Billed Cap Emoji

Billed Cap was approved as part of Unicode 10.0 in 2017 and added to Emoji 5.0 in 2017.

🚩 New in 2017. Requires an updated operating system.

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Also Known As

🧢 Baseball Cap


🧢 U+1F9E2


Tweets For 🧢

babyA ‏@7babyA

Just had some dawg ass car sex in front of my grandma crib 🚫🧢

D.🧞‍♂️ ‏@BrownStreetJb

Ion even be surprise nomore ‘ im used to it .🧢

Dee ‏@DPG263

@WilliamsSharrie @S_C_ @VanJones68 Awesome 👏🏾 Sis!! 😍That Hat 🧢 is MY ❤️💪🏽

Mythical zoan type soundcloud rapper ‏@ayehuasca

vita finna reply this 🚫🧢

m’lady 💗 ‏@Vanessaxoa

I have so much work prep to do in the next month 🤩 God will be my strength for this next level. No 🧢

🎶Smiley J🎤 ‏@MEDUSV___

#linkinbio #triller #livelife #410movement #viralvideos #viral #haveyouever chrisbrownofficial @1YoungTakeoff one o…

Challenger R/T ‏@StuntTill_IDie

I would step on a hoe too 🚫🧢

NAE🏆✨. ‏@naebeezle

Waist of fucking time 🚫🧢

AshCa$h🤑 ‏@jetaimeDej628

See the way my dawgs living they always gotta dodge prisonnnnnn🚫🧢

Dulcé👺 ‏@Finness__

5AM SLIMe✅🐍🎥 inbox me for tickets 🎫🆎 ASAP 40 $a pop March 1st 💰🔥🧢 pop out #likeforfolow #gunna #HipHopABook

ӏմղցեɑ 💟🐎🕉 ‏@lungtawellness

⬇️ @fordnation is at it again ... not even For The Children ... there’s a reason class sizes have caps you moron ..…

Imbakk ‏@ThaRealJAYSTAR1

@sukihanagoat Lol 😂 no cap 🧢

Chino Barnet ‏@chino_barnet

💴👿🥶😍daddy girl yahearrrd 🥰❌🧢✡️

GOD'S SON ‏@I_AM_Santino

@LeonFlyOrDie @SadityyyB She better pay like she way. No cap 🧢

Aishu Haridas ‏@imaishu_

Pujara is wearing a Virat 🧢! 🤠😋 #RanjiTrophy #KARvSAU

Peta_og11 ‏@Og11Peta

Yes oh @TeniEntertainer we determine our own freshness by ourselves. ❌🧢

Pápi chulo♌️ ‏@Dchism191

One thing I don’t do is boost on social media for attention 🚫🧢

Macmillan Cancer Support ‏@macmillancancer

If you are finding hair loss due to cancer treatment difficult, there are many practical ways to cope, including:…

:) ‏@ssonaliii_

the person you think won’t do you like that, will do you like that.. stg two faced bitches everywhere 🚫🧢

Diabla😈🖤 ‏@saintvuittonx

@ricodonDada Lies 🚫🧢

Roby Seals ‏@robyseals

@cosmicgate See hear you March&May😉 🧢💪🏻👌🏻

Dante marinaro ‏@Dantemarinaro1

@Lightskindid @CamMcCormick11 @ChanceVentura You got me there ❌🧢

Purple Sweven ‏@PurpleSweven

GIVEAWAY 2/8 🎈🚫🧢 4 WINNERS WILL RECEIVE A FREE Pair of mink Lashes . 🛍 now

Kalvin ‏@KalvinO_

@Amandi_00 Nas and Jay Z are the greatest rappers ever. No 🧢

®️ ‏@_RGomez10

That man @Strap_Ent cold no cap 🧢🙅🏽‍♂️

Jesse lopez ‏@jesselopezz17

He Lowkey snapped 🚫🧢

Guaiya Rodriguez ‏@BlackMongoose3

@binnkss_ @kayyy_dottt 🚫🧢 Sucks Ass

Jay ‏@_babyfacejay__

My love aint matched 🚫🧢

MKB ‏@Only_MKB

She’s Really just a clone of whatever my wife is gonna be 🚫🧢

💔💰💨 ‏@quaecho

U’on know when da next muhhfucka gone make it happen no cap 🚫🧢 💯

Fuego ‏@Lungelo_dlam

1. Jigga 2. Weezy 3. Cole - 🚫🧢

Super ‏@SuperManResist

Fuck #donnieDollHands... Here @SuperManResist comes to save the day❗💯 #FBR party FOLLOW ME RETWEET NOW 💯 🔥❗ Ifb…



HBKspike💔 ‏@spikedaboy510

Can someone please tell @notmarcanthony_ that Buffalo Wild Wings is better than Wing Stop 🤦🏻‍♂️🚫🧢

$ke🦈 ‏@0GMSGSK3

Been tryna make us cool with the faggotry 🚫🧢

𝕮𝖆𝖗𝖙𝖎 𝕵𝖚𝖆𝖓 🦋 ‏@juan_rxdriguez

❌🧢- I remember being one of ur first friends in HS lmao, u cool as bro much love

The Mannerly Hoods ‏@MannerlyHoods

Tonight Hoods!🧢🎸❤️🔷🔶 @brandnewfriendz

Kuma🐻 ‏@MrKxma

@sahnaaaaaa My nigga chinese, he’s a master at whippin the pan 🚫🧢😂

Ab 🎒 ‏@alexbozga6

Easiest answer ever! No 🧢. You clowns that say anyone other than that guy are spastics.

HBKspike💔 ‏@spikedaboy510

Wing stop nasty to me idc 🚫🧢

EBK_Medusa ‏@EbkMedusa

Ur wcw pay $1500 for my attention bih no 🧢

M, Josiah Anderson ‏@Conceptengager


Gian Paul Toppao ‏@Gian6756

@DrCraigEmerson It takes a lot of courage & disregards! Out of touch, Out of mind!🧢 Making Australia a pariah 🌞


I need a zaywop album. and a JID x ZAY collab 🚫🧢\

Eli ‏@_GoodFellaEli_

I think I want you 🚫🧢

카이🦍 ‏@BiggKaii8

@Township_Raised Home & Nitta Otw Just keep the bullshit away and now WE ALL WE GOT LITERALLY ❌🧢

#Buza ‏@DotCom_SA

This is the most fun I’ve ever had making music...I wrote every single lyric in this project with only myself to im…

Akashi Draco® ‏@official_draco1

@Akengaroo @DreadHexdMikey @dopeisland With it or without it, One Piece as a whole shits on Naruto ❌🧢

Dr Michael Banks ‏@Mike_Banks

Physicists come up with a game based on quantum mechanics. It looks like all you need are some skis and a cap 🧢.…

Giancarlo Sanchez ‏@PeterMcgarrison

I only know like 5 bosses 🧢🚫


🧢👟☄️Simple color, interpretation of attitude life. does not stop ! check out item 32844620719 on…

Sydney😈 ‏@sydneyvestaxo

I’ve decided people are disappointing ❌🧢

erik ‏@erik_2600

Bro you literally don’t need no relationship to feel happy or in need of someone to be there for you rs 🚫🧢

Tracy Mead 🎤🎧🍺⚽️🏎🏁 ‏@XMadBabydoll

@KaiserChiefs @peanutkaiser @curlywand @vjthedrummer @Rickontour @WhiteyKaiser looks like I’m goin 2 Leeds🥳🥳better…

Danya🇾🇪 ‏@DanyaY__

@Hadhrameme @abu3aseed Nah I’m not a random yemenia I’m ur sister in Islam and I would be doing you a disservice if…

MADAbout Harry Banks ‏@mad_about_harry

We’re going to do some shoutouts later to the schools supporting us by joining in the The BIG Mad About Harry Non S…

N2F ‏@Nvr2Fvded

You can’t even imitate me. 🚫🧢

RubendeLeon22 ‏@Rubendeleon_

J cole made me feel a bit special about being the middle child no 🧢

Headache ‏@headache313rd

Stop 🚫 cappin 🧢

Siba's Side Piece ‏@CarvoCardo

Dick sniffin??? Na boo...that's that 🧢

#BooWorld Tayta 🅱️🌎 ‏@koolKiDDx

Every time I try to be nice and spare feelings it backfires on me 🤦🏾‍♀️ Ima just start bein mean asab 🚫 🧢

Ball_Is_Life95 ‏@maye_brendan

@IamGMJohnson Facts facts facts not even up for debate straight facts. 💯❌🧢

Jay Trińo ‏@TrillManJay

AB ereally fine af 🚫🧢

gods' 🎥 ‏@KennedySomto

Wande coal is the king of vibes in this Nigeria . no 🧢

Jay Trińo ‏@TrillManJay

Rich the Kid been dropping heat lately 🚫🧢

Siba's Side Piece ‏@CarvoCardo

Basically, they must stop all that 🧢 shit?

Feng Shui🌎☄️💥 ‏@_Rbrightt

Update:females will say anything to start a conversation after u cut them off🚫🧢

Amos ‏@TylerJayAmos

@ The guy who wears the MAGA 🧢

Adam Wesely Ethridge ‏@ethridge_adam

@RealJamesWoods Ppl sure do freak out about a hat 🧢 that dudes tribe must be so proud once noble warriors now the s…

Aj ™ ‏@AdamDarnell_

If it ain’t me then it’s one of my homies who prolly hitting no 🧢

🧚🏽‍♀️ ‏@s0ulsfay

Blue jay season 🧢

Wyatt Parkhurst ‏@WyattAyo

@yungprodigy17 Stay flexin lil homie they ain’t catching up 🚫 🧢

Lion🥀® ‏@savage_lion_


♏️ ‏@kherboooo1

never had a friend I could literally bang with, cus out, or just not talk to for a min then be coo all with in 5 mi…

Lion🥀® ‏@savage_lion_


kay ‏@shikamaruswhore

i hope eli likes this next song🤭😳🚫🧢

Peacock ‏@dmt1776

Not quite as catchy as the original slogan. The 🧢 will need to get a bit bigger. BAW&CWF

Kent Olewiler🏀 ‏@Supremekent

Happy birthday to one of the funniest people Ik 😭🚫🧢 @Bpalm34

Che$ter ‏@alberteltigre45

@uglycris11 @_yunghop23 Joel a bitch 🚫🧢

Preston ‏@_foe_p

#OOMF got the best head I ever had 😂😂😂🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️ 🚫🧢

Mary Grace Garcia ‏@minorikung

Late ups 🧢 #HalamanFestival 🍃

51|5O ‏@_DareYou2Step

My god sons so fine 🥰🚫🧢

Laylo ‏@layloiswavvy

No energy for negativity 🚫🧢

Gusto ‏@ParkwayGusto

That’s the lamest shit. I’m gone find me a lane then do the dash. 🚫🧢

realest quotes ‏@Savagenaejah

Same person that hurts you over and over again always be the same person you want 🚫🧢💯

Trap💰Benny ‏@BennyZacquri

@QueenShaShaa_ @AllBri_ No 🧢 she had niggas like

2NugShawty🍃 ‏@JigiloSteez

She always come through, and for that imma forever be grateful🚫🧢

Yung Chubb🃏 ‏@Harris_inParis

*LL Cool J voice* i need love... no 🧢

🅱️ullyWorld__Capalot9️⃣__R.M.G🌎 ‏@JD_Number9

I’ll shoot my shot but I’m not gone try to keep shootin💯😩🅿️🚫🧢‼️

Maria ©️ ‏@MariaOzLakshmi

@muzonsport @Todd_Greenberg @SmartState1 @raelenecastle @AUSOlympicTeam @NRL @cricketcomau @qantaswallabies…

Car’lin Vigers ‏@Carlos_Numba5

🗣 All my 💂🏿‍♀️’s can vouch that I’m the true definition of a big brother ❗️🚫🧢

thekevonshy🍫😌 ‏@KevonShy

@229Nuni Bra u trippin trippin 😂🚫🧢

Natalie Olivas ‏@Natalie_o_

@skinnydickies No problem my G 🚫🧢❤️🥶🥵

iG// bryyy.m ‏@brythatflyguy

How y’all leave out Hillary but Denise n Ashley ❌🧢

Natalie Olivas ‏@Natalie_o_

@_gracehopper THIS IS WHAT I NEED YES 😤🚫🧢

Z 😇 ‏@Hey_Yhu

Today was my last day smoking 🚫🧢

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