Billed Cap Emoji

Billed Cap was approved as part of Unicode 10.0 in 2017 and added to Emoji 5.0 in 2017.

🚩 New in 2017. Requires an updated operating system.

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Also Known As

🧢 Baseball Cap


🧢 U+1F9E2


Tweets For 🧢

🦅! ‏@Cxty_hunter

Never trip over shit you can’t control. 🧢


If Y’all Need A Plug Come To Me, My Plugs Make Babies No Cap ❌🧢😂

Reem #MoneyBagg ‏@moneybagram

@krunkjuice11 @MrR3m0 Bruhhh this is the one. I’m finna spend my scholarships on her no 🧢

Verily Grey 🎧📚🧢🐳 ‏@Verily_Grey

@TASKYL1 @audronomyte @RyanKendrickYT Lol fair enough fam.💙🧢✌

Big Drop ‏@ForeverTimea_

@ChasFineAss Text him that and post it I starting to think y’all 🧢

Buff Joe ‏@BuffJoe2

@SomeUglyNigga No Cap 🧢

JWave ‏@JParker4_

I don took every loss on the chin.. perseverance the word of my life ❌🧢

scarlet ‏@notscarlet1

i’m blockin every stranger who follows me 🚫🧢

Big Drop ‏@ForeverTimea_

To be real I think all them cousins really 🧢 where the action at.

Pooh Bear (999) ‏@poohbear443

Just What I Am 🚫🧢

Cri 🎬 ‏@CPThreee

Air dryers are a must 🚫🧢

〽️oney Hungry 💰 ‏@MoneyMan_Q

I fw @MoneyMan he be speaking that real shit , that plug life fr nigga said first time i went to Cali I found a plu…

Don Dada ‏@papi_negrito

@lildurk never fails us! Everything he drops is a straight banger, regardless if it’s a feature or not 🚫🧢

🐝fly⁷ l yoonie month 🐱💘 ‏@shookytwts

@EarthGang started drawing again rebooted my art insta, planning a series of mirrorland fanart - one drawing per song (no 🧢)

Raj Kapur ‏@rajkapur144

@KennyKennyMoe3 As long as it’s done before colts games are back in the fall 🚫🧢

LonZOE Ball 🇭🇹 ‏@CoolGreay

Comparing $30 to $1 million is the biggest 🧢 ive ever seen on Twitter

Stănilă Mihai ‏@StnilMihai1

This team went from last place to a title .You just gotta find a way to lock in 🔑🔒.Would have crushed Serbia and It…

Ramond Wilson ‏@AlmostRaymond_

@FatKidDeals That’s a connect. No 🧢

👁 ‏@corrupt_villain

At the end, you gotta love white folks 🤷🏾‍♂️🚫🧢

Beth McDaniel ‏@beth102c

Dear @Royals baseball, I miss you! I will never talke you for granted again. Come back soon. Love, a Fan 🧢⚾️💙💔

Barry Hobbins ‏@barryhobbins78

@MarvinNMorgan Yes going to buy some 🧢 from @FRESHEGOKIDLTD 😁

👁 ‏@corrupt_villain

That neem oil really paid off 🚫🧢🌿

H4dir ‏@hxdirr

@Lolade4PF On G no 🧢

teacher jo - ceo of yusuf ‏@jobeelzhole

@doumrat Never heard such a big 🧢

hsn ‏@devantehsn

aM is not ending so to all u niggas who wanna bring us down cuz we ran through u or didn’t let u join just give up💯🚫🧢

Lekan ‏@LekanMusic

No 🧢 lol

Kyle ‏@BuckeyeMan1190

Y'all need to stop all the 🧢 for this damn game already

z ‏@thuggin_dl

I’ll let these niggas 🧢 in peace lmao

bre ‏@kihyunwrld

thinking abt when haon was like "❌🧢 wait... what does no cap mean" KSJSKSKSKS


@goodcoochiesuki 😩Come here🤤 🚫🧢

Labarin Eaton Jr. ‏@Eaton_20_

@MarquisRomellB 🧢 take that.

Bernard Jones ‏@BJonezyJones

This 🧢 or nah?

NaudiCash NoCap ‏@OneNauteaka

@dollbaby_kisses @polishedpyt88 Type shit! 🚫🧢

Haji walaad ‏@kignpin

My next tweet is 🧢

²⁵ 🇶🇦 ‏@vieiraview

@TomKnowsBall They are nicer than Gordon Ramsay’s burgers no 🧢

im dareal smoky🐐 ‏@OMaurison

But we need not to keep 🧢’n

wafflerrrr ‏@CEO_ofbeingsad

if i posted my tik toks i’d be famous no 🧢

ROMEYRÔMĘ🇲🇬🍫 ‏@Unziipmytrues

Man NO CAP 🧢 in NEED of a cut rn 😂😂 I feel this one

ini ‏@pirisola_

@Mustyxyc_ @theFeyisayoo @yurng_god @gr0uchy_ nope. never. no way. delete love partymobile but this is 🧢


This is life rn ❌🧢 @sarahcassell05

JuJuSzn Battlehawks 3-2 ‏@JuJuSzn19

@HassanNewEra @NewEraZach Big 🧢 my guy

Jōsh ‏@joshbruton22

This is the only superstar I need. No 🧢.

“Drip King” ‏@Wavy_fif

You kno dam well you don’t want that shit in your DMs stop 🧢

New School Ronaldo ‏@buck_fuddy_

Songs you discover on FIFA are the greatest. No 🧢

TheLastGirlScout ‏@mobetta2u1

Y’all got to stop projecting your personal experiences with your baby mamas into celebrity situations 🤦🏾‍♀️ Y’all b…

Tie Boogie With the Bricks 💎 ‏@Tie_sosadiddy

@GorillaMamaWho Aye no 🧢. I looked up granny porn, and they was really some old ass women having sex on camera 🥴. I…

mahren ‏@maweedzo

No 🧢 this mf always h****

Juice Jones ‏@thejonesterrr

Ima b this way till the end 🚫🧢👩🏽‍🦼💨

Eniola Olaniyi{God is a designer} ‏@ennysstyling

The truth is,a lot of us sniff mediocrity from afar.....he said he makes music! No 🧢

Joi ‏@AdoreCherries

Most of you are all 🧢 on this blue app..

deepak ‏@lakshmideepakg

MY TIM COOK SIR..GOOD MORNING SIR. 1:11 pm = 10:11 am 🧢🍎

ozee ‏@tenn2x

@trose25 @Cashin_k No 🧢 lmao ion know what you talking about kam

Keshadoll🤍🍫 ‏@_itsKiaaDoee_

My daughter was born with it.. no 🧢

Nevil Patel ‏@mrnevil_

@DanPriceSeattle Wow 🧢 off to you sir🤟🏻🖤

JUKiE Made THIS TRAk ‏@jukiethakidd

Cut the 🧢 @ Chicago, Illinois

Fightnightcho ‏@fightnightcho

Now I’m ready to elevate 🚫🧢 all da baggage gone

Rodney Cooper Jr. ‏@CoopHndrx

@HerccAZ @iamdesibanks This Hoe Bumpin 🚫🧢

KIT.KAT 😘🤪 ‏@KaiOso_amazing

I’m solid fr and your going to take it or leave it ! Of course I act different when I have my nurse hat on or my pa…

Almateen🦉 ‏@Almateenakinyo

I love this guy❌🧢

Hugo ‏@HugoRivera___

On god!!! All types of artist and from everywhere tho! Hating smh. Bad bunny a 🐐 no 🧢.

👅GloryHoleFreak👅 ‏@atldomedoctor

I have an open relationship true enough but some of y’all Twitter niggas 🧢 and disrespectful 💯 but I see how u move 👌🏽

yungChop ‏@decaturchop

Cap don’t care who wear it 🧢

ksifanhd ‏@ksimomohd

@myntan3 Straight facts 🚫🧢

Vallachy ‏@fng_vallachy

@Kelechi_Anuna @sendwaveapp @BOSSRevolution Baba i want the best of my money but I’ll still pick @sendwaveapp they…

Justice ♐️ ‏@DoMeJustic3__

@_Kristhekami @InitialDaz @Zephyr418_NFS 😂🤣😭 cap 🧢 I’m on Xbox and still don’t forza

22 ‏@MobTheDon

🧢 shield hero wasn’t good after episode 3, dms was decent the whole time and ep19 went stoopid

UNILAG HEADBOY😎❣️ ‏@adehdaboy

Wanna grow your IG or twitter account 🧢💯for free at get entertained with explicit X-rated content too🤡🍑🍆💦? Click on…

Young Dpac ‏@YoungDpac

@lilbaby4PF I told ya bro freestyle this shit 🚫🧢 and i mix masterd it myself!!!!!

Jeramiah Ortiz ‏@jgetsbuckets0

@dcamp_14 u 🧢 again

diana claims best years ‏@arreagadivine

@nickmara it better be 🧢

BIG 🐳 ‏@swisher_p

It’s cool the bitches on ig loving this nigga on my story right now ❌🧢

🥇🏌🏾‍♂️® ‏@whoistigerhood

@21savage living out these raps No 🧢

Trapo💣 ‏@trapo_da_don

Can’t turn a hoe loyal🚫🧢

Ewure of Africa Assistant ‏@Dehkunle_

A true king accept his fuck ups and learns for it. Buju 💯 ❌🧢 Y’all subbing won’t see he apologized now ooo

Ovrnundr ‏@Ovrnundr

@C_kelly1988 @HYPEBEAST @SneakerNews @thesolesupplier @snkrfrkrmag @SBDetroit @snkr_twitr Your going to wear them 🧢 haha

Nick Mara ‏@nickmara

@actualIydominic could be 🧢 idk i saw some video and was like smh

Christian J. ‏@cjeffcoool

@ARlTHEDON This is 🧢 that message don’t sound like a Capricorn at all... once you pissed us off, there’s no returning 🙅🏿‍♂️

David Winter 🧢 ‏@DavidWinterA

Happy thought. Trump tries to defect and Putin pisses on him. 🤣😂👊🧢

Black Hippie Soul 🌙 ‏@SoulProphet616

I seriously would like a answer to this no 🧢. Cuz I read something this morning now I’m really curious 😂🤣

SABRAYA BITCH💋✨ ‏@SabrayaBitch

“I hold special spots in mfs ❤️s that nobody can take! 🚫🧢 #IssaVibe #OneOfAKind

味わい深い 🧠 ‏@CloudedBezz

This shit look live no 🧢

savannah. ‏@SoVannahh

I’m making it a mission to find all my hats 🧢

Loganito ‏@Loganito3

@Javi_A20 Big fax ☝️💯🚫🧢

SODIGITAL ‏@djsodigital

Hard time’s you’ll never see me fold no why I been through battles seen light flash before my eyes no cap 🧢 🙏🏾

la reina 🇩🇴 ‏@marilyynnnnn_

My loyalty is my biggest flaw..i’m too solid for this weird ass era 🚫🧢

Kelz☠️ ‏@Kelvinh140

@_MASSAIH_ @killumi50150718 ALLA and LIVELOVEASAP are better than this so thats 🧢

SON OF MERCY🇳🇬 ‏@sonofmercy2020

No long 🧢

L ‏@NajibmkMukhtar

The lack of 🧢 in this tweet is scary 🤞🏾

Doza ‏@Bundoza_

No 🧢. Blair Witch was scary until u actually saw it.

Keem❗️ ‏@_hykeem_c

@kamikazi_ken i’ll buy some draws tho my boi 😭 no 🧢

Grant but Anime 🍀 ‏@SunlightYelow

@awfulblonde @Jovanfisher2021 That’s not true at all?? Just bc it works on the devils magic doesn’t = working on al…

Tezxo ‏@_tezxo

@DevDeDude I’m telling ya bro they cap 🧢 🤣

Omar Oulmi ‏@OmarOulmi1

@goal Coutinho no fucking cap 🧢


@JazClayborne @Shawn_Cotton Nah frfr no 🧢 I’m still waiting on my interview 😞

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