Baseball Emoji

A white baseball, with regulation red stitching. Used in the game of the same name, baseball.

Baseball was approved as part of Unicode 5.2 in 2009 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

⚾ Softball

Apple Name

⚾ Baseball


⚾ U+26BE




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JB ‏@badnocs

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University of Warwick ‏@warwickuni

Save the date! Varsity is coming 22-24 Feb, be part of it. #TeamWarwick ⚽🏀🏈⚾🎾🏐🏉🎱🏓🏸

大衛 ‏@dmotloung

@AustralianOpen @Channel9 Nadal is having non of it⚾⚾⚾⚾ going in hard on #Tsitsipas

Tim Watson 🎿⛷️ ‏@TimWatsonof3

And there's the pitch...⚾ I'ma thinking a big bat on a mission is about to 'SWING FOR THE FENCE'

#24KinginwitSwag ‏@24KinginwithSw1

My brother making a name for proud big shoes I have to step in but Im ready...⚾ 💘

🍀 랴나 🦋 ‏@onlyonedayz

20190123 1 post⚾ 1 post👨🏻‍🍳 1 post🥰 🎉🎉🎉Congrats boys💐💐💐

🍀 랴나 🦋 ‏@onlyonedayz

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Nin10doPWR ‏@CyberEdenCafe

Maybe My Family in Carribean... Maybe Israel if I get the ⚾⚾to do it n spend a lot of $.

D. Rodriqueqez ‏@DRodriqueqez

@AustralianOpen @mehthiswilldo_ @Naomi_Osaka_ @Channel9 The Australian Open is 🔥. Naomi Osaka is serving... 🎾🔥💨🎾💨🎾💨…

tallwhitedude ‏@Sometallwhited1

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Stros🧡💙🐦/Texans 🤘❤️💙 Sister Kelly ‏@shouldbeintexas

@JoshRojass Congratulations Josh! 🧡💙 Show em what you got! ⚾

Samkelo Khoza ☇ ‏@Samplayze

Yesterday defeated me no lie, let's hope today I smash it out the park ⚾

𝖒𝖊𝖑,, ✨ ‏@valentinemaIum

if my girl 👧😍 and africa 🌎 by toto 🐶 both be drowning 😨🌊 and I could only 🙅 save 1⃣ you can catch 💁⚾ me at my girls…

Derek ‏@Derek43777112

@Jack9Flaherty Stopped watching after Dr. J and bird. Come on baseball its time for some ⚾. But I will survive now…

Sliley Rimando ‏@slileyR

⚽⚾🏀🏐🏈🏉🎾🎱🎳🏏🏑 AHOJ THERE for da #YuGiOhTCG community if y'all bout to attend Yu-Gi-Oh locals/regionals/YCS tourne…

Dreamer ‏@TMHansen0528

@Brewers @amfam As a season seat holder i am very sad by this decision. I would have thought the Brewers were more…

Kashmir News Portal ‏@kmrnewsportal

⚾Pakistan Gets Right To Host Asia Cup In 2020 KARACHI: The Asian Cricket Council (ACC) on Thursday granted Pakistan…

Wen ‏@GrnLakeGirl

@nvwineandcigar @ibstatguy @NWTomLee @SeagreenWench @Coupe_60 @PeterZachar Cheers to a great #WineWednesday friends 🍷⚾🍷

Braden Radtke ‏@BradenTV

Pretty good deal for $25 @Manda_Murph 😁 ⚾ 👶

Wen ‏@GrnLakeGirl

Sooo true ⚾⚾⚾

momma'K💋 ‏@kbearharris01

Namdrik Team dis mayday💪⚾

Kimberly Bauer ‏@khbauer12

@CDNBaseballHOF Larry Walker will always be a HOF to me. ⚾💛💜

Honorable Mets ‏@HonorableMets

Félix Millan ⚾ 1973-77 ⚾ 2954 Plate Appearances ⚾Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty

Honorable Mets ‏@HonorableMets

Kevin McReynolds ⚾ 1987-91, 1994 ⚾ 3218 Plate Appearances ⚾(Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images)

Honorable Mets ‏@HonorableMets

Wilmer Flores ⚾ 2013-18 ⚾ 2011 Plate Appearances ⚾Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty

🇺🇸🏈 The Smirking Rams 🏈🇺🇸 ‏@michaelsnarky

@rachelbonnetta 1. BING-BONG...puck hitting BOTH posts and not scoring 2. THUD of ⚽ hitting goalpost, not scoring…

ⓂⒸƎI⅁⅁∀W ‏@elefantvanishes

@TheLordsBat @Zippy_TMS Congratulations!!!! ⚾💪🏆

WSC Cru Weekly Themes ‏@cru_wsc

Jersey theme for Cru this week! See you all there!!! 🎽⚾⚽🏀🎾🏈🏐

Mary Alitos ‏@MaryAlitos

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Kevin Panda McCumber 🐼 ‏@kvmc7272

@jonfavs @oufenix @realDonaldTrump s ⚾⚾s R in @SpeakerPelosi 👜

Jyushiko Joshimatsu ‏@jyushikobot

Lookin for a nice pair of ⚾⚾ ‏@DutyFreeMall2

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dan adams ‏@dan2327

@macklemore how happy were you that Edgar got into the HOF !! ⚾

seena ‏@seenavinuraj

Politics is not for making people a tennis ball🏐⚾or a football or can be a strategy

50 shades of drunk ‏@badassinboots

😎⚾ you seem like a pretty decent dude comparative to most twitter guys

Barb Reisen ‏@BarbReisen

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𝘐𝘢𝘯 𝘎𝘦𝘳𝘵𝘭𝘦𝘳 ☕️ 📲 ‏@IanGertler

Congratulations, #MarianoRivera! First player in MLB history to be unanimously elected to the #BaseballHallOfFame.…

⚜️El Galán Guillen⚜️ ‏@Miguelacho1411

🦁 0⃣ - 🐦 2⃣ ⚾ 👈 ¡Lo certifico! #LVBP

Lyon's Pub Warriors ‏@PubBaseball

@IntentionalTalk @FlashGJr @FlashGThe3rd Keep working hard @FlashGThe3rd. ⚾ give them no chance but to call you up.

LauraRamirezCarvente ‏@lauracarvente

@BeibiRuth Switch off ⚾

Helen Raime ‏@HelenRaime

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Donna Plechaty ‏@donnapmetsfan

@AmandavLugo ♥️ watching him throw that nasty curve ⚾ #LGM

Annais Morales ‏@_AnnaisM

Mariano Rivera unanimously inducted into the Baseball HOF and now my hometown team @EOBASEBALLCLUB just became cham…

Wakeland Sports Management ‏@WHSSportsMgmt

[email protected] Holding Seasonal Job Fair THIS Saturday, January 26th From 11am-1pm Or Apply Online At…

Yirsandy Rodríguez ‏@Yirsandy

How to appreciate getting home! I was checking some statistics of the Caribbean Series of 2018, and in the only pl…

BeefCake 🇺🇸 ‏@Prime1BeefCake

Best $5 game I've ever bought ⚾

Ultima Thule ‏@7diane

@Katiem616 @Suntimes And that's what I think when I see a red ⚾ cap. Then if it's just a cap, "whew."

BDTAllen ‏@BDTAllen

@piratesfan24 Wife definitely needs you there! We will miss you, but will see you soon! 🏴‍☠️💕⚾

papot ‏@chancabs

GAME ON!!!⚾⚾⚾

ChuckLee ‏@espnradiofann

@BergmanGreg @LakersRaw @SPORTWORLDORDER @ESPNLosAngeles i hope Im not the only one thats realized what the Sports…

BAM_Factory ‏@FactoryBam

🔥Great #BAMbino session today with infielders!🔥 • 🔖Bookmark to try in your next workout!!🔖 ⚾⚾⚾⚾⚾ 🥇Drill 1: 4 Corner…

SUNGHWA ‏@geurei

#2 another pun for the title track : the title track is '오랜만이야' (orenmaniya) (it's been awhile) 🍊 = 오렌지 / ORENji 🥟…

Tracey ‏@VivasMum

Don't give his family anymore conflict than they need, we love him always as one of ours, but they see him as every…

Jim Emerson ‏@jimerson08

@Tucker_Barnhart Flying down March 1st for some Reds ⚾ and 🍺. Perfect

PatriotCindy💯 ‏@CindyPatriot

@Jali_Cat @GrizzMaestro @SpeakerPelosi @realDonaldTrump PELOSI MUST BE REMOVED WHO HAS THE POWER AND THE ⚾🏈🏀⚽🎳🎱🏉🎾's ???

Aviston Athletics ‏@AvistonEagles

Congratulations Calvin! #NextLevel #AlwaysAnEagle ⚾

Dana Sanchez-Sweet ‏@danaforest5

@hgomez27 Big names on that roster!🌟⚾

KING ISOTOP ‏@King_iSotop

@franklinto I had to touch my ⚾⚾⚾ to be sure it wasn't broken. 😯😲😳😳

RealBlackHawkMC! ‏@RealBlackHawkMC

⚾World Series 2018: Los Angeles Dodgers VS Boston Red Sox (2018 CHAMPS) 🏈Superbowl LIII (53) Los Angeles Rams VS…

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