Bar Of Soap Emoji

Bar Of Soap is a candidate for inclusion in Unicode 11.0 scheduled for release in 2018 and was added to draft Emoji 11.0 in 2017.

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🧼 U+1F9FC


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Save Our Turkish Baths ‏@Porchester1929

In the 70's @JoeStrummer used to go to the Porchester Public Baths, so that was either the #SlipperBaths or the…

Dismay ‏@Dismay00

@ollieisyms @holli .....why is it easy to believe that?! 😅🛀🧼🚿 Is this a Canadian thing, @MasinAlfredo?! 😷🇨🇦

R.Sono the 語呂にゃんさん ‏@mona8schmona

Today, I was taking notes during a research presentation and typed [Author et al. Zblood, 2016] when I meant to hit…

Lauren Siburkis ‏@laurensiburkis

@ChristyHaj @clevelanddotcom 🧼👐 Strictly enforced!


Soo clean 🧼

Elves Behavin' Badly Trade ‏@ElvesBBTrade

Can anyone spot Elfie & Elvie @ElvesBB joining in with the celebrations for #WearItPink day?…

Jeanette Davenport ‏@crazymum777

@WhirlpoolBathUK Fab #FreebieFriday Perfect for a nice soak 🛀🧼

s 🧼 ‏@akasiith

goodnight 🧼🎒

BBC Radio Cornwall ‏@BBCCornwall

Some incredible guests @davidwhiteshow this #FunkyFriday 1000 - 1200 @jodywatley from #Shalamar 🕺🏻 @sarajcox on…

Tomomi Imura 🦋 ‏@girlie_mac

Trapped in a pool of bubbles with @lizziepika #SIGNALConf 🧼

HIPNO™ ‏@HipnoTheBeast

@MercedezUAZ It actually probably pissed 20% of people off 😂 it’s like LEGO block soap 🧼 kind of cool. Does it at l…

stefano pozzebon ‏@StePozzebon

The butterfly effect, #Venezuela style: @Colgate's factory paralyzed after one of the last box manufacturers in th…

Ricky Papí ‏@MrRickySpanish

That mf gets 30 mins TOPS before I start feeling like ol dude off American History X when they caught him in the sh…

Mira Sophie ‏@mira113

How to reduce waste in your bathroom: 🧼 Buy packaging free shampoo & shower gel (e.g. from Lush) 🧼 Switch to a sus…

ّLESLY+JIWOO DAY 💗 ‏@shinwnos

🧼 pleas leave stuf

𝘯𝘢𝘵𝘢𝘭𝘪𝘦 𝘮𝘪𝘴𝘴𝘦𝘴 𝘣𝘵𝘴 ♡ ‏@nnbxmyg

@toxictaehyungg i thought you didnt like loona,, inch resting😔🧼

D.P 🎃✨ ‏@DP_tweets_stuff

Aw heck, let's have a poll about soap, why not! 🧼 What's your favorite kind of scent, guys?

Charlie Farquar ‏@CharlieFarquar

@boyndog @jaredkushner Has anyone coined 'more Kush for the push' yet for the J man in prison? if not, I claim it..🧼🚿

Moshe Fasten ‏@MosheFasten

@WABetaInfo It's the new emojis: 🥰 🥵 🥶 🥴 🥳 🥺 🦵 🦶 🦷 🦴 👨‍🦰 👨‍🦱 👨‍🦳 👨‍🦲 👩‍🦰 👩‍🦱 👩‍🦳 👩‍🦲 🦸‍♂️ 🦸‍♀️ 🦹‍♂️ 🦹‍♀️ 🦝 🦙 🦛 🦘 🦡…


Our team works w/ @WahanaVisi_ID to distribute relief items to ppl affected by #Indonesia earthquake. These kits in…

Jefferson Health Hack ‏@JeffHealthHack

🧼👊👕👟 Ways that #JeffHealthHack is NOT like #FightClub: If it's your first time pitching, you don't have to pitch! W…

Dumb Precedent ‏@DumbOldJTramp

@realDonaldTrump But but but...Who will fill them...ICE? West Virginia coal miners don't want to move to harvest s…

Phoenix 👑💘♈️ ‏@ShortttBreadd

If you taking a shower and the same song still on when you get your ass out ; u better get your ass back in 😳😭🧼

Critfall 🎲 a Pathfinder campaign serial ‏@Critfall

Episode 263: The Art of Conversation 🧼 Quisler coerces an interview from Ziggy while the two share a hot spring.…

. ‏@23_L

@DBtodomundo #TalkingHeads Road To Nowhere - Cat 😿 & the bathroom 🧼Cat 😿 & the bathroom 🧼Cat 😿 & the bathroom 🧼 Cat…

. ‏@23_L

@pinkfloyd - On The Turning Away - Cat 😿 & the bathroom 🧼Cat 😿 & the bathroom 🧼Cat 😿 & the bathroom 🧼 Cat 😿 & the b…

. ‏@23_L

@gunsnroses Cat 😿 & the bathroom 🧼Cat 😿 & the bathroom 🧼Cat 😿 & the bathroom 🧼 Cat 😿 & the bathroom 🧼 Cat 😿& the ba…

. ‏@23_L

@OfficialSting - They Dance Alone (Cueca Solo) - Cat 😿 & the bathroom 🧼Cat 😿 & the bathroom 🧼Cat 😿 & the bathroom…

. ‏@23_L

@itspetergabriel - Biko Cat 😿 & the bathroom 🧼Cat 😿 & the bathroom 🧼Cat 😿 & the bathroom 🧼 Cat 😿 & the bathroom 🧼 C…

. ‏@23_L

Bob Marley - Redemption Song - Cat 😿 & the bathroom 🧼Cat 😿 & the bathroom 🧼Cat 😿 & the bathroom 🧼 Cat 😿 & the bath…

. ‏@23_L

@BobGeldofFans The Boomtown Rats - Banana Republic - Cat 😿 & the bathroom 🧼Cat 😿 & the bathroom 🧼Cat 😿 & the bat…

. ‏@23_L

Numb @U2 - Cat 😿 & the bathroom 🧼Cat 😿 & the bathroom 🧼Cat 😿 & the bathroom 🧼 Cat 😿 & the bathroom 🧼 Cat 😿& the bat…

. ‏@23_L

Cat 😿 & the bathroom 🧼Cat 😿 & the bathroom 🧼Cat 😿 & the bathroom 🧼 Cat 😿 & the bathroom 🧼 Cat 😿& the bathroom 🧼 Cat…

Rebecca Shellock ‏@Marinebecca

Managed to slip over in the bathroom 🧼🛀 and bruise my ribs & nearly ruin my interview shirt with the iron 👕. But fo…

loveolli ‏@loveolli_design

Sweet dreams: Our handmade soaps are made using only the finest shea butter and natural ingredients. These scents a…

Marilyn Schneider ‏@mazzie581

@YoungsMaggie @MistletoeSprite I found a #wednesdaywarrior hanging around😜needs a 🧼 scrub but he will so

graviela resendez ‏@gaviiee

Its that time of the year when the wash kids refuse to shower 🚿 🧼 🛀 i guess I’ll febreeze them 🤷🏻‍♀️

social studies ‏@FUEGOFLORES

@BKeisean these are stupid clean 🧼

CITRO Digital ‏@CITRO_Digital

Happy National Boss Day! Hillary Long is our favorite boss. Who else would let us walk around the office barefoot 👣…

Soap & Glory ‏@SoapandGlory

Soak yourself in SMOOTHIE STAR swirls 🧼🛀🏽

London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine ‏@LSHTM

"Our findings are promising and indicate that a motive based approach could have the potential to greatly increase…

Patchie || 💖 Inktober? Inktober. 💖 ‏@patchiecakies

Had to put the ShuMako goodness in the sidelines for this prompt. We need more art/fanfics that explore the sisterl…

Natalie Buske Thomas ‏@buske_natalie

SnoopySpace wins! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 wait... eww... 😳 🧼<-soap OK, we're good, carry on... 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Karen ‏@kaaazzza

slept in, now waiting for a delivery so I can't get washed and dressed until it arrives. Because you just know the…

Alette🌸💜 ‏@alette_star

📱🧼 Wrong (Right) ID update Chapter 34: Help 2.0

Bellevue Fire OEM ‏@BellevueFireOEM

#GlobalHandwashingDay is a great reminder for all of us to do what we can to prevent the spread of diseases (especi…

Trillium Health Partners ‏@Trillium_Health

It's National Infection Control Week, and we're committed to keeping our patients, staff and community members heal…

The Geezer ‏@no2l

@kylegriffin1 Somebody ~ shuve a 🧼 👇 his 👄throat

Vindale Research ‏@vindale

"Only 19% of people globally wash their hands with soap after doing a poo." - Horrifying statistic of the day court…

Impact1AllstarsNorth ‏@Impact1North

Go wash your hands!! 🧼

Impact1 Allstars South ‏@Impact1South

Go wash your hands!! 🧼


In honor of #GlobalHandwashingDay, we want to remind all #pregnant women to wash their hands often to prevent sprea…


After disasters, deaths linked to diarrhea 📈but if more ppl wash their 🖐️w/ 🧼, deaths could 📉 by up to 50%! We work…

People in Need ‏@people_in_need

Did you know that #handwashing can save lives? It is the easiest and cheapest way to prevent diarrhea and respirato…

Celia Haro Ruiz ‏@HaroCelia

It's #GlobalHandwashingDay. In #Liberia, @Welthungerhilfe continuously promotes safe good hygiene practices, includ…

Amy Vote Nov. 6 🌊 ‏@accessamy

Happy #GlobalHandwashingDay 🧼 You know what to do!

Christian ‏@itsmmeChristian

I'm a germaphobe so #GlobalHandwashingDay is an everyday occurrence for me haha! 🧼

Take on Typhoid ‏@PreventTyphoid

Everyone needs to wash their hands. 🖐️💧🧼 That's something that #typhoid's most infamous carrier, Typhoid Mary, unfo…

Mrs. Mary Pancakes 🥞 ‏@PearlsPolkaDots

Try @LOLAandDOE Liquid Castile Body Wash/Bubble Bath for an incredible natural clean that is gentle on the skin 🛀🧼…

CamdenWaterfordLakes ‏@CamdenWaterford

We had an incredible experience a week ago getting to help sort over 100,000 pieces of toiletries at @CleantheWorld…

Beldico ‏@BeldicoBelgium

Pay special attention to #RSVprevention on #GlobalHandwashingDay! To prevent an infection with the Respiratory Sync…

Gabriel Cattani ‏@GabrielSurfCat

Paws to clean... >^≈^< #comics #MondayMotivation #hygiene #health #handwashing…

Bethany School ‏@bethanyschkent

We're excited to #WearItPink on Friday! Pupils and staff will have the opportunity to wear one item of pink clothin…

Jan Johnstone ‏@janfromthebruce

Always wash your hands before you eat! 🧼 #MondayMotivation

Zachary Kaye ‏@ZacKayeCHS

Today is Global Hand Washing day ! 🧼

Paysera ‏@paysera

Avoid paper money microbes by using e-money 💸📲 #GlobalHandwashingDay #health #money 🧼👏


It’s #GlobalHandwashingDay! Washing your hands with soap & water is one of the most effective & inexpensive ways to…

London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine ‏@LSHTM

A group of displaced families in #Iraq were given a 'Suprise Soap' w/ a visible toy embedded in it 🧼 Children using…

London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine ‏@LSHTM

Today is #GlobalHandwashingDay 🌏✋💧 A recent LSHTM, @SavetheChildren & @FldRdy study has found that children who ha…

International Medical Products ‏@IMP_intermed

Pay special attention to #RSVprevention on #GlobalHandwashingDay! To prevent an infection with the Respiratory Sync…

Sam Ferguson ‏@WhatsEatingHer

@Xennia79 @AASkincareUK Omg! Frightening. poor little thing. 😱 Will check out @AASkincareUK, thanks for the recommendation. 🧼

WHO Maldives ‏@WHOMaldives

Hands are one of the most common pathways of germ transmission. Handwashing with soap is a "do-it-yourself vaccine"…

Sky at Night Mag ‏@skyatnightmag

Our latest #DIYAstronomy column! How to spruce up your home observatory (should you be lucky enough to own one) 🧽…

@WFP_AsiaPacific ‏@WFP_AsiaPacific

Happy #GlobalHandwashingDay! 🧼🙌☄️ A bar of soap & clean water can make a huge difference to children's lives. Washi…

#iphone22 ‏@LesediTheDJ

@NapePhasha you’re a genius 💎. Lost hills music video is too clean 🧼

ّLESLY+JIWOO DAY 💗 ‏@shinwnos

soap emoji (🧼) send stuff

𝖠𝗌𝗁𝗅𝖾𝗒 ‏@angstashh

Literally one of the best things you can do with smoke 🧼 😆 it’s so much fun watching them burst

Thor ‏@Immabigjazzboy

🌟-Gc's-🌟 🐔-Ass Guardians ✈️- Soul Stone Tour Rp 🧼- Marvel Fuckers Anon 🎲- Best of no worlds 🥑-HiGhsChOol 🌥️-Soul stone tour

ً ‏@choivminho

(🧼) 𝙖𝙗𝙤𝙪𝙩 𝙢𝙚!

mhs soccer girls ‏@mhssoccergirls1

2018-2019 soccer girls car wash 🧼


Our disaster experts & @WahanaVisi_ID distribute relief items to ppl affected by #Indonesia earthquake like Susiant…

ّLESLY+JIWOO DAY 💗 ‏@shinwnos

🧼 hello

Pedro Pereira ‏@Pemicope

@GIZM0CAT Yeah 😂 🧽 🧼 🧹

ّLESLY+JIWOO DAY 💗 ‏@shinwnos

@jenoizer thank you 😌🧼

Ching💫🌈🚀 #RoadtoS8 in 56 ‏@kedarugemilk

@r0gue_robin green means clean 🐢🧼💚💦


Found, what's seemingly to be, my first #PARADOX in 🧼#FIGHTCLUB🧼????? Phone Scene: If you're ever feeling complete…


Crazy, when you see a film character, that you think the same, #conspiracies, proven, EVERYWHERE 🧼#FIGHTCLUB🧼 And…


Darn, first time seeing a🎦#FILM🎦🧼#FIGHTCLUB🧼where the character has both, #DissociativeIdentityDisorder…

ّLESLY+JIWOO DAY 💗 ‏@shinwnos

hey :( — hello 🧼


🧼#FIGHTCLUB🧼RULES! he became #addicted to going to #anonymous meetings🤣 what do you call that, not #irony, not a…

James Dale 🤷‍♂️ ‏@_jamdale

Ahh just had a great late night bath 🛁🧼

Mad P✯g✯n, Mad Art🎨 ‏@JBonnetteArt

I have conquered the bathing of two cats with my arms and face intact and a minimum of bloodshed (1 torso scratch).…

Elü 🍃 ‏@SaffinAlimamy

🧽 🧼 Cleaning day 😇

I'M ONLY JOON's ‏@vilinhobaenim

🧼🎏 The mochi birthday thread 🎏🧼 #HAPPYJIMINDAY #HappyBirthdayJimin #JiminBornToShine #JIMIN23thBirthday… ‏@girlshealth

Lather 🧼, rinse 💦, and repeat 🔁 = how you get germs to retreat. Your first line of defense in the battle against g…

ّLESLY+JIWOO DAY 💗 ‏@shinwnos

hello 🧼

HCWW ‏@healthcareww

We all know the importance of washing our hands... yet most of us aren't washing correctly. #GlobalHandwashingDay i…

Mütter Museum ‏@MutterMuseum

@morguns3 @MikeStuchbery_ Check out ours too 😉🧼

Jimmy Z ‏@Jaza45

Kids bath time 🛁 🧼 #f80 #e36 #E368 #M3 #Z3M #clownshoe #becauseclownshoe #acschnitzertype2 #austinyellow #imolared…

Dave Palmer ‏@DavePalmerUSask

@Saskajanet Soap is coming... 😱🧼

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