Bar Of Soap Emoji

Bar Of Soap is a candidate for inclusion in Unicode 11.0 scheduled for release in 2018 and was added to draft Emoji 11.0 in 2017.

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🧼 U+1F9FC


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Scott Greengrass ‏@ScottGreengrass

@Sheridansmith1 I love Cleaning Up 🧹 🧻 🧼 🧽 Can’t wait for next weeks episode. Xx

Beasy ‏@CallMeCousinn

Irish Spring will have you squeaky clean literally 🧼

ig: golden.threads.101 ‏@goldenthreads12

•Take luke warm or cold showers. CAN’T BE TOO HOT🥵 •Shower every other day 🚿 •Get a new razor every month or two…

Bronx Stray Cats ‏@BronxStrayCats

Someone had a poop explosion and had to take a warm shower. 🐶💩💥=🛁🧼 Don’t worry we make sure the water was warm and…

LOLZ ‏@LoL_Feminismz

All clean 🧼 #mustang #mustanggt500 #silver #sexycarwash #cargirls #babes #musclecars #carsinthehighcastle

💋Mommie💋 ‏@Mommie2Shady_

I Need Yo Wash 🧼 My Hair , Blow Dry It , Then Style It 😑

hoodrvt ‏@Misanthorpy

Now that I know it exists I am desperately looking for a context to use the 🧼 emoji

Switch ‏@SwitchonTV

Lol. Living in naija is NoT a disadvantage as far as talent or skill acquisition is concerned. The opportunities ar…

Mrs.Melnik's Kinders ‏@ThompsonK102

We learned all about germs today with @Nursedonofrio 🦠 😷 🤢 🧼

𝐥𝐢𝐥𝐲 ☽ ‏@madcityil

@joontitude I just thought of something clever to say, so why not ! 🐳🧼

i11 ‏@hype_yaya

@iLLVizionWorld @JuiceWorlddd 🧼 clean 🧽

ThaTrillest 🤙🏾💯 ‏@TRILLJayyy

Boutta Hop Ina Shower 🧼

matchmaker king 💫🎍 ‏@GREGNOHEFFLEY

@2MUCHTAWNY AYEE! was it big and good? cleansed again? 🧼

Christalsmakeup ‏@christalsmakeup

Shea, Goats milk & oatmeal extremely hydrating soap 🧼 Goat milk contains alpha-hydroxy acids such as lactic acid w…

Follow Atlanta’s Original Digital ‏@DryerBuzz

That time Jesus showed up in Zakia Ringgold’s soap 🧼 making #DryerBuzz

Drew ‏@Tycade24

Splish splash I’m taking a bath 🛀 🧼

NoLimit 9 💢 ‏@IGotBanderas

I had to wash 🧼 my hands I had so much dirt on em

Jackie ‏@Jackieee_Vela

I need a playlist for when I’m showering 🧼.. none of this half naked out the shower tryna change the song nonsense anymore

Jenny 🎭 ‏@JPollicott

@allot50cornwall Mind you don’t drop your phone in the bath 🤣🤣🤣 🧼 🛀

Ashley Rangel ‏@ashleyyr09

Since my car is black on black it looks bad as fuck after a wash 🧼 🧽

Johanna ‏@JohannaVGraf

Ah, that’s why I often have the urge being next to an ocean but do just have a river! Besides might be another reas…

kady 🎥 ‏@kadyyrosee

I just took a fucking bATH?! And I loved it?! 🧼

Phy ‏@paythephy

You looking washed up, must be something in the soap 🧼..lookin like @AdrianBroner in the ropes 😭

Harris V. Vinnyvon. B.G.S.,L.S.C.,B.F.A. P.h.D. ‏@HVinnyvon

@latimes If you got the cash.👨🏻‍🦳👨🏻‍🦳👨🏻‍🦳👨🏻‍🦳🔑🚿🧼💰💰💰💰💰💰

Meghan Lydon ‏@meggyleelee

until the bubbles are gone 💦🧼 #happyplace #bubblebath #freckles

So_Dreaded ‏@so_dreaded_duke

I’m bout to clean 🧼 my Twitter up shit full 😋😋🤫🤫

3/19🥳🦄 ‏@jaidasoraya

Let me shower 🧼

The Den Nurture Room ‏@TheDenNurture

The Den babies had a lovely relaxing bath thanks to our Den buddies. 🛁 🧼 🧽 👶🏼 🍼❤️ #empathy #connection #sensory…

Dom..... ‏@Slim_ThatDude




KINGKONG🦍 ‏@DeriqueR_

Clean 🧼

| horror au 📌 | 🐋 𝒶𝓃𝓃𝒾 ☆ ‏@95zsoulmates

the only asmr i like is soap 🧼 cutting 🔪 and yoongi talking 🗣

Francisco Lara ‏@HeyitsFran26

@ClashRoyale Keep doing you, you sexy beast 🧼

Petey 🌵 ‏@PeterPyperr

First day of school, all blankets washed 🧼 lmao

PLUS ULTRA ‏@killacrease

From now on I’m gonna take the time to reallyyyy take care of the skin on my body. So if any of you have any recomm…

via ‏@meIancholyblue

🧼 - you’re also one of my best friends on here ily 🥺🥺

IG// Selfcarelovethreads ‏@Selfthr02302671

🧼 Have a shower every day, but wash your hair 4 days a week 🚬 DON'T EVER EVER DO DRUGS OR SMOKE, AND IF YOU ARE 20…


🧼- we’ve been mutuals for SO LONG. i love you so much. you’re so positive and kind!

BriBri 🤪 ‏@BriannaS_

Dove 🧼

RegArt ‏@Tiregg

@WashTimes his house must be clean 🧼 before taking all the new challenges he is after.

Abbie 🦄 ‏@AbbieMacleod2

As if I just went into the minky website think they would be sold out guess who just bought three 🎉🧼

I AM SIMTECH ‏@SuccessGuy29

Hp 250 G4 500gb / 4gb clean 🧼 for sale Asap

🌙 𝓁𝒶𝒹𝒾𝓁𝓊𝓃𝒶 ‏@MarissaHalter

Me sprinting to go wash my hands when I get out a room with a patient at work 😂😅🧼


It’s winter time but I can tell these boys coming to work skipping the shower 🧼

Formula 88 ‏@Formula88_

#Repost extremedetailing321 ・・・ This F450 received A Full Detail This Morning 🧼 voodooride 3-1 Polish Went Great! c…

Jo ‏@jos_deline

the power a good shower has on the mind and body. Be walking out like a whole damn new person 🚿 🧼

George ‏@geochirper

@THECASSCAIIN I think it’s UK only but it’s freederm sensitive face wash 🧼

Vols ‏@VolsGFX

@Cadzt_ @RushCreates @RushPubstomping Clean 🧼

ashley ‏@fkndiggi

I hope u showered today 🧼

jammer76 ‏@jammer76

Showered 🧼 Teeth brushed

MzKooh 2.0 ‏@JamieBarbieCeaz

A lot of niggas in my inbox 📨 dropped the Soap 🧼 so Aht Aht no Pussy for you today 😂🍆🍆

MimsyYamaguchi⛄️🌨☃️ ‏@MimsyYamaguchi

@SavannahGuthrie @TODAYshow Sad 😞 you stooped so low in your career. Can’t wash 🧼 off this stench.

summuh ‏@Somm_lit

My car needed a wash 🧼

MemesAndMoodz ‏@memesandmoods

What glitch? This ones the college frat house episode. 🧼 “Wth is that under the bed? Bring in the heavy duty equipm…

LulamaG ‏@LulamaG3

@AdvBarryRoux Portable shower🚿 🧼

Lele💎 ‏@coilele

Please feel free to donate! 👖🧼

Gold Cosmetics ‏@GoldCosmetics

✨Gold Cosmetics & Skin Care ✨ Ronit 💁🏻‍♀️ Morning routine: ✅ Bleach Cream Soap 🧼 ✅ Collagen Eye Cream 👁 ✅ Collagen…

TheChairman ‏@dirtyworkincusa

“Ask yourself if what you are doing today is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow.” Anonymous Body…

®⚡️J.A.E⚡️® ‏@Chikara_Sonkei

@Kaeno @BOS Super Clean 🧼

Andrew Jackson ‏@DAJPhotoguy

Squeaky clean 🧼 🧽 📸 . Uncensored on @ Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Yeska9er🦍 ‏@yeska9er

Not feeling it 😑 today, but I still got up shower 🚿 🧼 wash my ass ate and came to work. Winning

Vievara Rosel ‏@vievararosel

I wonder which TV 📺 I am going to pick. I have an idea 💡. I think something between 40”-55” is good. I thought 💭 I…

Zack Richard ‏@WZRichard

@counterchekist @wikileaks The tapes they must have. Maybe that’s why he stopped bathing 🧼

Faroline Claesgarten ‏@SweetCareohline

@ChristineeeeeeO That’s why I always wash my hands when I get to work 🧼

Shop Local Raleigh ‏@ShopLocRaleigh

Eek!!! What’s in your rugs?? This video shows us just how dirty our rugs can get & what’s hiding in them. Thankfull…

Hello Duchess ‏@rah_sza

Something needs to change to so that sick people stay home from work. I got vacay next week. Don’t want to get 🤒🤧. 😷 🧼 #nurselife #maskon

First Environment ‏@1stenvironment

Registration closes at 2pm today for the @SMPSNewYork NJ Affiliate Spirits! Click the link to join us tomorrow 6pm…

Lele💎 ‏@coilele

Drop off any toiletry or clothing items in the box with the pink flyer in the Student Union Rotunda! 👖🧼

PostSeksisme x Red Talks #MerdekaMenstrual ‏@postseksisme

That concludes our #MerdekaMenstrual for today everyone! 🥳 Remember to check out @letsredtalks for more information…

simb. 📌 ‏@paweoup

🧼 cleaning 🧽 quote this tweet with emojis you'd describe me to stay as mutuals. 🧺 exceptions only for geminis 🧹

Kween Kare Cosmetics ‏@kweenkarecos

Everyone’s favorite face mask 😍 Hot ginger tea, this mask & a long shower 🚿 🧼 is the PERFECT way to start your day…

Laura Bevins ‏@78Bluebird

@Morrisons Is it possible to let me know when the Minky M cloth antibacterial pad will be back in stock in your Fleet branch please?🧼

Al hannah ‏@Ahannah98Hannah

@ali @AnnCoulter I don’t think you even went to school what language you moma should have washed you mouth with SOAP 🧼

Dorie ♎️🐕🌷🌘🎹🗽🕯🔮🧶🧵Dorie🌳🧚🏽‍♀️🧚🏾‍♂️ ‏@DorieRogers

Cleaning 🧻 🧹 🧼 activities clean all toilets 🚽 in prison !

PostSeksisme x Red Talks #MerdekaMenstrual ‏@postseksisme

As well as this it also protects the vagina from unwanted bacteria and other pathogens 🦠🧫 keeping it clean and warm…

Charles Garcia ‏@carlosg64722837

@jayxaustin @Just4FansStars Yummy in the Shower 🧼

Litter Mum ‏@LitterMum

Oh how exciting - maybe we can meet soon and have a chat about cleaning up 🧼 🧹

Imani R. Oakley, Esq. ‏@ImaniOakleyNJ

@FleurDeLaDay I stay clean 🧼 😂

elaine robichaud ‏@encoelaine

@MaxineWaters Maxi wash 🧼 your month, crap rolling out of your it

Amey SE Trunk Roads ‏@SETrunkRoads

Experiencing some low winter sun on the network today ☀️ To manage its effect during your journey: ⚠️ Curb your…

Abigail Laboy ‏@alaboy_

If you, or anybody you know, is looking for a full time job (in housekeeping) lemme know 🤗 🧼 🧽

Tronidad James ‏@OsamaBinPimpin

Yes sir! The feds and my ex both said the kids elusive. I’m off the grid in Chattanooga with a cougar. Or smoking D…

bCLUTCH ‏@bclutch

This fit is too clean 🧼 | #bclutch 📸 @PRaabCubed

mystic_mac11 ‏@DaylanMcWhorter

@Sueyyy23 This made me get up and take a shower 🧼

detailkingswest ‏@detailkingswest

Goodmorning to all from Detail Kings West. It’s Wednesday right ? So that means it’s Women Crush Wednesday 🙂🌹 All l…

detailkingswest ‏@detailkingswest

Goodmorning to all from Detail Kings West. It’s Wednesday right ? So that means it’s Women Crush Wednesday 🙂🌹 All l…

Swizz Tsu 🏄🏾💦 ‏@Swizzaaayyyy

@JayScrizz Jit pose to be droppin a music video Friday shit look clean af too 🧼

New York Dog Spa ‏@NYDogSpa

#WetDogWednesday — BATH FLASH SALE 🧼 today & tomorrow (1/23 + 1/24) receive 50% off baths 🛁 Space is limited, so ca…

Blackops Auto Pro ‏@blackopsautopro

2017 Mercedes E300 carefully hand washed 🧼 @ Blackops Auto Pro — at Blackops Auto Pro

G o y e ‏@gloriaJ2014

It’s clean up time! 🧼 😊

Cherrybrook Pet ‏@CherrybrookPet

🍒The best form of brotherly love.💝 Murphy and Pudge are Cherrybrook Pets who love to keep each other squeaky clean…

Thales-se, Thales-se ‏@thales_oliver

God, I wish never spoke! Now i got wash my mouth with Soap 🧼🚿

🙂 ‏@nnorm_21

Ahhh rain ... free car wash 🧼

xo emma ‏@emmaginary

we clean up good! 🧼 👯‍♀️ #efannualnewyearluncheon #weloveef #winningthefuture #laowailife #teacherlife…

detailkingswest ‏@detailkingswest

Good Morning from Detail Kings’s West! At Detail King’s West you receive top quality detailing services on your veh…

detailkingswest ‏@detailkingswest

Good Morning from Detail Kings’s West! At Detail King’s West you receive top quality detailing services on your veh…

Lizzie Morton ‏@lizziekins_

Tutor is stood there talking about dissertations and I’m sat watching videos of people cutting soap 🧼

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