Ballot Box With Ballot Emoji

A ballot box shown with a slot on the top for voting purposes. A ballot is shown being inserted into the box.

On most platforms, the ballot is displayed with a cross or check mark, except iOS which has a blank piece of paper being inserted.

Ballot Box With Ballot was approved as part of Unicode 7.0 in 2014 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

🗳️ Vote Box

🗳️ Voting


🗳 U+1F5F3

️ U+FE0F


Tweets For 🗳

Sheri Young ‏@CodysMom129

@Cubs Every day! 🗳 ✅ 🐻

DaddyShark🦈 ‏@HayatuSule

Voting is open to the public 🗳 Take a minute to register and vote. Support the cause x give some well deserved publ…

Michael R Martin ‏@Michael71410050

The headless horseman of evil liberals are running the illegals in for votes 🗳

Truthtease ‏@Truthtease

I wanted to clarify that when the Democrats want to replace the Electoral College with a Popular Vote 🗳. They can’t…

Margie/ Dems For Democracy ‏@MargieShadow13

@BarkinDavid @KikiAdine @gilpinm67 @ArtistsPo Your being a little sensitive and coming off a bit snippy. The inner…

Michael R Martin ‏@Michael71410050

Yes, vote 🗳 this evil hag out of office and make her pay for her bizarre behavior! Voters rise again against these…

michelle ferrell ‏@MadameMiso

Kicked off #Juneteenth2019 walking in the parade with @HoustonTX Black American Democrats. Enjoyed very #Houston…

M Irene ‏@Orchid2424

@FenwickCHO I just voted 🗳 🐾🐾💞

Laurie V. Mullins ‏@LaurieVMullins1

@GeorgeTakei It’s You Demonrat Cheats That Keep Trying To Let Illegals Vote 🗳!! That is Cheating!! 🇺🇸

longislander ‏@longislander764

@AdamParkhomenko @ewarren is OUTSTANDING!!! She has my vote 🗳!!

longislander ‏@longislander764

@politico @ewarren YOU HAVE MY VOTE 🗳!!!

elisa tamayo ‏@elisatamayo

4 VOTES 😳 next time you start to think your vote won’t matter, remember this election. Congrats @joshace for runnin…

yogarvind ‏@yogarvind1969

@ZeeNewsHindi I am heartily request please follow the low and order 🙏🤷‍♂️ throw out this woman by using your vote 🗳 powers 💥💥💥

Jenny Wood 🇨🇦 ‏@JLCWood2017

@OnlyinOntario @JustinaCPC @karenmccrimmon She is my MP so right away I was all over it. He was in her riding for…

Kevin byDesign ‏@Kevin_byDesign

@TheDemCoalition @NeenerKat @PeteButtigieg @realDonaldTrump It is a must, that we prosecute Trump, and his whole c…

Nightowl ✝️🇺🇸☘️🌷🦉🥓🥩🍫🔮📚 💚🚂🇺🇸 ‏@nightOwlbookLvr

@fightobefree @atlantis000000 @MarilynLavala @jesse5216 @outspokengymrat @Nursekymo72 @robcarlson20 @DontSalty…

90for90 ‏@90For90

@DemRulz @BobbyScott @vademocrats Yes. Let’s make sure the result of the 2019 Virginia Election 🗳 is a Dem Majorit…

Francona~Girl ⚾ ‏@snoopster47

@Its_all_Goody41 🗳✔ every night about 3 a.m. my time... 2 Cleveland time!

Nightowl ✝️🇺🇸☘️🌷🦉🥓🥩🍫🔮📚 💚🚂🇺🇸 ‏@nightOwlbookLvr

@fightobefree @atlantis000000 @MarilynLavala @jesse5216 @outspokengymrat @Nursekymo72 @robcarlson20 @DontSalty…

laurenlcorbin, CAE ‏@laurenlcorbin4

@Indians You have my vote 🗳 Frankie!!

Joseph Mazza ‏@CoachMaz7

3 Garnet Gulls are up for the final spots at their position for All Shore Alec Glen 1B/INF David Terra-Nova C Wi…

Hart ‏@hart1274

@NBCNews Since when a millionaire making millions from their legit business is a topic to discuss? I applaud her be…

Nightowl ✝️🇺🇸☘️🌷🦉🥓🥩🍫🔮📚 💚🚂🇺🇸 ‏@nightOwlbookLvr

@fightobefree @atlantis000000 @MarilynLavala @jesse5216 @outspokengymrat @Nursekymo72 @robcarlson20 @DontSalty…

Nancy Bowling ‏@NancyBo26903857

@GOPChairwoman @DonaldJTrumpJr @RNCResearch WE Republicans will fire 🔥 Trump. The attacks against our intelligen…

Deplorable ‏@conservative929

@TrisResists @realDonaldTrump You mean showing ID to 🗳?

Nancy Bowling ‏@NancyBo26903857

@DevinNunes @themarketswork Lol 😂 WE Republicans will fire 🔥 Trump You AND those DC Republicans complicit to att…

Olivia Dzide ‏@OliviaDzide

@bulldoghill @katey_krc A new level of lies he wants to stay in office to escape justice after 2020 but no matter w…

Nancy Bowling ‏@NancyBo26903857

@realDonaldTrump WE Republicans will fire you🗳🗳👫👫 Our unity is NOT threatened by you. God blessed America with U…

Chicago Sky ‏@wnbachicagosky

You know what to do, #skytown VOTE SKY 🗳:

elisa tamayo ‏@elisatamayo

Happy Election Day, Sun City ☀️! Congrats to the winners on this runoff 🗳

Last of The Analogs 黃 ‏@e30_318is

#YangGang — United!! Vote 🗳

elsa ascencio 🌵🥭 🇸🇻 ‏@ElsaAsce

Vote 🗳 it’s your democratic right

Eric Coleman 🇺🇸 2020 ‏@ColemanforTN32

Building on the historic example of Dr. Reid @90For90, Virginia is working to have a Democrat on EVERY ballot 🗳🙏🏽…

Will This Happen ‏@WillThisHappen

Will People's Vote Happen? 🗳 It's looking very unlikely. In the last hour, its likelihood has dropped below 10%. A…

Julie ‏@Julieoz836

@phbarratt This LNP is so far right wing and in the pockets of the Minerals Council ( mainly Foreign owned mining &…

Monica Auffant ‏@LaProfeMoni

@drkguillory Voted 🗳

Jessie Lynn® ‏@JessieLynnJL

Whoo hoo!!! Thank You #fans & @FanVotedChart for your continued support & for bringing “I’m Diggin It” in at #1 for…

Chicago Sky ‏@wnbachicagosky

@whitesox 🤘🤘 Got our votes. You got ours? 🗳:

Nancy Bowling ‏@NancyBo26903857

@JDRucker @PressSec @realDonaldTrump Dealing effectively with the media for a POTUS calls on a demeanor of friendli…

The Geezer ‏@no2l

@ohiomail @lovinabox 🤖 Bet Me! She ALWAYS Say ONE Thing & 🗳 Another! Watch 👀 & See 🤓 ...

Morgan Radford ‏@MorganRadford

Thanks for tuning into @msnbc! I always feel really lucky when we get to bring perspectives from our field reportin…

waddup im jared... ‏@ewjared_

@acele_24 You’d make headlines as the first hijabi avenger. You’ve got my vote 🗳

Christianne Smith ‏@ChristiAnne67

5,200 people in ICE custody quarantined for exposure to mumps or chicken pox #PublicHealth…

Jennifer ‏@jenofthecity

I am woman, hear me roar 🗳🇺🇸

Jennifer ‏@jenofthecity

I am woman, hear me roar 🗳🇺🇸

Philanthropy: Dpredict Shifa ‏@DPredict

Namibian youths we are really piece of sh*t #SaysDTrump We are not awake yet. Instead of standing up & cast our vo…

相撲 ‏@CapitalUpdates

@CLBClippers @ballparkdigest Voted but currently only at 45%! Keep voting 🗳 #ClipShow

♥️ Tweets From Texas ♥️ ‏@Linda61723891

@jtd_gameon12 @LibertyFreedoms Buying votes 🗳 Pathetic!

Princess Rose Ambrose ‏@PrincessRoseAm1

@MSNBC This 🦃 looks alike can’t do anything for America’s as he&his wife working for the Satan in the W/H if he go…

Margie/ Dems For Democracy ‏@MargieShadow13

@martine_elyse Last I heard she’s running for Governor in Arkansas. Anybody that votes 🗳 for her is insane.

Michael R Martin ‏@Michael71410050

I vote 🗳 for this brilliant woman 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸❤️

💧Sandra ‏@sandra79195476

@MilingimbiGirl @JakeMarcusW eg $30 mill handout to Murdoch’s News Corp just prior to the election 🗳 ostensibly to…

jen 🍻 ‏@theneomaxie1

@mishacollins Also plz vote this fall - local elections have a BIG impact on your daily life - plz make a practice…

Dr. Rashid Malik ‏@DrMalikR

Vote 🗳 Democratic, 2020. Dr. Rashid Malik US Congress GA Dist. 7 2020

Bob Sacamano ‏@DesertGambler13

@ChocolateMass @TalkRams @rn_kylo I’ll pad Witherspoon with a vote 🗳

Nancy Bowling ‏@NancyBo26903857

@RepKinzinger @USArmy @POTUS YOUR excuse for Trump as SILENT dissent is why WE Republicans will FIRE 🔥 Trump AND a…

Columbus Clippers ‏@CLBClippers

🚨ON TO THE ELITE EIGHT🚨 Thank YOU for voting us into the Elite Eight of @ballparkdigest's Best of the Ballparks Fa…

KNOCK & CALL for unbought candidates NOW ‏@LucaBarton

@BernieSanders Amen brother Bernie 🔥✊🏾✊🏿✊🏽✊🏼✊🏻❤️🇺🇸🗳 #MedicareForAll #M4A ..and quadruple @NIH funding.

Amanda Linehan ‏@AMLinehan

Today was the perfect day to get some sun and some steps! My Fitbit says I walked 8,000 and hit over 70 doors mysel…

Orioles on MASN ‏@masnOrioles

Our giveaway tent turned into a polling center to #VoteTrey! 🗳

Tevin Wooten ‏@TevinWooten

🗳: This time we’re coming for the… 🐗♥️

Steph says take a year off 🌍 ‏@vaycarious

Another vote for house sitting via @NFTheWanderer 🗳 I Managed To Travel The World With Only $2 In My Bank Account…

WenMaMa ‏@WenMaMa2

@mommydean74 @lacerci65 @KvMidd85_ @Kfuller8870 @GA_peach3102 @farmerfar55 @TimConn61170807 @AnitaSpringer5…

Ray Youssef ‏@raypaxful

Everytime you buy “Statist Coin” by Facebook you vote 🗳 for continued hideous supermacist aggression against humani…

🌴🌴 Tate wokOngenga🇳🇦🇦🇴  ‏@Pa_Silvester

@HTupopila Nigga was just suppose to buy people beer and tell them to vote 🗳 for him. That campaigning story doesn’…

Sofi ‏@sofi89433506

@iambaderkhalaf If u gonna take me so I vote for it 🗳

Carol D Holliday ‏@hollidaycd

@BernieSanders Ppl if this applies today how come he waited until he was 40 to vote? Once again trying to manipula…

d. ‏@hhopewrld

@cocowonnie @jadoreseokjin Thank you for your vote 🗳 #delforpresident

Titletown ‏@titletown

Vote between 4-5 p.m. to select Best in Show at the inaugural Dad's Derby presented by @hobbytown! 🗳 Entries 17-20…

Titletown ‏@titletown

Vote between 4-5 p.m. to select Best in Show at the inaugural Dad's Derby presented by @hobbytown! 🗳 Entries 13-16…

Titletown ‏@titletown

Vote between 4-5 p.m. to select Best in Show at the inaugural Dad's Derby presented by @hobbytown! 🗳 Entries 9-12…

Titletown ‏@titletown

Vote between 4-5 p.m. to select Best in Show at the inaugural Dad's Derby presented by @hobbytown! 🗳 Entries 5-8 ☑…

Titletown ‏@titletown

Vote between 4-5 p.m. to select Best in Show at the inaugural Dad's Derby presented by @hobbytown! 🗳 Entries 1-4 ☑…

Alistair Armstrong ‏@Stretcharm40

@AmandeepBhogal Rich coming from Labour, Support Terrorists, use Criminal Help at Elections, Rely on Post Man 👨 for…

MVP Promo ‏@Melz_Real_Talk

Voted 🗳 ✅ Best comeback of #2019

Lorna M. Gilkey ‏@LollyGilkey

@riotwomennn Warren/Harris is the BEST option. 🗳

Louise Soanes ‏@lsoanes

Please vote ✔️☑️❎✅❌🗳

Walter Hudson ‏@walterhudon17

@Mac33Cam1 @funder Those states seemingly r afraid to run/vote against these criminal bigot racist corporatrussian'…

💧Geoff Powell 🔰 ‏@GeoffreyHPowell

A speaker in support of Option A suggested that given the level of community support for multi-councillor wards a m…

Tall Miracle ‏@miracleguppy

💥HD 38 PASCO FLORIDA PEEPS💥         ⏳ LAST VOTE EARLY TODAY JUNE 15 ⏳        ✔🗳 Special Election VOTE TUE JU…

duck who barks 🐥 ‏@imduckhee

since y'all here, please take your time and vote for @CUBECLC on STARPASS. this is our only chance to make them 3rd…

Nusky Ahmed ‏@nk6529550

Are we moving towards a referendum for General election 🗳?

Colin Monehen ‏@CMonehen

Shall we put you down as a Maybe 🗳🌹✊🏼😂😂😂

(( Carlos G )) ‏@CARL0sGon

Democrats LOVE that identity politics.....You’re nothing but a Vote 🗳 to them, time to wake up Ppl... #WalkAway

Maritza Marrero ‏@sol_mar_tierra

@charliekirk11 “I wonder who the experts are” I can found my fortune 🔮 teller too. Not in my book 📖. Trump 2020 I g…

Desire ‏@Desire01772573

@fkeyamo Are you in charge of election 🗳 are you INEC for God sake

$kinnyPurp ‏@SkinnyPurp

Had video but IG blocked it🤦‍♂️ But go watch this shit👀 This battle was lit🔥🔥🔥 Cassidy always got my vote 🗳💯💯💯💪💪💪Bu…

Tall Miracle ‏@miracleguppy

💥FLORIDA PEEPS💥           ✔🗳📬 VOTE BY MAIL IS EASY✔🗳📬 📞 Just Call Your County Supervisor Of Elections📞          …

$kinnyPurp ‏@SkinnyPurp

This battle was lit🔥🔥🔥 Cassidy always got my vote 🗳💯💯💯💪💪💪But I gotta say Resolution is a asshole😂 I fw his style💯💯💯…

Hammers Polls ‏@HammersPolls

Would you sell Diop for £60m + player to Man Utd If yes, which player realistically? 🗳💬🔁

peter kalusky 🇳🇬🦂 ‏@peterkalusky

@akandeoj Can’t believe you people actually have time to consider EU report on Nigeria Election 🗳 EU will decide Ni…

Maya ‏@falcon_amatista

@RBReich There is so much cruelty. We must vote 🗳 let’s be the change.

The Wing ‏@the_wing

We’re hosting our second 2020 presidential candidate today! Don’t miss @KamalaHarris at The Wing West Hollywood 🗳

Margie/ Dems For Democracy ‏@MargieShadow13

@harrisonjaime Wishing my Vote 🗳 from New York🍎 for Jaime Harrison. It’s time for Lindsey to go!! America doesn’t n…

Green New Deal Penguin 🌅 ‏@GreenNewPenguin

Thought it said “Sulawesi bear caucus.” We could really use more bears in office... 🐻🗳🐼🗳🐻🗳

Margie/ Dems For Democracy ‏@MargieShadow13

Attention to American Patriots, The 🌎 is watching the Most Powerful Country fall apart. We Need a new President ASA…

TruScience Class ‏@ms_truemper

Bednarcik energy [email protected] until 2pm. Learn how to save energy and 🗳 for our coding team!…

Old School Football ‏@OSFshop

‘Life Too Short’ or ‘The Mixer’ @zonal_marking? Take your pick and vote 🗳

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