Baby Chick Emoji

A small, yellow, baby chick (chicken).

Baby Chick was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

🐤 Yellow Bird


🐤 U+1F424




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perry thee platypussy ‏@tellytupperware

theyre plotting a h*te crime 🐛 🗡 🐝⛏ 🐤🔪 🐒🧨…

Kate80✌️💙 ‏@kathydiaz7206

@senatemajldr Midnight the Chicken #repubsrchickens🐤🐦🐤🐦🐤🐦

🦢⁷ ‏@bffjmin

jimin going 🐤 on the tour poster CRYING

lizzie ‏@dksverse

fuck it, exo 🎤🐱 🎤🐰 🎤🐑 🎤🐶 🎤🦖 🎤🐺 🎤🐧 🎤🐻 🎤🐤

CharlieArtsy🐼 ‏@charlieartsy

@Scraffyraccoon Go for it!! Now I’m thinking about that song “Five Nights at Freddy’s... Is this where I want to be” 🐻🦊🐰🐤

sofie 🦁 ‏@fairyjaeng

fuck it, sf9 🎤🐇 🎤🦊 🎤🐤…

asteria is seeing her stray babies ‏@_Asteriia_

Fuck it, DAY6 🎤🎸🐻 🎤🎸🐤 🎤🥁 🐕 🎤🎸🦊 🎤🎹🐇

#ILAND⁷ ‏@idlecultmember

@orangeidle I feel like miyeon would be a bunny🐰 and soyeon lion🦁hmm soojin cheeta? Or like a tiger🐯🐆 Shuhua 🤔 idk a lil chick maybe🐣🐤

kyla, WITH JONGDAE 🍓 ‏@oohstrawberries

exo band 🥁🐻 🎺🐤 🎤🦖 🎹🐑…

ig:@arthurmarcelino05 ‏@arthur005_


#dystopiaheroes ‏@egirlroa

fuck it, hinapia 🎤🦁 🎤🦊…

adeline 🏹🐤✨ ‏@allpwrfloracle

i’m listening. 🐤🏹

*day6_6yad*💝Sakura🌸사쿠라 ‏@day6lovelove1

@Jae_Day6 Good morninggg👍Jaeee🐤❤ Have a nice day today too🍀*゜

Clément ‏@_ouiouibaguette

they’re voting for Bernie 📃🐴 📭 📃🦖 📃🐤…

Aaron Smith ‏@_SMITTY5_

I appreciate @Coach_Niemann @HawkeyeFootball for the junior day invite 🐤

Jeanne Gustafson ‏@jeannegustafson

@kalistacat How do you feel about fowl emojis, then? 🦆🐓🐔🐣🐤🐥🐦🐧🕊️🦃🦅🦉

Tom Ferrara ‏@ThunderousTom

@HeroesHearthTV @ROKKR @ArmoryMn @WisdomGamingGrp @bobsdaughter @SmackShackNOLO @BaconSocialH @HellsKitchenMN…

Haze. ‏@_Haazey

That shit for the birds 🐤

ate ninang blue ‏@CHANT0TS

fuck it, sehun band 🎤🐤 🎸🐤 🎺🐤 🎷🐤…


fuck it, victon 🎤🦊 🎤🐻 🎤🦖 🎤🐩 🎤🐈 🎤🐤 🎤🐿️

Erik Williams ‏@ewill23bball

Hi I am Erik. I yelled at my friend grant today and I just wanna say I’m sorry man. You are an incredible dude and…

Matthew James Harris ‏@MatthewJamesH11

@Xanderman616 @IM_THE_JUSTICE @Laurel__Lance @y33_melanie @ldsanty Happy Green Arrow and the Canaries Day!!!!!…

Matthew James Harris ‏@MatthewJamesH11

@thegingerjudas @KalEl84 @MzDinahLLance @MzBlackCanary @MzCaptainMarvel @thebrink13 @theapplefour @kat8811 Happy G…

🎄Tomb Angel🎄 ‏@TAngel04445236

Ugh. One, I forgot to put (2/7). Two, this is my first time drawing animatronic Chica 🐤👌

Moment Media ‏@Jet_Caddy

That are all using Sevans Notes 7/N🦐 7/N🐢 7/N🐌 7/…

black fella ‏@SeyiSoca

Somebody link me on a lil Twitter bird nah.. tweet tweet🐤

ѕυииу ✨ JONGDAD WEDDING ‏@babie_sunshine

jae band 🎤🐤 🎸🐤 🎺🐤 🎷🐤 🎹🐤…

ŝy ‏@exSyclo

Wook at all dose thickens 🐔🐤🐔🐤🐔🐤🐔🐤🐔🐤🐔🐤🐔🐤🐔🐤🐔🐤🐔🐤🐔🐤🐔🐤

🏳️‍🌈the flightless bird who loves you🏳️‍🌈 ‏@teatimethesnake


tom 💫 ‏@tombatkai

@unknownisuser Bring in the reinforcements 💯 🔫🐤💨 🔫🦗💨 🔫🦒💨…

🐲 The Little Dragon ‏@ajinugroho_eel

New company? New friends? New power. Hei, where am i? 🐤

Tournament Kings ‏@TKpays

🎮 Game: #PokemonSwordShield ⏰ Schedule: Saturday, February 1st @ 4PM CST 🐤 Twitter: @CurrentEsports 🔥Discord:…

tracy gregorash 🌼 ‏@tracygregorash

Caught this little guy having a rest. 🐤💤

Talmabrown ‏@Talmabrown2

@giselleIynette Sweeter than Brown Sugar🐤🌷🍪😊

Vexy ♠️ 2020 👓 ‏@VexinglyYours

lil birb 🐤

Commen Sence 🦄 ‏@sence_commen

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Nacht ‏@Nacht_art

Nube ☁️✨ btw I feel more comfortable painting in this way 🐤 #oc #characterdesign #artwork #conceptart #furryart…

Caroline Wilson ♈🌌💜 ‏@Caroline_Wilson

Seeing Mia, William, and Zoe in that sneak peek made me REALLY want just an #FTA spin-off. They look so damn great…

lea ‏@chaeuwo

fuck it, astro 🎤 🦊 🎤 🐶 🎤 🐮 🎤 🐱 🎤 🐺 🎤 🐤

leah✨ ‏@lleahelle

people be like 🗣🗣🗣 and i be like 🥱🥱🥱 🐱🦊🐹🐨🐮🙈🐤🦉🦅🐥🐧🙊🐜🐝🐗🐛🐌🐞🕸🦗🐙🦐🦞🐅🦧🐆🦧🐂🦙🐐🐩🐀🕊🦚🦔🐉🐲ha ha.

Studio XFM Sonñefes ‏@XfmStudio

Best of "FRIENDS" - All seasons 😁🐤

🎄Tomb Angel🎄 ‏@TAngel04445236

🍕🐤”Gluttony.”🐤🍕 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ #FNAF #FiveNightsAtFreddys

Follow Mę To ☞😜 ‏@GainWithEmojis

Reply 'ifb 💐 🐤👍' if you follow🔙 ╔═════════════════════╗ 🔻Liké🔻Retweet🔻Comment 'ifb'🔻 ╚═════════════════════╝

Christopher Phin ‏@chrisphin

fuck it animal glowups 🦎🔜🐉 🐴🔜🦄 🐟🔜🐠 🐛🔜🦋 🐤🔜🐔…

Carrie Elliott ‏@carriee1198

They are robbing a bank 💰🐤 💰🐕 💰🐧 💰🐦 💰🦄 💰🐢💰🐖


Have puppies, get chicks. Have kittens, be the most popular boy in the neighborhood. Have your pick of chicks! M…

Studio XFM Sonñefes ‏@XfmStudio

@AppieXfmaydogan @Ahaber i know 🐧🎥🐤it was also a perfect scenario in my mind🤣

Release Butler ‏@releasebutler

🔥 New Next.js Release 🚀 📦 v9.2.1-canary.7 🐤 CANARY PRE-RELEASE 🏷️ #nextjs #react #node #universal #ssr…

TheVeganary ‏@TheVeganary

TOMORROW WE ARE LAUNCHING! 🚀 Don't Miss our on our early bird deals! 🐤 #theveganary…

Mama Donna 🌞 ‏@Soil2Soulutions

I found a little bird nest 😮🐤 Animals are so beautiful, they have the ability to influence the world and create thi…

𝚠𝚎𝚗回⁷ ‏@sinb127

fuck it. gfriend. 🎤🦊 🎤🐻 🎤🐰…

Anthony Zane Strader ‏@StraderZane

Tonight is #GreenArrowandtheCanaries day! . Laurel, Mia, and Dinah are a team It is time for Mia to honor her Fa…

Studio XFM Sonñefes ‏@XfmStudio

@AppieXfmaydogan Yes, I have one movie for you, some ""RADIO""? But you are very lucky this time appie😂🎥🐤 You can…

Limeylime ‏@Limeylime2

@StynaLane Vaginas don't do so well when the whole body is sick. Hormonal changes are also way bad. Vaginas are the…

ⁿᵉᶜᵗᵃʳ ۪۫❁ཻ 𝘸𝘪𝘵𝘩 𝘤𝘩𝘦𝘯 ‏@hwth127

Day6, an animal band 🎹🐰 🎸🐤 🥁🐶 🎸…

Tournament Kings ‏@TKpays

🎮 Game: #R6S | #PC #XB1 #PS4 🌎 Region: #AFR #SubSaharanAfrica ⏰ Schedule: Thursday, January 30th @ 7PM SAST 🐤 Twitt…

Yuh ‏@Timyeeter

@cooIhotdog @txt_facebook Background music 🎷🐢 🐙🎺 🎻🐤 🎹🐌

pom mom ‏@laurafolius

🍼🐢. 🍼🐴. 🍼🦖. 🍼🐤. 🍼🦙. 🍼🐇. 🍼🐈 🍼🐄. 🍼🐘 Look they’re all…

aa ‏@Drizzley_Bear

❓ A nobody 🥚 Acquaintances 🐣 Friendly Acquaintances 🐥 Friends 🐤 Good Friends ♥️ Best Friends 😔 Want to be friends b…

Adie Dickson💫 ‏@AdabelDickson

@BarrySarling Pensive... Dreaming...admiring...reflecting...💫👁🐤

Ron Macdonald ‏@ronpon_ron

Can't keep away from these beauties. Waxwings feasting on Rowan berries🐤🐥🐤 #TwitterNatureCommunity #waxing…

Jinkx Monsoon Quotes ‏@JinkxQuotes

water off a ducks back! 🐤💦

El Christo ‏@ElCorbynista

#ILikeBernie cos the fauna is on his side! 🐤

bird bot ‏@brandnewbirds

squawk! 🐤

Doing Law Differently. 🎯🔥💅🏿 ‏@NatalieP_Impact

Although, it may seem counter-intuitive, clients need to see what we (lawyers) see. It is essential for facilitatin…

Adie Dickson💫 ‏@AdabelDickson

@birdcrazed6 The sweetest pic!! How uplifting and beautiful! Lovely color contrast!🌷🐤

Mixtel ‏@Mlixtel

@SnipedSZN You take the bus tho🐤

the Last Pirate ‏@jordyisdead

They're all eating ramen together 🍜🐍 🍜🐤 🍜🐛…

vale:] 💜 s/h ‏@hwanggus

@ker8ppi they went QUACCKETE 🐤 per favore monta questi video we want il full vlog

Commen Sence 🦄 ‏@sence_commen

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Jodene ‏@curiouscroquet

@Indiefangurl Ah. I've seen you tweet now! 😂🐤

UncleRespect ‏@koniev

aditin🐤 learning life 👼 blind walktrugh 🍼 DBD and Horace 🚼 2

Han ‏@HannahSianCrewy

@dongsukie Taeyong with a baby chick is possibly the softest thing I can think of 🐤

玫瑰花茶 ‏@hottetu

@Kokko_bremen If Kokko visit small branch of bank 🏧 in this style😎,may be bank stuffs would talking "what ?" ・・・Kokko(🐤)

mixy gecko ‏@ephemeralgecko

Work in progress, first layers are so much fun. ,, Check out my new blog to see how these began 👉…

玫瑰花茶 ‏@hottetu

@Kokko_bremen Take care of your self.🌺 I think Kokko is super strong veterinarian🐩🐈,so Kokko can give a treatment f…

Tournament Kings ‏@TKpays

🎮 Game: #Fortnite #2V2 🌎 Region: #AFR #SubSaharanAfrica ⏰ Schedule: Saturday, January 25th @ 7PM SAST 🐤 Twitter:…

🐐🙏 ‏@bigsexybert

oh no they're all drug addicts 💉🐝 💳🐇 🥦🐟…

Joanna Grelle 🐾🖌🎨🏃🏻‍♀️ ‏@willsdarklady

@kellengoff still working on your bird boys! 😀🐤

rosesuk ‏@rosesukroses

@valgardening @papaver @Pollieslilies @TshsHort @kgimson @JaniceShipp @HarrietRycroft @CarlFredrikArv2…

Philonomist in English ‏@PhilonomistEN

🐤 In an age of job-hopping and #flexibility, how do you keep #employees from growing disengaged? To rediscover the…

𝔠𝔩𝔞𝔲𝔡𝔦𝔞 ☾3am ‏@killingboyz

they’re stanning the 1975 🐛 🐮 🥾▯🌍 🥾▯🌍 🐤…

Byron Bibliotherapy ‏@byronbiblio

@onewpc @AllenAndUnwin Thanks for writing it!🤩 Please retweet🐤 I want lots of people to hear about your book & get the chance to win a copy!

vandana ‏@vandana20532855

@sonakshisinha you looking beautiful sona ma'am 🐤🐥🐦🐧🧚‍♀️ .....

Byron Bibliotherapy ‏@byronbiblio

⚡️GIVEAWAY⚡️Due to postage costs, #Australian addresses only 😐#amreading #dumplings #ownvoices #LoveOzYA Please ret…

bird bot ‏@brandnewbirds

chirp chirp! 🐤

fenzs ‏@thefenzs

bein' experimenting with sum face care products lately and so far i can tell that with those my face feels like a b…

Matthew ‏@real_matjamca

@jessphillips Chick chick chick chick chicken 🐣 🐤 🐥 🐣 🐓

berra⁷ ◡̈ ‏@lejinvdary

fuck it jimin band 🎤🐤 🎸🐤 🎺🐤 🎷🐤…

☃❄yuikiyaya❄☃ ‏@yuikiyaya12

i got inspired by the lawn mower sim video from @ItsFunneh to draw this hope you like it💙🐤

twittewy twitt ‏@dopre

@DonaldJTrumpJr Fredo, like your daddy, you are not very smart. Your daddy keeps saying that he has done nothing wr…

SirenCanary 🎈 ‏@blcksirxn

Today’s the dayyyyyyyyy 🐤💛🖤 #GreenArrowAndTheCanaries #Canaries @MzKatieCassidy @JulianaHarkavy @Kat_McNamara

Safiyyah ‏@safiyyahesat

They're doing tawaf of the kaaba 🐒 🐫…

Airlie Anderson ‏@AirlieAnderson

This Saturday at 2:30 I’ll be at the American Library Association Mid Winter show in Philly, singing NEITHER! 🐰🐤💚…

Abdulaziz ‏@Lautttrec

@Shribeyri @E_1i1 This is you 👈🐤

James Walker ‏@walker231414

@FearTheSkirt Course looks great, stay warm and make some 🐤🐤⛳️

Mia Mykat (Illinois) ‏@mykat_mia

@14pj14 YVW! Safe travels🧳 & enjoy! 🐒🐦🐤🦅🦉🦇🐗🐝🐛🦋🐌🐞🐜🦟🦗🕷🕸🦂🦜🦩🦝🦥🐿🐀🌱🌿🎋🐚🌹 (watch out for the biting ants as well 😉)

ᴇᴍʙᴏssᴇᴅ ‏@Embossed_

For a 🐤 #embroidery #alifera #handEmbroidery

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