Ballot Box With Ballot Emoji

A ballot box shown with a slot on the top for voting purposes. A ballot is shown being inserted into the box.

On most platforms, the ballot is displayed with a cross or check mark, except iOS which has a blank piece of paper being inserted.

Ballot Box With Ballot was approved as part of Unicode 7.0 in 2014 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

🗳️ Vote Box

🗳️ Voting


🗳 U+1F5F3

️ U+FE0F


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Carrie Melbourne ‏@MelbourneCarrie

🦉⚖️📚@MichelBarnier @eucopresident @guyverhofstadt It has become so clear now that Brexit has been a form of coup: s…

Carrie Melbourne ‏@MelbourneCarrie

@Will_DryOFOC Yes! Well done, keep it coming! ⚖️🦉🗳🌿✨cc @MichelBarnier @eucopresident @guyverhofstadt @ElmarBrok_MEP…

2Point0 🤖✨ ‏@kollywoodnow

#SATHYARAJsNext🎥🗳!! Less than 🔻🖐Hrs to Go for 'Power-Packed'🖼💥 Title Launch🎀 by Social Activist⚖🏴, Thozhar…

Taiwo Atanlusi ‏@ComradeModulus

Then your vote 🗳 is a lost one

Carrie Melbourne ‏@MelbourneCarrie

🦉🗳⚖️📚🌿✨We must all do this: s’il vous plait, @MichelBarnier @eucopresident @guyverhofstadt For the young! 🗳🌿Les jeu…

RGU Midwifery ‏@MidwivesRGU

Vote for @MhairiMcLellan and @Raemss 🗳

Lily the Chiweenie Resists ‏@ChiweenieLily

@DesignationSix Uniting With All Resistance! #TrumpIsNotAboveTheLaw 🌊🗳🐾✊💙🐶

Carrie Melbourne ‏@MelbourneCarrie

Bonjour! 🦉📚⚖️Excellent article on referendums - this was not followed carefully by Brexit, hence the current mess!…

Carrie Melbourne ‏@MelbourneCarrie

Really important: do read ⚖️🌿🗳✨

Christian ‏@Goosedancer

@ninaismeblog Blame that on your young friends that were 18 at the time of voting 🗳 Start a protest against the edu…

Carrie Melbourne ‏@MelbourneCarrie

🦉⚖️info re Dutch person’s view of BBC see below cc @Andrew_Adonis @campbellclaret @OFOCBrexit @OFOCNI @FFSake_…

Carrie Melbourne ‏@MelbourneCarrie

Change benefits all of us: our UK’s strength is in our diversity 🌿⚖️within our institutions and as a major voice at…

Brett Skelton ‏@brett1301

@DavidDavisMP Mate I don’t care if you had the meeting in a child’s Wendy house im interested in results and you ba…

Kiran D Mattegunta ‏@KiranJayasa

1/2 @SridharAddepal1 I outlined on what @JanaSenaParty didn't since 2014 🗳. @PawanKalyan supported TDP @ 2014, st…


@rachitseth He asked to appoint president of party and not PM. Country knows Manmohan was appointed PM not selected…

Elder Uyi Olaye ‏@ElderUyi

VOTING 🗳 THE WRONG PEOPLE AGAIN IN 2019 Is an Unforgivable Sin. Sadly, Nigerians are obliged to choose between the…

Icooka4u ‏@Icooka4u

@ava The fucking injustice in that election 🗳 is just as clear as 👮 🚓 white cops killing Black ppl & and the majori…

susanne3 ‏@susanne__3

@mitchellvii Let them look into the districts and commissioners in place; also Ft.Lauderdale Alpha Fraternity & the…

Fre Bryt ‏@BrytFre

@AsoRock @MBuhari These people are not real Igbo they’re imposters and not recognized in igboland. We the real Igbo…

Ellegr ‏@sofiaelpidagapi

Democrats only accept the Election 🗳 results when they like the result. It’s all about their feelings not facts. Do…

Whitney Houston🐇 ‏@WhitneysTruLove

@HillaryClinton ❤Hillary Love🐇 My🐇 Strong #HopAlongHillary🐇 You Always fight for what is right 🗳 💪 😘 #HopAlongs🐇…

MyKidsMom ‏@MyKidsMomBB8

@nowthisnews @MamaMolly2018 When it all seems to overwhelming to fix, breathe & know you can make a difference. Tal…

David Frank Mediate ‏@candlemas3

@WTAE DON’T MONKEY 🐒 IT UP! Oh excuse me you’re not allowed to say that, but down in Florida when you don’t like th…

March For Our Lives DC ‏@MFOLDC

❗️🗳❗️SPECIAL ELECTION FOR THE WARD 4 MEMBER STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION❗️🗳❗️ Tuesday Nov 27: Last day to request an a…

Rene Morgan ‏@Knuatstuff

@frankiesaysbhpy @NBCTheVoice LGBT Plus community has a Voice. It has more than a billion stronger Vote potential.…

MILFHUNTER ‏@milfhunter3828


LaTosha Brown ‏@MsLaToshaBrown

Voter suppression is only a part of the south’s story. Don’t marginalized the amazing organizing and power building…

Steve Carrow ‏@SACarrow

@CATargetBot At least until the inevitable special election 🗳

Raaja Raaya ‏@raajaraaya

@TrollHaiklu That’s the exact reason, I commented on your poll but not voted 🗳

2Point0 🤖✨ ‏@kollywoodnow

Its ⚖🏴Social Activist, Thozhar #ThirumuruganGandhi👱✊ is Launching🎀 'Power Packed'🖼💥 Title of #SATHYARAJsNext🎥🗳 Toda…

Legal Conservative ‏@2BeConservative

👇#PassFirstStep NOW Please! YOU have the votes 🗳 @senatemajldr so let’s get it done and celebrate it’s passage beca…

🗣📢 FIGHT🔥WITH🔥 ‏@PrepThePrimary

@mrdolcethecat Another crime for the #MuellerReport ☑🗳

Legal Conservative ‏@2BeConservative

👇@senatemajldr The Time Is NOW! #FIRSTSTEPact PASS IT NOW & put it on President @realDonaldTrump desk ASAP! We know…

LaTosha Brown ‏@MsLaToshaBrown

Voter suppression is only a part of the south’s story. Don’t marginalized the amazing organizing and power building…

Ali Sue ‏@AliSue1958

Very impressed by Stacy Abrams. Equally disgusted by the Voter Suppression as a GOP tactic. Democracy is = vote 🗳 4 All!

Legal Conservative ‏@2BeConservative

👇@senatemajldr you claim to have the Votes 🗳 so let’s get this done ASAP!👇Don’t put this off or it will never get d…

‏ً ‏@mastchs

daily votings (15) 🗳 #MAMAVOTE #BTS @BTS_twt

Daus ‏@firdaus_hamizi

@UMonline Sorry for next election 🗳

vulco Idwala west coast 🇿🇦 ‏@vulcomining

@BlackTAwards My vote 🗳 goes to @TakaTina1 🏆

Doge ‏@TheDogeBot

🗳 wow, such ballot box with ballot

#VoteForCar ✊ ‏@MaleshTRS

@RaoKavitha Who will come to power in Telangana Elections 2018 🗳 #KTR #TRS 🚗 #Kavitha #TRSParty #RevanthReddy…

Live PD LEO’s ‏@LivePD_LEOS

Who should be tonights (11.16.2018) #LivePD #Episode160 #OfficerOfTheNight? @EPPOLICE's @rinker_eric. @RCSD's…

Budu ℠ ‏@BuduMalli

If they call for a #GenElecSL election 🗳 now, who will get the least amount of votes: #CoupLK

Amy Passas ‏@AmyP5280

When someone tells you their vote doesn’t count! #BeAVoter #YourVoiceYourVote 🇺🇸🗳

ashley the plug 🌸 ‏@guaparella_

Imagine if we would’ve put this same energy we using for black twitter towards the presidential election 🗳..

Barberton HS ‏@BHSMagics

Sixth grade Dylan wants to remind BHS seniors to vote for Yearbook Senior Personalities by Tuesday, Nov 20... Becau…

Rcviper Outlier ‏@ROutlier

@Rambobiggs @realDonaldTrump @RepSwalwell No joke. This person needs to see a psychologist. And a referendum vote 🗳…

Theresa Marble ‏@TheresaMarble

@lthomp20 If we were still registered to vote in MS, you’d have our votes 🗳

Put Some Repeck on Thanksgiving 🥧 ‏@byst

@PreetBharara @staceyabrams We’re so lucky to have her in Georgia. We will win, we will break through this suppress…

Joanne, Nationalist Deplorable NY ‏@JoanneColombo

@TheTrumpgang @J4Trump2020 @MAGA_Trump_Girl PLUS # NO SOROS MACHINES # a encrypted card w/t personal number # pri…

Britt Bennett ‏@BreakerBritt

Proud to have voted 🗳 for @JoeNeguse and get to hear him speak at CSU rally!

Pat Allan ‏@pat

Voted early for #VicVotes 🗳✅ but there was no sausage sizzle at the Early Voting centre, so I’m feeling a little de…

Dreamer ‏@imago_43

Are you just so proud of yourself @BrianKempGA for suppressing all those votes and taking the election away from th…

@cajuncorksoaker ‏@cajuncorksoaker

@HillaryClinton @staceyabrams All votes 🗳 were counted. She’s yesterday’s news.

Switchboard ‏@switchboard_vic

With the state election just around the corner 🗳 (November 24) we wanted you to know about the website…

maria ‏@maria82598353

@espyforsenate @joncoopertweets I’m from out your state but supporting you via social media spreading the message.…

❌ jetbird1776 LIberty or death ‏@jetbird1776

@bedevilme666 @karlacny Pissed off 😡 and dam sure ready for this fight 🦅🦅🦅GIVE ME LIBERTY or I shall fight to my De…

@Drealspoken ‏@Drealspoken

I’m glad the midterms is over we did good! 🗳🗽🎉 we can finally put that 2016 mess behind us BUT! We have to keep wor…

Relevant🇺🇸 ‏@DebbiDelicious


lil funyuns ‏@weepyangel

thank you for your votes 🗳

Budu ℠ ‏@BuduMalli

He shud get banned from Sri Lank politics. They are a black mark for rest of the politicians. Next time Vote 🗳 wise…

POP=PARTYOFTHEPEOPLE ‏@thehardtruth123

@realDonaldTrump @JerryBrownGov @GavinNewsom Thank you for coming out to California Mr President! We WELCOME YOU TO…

Betty Boo ‏@Betty32Boo

@SuperElitee @SpencerFernando I guess you figured out by now that you don’t have to have intelligence to 🗳 vote.…

ATLISA United ‏@ATLISAunited

Have you 🗳 voted yet? Make sure you’re heard! #ATLISA 🔠🚡🔠🚡

Girish ‏@Girish__Bhole

@TajinderBagga Modi ji should rethink about one nation one election 🗳.. people will certainly miss these laughter shows

Pongal Event Center ‏@PongalC

Trumpy is so sure his bone head supporters and ones who voted 🗳 for him never eat anything other than Baloney 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Chucky ‏@Chucky0114

@AmberX994874 @cmd512 Before it gets to that the small %of green voters 🗳 would have come to their Down to earth 🌏…

Chris Dale ‏@cdale9ers

@katieporteroc 🤗🤗🤗 Excellent Job! We 🗳 for you and knew you could do it 🤗🤗🤗

Virendra Vashist ‏@vashistv

After 2019 election 🗳😜

Queen🐝 ‏@SparklingPeep

@MiCasaSuCasa_SK @bellvedere I’m not, however my cousin is and I can tell you your buddy didn’t get her vote 🗳 #Trump2020

Deborah Markus ‏@myweebeasties

NOW will you vote 🗳???

Stephanie Denise ‏@HelloSunshyne65

This is everything 😍😍😍🗳

Barton Landrum ‏@BngzraLandrum

@SocialPowerOne1 If was invited to Cindy Hyde-Smith’s concession speech at her campaign headquarters, I would take…

Lachitha Abeysinghe ‏@Lstyle_14

@RamanayakeR @RajapaksaNamal Then why you guys are unwilling to hold an election 🗳

Zorba the Great ‏@TheModernFinn

@SaraCarterDC Racist sexist Dems stealing another election 🚨😡🗳 @TomFitton @LauraLoomer @DarrellIssa…

UnPresidentNeroTrump ‏@AgtOrangeTrump

@FLOTUS @POTUS @WhiteHouse Does ANYONE really care what you have to say in your EMPTY salutations⁉️ I don’t‼️ FLOT…

Xocsay ‏@RodriguezSay

@RonDeSantisFL @RepJNunez @ScottforFlorida @FLGovScott @ArdianZika @voteashleymoody Thank You so much to be part of…

MONCODE:Worldwide #ShootOut ‏@MoncodeW

‼️{VOTACIONES activas}🗳 🔻MAMA 🔻 Global Fans’ Choice 🔻 It’s time to fly 🔻 IDOL CHAMP Abajo links y tutoriales 👇🏻…

🇳🇵WomanWhoWeaves 🥌 ‏@WomanWhoWeaves

@HillaryClinton @staceyabrams Georgia Secretary of State run off Dec 4. If you ever want @staceyabrams to have a fair chance, 🗳 VOTE!!!

John Platt ‏@jplatt04

Long lines, difficulties, at multiple polling places across Houston via @houstonchron 🗳 Lon…

✨Ꭾixie ✨🧚🏻‍♂️ ‏@Pixie_Poet

@steviusthegreat Well — ok ... I need to vote 🗳 twice then ... is that allowed in Canada 🇨🇦? ... ☺️✍🏼


🗳😢😢😢😢 zay rapping Is so entertaining imo his flows and vocal inflections are hard

Nupur Nag ‏@nupurnag01

I just voted 🗳👍🏽 Check out for early voting centres near you. Your vote is your voice.…

𝐜𝐚𝐫𝐥𝐨𝐬 𝐩𝐞𝐫𝐞𝐳 ‏@carlxsperez

@ArianaGrande One taught me love (@BarackObama) ♥️. One taught me patience (@staceyabrams) 🙇🏽‍♂️. One taught me pai…

Tessa ‏@kraftytess

@DecisionDeskHQ #swingleft sent 30 people from Sonoma county to Orange County for #thelastweekend and other blue co…

Brittney Wetzel ‏@Brittney_Wetzel

Thanks for answering my question tonight @SenGillibrand! Proud to support your campaign (and can’t wait for 2020 🗳)…

Professor P ‏@AntTheKing

Stacy Abrams in Georgia and Andrew Gillum in Florida proved that the Bradley factor is real and that voting suppres…

🌀brenda_v71🌀 ‏@brenda_V71

@aliasvaughn When he gets convicted ~ a special election 🗳 will elect a DEMOCRAT. #SilverLining

DoctorY For Congress ‏@Yerkes4Congress

#VoterIDBill #DoctorYsLaw #FingerPrintAllVoters @POTUS🇺🇸 @VP🇺🇸 @HouseGOP🇺🇸 @SenateGOP🇺🇸 @ilgop🇺🇸 @ChicagoGOP🇺🇸 The…

United We Stand 🇺🇸 ‏@EddieLEnright

@SherrodBrown You Believe in the Value Of People? Just Not Babies Correct which is why U Are 4 and Voted 🗳 YEA THAT…

Mik J. ‏@BottleKapMusic

@NBCNews MAGA 🇺🇸✌🏼Sorry Stacey you lost by more than 58,000👎🏻 #CongratulationsKemp 🗳

BTS Alberta ‏@Alberta_BTS

Voting reminder 🗳 AAA iOS: Android: MAMA 2018 MAMA Fans' Choice…

Ms. Lawrence ‏@YSLawrence

Every vote matters! 🗳 🇺🇸

❌ Nightowl ❌ ✝️⌛️ ‏@nightOwlbookLvr

@mitchellvii @lynnmcrae9 This is pretty much always on my mind I don’t buy any of it. Why can’t we get 🗳 ID laws p…

Every Detective Bot ‏@alldetectivebot

⠀ ⠀ ⠀ 🕵️‍♂️   🗳🗳🗳 🗳 🗳 🗳 👇 🗳🗳 👇   🗳 🗳   🗳  🗳   👞 👞 Step away from the Crime Scene. I'm the…

❌ Nightowl ❌ ✝️⌛️ ‏@nightOwlbookLvr

@vjn1 @realDonaldTrump Yeah I don’t buy any of it bc it seems as tho Dems were getting thousands and thousands of 🗳…

Republican Is Hypocrisy ‏@RepublicanHypo1

Amazing!!! 🌈 🗳

CygnusArcEnCiel ‏@ArcCygnus

@Niallll @siria_siena @XTRARADIO Hello @XTRARADIO Hands down my vote 🗳 for favorite song goes to #WasteItOnMe⁠ ⁠by…

❌ Nightowl ❌ ✝️⌛️ ‏@nightOwlbookLvr

@realDonaldTrump @Patrick19372738 Yes he will and I’m thanking God that he won even this the Dems were able to find…

freshwhite ‏@freshwhite

@AP Would definitely try a recall action considering he was the person in charge of the ballots. Ridiculous!! An I…

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