Billed Cap Emoji

Billed Cap was approved as part of Unicode 10.0 in 2017 and added to Emoji 5.0 in 2017.

🚩 New in 2017. Requires an updated operating system.

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Also Known As

🧢 Baseball Cap


🧢 U+1F9E2


Tweets For 🧢

Jayyyyy ✨🌈 ‏@SuaveJayy_

*Crown Getting Drunk Ash Tonight 🥶🚫🧢

Jrsimpático ‏@Jrnicee

@xbvrtt Stop 🧢’n

✨Most Hated👑 ‏@__YouAintShit__

Y’all Like That Toxic Shit , But Me I Can’t Relate ❌🧢

D ‏@kingdan98

Your 🗑 if you post drugs on your insta and try selling them no 🧢

Cameron Ramirez ‏@Cameron_12044

Both of y’all a joke ❌🧢

🅱️ O A T🦍 ‏@josh4xx

pops told me some real shit lastnight ❌🧢

💲Rackcity_Kiesh🤑 ‏@RackCity_Kiesh

@Kikeelicious Bitches know not to play wit me 🚫🧢😏

Michael ‏@mickey2ya

@RaezyWinston Number 1 HIPHOP show on the Continent. No CAP 🧢!

Dj BigDawg 👨🏽‍💻 ‏@iiambigdawg

My sex will fuck w your feelings no 🧢 lol

Dana Lewis ‏@lyralong2

And #Trump puts a MAGA hat 🧢 on #AbrahamLincoln!!!

Ro Officially Faded ‏@Rhondanccu

@Tamyra88 No 🧢... smh I love us 😂

Tillylit🔥 ‏@tillylit

@nemesisandreaa Skkskskssk If they do ’m going be bigger than my apartment no 🧢

Willy ‏@WilburSWhite1

Now its really cut throat🚫🧢

King Mar👑🔥🔥💸 ‏@grizzlybear_167

Last night was a movie 🎥 🍿 🚫🧢

Dana Lewis ‏@lyralong2

I was livid when a MAGA hat 🧢 showed up in my recommendations on @amazon I contacted #Amazon and told them I was of…

💰 ‏@milesfoster__

@meanass_s well once you watch that one, you gone completely understand where i’m coming from! no 🧢

thyroidie ‏@thyroidie

@ThyroidTrust @pamela0106 Thinking caps 🧢 still on 😀

President Huncho🇺🇸 ‏@RayvoHuncho

Never Hate Those People Who Are Jealous Of You But Respect Their Jealousy Because They’re The Ones Who Think That Y…

Rest Easy Tae ‏@DetroitVonn

I lost myself trying to make others happy that’s over and done with now 💯🚫🧢

8thWonderOfTheWorld ‏@_FlyerThanMost

@arneishaaaK 🧢 you be well behaved 😒 sittin in ya lil corner sippin ya lil juice, i need to see you act up

x Besfort 🇦🇱 ‏@xBesfort

@imdavisss Y'all taking a fat L 🚫🧢 ... Y'all YouTube clouted.. But not ProAM ready. Y'all get floodedddddd. DM if y…

Zac ‏@Zac_Graham12

When is bag come in , I’m going ghost 🚫🧢

Nathan Cørral✈️ ‏@corral_nathan

You and yours Vs.…

John Brown ‏@johnbro12365

Zoo day! ❌🧢

John Wilson=KD ‏@John_ThePhenom

If you ion like me more than I like you ion want you 🤦🏾‍♂️ gotta be clingy🚫🧢😭

Ⓜ️ ‏@Mikeyy2Timees

Bro said it like it was a struggle in west linn he hoopin tho no 🧢

Robert Johnson ‏@Rob184rob

Matt, nice mushroom cap! (Corny pun, yup.) You know I'd comment my butt off anyway on your tweets, so I can't take…

MoSoMoS ‏@Mosomos_Studio

Monday ⚡️🛹💀🧢⚡️Mar 25th Stoked to share it with you sooooon! . . . . . . . . #brilliant_illustration…

Rich Ty4️⃣💯 ‏@Rich_ty24


Matthew G. ‏@realMatGarrett

Finna buy her family 🚫🧢

. ‏@figenstein_

Honestly tryna be someone’s sugar baby. No 🧢 ..... Wassup tho? 👀👀👀

@dessyduke_photography 📸 ‏@dessy_duke

Brother hustle and pray for "grace" make them no give you transport money say car don full! 🧢

Who Did This ‏@pugstrike4

@MKBHD U aint a mark but that dont mean memes dont got sights on u 💯💯🚫🧢💪💪

Elvis ‏@elvis_magallon

We run the city aint no niggas real as my niggas 🚫🧢

OG Youngin’🇭🇹 ‏@_dathaitianboy

I get a thrill behind that ninã I just like how it feel 🚫🧢

Bill ‏@samono21

Skinny niggas compliment thick girls no 🧢 🤷🏽‍♂️

New Year New Joe ‏@twinjoee

If you get in a relationship and forget all about your friends, after y’all break up don’t come crawling back expec…

💲Rackcity_Kiesh🤑 ‏@RackCity_Kiesh

Ppl be stamped out here in these streets as a certified dickeater 🚫🧢

G🕴🏾G ‏@GGTheCoach

@og_kaaay No cap 🧢

Vincent Van 🐐 ‏@SinceIwasakid

How does one pull up on your next stream? cause its lookin like I gotta come and give yall some subtle work on some…

ofcxstorm ‏@ofcxstorm

You know a nigga w no bitches be at tinder 24 no cap 🧢 💀💀

Wilk👑 ‏@WilkinFN

So clearly you people havent seen my guy play the game...someone play with this man or im gonna be upset. Hes fucki…

Racc Icey ‏@racc_icey

@ObeyThatsWet @iRunYew @ObeyThatsWet will clap @iRunYew 🚫🧢

Leeroy ‏@leeroy080

It was but Janae fucked that up 🚫🧢

🌐Urban Legend🌐 ‏@Bigbadglobal

@belizefinestt Issa beautiful Saturday morning to be 🧢 ing

OTF🦈 ‏@223whit


BAKKWOOD $LiM ‏@BslimEpic

I’m feelin saucy today no kap 🧢😏💯

biigcaat ‏@biigcaat

It’s all 🧢

mei ‏@txt13s

i love you no cap — omg i love u more no 🧢

𝓎𝓊𝓃𝑔𝓀𝑜𝓊𝑜 ‏@prettyrichsmart

this chic fil a shit is so messed up. boutta stop eating there on sundays 🚫 🧢

$lowbucks 🐢 ‏@solidyoungin_

❌🧢 In My Rap U Niggas Know I’m Speaking Facts

KeBron 🐏 ‏@KeBronWames

@XZenyatta Aye that shit was trash 🚫🧢

✨Meka✨ ‏@letsTlkAboutMek

👑tings #Miaminights🌃#sherealerthenalotyouniggas💯😎🚫🧢

Taeveon ♠️♥️♣️♦️ ‏@Taeveon12

@ChoppinJon Who doesn’t? Shit sound fun asl no 🧢😭

Ty🤞🏾 ‏@KvngTRC

Ion really care if u text ass, but if we FT and it’s the same energy, you can dead that❌🧢

jin ‏@juubi___

@FredoZimbabwe They out here 🧢🎓🎩👒 lmaoooooooo

Markel Grant ‏@SuperStarKels1

@real_moziah @Jaehovah_ Mo be 🧢

Phil White ‏@ssvbmr

@Rockies hat #1 for 2019! 🧢 #Rockies

Jefe ! ‏@JoePurp

I paid 20k for my last case no cap 🧢

Charles James II ‏@CJDeuce_

Some do some don’t I think it’s majority 🧢 tho

Shaun P. ‏@fpassco

@pksims @YawKoranteng Can U handle it is the best song. No 🧢

Wilfy ‏@whitelinefervor

Adrian might wanna think about putting his cap back on. Medvedev up *4-0. 🧢

Jha ‏@kingjhafrey

How did "no 🧢" replace "no lie"

The Nike King ‏@noah_mcclendon

Not someone to play wit. I ain’t no little kid. Get the hell out of my face because I can care less about you. 🚫🧢

AyeJayZee ‏@AyeJayZee_

Wtf???? 🤯 you can hear her head smack so tough when he first kicks her 😡😡😡 dude needs his ass beat or a cap in his…

Ak ‏@Ak_baddest

@_otito Lol this is 🧢

Kamikaze🐲 ‏@brandonflymars

@AmbitionBanks5 my number one comedian!!! 🚫🧢

Bhadd ASS! ‏@SMD_nDie

2 things I’ll NEVER be is BROKE & a BUM.... my bank account & pockets speaks for itself 🥵🤷🏾‍♀️🗣that’s a 🚫🧢 for ya..…

Big E ‏@_Who_Is_E

No 🧢 meg the stallion be vibing if I was a chic but I cant really rap this shit 😭😭😭

Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄ƷLori Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨ ‏@MissDioroffic

A Hat in your Life.... Takes you too …. Paradise (calling all Hearts 💖💗❤️ 🧢👒🎩🎓

抗 ‏@ResistSZN


BigFronto ‏@PesoCastro

Go follow my brother @ARTXHOUSE ! First real nigga to rap about anime ! No 🧢

Lil Matty Ice ‏@mattmerc14


javal ! ‏@itsjaval

@yhanfian I smell 🧢

HITMAN ‏@22Coleman22

Your sons aren’t what you think they are big dawg keep my boys name out your mouth!!!🚫🧢


@madeintywon ❌🧢 YOU SPENDING IT

💲Rackcity_Kiesh🤑 ‏@RackCity_Kiesh

I ain’t never on no snake shit that’s why I receive unlimited blessings 🚫🧢

RBG💰 Anth🌍 ‏@BBSpookondabeat

I really got a story to tell man bouta hop in my aboogie bag 😂😂😂❌🧢💯

Jerick🗽🌹 ‏@JParrax21

They said they was wit it .... thats cap cap cap 🧢 @beatsbynav


It’s my best friend birthday 🎁 today 🎈 I’m showing out for shawty ❌🧢

Satty-Khaay ‏@BigKhaay

@DavzOTF Put your money where your mouth is my darg let’s find out who really 🧢’ing quickly

J_Delly 16 ‏@J_Delly16

Shit wouldn’t last half a day on them South Carolina roads 😂😂🚫🧢

BoostaClub ‏@BoostaClub

@3sixtyp @brxknwxrldtxny Atl Queens making 3k a week of snaps no 🧢

Jace Sanders ‏@JSanders_XXIV

@barrymcknight @TroyTrojansBSB Breaking out the rally cap early today 🧢🔄

Gate Keeper🕊💯... ‏@bugbaby95

I No cap.🧢

Keshawn Gibbs ‏@Kedademon

Females kill me on here G 😂😂😂 buncha 🧢

Eroyyy 🇵🇦 ‏@official_eroy

great work today 🦍 studs in the group 🚫🧢

Stanley ‏@TooSkilled2Lose

Quick little two piece 😎😎 Daily Clips 🎞🎬 Merch Store 🧢👓🧥👖 Socials 💬👥🗣 Twitch: TooSkille…

Alexis Foreman ‏@StyleMemos

Saturday suiting + 🧢👟

The Professor ‏@DavzOTF

@BigKhaay Football maybe, Table Tennis was defo 🧢 top 2 you know, wake up 😂😂😂😂

Jarren Terry ‏@terry_jarren

This still do no 🧢

jaythehoodphilsopher ‏@jaythehoodphil1

Whi ever recorded this and didn’t do anything about this is pussy no 🧢.

“BAMZY”🦅 ‏@VenityBamzy

Me seeing a Maserati made my mind go to 100 . I’m really trying to get rich , chasin a sack everyday🚫🧢

D.J. ‏@Dwallsjr_

This used to be no 🧢 😂

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