Billed Cap Emoji

Billed Cap was approved as part of Unicode 10.0 in 2017 and added to Emoji 5.0 in 2017.

🚩 New in 2017. Requires an updated operating system.

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Also Known As

🧢 Baseball Cap


🧢 U+1F9E2


Tweets For 🧢

pookie betts ‏@rybisgod

@Nic_El_Guapo10 Luka finna have him burnt and retired 🚫🧢

🅰🅺🆆🅰 🅼🅰🅽 ‏@ClassicMulf

@CHI_JI0_KE @Gee12drapshit @Dot_Dany @langy3544 @SiPhillipsSport @TheAthleticUK Most definitely. DDG last season is…

Big Will ‏@1600_Blast_Ave

I use to wear all black low top ones because I wanted to be prepared for all bullshit 🚫 🧢

LaFlare🇩🇯 ‏@FkmAbdullahi

@_amirali12 🧢 since u have all my artists 🥱

motchill ‏@motchill2

@AleeMuhammed1 No 🧢 No need for argument

Ricky☘️ ‏@rgtr3s

Ok but whenever me and @thomas2jz find out who broke @joseramos23002 heart we finna put her on a mf T-Shirt ❌ 🧢

🅒 ‏@PrimetimeBills1

Read the first letter of each Emoji: 👨‍🏫🧢📧 👶🇺🇸🐠🐠👨‍🚀👩‍❤️‍👨🧅 👶🧊👩‍❤️‍👨👩‍❤️‍👨⭐️ 🚶‍♂️🧊👩‍❤️‍👨👩‍❤️‍👨 🚶‍♂️🧊📓…

rihana ‏@yagirlrii

everybody full of 🧢

Kuncho🌊🍃 ‏@ibrahiimm15

I attract a lot of milfs no 🧢 cuz I’m the real deal 😈

Frankie King ♔ ‏@kingkaps7

✌🏻😷 Here's some #MondayMotivaton from #Seahawks @MoneyLynch 💰 #GoHawks 🏈 #12s Peeps! 🤜🏾🤛🏻 🧫 #SocialDistanacing C…

Irv Rodriguez ‏@TheKidIrv24

@VivaBoxiana 🧢 keef at least tries to win 🆎 should be in Destiny's Child cuz he’s a survivor.

Huncho da Plug🔱🤟🏼 ‏@fybhuncho

If you white and you around me you lightskin❌🧢

Matt Damon ‏@Chuck__Skinner

🧢 Danny Dimes and Joe Borrow not 100s? I knew Madden was going downhill, but they’re stuck in rock bottom with spon…

Q ‏@quinngoesHAM

@DownToMarzGuy @treshuppe @BlaqMarquee @FlyThaiMMA @QueenBrwnSgr @ItsMarciaPolite @keithboykin @chancetherapper Super 🧢

ThisTooShallPass ‏@femiomoteso

@kiishiBolaji @Rasheedgotit_23 Mr Duke should I talk??? Or I should take the next convo😌 🧢

dessy. ‏@DessytheBeauti_

First of all y’all put way too much energy into other people’s situations🙄❌🧢

Unicious / bIm ‏@suni_flower_

How long have I had this mdzs 3zun art as my home wallpaper 😭 this is the longest I’ve ever had something as my wallpaper no 🧢

Im from jupiter🤭 ‏@Suckafreemj_

Who ever bout to have dat kid with my ex da goat cause she was talm bout trappin’ me 🚫🧢

〽️A R I A ‏@xfruitypebbles

I don’t do relationships , so if i’m trying with you it’s real 🚫🧢.

Barack Nobama ‏@finest_finesser

stop the 🧢 that shit ride

RoS247 ‏@S247Ro


Freddie ‏@cali_Gates87

This was my energy all this weekend no 🧢

👨🏼‍🚀 ‏@BRose003

Either you trapping or you capping 🧢

xen 🇧🇧 ‏@xenbruv

@North6822 love that from my operation spy games trio🚫🧢💯

Timothy 💔 ‏@shesdabomb

@icunv_jas Yeah take it dere 😭😂❌🧢

Ju🤯 ‏@Littleclutch4

The truth has finally came into the light lmao no 🧢

Duke Desdunes ‏@DukeDesdunes

🚫🧢 its annoying now smh!


sike nah let me stop 🧢

Daytona Tortugas ‏@daytonatortugas

ATTENTION, 🧢 FANS: We have teamed with 27 @milb teams for a mystery hat giveaway! It’s a way to say thank you & sho…

🥀Webst🌟🪐 ‏@YungFlyBoi1

@King__Jasmine 🧢,but I hear u

Shirley ‏@diamondqii

No 🧢.. but i wouldn’t mind at all for the right mf.

cripwalk$ ‏@cripwalk4

@arianaa_c19 big tits you mean* nah u pretty no 🧢

Bandman1200 ‏@thrash_keith

A mf wouldn’t know if I’m up $20 or 20k cause I move the same either way ❌🧢‼️

RP ‏@iReacePritchett

Most OP 1v1 nigga of all time😹🚫🧢

Icy 🏝❄️ 7th pick ‏@23rdwonder

@Chat_Mort @jackedbillgamin This is no cap ❌🧢

King. ‏@KingKeelaM

❌🧢 that’s why I can’t wait to take a trip to the Somolia

Chuck DeBroder-Certified Meteorologist ‏@ChuckDeBroder

UV RADIATION ALERT Ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun is expected to be unusually intense. Strongly recommends…

Io Bradley ‏@PoloYo_3

“Wya” be giving me set up vibes 🚫🧢

adam johnson ‏@oneluvaj

@ErrolSpenceJr Clout chasin. Cat been Usain Bolt for years, now he 🧢. Meanwhile, no mentions of Crawford. No one believes u “keef” stop.

J. Silva📍🇬🇧 ‏@J13inc

@BGlobeSports I became a #Redskins fan from a 🧢 I had at a tender age & I never forgot that logo. Fascinated by Nat…

BlueFriendss💎🥶💙♿️💰 ‏@bluefriendss

That’s no 🧢💯

Cameron Smith M.Ed ‏@Cam_Got_Handz5

If u ever wore a visor u 🧢 if u say u can breathe regularly in that hoe let alone they tryin to add another one

LeeTosh ‏@leetosh8

Joe Holmes is a prick no 🧢

World Roy ‏@WorldRoy

@Purextasy__ @AfroAmericanJay @Scarfjr87 @BalenciagaMyke @RegalCourtier7 All you niggas is 🧢 we do that consciously…

Mexican Mamba ‏@MrCA24

@NBAMemes I see no 🧢 there

cristian ‏@karla_arroyo10

I’m bored I’m litsining to rockstar by DaBaby on repeat 🚫🧢

Khassé ‏@Shyff_

Best song on the project no 🧢

Slim Lord ‏@SlimLord9

@maladyvalentine My nigga did his shit ❌ 🧢

Ashtrocyte ‏@Ashtroworld

@AdamCassie2 No 🧢 bro 😂😂

Gutta Shit...✍🏾🦍 ‏@BigNerooo1

Gotta go the other way when you see me ❌🧢

Mc Talk ‏@Iammctalk

You don’t tell a poor man to clam down while complaining in bank ooo They complain as if they have millions in th…

ßanks ‏@Banky_dave

Thanks @investbamboo No 🧢 You know I actually feel like buying Bamboo stock on the Bamboo app 🤣🤣 They are doing we…

Maya Shehata ‏@mayashehataa

@ibrodhaibi Driving is one of the most stressful things no 🧢

Mel ‏@MelanieLzn

@EBermudez__ Damn, this mans be straight 🧢

nathaniel. ‏@Nathaniel_XII

@yoseherrera5 all 🧢 2016 was better

THE KING🤴🏾🏆✨ ‏@1600Percent

I think Twitter bitches the worse bitches in the world to be with no cap 🧢

PAPA SAHN 🎲🅿️ ‏@Glosahn

Aint even 21 n got these grown niggas followin my lead 🚫🧢

Éthæn Byrd ‏@Ethan_Byrd26

Idk she talkin about🥱 I’ll deadass show up at 3am w food if shes lonley or feeling sad 🚫 🧢

Smooth ‏@JustSmooth8

@_azariii_ @Malik_Jackson1 @PigSkinFBleague Stop the cap 🧢

Pure ‏@xdItWasTaken

@numral @RDBenji dang bro actually fye, remember me when you blow up 🚫🧢🔥

LMT Xempos 💎 ‏@xempos

outcast boutta go crazy no 🧢

Mance ‏@Mancey_13

I want that hat 🧢

Marvin Cheng ‏@MarvinCheng8

@GhostAIO ready to COOK 🧢 #nomorecookiee

THE KING🤴🏾🏆✨ ‏@1600Percent

See what I mean when I say twitter Bitches talk to much on here don’t speak about me to the world fuck all that no…

levanter ‏@1stlevanter

cap boy on the runnnnn 💥🧢 ty krub !#.NewProfilePic

Tyler Garcia ‏@Tyler_Garcia2

My goal is to be the greatest trader in the world. I’m gonna be a millionaire and give my wife everything she des…

Jdot ‏@LarkinHosey

@Tha_Hustlah This shit crazy 😭 like we know u and ya situations .. quit 🧢 so much

Kaptain Kapper 🍥 ‏@KaptainKapper

📤eSports Adding: CS:GO LiveBet Endpoint Map1 +2.5 -135 vs Forze RTW $1000 Currently Endpoint is up 2-1 on Infern…

Loyal badd ❤ ‏@LOYALBADD7

I was supposed to do business with this girl yesterday buy a couple outfits from her after I have her my address She never came lmao 😂 #🧢

i like women. ‏@MrBossyBush

@uriah49590681 @YeezyTaughtMe72 🧢 drake literally wasn’t born here

Zamani Music. ‏@zamanixmusic

@MoneyBaggYo No cap 🧢

ahsanbarbarian and 78 others ‏@ahsanbarbarian

@fka_lana The penguins have decided that you are capping 🧢 and us drill is superior

Stereotyped.Ent ‏@StereotypedEnt

Just cause I don’t talk to you doesn’t mean ..I don’t wanna see you winning🚫🧢 Truth is I Wanna see everybody winning just not in my race 💯

Trilogy ‏@JayYoung_O

@brtnydmnq @brtnydmnq please stop the 🧢

grace👿 ‏@_gracefinnerty

the best account on twitter no 🧢

Jdot ‏@LarkinHosey

Y’all be so 🧢 on here sheeesh lol

Boysenberry Jam ‏@snick527

@layahj_ that’s 🧢

S.I.P G.E & Aunt Kim ‏@noiifreshh

Another example of putting your time into the right things ❌🧢

R͓̽e͓̽e͓̽k͓̽.͓̽ ‏@SenseiReek

I’ve played that new @Donnynnon 20x already no fucking 🧢! Bruh is special!!

C.Carter ‏@LingoLofton

No 🧢!!! Already waiting on the sequel

Sangre Fría ‏@stevenstoofresh

🧢 messy

Jennifer giannone ‏@Jenngiannone8

The best thing i did was start following juicy j, this man will make a statement and then be like no cappuccino 🧢 a…

$ir ‏@tayrix

@xoxashli bcus it’s 🧢

𝖘𝖆𝖒𝖎 ⎊ ‏@andtheycallmex

cap 🧢 literally 📖 spilled ☕ here ✔️ , he 🙍‍♂️ created 🎸 the 🎺 accords 📝 created 👍 ultron 🤖 , he 👨‍🦲 has 🤔 always ‼️…

Urameshi 💥 ‏@LuisArmando0258

Sakurajima is best girl, no 🧢

Ran💲om Records™️ ‏@_HotBoyRed

This is my world 🚫🧢

BIG $KI ‏@teamtrendy1

Lol I ain’t gone lie juss cuz somebody died atl ain’t no hatin ass city.. stop da 🧢

🅿️. Smoove 😎 ‏@ILove_LiLTjones

No 🧢 this drill will have your off hand 🔥

Vibes🥀 ‏@BVC_Nico

@Auxbio @webbygayl @Goldyboy50 @HexZeal Me reading these comments then seeing @Goldyboy50 telling me to tuck my cha…

EMINƎM ‏@UmarMaishanu02

Think about the future, forget the past tense cos when you make cash na that time you make sense 🧢

Jack Daddy 😜💦♍️ ‏@CaptinJack_15

@ShyGlizzy and @LILUZIVERT collab would be 🔥🔥🔥🔥 I’m sure that Roc Nation shit is just a big misunderstanding no 🧢

TMC🏁 ‏@DavidMurekezi

@Xathoron1 @Starstress @Bbrbbrbbr3 @OhReallyEliza @Redskins No 🧢 I was one of the few saying everyone should draft…

ᴛʙᴀɴɢᴀ♕❤︎. ‏@tatiannamarie_

🧢 ASS niggas😭🙅🏾‍♀️

💋🥀ℑ𝔱’𝔰 𝔐𝔢𝔯𝔠𝔢𝔡𝔢𝔰🔥🖤 ‏@dontatme95

Anyone down to play some GTA.? Swear im not garbage.! 😂🚫🧢 #gta5 #gtaonline #RockstarGames

DAZEMEOUT ‏@dazemeout

All my homegirls are fucken cute that’s no 🧢.

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