Ball Of Yarn Emoji

A ball of yarn which may be also shown with knitting needles.

Ball Of Yarn is a candidate for inclusion in Unicode 11.0 scheduled for release in 2018 and was added to draft Emoji 11.0 in 2017.

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🧶 U+1F9F6


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Ghost of Chelsea ‏@Knitspecibus

I finally updated my phone. I'm gonna miss my blob emojis but at least I have yarn now 🧶

Kirsten ‏@Kirsten_Kreates

Working on something new this pm. 🧶💜😍😁❤️🤞 #somethingnew #somethingdifferent #knitting #knittingaddict #knit…

Michael Bromley ‏@michlbrmly

If you can manage it, treat yourself and your code base to a solid day of refactoring. 🍝 Revisit that accumulation…

Jill Smith ‏@jill_m_smith

@kwerkyknits @beatieedney @ChristianBrasso @TheGNShow obviously, accompanying you to @TheGNShow is up there, but I…

Domestic Goddess Dips, Marinades & Mixes ‏@GoddessDips

there's miniature and then there's mini-miniature 🧶🐕#crochet #dog

Anitra Rowe Schulte ‏@anitraschulte

Craft, review and #giveaway coming Monday! ✂️🗑️📏🧶 #kidlit @RuthSpiro

Mission to Seafarers ‏@FlyingAngelNews

Ahead of our Knitters Service this afternoon, here's an extract from a letter we received recently from Mrs Grey, o…

Farmers Guardian ‏@FarmersGuardian

📹🧶🐑 VIDEO: @BritishWool were looking to engage directly with consumers to build demand for wool products 👇…

Paige ‏@iswimlikeafish

Another Christmas decoration complete, more skates to come ⛸️🌲🧶 #knitting #knittersoftheinternet…

⚰️🦇time for a batnap🦇⚰️ ‏@catnip_coffee

have a nasty sinus headache but I'm gonna do a little bit of work to try and get my mind off it ☕💜🧶

Sandra 🌻 ‏@sandragee8

Should my roommate and I get a cat for our dorm???? 🐱🧶 PLEASE VOTE, WE ARE SERIOUS Ps: we would get one from the…

Rachael Tatman ‏@rctatman

Jurgens: Another option is to use sites that offer rich metadata on users, like Fitocracy (…

James 'Crypto Listing Fees' Clark 🎃😱🤦🏼‍♂️ ‏@mr_james_c

If they wanted to verify someone's age should just ask people to correctly identify all these objects: 🕹️💽📎🧶☎️

Nano "Cast Zone of Truth more on Diath" Rose ‏@NanovaRose

@KikkaVO @VidTuesday She sounds very bad ass. I might need to put her on the list of things-to-crochet-over-winter-break 🧶

Wrecking Ball ‏@HungryWB

Never accuse me of doing things halfway!🧶 It's #NationalPastaDay so I'm having 3 kinds of #pasta!🍜 #Lasagna…

🔮🎃BirchGRAVE Witches' InstiSPOOK 🕷🕸 ‏@BirchgroveWI

COR!! All round to Tonteg's @GlamGirlsWI for 'Gin and Craft' night, eh ladies??! Sounds like a perfect evening out…

Bruno Mars 🅴 ‏@24kversacee

Hey @JessicaCaban if you so happen to ever see this, I hope you and everyone else reading this has a beautiful day…

Moshe Fasten ‏@MosheFasten

@WABetaInfo It's the new emojis: 🥰 🥵 🥶 🥴 🥳 🥺 🦵 🦶 🦷 🦴 👨‍🦰 👨‍🦱 👨‍🦳 👨‍🦲 👩‍🦰 👩‍🦱 👩‍🦳 👩‍🦲 🦸‍♂️ 🦸‍♀️ 🦹‍♂️ 🦹‍♀️ 🦝 🦙 🦛 🦘 🦡…

Gerardo Escandón ‏@JerboE

@sketchingsprw You can create and knit a pattern and send em a PDF. 🧶

⚰️🦇time for a batnap🦇⚰️ ‏@catnip_coffee

First rough go at a fingerless glove!!! Definitely need to work at it more but for my first try it came out really…

Telegram Beta ‏@TelegramBeta

🆕 Updated Emoji 2018 v11.0 @Telegram @Desktop #tdesktop #beta 🥰 🥵 🥶 🥴 🥳 🥺 🦵 🦶 🦷 🦴 👨‍🦰 👨‍🦱…

Grace Dobush ‏@GraceDobushToGo

@choitotheworld @hnjohnso Counterpoint: Try crochet! 🧶

Alder Hey Children's Charity ‏@AlderHeyCharity

Knit one, purl one, THANKS A MILLION! We are so grateful to the wonderful ladies of the Blessed Sacrament Knit & Na…

Tricia 💫 ‏@TriciaWonders

@J_Ali8991 Thanks Ali, she has made lots for a craft fair. I'll put up the christmas tree 'birdhouse's she made la…

The Abbeyfield Society ‏@TheAbbeyfield

Our residents at Tresillian House in Falmouth have been busy knitting these gorgeous poppies in preparation for Rem…

Grundy Art Gallery ‏@GrundyBlackpool

This Saturday (20th Oct) we have some FREE workshops on; 11am - 12pm - collaborative drawing w/@The_Big_Draw. All…

St. Margaret's House ‏@StMargaretsLDN

Tonight's the night!! Join @OffsetWarehouse here @The_GalleryCafe from 7pm to learn more about sustainable knitwear…

Maël ‏@arcanis

@beeman_nl @Thecapnews @yarnpkg @npmjs Put a 🧶 emoji in your prompt when detecting a yarn.lock 😛

Women's and Gender Center ‏@WomensGenderCC

Come try out Knitting for Good to de-stress while knitting or crocheting items to donate to those in need! This Thu…

J.L. Spraggins ‏@JLS1125

@thedevman1 Thanks for the tip! You smart human... 🤖👽🦄🍀🍎🍏⏲️🔮🧶🔵🏴‍☠️🏁

The Ruthless Crafter ‏@ruthlesscrafter

Happiness does come from balls of yarn. 🌞🧶

Summerlee Museum ‏@SummerleeMuseum

Looking for something to do this October Week? Join us during the school break for family fun activities! 🧶🎭🧵🎨 Find…

Meleficent 😈 ‏@TheOnlyMissMel

im gonna change it up and play some #UnravelTwo tonight, i miss it 🧶❤️💙

Kaitlin Westbrook ‏@kaitwarren

Sixth horror movie of the month: Strait-Jacket (1964) 🧶 Directed by William Castle Written by Robert Bloch

James Wongsodiwirjo Jr. ‏@jestermedia795

#medicalvideos 🧶✂️ From: Dr. Omedary Learn how to tie the mysterious one-handed #surgeonknot, with your right hand.…

Jennifer Coffin ‏@JenniferCoffi13

@nailogical @threadbanger you two should do a spouse swap episode. Be hilarious to see @simplybenlogica having to d…

El Capitan HS ‏@ecgauchos

Come on out to the Gaucho Arena tonight! Wear your Gaucho blue and support our ladies as they take on the Thunder w…

Kelly Connor Designs ‏@kellycdesigns

We've been working on this for a few months and we're so excited that our latest bag is ready to go! This pink and…

Peoples Presbyterian Church ‏@ppc_milan

Join us for #HatsforCancer this Thursday, October 18 from 1-3pm in the church lounge, as we knit/crochet hats for S…

ZephyrMantis ‏@ZephyrMantis

🚨 New Video! Unravel Two 🧶 📺 📢 @unravel_game #Unravel #UnravelTwo #YouTube #PCGaming…

UK Police ‏@UKPolice

She is the voice on the other end of the ☎️ when you call UKPD for help. Meet Miranda Holmes, UKPD's newest Telecom…

AvonBooksUK ‏@AvonBooksUK

Nothing like a #CoverReveal to give you some #MondayMotivation and this one's perfect for fans of The Keeper of Los…

Age UK L&S ‏@AgeUKLS

Every Monday at 10.30am, older people meet at our Yalding Healthy Living Centre to knit sanitary items for young wo…

Gabriel Rafael ‏@itsgabraf

breaking my back just to know your name 🧶

Bree NicGarran, Writer of Spooky Things 🎃 🦇 🖤 ‏@BreeNicGarran

@savagedottir It's just about that time again! I'm about to go dig out my hooks and a small project I started last year. 🧶💖

Wrecking Ball ‏@HungryWB

#Tiramisu translates to "a pick me up" in #Italian. ☕️🇮🇹I've gotta say, I was wide awake & #energetic devouring thi…

St. Margaret's House ‏@StMargaretsLDN

Join @OffsetWarehouse on 17th Oct @The_GalleryCafe for a panel discussion w/ 3 leaders in the Knitwear Industry:…

SamSaadat 🇲🇦 ‏@SamySaadat

"Humiliation as a force in history" Qing Dynasty and Uyghurs in the 19th Century (Controversy over the Question of…

Constance Jones ‏@ConstanceJones

Happy #ILoveYarnDay! 🧶 And this isn't even half of my stash! 😏🙈 Obviously 📸 by @TroyStudio

HERM🌎 ‏@kashdemon

6 weeks left 🧶

Gabriel & Hare ‏@Rosyosy

@KnittingRoskva Methinks we knitters have the same mindset. 🧶

Shojo Beat ‏@shojobeat

Happy #ILoveYarnDay! Go get your yarn craft on! 🧶

maddie🦄 ‏@coymilk

it’s sweater weather 🍂🧶

@Impression-Knits ‏@ImpressionKnits

@meltemplespa Will be available soon, watch this space! 🧶😃

Shirley's Galaxy of Cats 🐱🐾🐱 ‏@ShirleysGalaxy

It's #Caturday 🐱 It's #ILoveYarnDay 🧶 Add in some nip & you have the purrfect trifecta! 🌿🌿🌿

Elizabeth Kuster ‏@bethmonster

Someone knitted their pet snake a sweater and i'm SCREAMING 🐍🧶😂🤣

Ryann Murphy Uden ‏@ryuden

This was a great conversation! Inspired me to watch the movie again! Still looking for where I can get that cable k…

Hanley Peterson ‏@hjpauthor

The beret I was trying to crochet was going well, then I messed up somewhere, but couldn't figure out where. I had…

Sp👀ky ARRison 😱 👻 ‏@watchinharrison

Totally aliasing `🧶`

Science&Tech Library ‏@UMSciTechLib

We have Hyperbolic Crochet happening in the library right now until 3PM!!! #TGIF 🧶😁

Botmoji ‏@botmoji

@amandabee 🧶 Yarn

Scottish Water ‏@scottish_water

#FridayFairIsleFact 4⃣ – It is believed that Fair Isle knitting became popular when the Prince of Wales (later Edwa…

Amberleyville Horror 🏚👻 ‏@amberleyjohanna

🎧 Listen to the beautiful internet story of how @amandabee and I came to propose and land a slate of craft #emoji i…

Ontario Museums ‏@museumsontario

Can't wait to get into the knitty-gritty discussions about Ontario Museums! We're sure to get some purls of wisdom…

Christine Edwards ‏@oldnanchris

@jomwlever @warnetony Morning! A very colourful weather map from @OwainWynEvans . I think it means that you will…

The Frontside ‏@thefrontside

In this episode, @amandabee and @amberleyjohanna talk with @robdel12 and @cowboyd about how they paired up to get t…

Mary Vaneecke ‏@Vaneecke

Get the black, white, and grays, and start making #23000babybooties for 🧶

WhenAudreyMetDarcy ‏@AudreyMetDarcy

Crochet is back, babe! 🔥🧶💜 Wonderful vintage shorts and skirts for men made with #love and yarn by Lord von Schmitt…

Cornwall Health Lib ‏@CHealthLib

Thank you to everyone who attended our Knitting Get Together event. We will be looking at running the event on a mo…

LancsHospitalLibrary ‏@LancsHospLib

Don't forget to come along to Charters 12:30-1:30pm to have a chat to us about becoming a library champion (knit a…

WHS Transition ‏@transition_whs

Calling all crocheters and knitters! @WalesHigh needs poppies for a Remembrance Day project. If you have the time…

Jinx 👻🎃 ‏@Odyssey_Jinx

🔮✨ My social networks 🇰🇷🌸 🧶🐣 🎃🌿 🍒💌 [email protected]🦋🐙

Naomi ‏@ladylutra

"Exact gauge is not important to this project." That's what I like to hear 🧶

Cobalt Kitten ‏@CobaltKitten

@Epiphora @SheVibe 🖕🏻👅👭👫💋👢🧤☄️⚡️🍑🍆🌶️🥒🍠🥖🏓🎨🎮📱🖥️🗡️🎉🧶💙 If it seems all over the place...that's because it is.

Katherine Ahnberg📚 ‏@teach_research

The crossover between #librarians and sea captains- a friend suggested that this needs to be a t-shirt. What do you…

Laura Findlay ‏@letterstothezoo

Hello librarians. Do you have a knitting group in you library? Can I ask you about it? 🧶#librarians #librarylife

Southern Health NHS ‏@Southern_NHSFT

Fantastic yarn bombing today at Parklands for #WorldMentalHealthDay Well done to all involved! 🧶…

Bletchley Park ‏@bletchleypark

@xhaworthx Hi Haworth, yes of course! 🧶 We ran a feature in the spring issue of our Magazine ‘Ultra’, but it doesn'…

SOAS Student Advice & Wellbeing ‏@SOASWellbeing

We're also teaching knitting to help manage anxiety & promote mindfulness - ask for Sarah, Carol, Hannah or Zoe if…

SA Libraries ‏@salibraries

The ladies at #Alloway Libraries Knitting and Nattering group made this cosy blanket for the @AyrshireHospice from…

Alice ‏@alicehisennock

Quickly became my favorite 'work in progress'. 🧶 #whereisfall🍁

Butch Deadlift ‏@EnasYorl

Better yet, make friends with a knitter and get a really nice one made for you.🧶

Tricia 💫 ‏@TriciaWonders

@Essjayleam Wonderful the hat your Grandson wants. We'll be knitting for Christmas then 🧶 Sleep well Sue 😘🤗 xxx

Ravelry ‏@ravelry

There is! Here is the info: 🧶 Saturday is usually a pretty big crowd. Sunday is smaller.…

Charfield School ‏@CharfieldPri

We are collecting red, burgundy and black wool in school to make poppies. If you have any wool that you could donat…

Bright Agency US ‏@BrightAgencyUS

Happy #BookBirthday to #BrightArtist Becca Stadtlander @rhstadtlander! MADE BY HAND by #CaroleLexaSchaefer is out…

Bernard ʕ´•ᴥ•`ʔ ‏@MrBernardBear

@ClareAngel73 What a lovely idea - I've always wanted to be a snazzy dresser! I'm afraid I don't know of any patter…

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