Billed Cap Emoji

Billed Cap was approved as part of Unicode 10.0 in 2017 and added to Emoji 5.0 in 2017.

🚩 New in 2017. Requires an updated operating system.

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Also Known As

🧢 Baseball Cap


🧢 U+1F9E2


Tweets For 🧢

Mike Bee ‏@uBillbuKnerdIT

@Jaygup23 @Twitter should DELETE they account, no 🧢

#GALLEG000sFam 🏡🇺🇸⚾️ ‏@galleg000s

Kinda weird? They just played Randy Newman at Staples, and I’m so used to hearing it after Dodger wins, but of cour…

Justinn ‏@bearjackets

Yikes my first tweet to pop off is a video of my room 😳 I’m following everyone back that posts quality memes though, no 🧢

lexxx ‏@ocampoalexxiss

people to say they gon be there with me through it all? the people that gon say they riding for me till the end? G…

stevie ‏@stevig_e

Honestly I can finally say I’m a proud father💯 my boys finally a scholar🎓🚫🧢

Mo ✨ ‏@Mo_Chowdhury_

@JoeyOscuro You shaped like a 🚩 no 🧢

K Boogie💰 ‏@BigMoneyK__

🎯🤞🏽 He One Of The Realist In My Corner🚫🧢 & I Appreciate Him Everyday For It🥰

SweetTee👑 ‏@june8th_baby

That wild grow oil never worked for me 😂🚫🧢

💯💤SkipGlizzy💯💤 ‏@Skip_1hunnit

That mouth on her some serious no 🧢

john aguilar ‏@fwmikonic

Ima be honest, it feels like I try too hard sometimes🚫🧢

F.O.S_Kingkellz®️ ‏@MiquealF

🔥Ouuu ouuu 🔥coming soon wit moneymanpeso1 #rap #rapper #rappers #gethippedorgetleft #937 #hot937 #937thebeat it’s…

🥪 HalfNakedSanta 🥪 ‏@HalfNakedSanta

🧢 Looking for a $25 gift card on my cc #adoptmetrades

ALT waldo ✈️ ‏@waldoluvzu

i want nachos ❌🧢

Daniel D 🌵 ‏@delaselva99

We better start planning no 🧢 👀 💯 #pt2 #mammothorbigbear

🦍T-E.L.L.Z🎯 ‏@d_tellz

🚫🧢. Gimme my respect

Frank White ‏@tommybunds__

I had to throw my hat away bc i don’t fuckin 🧢


@WorldBFree500 @BallerRogue @IshTheYS2 @KendrickPerkins Ahhh da phuk no kuz no AD ahhh it’s more than your leading on 😂😂😂😂Lakers deep 🚫🧢

JC (Pats 6-0) ‏@JesseChrisman

@Levimc1Cox Lakers aren’t even the best team in LA ❌🧢

Eileen Patterson 🧢 ‏@Eileen_Forward

@MrPensa @RealKidPoker That’s the question! Are you Gang? 🧢

Kie 🦋💕 ‏@Kie_Mariee

But I really be boolan 🚫 🧢

wolf 🐺 ‏@H00dwolfTy

The love there even when we sleep no cap 🧢

Christian Smith ‏@White_Boii_ball

Fam if you need a energy drink to get thru the day just have a sprite from McDonald’s no 🧢

PiG FrmThaMud 🐷💰 ‏@YTNPiG1

@yungponyboy1 nahfr no baseball 🧢 clothing hard too foo

Tanjiro the Hero ‏@Gonpachirouu

@gloomidan Thank you! And I feel you! Been the same for work with me tbh. I’m always here if you need someone to talk to. No 🧢

💫🌍🌤 ‏@TJeveryday16

@JIDsv People always gone have something known damn well they was singing along and laughing😂 stop with the 🧢

Lisa Wittmier 🧢 ‏@lisawittmier

@KindredThinker @MrsPants6919 @AndrewYang Welcome!!! It's hard not to be Yang Gang after doing some research into A…

Kobee ‏@Kvbeeeee

Vander Esch and Lawrence 🚫🧢

b. ‏@Lovee_btw

This my is really my best fuckin friend no 🧢

A R I E L 👼🏾 ‏@Junesfinestt

First thing ima do when I get money is get a breast reduction no 🧢

gator ‏@gatorFNBR

see you at craggy 😈 ❌🧢

Reasonable Americans for Yang 🧢🖖🏽🇺🇸🦅📈 ‏@ReasonableYang

can someone query @Twitter api & figure out how many accounts have 🧢 in their name? #YangGang #YangGangFamily

McGee ‏@2edm2

Needa get me one ! 🚫🧢

Braden Mark ‏@OnMyMark

@LegendOfWinning I’d say they’re at most a third seed 🚫🧢

KNG Threat ??? (Like my pinned plz) ‏@YTTriplethreat

@JayFNBR @LanjokTV your mine🚫🧢

⚡️Follow Help⚡️ ‏@followhelpings

Follow Everyone who retweets and likes this 🧢

vvs💎 ‏@richess11

You bitches that’s still doing hair out y’all house that’s on Jesus y’all be the highest❌🧢

Jay Marquis ‏@JalenBranch6

No 🧢 I’m enjoying our Bench rn the laughs are everything for me fam 🙏🏽🤷🏽‍♂️

big Spooky folks ‏@jpetersthree

This is my typa court vision 🚫🧢

Ya moms calls me daddy too ‏@CloutSto

@HeadBandGiannis No 🧢 i thought he shot a layup at first 😂

FBG 🦍 ‏@SWooten_40

@_itsonlykat 🧢 this all you talk about nympho 🤦‍♂️🏾

LLPG🕊🖤✡️ ‏@CDB_Gabe

Woah , why all the biG 🧢 fa social media ??? Y’all hoes sad asf 👎🏾 biG dubs 🤮

Kout Theil ‏@AweilChief

Twitter really taught y’all to 🧢 unprovoked lol

ᴉɔɹɐq ‏@Damian_Barci

@destinyhufff i’ll roll one up 🚫🧢

Ky. ‏@kygency

@gettemchris_ straight 🧢 bruh LMFAOO

Franklin Saint ‏@jcrater_

@A1Nino_ @twotxne a 🧢 don’t care who wear it I see

Tony #YangGang 🧢 ‏@Tony10194258

If you see a 🧢 #yanggang, give em a follow! If you see a tweet looking for info, say hello, and provide it. Be…

InC Vinci ‏@VinciTheStreamR

@matxna You da best fan I’ve ever had no 🧢

#RIPDame ‏@D_Williams8

I aint really pressed about these hoes, i know I’m kinda ugly 🤣🚫🧢

Erick⚡️ ‏@Its_Erick417

I smell 🧢

Braden Mark ‏@OnMyMark

@theBSOLZ He better get his shit together soon 🚫🧢

nolimit fig🦑 ‏@JohnTheFig

That is not the vibe chief 🚫 🧢

MISTURA ‏@sanni_mistura

@nevinomics No cap 🧢

Yasmine ‏@Breyaunaaa

@RAEHNDRXX9 Let’s not 🧢 cause uhm we both know

Nick Elston 🎤💙🧢🙏🔥🚀 ‏@NickElston_

Did you know that I work with #Schools #Universities & #Colleges? 🎓 I am SO excited to be booked to #Speak next ye…

Dee Diggz 🥴🥵 ‏@d_diggins1

I don’t count favors but don’t treat me like i ain’t never did shit for you 🚫🧢

Kevin T 🧢 ‏@iiiikevin

@amelia_e_anders @kathrynacullen @AndrewYang Where is your 🧢? 😁😄😆

Alan ‏@CaptainRocha

girls who don’t litter got the best pwussy. these r facts ❌ 🧢

darey ‏@_da_rey

Don’t come and catch my cruise and be capping shit here 🧢😔

100% ‏@skittdogg

Trying hit a JACKPOT at gunlake casino no 🧢

GirlthatsjustFLO ‏@ongodddd_21

Ain’t no 🧢 in my rap

Dayedolla$ ‏@foxyslimm

Cap cap cap cap cap, all these nigga know to do is cap cap cap 🧢

StuckOnJuJu ‏@YaboyKritical

Come through and support ya boy , I’m actually nice😂🤷🏾‍♂️🚫🧢

Lelanderrr⚽️ ‏@LelandIsaiah

The best medication🚫🧢

TMC🏁 ‏@ebznfloz

@Im_aSuperhero No 🧢. I already got my playbook set up

Pedro ‏@PedrooGalindoo

@playboicarti better not be capping about this whole 48hrs shit. If WLR comes out Friday send me your Venmo and the…

Josiah hernandez ‏@Zednanrehhaisoj

@aambiizzle Your math professors fade on a whole other level 🚫🧢


@LawdaMercy347 @Reebok Nice cap 🧢

icarlys grandad from icarly ‏@icarlysgrandad

none of y’all want smoke 😤🚫🧢


@Toonii_t Dats 🧢

badgirlci ‏@CeeMoneyyyyyy

Right or wrong‼️🚫🧢

RxL ‏@RxL0705

My bias wrecker 🧢👕👖 #JISOO 💕

yan ‏@yaancc

btw I do not believe I look like this lmaoooo dis app 🧢

Je’Mond🔑🚪 ‏@JHAZEtheNicest1

I’ve dropped this same dime to @k3llison at the arc 🤷🏾‍♂️ no 🧢 lol

Mr.ChaseABag💰 ‏@RozayyBeenBroke

We been having 4 pockets full way before lil baby nem no 🧢

Kevin T 🧢 ‏@iiiikevin

@AlanLevinovitz @WanttoSeeMore2 Welcome to the #YangGang, here is your 🧢, enjoy!

Alanii💋 ‏@JackJack_Lugo

🚫🧢 , I’m finna get me a lil shorrty 👭🥵

daisy ‏@daisyjohnnies

@kc_rickys13 ty bff u da plug 😎🚫🧢

Lord bus ‏@Lord_Bus2

@Juposhi @KEEMSTAR Yes and she hit that fortnite dance better than my dad hits me ❌🧢

Malachi ‏@AntoineViccario

@DCJ_10K @mikeburde 🧢 definitely seen some banana pudding in that household before lmao

br 🍗🍗ke. ‏@_queenBtimes3

capity cap 🧢

ShaWine🍷Fine💎 ‏@ShaWineFine

I know my sister Brystal gone be there rather I have 0 or a Million dollars 🚫🧢

officialsmegle ‏@officialsmegle

@jelllycnate Yessir "🚫🧢"

ABW x Pnut🦍🐾 ‏@ABWxPnut

Y’all boys definitely be hooping🚫🧢

Drxmyy ‏@vCHEFYRG

@CashNastyGaming Nah Let the bandwagons Stay over there 🚫🧢

Nalysis ‏@NalysisDaGamer

@SunMans_ No 🧢. You’re safe though.

KUW.DAJLOAF ‏@DajjSantanaaa

Whore ass nigga wanna make me gts so he can do whore shit otp 🚫🧢

kearaaaa🤩 ‏@jeez_keara

This app straight 🧢 i look like shrek

MidWestern Boy ‏@seventy____

Thank you God! Everything coming together on Divine Timing... Hard to be patience when you know you ready but I’m putting faith in him 🚫🧢

Ease ‏@YoEase

@KinqFlash @kkayexo Appreciate it bro 🚫🧢💢💢♨️🚀💯💯📈📈😈🔥🔥

Joseph ‏@Cockcajun

Atheists be like “And that’s on Charles Darwin🚫🧢”

Gau Ban ‏@Letitoff2smooth

Had to throw my hat away I don’t fucking cap!!! 🧢 🙅🏾‍♂️

darcy🧢 ‏@gocannow

@Mustafalllica Welcome 😎🧢😎 🌹 ROSE for your Rose

Dark Skinned DJ Jigg ‏@DJigg_

I just saw her. BIG 🧢

SHOWME TOURS ‏@ToursShowme

@DDMcGlone @RTENationwide @DonegalWB @edelspirit @DonegalLEO @Donegal_Connect @donegalcouncil @RTEOne @Noreendarcy…

sagitterrorist ‏@guendouziivert

@agafar99 absolutely no traces of 🧢


Good Pussy Have You Sucking Toes ❌🧢

KMT ‏@agafar99

@guendouziivert Is this 🧢?

trippie_moi ‏@ItsMoiTheSlayer

Animal style no 🧢

Have 💰 Have 🖤 ‏@PayDeeski

couple hoes i wish dat i could unfuck❌🧢

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