Baby Emoji

The face of a young infant (baby). Shows  the face of a baby with a small amount of hair on most platforms; while Android shows a swaddled baby with a pacifier (dummy) in its mouth.

On Snapchat, the baby emoji signifies a new friend on the service.

Baby was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

👶 Child

👶 Toddler


The Baby emoji supports skin tone modifiers. A yellow (or other non-human) skin tone should be shown by default, unless an emoji modifier is applied.

Platforms without support for emoji modifiers display a missing symbol character (box with a cross, alien, or question mark in it) next to any modified emoji.


👶 U+1F476




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james ‏@jamesryan33113

@PearODTV @ThisLocalHater Oh yay baby 👶 so I’m I

💧Robyn ‏@RobynGalah

@Snarkathon @bugwannostra Derivatives are the casino 🎰 mountain most never summit in understanding just how they wo…

Samar Khan ‏@BadSamarKhan

My Lovely @Charmmeofficial ❤️ No actually I wanted to ask u What u love boy or girl I mean, what do u wish the first baby 👶

aygjkekdksf ‏@ayaehehe

@THEGOODSlDE 😎brockhampton! 🥵✨😋baby 👶🥺 let’s go 👌💅

Darrel ‏@darrel_ek06

Daddy take photo of me 👶✨

Banditø ‏@Sad_clikkie

@anacubeta2 soft, funny and pretty 👶✌️

4KidsToyReview ‏@4KidsToyReview

Thank you so much @wolvol_toys for sending us these amazing 😉 babies 👶 for freee!!! Visit @wolvol_toys for more toy…

Tiborski2018 20חי ‏@TiborskiM6

@JamesPMorrison @dazdix @iheartmindy @SAMGREIS But you revered #IObama while he was caving children 👶 Hypocrite ga…

Baby Name Bot ‏@Baby_Name_Bot

Truth: 5,584th most popular girl's name (23 babies) 👶 Kix: 8,763rd most popular boy's name (8 babies) 👶🏼

braCourage🇬🇭 ‏@courage_96

@masscut4991 @Remarka56916828 I didn’t ask for family genealogy here please 😂😂😂😂 9ja be wanna babies 👶 simple

neekmo ‏@_BigNico


凛花 ‏@rinca_diet

👶rinca👶 🌟height 164 🌟weight 69.1 🌟goal 53.0 I'll try my best. #ダイエット

Robin Kanady ‏@RobinFox46

Finally got to do some writing about 👶 girl...

💑🐈🐶 ‏@1Tough_Sheltie

@jennadewan A big ::Congrats:: on the upcoming birth of your baby girl! So excited for you.🍼👶

JD ‏@JDBeastMan91

@AJsApplebooty Omg congratulations @AJsApplebooty he’s a stud! Cute little boy! 👶 🍼 love him ! They are just the g…

🔺EnLightened🔺 ‏@GodGunsandCoun1

@FLOTUS @childrenshealth We love FLOTUS. BEST EVER 🇺🇸❤️👶❤️🇺🇸 the kids....

Tommy Morris ‏@FalconCats

@TheOnlySweeney Guy told him to be sure and get a burner phone as he took back the 👶, only airport greeting any better was Saban’s

Tan Wu Meng ‏@tanwumeng

🥰👶 Baby cutie boo boo boo boo! [to the tune of “Baby Shark” 😜] Bumped into Mr Teh & wife in the carpark after visi…

mina ‏@minachopin_1

#シャーロットケイトフォックス #マッサンエリー #シャロやん @ckfox_officialHow’s it going?I think you are enjoying parenting❤👶 Ganbatte ne‼🚩😃🚩

kurtis Luffy ‏@kurtis_luffy

@realDonaldTrump @marklevinshow Someone give lil Donnie his binky 😁👶

MHerMaiChard💚AlDubNation ‏@MherMaiChard

#ALDUBHanggangFinishLine One yr and one day ago today. Happy 9th Yr and 9 months 😏 Mr More yrs in showbiz but Mo…

dinh ‏@dinh30287890

@MVPtaengoo @kpophappenings_ @datlostgirl Izone's maknae and wizones' giant 👶 #AllMyLoveIsForIZONE @official_izone

b ‏@blondechanbaek

babies 👶👶

D/Sgt James Milligan 👮 🇻🇦 ‏@JTM2894

I just donated a special premature nappy to a UK hospital by tweeting #PampersForPreemies - show your support and do the same! 👶

emoji heap ‏@clamatoes

@CNNRGLDN If your an ally may I suggest putting the 🚫 🍆👶 in your display name then?

Reality2⭐️'s ‏@reality2dastars

@Thesupercole Yaaaa! Congrats beautiful family!!🎉🤰💖💙👨‍👩‍👧‍👧➕👶

smad kitten. ‏@PLSIWOO

@BAEKAORl yes i am 👶

🌻 ‏@angeluxsales

Thank you 👶🤗

Germy Langhorn ‏@GermyLanghorn

@AJsApplebooty u brought a life into the world 🌎 congratulations AJ 👶🍼 & yo lovely handsome son

Matthew ‏@Matthew13564574

I just donated a special premature nappy to a UK hospital by tweeting #PampersForPreemies - show your support and do the same! 👶

Virat kohli ‏@KohliFanteam

@KapilSharmaK9 Sorry @KapilSharmaK9 ji, Maine aapka tweet nahi dekha tha, to muze laga ke aap aur Ginny mam become…

Mom Loves Best ‏@MomLovesBest

#Motherhood also means a change in priorities. You learn to distinguish between the things that really matter and e…


15.👩 a 👶 (hint: not a group, solo artist)


@txtaehyum But I said the truth. Even everyone know you're smol among us. 👶

Lauren ‏@lah_1989

I just donated a special premature nappy to a UK hospital by tweeting #PampersForPreemies - show your support and do the same! 👶

𝐉𝐨𝐨. ‏@kyulava

omg.. baby bada.. 👶

LezWatch.TV 📺 🏳️‍🌈 ‏@lezwatchtv

I mean ... @ThatKevinSmith ain’t wrong here - M 👶 🚀

Alvert™ Gabbana ‏@Aloour

Humpty Dumpty 's wall where #Mexico was suppose to pay for it.. All you need now is rope and ladder to go up from…

Lupe🌸 ‏@Parodi_pau

Pichu 👶

Ianne 🐢🐶🐯🦊🐰 ‏@FireflyNuest

I want to put him in a crib 😣🍼👶

Kardashians on E! ‏@KUWTK

True story 👶 #KUWTK

Raiders 6-7 💩 ‏@TheChosen1uan

I’m just trying to make green eyed babies 👶

ReneeFromThe6 ‏@EmotionalyDead

I’m tryna make my own baby dolls 💦👶

William Burks Jr ‏@MUIBLUEBEAST

@AJsApplebooty That's very cute @AJsApplebooty. And Constructions to u as the best Mother in the whole world. Also…

funkofinderz 👑 ‏@funkofinderz

Feeling proud, might delete. #ItsAGirl 👶

Debie’s Cert. CBD Oil ‏@DebieVivers

@realDonaldTrump @marklevinshow You poor 👶 Geez grow a pair, you’re embarrassing. #BigDumbBaby #CrybabyTrump…

Steph🐸🎆🐗HOLMAT 601 ‏@MotherOfBees

Mr. Bilbo got his hair trimmed so now he looks super baby.🐶👶✨

valerie lopez⏳#CIN #WILSON #ELANI ‏@valerie77020703

@carlivatiron hey Ron you have 2big fan in @valerie77020703 and @ultrahottie2000 so I we hope you wud do u a gian…

Ale❌ ‏@alexinfante00

@DSports247 Haha maybe he thinks he’s a big baby 👶 lol

ForswornSweetroll ‏@PhoMonkey

@briteresi Are u ready for a round in the ring 👶🍼

Scott Sumner ‏@fakescottsumner

I shaved my head last week and went into my regular noodle takeaway lunch spot today and the owner told me that she…

VoteBlueNoMatterWho2020 ‏@FearfullyMade9

@MelodySHolt1 @kimmi_kls @miamireece So happy for you, Melody👶🦈 You guys look great! I ❤ Kimmi and Maurice.

Carmen Martinez ‏@CeeCeeMar

That chunky baby is too cute. What is he 3 or 4 now. 😂👶 #90DayFiance

Kuldeep ‏@Kuldeep60026415

@iamsunnydeol @ianuragthakur @BJP4Punjab Good morning 👶🙏

pyretic autumn ‏@Curry_Barbie

that baby is HUGE!!👶👶👶👶 #90DayFiance

Nikalas Ferguson ‏@NikalasFerguson

@business @luv69 @charliekirk11 Him,imagine stupid nasty nasty child predator satanics celebs&those found guilty ha…

baebae👶🌞 ‏@faithinbae

@CIX_twt Goodmorning giant maknae💙💙💙👶

Devin Hutchinson ‏@D_HUTCHinson8

Hope y’all are ready for this one. Baby Hutch coming July 2020 👶

Kid Roni (Playdatshit Roni) ‏@KidRoni1

@ISTBUISTBU Ion care of yo baby 👶 2 ,,, I shoot this bitch up.

x-måÿara ‏@junmyeonsmgmt

@johnnysperra i already told you, he is a whole honey pot or baby 👶 like WHATS NOT CLICKONG!!! 🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣

Marc ‏@itsjusstmarci

@Sshania03 Lol that Avi! Just babies 👶

Carlabssシ ‏@carlabscmtb

👶👣❤ @ St. Luke's Medical Center

Kind and charming dick ‏@CharmingKind

@ajmm19923493 @Sandu7470 @StandNewsHK you will fail, you can't imagine how powerful the state machine is baby👶👶👶

glitz ‏@georgewlittle18

Twins 👯‍♀️ at church. Love the babies 👶 ❤️💤 @ Pymble Golf Club

Nikalas Ferguson ‏@NikalasFerguson

@business @luv69 @charliekirk11 the child predators in america,the former presidents to be exact&the👶💍operators are…

Amy A ‏@AdrianaAmyXoXo

My world 👶💞

Keysi Cabrera ‏@keysi_flirty

Got a lot of things to do today. Decided to do it later coz she needs her sleep. 😅👶👨‍👩‍👧🥰 #arcanakeiko…

∵∴sophia∵∴ ‏@leejenoodle


Stacy Lynn ‏@Brown_EyedGirl6

@tippytoe41 @taxslayerbowl @josh_dobbs1 @tippytoe41 Right now the only one being a cry baby is you!👶🍼😭

Chris Sartain ‏@Northmen_Princ

Conley was showing his little cousin how he rolls...👶👶 @SartainSarah

suga's interlude ☁️ ‏@seaseokies

@epiphany100M @Twitter let me get dis crib 👶 cuz i had no eye dee yuh 😨 feelin like i did tew much 😳 im feelin like…

anye ‏@twintkeul

@scmoking Daddy👶

UNHCR Canada ‏@UNHCRCanada

👦👶👧🧒 Thousands of children across the world have lost their parents. The refugee crisis is a child’s emergency and…

Sue DeWitt ‏@SueDeWitt4

@AdamParkhomenko @titodinzey Nunes said he was being stalked by this gentleman. Not even close. Nunes is such a 👶

∵∴sophia∵∴ ‏@leejenoodle


Humble Alieu Johnson ‏@AlieuHumble

Every child deserves a chance at a life filled with love, laughter, friends and family. 👶🧒💝😆👫🏽👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🐊🌍🙏🏾

taz ‏@epiphany100M

@seaseokies @Twitter let me get dis crib 👶 cuz i had no eye dee yuh 😨 feelin like i did tew much 😳 im feelin like i…

▓▓ ‏@picaro__


LILDAYSKI VR 💔 ‏@veryrare1018

Break down da QP like a Reese’s . Spin the block ina all black GMC . Throw a brick through yo window like baby D 👶…

Jason Witthuhn ‏@jasonwitt82

@andylassner @DevinNunes @DevinNunes you made yourself look like a little baby. 👶

Jean Palmer ‏@jean_palmer

@RealNatalieLowe @MFT_SMH @bbcstrictly @Fit_Steps Congratulations Natalie to you both on the birth of your beautifu…

taz ‏@epiphany100M

@seaseokies @Twitter OH ... let me get dis crib 👶 cuz i had no eye dee yuh 😨 feelin like i did tew much 😳 im feelin…

Calum ‏@Calum_C

@realDonaldTrump @marklevinshow Baby Yoda is a lot more cute than Baby Trump 👶 🍼

Carol Shea ‏@CarolShea13

That he is... That he is!!! 👶👶👶😭😭😭 ‏@AleighaHere

I miss when I was a baby 👶 because I was cute but now I am ugly 🤢🤮

papi’s girl 😈😈😈 ‏@jennypowpow5141

@Maggie24K awwwwwww my poor baby 👶

ken ‏@Kenny32977

@JLo Jennifer you can move in with me right now I’ll do anything for you to love your beautiful gorgeous body from…

Bill Davis ‏@Billdavis3e

@Marysoch20 love your beautiful gorgeous pictures baby 👶💕💕💕💕💕

taz ‏@epiphany100M

@seaseokies let me get dis crib 👶 cuz i had no eye dee yuh 😨 feelin like i did tew much 😳 im feelin like i did tew…

PrayerWarrior4USA🇺🇸 ‏@USAFan76

@cindyseestruth Pray, to end abortion! Poor little babies👶 pulled apart from limb to limb....😭

Robin 🇺🇸🌟🌟🌟Real News ‏@HyltonRobin

@DDonsmith007 Good night, Don 😴 Sleep well my friend 🤗 Trump2020KAG 🇺🇸 SaveTheBabies 👶 BackTheBlue 💙 JusticeIsComi…

MJ Rousse ‏@mj_rousse

@ByYourLogic I’m baby I guess 👶

Lulu❤🤗 ‏@lourdezestrada

@FacioMichelle The best feeling in the world having a lil blessing inside of you!!❤❤👶💙💙

taz ‏@epiphany100M

@seaseokies let me get dis crib 👶 cuz i had no eye dee yuh 😨 feelin like i did tew much 😳 im feelin like i did tew…

TESLA 3D ‏@tesla_3d

Baby Yoda 👶 . . #TESLA3D . . #3dprintart #3dprint #3dprinters #3dprints #3dprintinglife #3dprintedmodels #3dprinted…

Joel Saunders ‏@JSaundersJam

“Peaceful Penny” by Uncle Joel 👶 🎸 . . . . #babygirl #fingerstyle #guitar #acoustic

☆☆Candy_Star☆☆ ‏@lovely_Nina26

3 more weeks to go! Then baby boy will be here 🤰👶

치이(chii) ‏@chiiii9193

Baby Earth😊 #TheSixMoonsInWakayama #Earthlings @_earth40 👶🌎


Have a good morning 👶

Kazuko ‏@sapphire_Osaka

@suzyv Congratulations ❣️👶💙💛❤️🙏

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