Bear Face Emoji

A cute bear face, displayed more like a teddy bear emoji than an accurate depiction of a real bear.

Bear Face was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

🐻 Cute Bear

🐻 Teddy Bear


🐻 U+1F43B




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🌙제이바라기✨ #엑소8주년축하해🎉❤️ ‏@jaeraindrops

🐻the alcohol level 🦊does it mean that it's 50 times difficult? 🐥the person drinks 50% (alcohol) and when they're dr…

Chris Geer #missmayhem ‏@ChrisGeer4

Feel good for the day- have teddy bears in my picture window for the kiddos "bear hunt." Today a tot saw them and…

「singularity⁷」 #ARSD📌 ‏@vantaeste

feeding his baby bear🐻🥺

yoshiko ‏@woody_youn

🦊hello. my name is seungyoun. my group’s name is UNIQ. i am... 🐻why does this feel so cringey already 🦊i am in char…

Adeknya Selena Gomez ‏@timeneuphoria

@BebeRexha : who is your favorite western artist? 🐰: YOU!!!! 🦊: I love @sza 🐰: I like @ShawnMendes 🐿: I like…

℘!т ‏@blushit101

good morning my sweetie bear 🐻

ShadowFoxx ‏@Foreverloved961

Come and see Ṩккү🐻🐾's LIVE in #BIGOLIVE

Jim Harmes ‏@JRArmes

@DavidCPoynter Delicious 🐻

Interjection: ‏@StalwartXray

I just backed Storm the Gate: Woodland Warfare 🐰🦊🐻 on @Kickstarter

Actress Jessi Support Team 👑 || Alexx🦅🇵🇦 ‏@raoluxwh

It's only fitting bless to your timelines with my favorite pictures 😩👏 #HappyWoojinDay #HappyJonghyunDay 🐻👼💚

💫Follow Help💫 ‏@rizickyusup21


Elise S☀️📚 ‏@optobruin

@MaddowBlog Thanks for reporting on California! 🐻

Curse of Sebs ‏@CurseofSebs

@DBadcrumble Fighters already can use all the weapons. This allows specialisation for a group of weapons such as bl…

Actress Jessi Support Team 👑 || Alexx🦅🇵🇦 ‏@raoluxwh

April 8 only gives birth to heart robbers, and they always come after my poor helpless heart. #HappyJonghyunDay…

ruby // tine_chic ♡ ‏@heyimaphander

@woooojinn happy birthday bear 🐻💕

Syeda Jahan⁷ ‏@JeonsJahan

@mozzikv He looks like a bear 🐻

Pia ♡ 𝐰𝐨𝐨𝐬𝐚𝐧 ‏@springkle_diary

happy birthday papa bear!🐻🥳💘 #happywoojinday #ourshiningstarwoojin #우리_진짜_좋아하는_우진이 #우리_천사_우진이_생축 #happywoobearday…

Ana María. ‏@anamordonez15

@isabelrestrepod Totaaall😂🐻

Kay.Loop_ ‏@kay_loop

Come and see Ṩккү🐻🐾's LIVE in #BIGOLIVE: #music Im baacckk 😈

Riani🍁 ‏@Streskids_

happy birthday woojin my papa bear🥳🐻🎉 #우린_항상_너의편이야_우진아_생일축하해 #HappyWooBearDay #HappyKimWoojinDay @woooojinn

EMGG Sensei Swishem 💯 ‏@Emilyswishem

MFAM tourney was so fun, huge thanks to nick for hosting and the mods for helping. To everyone who competed, we wil…

Sacrifice ‏@sSacrifice_

Shoutout to all the mods and @NICKMERCS for all the hard work and the opportunity! ❤️🐻

พี่หมีน้องพีช ᵔᴥᵔ ²⁹⁷⁷ ‏@johnnyxjaehyun

Good Morning My Sunshine 💚✨🌿🌼🌸🌺💐🌈☀️☁️🐻💕

JJ || WOOJIN & JESS DAY 🐻 ‏@ABlackParadise1

Happy birthday to this one 🐻❤ #우린_항상_너의편이야_우진아_생일축하해 #HappyWooBearDay #HappyKimWoojinDay

Bear Bear ‏@BearBea40941831

🐻 So If You Die In Car Accident It's CoronaVirus?

linda⁷🌸☺️💜 ‏@LaVenderMoon_V

JungKook feeding the baby bear TaeTae 🐻☺️💜

Nick ‏@xSupersoaker

Took 5th in the #MFAM Gauntlet tourney w/ @sSacrifice_ and @Im_Infiinite :] First time playing in something like th…

Dawn Cunningham ‏@dawn2dusk2dawn

@KrisBryant_23 It would be kind of cool/fun if Baby Bryant made his debut on April 17th. I’d bet @Jess__bryant woul…

Jon ‏@JKane26

If the @ChicagoBears can’t get A.J. Terrell in the draft, I’d love to see Pace bring in Logan Ryan. He is a game ch…

Shawn Moodie 🤷‍♂️ ‏@shawnmoodie

Our house is too far away from the road to put a teddy bear in the window. 🐻 #teddybearhunt #teddybear #bearhunt2020

Mailany Ismaila ‏@MailanySantana

Happy Birthday My Bear 🐻❤🎉🎂 #HappyWoojinDay #HappyBirthdayWoojin

MJO ‏@mckinleyj

@MightyAlaskaUte @dGod23 Waiting.... 🐻 🦊

Luiza Grazziotin ‏@LuizaGrazziotin

Ah! And if you adventure in #bear territory or just would love to learn more about 🐻s: Bear attacks by Stephen Her…

austyn ‏@austynnicolle

Just!!!! Ordered!!!! A!!!! Switch!!!!! Can’t wait to play animal crossing 🐸🐻🐱🐰🐭🐼🐺

Sara Halama ‏@HalamaSara

@LaurmilaUpdates Time to manifest some positive vibes! 🌚🎤🕊♥️🐻🐰☮️


200407 #KUN’s Instagram with #LUCAS “blue&white 🐻 & 🦁”

Nick Lopez ‏@koy_ryeong9

My crush 🐻🤓

BU23 ‏@BU_23_

@JalenWi04639937 @CoachDJ_ SicEm 🐻⭐️

Kᴏᴛᴀ ɪRᴀᴅɪᴏ Nᴇᴛᴡᴏʀᴋ*™️ ‏@KotaiRadioNetWK

@TheDannyCage Inspirational Music to fill the Soul. 💪🏽🐻🤘🏽

Kaitlyn D. ‏@kait_10d

Happy birthday Kim Woojin 🐻💖🎉 #HappyWoojinDay #KIMWOOJIN #HappyBirthdayWoojin

HANJIS DAH KETEMU!⁰³²⁵ ‏@kimyohanjisung

Happy birthday to our beloved bear🐻💫 #우린_항상_너의편이야_우진아_생일축하해 #HappyWooBearDay #HappyKimWoojinDay

jasmine➰ ‏@jasminelozano07

Just wanted to share with everyone that I am officially #berkeleybound 🥳 Couldn’t be more excited for this next pha…

BJU Bruins ‏@BJUBruins

Still more time to vote! 🐻

loveaffair ‏@loveaffair104

Sweet moment🐻🦁 cr:logo #2wishเดททิพย์

𝐛𝐫𝐢𝐭⁷ ♡ woojin + jjong day! ‏@mikrohwas

happy woojin day !! 🌈🐻🌟

taekook 💭 ‏@taekookmemories

Jungkook feeding the Winter Bear 🐻

COMPETITOR ‏@CompeteJess

@DC_PoliceDogs Good job ❤️🐾❤️🐻

朴灿灿 ‏@Rc5T4DVpEk5z9TS

EXO we are one!🥳🎉🍓🍒🐯🐿🐻💎👍❤️

XashasaurusXrexX ‏@xashasaurus

@gamerw0z @ExolvedEsports I hope you feel better soon w0zzy bear 🐻 ❤️

Asshunter23 ‏@Asshunter231

@hairyartist I always love to hang with you, baby! 🍆🍑💪🐻😍😍😍

akusya🌷 ‏@ninuminnie

@woooojinn HAPPY BIRTHDAYY🐻💕🎉

sabrina ‏@celerydays

Yay finished a new DTIYS on IG 🐻✨

🧇 ‏@wafflejwoo

good morning !! here are my 2 ultis to start ur day 🐻 hope everyone have a great day and im vv free to entertain y…

MHS Belles ‏@MHSBelles

Our first team member for the sophomore celebration is Hanzi Castro 🐻💜✨

🐣 ‏@_izmiy

@woooojinn happy birthday my🐻.. I'm sorry because I couldn't come to your first fan meet. I hope you stay healthy a…

Wren ¦ Watch The Untamed 🐰 ‏@EssentialKpop

His smile is everything, I love him so much 💖 Happy birthday Jonghyun~ 🐻 #HappyJonghyunDay

MHS Belles ‏@MHSBelles

Our final team member for the freshman celebration is Kaylyn Vidal 🐻💜✨

Sᴛᴇᴘʜᴀɴɪᴇ. 🦚 ‏@stephanator_89

Look at this baby lion bear🤧🤧🤧🐻

Shy🦋 ‏@shy_shyb

Felt this in my soul 💙🐻

BHS Information ‏@hpbaldwinhs

A belated Congratulations 🌺 to January Students of the month‼️ Your peers selected you because of the “Aloha” that…

NAZ Elevate ‏@PKjensenAZ

@ArizonaBaseball Oh Man NICE JOB! 😂💀💯🐻⬇️

antrdz ‏@antrdz3

@HunterScottXXX Well Stay Safe and thank you for your hard work during this Pandemic. Your efforts and your coworke…

Acy Big Dawg ‏@acyflockaveli

@adamrank @ChrisJohnson28 @BarrySanders @walterpayton @RandyMoss @terrellowens @Terrell_Davis Walter Payton 🐻, Rand…

FC Counseling Center ‏@FC_Counseling

@_mallorywatson_ @FCGrizXCTF Super exciting!! This counselor is a former Lady Woodman and worked with your mom at G…

Staying Home Is My Jam ♈️🤎✡️ ‏@AAries122112

@DemocracyInn Yes! 🌞 🐻 Because he acted fast back in February And he’s not an idiot. Thank you @CAgovernor @GavinNewsom

El Sándwich de Jamón ‏@goin_jamon

Today's your birthday!! Hope you're happy and surrounded with supportive ppl 🤩 SOOO looking forward to your next mo…

Lauren Screeden ‏@lscreeden

Big thanks to all of you awesome @ChicagoBears fans who submitted questions for us to answer on @InsideTheBears ov…

vianne ‏@Ilovelixforever

Happy Birthday to my cutie bear🐻♥️ tysm for everything u did to us, we always support and love u💕 be healthy, be ha…

Khalia Powell ‏@khaliapowell1

same 💖🎵🐻

akusya🌷 ‏@ninuminnie


≋pia⁰³²⁵💙 ‏@piapi__

🐻🎉 HAPPY BIRTHDAY WOOJIN 🎉🐻 I'm sure tiny woojin would be proud of you, just like we are and hopefully you too 💙💛…

Ri ‏@ri_diarmadhi

@hofmanndeg 😍🥰 I wanna be the 🐻 😝

Stephen Speck ‏@MantisMMA24

HUGE news for my dear friend @SeanHendricks34! Couldn’t be prouder, but not surprised; he’s simply an extraordinary…

ulap ‏@ulap_apache

a glimpse of the local goverment's response to the needs of their people... 🧡🐻

Pocket Cub. ‏@PcketCub

@nyagamun Woof! 🐻❤️🤤

Cujo Kate/⬇️⬆️👟Yeaoo ‏@Cujo_Kate

🌛🐻 It's @TEKKEN  Open Endless Lobby. Chat and Play. @BandaiNamcoUS 🐼 🎮👾⭐ 🐯🌜

Mountain View Elem. ‏@MVE_Bears

Mrs. Gay’s challenge today...say THANK YOU to all of our essential workers by making at sign, card, or poster and s…

jayden 𓆉 ‏@jaydenmxo

no matter what happened.. the #mfamgauntlet is one of the most amazing opportunities.. thank you @NICKMERCS and all…

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