Bar Chart Emoji

A bar chart showing a comparison of figures or other data.

Bar Chart was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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📊 U+1F4CA




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Cory ‏@cory_hill23

Put the money up go stack it , double up commas & brackets 📊

SOACE ‏@SouthernACE

📊💻 "Show me the DATA!" Join Ashley Graham Phipps from @WakeForest during the #SoACEBootcamp19 to hear more about d…

Binance Coin Tracker ‏@BinanceTracker

💵$29.1165961164 🌐MarketCap $4,528,699,653.69 📈Past hour 0.83% 📊24 hour volume $654,391,619.01 📋Rank 6 ⚡ExChange The World⚡

Perfect Game Tournaments ‏@PG_Tourney

The final four teams take the field at 9 a.m. for the #WWBA15u semifinals in Cartersville, Ga. 📊live stats -…

Prep Baseball Report Michigan ‏@PrepbaseballM

⚾ 2019 Showcase Results ⚾ 📊 Results➡️ 💪 Top Performers➡️ 👀 Sneak P…

Byron Melton ‏@ByronMelton

Ever wondered how #Portsmouth, #Havant, #Gosport and #Fareham's councils - and their MPs - would stack up under a d…


@BIGBABYGUCCI moods change, ideas get better 📊

Inplay Betting Tips🔥 ‏@inplay_empire

📊 TIP 3: £69 >> £96 📢 Small step up on this one as we look to build the base to launch our assault!! Been a really…

IT ‏@InsaneTipz

£25-£100 Over 7 Corners in the DPMM FC game @ 1.80 £25.00 returns £45.00 📊✅

Read Chelsea ‏@ReadCFC

📊 | Worrying at the back with some promising midfield performances. How we rated the 20 Blues players following Fr…

ClassroomBot ‏@BotClassroom

👨‍💻 🙍‍♂️   👨‍🍳 🙋‍♂️    ⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜👲  ⬜⬛⬛⬛⬜   ⬜⬛📊⬛⬜👩‍🎤 🤷‍♀️⬜⬛⬛👩‍🏫⬜  👩‍🚒⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜  🙎‍♂️👩‍⚕️👨‍🔧👨‍🍳 🙋‍♂️ A roundtable discussion!

Binance Coin Tracker ‏@BinanceTracker

💵$29.1541861 🌐MarketCap $4,534,546,276.18 📈Past hour 0.8% 📊24 hour volume $674,437,159.62 📋Rank 6 ⚡ExChange The World⚡

fi-compass ‏@ficompass

You asked, we answer! What type of stories about ESIF financial instruments & the projects they finance can you sub…

Timeform ‏@Timeform

📊 24% - William Haggas's strike rate in mid season 📊 Our free Stat Selector picks out three bets on today's action…

SheWentThatAway ‏@shewentthataway

This book is really more for #meetingmonday but still pertinent nonetheless... 📊📈📉📅🗑🗑🗑🗑

☀️🚀🌊 Sun, Space & Sea® ‏@CapeCanaveralFL

Looking for a quick link to the City's Proposed Budget for FY 2019/2020 + the 5-year CIP? Look no further! Here's t…

Inplay Betting Tips🔥 ‏@inplay_empire

📊 TIP 2: £45 >> £69 📢 Money back on that one so lets go again on bet 2. Been quite the week so far!! Away team 2 d…

FLOOD S Z N ✖️ TBW ‏@TBWSirSpitta

This a whole new feeling now‼️💪🏾 #MYWAY My Debut Long awaited Album IS NOW AVAILABLE ON ALL MAJOR PLATFORMS🌐🌐📈📈📊📊…

Zoomph ‏@Zoomph

How much value has BODYAMOR earned on social from their Megan Rapinoe campaign? Our social media specialist…

Herbert R. Sim - Crypto🕴🏻 ‏@HerbertRSim

The #Blockchain Daily is out! 🤖 #Crypto #CryptoCurrency #Bitcoin #BTC 📊📈 Top Influencers:…

Evergreen Growth & Marketing ‏@info_evergreen

94 #Ecommerce Statistics You Need to Stop and Read Right Now 📊

3B Ventures ‏@3B_VC

People say tech is disrupting the world, but Goliath has access even more tech resources than David... What makes t…

Binance Coin Tracker ‏@BinanceTracker

💵$28.9452633399 🌐MarketCap $4,502,051,116.81 📉Past hour -0.15% 📊24 hour volume $670,891,332.78 📋Rank 6 ⚡ExChange The World⚡

AnyChart ‏@AnyChart

🔥📊 #DataViz Weekly 🗺️🔥 🏙️ What city’s #climate will your city’s climate resemble in 2050? 💊 How pain #pills were d…

Investor James ‏@InvestorJames7

Dm me if you are interested in making money online through forex or bitcoin trading today. #binaryoptiontrade…

Litmus ‏@litmusapp

Litmus just got an update! Here’s what’s new: ♿︎Test your email against accessibility best practices ☁️Integrate wi…

Andy Robson Tips ‏@AndyRobsonTips

🚫 Stop missing out, I have already won my BetBull followers £30K THIS MONTH! Join BetBull 𝐇𝐄𝐑𝐄 👉🏼…

Brian Craig ‏@UKmensgolf

Tee times for our guys at the @BarbasolChamp. 🏌🏼‍♂️- Flesch - 9:26 a.m. 🏌 - McDaniel - 9:59 a.m. 🏌 - Brown - 9:5…

Robostopia™ ‏@robostopia


Robostopia™ ‏@robostopia


Robostopia™ ‏@robostopia


Inplay Betting Tips🔥 ‏@inplay_empire

📊 TIP 2: £45 >> £64 📢 TFI Friday!!! Nice BOOM last night, quick one here as not too much on, only 15 minutes left… - IKF ‏@korfball

#MEETtheTEAMS: South Africa (IKF #WKC2019) 🌏 Pool E: GER, POR, RSA & JAP. 🏆 IKF World #Korfball Championship 2019…

Binance Coin Tracker ‏@BinanceTracker

💵$28.8958316405 🌐MarketCap $4,494,362,672.76 📉Past hour -0.31% 📊24 hour volume $675,632,620.61 📋Rank 6 ⚡ExChange The World⚡

Communist Stock Analysis ‏@communiststocks

Ameriprise Financial - $AMP 💰 QUOTE $AMP was UP ⬆ on Thu Jul 18 Closed at 150.08 USD for a 1.08% gain from previou…

BritHopTV 🇬🇧 ‏@BritHopTV

📣 #BHTVSTATS 📈 📊: So Solid Crew's debut 💿 album, 'They Don't Know' has sold over 2.6 million units worldwide. | For…

NetherGames Live ‏@NetherGamesLive

👥 247 players online across NetherGames 🎉 Join the fun at 📊 Track real-time statistics at

𝚛𝚘𝚋𝚒𝚗_𝚎𝚍𝚠𝚊𝚛𝚍𝚜 🐟 ‏@geotheory

@TwitterDev Twitter Trends API please 📊📈📉

IT ‏@InsaneTipz

£25-£100 Over 1.5 FHG in the DPMM FC game @ 1.36 £77.87 returns £106.18 📊✅

AlienOvichO ‏@AlienOvichO

📊Chart of the Day 7/19 📊S&P 500 Futures $ES_F Elliott Wave View: Correction Ended ▶️…

Grizzly Tips ‏@GrizzlyTips

IN PLAY SINGLE👇🏼 🇨🇳China Women 📊 Odds @ 1.80 💰 2u ❤️ if you’re on

Draft Answers ‏@DraftAnswers

A Draft Fantasy Manager has requested a Poll. 📊 If you have 1st pick overall, who are you Drafting?!…

Binance Coin Tracker ‏@BinanceTracker

💵$28.8709972204 🌐MarketCap $4,490,500,008.69 📉Past hour -0.28% 📊24 hour volume $681,986,699.15 📋Rank 6 ⚡ExChange The World⚡

Eat. Sleep. Talk. Football. ‏@ESTFOfficial

Leicester City: 📊 League Position 18/19: 9th ❌ Goals Conceded: 48 🤦‍♂️ Lost: 16 🏆 Champions League: DNQ Ajax:…

MPCX Platform ‏@MPCXPlatform

📌We are thrilled to announce our #partnership with #ArbiDex! 📊 Within the next months, we are launching mulitple p…

Flying Saucer Studio ‏@SaucerStudio

44 Types Of Content For Your #ContentStrategy ✉️ Email 📘 Ebook 📹 Video 🖼️ Photo 📰 News 📊 Charts 🎁 Giveaways 🎙️ Pod…

Funded Trader ‏@Funded__Trader

Don’t you ever forget it!! 📈😉📊 #stocks #forextrading #forex #RULES #Friyay

Binance Coin Tracker ‏@BinanceTracker

💵$28.9009373614 🌐MarketCap $4,495,156,799.81 📉Past hour -0.16% 📊24 hour volume $684,417,142.65 📋Rank 6 ⚡ExChange The World⚡

Forebet ‏@Forebet

Ready for #AFCON2019 Final to kick in? The two teams have shown some serious results, but who really deserves to wi…

1underdogloren ‏@1underdogloren

@Cell_be_chillin Even if you gotta pay it’s worth it... Not saying the degree is gonna make you a better person but…

Business Crime Reduction Initiatives ‏@Crime_Reduction

@BathBID just spoke at our annual conference about their brilliant Smart City Data Project 📈📊 and you can read abou…

Plunderbund ‏@plunderbund

@NickTuell @innovationohio @OhioEnviro @OHDems Interesting they're waiting to vote on this bill the day AFTER the n…

WBG Gender ‏@WBG_Gender

Why does employment #gender segregation still exist? The problem stems from a multitude of reasons that can be grou…

Great Annual Savings ‏@The_GAS_Group

Inspiring morning as our heads of each department look over success stories from the last 12 months and reveal thei…

Mara Averick ‏@dataandme

⚡️ Quick plots using heuristics 📊 Plotluck - “I’m feeling lucky” for ggplot by Stefan Schroedl…

Hey! Dip Your Toes In ‏@dipyourtoesin

Instagram Stories is king, Snapchat is still struggling and folks have probably never heard of least fr…

Betwell Tips ‏@BetwellTips


Timeform Live ‏@TimeformLive

🏇 Form 📊 Statistics 🗞️ News 🧐 Analysis 💷 Tips Download our app for FREE here > (link:…

Binance Coin Tracker ‏@BinanceTracker

💵$29.0218281432 🌐MarketCap $4,513,959,754.64 📈Past hour 0.19% 📊24 hour volume $686,261,300.70 📋Rank 6 ⚡ExChange The World⚡

bettingexpert ‏@bettingexpert

🏇 Friday Racing Tips 🏇 📍 @NewburyRacing 📊 VALUE BET: 🕒 Time: 3:05pm 🐴 Horse: Motivate Me 💰 Price: 4.0 🔝 BEST B…

IT ‏@InsaneTipz

£25-£100 Over 0.5 Match goals in the Chelsea game @ 1.28 £60.57 returns £77.87 📊✅

Football Tips ⚽️ BookieBoost ‏@BookieBoostApp

🏟 Hougang United v DPMM FC Preview ⌚ Kick off 12:45 📊 Pre-match stats ⬇ ✏

Jerry BXL ‏@JerrySanBXL

🌍✈️ #Carbon #calculator 📊: how taking one #flight #emits as much as many people do in a year

Binance Coin Tracker ‏@BinanceTracker

💵$28.9758345426 🌐MarketCap $4,506,806,061.19 📉Past hour -0.37% 📊24 hour volume $689,126,910.65 📋Rank 6 ⚡ExChange The World⚡

Communist Stock Analysis ‏@communiststocks

Norwegian Cruise Line - $NCLH 💰 QUOTE $NCLH was DOWN ⬇ on Thu Jul 18 Closed at 49.28 USD for a -0.24% loss from pr…

♥️♥️♥️FOLLOW HELP ♥️♥️♥️♥️#TMMia♥️♥️ ‏@TrickHpMia

📊Follow Everyone Who Retweets & Likes This📊

Business Leader ‏@BLeaderNews

Former Gadget Show host and #tech legend @JasonBradbury announced as host for UK's premier #TechAwards! With a pas…

Lighthouse ‏@Lighthouse_BTN

Looking for an events space in central Brighton? Our multi-purpose building has three versatile spaces available fo…

IT ‏@InsaneTipz

£25-£100 Over 2.5 FHG in the Brisbane Athletic game @ 1.61 £37.50 returns £60.57 📊✅

Matchbook ‏@TeamMatchbook

#TheOpen Market Update 📊 Scoring has been hot today 😊 🇺🇸 Brooks Koepka (-5) 👉 5.8 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Fleetwood (-7) 👉 7.4 🇺🇸…

The CS Street™ ‏@thecsstreet

📊 Fintech Hiring | Public Policy Manager, Blockchain #cryptojobs #jobsincrypto

The CS Street™ ‏@thecsstreet

📊 Fintech Hiring | Product Associate (Financial Crime) #cryptojobs #jobsincrypto

The CS Street™ ‏@thecsstreet

📊 Fintech Hiring | Frontend Web Developer (Angularjs,Reactjs,Javascript,HTML,CSS) #cryptojobs #cryptocoinjobs

Reinwood Juniors ‏@ReinwoodJuniors

Year 5 loving our Big Fat Maths Quiz of the Year! It’s getting very competitive in here!✏️📊

Reel Film ‏@reelfilmtweets

We're out filming a @NetSuite session this morning for @catalyst_IT_ at the scenic @bowcliffehall on a dual camera…

IT ‏@InsaneTipz

£25-£100 Over 0.5 FHG in the Richmond SC game @ 1.50 £25.00 returns £37.50 📊✅

PZ Ⓛ 🇵🇱 🇨🇦 ‏@PolishCDN

Predicting Ekstraklasa games? 🇵🇱⚽️ what have I gotten myself into? The sports equivalent of solving a Rubik’s cube…

Binance Coin Tracker ‏@BinanceTracker

💵$28.9197542387 🌐MarketCap $4,498,083,515.06 📉Past hour -0.75% 📊24 hour volume $690,488,559.34 📋Rank 6 ⚡ExChange The World⚡

Broly 🇭🇳🧬🇸🇻 ‏@iAmJusSAIYAN

God always be with me 🙏🏾 - Anyone who is looking for training, or needing help on dieting, to lose weight or to b…

Grade One Tips ‏@GradeOneTips

⏱️INPLAY 🇦🇺AUSTRALIA ⚽Bentleigh v Heidelberg Utd📊Bentleigh goal before 80.00mins 💰1u @ 1.530 (b365)

ExeterMarine ‏@ExeterMarine

JOB OPPORTUNITY🚨 @ORCA_web are recruiting a Science Officer! Do you have experience with data collation and statis…

Grade One Tips ‏@GradeOneTips

⏱️INPLAY 🇦🇺AUSTRALIA ⚽Olympia FC v S Hobart📊Over 0.5 FH Goals 💰1u @ 1.500 (b365)

BIG TIPSTER ‏@BigTipsterr

Reasoning👨‍💻📊 ✍️Bentleigh have seen over 0.5FHG’s in 13/14 home games ✍️Heidelberg have seen over 0.5FHG’s in 17/…

Binance Coin Tracker ‏@BinanceTracker

💵$28.9278110986 🌐MarketCap $4,499,336,652.56 📉Past hour -0.76% 📊24 hour volume $689,196,820.00 📋Rank 6 ⚡ExChange The World⚡

Football Tips ⚽️ BookieBoost ‏@BookieBoostApp

⚽ Warriors FC v Bal Khalsa Preview ⌚ Kick off 12:45 📊 Pre-match stats ⬇ 📈

Esport API ‏@EsportAPI

Good friday Esports lovers 😍 Our #API is providing 93 Esports matches today 📊 Sharing of 8 games with more than 1…

Chijioke ‏@saintwyse

📊| Pep Stats: Pep Guardiola has more Wins (285) than Goals conceded (256) in 368 league games as manager.

WhaleBets ‏@WhaleBets_com

🆓#BetOfTheDay ⚽️Dundee vs Cowdenbeath 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿Scotland - League cup 📊Over 2.5 Goals 📈Price : 1.60 For 2 more…

InPlay Man 💜 ‏@InplayMan

⏱️ #INPLAY  ⚽️ Kataller Toyama Vs YSCC 📊 Over 0.5 1st Half Goals 🇯🇵 Japan J3 League 📉 Price: 4/6 🌟🌟 2 point stake

Horse Tracker ‏@HorseTrackerTM

📊 STATS POINTER THREE 📊 Ralph Beckett sends one horse to Pontefract this evening (220mile journey). He has a 20%…

The Sportsman ‏@TheSportsman

🏌️‍♂️📊 Current leaderboard at #TheOpen... - J.B. Holmes: -8 - Tyrrell Hatton: -6 - Jordan Spieth: -5 - Erik…

Lee Morris FI ‏@LeeMorrisFI

📊 Here's one for the long term. Carlos Vinicius. ✏ Brand new on Football Index and a great talent. Should rise ver…

Binance Coin Tracker ‏@BinanceTracker

💵$28.9002561595 🌐MarketCap $4,495,050,847.91 📉Past hour -0.92% 📊24 hour volume $688,169,881.30 📋Rank 6 ⚡ExChange The World⚡

Horse Tracker ‏@HorseTrackerTM

📊 STATS POINTER TWO 📊 William Haggas (26% strike rate - 14 days) & Jim Crowley (27.78% strike rate - 14 days) are…

Horse Tracker ‏@HorseTrackerTM

📊 STATS POINTER ONE 📊 Henry Candy is bang in form (33.33% strike rate - 14 days) and ALFRED BOUCHER is his only ch…

Stuart Clough ‏@StuCloughNHS

Great spending time this morning with @Bob_Loveridge & @Daniellejad391 and Cathie, looking at process for data coll…

The Fantasy Football Chaps ‏@TheFFChaps

🏆 @ManCity Team Preview 🏆 The lowdown on Manchester City for Draft Fantasy Football managers is live! 📊 Review 20…

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