Billed Cap Emoji

Billed Cap was approved as part of Unicode 10.0 in 2017 and added to Emoji 5.0 in 2017.

🚩 New in 2017. Requires an updated operating system.

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Also Known As

🧢 Baseball Cap


🧢 U+1F9E2


Tweets For 🧢

J♌️🇵🇷 ‏@95JYCT

If your girl don’t motivate you for guys night she not the one 🚫🧢

taddie ✨👑 ‏@taddieeee

these niggas gotta understand i’m not sharing this girl i’ll off their mf heads 🚫🧢

Hailey Boisvert ‏@boisvert_hailey

@mason_sandmeyer @Robles_PFlacko Yeah I wanna have sex 😤🧢

Montez ‏@TcleanTv

@RayTheGreat Why did this just notify me rn Twitter a 🧢 4️⃣0️⃣

Last OG Unreal ‏@LastUnreal

@wavechristian @Enitodun @victor_james1 Bro na you be the poor man for there na 🧢 who else?

Crıstııan187🖤 ‏@GrizzIDK

No cap 🧢. We opening our third eyes n shit. 🙌

Sarah Havenga ‏@Sarah92796549

@LukeBryanOnline This is the face of passion, living his dream. And he his BLESSED with the gift that God gave him…

♛ ‏@wujuclouds

one of my irl replied to one of my insta stories with "no 🧢" ... we're in italy

linds 💫 ‏@gemiwhylinds

@joel_haokip my friend is a Leo and I told him about Yang and he liked him. he’s not really the political type but…

Amlynne ‏@Amlynne1

Is Dan Price in the yang gang that would be so wonderful 🧢☂️❤️

вσвву ‏@i2Vintage

me and David wait out yet in the club bro he got a bitches snugger 🚫🧢

Shyste ‏@Shyste_

@AyoLive_ Timmy should be you new duo 🚫🧢

slim jimpanzee ‏@Lilyisntdead

@crunchycoochie @jhoomarrr happy birthday 😤❌🧢

KY💉💉 ‏@KYTattooman

I need sumn in my life to change💯🚫🧢

Dennis Zeitz ‏@rifz42

@BardiaBA @AussiesForYang @AndrewYang I read the free sci-fi short Manna and then I heard Andrew Yang was running o…

OBOson #7 ‏@GadoCaptain

Y'all still remember when ur MCM took boluwatife's StarBoy chain he gave to him nd he was maltreating his baby mama…

32 ‏@slobzyZA

Need some aimbot setting on controller 🗑🚫🧢

Shwizz++ ‏@Shwizz_Garnett

I might just hit saks fifth and spend a couple racks quick 🚫🧢💰

WHO ASKIN ‏@FoeDoeCuhz

@SuspensionBae_ 🧢, you missed me, Vegas missed me. I ain’t miss y’all back though 🤨

Hardaway ‏@Shootsmileyy

No cap 🧢

youngboy ncaa ‏@spooky_spectres

target tori kinda nice with it 🚫🧢

Garrett ‏@alalalonzo

I just left my gym about 5 minutes ago (crackhead hours) and pulling outta the lot there is a Jack in the Box near…

WaveyP ‏@PootWitAThoot

When im in the A im definitely coming to holla at you🚫🧢 You giving out blessings🙏🏾

🍦🦍 ‏@LanesTreager

Gang gang, even tho I hate that phrase, no 🧢, even tho I hate that one too. 💯.

Benjiiiiii Talk🔌⚖️ ‏@2kYayyay

Thinkin Bout , Dem Licks I Hit , I HAD TOO‼️❌🧢

Rush ‏@LetsRushThemEh

@MaxinesVibez Literally I'm the best twerker around bruh no 🧢

Emmanuel Steve ‏@Talk2coded

@deejayneptune @YouTube The cap 🧢 man


Man I’m telling ya I’m boutta start telling these bitches go check in to a mental institution ❌🧢

SherBit ‏@LilSherbit

Mans cracked no 🧢

frPHER👾 ‏@frpherr

Mans in the middle enjoying the view🚫🧢

Spratt ‏@justinspratt

Seems I'd be part of the 🧢 gang if I voted Democrat. But, I still don't get why a federal registry for firearms wo…

Swave ‏@Humble_Papi

@juuustz That’s 🧢 🙄

Akua ‏@NanaAkuaDonkor

No cap 🧢


My New Hats @msimscollection Thank you🙏🙏🙏 #mykesimscollection #myke #djyuk #🧢 #atl #atlanta #esent 場所: Atlanta, G…

TBG _Rj ‏@CoolAhhRj_

Bitch you a lie.. you ain’t getting a 40$ ball, a 444, ya pussy ate until you wet this dick no 🧢

Lo’ ‏@latinhndrx


RyanTweets🧢☂️ ‏@Ryan96Daguplo

@BarackObama @MichelleObama Wouldn’t be something if @BarackObama endorsed @AndrewYang 🧢😅

k ‏@ktnard1

One Thing I Can’t Do Is Let Ah Nigga Owe Me Another I Can’t Do Is Let A Hoe Control Me ✅🤷🏾‍♂️🚫🧢

TacoGodRaw💫 ‏@YaBoiRaw25

🚫🧢 ain’t nobody tryna hear that shit 😂

𝐣𝐚𝐳 ✿ ‏@POTASSlUM

logan really is the only person on twitter with square twitter 🚫🧢 he said 🟦🐦

Chris Howarth ‏@Chris_D_Howarth

@ClopoyaurTV 😂😂😂 🧢 I think you need to make clops available for the Clopo crew to purchase !!!

RyanTweets🧢☂️ ‏@Ryan96Daguplo

@LeR3ap3r @Johnny_Mik @BarackObama @MichelleObama Perhaps Andrew Yang? 🧢

Mohammed Huzien ‏@HuzienMohammed

@heartbeatshood He looks 14 no cap 🧢

Daniel Camarena🇲🇽 ‏@Camarena_12

This the longest I’ve let my hair grow in a while so dont question why I’m always wearing hats 🧢😅

🧩 ‏@speakingofgorg

I just be seeing shit & smh cause y you 🧢 on the internet fo

Mari Miller ‏@resq4life

@WhoIsAndrewYang So SPOT ON 👍🧢❤️💥😎

taym🔥 ‏@yourstrulytayM

all mfs do is 🤥 & 🧢 .. 🧢 & 🤥 !!!!

Iceberg Slim ‏@koolbreeze2178

@k___nichole Ain't nothing like us chocolate me🚫🧢

🐴 ‏@lilstingyy

no sleeping season approaching very slowly but surely 🚫🧢

Quinn K🧢☂️🇳🇱 ‏@Quin_K_73

@ZachandMattShow You guys rock 🧢☂️🇳🇱🇺🇸

Dlo Greedy 💰 ‏@LoudHere

@stxfny Full fledge 🧢

Notoriety 🤬🤬🤬 ‏@MacDonaald

No body works harder than @davido He deserves everything he getting No cap 🧢

Scene Kid Overlord ‏@kickingpuppiez

this what happens when you drop a sex tape. no cap 🚫🧢

Jayroze ‏@Jtheroyalty

@machinegunkelly instead of reacting to the diss like a kid .. respond to @Eminem or Stfu !! 🚫🧢

Sarah Havenga ‏@Sarah92796549

He can be all the super heroes in my life💥🌐🧢

yung bank ♠️🎸🧡 ‏@cmg_acee

Can’t 🧢

𝓜𝓪𝓷𝓷𝔂🍻 ‏@mannyy_20

I recommend y’all to go watch “ Bad Boys For Life” 🚫🧢

BezzleOTX ‏@BezzleSesh

❌🧢 I’m going to sleep. All y’all some hot ass g shit, you think you lit. Wager [email protected] #Freecash

Claire Marie Smith ‏@redvixen100

@wh1974 It took all my evenings! It’s great. I can’t find anything as good since. 🧢

slik🎒 ‏@6senseslic

Niggas 🧢 af 😂

Mosey ‏@Moseyyyyy

@Olajuwon_X ❌🧢 that’s why I quit

Metroz ‏@MetrozFNBR

Got like 7th in the hype cup that means I get to put hype points in my bio 🤟🏽🤟🏽🤟🏽❌🧢🔥❌🧢🔥❌🧢🔥🧢🧢

G O D W I L L I N 🕊 ‏@BelaireWilsonIV

Deffo changed for da better❌🧢

Jonathan “Stitzy” Stahl ‏@Stitzyy

@SnakeInMyBooth “God of Greatness” LOL 🧢

Kayzo🤙🏾 ‏@qveenky___

Don’t ever put yo all into a bitch cus she gone leave you ❌❌🧢

Joseph Yuhas II ‏@Yuhas714

If you ain’t watched the hate u give you need to watch that shit that movie was good asf🚫🧢

Mari Miller ‏@resq4life

@lydialiiuu @AndrewSolender @nytimes This is it! Wow we won the most to participate by a long shot❤️💣❤️🧢🧢🧢🧢 Gonna b…

Javi🌠 ‏@j_elo0311

No time for sketchy vibes 2020🚫🧢

mrgetdough ‏@_chrisdiaz_

@Universal_Lore No cap 🧢 rn ain’t the time either bro 🗣

Fastmusic Fway ⚡️ ‏@Fway954

No cap 🧢

Spike’s right index finger ‏@spikesglock

makoto shinkai did it again. weathering with you was a good ass movie no 🧢

💂‍♀️ ‏@C1AL4E

Opps aint seein money like me ❌🧢

Sarah Havenga ‏@Sarah92796549

That smile turns my world around🌐💥🧢

Sarah Havenga ‏@Sarah92796549

I love every performance he St of on this song💞💋🧢

__JB_SIA_X🦅 ‏@__jb_sia__x_

@bagboyrules No cap 🧢 😂

Whatleyy  ‏@_whatleyyy

You broke that bond now when it come to you my feelings weak, You let your selfish ways come in between our chemist…

YT: Diamond DaGreat ‏@Im_QueenBeee

Im old asf no 🧢. 😭

𝖆𝖑𝖊𝖝 • no.1 shoji stan ‏@indesighsive


BUJ ‏@ikayy_e

@BourneRedyWantE @Iam_Elmander @ManUtdInPidgin Sew a nice trad for your 🧢 young man

FPL Lökömötiv ‏@FplKontan

One of the reason to 🧢 Kun again?

Awareness Tips ‏@AwarenessTips

⏰ VIP Milwaukee @ Brooklyn *D.Jordan out tonight When Jarret Allen get big minutes,he could score easy bucket f…

Darth_Smokey ‏@itssmokeyyy_

Well @attlas at @ShadyParkTempe was dope! @YourGhostEffect absolutely slayed his set wow that was incredi…

Sarah Havenga ‏@Sarah92796549

@TasteOfCountry @LukeBryanOnline Of to do the shopping for the weekend. Get home kick my 👠off. Jump in the shower.…

Jet. ‏@jetrudeze

@Zig_Xag @hernandezisaac8 @riso24 Weird how you want to bring all this up now that he’s engaged. I smell cap 🧢

x. ‏@jordanbleux

@Alanthegump 3 nights at the hotel motel holiday inn be hitting 🚫🧢

Kiah Réyan ‏@_yallthatskiah

@chrisfromstl he did no 🧢. he fine tho 😩

justin ‏@_Jussstin_fml

@DutchMastaRolla @J4SON20 No cap 🧢 that bitch was weeet 💀

Dave-y. ‏@anilhaq


FPL Lökömötiv ‏@FplKontan

100% i will be captaining Vardy until i read this. So, Aguero again this week for 🧢? 😅

FPL Family (Lee) ‏@FPLFamily

🔒 GW23 #FPL Team 🔒 Guaita/Abraham 🔁 Ings/McCarthy 📍2.3m ITB ready for DGW 💰 📍Vardy (c) 🧢 📍Play Lundstrum or Gr…

Tschinken ‏@Tschiiinken

There's no better feeling than playing on a new mouse pad no 🧢

the p4🌸 ‏@thep4_

@Blurrkaebi bit of a stinky first kill 🚫🧢

Jin cult / HOSEOK LOCKDOWN NOW ‏@seokjinsduality

If I see any solo stans get barricade this tour I’m STOMPING your ass OUT no 🧢.

Da Joker 2.0🐶 ‏@CameronBankhea4

🚫🧢 that’s why it’s 2:37am & my insomniac ass mad ion got a shorty here

Ablebae💊 💊 ‏@Dlaureate

A reminder that Johnny Drille makes the best love music in Nigeria. No 🧢

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