Baseball Emoji

A white baseball, with regulation red stitching. Used in the game of the same name, baseball.

Baseball was approved as part of Unicode 5.2 in 2009 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

⚾ Softball

Apple Name

⚾ Baseball


⚾ U+26BE




Tweets For ⚾

Jack Draper ‏@JebediahRaddy

Historic hire by @SFGiants ⚾🔶◼️

GA USSSA Baseball ‏@gausssabaseball

Don't forget to get your team covered with @USSSA insurance for play in 2020. USSSA team insurance provides medical…

Jimmy from the Bronx ‏@Jimmy27BronxNY

The Great Thurman Munson and George Steinbrenner, celebrating the #Yankees 1977 #WorldSeries victory over the…

Carlos Castillo ‏@C_Castillo79

Congrats on #AlyssaNakken for becoming the first full-time female MLB coach. Sports are always evolving, keep up wh…

Jyushiko Joshimatsu ‏@jyushikobot

Lookin for a nice pair of ⚾⚾

PBR Louisiana ‏@PBR_Louisiana

⚾ Preseason Prospect I.D. 📅 Date: Jan. 25 📍 Where: Mandeville HS 🗣️ Who: Class of '20 - '23 Register HERE…

PBR New England ‏@PBRNewEngland

⚾ 2020 Showcase Results ⚾ 📊 Results👉 💪 Top Performers👉 👀 Sneak Pee…

Jimmy from the Bronx ‏@Jimmy27BronxNY

On the @YESNetwork tonight, Friday, Jan 17, 2020 ... #Orioles vs #Yankees #YankeeStadium ⚾ Monday, August 6, 1979…

Teacher in the room 🙋🤓 ‏@mswolfgt

@EmilyCWaldon I'm going to hang out at Comerica tomorrow while my husband takes batting practice. Tomorrow's gonna be good 💙🐯⚾👏

Brown Boy😎✌️ ‏@sarcastic_nickk

Some best performances Virat Kohli (C) 78(76)🏏 Mitchell Starc 78 (60)⚾ KL Rahul (W) 80(52)🏏 Shikhar Dhawan 96(90)🏏 Steven Smith 98(102)🏏

Presidential Wisdom ‏@PrezWisdom

“I think just about everybody ought to get a second chance and I’d like to see it worked out, because he (Pete Rose…

Presidential Wisdom ‏@PrezWisdom

@TodayInSports3 “I think just about everybody ought to get a second chance and I’d like to see it worked out, becau…

Brad Gillum ‏@HoosierRedlegs

@Reds Look who I ran into in Evansville ⚾ #RedsCaravan

Travis Williams ‏@twilliamswv

@SteveHusseyMusi @arsenalbaseball @Grant_Hussey616 Little ribby action in that Arizona air! #304Dude 💪👍⚾

Michael Douglas ‏@Nndamus63

@LaVelleNeal Yo' STFU LV3! Nobody cares your down in the Brown Water Toilet 🌮🐂🚽 Bowl across the Border. Which is wh…

Red Circle Ice Cream ‏@RedCircleIce1

It's been a tough week to be a Houston sports fan ☹️🏈⚾☹️ ... The cure to the blues is some old fashion ICE CREAM an…

Prep Baseball Report Michigan ‏@PrepbaseballM

⚾ Uncommitted 2022 Spotlight- @drcanterberry2 📖 👉 6-0/170-pound, R/R, SS/RHP 60 Time: 7.2…

PSA Gem Mint 10 ‏@GEMMT10


Bill from Maine ‏@BillfromMaine1

Good post, Ms. Kruser. That's awesome. Cowboy Up🤘🤠⚾♀️


hey good morning, let's flexing ⚾

Shelly🎄🌟🌊 ‏@mdp919

@CubsZone I had the exact same reaction before I saw your tweet! ♥️🐻⚾

Le Hoang Nguyen ‏@nguyenle

"Wake me up before you go-go Don't leave me hanging on like a yo-yo Wake me up before you go-go..." #Wham. ⚾ Let th…

PBR New England ‏@PBRNewEngland

⚾ Uncommitted 2022 Spotlight- @BrandynDurand 📖 👉 6-2/205-pound, R/R, C 60 Time: 6.77 Pop…

Prep Baseball Report Michigan ‏@PrepbaseballM

⚾ Uncommitted 2021 Spotlight- Trey Lipsey 📖 👉 6-1/170-pound, L/R, OF/2B 60 Time: 6.52 Pos…

PBR New England ‏@PBRNewEngland

⚾ Uncommitted 2021 Spotlight- Julian Stevens 📖 👉 6-0/169-pound, R/R, OF Position Velocity…

Prep Baseball Report Michigan ‏@PrepbaseballM

⚾ Uncommitted 2020 Spotlight- @JBlesch8 📖 👉 6-1/200-pound, R/R, RHP/3B Max Fastball: 90 F…

King young jp money 👑💎💎💎 ‏@youngjpmoney

100nits ah homies since the sandbox 🏈🏀⚽⚾⏳

Mike Burns ‏@mburnsscout

Pre-Season meetings are in the books. College and high school seasons are about to start in the great state of Flor…

Penny Carty ‏@PennyCarty

@pastor_kerry @DOBrienATL I would not sign him for four yrs. Not in the NL, with no DH. At his age he belongs in the AL. ⚾

PBR New England ‏@PBRNewEngland

⚾ Uncommitted 2020 Spotlight- @McfaddenWill 📖 👉 6-7/220-pound, LHP Fastball: 85-86 Curveb…

Prep Baseball Report Michigan ‏@PrepbaseballM

⚾ @chyran0301 Happy To Stay Close To Home At @EMU_Baseball 📖 👉 6-3/215-pound, L/L, OF/1B…

Mo ‏@KeenMoe

@TrillFerlis @robdelaney There's a big difference between what I'm saying and what you're saying but the important…

Lauri Gómez ‏@laurigomez_22

Hoy Rod Carew⚾ #LosSantos🔥

Unknown Error Films ‏@UE_Films

Are you ready to rumble?! We live with #CommunityGameNight so come watch @bartin_mennett & @HallAndJokes play some…

Prep Baseball Report Michigan ‏@PrepbaseballM

⚾ Uncommitted 2022 Spotlight- @carson_byers 📖 👉 5-7/175-pound, L/L, LHP/1B Max Fastball:…

PBR New England ‏@PBRNewEngland

⚾ Uncommitted 2022 Spotlight- @TJGormley1 📖 👉 6-0/185-pound, L/R, INF 60 Time: 7.42 Posi…

Seton Hall Baseball ‏@SHUBaseball

Look good 🧢 Feel good 👌 Play good ⚾ #HALLin

Campbell Baseball ‏@GoCamelsBSB

This upcoming season, we want to celebrate the 30th anniversary of our 1990 @BigSouthSports Championship. 👏 Member…

Jeannie Prinsen ‏@JeanniePrinsen

DOC loves COD! ⚾🐟 #levidrome

Erin Thomas1975 ‏@ErinThomas1975

@CodyAlan @JimiWestbrook is also the Athletic Coach/ Gym Teacher in that Sweet Family. ⚽⚾🏈

Alfredo javier ‏@AlfJavier3


Softball Xtreme ‏@_SoftballXtreme

What is your Softball Number?⚾️🔥 . Follow➡️ @softballwon for more Softball posts . . . . .…

PSA Gem Mint 10 ‏@GEMMT10

⚾ 2019 Topps Rainbow Foil Fernando Tatis Jr. ROOKIE RC #410 PSA 10 GEM MINT (PWCC)…

Tammy Salisbury ‏@TammySalisbury4

@Rangers @robinson28ch Glad you're back in the RED, WHITE, AND BLUE!!! ❤❤⚾⚾GO RANGERS!!!

DJ Puck ‏@DJLoons

@KarenSoutar1 Thanks so much for the follow:) Have a good one!! ⚾🍀

James A Beemer ‏@JamesABeemer1

@cooperstowncred @NotMrTibbs Solid article, Chris. Schilling is def HoF.⚾⚾

🎶Still Me🎶 ‏@I0IOIOI0I

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Prep Baseball Report Michigan ‏@PrepbaseballM

⚾ Uncommitted 2021 Spotlight- @jakekeaser 📖 👉 6-2/220-pound, R/R, RHP/1B Fastball: 84-86…

PBR New England ‏@PBRNewEngland

⚾ Uncommitted 2021 Spotlight- @matthewsap2 📖 👉 6-1/185-pound, R/R, RHP Fastball: 85-87 C…

Gary L Greco ‏@Divotz2

Loved Tony.. Great hitter and teacher of the game... ⚾...

Jordan Craig Kids ‏@jordancraigkids

The glow up is real 🤩 | The lil homie @farrenkade rocking our Kids Cooperstown Bomber Jacket ⚾ | On sale now -…

Adley RutschSTAN ⚾ ‏@roarfrom44

Shoutout to all my female baseball fan Twitter friends ❤️⚾❤️

Buckeye Arizona ‏@BuckeyeAZGov

⚾A day with the Pros!⚾ Join Buckeye and Freedom Church for the Buckeye Baseball Clinic on February 1st at Sundance…

PBR New England ‏@PBRNewEngland

⚾ Uncommitted 2020 Spotlight- William Shapleigh 📖 👉 6-2/195-pound, R/R, 1B 60 Time: 7.68…

Prep Baseball Report Michigan ‏@PrepbaseballM

⚾ Uncommitted 2020 Spotlight- Isiah Lindsey 📖 👉 6-2/180-pound, R/R, RHP/SS Max Fastball:…

Michael von Mountainstein 😏 ‏@onlyinyourtweet

The only beef I ever had with Joe Maddon is he never had a consistent lineup. Players need to play, let them play a…

Riczer Desvaristes ‏@RiczerAD

🚨⚾New Baseball Infield coming around! #BishopPride🌀

HeatherC 😊⚾⛸ ‏@kwanfan1212

@jdrentz @Reds Whoops, I was so distracted by Corky's dance that I totally missed the typo, LOL 😂💖⚾ #Reds #Caravan

WeThePeople🇺🇸🇺🇸 ‏@PrincessBravato

I got to tell u I'm real f****** pissed off did Trump talk to our military leadership like this It seems like his…

Jeremy Mac ‏@thebause11

@SNFaizalKhamisa Tragic for baseball. Maybe write about it instead of being in it for the likes ⚾📝😊

Suz ‏@suzopedia

@KaranEsch Great news. I think the waiting in surgery is the worst part. 🙏🙏🙏🤗🤗🤗 Soon you can get back to bemoaning the Cardinals. ⚾

Doc Wayne ‏@DocWayneDtG

A week from today will be your last day to secure early bird🐥tickets at a DISCOUNTED PRICE for #DocWayne's 10th Ann…

FantasyPros ‏@FantasyPros

⚾ PROSPECTS TO ACQUIRE IN DYNASTY LEAGUES ⚾ You already know about Wander Franco, Luis Robert and Jo Adell – but…

JT ‏@jtnova3

@TigersJUK @batflips_nerds @tykelly11 wad that the signal for the 'heater' ⚾⚾

Tiny Hooman ‏@littlehumanbot

This is : Laurent ° - ⥀ likes : ⚾ 🏊

Bitcoin Sportsbook 🥇 ‏@SportsbookBTC

MLB ⚾ Former Royals owner David Glass dies at 85 ► √

Jimmy from the Bronx ‏@Jimmy27BronxNY

@Scofid Yes, Scott, I agree, that #BuckShowalter will be the next manager of the #Astros !!! * Showalter's leaders…

S.h.ú.g.a🇬🇭🇰🇪🇳🇬 ‏@ShugaGirl42

Grow your Twitter Audience Now 🍑🍆💦 🏁🏁100 Retweet = 150 Follower⚾ 🏁🏁200 Retweet = 300 Follower⚾ 🏁🏁300 Retweet = 500…

Mary+Marvyn ‏@maryandmarvyn

Let's play ball! 🧢⚾ Unlike the Astros, I'm not wearing any devices. I promise. 🤭 #baseball #BaseballTwitter…

Padres Obsessed Wes ‏@PadresWes

@LockedOnMLB_Net @LockedOnDodgers Well, that was fun. El Niño put up a fight! Maybe next year, - once he's won the…

JoeInPeabody ‏@Sonofbear198Y2K

@FelgerAndMazz @bigjimmurray @TonyMassarotti @IAmJamesStewart F'n Preach Mazz!! ⚾ Baseball has become disgusting..…

Elizabeth Mitias ‏@STEMRockets

Got a sweet new top to rep @CHSChargerSB softball! Ready for Spring sports! 🌷⚾🌄

Denise Martin ‏@DeniseMartin83

@STR0 @JoeyBats19 Pure athletic talent⚾⚾I see good things happening.

Fantasy In Frames ‏@FantasyInFrames

Can't think of a better way to start the weekend than Fridays on the Farm. Our fantasy prospect expert Damian tak…

Ultimate Autographs ‏@Ultimategraphs

⚾ Just added to our 2020 Chicago Autograph Show ⚾ @tigers legend Denny McLain! 🏆 3x All-Star 🏆 2x AL Cy Young 🏆 '…

Jody Bleicher ‏@jmbleich

@tigers @JAJimenez27 Happy birthday 🎂🎈🎉⚾🐯 can't wait for baseball season!!

𝙘𝙪𝙟𝙤.🐐 ‏@cujoknows

⚾ POLL: Are the Houston Astros trash?

Rich Looby ‏@BobOldisTowel

@achs_fred @iveyjanette_207 @RitchieJon @JerryHeenan @TonyBrunoShow @KevinFrandsen @RR_RicardoFAN @realstevetrev…

Scotty-G ‏@goddard242

Go Stars!!!⚾⚾⚾⚾

Shari Reiniger ‏@fuel2win

A great selection! Lisa is a long time @WBSC Umpire and Umpire Director and is a great umpire, communicator, mentor…

Ⓖⓘⓜⓟ🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲 ‏@Gimpmaker

@KYPatrick721 I can't wait for baseball either. Of course I'll be rooting for the Braves. #ChopOn⚾

Marlene Puaoi ‏@SwiftWriter

@BlackGoesGaming When they ask how we murdered the *pure*, statistics-driven sport of baseball ⚾.

Nerissa Kelly ‏@OfficialNerissa

69 days to opening day. ⚾ #MLB

BDTAllen ‏@BDTAllen

@chelsey81188 I put Gabriel's by the stuff I already have out to take! 💕🏴‍☠️⚾

Softball Castle ‏@SoftballCastle

What a Catch!! Hope she's OK!😳🔥 . . Credit: @softballwon.72 Follow @softballwon for more . . . . . .…

Center field!! ‏@Rounder2016

@OpalLynch15 @MudHens @daz_cameron16 Oh yes!😊⚾

Joshua Albarran ‏@JoshX1993

@TanyaRivero Hmm, not the way @Mets fans (like you Tanya) want it to see this week, but I still believe Carlos Belt…

Mick Simpson ‏@CoachMSimpson

⚾ Pre-Season Training @643KC 💪 -

Zest 😍😍 ‏@Zest23584033

Grow your Twitter Audience Now 🍑🍆💦 🏁🏁100 Retweet = 150 Follower⚾ 🏁🏁200 Retweet = 300 Follower⚾ 🏁🏁300 Retweet = 500…


Only 3 days left until #Baseball begins! ⚾ Are you ready? #FHSAA

Little Rock Baseball ‏@LittleRockBSB

Four weeks from right now, we play ⚾. The countdown is on. #LittleRocksTeam

Michel Porter ‏@michelporter13

Can't wait. ⚾🦅❤️

rod ‏@_mergeRED

Happy 12th Birthday Son! 🏀⚾

🏖Will Kennedy💙💚 ‏@willkennedynews

My 👀 from the stage for the @GoArgos spring sports preview! ⚾⛳🎾 What a great turnout!! Thanks to our friends…

Aerie ‏@Aerie

It’s about time! Congrats to Alyssa Nakken for making history as the first full-time female coach in MLB history! ⚾…

Oliver Darko ‏@oliver_drk

@AdotSad @neontaster @benshapiro Never forget baseballcrank - the unofficial ambassador of bad faith. ⚾

Seaton Bryan ‏@BrotherBoil

@9_volt_ Dude, I love Rusty's Real Deal Baseball. 🐶 ⚾

Kathy ‏@kathyvl_

I can't wait to watch baseball again ⚾💕

ReggieBFitness ‏@ReggieBFitness

🔥 Having fun and incorporating some calisthenics tricks with my Acrobatic flips. - ⚾ Like and comment below on what…

Longworth Sports ‏@LongworthSports

The 112 Trucker is Richardson's most popular off field cap! Outfit your fans with these! Can we mock up a design…

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