Ball Of Yarn Emoji

A ball of yarn which may be also shown with knitting needles.

Ball Of Yarn is a candidate for inclusion in Unicode 11.0 scheduled for release in 2018 and was added to draft Emoji 11.0 in 2017.

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🧶 U+1F9F6


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🎀Karry Armitage🎀 ‏@ArmitKarry

😂😂😂😂 LMAO!! The power of crochet 🧶 compells you!!!

Lucy ‏@lucy_jca

Crochet is proving a welcome outlet tonight. It’s unavoidably mindful- you can’t get the stitches right if your min…

Gail Rosenthal ‏@GailRosenthal

Creativity meats art meets physiology meets yarn 🧶

Red Berets Medicare for All ‏@RedBeretsM4All

@Fixer_guy @SenseOf_OUTRAGE @scapelliti @TexasTribune @mjhegar @wendydavis @JohnCornyn @_SemaHernandez_ @Sema4Texas…

Kay Hallsworth ‏@kay_hallsworth

@macgregorcs @ric_cole Crochet not knit 🧶

molly || cml live // ‏@yeehawmolly

🧶- sOOOO i love you a lot. i wish i saw you around more, but whenever i do, it’s always a good time. i hope we can…

Sammy ‏@smartcookiesam

Starting on a new crochet 🧶 project tonight. Making a cute fox cuddly toy for my niece. Love the dinky balls of woo…

beautyguru1983 ‏@beautyguru83

#2 dishcloth 🧶 crochet on the making

beautyguru1983 ‏@beautyguru83

Finish #1 dishcloth 🧶 knit

NBVintage ‏@NBVintageShop

#Vintage #60s #70s Jantzen Knit Cardigan sweater SM to M on #Etsy 🧶🍃🌾

ForgedInFur ‏@ForgedInFur

@IcklerTnt @timzmom @DTrump_Cat @NatsRallyCat Today I discovered a little saying to help me keep from my purling re…

Sara Karle ‏@Thegeekycrafter

Let the five needle shuffle commence 🧶 #adventuresinknitting #newsocks

Amanda Blue ‏@AmandaBlue1991

#Working hard on this #blanket 🧶❤️ - #lazysundays #throwblanket #chunkyyarn

pancake and lulu ‏@pancakeandlulu

#yarnlovechallenge2019 🧶… Day 15 weekend...⠀Recently I have been lucky enough to spend my weekends visiting some am…

pancake and lulu ‏@pancakeandlulu

#yarnlovechallenge2019 🧶… Day 15 weekday...⠀I’m so lucky that I get to work with these on most weekdays. ⠀…


playing Unravel w my bf is so cuuute 🧶

Akiko ‏@akiko_taylor

The last time I crocheted anything was more than 15 yrs ago. This extremely simple scarf-making is relaxing & very…

Conchi R.R. 🎗 ‏@LarusRr

Quadrats 🎼🐾🧶🙌🏻😅Squares #balmartesdemantas #knitting #cotton #vivid #tincanknits #blanket #scheepjes #stonewashed…

crochetbymh ‏@crochetbymh

A big project! 🧶 😊#crochet #handmade #vintage #bedroomdecor #bedcover #knitting #etsy #etsyshop #etsysale…

sally saunders ‏@Bettysmumknits

@Danibaggs85 @UkCraftersHour @handmaiduns @amazingraceart @TwystedRoots @Papercuts_Paws @Twiggypeasticks…

Amanda Blue ‏@AmandaBlue1991

It’s a #coffee ☕️ & #yarn 🧶 kinda #day ❤️

Amanda Blue ‏@AmandaBlue1991

I need to find yarn circle 🧶

Gemma Dorling ‏@Gemma_Dorling

@Bodenclothing 🧶❤️ a testament that this has lasted two children worn over and over just gorgeous 🥰

SeamlessStitch ‏@SeamlessStitch

Finished up the white blanket! 🧶 #seamlessstitch #handknit #etsy

Laura ‏@blacklaceknits

All I want to do is knit 🧶

Lawrence Ryan Heath ‏@Lawrenceheath12

If you do one thing today I urge you to read this. This is without a shadow of doubt my favourite thing I have read…

Designs By Megan ‏@DesignsByMeganG

What a cool kiddo! 💜💜🧶

Andrea 🦄🎨 & 🐕🖼 ‏@amcvittie

🌬 The wind rattling the storm window is really solidifying my choice to knit under a heated blanket … 🧶

Jean Boonstra ‏@jeanboonstra

Off the needles and blocking. Can’t wait to wear this squishy wrap this week. 🧶 #knitting #gaugedyeworks

BBC iPlayer ‏@BBCiPlayer

SEW, which knitting puns WOOL-d you ask @JoeLycett if you could? 🧶😂 #SewingBee

Adorno👸🏻 ‏@JerianneAdorno

good vibes, bad habits.. 🧶

ray💕 ‏@ravenbrachelle


Donna Aburrow Member Pioneer ‏@donnaAburrow

@catcoral5 Just a few things I’ve crocheted 🧶

Donna Aburrow Member Pioneer ‏@donnaAburrow

@catcoral5 Definitely will come down we could do tea and crochet 🧶 be a giggle definitely will help you x

🍿 Rose 🧶 ‏@timzmom

@ForgedInFur @IcklerTnt I just made a big knotted mess trying to use a backward e cast-on. Nimbus says stick with t…

🍿 Rose 🧶 ‏@timzmom

@ForgedInFur @IcklerTnt Very much a yes. #KnittinKitten 🧶♥️

——• •• •••JaKe••• •• •—— ‏@JakeMcMeFace1

@Suffragentleman @allisonpowers13 Crafty? Like knitting and sewing 🧵 🧶?

Senor Muhnkey ‏@SenorMuhnkey2

@cheekyweiners Because you’re so damn cute in them 🧶🍑😁

Alexandra ‏@AlexMarieMartin

I’m back on my crocheting bullshit, I am so excited to finish this throw. 🧶

🌼อีต่วม ‏@ntuam96

Update Chapter 8 : i just wanna stay with you 🧶 #runintobbam #bbam #got7 #joylada…

Janer Dee🦄 ‏@wittykitty47

@notcapnamerica My mom taught me to sew🧵 . My maternal grandmother taught me how to crochet 🧶 ❤️❤️

SheDoesn'tDoFake ‏@seekupTx

@penelopehof @tweetmommybop Hmmm a big wheel. Do they have jumbo sized for us over sized older folks who aren’t as…

Nina Quincampoix ‏@QuincampoixNina

Progress 🧶

Yarns By Design ‏@YarnsByDesign

#Repost cuppa.nigh with get_repost ・・・ 😍😍 totally loving my 🧶 choice!!! Many thanks for the talented ladies at…

Firstname Lastname ‏@Abdullahi_abba1

@safiyyaNM Learn knitting 🧶

Evie Mautner ‏@EvieMautner

🏒 Hockey. On TV. ALL DAY. 🥅 🧶 Sewing. In my lap. ALL DAY. 🧵 Life. Is. Good. #HDIA #NHL

ForgedInFur ‏@ForgedInFur

@timzmom No worries. If the hashtag makes it somewhere in the thread, even as an afterthought post, it’ll help us a…

Ammie ‏@DrChitt

Finished my most recent knitting project. 🧶 What should I start next? 🤔

Chloe Tear ‏@chloeltear

@starttotalkuk I guess it’s something I can still do, is relaxing and you can see the progress when making it 😊🧶💛

Chloe Tear ‏@chloeltear

@starttotalkuk Thank you! Even if it is procrastinating work! 💛🧶

Chloe Tear ‏@chloeltear

@starttotalkuk Getting there thanks! Not exactly the quickest but oh well! 💛🧶

Avery 🥴 ‏@averyxdamaiah

If you don’t know your own worth how you think others will 🧶

ForgedInFur ‏@ForgedInFur

Welcome to #KnittinKitten, the hashtag where tweeters discuss how to knit, share projects, and answer questions. Fe…

Suzanne Bougie ‏@canvasstory

Enjoy your Sunday... Good afternoon...🧡🐈🧶📚🐈🌺🧡 🎨 Anna Silivonchik 🎨

Chloe Tear ‏@chloeltear

@starttotalkuk Yes thank you! Lots of crocheting and blankets! 💛🧶

Senor Muhnkey ‏@SenorMuhnkey2

@cheekyweiners I 🧡 your little knit 🧶 hats!!

Sara Milburn ‏@SaraMilburn

@ThoughtsNo2 @MissyHedgehog Looks like a very nice shop!! 🧶

liz ‏@bilIcipher

🐻 - you intimidate me 🧠 - i wanna be your friend 🧶 - you're my crush 👾 - you're one of my fav mutuals

MOXIEANA ‏@Moxieana

New in the @depop shop -Link in Bio- 🧶 @moxieana • • #depophandmade #moxieana #depopseller #depopshop #slouchyhat…

Vinciane Zabban ‏@VinZian

Quand Jean Lave te parle de ta vie 🧶📖 "I can read and knit (...) Knitting is a structuring resource for the process…

Ealing Craft Collective ‏@ealingcraft

Lovely pop up tea shop in Acton have been knitting today! 🧶

Betsy A Foster ‏@bfosterbfa

#2009vs2019 @gaylinnenola @DanielBrasilia @Etsy @wecanmag @thirstproject @endhomelessness @UNWomenWatch @cher…

Heather ‏@MommasMosaic

You guys 🐧🧶

Jean ‏@alfajean

@amy38797571 @J_Shantel_Ro Yeah but I'm NOT doing the bleach thing! 🧶

Angie Kinvig Moore ‏@Angie22_uk

Soooo this might have happened last night 😆😆💕💕 couldn’t resist - slight change as I’m only using three colours but…

Donna Ashley🌊🌊🌊 ‏@DonnaA2348

@MoeGriz @stonecold2050 @CheesyBread9 Twin and dog are crocheted 🧶

Phillip Dyte ‏@phillipdyte

A just despicable husk 🧶

Cam Garrity ‏@camgarrity

TONIGHT: Join us at @cszbuffalo at 6pm for Flesh vs Felt. It's a perfect comedy-packed romp for the whole family —…

Lil Draco 🔫 ‏@Chill_Brah

Good morning 🧶💖

Jay Kern ‏@AriesFireBird

@notcapnamerica My grandmother taught me how to knit. 🧶

Woody ‏@DavidJEWood

@rachaelhxx Can you knit 🧶 me some gloves 🧤

Jlhrdh ‏@Jlhrdhcotuit

@saara_ilo @AKHolopainen Love the look of that yarn 🧶 and the pattern!!! Please post a picture when you have finished!!

@finjabella_cuties ‏@finjabella

Enjoy your sunday and play hard today 🧶😹 What are your plans for today? . . . . #wollknäuel #wool #altbauliebe…

ScottEichinger🏳️‍🌈 ‏@eatwithme75

My next #knitting 🧶 project is coming along. Using this yummy purple/blue blend wool. I’ve learned to #seedstitch a…

Nlcole ‏@Nlogincole

@gregolear Yes, please take up knitting! Knitting rocks 🧶

MuellerTime👊 ‏@jamesbudday

@stonecold2050 @Jakerip17 Whoa!!!😱holy knitting needles 🧶

Sarah ‏@CraftingSpratt

@AdventureWildCr @knittingtopia @motbjewellery @TwoKingsVE @TwystedRoots @Papercuts_Paws @Necessities17…

Deborah Weinstein ‏@debweinstein

Follow this hilarious thread to the US Southern Border 🧶😹😹😹

Hobbycraft Rushden Lakes ‏@Hobbycraft_RSL

Karen has been using the ‘Return of the Mac’ yarn to start out her new hobby in #macrame 🧶 Keep an eye out for the…

Andy Jackson ‏@maroonajambo

Getting the knitting needles out @dideedeepix ? 🧶🐧😉

Loukia Anastasiou ‏@l0ukkh

🧶#me#followforfollow #likeforlike #100likes #followme #picoftheday #photooftheday #bestoftheday #insta…

Directory Fashion Recruitment ‏@directory_group

It’s been a beautiful weekend of sunshine for @londonfashionweek. The optimism of brighter days is evident from the…

DesignsByJoT ‏@DesignsByJoT

NEW. Just finished & listed. Raspberry🍦 Sundae Sofa Throw / Large Baby Blanket #Handmade Crochet 🧶 42” sq…

Ruth ‏@ruthlwalker

Happy Sunday everyone, hope you all have something nice planned. The sun 🌞 is shiny again in #whitby looks like it’…

Tina Phillips ‏@ConnectsTina

@WildCottage Oh, I hope so too! Fingers crossed for next year & that the Donegal hand knits woman still wants knitters to work for her! 😉🧶

cartel233 ‏@Biggybey

Zach Levine and Gordon made a classic right there 🧶

Mèrit Örlando ‏@Merit_Orlando

In a good bookroom you feel in some mysterious way that you are absorbing the wisdom contained in all the books thr…

ً ‏@units04

🍼🧶 Baby, Blue Boy, Bloom.

T a m a r ‏@tamarfeast

Well this is a nylon bag of dicks. 🧶

Donna Aburrow Member Pioneer ‏@donnaAburrow

@catcoral5 Love to crochet 🧶 bit of a wiz at it x

☘️ Belinda Tan 💜 陈静碹 ‏@badtanline

Good grief there’s even stan twt behaviour in knitting 🧶

Breast Cancer Haven ‏@BreastCancerH

Unwind with some knitting this #Sunday 🧶 Our good friends over at @LoveKnitting have created some easy to follow g…

goddess ella ‏@xxqueenella

doing one more skype 🧶 on my end Kik me: drippyells #findom #finsub #efdp #feetworship #ebonydomme #assworship…

🌙 Kat 🍃 ‏@valdkatze

Use only emojis to answer the questions! ✨ Mood: 🙁 Relationship status: 💕 Kids: 🚫 How many pets: 🐹 Favorite color:…

River City Labs 👩🏽‍💻👨🏼‍💻 ‏@RiverCityLabs

Cloval is creating a marketplace that connects ethical clothing brands with customers! 👕🧶 #SWBNE19 #RCL #community…

iamlinda 🍱 ‏@pica2pixel

@stonecold2050 🧶 knit

soph + liv⁹⁹ ‏@boylesbread

🧶 um hello! Idk who you are and we’re not mutuals but I’ll do you an indirect anyway Super lovely account - love yo…

🌸Sparkle Cat Mom🌸 ‏@PastelKitsunes

Caught goofing off 🧶

Tammaria Blue💫🌐 ‏@Tammariablue

@stonecold2050 OMG, did that lady knit herself and her doggie ⁉️ 🧶🐶

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