Bird Emoji

A bird, with no species specified. Appears like a sparrow on Android (blue, previously yellow), Windows (blue) and Twitter (red). Only shows the head of the (gray) bird in Apple’s artwork.

Bird was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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🐦 U+1F426




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Tanya Allen ‏@allen_tanya

@WildlifeTrusts Absolutely beautiful. What a magical capture. 💕🐦

North Sea WT ‏@NorthSeaWT

#FunFact Look out for these majestic birds off the #NorthSea coast! Gannets arrive at their colonies from January o…

A ‏@mrjinks56

@AdriMusk Thank you Sweetheart 🐦💕

Department of Energy and Environment ‏@DOEE_DC

Updated Species Name: White-Throated Sparrow 🐦💚

Snatchie Wallace ‏@EC_PayMe

it's a brand new day and the birds are chirpin. *brrrrrr 🐦

Omaha Advertising ‏@OmahaAd

Do you use Twitter? They're unveiling a new web interface to reengage users. 🐦

jdroyalsolution ‏@jdroyalsolution

Early bird 🐦 gets the worm every time. #WednesdayWisdom

Above and Beyond ‏@aboveexhibition

Do you have any plans on Feb. 2? Maybe go to @orlandoscience and learn about the principles of flight by becoming a…

RSPB East ‏@RSPBintheEast

@dumblyd0re @Natures_Voice Very jealous! Looks like you’re going to have an AMAZING #BigGardenBirdWatch this weekend 😍🏡🐦👀

Oakcrest High School ‏@OakcrestHS

Everyone come out to the double basketball game tonight! Girls Varsity starts at 4 and Boys Varsity starts at 5:30!…

🇬🇧2008Babs❤️💙🐾🌹 ‏@Fawn_32

Please feed the birds with care, don't buy nets, they kill 🐦🐦😔

Cloudymamma ‏@cloudymamma

@mags324 @goldfinches12 Spooky, he often visits, she looks out for him🐦

Liz Brown ‏@LizB2468

Looking forward to @Natures_Voice #BigGardenBirdWatch this weekend! We are all geared up to go... info pack sorted,…

jeremy bradley ‏@jeremybradley49

@CentralPictureH Ladybird 👩🏼‍⚕️🐦

Derek Paterson ‏@DerekPa16641676

@majaperzel Good evening my friend wishing you a fabulous one keep safe beautiful bird 🐦🐦🐦

Oupa Laka 🇿🇦 ‏@OupaLaka

I'm one to appreciate the "small" things in life such as checking out my wife as she does her favourite things, wat…

Sallie Maurine Ulmer ‏@sallieulmer

I love to 🌲🌻🚶🌳🌳🐦🐦 🏞️🏝️🏔️🏘️.

Thepatriotdad ‏@Thepatriotdad1

@iAmWolvie @everitt_daniel @_warwulf @Acosta @PressSec Are you retweeting Jim Acosta or these other news organizati…

Department of Energy and Environment ‏@DOEE_DC

Wintering birds are right outside your door in DC! While we may be warm inside, birds deal with the snow and cold t…

Adeq Feroce ‏@adeqahmadshah

@HappyPixr Love the shot mate,remind me of one common bird that can be seen on the street or trees in Malaysia,loca…

Boston Skeptics ‏@bostonskeptics

Darwin Day: Twice! Science and the Double Discovery of Evolution | 🎂🦜🐦🦉🦅 Did we mention cake?…

OlgaKnight ‏@inanotherw

Awesome Blue Birds 🐦 Photo by: David Birmingham

soniavdk ‏@svandeke1

New vacancy @ valesta 🐦

I fap to it so you don't have to ‏@Furry__memes

What species is your fursona? Comment with your species emoji! 🐵 🦍 🐶 🐕 🐩 🐺 🦊 🐱 🦁 🐯 🐆 🐴 🐎 🦄 🦓 🐮 🐂 🐃 🐄 🐷 🐗 🐏 🐑 🐐 🐪 🦒…

RapGain ‏@GainRap


Nadia Sohaei ‏@nadiasohaei

Please bring every dogs cats birds indoors!!!! Too cold 🐱🐶🐦❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️

Chris Cole ‏@chriscolecoach

The birds 🐦 and the trees 🌲

pip sweet ‏@YogaLoveHealing

I can't right now won't be online for a while. but if someone can find or create petitions there was 1 about the…

Maggie ‏@mags324

@cloudymamma @goldfinches12 Oh my goodness-how weird is that(not about blackbird) but just a chance comment and "yo…

Minos ‏@Minos04876748

#MacronDemission #peuplefrancais #GiletsJaunes #LaFranceEnColère #franceinfo #Dictature @LeMediaTV #RTBFinfo…

All Things Wildlife (🐝) ‏@WildlifeAll

Beautiful!! Great shots!! 🐦🌾🍀

Aissa the Pasta Princess 🍝 ‏@aissalanis

@Woody_B_ @dave_cactus Thank you Woody!! 🍝 🐦

Fixomnia Scribble ‏@FixScribbles

@jolie_oiseau77 @drobs911 @JennaTVLover @kwannemacher Thank you, lovely bird! 🐦

B3tter_Thots ‏@B3tter_

I litterally Gained 600+ In Less Than An 24 Hrs! If You Have Less Than 500 ▶Followers◀ Follow These Steps 💻 1. Re…

Joyce ‏@DiaryOfJoyce

So that’s the piece of hair that the guest reminded him of a bird 🐦


Early bird 🐦 registration for QUAD ends February 1st! Go get your tickets now!



Jesusito ‏@HeySeuss_17

And yall think this shit is funny. Yall some 🐦🐦🐦

iTz L3G3ND³ ‏@DabizLegend

Not all of them are dodo birds 🐦 lol. Bipartisanship is the only way forward. #Legend

Alys Harte ‏@alysharte

@paulkenyonTV Novice birder. 🐦

hepha-ink-tos ‏@hephaistosink

It knows 🐦👁

🗣 ‏@2200angels

omg You guys didnt know i could whistle note? 😂 😋 🗣🐦❌🎶❌🐦

Adeq Feroce ‏@adeqahmadshah

@7StellarJays great shot mate! 📸🐦

Jajja ‏@SumairaJajja

@ejazhaider Quoth the Raven “Nevermore” 🐦

All Things Wildlife (🐝) ‏@WildlifeAll

@Seymourbirdies Gorgeous photo!! 🐦

Hants & IOW Wildlife ‏@HantsIWWildlife

Green corridors connecting our parks and wild spaces can be enough to bring wildlife back into our towns and cities…

Zak 🐦 ‏@zjpereira

Pretty sure #DaddyBernie is my new fav thing. Thanks @iamcardib ❤️🐦

Infos Kaysar 🐦 ‏@infoskaysar

Stories do Kaysar 🐦

Orchard Hideaways ‏@OHideaways

A little time lapse after refilling the bird feeders at Orchard Hideaways 🐦❄️🌨 #orchardhideawaysinsta…

Teelie Fairy Garden ‏@teeliesfg

Hello Fairy Lovers! 💗💗💗 How adorable are these two birds sitting on a leaf? 🐦💛 Check it here: (aff)…

B.J. Peterson ‏@bjxmas

🐦🐦🐦 Yay Arizona! Great to have such a good guy as a leader & role model for our team! #character #talent…

Babatunde Oyedeji ‏@Teezzy88

Please don't join if you won't participate. It's simple, reply with " Hey " and follow whoever likes your reply...…

Edith 🌚 ‏@amiinimitable

@PetitePasserine Muri, no. My bank account hasn’t recovered yet 🐦

Camille ‏@wildflower501

@Lucy51602801 Beautiful 💕❄🐦

Shwetlana ‏@Shwetlana29

@Twitter But you're a 🐦. Get it?

seattledot ‏@seattledot

Traffic is no fun - so avoid it! Here're our TOP 6 things you can do to avoid the #SeattleSqueeze traffic.…

CleverUserName ‏@almostastute

@SusanKlaiber @five_books Ways of Seeing is such an important (interdisciplinary) book. 🚪💨🐦💼

Carola Blaney ‏@BlaneyCarola

Our urban wildlife needs help, too: there's sooo much we can do to turn urban deserts into wildlife havens - the em…

AB Normal 🐈 ‏@kat_woman13

Xmas tree 🌲taken down so the #cat has much more room to do some serious bird 🐦 watching. #CatsOfTwitter

[email protected] CENSORSHIP STOPS HERE❌ ‏@tx2truth2

@SenSchumer @SpeakerPelosi Scumbag Schumer & Nitwit Pelosi Aren't Being Paid Off by The Drug Cartels,,,,, They R…

Red Harlow ‏@NilOggier

@RareLtd We want a new Banjo please and also Conker why not a crossover 😔🐻🐦🐿️💕

Gaston Hinostroza ‏@GusHinostroza

Tell your Senator to #EndTheShutdown 🐦DM “Congress” to @resistbot 📱Text “Congress” to 50409 ☎️US REP 202-225-3121…

💕 Sethi ⁦🇵🇰⁩ ‏@sethi_sheikh

🥊Gain active followers fast📣 🐾🐦🐾🐧🐾🐧🐾🦃 🎄 Retweet this tweet 🔴🎄 Follow all Retweets 🎄 Follow me 🔴🎄 Kindly follow bac…

diamondryan ‏@diamondryan

Trump BUILD A WALL CRIME WILL FALL Rump Roast! Courtesy of Twitter 🐦 #tweettweet 😂😂😂😂 Source: HuffPost

Ivory Tower Project ‏@ITPMark

☕️ good afternoon friends <3 Have a wonderful Wednesday! 🐦

World birds ‏@worldbirds32

@funacha_n Brother🐦

Lepe Country Park ‏@LepeCountryPark

In preparation for the #BigGardenBirdwatch this weekend why not limber up with a visit to our bird hide and see wha…

راشد الكندي| Redeem🌟 ‏@Rashid_alkindi1

Life without dreams, is like a broken winged bird🐦 that can not fly.

diamondryan ‏@diamondryan

Trump Rump Roast! Courtesy of Twitter 🐦 #tweettweet 😂😂😂😂 Source: HuffPost

Yvette⚘Dream Aphrodite⚘Johnson ‏@ATL_ThickDream

Hi my 🐦Tweeties🐦I was dragging this morning with the sniffles due to yesterday I went hard out in the cold,doing my…

WMC ‏@WisconsinMC

🐦🐦🐦 Early Bird Registration Still Open 🐦🐦🐦 Reserve your seat now for #BDIM on March 6 👉

Acupuncturists Without Borders ‏@ACUwoBORDERS

🐦This is the last week for Early Bird pricing for our Florida 'Healing Community Trauma' training! Save $30 if you…

Barbara Fowlds ‏@skylark22BHC1

Not forgetting the Kelsey Park pigeons of course 🐦 (...he’s behind you!) #kelseypark #beckenham #getoutside…

Top Tech Hits ‏@toptechin2017

"I found this flame-throated bulbul foraging around one of the forests of Western Ghats in India. Its orange-red th…

May Sandy ‏@maydrives

Reply with " Hey " and follow whoever likes your reply...!!!! Lets gooo!! 🕊🐦⚡️💯💯#maydrive

World birds ‏@worldbirds32

Mum I love you............................🐦❤️❤️🐦

00:00.. ‏@sixtyyfiveex

❤ Like this tweet and I'll give you an emoji: 🙂 : let's be friends? 😍 : ur good looking 🐦 : nice tweets 📷 : instag…

Gaston Hinostroza ‏@GusHinostroza

🐦DM “Congress” to @resistbot 📱Text “Congress” to 50409 ☎️US REP 202-225-3121 ☎️US SEN 202-224-3121 Time to…

Friends Of Horsham Park ‏@HorshamPark

As a countdown to our family friendly event this Sunday 27th January for @Natures_Voice Big Garden Birdwatch 🐦 we a…

FreeburnPhotography ‏@KeithFreeburn1

@tonyg6899 @DiscoverStroud Even the magpie’s singing about it in the background Tony 🐦:-)

Mr. KitKat ‏@_kitkat94

This .. school, work, work , school then work shit is for the birds 🐦 😪

Gaston Hinostroza ‏@GusHinostroza

The @WhiteHouse plans to barrage the @SenateGOP and @SenateDems with bullying calls. Call your Senators 🐦DM “Congr…

Brandi Keith ‏@bran21keith

Poor bird 🐦

Sai Fashionista ‏@FashionistaSai

M8C Launching khiccha silk special - Sweet Bird 🐦 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 Material : Khiccha silk + tassels + piping + work blouse…

Creatively Gifted ‏@creativelygiftd

@SimoneMariposa I was about to be like 📢 NOOO you don't. Then I was like 🤔 wait she already Tall, does she mean tal…

Josephvss ‏@Josephvss

🤓oh @zeno_1972 previsoes🤓🐦

🎪워너 솔티❣️ ‏@saysalty

@kdkdcross Received❣️ thanks a lot💛🥟🐦💓

Aniox 🇮🇹 ‏@Aniox07

""I found this flame-throated bulbul foraging around one of the forests of Western Ghats in India. Its orange-red t…

Morgan Jones ‏@BarrnagroM

@awlasky Of course! I’m looking forward to reading your tweets! 🐦

Association Success ‏@assn_success

#ICYMI "In the midst of preparation for our biggest event of the year, we couldn’t do business online and neither c…

Traveline Cymru ‏@TravelineCymru

No plans for the weekend? Head to Dinefwr Park or Tredegar House to take part in the RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch! Y…

Marlize Stander ‏@Winelands

Ready for #TravelChatSA with wine! Even the sugarbird on my screen is ready to tweet & sip wine. 🍷🎉🐦


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Any snowbirds in the house? 🐦 What time of year do you return to your cooler climate?

Discovery ‏@Discovery

"I found this flame-throated bulbul foraging around one of the forests of Western Ghats in India. Its orange-red th…

Moonstonecat🌙🐱 ‏@moon_stonecat

🎉You are invited to a Midnighter Twitter Party Friday, Jan 25th 6pm -12am ET.🐦Please only use 2 hash tags per tweet…

Future House Music ‏@FutureHousMusic

Brace yourself, Blackbird is coming 🐦 @JonasAdenMusic @musicbyels

newt ‏@drynewt

Terrible little man 🐦 #art #illustration #oc #webcomic #hellboundcomic #ink #instaart #artist #comic #csp…

Suzie Andrews ‏@SuzieAndrewsKre

These hilarious birds 🐦 make me laugh 😂

₆⁶₆ ‏@Cenation818

Finally ✨🐦

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