Billed Cap Emoji

Billed Cap was approved as part of Unicode 10.0 in 2017 and added to Emoji 5.0 in 2017.

🚩 New in 2017. Requires an updated operating system.

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Also Known As

🧢 Baseball Cap


🧢 U+1F9E2


Tweets For 🧢

OSCAR G ‏@DjOscarG

r o o t i n g for everybody l a t i n o ——————————————————— 📸: florida_pixels 💻: @aholsniffsglue ———————————————…

Love Richards ‏@TiamoRichards

I always make sure the people I go out with are safe. I have an eye on my boys they have an eye on me, if one guy i…

Rucy Rue ♣️ ‏@Partykid58

Dis shit spot on 🚫🧢

slimeshit ‏@slimeshit3

@BASEDSAVAGE_ Lmaooo basedsavage the funniest nigga on here 🚫🧢

AmBam💛TheGreat👸🏽 クイーン午前 ‏@ROXYY_BaBiE

Whatever you shall be imma love you anyways 😘😘😘😘😘but team boy 🧢

kennbeezy ‏@kaka_kenny

@LovelyyAleValee @ittsmellii Calfs on fleek🚫🧢

Ť.Stokes™ ‏@Trevsturr

REVENGE SZN if you ain’t wit me you against me 🚫🧢

Alabama Football ‏@AlabamaFTBL

Game 11 Win Poster 🔴🌊:50 🧢🐶:17 #OutworkYesterday #RollTide⁠ ⁠⁠ ⁠⁠ ⁠⁠ ⁠⁠ ⁠⁠ ⁠

cliffhuncho ‏@Cliffthegodson

I been doin this since a jit shit aint new to me ❌🧢 if u think ima stop u stupid 🤡 ima just keep gettin better 🔋🌊🌊

Jermaine Feliciano ‏@Dantaeof860

I went through the darkest times of my life and no one noticed it 🚫🧢

#15 ‏@_TeeWhy__

@_DefinitelyDes @JassyJasmyn On god Big 🧢.... only person getting this is Terr.... nvm 🌚

FoleyField ‏@FoleyFlexZone

@FinishLine @vincesirico Whatchu mean, all I see is ugly 😂🤣 There’s only a few shoes that can pull off the all red. This one ain’t it ❌🧢

Damons Daughter 🕊 ‏@SianiJSwain

Can’t stand folks that be 🧢’n for no reason 🙄 like STFU ‼️

sayless ‏@sayless93

@asvpana I need followers 😭😭😭🚫 🧢

𝓜𝓘𝓛𝓔𝓢 ‏@PaidMiles_

Me and @hi6s_ need 1-2 to play scammur jaypanda bear 😭😭😭😂😂😂 and Cartles 😂😂😂😂😂 THIS IS NOT A DRILLL 🚫🧢

TK🦅 ‏@kiingbryan

Not a lot of mfs can say they've met my parents I gotta fw you heavy 🚫🧢

🎸 ‏@PullupBoyCm

When it comes down to you ion care bout myself 🚫🧢❤️

🦃🍂M1guel 🍁🥐 ‏@miguyel1

@EwwitsZak Nigga I been had polio 😎👔👖👟🧢👕

Sipp ‏@quinyonem

@TroubleDTE might have the craziest album of the year....🤯❌🧢🔥

◀◀ Marcus ▶▶ ‏@MajorMoveMarcus

Woke up in Pallet Town momma said cant no one hold me 🙅🏽‍♂️.. 🧢 to the back turning back to the old me 🔥💯

detective niggachu. ‏@FLACKO444

more women liked dis shit than niggas smh y’all posed to be on some fuck it shit. Y’all 🧢

1yb•Styles ‏@nstyles21

Stay With My Thug Brova love_onthebluff 🚫🧢

Danny ‏@Youngmessiah25

I can’t wait for 6ix9ine and lil baby yo drop tic toc 😭😭🔥🔥🔥🔥🚫🧢

Yourgirlmce ‏@____Trayyy

U ain’t have good sex until you fucking someone room to room💯🤣❌🧢

Nikkie🤪🖤 ‏@NikolaPierce1


Benogangbuddy🥶🤬 ‏@buddycain_

I keep that stick everywhere I go cause these niggas want my soul🚫🧢

mbk_sauceJP💯 ‏@sauceyjp

Been in my own world , ain’t no room for extras 🚫🧢

Born Sinner ‏@Freakyyo

U can really drop dic in that hoe Witout ya lil brother knocking on the door asking if shit ok 😂😂😂🚫🧢💯

delly ‏@Delly201


🌪 ‏@Tsumiti_

@yelotree @ObeyGorb is my favorite no 🧢

genesis ‏@litgenesis

@xoxoletisleidis @daisymarquez_ Pretty relevant if she blocked me 😬😂 no 🧢 😘

smith ‏@smithmichael_

these thanksgiving leftovers STILL hittin 🚫🧢😋

SluttyBoy Shanndo ‏@CloutShanndo

Figured out who I wanna spend the rest of my life with ...including my brothers and my spouse!! #ThatsMajor #🚫🧢

bigdaddyj ‏@jaysd23

this iphone xr is rl od sahn 🚫🧢 i fuck wit it heavy

Matthew🤭🤫 ‏@mthwbwn

@EAMaddenNFL latest madden 19 update is trashhhh 🚫🧢

brittany 🌟 ‏@brittimusss

2018 been one the toughest years ever 🚫🧢 but i'm bout strong as hell now and nobody can tell me otherwise

KieMoney954 New Account 🍀🍀 ‏@KieMoney225

Wen you getting to it you don’t got time to hate no 🧢 that’s y I could never be a hater ‼️‼️

bryans brothers ‏@bryansbros_co

In The @lyft On Route To Williamsburg . Haters Hate For No Reason. They Might Hate On The Hat, They might Hate On T…

mbk_sauceJP💯 ‏@sauceyjp

On God , mfs like to seem fukced up for social media but I can tell it’s 🧢 cause ain’t shit good about being crazy…

conner bermudez💔 ‏@connerbe007

Trippie redd >> any other emo rappers. No 🧢

guero +:) ‏@lilgueroh

shit went next level crazy during @virgilabloh’s set ! 🚫🧢

AnthxnyRamxs___ ‏@AnthxnyRamxs

@TheChicagloKid You better🚫🧢❤️

AnthxnyRamxs___ ‏@AnthxnyRamxs

@TheChicagloKid Ight bett bro🚫🧢💯

gullygully ‏@mksicko

Call me crazy baby at least you calling 🧢

1SOLID_HUNDOZAYY〽️🛡 ‏@1FM55Hundo_Zayy

I rode my own wave that’s why they looking 🚫🧢😎


@blutchez facts ❌ 🧢

@TheRealGoldenCock ‏@onyxx_trgc

Niggas really loosing out here tryna do this shit and cant😭😭😂😂😂🚫🧢


@souljaboy lmao nigga u my homie but u know I gotta roast them @BALENCIAGA don’t block me now lol but nah u y no 🧢…

lil $hawty ‏@lilshawty016

🖤 Black Friday sale ❤️ leases: 30$ buy 1 get 1 free 🔑 collabs: 10$ just DM 📥 #blackfridaysale #buybeats no 🧢

Kae ft AshB💕🤞🏾 ‏@_kalaRoo

@RubberbandOG x 2019 freestyle my favorite 😝🚫🧢‼️


@hernandezsimon_ @BigDealNach ALL MY NINJAS HITTAS 🚫🧢

white-skin 🤪 ‏@cavazos_ryan

Warriors changed my nigga durantula..🚫🧢

Joel Baker ‏@JoellBakerr

No Cap. T Henry and Shaq my only two bros the rest of y’all buster fr🚫🧢

1SOLID_HUNDOZAYY〽️🛡 ‏@1FM55Hundo_Zayy

I really have no feelings towards nun 🚫🧢💯💯💯

C D M 💰Y O U N G N ‏@cdmyoungn

@A_kamara6 the best RB in the league. N O 🧢 C A P

Jayda R. Nance 🇵🇷🌹 ‏@JaydaNance

I'm just tryna go bananas and be someone he can take home to his Nana's lmao 🚫🧢


da port about to be jumping tonight no cap ❌🧢

Sleeper ‏@JustinWright15

@begg_368k No Fuckin 🧢

baeasf❣️ ‏@__baeasf_

I told my nigga If he cheats then he’s making a poor decision 🚫🧢

isellout ‏@Jordan23439991

@EasyBreezyLive I like how you play but I wanna see @WitnessCole collab with you🚫🧢

LGND ‏@LGNDPotential

Y’all 🧢 “promo” teams boutta catch an L

GutsyX ‏@Artic_Mistic

@BrentLBroussard 1)Louisiana has the best gumbo no 🧢 2) ik this ain’t got no roux in it smh 3) this is just straight ass

Erik Dandy ‏@dandy_erik

@Ericthagoat @RedSwarmFB @CoachLusby Awesome. Super proud of you. Congratulations ❌🧢

nate ‏@natelafountain

@leezusxo @brandon_l21 yo give me my credit yo ass tweeted this 17 hours ago i got you by a day 🚫🧢

Killa Nae ‏@Naeeeee___

I been a real one I was raised like that❌🧢

seanelle ‏@seannellee

@sabrinaxm_ my fav😻 no 🧢

Coach Cartiiii💎🔮🐒 ‏@based_god024

@wilmerlga She gotta be Bori🚫🧢

STATUS⚖️ ‏@Mek_BigBagFlipa

Y’all opinions be hate 🚫🧢❗️

TR_Sanders ‏@TRSanders4

I’m all about a 💰 and if you aren’t stay tf away from me‼️🚫🧢

bracesbaby ‏@bracesbaby1

If you positive things in life put yourself around positive people. If negative things going on for you check your surroundings 🤔🚫🧢

Praise xClampn ‏@772Jordan_

@Horsey2k0 go follow him I just joined his pro am team we bout go crazy 🧢❌📦

STOP THE HATE & GET A PLATE $💳$ ‏@OriginalKayApp

A MUST HEAR TUNE ⚡️⚡️⚡️💯💯🔥🔥❌🧢

Dallas Stars ‏@DallasStars

We scored six goals yesterday, will we score at least three tonight at MSG? Submit your vote for the…

Mr.NorthSide 🤟🏾 ‏@StephenKD35

@officialjaden top 3 song creators of our generation no 🧢. 🤷🏾‍♂️

1SOLID_HUNDOZAYY〽️🛡 ‏@1FM55Hundo_Zayy

I just want some love no kap, it’s so easy to get out of it but hard to find again 🚫😂🚫🧢

Camilla ‏@Cilly247

@Mr_Dymond Where’s your Yankees 🧢?

ً ‏@leavetrench

tyler and josh rly out here like 🧢 🦅 👨🏼‍🦲 👨🏼‍🦲 🎤🧥🎹 🥊👘🥁 👖🐆 🎺👖🐕

Yung West Nile ‏@Lil13Fish

If you don’t shave yo pubes with a flame thrower u pu$$y ❌🧢‼️

Marquis The Chief Watson ‏@ThaJuice17

Hate attention seekers 🚫🧢

Bryan ‏@SoyMilk_papi

Sriracha is the Best Hot Sauce 🚫🧢

TSU Confessions ‏@bigbluefessions

"I wanna eat @xoxo_alden from the back no 🧢😩 #tsu22" -tsu22

Dj 3⃣™ ‏@Dj_Sutton18

Underrated caption no 🧢

F5-Tobar ‏@BrandenTobar

I can’t be “talking crazy” if it’s true! ❌🧢

〽️🅾️ 🅱️🅰️〽️🅱️🅰️ ‏@adenszn

u ever pull out ur thinkin hat and thinkin 🧢 🤔

VerGe ZK🕷 ‏@ZKbuilds

@ImEmely_ @YTCallMeEx @DerekNLMB Big facts🚫🧢

T. Green 💯 ‏@tra3green

Roddy Ricch go hard no 🧢

Kid♊️ ‏@Prince_Mcgill

It feels good being in palm beach no 🧢

viv ‏@vivxann

key glock fine afff 🚫 fucking 🧢

SPECIALK 🗯 ‏@kburton_25

Sign up and link your card for $10 Cash! No 🧢

GLIZZAY🐍 ‏@1kzay

So you telling me no NBA team is willing to sign Jimmer Fredette even for a short term?🧢

babyface 2.0 ‏@litTajMinaj

have y’all ever payed attention to the actual face the moon emoji makes ?? lmaoo bc i make that face like 73 times a day 🚫🧢🌚🌚🌚

Juan$ilvatho 🤒💰 ‏@juansilvatho

I got the streets in a head lock, Straight to the money, no stops 💰🏃‍♂️🚫🧢

MOGUL ‏@Mogul__

if you gotta ask somebody for it stop the boss or self made 🧢

Justice🎒⚽️⚡️ ‏@JusticeWalker16

5 star customer service 🚫🧢


This pic is going up y’all really suck dick dick 🚫🧢✅ that blue Color getting said a lot

(OvO)❌⭕️ ‏@_Nick_Cannon

Where is @torylanez projects both his albums he dropped went hard ! 🔥 can we confirm Tory Lanez is really underrate…

ًyolanda • check pinned tweet 📌 ‏@livesforsebtsb


Sipp ‏@quinyonem

Can’t even lie @DonQhbtl boding any of his peers ❌🧢 lyric wise and that’s being nice about it.... he is the 1%

Sumit Chaudhary ‏@SumitCh86414844

@PitaPitCanada @oldstrathcona Shawarma pita is best 🚫 🧢

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