Bar Of Soap Emoji

Bar Of Soap is a candidate for inclusion in Unicode 11.0 scheduled for release in 2018 and was added to draft Emoji 11.0 in 2017.

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🧼 U+1F9FC


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ً ‏@soIovivi

timetoioves & giriaiert in my dms 🧼

BossyBootsBlog ‏@Bossybootsblog

New beginnings wash clean 🧼 #wordsofwisdom That relief you feel is when you’ve made the right choice for you.

Génesis ‏@smthin4rmnothin

In other news: I finally got a car wash 🚗 🧼 ✨

H a y l e y ‏@bound2fallininn

Shower time 🚿 🧼 than walking dead 💀

sazzie ‏@yooniez

sope be like: 🧼

Ashlynn 🦋 ‏@ashlynn32quick

Baby lotion after every shower 🧼

☥❄️ ‏@ShotByFresh

@GUACAWOLE damn i need to take some photos of you ❄️ ya too clean 🧼

Oh Danny 🇺🇸🗽 ‏@DanChiu4

@SarahTreem Invent coffee soap 🧼!😊

sᴀᴜᴄᴇʟᴇss ᴅᴏɴ. ‏@biigpan_tm

@vincestaples Picking up the soap 🧼😂


Just to let you know: my ghost soap glows in the dark 🧼 👻💡

Ablo Thawfeeq (ablo) ‏@ablows

@hinnal Not SOAp 🧼?!! . since most institutions need to clean 🧽 the dirt

Big Ape🦍 ‏@tuhdamaxx

despite da hate dats on ma child ill neva stop 🦍 🧼

par ミ 🦴✨ ‏@sushipup

house all clean!! 🧼

Jackie Campbell ‏@JaxCampbell82

For the last 2 and a half hours I’ve just had a mad spring clean 🧼 Now to catch up on the jungle #imacelebrity2018

A+ ‏@ittsadrya

Let’s take the amazing bath 🧼 🛀 ♥️

🎀Heather G .... ‏@HevaG16

Just ordered two more ‘minkeh’ .... so I shall give one to @LindyLouieLou 🧼 #mrshinch #minkeh #minkymcloth #ineedhelp @EllieHov 🤦🏻‍♀️👍🏻😜

lovelykaren ‏@l0verelly

Laundry is done! House is spotless 🧼

Jose D ‏@ddp2049

Was cleaning 🧼 my #dishes and #pots with my new @Your_GM_Gloves #awesome #gloves

Dave ‏@Paid4Ways

Ima come clean 🧼 I bought a Onlyfans subscription today and lemme tell y’all shorty shit was weak ash! I’m sick I w…

MissFitBit On A Fitness Journey 💪🏻 ‏@Irish_IreneB

@HonestlyCeline @HaloTopCreamery @HaloTopUK I have a valid excuse I’ve been hard at it all day cleaning 🧹 🧼…

Simple Hiker 🍄🦋💫 ‏@loriannhikes

Bath time 🛁 🧼 #dogs #dogslove #dog #doggram #instayorkie #yorkiepuppy #yorkieoftheday #yorkiesofficial…

pamperedpupdogspaHMB ‏@pamperedpupHMB

Sisters Miso and Mocha in for their #FullService bath at the #Spa 🐾🧼🐾🧼🐾 . . . #corgi #corgisofinstagram…

hollie arnold ‏@Tartannancy

@imacelebrity #KingNick he’s a born survivor and @JohnBarrowman omg he’s hilarious. Gonna be lots of laughs with hi…

Alexis✨ ‏@alexisleaann

Last time we will be spending our Sunday holed up in the laundromat. 👚👖👗👕🧼

iii 🥺 ‏@SwantzYbabY

The end of agent Monday 3 pm no 🧢, time to clean 🧼 this community 💯 ‏@AroundMainLine

PAMPERING MY POSSE 🎁 lots of terrific @shoresoaps gifts coming to my ladies this christmas 🛁🚿🧼 love supporting loca…

TryinToBeABetterMan ‏@SacraScott

@JFeRg52 Absolutely... OR a warden from the old school Deep South!⛓💉🧼⚰️

David Tanner ‏@DavidTannerTV

@mcgowan_stephen @Hannahnaman Clean living. And clean loving. 🧼 🧽

Heffers ‏@heffers31

Big well done and thanks to all @MuscleAcre another top event. Not sure the white @Novophysio vest was the best cho…

4️⃣th GOD 🙏🏾 ‏@WAHBUBBLE


Jayson Thorne 💖 ‏@knifeplay_

@diirtywxrk its so bad why arent they showering. damien still smelled amazing he's such a clean boy 🧼 i love him

ً ‏@sweetenrmoon

imma shower now 🧼 see ya in a bit

MissFitBit On A Fitness Journey 💪🏻 ‏@Irish_IreneB

@Gini_L It would want to be Ginny I spent the whole day and de cluttering & cleaning 🧹 🧼

Virgil ‏@noneonvirgil

@thatkidoreo @StateFarmB Jacket too clean 🧼

𓈑 ‏@seungklown

🧼 - I love you a whole bunch and I’m so glad we’re friends and I love you a whole lot and I’m excited to send you y…

LaLa🇩🇴 ‏@GaishaTweets

So fresh and clean 🧼

ً ‏@ultmilli

i love the 🧼 emoji so much idfk why but it’s so cute hhh

CRYBABY NATION ‏@crybabyxnation

2 years ago today, Martinez surprised the fans with an iconic double feature music video for her two songs, ‘Soap’…

Dawn Nelson ‏@dawnn85

@SallyAnMatthews He looks like he needs a good wash 🧼🙈 #XFactorUK

Jarale Williams ‏@JWillGain

@AsapRaps @Ayelimmer Homeboy better start rapping again...thas all I know. Smh 🧼🛁🧽 #washed #up

MissFitBit On A Fitness Journey 💪🏻 ‏@Irish_IreneB

That’s my #SundayFunday complete 🧼 🧹

Kimmy Lashes ‏@Infamous_Kimmy

While I clean the house 🏡 🧼 🎧 @HamiltonAnthony Radio on @PandoraMusic

Young Prophet ‏@SDot_Cal

Never washed but he was looking for some 🧼 with these other teams..LA is the team for him

MissFitBit On A Fitness Journey 💪🏻 ‏@Irish_IreneB

@GenePetrovLMC @nplusg @StonehamPress @VirtuosoAssist @missclaricelin @CurlyClay @allthesocial @MayKingTea @goiuby…

beesqueen👑 ‏@beesqueenn

Sunday chores are done laundry done apartment clean 🧼 time to spark up

omo naija 🇳🇬 ‏@EzeraUwagwu

@SubDeiveryZone Watin your hand 🤚 and soap 🧼 da do ?

Roel M. ‏@RoelMartinex

@ServyServLIVE Clean 🧼

𝗌𝗁𝗂𝗋𝗅𝖾𝗒 ‏@mrksoI

🧼 - hehe not related to this but theres a soap emoji hHhh anyways you're really sweet ilysm

SHARM ‏@SharminTahir

🧼 🤚🏼 100% handmade 🧼🤚🏼

rps ‏@rpsabo

@ArchieLakeland I itch less after 🧼

SHARM ‏@SharminTahir

🧼🌀m a k e i t h a p p e n🌀🧼 One of my favorite peep and I made some soap using @brittbarney oils with a bunch wonde…

rps ‏@rpsabo

@ArchieLakeland Evening, Arch. Yer all clean 🧼?

iris ‏@tunephil

@AmazingPhil hi phil very important do you have a favorite new emoji? mines 🧼

Sofía ‏@Instasophers

@miatheoreo The water is usually too hot for the face and also the drops are too harsh so it’s better to cup warm i…

EMMA ‏@Emeraaal

My little crab 🧼👶🏽🥰

Lisa Hodge ‏@lisa_m_hodge

If you are going to someone’s house for Thanksgiving, compliment their house. That is what they are spending today cleaning. 🧹 🧼 🦃

🏖️ Michelle Marie🧜‍♀️ ‏@depravedmm

@PlayfulSensual Doesn't matter....either way, no matter the keyboard are so sexy🥰♥️ Try listening to…

jleboeuf ‏@jaredsleboeuf

@DemonLlamas Gah! So many words. Just tweet in emojis like a normal person 💩🍕🧼

MONDΞL BΔMBOO🎋 ‏@Mondel_Bamboo

Fuck parents my Grandma 👵🏾 be running her house naked on Sunday mornings trying to rush to church. 😭😭😭 and she stil…

DGold Radio ‏@dgold

@TratrahedronZ Bath time! 🛁 We will try the 15 Minutes To Fluffy method from our friends from across the ocean in O…

DarryHatesSenileTrump🌊🌊🌊 ‏@DarryHatesTrump

@DemWrite @RepJerryNadler You mean Gym Jordan wants to be a leader? He could have lead the police in Ohio to arrest…

Samantha ✨ ‏@yagirl_samm

So fresh n so clean 🧼

gowon day !! ‏@iIyjooe

🧼 omg we literally never talk even though i see you on my tl ALL the time,,, you also remind me to be a carat 🤝🤝🤝 i…

ZAC ‏@ZachGarc

@rianariann @gothhunny It’s ok. Let me be your trophy husband. I can cook and clean 🧼 😆🙌

KC MET JB ON 11/18 AT THE CLUB ‏@gotseunie

so I wanted to suggest a place, which was the club jb was at last time. I was doing my research and found out that…

🖤 ‏@beingjasmine1

Relaxing then, do some cleaning 🧼

ig- tippp.s ‏@s_tippp

hand sanitizer 🧼 -if your school’s as dirty as mine you’re gonna want something nice to quickly clean your hands…

👱🏽‍♀️👅 Mistress In Charge ♓️ ™ ‏@Ms_ii_Love_Head

@FYF_CEO It’s Just The Bathroom Process That Takes The Most Time “A Clean 🧼🐱 Is A Happy 🐱” Remember That

abby ♡ ‏@abbyheyer

Being inside for the last TEN days has me in a funk. Put Maddy down for a nap and blasting music while I clean 🧼

sammy🧸 ‏@maroogundy

Gotta go to the store and buy some soap 🧼

सबद ‏@_sabad

@arivvv_ 🥰 unfortunately, literally doing it as I clean 🧼

Kit 🍁 ‏@SpaceAmethyst

@Gunshlingers shueur? 🚿 🧼

Heiko Dobrikow ‏@HawkeyePGR

-O|||||||O- Jeep Wash 🧼 required after some trail driving in the Everglades. Doggie 🐶 needs a good shower 🚿 as well…

Heiko Dobrikow ‏@HawkeyePGR

-O|||||||O- Jeep Wash 🧼 required after some trail driving in the Everglades. Doggie 🐶 needs a good shower 🚿 as well…

Riando ‏@RyanRackley76

@GeorgePapa19 You conspiracy whack jobs are some sad, ignorant, desperate morons if you think lil GPaps is your lyn…

Bareeqapp ‏@bareeqapp

#hummerh2 came for a quick Bareeq ultimate wash and wax 🧼 💎


[email protected] & partners are prioritizing 🛠️ to 60 cyclone shelters to improve access 2 temp 🏠,💧& 🧼 facilities for > 75,0…

☆ Çr阮óßål †ðmৠ∞ ‏@TooBasedChris

Time to go beat my dick and shower 🧼

Janet Sanchez ‏@Janetfyb

Nothing more therapeutic than cleaning 🧼

Pam Suzanne Reich ‏@prcowboys

@IMDb The F Word!! 😂 Resulting in The Soap in the Mouth... 🧼 hee, hee!! #AChristmasStory is THE BEST Childhood Ch…

Zachary Stahlsmith ‏@ZackStahlsmith

Cooking with @DawnDish 🧼 🥴

$yakiros ‏@breezobaybee

I’ve never been so happy to finally get to wash my face 🧼

Taylor Stone ‏@taydstone

Personal challenge: keep my new @KoioCollective platform sneakers clean 🧼 #koio #ad @ Orange, California

Mr.PlayBoi ‏@Darkskin_boi509

@DorlensA @King__Kye Keep it clean 🧼 lil bro 💯👊🏾

𝒮𝒶𝒷𝓇𝒾𝓃𝒶 ♔ ‏@__sabrii__1

Mood mood mood mood mood mood mood mood…🥰🛁🤩🧽✨🧼💖

jazu 🧼’s google ‏@jungkoodle

hibladders ~ gonna be ia-ish until wednesday bc :((( i have work, a test tomorrow, a paper conference n a paper…

anthony ‏@newsome__jr

@taylordale44 Ahahha just a lil at least it’s being cleaned 🧼

Zacks Mobile Detail ‏@zmdetailing

Maintenance Wash! 🧼 #sportcars #detailersofinstagram #zmdetailing #gmcdenali #blackcars #car #supercar #cars…

Zacks Mobile Detail ‏@zmdetailing

Maintenance Wash! 🧼 #sportcars #sportcar #car #gmcdenali #detailersofinstagram #zmdetailing #supercar #cars…

Stefan Franczuk ‏@stefanfranczuk

Had to clean the car... I hate that job... 🧼 🚘


Goat Milk soap 🧼 is made with raw goat milk that has AMAZING benefits for the skin. It has Alpha Hydroxy Acids, suc…

Jaylene Gonzalez ‏@Jejy0725

We are all having boys but 1! #Offfuards and Silly Moments! #I Love his little elephant 🐘Bathrobe!!! Soo adorable!!…

Wes Ande®son ‏@weskhaliifa

I’m cleaning my whole apartment today. Let’s go!! 🧼 🧽 🧹

َGOWON DAY ‏@hyejmn

happy birthday to my babie 🥺💗 🧼#HappyGowonDay

CindyBlackBeauty ‏@Ugoji

So gross... please dust and clean 🧼 ya fans air filters prevention from sickness BREATH BETTER HEALTHIER spray good…

Christalsmakeup ‏@christalsmakeup

This is by far the best bar soap 🧼 I have ever used frankly I’ve always been a liquid shower soap 🚿 person becaus…

Holmes Plumbing & Heating Services ‏@Holmesphservice

New En-suite completed 🚿🧼 Call or message to book for a free quote ☎️. @Holmesphservice…

cory 🦋 ‏@Corynnnn_

A lot of dirty moeny need soap 🧼

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