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Aquarius Emoji

The Aquarius astrological sign in the Zodiac. This Zodiac Symbol represents a Water-bearer.

Aquarius was approved as part of Unicode 1.1 in 1993 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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♒ Aquarius


♒ U+2652




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Teaux-Teaux 🌙 ‏@tolagero

♒👽AQUARIUS: Be yourself today above all else. Start your process of mentally preparing to receive those dreams you… https://t.co/WFOtdqNY4H

αɱҽყ ᵍᵒᵗ ᵖᵘˢʰᵉᵈ 🍠 ‏@jaygotjam

Height : 160 Shoe size : 38/39 Zodiac : aquarius♒ Tatto : - Piercings : 2 Fav colour : purple💜 Fav drink : milk tea… https://t.co/jIqQcYQx6C

XVI / VIII 💙 (tt novo) ‏@PrincipedeKetu

♒- real https://t.co/4aL03b5UoN

..... ‏@Inquisitive_8

@TheVaultUncut You're an ♒ which it's in your nature, the true answer is you're "Wrong" for being with your shorty… https://t.co/lEchTgo5A2

𝐫𝐚𝐞 | 𝐮𝐬𝐡𝐢𝐰𝐚𝐤𝐚 & 𝐚𝐨𝐧𝐞 𝐝𝐚𝐲 ✨ ‏@saltyquarius

Height: 5'2 Zodiac: Aquarius ♒ Tattoos: none Drink: coffee Color: blue 💙 Song: It's you - ZAYN 4 moots: @Acelle_11… https://t.co/DBbL7FXCMM

Imeldastars🧚‍♀️ ‏@Imeldastars1111

You, your person and the connection #Aquarius ♒☀️🌙🔼 You - something has ended on your part. You wanna get out of… https://t.co/PqISbhoN7s

G. Denise Dupree ‏@MyDearestDenise

@playboixcarson Oh I'm now a fan ♒

txtdrisecretadmirer ‏@txtdrisecretadm

@kidlepopo @tataecaa @ggukiephoria_ @fullchimm @gcldenxtaee @pearpietae @goldenunav @piyoonkook @cxrzyy… https://t.co/a7Q2ZBpUlb

Koko & Bal ‏@JiamingZhang14

. ^___^ ( ╬ ˋ▽ˊ ) ۶ Ooh! you are the ♑Capricorn! 🔮Your Today's Matches: 💖Love: ♈Aries 😉Friendship: ♒Aquariu… https://t.co/Vi9twmOH9S

winner ‏@wifeofmanalo

Height: 5'6 zodiac: ♒♒♒ tattoo: 🚫🚫🚫 drink: coffee color: mint green song: take me home Tag 4 friends… https://t.co/nnJ1Lmg0sY

☁️ ‏@lavieennbleu_

height : 157 cm shoe size : 37/38 zodiac : ♒ tattoos : none piercings : 👂 favorite color : blue favorite drinks :… https://t.co/ApXd3G3IBk

Jess Ik-a ‏@Jess_Ik_a

Favorite thing about Canada? Most common answer: multicultural / pluralism/equality ♒♊♎ Others: fresh air/water♎, h… https://t.co/ipQME7JzQt

Snowflake ‏@fylorynn

12H+♒~ I've many random interests. I ❤️ Art 🎨, Spirituality/Mysticism ✨, Psychology, Languages, Cultures, Mythology… https://t.co/IJHZvY0Hzo

Itzamatul ‏@ThomasXerxes42

@_demiaa Any other ♒🌚♒🌞?

MONobloc stan || 𝖝𝖎𝖆𝖔 𝖟𝖍𝖆𝖓'𝖘 𝖍𝖔𝖊 🌸✨ ‏@silinglaozu

Height: 156 cm 😅 Zodiac: Aquarius ♒ Tattoo: none Drink: iced coffee Color: blue, purple, mint green, coral, & yell… https://t.co/q7JEPYUzO8

Koko & Bal ‏@JiamingZhang14

. ^___^ ( o ´ ▽` ) / Ooh! you are the ♒Aquarius! 🔮Your Today's Matches: 💖Love: ♎Libra 😉Friendship: ♒Aquariu… https://t.co/uuyv8b7Mr0

Deanna Danger 🔥🔮 (They/Them/Goddess) ‏@DeannaDanger

#nationalvinylrecordday part 2...debuting my first couple edits with Roxxy Missbehavin. ♒🎶👑🔥🔮🐍🕷 📸:… https://t.co/DlVBdewtRV

pardison belafontaine ‏@elysianalchemy

♒♑♎ This works because most people work hard to stay away from there. I'll take my - 24 and Libra rising there and… https://t.co/yoCFarNYmd

Rodrigo Mello ‏@Rodrigo14735029

Make Up ♒♥️ https://t.co/XJqC8Qtdum

NessyNiftyKnitter🧶 ‏@Nessrice1

Thx for the tag😍 Height: 5'1 🤏 Zodiac: aquarius ♒ Tattoos: None yet Piercings: 5 Color: purple and pastels💜💛 Drink… https://t.co/3xdCc4u1la

Seven Dwarf ‏@Cyberfairytale

Chapter 3 Shaky 🌔 ♒ 🚛 🎷 🍟 🍺 💊🚬🚬💊 🚾

Koko & Bal ‏@JiamingZhang14

. ^___^ ( o ´_ゝ` ) ʃ Ooh! you are the ♊Gemini! 🔮Your Today's Matches: 💖Love: ♌Leo 😉Friendship: ♒Aquarius 👤C… https://t.co/gw69qanxuq

Shrooms ‏@shroomslive

@_demiaa ♒recharged by the water to get over a friendship betrayal. a cancer man i haven't been getting along with… https://t.co/MZ55sFxfWq

Gary Singh ‏@gary_singh

Good afternoon. ♒☀♋🌙♐⬆ https://t.co/m9LtT0URv0

🇬🇧👑3rd❌🖥mike taylorsingsYTⓂ️ ‏@miketaylor34

@KamalaHarris CongratulationsKamalaWellDone ObviousChoiceNowYou& @JoeBiden CanTake🇺🇸IntoTheAge OfTruth&JusticeThe… https://t.co/bFpxCXYcBy

tiana⁷ ‏@13octPJM

♒ Aquarius (Water-Bearer) Element: Air Archetypes: The Genius, The Revolutionary, The Truth Sayer, The Scientist,… https://t.co/scYprS3XDu

Ana-mal Crossing ✨ ‏@sylvanafauna

Height: 5' 7" Zodiac: Aquarius ♒🏺🌬 Tattoos: 0 Piercings: 1 on each ear 😊 Drink: Herbal tea, water, & yellow Gatorad… https://t.co/w5ki6swziv

Comforting yet revolutionary ‏@aguarising

@_demiaa Uhh lots of pining. Tryna get my life together. ♋♒♒

Sweet_legacy 🐅♒ ‏@sweet_legacy

Height:5"4 Zodiac: Aquarius♒ Tattoos: 0 👀 Piercings : ears and nose 💥 Drinks : pineapple juice -🌛 cranberry juice 💥 https://t.co/TzOX10IimR

☯💜StArs&BvbbleS💫✨ ‏@swiminthecosmos

@spookqween Aquarius, having a quad shot of h2o w/ a nirto lid ♒💦


Aquarius ♒//Luke's green silk shirt https://t.co/ZFR5bqduOR

Candet59 ‏@candet59

@CandyBe1975 @Inma21236025 @claudira1992 @rayca97 Height: (1.65) Zodiac: Acuario♒ Tattoos: 0 peircings: 0 Drink: ag… https://t.co/ACAixY874t

Horoscope Bot ‏@HoroscopeBot

AQUARIUS ♒: You will BE CAUGHT AND HELD ACCO, but you will never find another me.

Anthony ‏@nguyen_trann99

PoG top 10 lol Aquarius ♒ https://t.co/H474Qs6a59

Arsione ‏@jardimdoparaiso

@mixxelotee Evettttt ♒♒♒ Best Aquarius girls ever

Meet Your Psychic ‏@meetyourpsychic

📷 ♒ Your intuition is likely to be a superb guide regarding the outcome of a situation. #aquarius #astrology… https://t.co/6B3FrPe7qo

Nermine khatib ‏@nerminekh

Accepted @Lafarfalla99 Lets know each other 😜 Height: 1,63 cm Zodiac: aquarius ♒ Tattoos: No Piercings: No Drink:… https://t.co/VOB3nyXazm

Joanna✨ ‏@JoannaStreams

🌬Air Signs: Money Moves♊♎♒ Some of you need to check how you're spending your money. You know you're wasting it on… https://t.co/951oJeQW3J

Candiece ‏@Candiecemo

@HamletteNick @ShinnRaize Aquarius brain...leaves it in and makes fun of it ...or writes a whole essay explaining m… https://t.co/zDpbSCaFzS

stream PUNANI 🌈🔥🌈 ‏@misto404

Reply with your zodiac sign ♍♈♊♑♉♒♏♌♎♓♐♋ I'm trynna see something

hungclt ‏@hungclt

She over it 😂♒ https://t.co/spZ9Enz55b

Hayet ‏@HayetMA

Accepted @Aicha_CherifL 🤟🏻 Lets know each other 😜 Height: 1,65 cm Zodiac: aquarius ♒ Tattoos: No Piercings: 2 in… https://t.co/9xcjfRsjC1

💫 SJ ‏@syubjim_

@ymluver @BTS_twt height : 5'4 shoe size : 37-38 zodiac : Aquarium ♒ tattoos: - piercings: - favorite color : pink… https://t.co/uijdwHs6cg

Sylvester Randolph ‏@Bigsyl09

@JustMookiiee I'm a Aquarius ♒ and wifey is a Taurus ♉

aliya 🦋 ‏@ayoungcowgrl

if you want a boyfriend that'll NEVER open up to you, get you an aquarius ♒

freedailyhoroscopes ‏@readyourstars

♒ #Aquarius Daily #Money #Horoscope  Wednesday 12 August  https://t.co/x9wIqaf0Ee Click 👇 for this free Aquarius Horoscope ++more

Meet Your Psychic ‏@meetyourpsychic

♒ Your intuition is likely to be a superb guide regarding the outcome of a situation. #aquarius #astrology… https://t.co/lkdG7I5JYj

Ra's al ghul ‏@Yemy_Davies

The Goal isn't to be Liked it's to be Respected ♒♒🗻

Kodithelivingart 🇮🇹 ‏@kodidalivingart

I'm an Aquarius gent. ♒ https://t.co/bfpcgnw4l6

𝐀𝐧𝐢𝐦𝐚 𝐌𝐞𝐚 ‏@__Anima_Mea__

@AquariusUnite WRONG! a real ♒ never judge. About the soul, our opinion is " it's sacred! Respect & support"

piyali (peels) ‏@peelspls

Also like doing a ":b" immediately brings up the following auto-suggestions: 😎 🅱️🎱♒ Is he trying to tell me that he… https://t.co/NijHoC3jVx

powamowinstarot ‏@Powamowinstarot

Air signs ♊♎♒ There will be a second chance and a new beginning. ❤ Don't forget to subscribe to my onlyfans for mo… https://t.co/NGwPYvKxJJ

demetrius wright ‏@Demetrius_wrigh

"BIG POPPA" #THROWBACK i thought I was too fly on my birthday🌌♒ https://t.co/79gSo0gJT0

Meet Your Psychic ‏@meetyourpsychic

Aquarius: horoscope of the day - ♒ Your intuition is likely to be a superb guide regarding the outcome of a situati… https://t.co/5fABZOuFCT

Sunaii ‏@__Triish__

Hello!!! ♒ https://t.co/1B8HKxNGPX

Sandhya. ‏@Sandalulu2901

OMG yes! (I'm an Aqua) ♒ https://t.co/AylesyFpSv

☀️ -ˏˋ선샤인.렌보우⁷ˎˊ˗🌈 ‏@leenobalaleeno

height: 170 cm zodiac: Aquarius ♒ Secret talent: idk, I like singing, drawing, & writing. Fav desserts: I love… https://t.co/xRD992Nz1F

Vivi ‏@le_vivienne

Shout-out to my birthday twin! ♒ https://t.co/DlQvWeDVTY

The Dangantwt ‏@dangantwt

haii i use any pronouns but she/they r preferred + my emoji is ♒

The Dangantwt ‏@dangantwt


The Dangantwt ‏@dangantwt


Elizabeth Rusanchin ‏@ElizabethRusan2

@_demiaa ♒ I have been high anxiety and my brain has been telling me tales. I've also been way sleepier than normal… https://t.co/kgo7g90KVl

𝕙𝕒𝕫𝕖⚡ ‏@mydayhaze

♒ Aquarians have pronounced sleep troubles and tend to be restless and uncomfortable in sleep. Their racing thought… https://t.co/yWsxs7iRmK

The Dangantwt ‏@dangantwt

ANYWAYS i'm taking a shower if i come back and this hellhole has gotten worse you're all gonna get it ♒

The Dangantwt ‏@dangantwt

i bet ppl r gonna think this is a struggle twt acc,, they're not wrong but like ♒

Antoinette ‏@Maidi015

@_demiaa ♒ Aquarius in the house

The Dangantwt ‏@dangantwt

this is hell ♒

The Dangantwt ‏@dangantwt

@enoshimaschan try two log in with ur phone number when it asks ♒

The Dangantwt ‏@dangantwt


The Dangantwt ‏@dangantwt

that's fair!!! ♒

The Dangantwt ‏@dangantwt


The Dangantwt ‏@dangantwt

god this account is in turmoil and its only existed for 10 minutes ♒

The Dangantwt ‏@dangantwt


The Dangantwt ‏@dangantwt

reply if your sexy ♒

The Dangantwt ‏@dangantwt

ok epic!! ♒

The Dangantwt ‏@dangantwt

OH ok ♒

TMFEP ‏@MikeFrostXXX

You may have a natural gift that you don't fully recognize or utilize. A recent or soon-to-be situation may bring t… https://t.co/aDyRhqIKkL

The Dangantwt ‏@dangantwt

ur only half valid /j ♒

The Dangantwt ‏@dangantwt

WAIT are we gonna make a carrd w our pronouns n stuff ? ♒

The Dangantwt ‏@dangantwt

did u claim that emoji 💔 ♒

The Dangantwt ‏@dangantwt

i'm claiming an emoji hold on ♒

Cupcake Megan🧁♒ ‏@hollywuhd

@_demiaa ♒it's hard to find the good in things right now. I know this feeling won't last forever but I'm ready for… https://t.co/cuGqEOlW5O

I ❤ Divyanka ‏@Queen_Divz

tagged by @divyanka_brigad height: 5'2 zodiac sign- Aquarius ♒ tattoos- None piercing- Ears drink- Me is happy with… https://t.co/oEqgjBANby

_cbadu ‏@_cbadu

What if your whole life is a dream and the only way to wake up is to die.... #mindfucked♒🚺 #weirdthoughtsatnight🏁 #procrastination〽

The F4T Podcast introducing F4T After Hours ‏@PodcastF4t

@JustMookiiee I'm a ♒ and she's a ♌

Ry ‏@Ry86700555

Come and see Cammie♒🇭🇹🔛's live in #LiveMe:Click for fun! https://t.co/hv8LetPGCF https://t.co/sVSCMzNEG1

Jennifer ‏@Ginger1661

@FijelineAnne Agreed ♒♒♒♒

Meet Your Psychic ‏@meetyourpsychic

♒ Your intuition is likely to be a superb guide regarding the outcome of a situation. #aquarius #astrology… https://t.co/eUjmip4xel


height : 158 shoe size : 39-40 zodiac : aquarius♒ tattoos: - piercings: 2 favorite color : pastel color + black fav… https://t.co/C1ROPqwQqf

EMILIA-sTAN ‏@emethyst18

height: 5’2 zodiac: ♒ tattoo: none drink: hot water+lemon extract color: purple song: Rita Ora-Your Song tag 4 pe… https://t.co/TxZGIJAPOZ

dhwanii⁷🌙 ‏@btsmymoon_

Height: 165 cm Zodiac: Aquarius ♒ Tattoos: none Piercings: 3 (ears) Drink: water , coffee Continue if you see this… https://t.co/zsFD6Rfvl3

वरनोंन ‏@BAEKYE0M

isfps are passionate about music natural singers songwriters creative mysterious b*tchy just for fun living in the… https://t.co/8bNuVzjx9U

Loba Étoile⁷ ☀︎︎ ☾ ✵ ☽ ☀︎︎ ‏@EtoileLoba

@supermoongirl9 ♍ >>>>> ♏ ♒ Rising up there too

𝚎𝚖𝚊 is sleeping 𖧵 ‏@isbamtori

height: 157cm zodiac: aquarius ♒ tattoos: 0 piercings: 0 drink: water, coffee, soda, fruit tea. color: Yellow 💛 4… https://t.co/lGLL90iSJh

🄼🄰🄼🄰 🅂🄰🅃🅄🅁🄽 🪐🔮 ‏@edenofnubian

Charms for ♒♉♌♏ ✨ This feels like a test of patience and endurance for you. How badly do you want to start over ag… https://t.co/422qQGzE58

𝙯𝙞 📌 SHARING SKZ PHOTOBOOK ‏@fallforhanjis

height : 155 cm shoe size : 38 39 zodiac : Aquarius ♒ tattoos: ❌ piercings: ✅ favorite color : green mint, blue sky… https://t.co/9QWeEiO25D

𝓐𝔂𝔂 𝓑𝓻𝓪𝓷𝓽𝓵𝓮𝔂 ➐ ‏@Ayyyyy07052715

Purple 😈👿👾💜👙🍇🍆🍠🔮🌂☂️☔🛐⚛☪️☦✝️☯️☸✡🕉☮🕎🔯♈♉♊♋♒♑♐♏♎♍♌⛎♓⚕🆔️ (I'm bored)

🌼Mandu🌼 (LIMIT REACHED) ‏@Lili_ManduBan

Height: 163 cm Zodiac: Aquarius ♒ Tattoos: none Piercings: none Drink: water, Tea 4moots: @manduujen @eyrospec… https://t.co/deQnRCGuOk

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