Bar Of Soap Emoji

Bar Of Soap is a candidate for inclusion in Unicode 11.0 scheduled for release in 2018 and was added to draft Emoji 11.0 in 2017.

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🧼 U+1F9FC


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#HANDMADE #SOAP ‏@handmade_soap

Good morning , North Carolina! ☀️ with Coffee ☕️ soap 🧼 Brazilian Coffee Soap Espresso Scru…

BRUTALLIC® ‏@Brutallic

Bubble logo embroidered tee 🕶✨ What do you guys think of this clean look? 🧼 #fresh #embroidery @ Central Park

Richard 🎸 ‏@Dickieboy616

@BigHints Or more secure 😂🚿🧼

sammysoap ‏@sammysoapSTL

TRAVEL WELL! 🚗✈️ . One Hundred Percent Wonderful 🐝🌿🌎 . One Hundred Percent All Natural 💯💪🏾💯 . Lathers luxuriously.…

Hakuno Matato 🌺🌈🏳️‍🌈🍯✝️ ‏@hakunomatatoxo

How u like ur coffee ☕️ @oliviaculpo dark roast?? :) mmmmhmmmm 🥂👒🌈🏳️‍🌈🔅🎷🎩🎄🐬🧼💧💧💧💧💋💋

Newton Fox ‏@NewtonFoxBDS

@swift_service Time to lean = time to clean. 🧽 🧼 🧹 Thanks for following

こんのまりあ ‏@mariakonno


African Center for Advocacy ‏@ACA_WeAdvocate

No 🧼 No 🚿 No 🚽 No health. If countries fail to step up efforts on sanitation, safe water and hygiene, we will conti…

Tori ‏@Tori_fabiano

So ready to try this @kylieskin @KylieJenner 🧼🚿✨😍

Genius Club ‏@GeniusClubUS

When bubbles meet science, your mind is sure to be blown 🧼 For more follow @geniusclub more awesome daily content…

CosyCottageSoap ‏@cosycottagesoap

Calling all Sudscribers 🧼 #soapsubscription We are launching the conditioner roundels as an option each month. Jus…

ॐSJॐ ‏@Shantijaee

@KAYTRANADA 99.9% will get me in the cleaning mood 🧼

AF Realty ‏@AFRealty

🌇 Doral House 📍 9725 NW 52nd St Unit 101 🛏 Bed 2 - 🧼 Bath 2 📐 1,130 Sq Ft 💰 For Sale: $235,000 #doral…

Best Body Shop ‏@best_body_shop

Getting er all cleaned up 🧼 😊 @ Best Body Shop

Yung Draino 🇯🇲 ‏@YungRane

Wash 🧼 Out Your Hearts ♥️ Because it’s Very Nasty 🤢 😷

Barbara ‏@Barbara110653

@nuratifah_awang @nursyarah99 @nathanwpyle @mardhiahmn @asha_nat Do bo cleaning 🧹 🧼 🧽

विकास सेमवाल ‏@vikashsemwal3

BJP want wash 🧼 her brain 🧠

True-pita N'yongo ‏@bloomingjazmine

@LookAtDustin We love a mighty LATHERRRR! 🧽 🧼

Hannah Reich ‏@hannahgreich

Our office got the clean of its life yesterday! Totally worth working in squalor while the carpets dry! 😂🧼

World Health Organization (WHO) ‏@WHO

3 billion people lack basic handwashing facilities with 🧼 and 🚿 at home in 2017 👉 📷 @UNICEF

gabe ‏@gabethisis

@puSAHblanca Actually true as the skin compensate for dryness thats why it releases further natural oil, in effect,…

Kamlee ‏@MainKamlee

@BonsaiSky I have a strange trick. Take a bar of soap 🧼 and rub it dry around the ear piece. No I’m not kidding. Cheap and effective.

Airy Monetté ‏@_NotMyCupOf_T

i love the way my face feels when I wash it with the African black soap 🧼

sov ‏@sushisovi

@Saltymcnugget sOAP 🧼

angeloaks ‏@angeloaks2

Coconut & Banana Soap 🧼 only £2.65 visit the website for these & more. Please like, retweet…

Sharon-Rose™️ ‏@SharonRose__

@djkayleekay Thanks for dropping Ronin by @defiantdubs... clean 🧼 #GRIME

BTSARMY Care Reminder ‏@GoodMorningBTS

#BTSARMY: 🧼 Please remember to moisturize and put on sunscreen.

hethth ⎊ ‏@photonstark

daily reminder for @valkarolss to eat her thoap 🧼

kimberly Rivers ‏@kimberl00393241

Toothpaste 🦷 Dental floss Mouth wash 👄 Shampoo 🧴 Conditioner Vitamins 💊 Lip balm 💋 Hand cream 🤚 Deodorant…

Toda Toda ‏@olaseleyebostic

@Marrgarritah Hi quality sugar baby what’s good? Help retweet my last post... + I’m at your service ooo. If you wan…

Baudibarry ‏@Baluebarry

@Thaswzup When you drop the 🧼

Sealy ‏@SealyTroh

Fr @GoldLink got such a clean pusha verse 🧼 for his album

First Option Schools ‏@firstoptschools

Year 5 with a volcano 🌋 and #FOP First Option bar soap 🧼 Just might be up for sale too🙃

Dealz ‏@DealzIreland

Gotta love a pink soap bar 🧼

Karen Watt 🦒 ‏@Karen66Watt

@MarcCorbishley @Kent_Grandad Tasted of soap 🧼

Miff Buckley ‏@miffythegamer

Oh dear! It looks like the Brexit Party’s @Nigel_Farage & @TiceRichard will be forced to come “clean” to the public…

val s worded ‏@NCTDREAMANTl

pray 🙏🏻 dirty house 🏚 educated 📚 hoe 🚂 a job 💰 gold digger…

Benjamin Franck ‏@PtitBen

Interface cleansing is probably an understatement !! 🧼

Carina wubs Jazzy Carina Jamie Emilia Olga & Lexi♡ ‏@dovesmeep

Y’all I gotta go do some school work but when I’m done I’m writing more of Soapscendants!!❤️✨🧼

Carina wubs Jazzy Carina Jamie Emilia Olga & Lexi♡ ‏@dovesmeep

Guys!! Follow me on wattpad at @/dovesmeep to see the soapscendants soundtrack!!🧼 @doveslilangels

🇮🇱🇺🇸nightingalern 🇺🇸🇮🇱⭐⭐⭐ ‏@nightingalern

Better examine your own garbage heap and get your super duper 💩 pooper scooper our and 🧼 clean up your own mess

Jhoanna 🏳️‍🌈☀️ WE STAN LOVELIES ‏@doveslilangels

NEW D3 SONG COMING OUT!!! ITS GOOD TO BE SOAPY! Parody of Good to Be Bad by Carina and Jhoanna 😂🧼 @dovesmeep

Jhoanna 🏳️‍🌈☀️ WE STAN LOVELIES ‏@doveslilangels

So I was talking to Carina about her Uncle and the Dove Soap thing 🧼 😂 I came up with the SOAPLIES FAM 🧼😂❤️…

Georgie Knaggs ‏@ThePhraser

More soap please 🧼🐊

Harrison Hoover & Polish ‏@HooverPolish

Very exciting! HARRISON HOOVER & POLISH!! Will be starting there first customers tomorrow 🏡🧼 please message for det…

‏ً ‏@Gloomyavenue

dirty house 🏚 Pray 🙏🏻 hoe 🚂 Educated 📚 gold digger 🏗 A…

Founds Junior ®️ ‏@founds_junior

Guys let clean 🧼 our floor 🧼🙏 DM and let talk business #ASPROMISED

HealthWatchDog🧬🦠🎗🔍🐶 ‏@radiocranberry

@aproko_doctor True.... the agents in the soap 🧼 could cause the bacteria 🦠 to mutate.

LesliesBlushing ‏@LesliesBlushing

I deep cleaned my whole fridge with soap & water 🧼 took a shower, an now I’m craving hot fries 🍟 so bad with a tea.

The 13th Disciple ‏@Dami_maverick

Today I was “bitching” about my troubles to God in the shower... 🧼 His response: “Slow to speak, quick to hear.”

C ‏@LouisXXc

@washingtonpost Umm.. why are there empty new homes all over Boca ? 🤔 That should be the next article; who is…

@dgshawnfrm1800 ‏@dgshawn1k

I know niggas prolly thinking I fell off cause ion be posting pics when I be clean 🧼 and shit nomo🤯 but I jus done…

Rhys Phillips ‏@RhysSirPhillips

Squeaky Clean 🧼 Brisbane Bookings have been taking off; I’m so excited & grateful. @JakeRyanEscorts Link in my…

Kelly Ward ‏@MrsMoppUK

Moooorrrnnnniiinnnggg! 👋🏽 We’re restocking bags, folding our clean cloths and loading up our brushes ready for ano…

Daily Thoughts ™ ‏@DailyThoughtsTM

@riley_boyle27 Clearly you've never dropped the soap in the shower in jail. 🧼

Michael Todd ‏@MichaelToddy86

@AwesomeANTJAY Pass the soap 🧼

💤ommy ‏@OGDommy

I should’ve took a flick on Father‘s Day... But my fit would’ve definitely made me a dad. I was flexin! 😂🧼

Munster ‏@Jenni_Munster

@sonyablxde Yassss queen! I did that last week. Really cleanses the soul doesn’t it 🧼

b ‏@briannasedano

Now my car just needs a wash 🧼

Nassar R Musa ‏@musa_nassar

@pate_rahma Then u really don’t know what u missing, besides how do u know what soap 🧼 taste like 🤔

Sheena Adams-Avery ‏@SAACONNECTS

Day 17: Auto Clean 🧼 Some things are just to make your life easier…like when you’re in the shower and you turn arou…

Tiida Lili 🔪💔 ‏@honestytida

So before ur point ur finger b sure ur hands are clean 🧼 😤 Hanbin he’s so kindly and good personal for me 👍🏻

9th House Virgo ☀️🔌💡👑 ‏@lul_uglydude

Id eat ass fresh out the steamer fr 🧼🚿

🍫🍪🍑 ‏@insiideMyDNA

I bought this face soap 🧼 for acne /face spots yesterday & think it might’ve saved my life 🤞🏽🤞🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

chris ‏@chris34950235

@kkimnicole_ Don’t drop da soap 🧼🙈💦🍆...I’m already wet oooooofffff

𝓪𝓵𝓵𝔂 ☺️ ‏@imjiminbiasedd

Okay, I’m here to rant about my mother! My mother doesn’t like KPOP right. But why do I always catch her singing to…

湯井のん ドリキス♨︎❕10/14白金ワンマン ‏@yinn_dollykiss

⚪️➿🌷PRISMIC🌷🧼▫️❕ @prismic___

Martin ‏@martink

@Eigencat @murpharoo Generally speaking the vast majority are happy to fly. Well it’s not just Chernobyl.…

My Year🎓🏡🚘🎆 ‏@Queen___Sheba

I’m Getting In Next 🚿 🧼😊

Herman Roa ‏@TheRoaFamily

@Alyssa_Milano Thoughts and prayers...oh and don’t drop the soap 🧼

Katie Graham ‏@shadowmagnolia

Hilarious soaps from an awesome music shop 🧼 #pleasesendsoappuns #goodcleanfun #basic #icrackmyselfup @ Livermore,…

🕊 ‏@MommaaMo

I ain’t gone lie if you don’t know this FACT about me ... you never was my friends and you’ve never been to my hous…

L C Robinson ‏@Mrsbooker2be

@NYCNavid @DiegoATLaw @LandUseStan @KyleKashuv @davidaxelrod If you really think that that action would sway anyone…

symphony🇵🇷 ‏@BabySymph

@Lujxno @JohnJHaZe ONNNNNNN MYYYYYYYYYY MAMA it’s cause we clean 🧼

𝑂𝑟𝑎𝑛𝑔𝑒 𝑙𝑎𝑣𝑎𝑏𝑢𝑟𝑠𝑡 ‏@j3nnard

it’s Thot o’ clock somewhere 🚿🛁🧼☔️🌧

Tai ‏@hungryhomegirl

Facts 💯. Blocking, muting, & unfollowing are all a good healthy cleanse. 🧼 That toxic gotta GO!

UNcle LUke📟 ‏@vennieTwist

@VideosUnusual @_courtjb Nigga the soap 🧼 whole time

SO.LEK ‏@solekcosmetics

First step, CLEANSE CLEANSE AND CLEANSE! The first step is the most important. Really take your time to massage the…

💚🦍 ‏@nayeFineAss

House cleaned 🧹 baby bathed 🧼 and now I’m watching the CHi 🤩

iGrind ‏@DeonWright5

That fan hit different when you fresh out the shower 🧼🚿 😁

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