Pool 8 Ball Emoji

The game of billiards, of which pool is a common version. This emoji displays the black 8 ball on most platforms, which looks similar to the Magic 8-Ball toy.

Samsung displays this emoji with a cue and triangular arrangement of colored balls.

Pool 8 Ball was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 under the name “Billiards” and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

🎱 8 Ball

🎱 Cue Ball

🎱 Magic 8 Ball

🎱 Pool

🎱 Snooker

Unicode Name

🎱 Billiards


🎱 U+1F3B1




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〽️alikひ🦉 ‏@hoescallmeleek

who tryna get whopped in 🎱?

Lefty's Alley and Eats ‏@Leftys_alleyeat

People at Lefty's be like | \ | / | \ | \ | 🍕🍔🍺\ |🎳🍷🍕🍔\… https://t.co/fnl8Iubah3

Shåne Wömack ‏@shomack12

#pool #🎱 #dallas #deepellum @ Shomack12’s Loft https://t.co/XubjjlcbgK

Jasmine. ‏@RareBreed_Jay

Somebody play me in Anagrams, 🎱 or 🏀 please.

Capt_RA_Briggs_Jr ‏@captactor82nd

"...AND Loose the QANON Dogs of TRUTH and WAR!" 🎱🔥🥓🥓🥓🇺🇸😎🐀💩💣🐀🤺🐀⚡️🍿🐸🤠 Aye, Capt Rick in Central Texas. 🤠🥾🍔🥓🥓🥓🧀🧀🧀☕️☕️☕️ https://t.co/zeu48RLvon

Wendy Adams ‏@wendaliah

I love pool 🎱. But I am unintentionally a moody pool player. I don’t say a lot, but if I do, duck. Daggers shoot fr… https://t.co/TY5YZLUQwb

Luiz A B Cruz (Lokem)😉😉😉😉😉 ‏@LuizAffonsoBrag

@JlspzSpitz @harlyynrae @AmandaDivinee HOT Chili 💥💥💥💥💥💥🎱👈

Platinum Ki👑🤘🏽🎲 ‏@CREAM_Ki

Last summer I brought P a gift from Jamaica. Well now I got you another gift bro. Miss you my yute ❤️🤞🏽 @G_Reek8 C… https://t.co/kTb0Zstlf2

Capt_RA_Briggs_Jr ‏@captactor82nd

Yep. Censure. Remove. Arrest & Deport BACK to SOMOLIA. Done.🇺🇸🥓🥓🥓🧐🍻🔥🐀🔥🐀🎱 https://t.co/gOeaaThUat

BrianKeith ‏@mkehertapout

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The Melting Pot ‏@MeltingPotBali

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Great Man. ‏@swrongwyu

Chama got that white powder🎱

HaMMa ‏@Hamma2Tymes

🎱 Nobody feels sorry...

Meche 🀄️♠️ ‏@tuenchi_meche

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Mudfreak ‏@Mudcrew

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Em Lane Lew ‏@MarlyLew

Boss Hog Balls!! 🐖🎱🎱 #NakedandAfraid

DEEZY ‏@TheDiesell

No expectations from anyone or anything aside from my self and the ones I hold the closest 🍻🤘🎱🤘

Koda'sBot ‏@sbot_koda

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Da Wiz 🧙🏾‍♂️ ‏@WizardCelly1

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Metro Made It 🖥🎹 ‏@Metro_808_

Me And My Brother @1vldecks8bmg Havin A Hit #ItsOtw 🖥🎹🎱

TYLER SALAAM ‏@tylersalaam

LA all day, every day 🎱 #fktk @ The Roof on Wilshire https://t.co/pdKkbfiZAE

Capt j p singh ‏@JpsrathoreSingh

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3/24/19 #CBB 🏀🎱 2-1 today (loss a bad soccer beat) CAL IRVINE +2-115

Sam Heughan ‏@SamHeughan

Thank you wonderful people for keeping this place so special. Especially Dee Dee, charming, informative and just th… https://t.co/eT4hO0T1Tc

Tyree "⚡️Showtime⚡️" Saunders ‏@ShowtimeTyree

@milesbrooks2020 @ProImpactJax7v7 @proimpact904 @Corey_Bender @SWiltfong247 @GTFootball @CoachMattHardy… https://t.co/VGoeqFNvUX

k Hidalgo⚡ ‏@kskatealot

Pool night 🎱 pull up

♏️♓️♈️MrMasterDj🎱💞 ‏@johnjason09

♏♓♈MASTER_BEAT🎱💞 shares this cover to [email protected] Lite https://t.co/7fyFcWqdmv

ひChico🤟🏾😈 ‏@vl_chico

Mannnn I done beat this girl bck2bck in 🎱 🤣 & she still keep sending them requests

Flea Gotti 🇭🇹 ‏@ArchieBangMuzik

8ball🎱? Who want it ? BEAT ME I’LL SEND YOU $125 IF I LOSE SEND ME $7 DEADASS ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️

db. ‏@devilsdeity

concert ready 🎱 https://t.co/7hCVeryDEb

MOTO MOTO™ ‏@MotoMotoAzul

@luchojimenez_ Ping-pong 🏓 o billar 🎱?

James Abraham ‏@JamesAb53854708

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Bobe 🤟🏾 ‏@GoHamcobe

I’m really the 🐐 in this 🎱ball shit

Schooners Pub ‏@schoonerspub1

Get your #sundayfunday on at Schooners! Join us for FREE Pool, ALL DAY HAPPY HOUR, and 1/2 Price Wings 🎱🍻 #yyc… https://t.co/7uI2kRxyuD

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Botisimo Streams ‏@botisimostreams

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Young Ceo ‏@yungnnnnnn

🎱 ball? Who want smoke 👀

Will B. Free ‏@2Small2Fail

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Stony Brook Baseball ‏@StonyBrookBASE

RECAP - Make that a magic 🎱 in a row after another weekend sweep, this time of Sacred Heart. Here's how it happened… https://t.co/CqR8itstHp

⚓️Captain⚓️#ONE ‏@ONE_CPT

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Mr. Medium Ugly ‏@WiLd30s_DroW

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Bill Kinsey ‏@BillKinsey3

#MNTwins could not shutout Yankees today😎🍸🏈⚾🎱🍕🍔🥃🍷🍾🥓🦄💪💀👿

kiddo ‏@BenkisWilliam

@KelKass look under the sofa 🎱

Babyface Shawn 2️⃣ ‏@ShonneyW

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👾 ‏@DiazElDorado_

Carne asada and some Pool 🎱

Gary Grindlay ‏@impalabilliards

Two more second hand tables have landed in the showroom 🎱🎱🎱

B Dolla 💸🎱 ‏@DoubleOBJ

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릴 동갑 ‏@ygt_lilflavert

Rap House vol.🎱 2019. 04. 17 8:30pm (KST) https://t.co/bCOxfO295T

Connor Young ‏@Connor_J_Young

🎱 Wins the #TourChampionship. 🏆 Achieves the inaugural #CoralCup. 1⃣ Becomes #WorldNumber1. 👑 Ties with Stephen Hen… https://t.co/It3NoKSTU6

Rosebud ‏@rosebud_dior09

@AnthemRespect @JudgeJeanine @OANN Judge Janine you hit the nail on the head!! Omar is the enemy within our governm… https://t.co/Q4sSezUqXa

Jansen Clarke ‏@jammy_janny31

Best in the world, different level 🔥💯🎱 https://t.co/7Magt9OHHy

Luis. 👸🏾🐐 ‏@serenapower_

Yas 🚀 Ronnie O'Sullivan wins the Tour Championship🏆 and 36th ranking title to become world number one for the first time since 2010 🔥🎱💯

Ashley Gillespie ‏@MotherOfFour15

I been whopping ass in 🎱

OTTO ROCKET 🦋 ‏@Tinsley__2


kayla🥶🏋🏽‍♂️ ‏@kaylacross2222

Who trynna play 8ball 🎱

Wayne Fegan ‏@WayneFegan

#WorldNumber1 back where you belong 🎱 🚀 @ronnieo147 https://t.co/CigHDOMpeK

Scotty G ‏@GScotty91

@ronnieo147 more ranking points mate 🎱🏆 #CoralSnookerSeries

Walker Texas Ranger ‏@ToddyParadise

@lifeofthePARDI i see you courtside my G 🎱 https://t.co/o6G93LOkfZ

Paul martin ‏@paulrm1980

@JackieMcNamara4 @ronnieo147 Been out way him a couple a times few beers in that actually pure brand new 🎱😂

🌁 ‏@JMAN_iAm

Good ⚾️🏈🏀⚽️🥎🎾🏐🏉🎱🧢 https://t.co/pfiyMBqXc5

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Coral ‏@Coral

🗣We caught up with the champion Ronnie O'Sullivan to reflect on a fantastic win tonight in the Coral Tour Champions… https://t.co/IB5dNZKvnE

H-RAP Bey ‏@hustlarapbey

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B🅰️ck 🐍treet 🐐 ‏@YoungLife_Mafia

I been beating ass in 🎱ball all day

Mommy ‏@inkedmom1111

My boy had his party today!! 👐🏼 🎱🎱Bowling shindig🥳 🎈Happy 8th birthday buddy🎁♥️ https://t.co/HdJFTAbBPx

Mike Bear ‏@mikebear88

We could possibly be living in the time of the 5 greatest sports people in their sports ever. ⚽️ Messi 🎾 Federer 🎱… https://t.co/LqnW8aZgB7


I bet Gronk is blowing an 8ball off a girls ass right now. (No offense to feminism) 🎱

Ron Florax ‏@CueTracker_Ron

@ViewCue It was a pleasure mate! We’ll have to leave the pool game for next time🎱👍

John Doran ‏@EndlessVertiGo

Bout to run this table 🎱 https://t.co/lTPaCzjGe3 https://t.co/3lMAV9VbN1

Notfor Publicview MD 🇺🇸 ‏@z9bill

On a scale from one to ten where ten=OMG Hillary isn't going to be POTUS. I'm a solid 🎱 I tried to keep expectation… https://t.co/nYmcoC7yYQ

Nadine OConnor ‏@OConnorNadine

@juliopanzanella @CarltonFC @80sFootballCard @drunk_logic Trevor Keogh 🎱 https://t.co/jwaxPWwt1a

Sam Clarke ‏@ClarkeyCFC

The greatest of all time. Legend of the baize 🎱🏆 #TheRocket #CoralSnookerSeries https://t.co/QQdIXUNCPp

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