan01

That's twice mister. When you occupy the oval office, you can do the instructing! You were told repeatedly McShames…

⚓David⚓ ‏@RetiredMan01

New Z's and Ausies were once tough folks ... Nowadays, not so much. They have pissed their countries away, little b…

Rachel #NYR Mahoney ‏@nyrhockeychic

Congratulations to my nephew @jameslyonss who graduated US NAVY boot camp last week. I miss you JimmyJam! Love ya,…

Coach_Wise ‏@Coach_Wise_

⚠️Form is Everything ⚠️ - So important to set a ⚓Solid⚓ Foundation - Then Build the 🏗Structure 🏗 - Then Sculpt the…


Carla's Coffee House/HGB Canada on ⚓

Denise McDonough ‏@NiseeMcD

Admirals write good letters. I know, I used to type them. Aye Aye @johnfkirby63 ⚓

M A E 💜 ‏@msmaedc

To the one of the nicest and coolest girl I met, @mikeepasis Happy Happy Birthday! 😊⚓

Victorian School Building Authority ‏@VicSchoolBuild

"Ahoy there!" ⛵ Great to drop anchor ⚓ at Saltwater P-9 College to see the school's very first students enjoying th…

Vantoy ‏@VPOntivero5

36 voices, One ECHO!⚓

⚓David⚓ ‏@RetiredMan01

@DanCrenshawTX Normally agree with you Dan (thank you for your distinguished service) but take it from an old salt…

DC's ‏@IamDchandan

Hey ⚓Arn(@LifeArn), thank you for following me

⚓David⚓ ‏@RetiredMan01

Better remember who the Governor and (still) Atty Gen'l are mister. There are jail cells available! ✝🗽🚂⚓🇺🇸

⚓David⚓ ‏@RetiredMan01

The problem they are having, and will continue to have, is they have forgotten history. What happened the last time…

Vandy_62⚓⬇ ‏@vandy_62

Impressive performance by @DrakeFellows tonight on the mound. SEC Pitcher of the week. #AnchorDown ⚓⬇️

⚓David⚓ ‏@RetiredMan01

A no brainier! Of course all conservatives would. ✝🗽🚂⚓🇺🇸

⚓David⚓ ‏@RetiredMan01

@Klein2Eric @DrNasirShaikh2 Tried Eric, can't get it to load. Maybe they hit it too? ✝🗽🚂⚓🇺🇸

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@scottrohrbach I am a PIRATE!!!☸️⚓Arrrrgh

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