Black Nib Emoji

The nib of a quill, or fountain pen.

Black Nib was approved as part of Unicode 1.1 in 1993 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

✒️ ✒ Pen Nib

✒️ ✒ Fountain Pen

Apple Name

✒️ Fountain Pen


✒ U+2712

️ U+FE0F




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donkremo ‏@donkremo3

📌 Pin down↔Think well to be wise, so as not to run into penury ✒ #nollywood #nigerianstyle #naijabrandchick…

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PrinceofJeruz ‏@PrinceOfJeruz

🚨 ✒ When you can't sleep 😴 before finishing the #Verse 🗒 👀 Taken at ... 03:03 AM 🕒 #Lyrics…

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@McAdamsRobertD @MapleMysteryGms @michele_sagan Thank you! 📚✒👍

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Staying Healthy is as easy as ABCDE <3 We Don't Just Examine, We Care! ✒ Share | Like | Re-post | Comment…

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I honestly work SO much better to full albums rather than playlists and mixes. 💿🔈🔉🔊✏✒🖌

donkremo ‏@donkremo3

📌 Pin down↔Think well to be wise, so as not to run into penury ✒ #nollywood #nigerianstyle #naijabrandchick…

Lori Cooper ‏@CoopLori

@AdamEcclesBooks Saige Madison. That's it. That's the 1! 🙂📚✒👍

Fixomnia Scribble ‏@FixScribbles

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Lori Cooper ‏@CoopLori

@InevitableCJ Fabulous! It's so fantastic! Great job 👍📚✒

Lori Cooper ‏@CoopLori

@JCWHelmkamp Get well soon! When 1 door closes, another 1 opens. This could be the greatest gift. Sending all positive vibes. 📚👍✒

Lori Cooper ‏@CoopLori

@Constantlycrav1 Congratulations! ✒📚👍

Lori Cooper ‏@CoopLori

@InevitableCJ Love the Title. Love the Cover. Your own? Amazing! Congratulations! #WritingCommunity #amwriting #truecrime #amediting ✒📚👍

Christina Barrueta ‏@WriteOnRubee

Thank you Stefano for the great interview! Stefano Fabbri's @pomopizzeria will be featured in my upcoming cookbook,…

Yuri Medvednov ‏@Yuri_Medvednov

✒ Everyone shall have the right to association, including the right to create trade unions for the protection of hi…

HamiltonRviewofBooks ‏@HamRevofBooks

We're almost ready for Radical Words: The Role of the Writer in Polarizing Times featuring @TamaraFaithBerg,…

Tina ‏@Tina69911364

Jerome. K Jerome ✒

Lori Cooper ‏@CoopLori

Happy Birthday @NellieKatie! #GotBooks? If you don't have her 1st, ⤵️⤵️ get it here for FREE today⤵️⤵️👍📚✒…

Derrick Allstarr ‏@DerrickAllstarr

Facebook finally added the song back...I love this song thats why it matters😁😁😁 Song: Gigalos Get Lonely Too🎼🎵🎶🎵🎶🎧…

Tina ‏@Tina69911364

Jerome K. Jerome ✒

Lori Cooper ‏@CoopLori

@MapleMysteryGms @michele_sagan Gotcha'! Thank you guys ALL so very much! You've ALL made my week! 📚✒👍

❤IN LOVE WITH JACK❤ ‏@Kinahanpassport

💜KINAHAN STATISTICS💜 ✔Taghi 8% ✔El Rico & Co 8% ✅Kinahan 58% ✔Amsterdam Mocro Maffia 25% 12 votes · 6 days…

Tina ‏@Tina69911364

Paul Laurence Dunbar (1872-1906) 'Forever' ✒

Tina ‏@Tina69911364

Elizabeth Barrett Browning - Sonnet 06 ✒

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astraea ‏@smnthdeleon

158th Rizal Day ✒🇵🇭

Blade Kamekaze ‏@BladeKamekaze

@HisLoyalRose ✒: I love it!

MondRey Loterte ‏@MondReyLO30

✒ God uses trials and difficulties to train, and sometimes chastise, his children, but this is no reason for them t…

@MrsLizzEast ‏@TamecaTaylor

Me: Posts crazy shit on FB all day. Also Me: I can't think of anything to write for this chapter! Writing a book is hard! 🙄✒📖

Tracy's Escapades ‏@TraScapades

👸🏿💙📸#ArtIsAWeapon #DivineReminders #Worthy #TransformationTuesday 📸 @DruceSegun; ✒ @nayyirahwaheed; reposted from…

Mr. Gyros & Catering ‏@MrGyrosWPA

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Sharon HeartSwell ‏@SharonHeartSwel

Everyone please play. We want to see your answers! P.S. I find out something new about my friends every time. Thes…

Dirty-D ‏@Red_Man54

I keep getting compliments on my ink, guess thats a sign it's time for moarrrr ✒

_Aalap° ‏@AalapKvng

@UnivasalGinger_ lemme goan bring chair,note and pen ✒ 📝 🏃🏃🏃🏃

Pam Bevins ‏@pbev7

@themoneyiowe Tom Robbins 💪✒

iveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ‏@dobseavey

mark the damn date now ✒

Jae ‏@Jae_Dlt

✒ .      ˚  ˚    ✹       ·   ✹    ✵  · .        ˚    .   ✹    ✧       .  *                         .𝕄𝕪 𝕝𝕚𝕥𝕥𝕝𝕖 𝕓…

Sumire ::✒ 🎊 Layout Of Love 🎊 :: Open. {4 Days} ‏@LayoutOfLove

Layout Request Complete. ----------------------------- @BeriThief ✒ Please Credit the Layout you are receiv…

𝐾𝑦𝑢𝑛𝑔-𝑀𝑖 💓 ‏@MissKwonM

𝑻𝒉𝒓𝒆𝒂𝒅. ✒

Meri ♈ ‏@marymerlak

patetična i sladunjava, prikladan today's mood status: My best friend has gone away No more will we laugh & play N…

🀄Yukichi Fukuzawa🀄 {Fan Acc} ‏@MasayoshiKen

✒ He's actually quite ticklish. Especially in his sides.

🀄Yukichi Fukuzawa🀄 {Fan Acc} ‏@MasayoshiKen

✒ He's known to fluster exceptionally easy when it comes to praise and such.

Tiffany L Balagna ‏@traverse_tomes

The Red Labyrinth by Meredith Tate 🗡 I won this #youngadult #ARC from @fluxbooks and I am so excited to start readi…

EL QUINCE EME ‏@elquinceeme


🀄Yukichi Fukuzawa🀄 {Fan Acc} ‏@MasayoshiKen

✒ His smile is said often to be a very sweet one.

Blessed(Toysha) Darby ‏@ToyshaD

🕊 #Oopsie #Doopsie 🙃 Someone made a #Poopsky;😝 📰 (No need to fret)😯 I believe we can help 🤓 before they lose more…

🀄Yukichi Fukuzawa🀄 {Fan Acc} ‏@MasayoshiKen

✒ Natsume truly made him the man he is today. As a youngster until his mentor took him in, Yukichi was weak, fragil…

🀄Yukichi Fukuzawa🀄 {Fan Acc} ‏@MasayoshiKen

✒ He is the only gifted of the Fukuzawa family and was one of the only ones in Nakatsu at the time, which left him…

Adele Winston ‏@AdeleWinston6

@WendyDranfield Thank you and good luck with your writing ✒

🀄Yukichi Fukuzawa🀄 {Fan Acc} ‏@MasayoshiKen

✒ He tries to train when he can to ensure he won't be taken advantageous of, or let the Agency get hurt.

🀄Yukichi Fukuzawa🀄 {Fan Acc} ‏@MasayoshiKen

✒ Natsume had been the one to get him to love cats, amongst other things.

🀄Yukichi Fukuzawa🀄 {Fan Acc} ‏@MasayoshiKen

✒ If someone he cares deeply about is hurt or something along those lines, he's quick to snap.

ninja-fai ‏@Nightninjya

BTW, Well, set your mind at ease.🍴 There are not those people on the Earth, maybe. This tweet is just a English training. ✒🕺

🀄Yukichi Fukuzawa🀄 {Fan Acc} ‏@MasayoshiKen

✒ He isn't fond of people pulling at his hair. It's something that his father sometimes did as a way to get his att…

🀄Yukichi Fukuzawa🀄 {Fan Acc} ‏@MasayoshiKen

✒ Despite being in his mid forties, he still suffers intense trauma from both his neglect as a child but also Mori'…

The Nib ‏@thenib

Some pretty big shoes to fill! @PKuperArt ✒

Calligraphy by Jennifer ‏@prettypenstudio

Let us help you with your wedding calligraphy needs! ✒✒✒ #weddingcalligraphy #calligraphyinstagram #calligraphy…

Every Policeman Bot ‏@BotPoliceman

⠀ ⠀ ⠀ 👮   ✒✒✒ ✒ ✒ ✒ 👇 ✒✒ 👇   ✒ ✒   ✒  ✒   👢 👢 Hello. I'm the Police of black nib. You're u…

Perpiscacious D © ‏@hollaatbrothad

Y'all...ain't...seen...NOTHING...yet...the book is coming doe... ✒📙👌🏾💯 #brodeezytaughtme…

Trainer Card Generator ‏@PokeTrainerCard

@em_10_28 here you go, ✒student!

Zynecoin ‏@zynecoin

The Zynecoin Newsletter ✒ Weekly and "Only" reserved for project investors, it is sent to you every week. If some…

Lori Cooper ‏@CoopLori

@DBCarterAuthor @TySparks8 @MdpooleA @michele_sagan @EliseIsWritinYA @FaerieRealms Yes! Thanks @TySparks8! And everyone! 📚✒👍

Iguana Sell ‏@Iguana_Sell

✒ Peerless collection by @crosspens, inspired by the Peerles Pen debut in 1889 and the iconic Century collection la…

The Nib ‏@thenib

Just a quick chat with mom. @joeyalison ✒

Chimchim ‏@Chimchi68924330

Not even me and I'm flexible 😉 - - - - ✒🌌Follow @chimloveyourselfchim (me) for more Tag ur friends/buddies To whoe…

Lil Fire 850 bih ‏@LilFireDmoney1

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Thedailytype™ ‏@bethedailytype

HeartBroken 💔 . From a beautiful work by lexwilsontype __ ✔ Featured by @bethedailytype #thedailytype ✒ Learning st…

Calligraphy by Jennifer ‏@prettypenstudio

Gorgeous wedding envelope calligraphy in progress! Impress your guests with a beautiful envelope! 🌻✒✒💍💍 #engaged…

OgFresh ‏@Lukas71528644

My dear you've really done crazy things in life... Kudos ✒✒

MondRey Loterte ‏@MondReyLO30

✒ But God, who is rich in mercy, for His great love wherewith He loved us. 📖 EPHESIANS 2:4

The Westbury ‏@thewestburyn22

It's quiznight tonight! ✒🧠 Come and test your knowledge and have some fun with friends and family. Starts at 8pm so…

Tour de France™ ‏@LeTour

💛 Light-years behind Eddy Merckx's records, 67 riders have worn the Yellow Jersey for just one day. A proof of exce…

Michaela Welsh ‏@Welshtempest

@DeborahBodding2 Always pleasure to see you all. 📸📚✒📝☕😍

MondRey Loterte ‏@MondReyLO30

✒ There shall no evil happen to the just. 📖 PROVERBS 12:21

Gelo ‏@JedadaiahAngelo

@_mjeka ✒ is this valid

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