Anguished Face Emoji

This face has raised eyebrows, open eyes and open mouth. A mixture of shock and disappointment.

Anguished Face was approved as part of Unicode 6.1 in 2012 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

😧 Pained Face


😧 U+1F627




Tweets For 😧

Pingu ‏@PinguSZN_

@IdoloSane @Fred_Szn 😧 or 😦 just this wtf

Sope World 🐱🐿| Diya ‏@PoemForSope

@dionysian_ki But aren’t they on a break from promotions? 😧

fadhil ‏@FdhlIkhwn

Where..... where am i? 😧

John C Barstow ‏@jbowtie

Back in hospital with my infected gall bladder. They will scan in the morning to try and find a stone causing blockage. No food all day. 😧

Sullied Varys ‏@Optimeast

@Queen_Kas Lol. 3rd leg needs space to breathe I guess. 😧

Theauthenticme2019 ‏@Theauthenticme2

@gracefuldaya Yeah, that sucks 😧 glad you're okay 😘 miss you x

sober🌻 ‏@lonelyystoner_

okay no but, this one 😧

JermDaDon ‏@realjermdadon

You never supposed to mix dark liquor w/ light liquor😧

Ladyfat ‏@Ladyfatfem

If you need to say WTF today please read this insightful thread featuring lighthearted Britpop references and liter…

BigBallsPlumer64 ‏@Bigballs6969691

@SteffiHoney2 Meh that’s not true 😧

Mogale Sedibe ‏@mogalesedibe

USD/ZAR R15,31 Guys what are we doing?😧

Miles #i65 ‏@MeelayyB

@Constillate Nah mate sorry 😧

Kristina Luniewski ‏@LuniewskiKrissy

Who the hell makes tea LIKE THAT?! 😧🤯😱

Assistant Principal ‏@AssistantPrinc8

Big week ahead. Nerves are kicking in. 😧

윤기나는슈가 ‏@btbtbtbt13613

@diccha99 I can't see that😧😨😰😱😭

Clinton Garçon ‏@clintongarcon

My ex' mother is the 2 combined.. Mother inlaw featuring Landlady.😧

Paralivesfan / Flo ‏@_Flo_All_

Give this some love!!!😧😍

Lighty ‏@Chappaz_Heloise

@PbchildDeku Aw shit one of my fantasy came true 😧

E̶c̶h̶o̶•εℓι•B̶l̶a̶c̶k̶🖤 ‏@TwoCmTickX2

@onceIers 😧 ma'am thank you for the realization skeh82kakx8e he isn't the one I like anyway so I'm good.

John McCarthy ‏@JohnMcC35020422

@gerardjasper Do women can steal, defraud and commit any traffic offence. So that’s ok 😂😂😧😧

ndo ‏@bantunose

Waking up to Yixing’s phat lips😧

kitie ‏@kristy_kimmy

I'm so tired 😧

CK🏳️‍🌈👅 ‏@_CMula

When Her Legs Start Shakin😧❤️

Alison Brennan ‏@alison_brennan_

@kennedymolloy Definitely not $50. Sorry but the dude who rang up first was crazy! And his poor mate who had to try…

𝓐𝓭𝓪𝓵𝔂🌺 ‏@moonlight_mari_

@chambieco @tanamongeau I dunno how to even feel right now😧

Gaurang Talati ‏@gaurangtalati

@flyspicejet Still no response from you guys😣😣😣😣😧😧😧😧

Richard Doré-Boize 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 ‏@Boizey

The Master from Dr Who. The only TV villan who used to terrify me as a youngster. 😧😧😧


@joelissiah makes me feel introspective.. peaceful yet almost paralyzed by thoughts of what's 2 come😧

#BRIANMOORE#🇿🇦 ‏@BrianMoore_19

@akreana_ If you want to see & feel how difficult it is to Solve a "Maze" Go to Menlyn Mall out here in Pretoria Ye…

maddy ✵ ‏@yikesdaya

guys it’s just light gLiMmErInG on food😧🤧

rr the clownery icon 🤡 ‏@malaiikatmu

@aikonisaa hadoeHhHhhh,,,, 😧😧😧😧

・minnie・ ‏@MINNIExDLY

@civis_SYQ YUQI 😧 wait till ate miyeon hears about thisss

♤ Guz ♤ ‏@D3toxG

Its always nice looking from a different perspective 😧 Thanks though

Lara V ‏@viasantiago

So I’m going on a vacation and I asked my friend from work if she wants anything. She said she wants me to have a boyfriend.... 😶😧

Steve Williams ‏@hardcutpost

😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 Paul Dacre to front TV series on Daily Mail and modern Brit…

__yarash ‏@vine_jhay

@gensranting @morelove this is dumb cause we were all sperms back then.😧 I personally wouldn't chase a woman and I…

이스 ‏@namjooning_RM

Im shook😧 have a safe flight baby😘

🐱Smol Lazy Arty🐱Turnip uwu[IzoraArt] ‏@Arty_KittyKat

Keeps losing followers 😧, Iam starting to worry Iam boring you peepers, with my non art posts. I know having a huge…

megan rapinoe’s fan account ‏@thankuemz

@goblinlich no what’s it about 😧

Oga Boss ⭐️ ‏@god_cadillac

@homebeatz Master: come on in, he won’t do anything. Dog: boss, I go do something o Me one foot in: 😧😱 🏃

Nath3ng ‏@nath3ng

@Amaanderz @SnoodFN @UPSlLON Damn she said your weird Ggs 😧😂

Yaranminnaonly ‏@yaranminnaonly

@babishaaq Ah 😧😧 so dy have sold the 30 minst of ur area 2 another state. God am sure u see hw our government dy do us

Nivedita Khandekar ‏@nivedita_Him

@AbhishekBhalla7 @ashraf_wani @IndiaToday @aajtak How absurd that can be? 😧🙆‍♀️😲

I miss karen ‏@fallismynamez

when karen leaves you 😧🤭🤕😥😪🙄😯🙁😤 I want the kids back 🖕✨

1875 Theatre Collective ‏@eighteen75

TOMORROW WE OPEN😧👀 Come and join The Lane’s fighting for their lives and family in a world against them😭! We are…

Joshua Marmara ‏@JoshuaMarmara

@CollingwoodFC Hopefully? 😧

MELZ. ‏@Mamabearr_


Sebastian ‏@crisnods

I think there are few things in my life that cause me so much sadness not to have, as it means being born in a plac…

FridayMorningClub ‏@jimmthepill

@atotalshunt I’ve no idea what that is and I think I’m glad that that is the case 😧

Andrew Leach ‏@4ndrewJames

@FelicityGill Did you see Tim Winton's been in London, Fee? AND WE DIDN'T GO! 😧

🇺🇸☠️American Made Man (CENSORED)🚶‍♂️☠️🇺🇸 ‏@Robert4LMAD

😧😧Judge in Epstein Case Dies via @realmattcouch

lotti ‏@lotti2910

Ahhhh man ..... all looking forward to getting my breakfast from the cafe🤤 only to remember that it’s closed for 2…

Samantha ‏@yuppsamm

have you ever “😧” so hard in your life

Kanya ‏@cy_otis

Kanti what did we do to deserve this? 😧

Wani [work] ‏@bloomingmochi

Literally me 😧

Reamogetse Mbedzi ‏@rea_maotwe

@Itz_Victor7 @Khareem_ThePoet @Itz_Victor7 what up?😧

Fresh 🅿rince🌊🏄 ‏@KapitalC6

Niggaz like taking things to social media like lil bitchs Bro if you have a problem with another man address him face on😧

Wani [work] ‏@bloomingmochi

@ddaengifyuagree Followed u there as well, but girl u have like so many platinum tweets on here 😧

Anna 🌻 ‏@annaxxhlz

I just wanna know why? 😧

kat ‏@kattdaddy9

@RiotTenMusic @XboxSupport You might get murdered in 7 days😧

margiee ✨ ‏@shimmychimmie

My first non-related tweet is retweeted by some pro-gun, pro-china, hentai-loving loony account 🤨😧 WTF lol perplexed.

BTS only comes once 🌨 ‏@springkare

@Hoseokielovebug I know but that was on the BTS World I’m talking about right now 😧

melly ‏@themel_

😧 I mean ... ♥️

🌸 Chibi Atreides 🌸 ‏@syarawrr

this is not related to gaming but reading this thread & its responses has me SHOOK 😧🤧

Roma ‏@yinwoman_

Cannot be applied using own account balance. Koi mujhe samjhaiga what did I just read ? Ye Kaisa T & C Hai 😧😧😧…

Blondie London🇱🇸🇿🇦 ‏@Mamokete93

You dipped it in soup or som' ?😵😧

-DOUBLE L- ‏@Kd_lavish

Niggas still out here smokin ZONE 😧... where they do that at !

°#INFINITE_Pictures° ‏@taquariusholic

@Adistirayn Oh no😧didn't even think of that...feels like I'm just a desperate INSPIRIT lol

Lupisaly Roman🇸🇸 ‏@lupisaly

#SouthSudan parliament~ MPs: What's reason behind the delay of public servant's salary?😤 Hon.MoF: There's no reven…

#StopPropOp ‏@Proper0possum

@someguymusing @TheSleepyRebel @DollyMarlowe @Artful_Apathy @nortouQ Mr. David Eeyore, I SEEK YOUR VALIDATION MAY I HAVE SOME PLEASE 😧

Tim Minchin ‏@timminchin

oh wow! I’d forgotten this story. 😊😕😟😧🤮

ً ‏@lalisamaid

ooff 😧

Frans 🤠✨ #ChihuahuasArmy ‏@Fraans_25

@AshlyeKyle @YouTube WHAT? 😧

Moon's Haunted 2: Electric Boogaloo ‏@3Dhero17

@kuejii Damn that was a pretty sweet play 😧

Andy Taylor ‏@bodge77

@AndyMcDermott So much wasted Marmite! 😧

Wani [work] ‏@bloomingmochi

@winteranne .... I think it was a good investment. Its gonna be slightly 😧 when i get my credit card bills, but its…

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