Ball Of Yarn Emoji

A ball of yarn which may be also shown with knitting needles.

Ball Of Yarn is a candidate for inclusion in Unicode 11.0 scheduled for release in 2018 and was added to draft Emoji 11.0 in 2017.

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🧶 U+1F9F6


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Litten Propaganda ‏@LittenGanda

Who knew incineroar had a soft side? 🧶

Tamaria ‏@tamariaaa

Good spirits even through the trials 🧶

Sydney Hall ‏@Sydneyann1963

@brian2596 🧶 I guess I’m knitting!

Deborah Stewart ‏@Deborah25267

Some of the lovely bookmarks the residents made in the arts and crafts session at @Willowbank15 today 🧶✂️

Sam 🐱💕🎗 ‏@SamGriffBlog

Gnorman has a new friend! Meet Gnorma 💚🧶

Fabian ‏@1909_fabian

@develrico @uScoutz ich antworte mal mit emojis, die ich noch nie benutzt habe: 🧶🔐🔒🔓📐✂️🖇️📎🔗🧵📝✏️🖍️🖌️🔍🔎🔏📏📔📙📘📗📕📓🔗🧵📝✒️…

Zee 🍜🔜🏝 ‏@Noodlknits

Why not ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ How much do we have in common? 10% Animal Crossing 🍃 10% knitting 🧶 10% mom 🤱🏻 10% tea ☕️ 10%…

Tim Williams ‏@NovasTaylor

@TheodoraPetkova These must be the "wearables" I have been hearing so much about. 🧶😃

Meghan Billings ‏@MeghanBillings

Talking is important - you deserve to feel heard. 🧠 🧶

Yarnatopia ‏@yarnatopia8407

Who wouldn’t want a a lovely shawl made from lovely yarn 🧶 made from 50/50 Cotton and Merino Wool? Perfect to wear…

m - ‏@jikkjoon

Hm there’s replies and stuff which I don’t get notifications for?? 🧶

CAPITAL&CENTRIC ‏@CapitalCentric

Minto & Turner is a piece of #Manchester history; a Grade II listed Victorian warehouse that was used to store cott…

#CraftBlogClub ‏@CraftBlogClub

Happy Tuesday folks!! It is of course #CraftBlogClub day!! Who’s joining me at 8pm? Everyone is welcome, though p…

Abi Edwards ‏@AbiEdwards7

@dr_aunt What will happen when the generation of don’t / can’t knit arrive? 🧶

Kelsey Stephens ‏@primroseyarnco

🧶 I’m kicking off a very casual Pomme de Pin KAL here on IG. 🧶 3 winners from the hashtag- #primrosepommedepinKAL…

Marwa Adel ‏@marwooz

・・・ Working on a new project today 😊 but....I’m thinking it means more room for some new wool 😉 🧶 🧶…

Rapide Products Ltd ‏@RapideProducts

"DON'T WORRY -KNIT HAPPENS"🧶 #sewingsolutions #knitting #wool #getknitting

Ruth Hilton-Robinson ‏@RuthH_R

@CeceSurfs Thank you! ❤🧶

MidnightPearl ‏@PurpleRainPearl

I’ve seen this going around so let’s give it a try! 10% Sims 4 10% Cuppa Tea 10% Butterfly lover🦋 10% Love lady Bu…

SnugZ USA ‏@SnugZUSA

So far in 2019 we've used 19,000 lbs. of cotton yarn or... 5,500 spools 🧶 1,375,000 yards in 1/2" lanyards 📏 781 m…

Hobbycraft Crewe ‏@Hobbycraft_CRE

Sewing event is still live! What offers will you pick up today?🧶⭐️ Tweet us your photos! #hobbycraft #sewing…

beautyguru1983 ‏@beautyguru83

Knit all the things 🧶

beautyguru1983 ‏@beautyguru83

Knitting 🧶 on my shawl luving the colors and all the sparkles ✨oh yeah and i got my nails done 💅

Ophelia Brown ‏@opheliajcbrown

Game Grumps and Pocket Pals 🧶

Dana Gervais ‏@Dana_Gervais_

If anyone needs me, I’ll be shipping books from now until Friday 😃🧶📘🧦💙

Bea ‏@blessedtraveler

In six months, I've already... 1. Yes. 2. Nah. 3. Always. 4. Nope. 5. Yes. 6. Nope. 7. Yes! 8. Not really. 9. Sure…

PreMium FolloWers ‏@iamDreamer01

How Many Followers You Want? 1000 Retweet = 1000 Followers 2000 Retweet = 2000 Followers 3000 Retweet = 3000 Fol…

Dr Caroline Brown ‏@DrCarolineBrown

TFW there is a school meeting and you realise you have forgotten your knitting 🧶

Sweet Bird Of Truth ‏@LittleBirdy22

@bassett5fe_ruth I love that.🧶

Alex Hadayah ‏@alexalexalex32

Mindfulness - amazing to sit and crochet 🧶 and network #RCOT19

Knitting Needle Lane ‏@knitting_lane

Stage 3 of our workshop space is nearly completed ! We are busy sew bunting and adding the final finishing touches…

A Good Yarn ‏@agoodyarnclee

Phew, scheepjes bags and Metropolis sock back in stock. They sold out the day they arrived last time so snooze 💤 yo…

Kirsten ‏@Kirsten_Kreates

Well that was not fun. Practically an entire ball of yarn that I had to frog. But it’ll all be worth it 👍🧶😲…

Made Peachy ‏@MadePeachy

• c r o c h e t •⁣ 🧶⁣ I’m seven balls of yarn away from a finished there is a whole lot of this going…

Colette Lala ‏@ColetteLala

I’m starting to freak out. No tickle in my throat, no congestion. I don’t feel weak I don’t think, but I feel press…

Helen J Rolfe ‏@HJRolfe

@Voundjian @Phoebe_A_Morgan I tried once but never got the hang of it... well done! 🧶

Brooke Lindsay ‏@bybrookelindsay

There’s something so soothing about cozy, oversized knitwear in winter 🧶 @ Chadstone The Fashion Capital

Engineering Library ‏@CamEngLib

Today we've got another sharing crafting session where we can all power down and tick those #wellbeing boxes. We'll…

Sift : Cafe & Bakery ‏@SiftOtley

It’s our monthly knitting group tomorrow, from 10-12 🧶 Come down with your knitting (or any crafty project) and hav…

donna ives ‏@ives_donnaives

Any of my crafty friends able to help out 🧶💚

Dorlins Haberdashery ‏@dorlinswool

✂️ C R A F T 🙌🏻 S P A C E 📍 Available for Hire! 🧶 🎀 • Whether it’s for a crafty class or a meeting, our lovely spac…

ᵜ mery @ Eirika ⚔️ ᵜ ‏@MeryNyan

🍃🐱 Nia - Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Hope you don't get tired of Nia pics 📸 🧶 cosplay made by me #XenobladeChronicles2…

Deborah Fieber ‏@laleonita__

Open for interpretation 🧶 #Memes

Karen Sykes ‏@KarenSykes2

@RJaks4 I am teaching myself to crochet 🧶 I have to say I am hitting the crochet wall though 🤦‍♀️

Childs Hill Library ‏@ChildHilLibrary

We have a Knitting & Crochet session today from 2pm! 🧶

Angela Brady ‏@AngellinaBrady

@vwcecil @GelertClaire Yes! It’s great once you get into it, as every row is a knit with no purls Yay! 🙂👍🧶

Jane Tilbrook ‏@janelouise0911

Returning to the English Rose Garden stashbusting blanket while I’m waiting for Week 11 of the Changing Tides CAL 🌹…

Intergenerational ‏@Intergen_ageuk

Please help @ageukstaffs reach their target! #BigKnit 🧶

〽️oney〽️itch ‏@watxhmylunch_

🐒🧶- you cool asf and cute 😘

Maryanne Moodie ‏@maryannemoodie

Back in the studio and happily sitting at the bottom of weaving hole. It’s good down here 🧶🌑

Mar•C🧁⭐💙🍳🏳️‍🌈 ‏@whoisapollo

Some #NintendoSwitch games I'm incredibly excited for, but don't think a lot of people are talking about or aware o…

crystal crafts ‏@paintercrystal

@CasarezKk Tv and crochet 🧶 📺 all day

Knit by Jib ‏@KnitByJib

I go around BKK with knitting stuff in my bag 🧶 #knit #knitting #yarn #handmade #knitbyjib

darlingdaissy ‏@darlingdaissy

Flirting is the best medicine 🧶

Josh ‏@josh_pulford14

Hey happy Easter or something like that. Don’t lose your gum today! Happy birthday @shannonnboylee have a wonderful…

Watermelon Girl Kin 🏳️‍🌈 ‏@watermelonKIN_

Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur. 🧶 Happy kitty, sleepy kitty, purrr, purrr, purrr. 🐾🐈💤

Nabanita Dhar ‏@nabanita21

It's important to remember that motherhood👩‍👧 is not the end of your life, an extension 🧶 to who you are. You need…

E Effinger-Weintraub ‏@tangleroot_eli

Someone suggested that making #crocheting part of my pre-bed routine would help me relax & ultimately get better s…

Meredith Wills ‏@Bbl_Astrophyscs

@EdWithSports Conversely, it’s good to remind people that those of us who do math, stats, or science do other thing…

🦋〰️Letty〰️🦋 ‏@justlikecandie9

@TheIndigoDingo Omg! I can only imagine! You're my idol cause all I'd have from beginning to end is a ball of yarn 😂 🧶 #respect

ᎷᏕ. ᎴᏗᎩ, ᏖᏂᏋᏋ ᏂᎧᏖ ᎶᎥᏒᏝ ✨ ‏@twodegreemami

*pointless video while my dad puts my plates on my car* 🧶

Scooter ‏@s_dicristino

@sick__66 I forgot my 75% mood: 🧶👵🏻

Christine ‏@GlitterySpoonie

Bag O Day Crochet 24hr Flash Ice Yarn Giveaway | TWO WINNERS via @YouTube. Crystal’s Flash…

Festival of Voices ‏@festofvoices

Look who was spruiking the #BigSingBeanie project! Good work @lilyanddot 🧶 @themercurycomau

Tales From The Stitch🧶 ‏@thestitchkeeper

Tonight’s 🧶 project is this little Fuchs from The Thing ❤️

Steph Carver ‏@steph_carver

Still working on the #phoenixcal from hooked_on_sunshine 🧶. . . . . . #crochet #handmade #crochetersofinstagram…

Dee ‏@littleredyarn

Going on the needles. Time to teach myself how to do a Latvian braid. #aknitterslife #amknitting 😊🧶

Riico ✨✨💫 ‏@AzuloRiico

Just turnt me on 🧶

nefes ‏@nefes43326475

Some times we miss the memories not the person 🧶

😈 𝙳𝚊𝚝𝙽𝚡𝚚𝚚𝚊𝙳𝚎𝚎 👿 ‏@dee_gefd

I’m Tryna Stitch Up The Game 🧶 Get That Shit Sewed 💯

SpearmintVR ‏@SpearmintVR

Okay @VRChat Community my wife is doing the impossible for most, she’s making a Spearmint Plushie from crochet 🧶 On…

YarnBaby® ‏@Yarn_Baby

Face Paint 🎨 The same dye colors as Candy Shop, only...messier. 😘 Willie Sock USA base. THREE left. 🎨 🧶

Ellie Wilding ‏@elliexwellys

Lost track of time at crochet club this evening as it was still clear blue skies at 9pm👵🧶 #eveningsky #bluesky…

O ‏@OGSportBlueVIs

@Treeli920 I’d rather watching full contact crocheting 🧶.

The Tentative ‏@becvandyk

This looks really wonderful: over the other side of the big city to #Gippsland but worth an #artsandhealth trip! 🧶…

Dolores Winn ‏@Dwinn10055

@DoloresOfCourse hold up in my bedroom watching tv & knitting 🧶!!! Watching a Jesus story, it’s like the ID channel…

mama bel ‏@bunnym0m

I wore makeup for yarn yesterday 🧶 #wheresmyyarnemoji #heresmyyarnemoji

Every Crazy Bot ‏@EveryCrazyBot

⠀ ⠀ ⠀ 🤪   🧶🧶🧶 🧶 🧶 🧶 🤙 👊 🧶🧶   🧶 🧶   🧶  🧶   👟 👟 im the crazy version of ball of yarn

maria ‏@themariadawn

Need help with a task? I’d be delighted to help you with: 📝 writing & editing 🧶 crafts 🐕 pet care ✅ errands 🗃 orga…

YarnBaby® ‏@Yarn_Baby

Sage 🦎 New colorway! These skeins took way more dye than I anticipated, so these would be difficult to…

Hattie's Emporium ‏@HattieEmporium

Pop over to Hattie’s Emporium on #etsyuk to find vintage books 📚 handmade gifts 🎁 and vintage patterns 🧵 🧶 Gift wra…

Hola ‏@Pablo_volados

Satin Jackets - Just Like You (Official Video) vía @YouTube 🧶

ham makes things ‏@ambercorrine_

@atpeaceboutique i’m ham and i make cozy things - i’m passionate about learning new things and put all my love into…

Leslie Barton ‏@yorbeautfl

@StandupBatman Thanks for the reminder 🧶😱

Our narrowboat adventure ‏@OurNarrowboat

Finally finished my first pair of slipper socks for the boat, yay! Time to start my finger less gloves for those ch…

Knitting Factory BK ‏@KnitFactoryBK

JUST ANNOUNCED! 🏙🎸 Chicago bluesman @ronniebbrooks on 8.19! Tickets on sale 6.19 at 12pm EST! 🧶 RSVP:…

Knitting Factory BK ‏@KnitFactoryBK

JUST ANNOUNCED! 🎶 BK singer @emmafrankmusic w/ @joannasternberg + Lau Noah on 9/6! Tickets on 7/19 at 12pm! 🧶 RSVP…

𝖑𝖎𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 🍓 ‏@jimsreids

@PeachyKneeSocks they said 🎃🧶🍁🔥☄️🍅🍊🍑🥮🏮📙🧡🉑☢️🈚️🈶📳📴☣️☣️🈸🈺🈺✴️🆚🚼🔸🔶

Knitting Factory BK ‏@KnitFactoryBK

JUST ANNOUNCED! 🌴🎶 Malibu rapper @shwayze on 8.1! Tickets on sale 6.19 at 12pm! 🧶 RSVP:

Ruby Clarke ‏@rubytheclarke

Woman next to me is knitting on the train. I used to knit on trains. I miss that. I’m going to make me a new pair of socks #KnittingIsCool 🧶

Knitting Factory BK ‏@KnitFactoryBK

JUST ANNOUNCED! 🇬🇧🤘🏻UK rockers @DINOSAURPILEUP on 8.20 presented by @KnittingFactory & @communionmusic 🎶 Tickets on…

Meep Matsushima ‏@transpacifique

@SKaiGottschalk now I want to write crochet magic 🧶✨

What Am I Rolling? Podcast ‏@WAIR_podcast

Stitcher 🧶 Podbean 🌱 Google Podcasts 🎙 T…

Helen J Rolfe ‏@HJRolfe

@Phoebe_A_Morgan Knitting? 🧶

FranC Gr!me$ ‏@franc_grimes

Curiosity killed the cat😾🐯🐆🐅🐈🧶 @harvey_boy_ent is the machine🤖 . .. ... .... ..... #musicmonday…

Jeff Powers ‏@JDPBBANK

@hamsterwatch Let the Deathrace begin! 🧶

Angela ‏@angiefluffs

My new favorite hobby is knitting 🧶. Got to know these skills so when I’m super old I can do that on my free time haha 😆

AIGA Eye on Design ‏@AIGAeyeondesign

🧶 For all the designers out there toying with trying their hand at textiles, look to the gorgeous graphic work by s…

Project Knitwell ‏@ProjectKnitwell

Grateful to the volunteers at #thepowerofone day of service at Holy Trinity Church in Georgetown. 💯 starter kits fo…

Laura Student OT ‏@LAURA59455619

Finished 🧶 just in time for the Development Framework for those new or returning to to social care session 💚…

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