Astonished Face Emoji

An astonished face, with a wide open mouth, gasping in shock or surprise.

The Google artwork for this emoji previously looked inebriated, with a wavering mouth and oddly-sized eyes.

This emoji was also previously difficult to distinguish from the Dizzy Face emoji on iOS, but now closely matches Windows and HTC with an open mouth and open eyes, with raised eyebrows.

Samsung displays an exceptional level of shock on this face.

Astonished Face was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

🚩 Appearance differs greatly cross-platform. Use with caution.

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Also Known As

😲 Drunk Face

😲 Gasping Face

😲 Shocked Face


😲 U+1F632




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J_Guitar05 ‏@JGuitars05

@JackPosobiec Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer... The Bumble scares the hell out of me!!!😲

☆ K|\|[email protected] ☆ ‏@NYJ3tRetweet

I love the fight in this team @nyknicks They deserve a big win. This team is conditioned. I dont wanna reach but if KP was healthy? 😲

Dane Taylor ‏@foxielives

@PrisonPlanet @RKhoomkhwa 😲 That’s NOT how you speak about the person you expect to take you in!

kayokayo44 ‏@kayokayo1

@WORLDSTAR @MaleniC14 @CHICKLET_HF She said she got 40 /40 vision with he phone 😲🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂

angi canales ‏@kur0aimee

@CNNChile Vanish😲?

Rachel 245🎃🦇🕸🍁 ‏@CO0483T

@HamillHimself No, not Luke!😲

babygirl💕 ‏@afraaaxo

Love makes you do crazy things, really scary crazy things..😲

Allison ‏@AllisonMY

Read this short thread. 😲

Monita ManoBananabels💕🐥💋💄 ‏@MBananabels

@GrayinYourArea JISOO: We didn't become a group to go to the USA. A USA ENTRY MAY JUST COME NATURALLY WITH TIME ".…

KIIS 101.1 Melbourne ‏@kiis1011

We can’t wait!!! #TaylorSwift in #Melbourne 🎤🤩 Only @jaseandpj in the morning have the FINAL tickets to see her liv…

Tess. ( Asian American 4 Trump) ‏@BerryTessie

@Tennessean @hleegardner Omg 😲 Pls don't

Jane Franks 🐰 ‏@artistswriter

@laurabjenkins @AngieTink @MozartsGirl . . . and everyone! Been awaayy! A month! 😲Foot surgery more complicated t…

AK 47 ‏@vandana_dna

@BiryaniGuy Stupid .....🙄😲😲😲😲

Take Your Chits @ GeekGirlCon ‏@takeyourchits

@emmalarkins I was waiting for the sass. Wait... Was this whole thing.. just... nice? 😲 Thanks Emma. See you at Essen........

Angel Camacho ‏@AngelCam7

@WWE @WWEUniverse WHA?! 😲 I enjoy a cheap shot to Corbin as the next guy, but Elias... Hoo, hoo, hoo… Looks like hi…

𝔟𝔯𝔦¹²⁷ ‏@_ncityarea

@hnrkhlm thank you💗 i just saw a clip of him rap wow i rly like his tone😲

TSU Confessions ‏@bigbluefessions

oh you fine fine 😲

Mckabe ‏@Mckabe3

@ellievan65 Amazingly crazy!!! 😲😲😲 Supports anything he says???? Brainwashed or Braindead!! Lord, help us!!!

nɑnu 🇧🇷 {ɑu 📌} ‏@mlstayccabello

gostamos do vrau kids no nfc 😲😛

sheena ‏@sheenibells

WHAT THE FUCK I AM TOTALLY FREAKING OUT Nico Bolzico is in CDO today and he jogged around the city some 2 hours ago my goooood 😲😱

FRAN🌴🍑 ‏@FranSism1g

AVENATTI IS FINISH 😲 The future was likely looking bright he was made into a superstar by the libs media and was ev…

Eerie-c Oooh Lawton ‏@Eric0Lawton

@Hao_and_Y @NR_Lines @katitarian @RieOfLetters It tried to redirect me to their Canadian site. Which only had tea b…

SaBeet ‏@Fallenbronze

@NBCTheVoice @TyshawnColquitt @Zaxai_Official Tyshawn. Both good but Tyshawn voice vibe is mind blowing 😲

Claire ‏@klarenggg

This is it. 😲

World Best Gaming ‏@WorldBestGaming

Oh my 😲

#PURGEtober ‏@SpringerAJ

Did #Elias just turn face?! 😲😀 #WalkWithElias #Raw

Blake Tide Pod Free Since Nov. 2016 ‏@AngieDaddy69

When Democrats need someone to go against Trump they bring out their big gun. Though her gun is actually a lawn mo…

Kate Lim Ponce ‏@GeeImKate

Who wouldn't want to hear this live? Gosh 😲

likapika27 ‏@likapika27

Yeah, he called out Geraldo 😲

Trek Todd ‏@Tbaldwin510B

@FavoriteHorror @okfor1 I would have to kill it! 😲😉🖖

Bruce Bynum ‏@bbynum57

@NikkiTexasGirl @freedom_moates Great, glad it wasn't a Republican at a Democratic Rally, wait why would they😲 with…

velоurаzure ‏@velourazure

@Theremina Ok, well I'm just not going to sleep tonight thank you very much. 😲😊

i am: Kenzie 👻 ‏@StrayM0nbebe

@steveaustinBSR @BleacherReport @trailblazers He even got the swagger! 😲

Blake Tide Pod Free Since Nov. 2016 ‏@AngieDaddy69

Maybe Mueller should investigate all the real estate Trump Owns in the heads of Lunatic Liberals. 🤪#LateNightBerlin…

Jeff A ‏@jeffs4u2

Hillary Clinton can buy the whole damn party, and still not win 😲 That's really bad 😉

IG: JayCoffeeTalk ‏@JayCoffeeTalk

Nice run eli 😲#mnf

Golden Knights Watch ‏@VGK_Watch

@RyanHockeyGuy But hey! At least they have ....the Lions?? 😲

Danielle Pajak 🐝 ‏@dp_illustration

@gamwyn Wow, Joanna! 😲 That is so awesome! YAY! All the congratulations!! 😊😃🙌

Capt. Chris Rozine ‏@CaptRozine

@RiverOfDeceit30 I Sorry! I was watchin Trump and saw that so I got worried about You!😲🤗😉😘🌹

A.A.R.O.N ‏@CodinaAaron

am dead😲

Chasity Blalock☘ ‏@blalock_chas

813 I missed out on this one! 😲

Sherri ‏@LiberalsAreDim

@pahubb43 @slapsho81521748 Damn Kamala Harris.....we could build almost NINE WALLS PER YEAR with all the $$ we spen…

ShalStruck ‏@shalstruck

*Correction #AnacondasAndCaimans 😲 #OhMy 🇹🇹#TrinidadFlood #PrayForTrinidad

Ash ‏@_AshleyTiara

#LHHH got my face like 😲 this shit is WILD

@horatio124 ((Michael H.G.)) ‏@horatio124

@JulieElaineTull @dameydames @TexasTribune @NBCDFW Wow 😲 You miss the point completely!! The local citizens used th…

Reenie Smith ‏@smith_reenie

I need this shirt so badly!!!!😲

ismael/jessica ‏@IsmaelnJessica

@bobbybonesshow @mrBobbyBones @SharnaBurgess We gave y’all a 10 and r trying to call and it’s busy 😲we will call ba…

ä ♥️ ‏@4ouXethannGray

@ianjd12 OH MY FUCKING GOD 😲

Boo-rian Montana 👻 ‏@brianmontanaweb

@rudyrigot Doggo was scared of the new decoration 😲

BRANDON-RAY ‏@Pozitive_Posse


Jennifer🇺🇸Marie ‏@jenncox24

▶️NBC just did a seg on socialism. Democrats 4 a socialist America🚫 This 20 something said: Venezuela is the extrem…

Peter Merlin Cane ‏@PeterMerlinCane

😲THE PRINCES DIDN'T DIE IN THE TOWER - PROOF Portraits with inscriptions identify Edward in old age, and his surviv…

Patrice Henderson ‏@angelfifty500

Sooooooo l this is why I missed My BB (Big Brother's) Birthday today 👶👶👶 😲 Happy Birthday!!! To the BEST BIG BROTHE…

❌ Bolverk 🇺🇸 ❌ ‏@Bolverk6

Wow !! Look at the crowd at the Trump rally in Houston. 😲

B R I A N ☄️ ‏@BrianAgyemang

go ahead and drop that skin care routine monsse 👇😲👇

10/23 RM MONO ‏@cinnarosey

OOF {badbye} do I sense a breakout queen?😲 LET'S GET IT @BTS_twt

Leslie Hanks ‏@Leslieforlife

#GeraldoRivera has gone to the #DarkSide He just called the invading marauders a hapless crew 😲🤔🙄


@xxlfunny1 F nuts 😲

łasha kæ ßurdick🍍🌻 ‏@TashaKay9619

Brilee is turning into me...but even worse. At her doctors appointment she says to the nurse “your tooth is like re…

Gin Principe ‏@4Gin4Fan4Ever4

@KierstenWarren 🐉🐉😲😲 I have never seen this kind before!! I gotta find these and eat em while #TheDragon is kicking everyone’s ass. 😂

🦇Yuuki_Sun🕸 ‏@_Ao_Yuki_

Why is no one talking about the fact that in the beginning of 'tokyo' Joon pretty much harmonizes the sound effects…

Viceroy Auto Transport & Car Shipping Logistics ‏@ViceroyAuto

Rail Road Traffic Breaks Intermodal Transport Records Once Again 😲 URL: #Lowest #Rates…

BOCCA ‏@JBoccanegraII

😯😯😯😲😲 why didn’t I ever think of this?!

Andrei Rufo ‏@Rufo2005

Prinsipe makata is in the house 😲😲😲😲

GunLovinTrumpGirl👠 ‏@Lmchristi1

@vengeance_is @djtalways_ @crimsonfaith88 @currie14_kelly @DFBHarvard @GeanineC @get4208 @GeorgiasLori…

The Federal Farmhouse ‏@DanielleBFoulk

🎃 👻 The skunk tonight outside was a good scare😲 #country #animals #skunks #halloween #trending

Patrick Alexander &Maggie ‏@Bless2live

@nickotien @Prairielovingal @LizCrokin Mob and all Illegals must report and commit to live in “California”😧😮😲🤫🤭🙄 ☝️🙄! 😁👍

Ian Jeffrey ‏@ianjd12

I still haven’t showed my new hair 😲😲

Deku ‏@banzinhomaroto_

@amandaa_schmitt qual deles? 😲😲 EHHSHWHSHWHS

petTEAblog ‏@petTEAblog

Spice Explains She BLEACHED Her Skin to Expose Black Hypocrisy! #Colorism ☕😲 (Video): via @YouTube

johneena 🌻 ‏@juninix

Yessss.... go blackpink!!!!! Girls are going for global promotion 😱😱 blinks are shookt 😲 antis are shaking

Riddles ‏@Riddledidee

Them: Oh yea, our beaches are great Me: 😲

prince ‏@In_tox_i_cated

Someone's asking me for a date 😲

💚 🎶Lori 🎶💚 ‏@lo_bug21

@Maggie__My I need to do a few more rows to see if it's going to work out or not. 🤞 If it doesn't, I'll start over…

Jacci S. ‏@arunaroundgirl

I can assure you I am not a bot, you need to be targeted bc you are a desperate creepy porn lawyer that was just ev…

SouthernBelle ❤ ‏@KSBOEN1

@RealMAGASteve Oh my 😲😲😲

shashi kant baranga ‏@Baranga104

@TarekFatah Everyone has a right to be heard , his or her "logic" .....🤔 But, why one has to be hysterical while…

Joel Rehder Jr ‏@Bucho1988

@MeatSauce1 Watch The Haunting of Hill House..........with the lights off!!!😲 Sooooo good!

Marcin K ‏@AxelF_pl

@SundayShoutsFC Incredible, amazig. What a guys. Just WOW 😲👏👏👏

G. Manchester ‏@glenpalm2005 😵 something wrong here?Dems IN JAIL#today refusing to exit races.😲

IvanIsSoSpoopy ‏@IvanIsACookie

yeet 🤟😎😳😲

Juanca Tapia Mamani ‏@Pachacutec__

Opening 😲 en #PactoDeSangre #FelicianoAlAcecho

pfh ‏@PaulHunterman

@debbiecat4 @SeanSeay2148 @BucksGirl3 Not Really old🤔😲

Blake Tide Pod Free Since Nov. 2016 ‏@AngieDaddy69

Democrats are downplaying the media reporting not to get to excited about a Blue Wave, and The Mueller Report, sayi…

Irene Russo ‏@irenerusso124

@phil200269 @GaetaSusan @CarmineZozzora @carrieksada @ChristieC733 @steph93065 @ROHLL5 @SandraTXAS @baalter @jko410…

🇺🇸Maga Militia🇺🇸 ‏@CNNSUCKSBIGLY

Oh you didn't know....? Trump don't play 🖕😲🖕

A. Terry ‏@Costless2016

@ToDropADime2 Now that was freaking funny 😁😂😎not the trump supporters that sh#t scary😲😲

babygirl😏😜 ‏@yusheka23

My ears are ringing 😖😖😖😖 omg 😲

Johnathan Holiday #ThankYouRoman ‏@DaRealBeezyJay

Hold up Apollo ain't wit Titus worldwide no more 😲 #RAW

˗ˏˋsimˎˊ˗🌻 #ARE_YOU_THERE ‏@jenhoxi

@octobersicheng Mark, we also have same birthdays. August 2nd😲

Grace McConnachie ‏@gmcconnachie

@tobinmarks Think I'll be in the same boat by the time I'm finished with my first draft 😲

Ana Belén Pastén ‏@Anitablenn

The best teleserieeee CKOS TODOS😲😲😲 #FelicianoAlAcecho

Lana Solange ‏@LanaSolange

@Tyler_Reznik I was very surprised that I only recognize him in this episode! 😲

Bronwyn ‏@rickertbronwyn

PetiteHDPorn - Teen creampie for extra small hottie 😲

Tata Rodríguez ‏@tata_colombia

Ouch!! 😲😔 #Suspiria

Splashout Studios ‏@SplashoutArt

Final results from Sunday's 'Georgia O'Keefe Flowers' - Splashout Workshop. Presenter: Krystyna Ciesiolkiewicz (Boss Tutor) Splashout 😲😲😲

Prof.Alec.Smart ‏@Prof_Alec_Smart

@ElleMatthewsMod Bringing back the 80's bangs?! 😲😮 #aquanet

Amanda Lankford ‏@aklankford

Start using #RFLashBoost today, and by #Thanksgiving everyone will be feasting on your new lashes!😲 There is still…

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