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Black Square Button Emoji

Black Square Button was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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🔲 U+1F532




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Jessica Michael ‏@nerdsquawk

Space Force: Be a part of the shaping. 🔺🔵🔸🔲▫️🟪 https://t.co/QFLUbSlPNt

コメダ ‏@komeda_channel

🔲🔲⬛️⬛️🔲🔲🔲⬛️⬛️🔲🔲 🔲⬛️🟥🟥⬛️🔲⬛️🟥🟥⬛️🔲 ⬛️🟥🔲🔲🟥⬛️🟥🟥🟥🟥⬛️ ⬛️🟥🔲🟥🟥🟥🟥🟥🟥🟥⬛️ ⬛️🟥🟥🟥🟥🟥🟥🟥🟥🟥⬛️ 🔲⬛️🟥🟥🟥🟥🟥🟥🟥⬛️🔲 🔲🔲⬛️🟥🟥🟥🟥🟥⬛️🔲🔲 🔲🔲🔲⬛️🟥🟥🟥⬛️🔲🔲… https://t.co/2EH2bqj49j

Bhuvnesh Bagri ( 🏡 From Home 🏡 ) ‏@bhuvnesh_bagri

Motorola to announce Moto RAZR 5G on September 9 Expected specs: 📱6.7" display 🔲Snapdragon 765 SoC 📶5G 🤳20MP selfi… https://t.co/bTCyyUgoLS

TechTipster ‏@TechTipster_

Motorola to announce Moto RAZR 5G on September 9 Expected specs: 📱6.7" display 🔲Snapdragon 765 SoC 📶5G 🤳20MP selfi… https://t.co/8iwY0GgBkw

Caitor Tot ‏@C4IT

✅ Clean laundry ✅ New shelves ✅ Banana & chocolate chip pancakes ✅ New pots for new (not yet purchased) plants To… https://t.co/K6AWD5BMB1

♉️ ‏@maryau89

If your cool peeps add me on Snapchat 🔳 maryau11 🔲

JenniferDancingBear ‏@WanderingLeo

@usurpss HELLS YES!!! Congratulations Kicking ass from all angles!!! 🟢🔲🔺🔶🔹🔸🔷🔻🟣

Caleb Graves ‏@calebgraves

🔲 Election Day National Holiday 🔲 Automatic Voter Registration 🔲 Universal Early Voting Let’s elect them. And hol… https://t.co/ZYmiwuPLDc

𝕄𝔸𝕏 | chicago ‏@MaxienneRobey

Some Candy Talking 🔲 ▪️ https://t.co/OK8geW8b5F https://t.co/oiExzAh2zh

SenseiSam®️ ‏@Senseisports1

🔳🔲 Premium Group 3️⃣0️⃣ 🔲🔳 💰✅💰✅ Senseiiii✅💰✅ @Mets 🆚️ @Nationals ✅💰✅💰✅💰✅ 🧨Over 9.5 🧨 ✅💰✅💰✅💰✅ #NATITUDE #LGM… https://t.co/eJ1s2LHhNk

spranglr ‏@spranglr

Introducing Spranglr: Fintech made digestible. We'll be your daily, weekly & monthly resource for everything fintec… https://t.co/2UK43cHf4u

αииα ‏@ot5gal

@ooiiioiiii 😻🏃🏼😈🔥😇🌪🙄‼️🔪💦😿🔲❤️🧍🏻‍♀️✨😌🚶🏻🧑🏻‍🦲😸🌀🐒🚶🏼‍♂️🧍🏻😼😺👅🔫😉🧶😀 MOST OF THE EMOJIS ARE FROM ME MAKING FUN OF THE HOMOPHOBIC “GANGSTER” BOYS

Rachel Stark ‏@syntactics

☑️My day: - acq paperwork - typed brainstorm notes for a designer - presented 4 projects at acq - routed & approved… https://t.co/CdTAFgFwmA

trickykid008 ‏@trickykid008

💥 🎶(“Saft Und Kraft” (HQ_music_stream), KMFDM_08212007)🎶 #SaschaKonietzko 💻 #LuciaCifarelli 📢 #Tohuvabohu _⬛️⬛️⬛️… https://t.co/b6HE7uyMYr

➪ ➪ 𝑆 𝐸 𝑇 𝐻 ➪ ➪ ‏@SyntheticTanden

🔲 𝑃𝑂𝑊𝐸𝑅𝑆 𝑅𝐸𝑃𝐿𝐼𝐶𝐴𝑇𝐸𝐷 🔳 • • • • • • 🎨: ThePixelBuster (edited by writer) https://t.co/zNL0Fd8B7o

trickykid008 ‏@trickykid008

💥 🎶(“Sine Fine” (HQ_music_stream), Vril_10152018)🎶 💻 #idm 🔲🔳 #techno #minimaltechno #lofi #industrialtechno ⚙️… https://t.co/bEMHGs1WeJ

Emma Farnan 🏳️‍🌈 ‏@ohmyemma_

@sydneybrady0 Thats not even as bad as most polls his team sends. Normally they ask how you think trump is doing an… https://t.co/iRok42QzUh


You’re in overtime. Your team has just scored. You’re within one point to tie the game. 🔲Do you kick the extra po… https://t.co/WmMzspZ4jH

trickykid008 ‏@trickykid008

💥 🎶(“Crystal” (video_edit), New Order_08132001)🎶 #BernardSumner #PeterHook #StephenMorris #GillianGilbert #GetReady… https://t.co/ziM71mkZON


It is always #wipwednesday at 18331 Enterprise Lane! In this video we are cutting our suite signs! 🔲 #hbdigital… https://t.co/x12BnxJWza

⟭⟬ K-ᑭᗩᑎᗪITᗩ ~ 𝕀𝕥𝕫𝕖𝕝 ⟭⟬ ‏@K_itzelita

After several days I managed to finish a handmade painting with seeds forming God Seven ^^ ♡ I hope you like it, I… https://t.co/KekluOQdaQ

Henry Hall ‏@henryhallmusic

I have a lot of songs like this available only on my YouTube channel, so you should subscribe if u like this :) 🔳🔲… https://t.co/TyK9pfHEFR

Love Rugby League ‏@loverugbyleague

🔲 "People need to realise that no one is to blame and it can be picked up anywhere." #rugbyleague https://t.co/kj5TFwvAZD

Prof June Andrews LLB ‏@ProfJuneAndrews

There is an evidence base and sometimes bright colours are right but what matters is CONTRAST ⬛️🟨🔲🔴😎 https://t.co/6tC3rzqxVD

Eat Sleep Boxing Repeat ‏@ESBRBoxing

🆕 THE SAVAGE SPEAKS! 💥 Top US Prospect Raymond Ford Speaks To ESBR’s @FraserCox99 🔲 Teaming Up With Matchroom… https://t.co/nyAXVqQLIk

Gero Arrieta ‏@Gero_Arrieta

📷🎞️🔲👽🔲🎞️📷 #Motif Ep 31 _eleven.eleven at analogvice.studios I remember the first day I started this project this… https://t.co/sVi9QDpe0x

AC: Landmarks ‏@CreedLandmarks

🔲There was an option to have proxy champions if the fight was not Physically fair. 🔲Though, Holmgang was later ban… https://t.co/SlKZXKhnQD

AC: Landmarks ‏@CreedLandmarks

🔲Holmgang called for 2 warriors to show up to the Square. 🔲If the Challenger didn't show up, "they were branded “N… https://t.co/XHW8kmqQBj

AC: Landmarks ‏@CreedLandmarks

🔲Berserker Vikings used Holmgang "as a means to claim rights of land, property, or women from less proficient warri… https://t.co/9N7RFvcUhX

AC: Landmarks ‏@CreedLandmarks

🔲Holmgang can be challenged by any Viking regardless of what standing they had in the Settlement. 🔲The reasoning b… https://t.co/jZBL2z55gx

connsy🖤 ‏@xConnieCat

@morgremm Just you wait 🔲🦌✨

Favored! by K. Clark ‏@Favored4yah

🗣🗣 A T T E N T I O N❗️❗️ 🔳🔲 ALL LAW KEEPERS 🔲🔳 ✨Hit me up for your custom sets of tzitzits/Tassels ✨All Colors &… https://t.co/nPQ7QnOwuJ

Chaouki ‏@ChaoukiCsaybi

What a first half from Neymar Jr! Unfortunately an asshole switched Square 🔲 & Round 🔘 keys on the controller 🎮....… https://t.co/eSeeCd5Vw9


💡Test Your Knowledge💡 Paid family and medical leave is flexible and can easily adapt to the changing needs of a pa… https://t.co/1ojSSSAXvB

Karl Krekeler ‏@KrekelerKarl

Let’s start filling boxes tonight boys!! 🔲🔲🔲🔲 🔲🔲🔲🔲 🔲🔲🔲🔲 🔲🔲🔲🔲 #stlblues #stanleycup LET’S GO BLUES!!!! https://t.co/77CYGY5Jub

Ducky B F Abay ‏@DuckysDoings

Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? ▫️◻️🔲◻️▫️ Shirt made by Mom •• #duckysdoings #unitedpawsgroup… https://t.co/GKFz1uoPrO

JimboFromSuwanee ‏@JBOFromSuwanee

@CodeMonkeyZ 🔲🔲🔲🔲♦️🔲🔲🔲🔲 We had to put down our boxer 11 year ago. We still hurt so much, we still cannot bring ou… https://t.co/GkQgYepCqq

Kevin David ‏@Kevin_David_K

Personal Portfolio & Resume WordPress Theme | Mak Demos: https://t.co/B0evpGP3Zc 🔲Dark & light version demos 🔲Ele… https://t.co/QgGftCatHF

JimboFromSuwanee ‏@JBOFromSuwanee

🔲🔲🔲🔲♦️🔲🔲🔲🔲 The new Harris/Biden campaign slogan. #SAHAA Sniffing and Humping America Again. 🔲♦️🔲♦️🔲♦️🔲♦️🔲 https://t.co/w3N7VcHR8B

JimboFromSuwanee ‏@JBOFromSuwanee

@ACTBrigitte 🔲🔲🔲🔲♦️🔲🔲🔲🔲 Except for sometimes watching the three opinion anchors. I don't watch it anymore. The… https://t.co/uSfboOYuaR

JimboFromSuwanee ‏@JBOFromSuwanee

@RealCandaceO @marlahohner 🔲🔲🔲🔲♦️🔲🔲🔲🔲 #SAHAA Sniffing and Humping America Again. 🔲♦️🔲♦️🔲♦️🔲♦️🔲

Charles U. Farley ‏@Dave21203294

@FirenzeMike Antelope Greg would be in heaven... so long as his 🔲 was Rage Side. https://t.co/WacnhOrKwE

JimboFromSuwanee ‏@JBOFromSuwanee

🔲🔲🔲🔲♦️🔲🔲🔲🔲 This is the fruit of the democratic party making domestic terrorists their heroes and hate of white mal… https://t.co/UVDQ3XnTtB

Love Rugby League ‏@loverugbyleague

Widnes hooker Logan Tomkins has signed a new two-year deal to remain at the club until the end of 2022 🔲… https://t.co/0fb5TamBAC

Miss Rose ‏@MissRoseMUA

Geometry 🔲 Details on my Instagram 💕 https://t.co/4irQSO8gyV

Jeannette (she/her) ‏@jeannettesrin

Friends before you even think about dating them you must ask yourself: 🔲Can they bait a hook? 🔲 Can they skin a bu… https://t.co/HEuZ4VyU8g

can you trust ‏@trustpilot_com

day 69 . #WednesdayThoughts . Trustpilot ✔️do read emails ✖️is not a review site, it's a paid-for publicity site. y… https://t.co/IMjo5bgHq4

SAF_SNMILKY🇺🇸 ‏@saf_snmilky

🟦🔲🟦🔲🟦🔲🟦🔲 Let’s go @KyleHammondFIFA 😎 https://t.co/A1fT2jz4eQ

Felix Romark © ‏@FelixRomark

The 4th frame 🔲. I hated that guy with passion. In fact, I still hate him 😡 https://t.co/gnBmJK8aYK

Tanya Klassen ‏@TanyaKlassen

@Beatrix_1_Kiddo @allthruthetown @ecker_recipes @thespybrief @Dark_Falcon7 @LFredenhall @sabrigley @DavidGarner75 A… https://t.co/HdZQPsec1U

ali sultan ‏@Alisultan007

Come and see 🔳🔲Arash🔲🔳's LIVE in #BIGOLIVE: 🧿⁦♟️⁩🧿⁦♟️⁩🧿 https://t.co/x9QEJkERkQ https://t.co/UjwtwwOHmG

Technology Edge ‏@VSathishTE

VIVO S1 Prime launched 📱6.38" AMOLED 📲1080 x 2340 Pixel 📳159.3 x 75.2 x 8.7 mm 🔲Snapdragon 665 🤳16MP | 48+8+2+2MP📸… https://t.co/Fmv7413HMR

TechTipster ‏@TechTipster_

VIVO S1 Prime launched 📱6.38" AMOLED 📲1080 x 2340 Pixel 📳159.3 x 75.2 x 8.7 mm 🔲Snapdragon 665 🤳16MP | 48+8+2+2MP📸… https://t.co/q423lfWLJp

Code: Yde ‏@YdeGaming

@ClashRoyale Also I 👁 want 😍 to thank 🙏 you 👈 so much 🔥 for doing this QnA! I 👥 am really 💯 excited 👀😃💦 for it, and… https://t.co/FYZvCfJyCv

leah’s on island time ‏@vincevanho

Black 🔲🔳// like for a color :) https://t.co/sMGjNFN1hx https://t.co/kN95PIutaD

JimboFromSuwanee ‏@JBOFromSuwanee

@mitchellvii @SRJ7 🔲🔲🔲🔲♦️🔲🔲🔲🔲 They are not crazy. They are evil. I am concerned their cheating is going to ove… https://t.co/Zqdg7F6oEV

🌜 ‏@Sarawdog

The ballot in November: 🔲 Republican 🔲 Diet Republican

For The Love Of Satan ‏@ForTheLoveOfSa4

Will you be my soulmate? Yes 🔲 No 🔲 I'll be right over 🔲 https://t.co/rVsW9zFqHt

Jason Trinh ‏@jasontries

New Meet *Free Features 🛑 Stop ejected from rejoining 🔚 End meet for class 💬 Disable Chat 🖥 Restrict screen share… https://t.co/B2DYBYgUuJ

Balazs Halmos ‏@DrSteveMartin

Wow 🔲 Temperature check ✔️ Body check https://t.co/PxwxY1mE3g

Grail ‏@Grail12013

@Bhaal_Spawn 🔲Don't show again. Easiest Bond villain ever. Roll credits.

Mike Batt ‏@Mike_Batt

Just been told that my "CHILDREN OF THE SKY" - opening track of The Penultimate Collection (and originally from my… https://t.co/CGfPs5XemN

Batman's Mom ‏@Triathleteby40

@jbwardrop 🤔 maybe the question should be about giving ourselves freedom to express emotions... I think you've answ… https://t.co/AflNoqSeOl

❤ Elena ❤ ‏@PopsterLen18

@MamcyChulits @JustSarahG @MTV Four hundred sixteen 🔲 REQUEST @JustSarahG @MTV #FridayLivestream

Ali Serrano ‏@serranoaliana

🔲 Psych debriefing 🔲 Make a short quiz for my interns Aaahhhh long night ahead 🥱

HUSSIEN/ⵃ ⵓⵙⵓⵏ ‏@HooS_2ALH

@K_fadlallah i did it to😂😂😂😂😂 🤙🔳🔲

Bes&ebi ‏@ebi_bes

For him & her's bes&ebi full tracksuit 🔴🔵🟢🟠 Visit our website: https://t.co/gNQzL52i6I or Email us: sales@besebi.c… https://t.co/dr55F1zdUf

Spartacus99 Darkhors ‏@SDarkhors

@marcomh20 I can make stairs of your house mosaic🌹🌷🔳🔷🔲🔶💖💞 https://t.co/J8JeFEMUAB

Karen Panagis ‏@kcstnews

@hellojamesweir ✅ tick that off the list! 🔲 read the @hellojamesweir recap & save the 2 hours of my life that I wo… https://t.co/39QxwdJGpA

ziₓₓₓₓₓₓ ‏@SUTONZU

sexy zone 5nin ✅ kinpuri 6nin 🔲 hey say jump 9nin 🔲

Gagan - ‏@Shiv_Narine2

Uncoutth....🔲🔲🖤🖤 #CillianMurphy https://t.co/Osa173Podq

Gadgetsdata(Debayan Roy) ‏@Gadgetsdata

#MicrosoftSurfaceDuo is priced at 💲1399 Specifications - 📱8.1" display connected with 360° hinge & secondary 5.6" d… https://t.co/2TnTU1JzAC

Kanjo ‏@Kanj0_

🔲 Anime 🔲

Technology Edge ‏@VSathishTE

#Coolpad X10 officially launched 📱6.5" LCD display 🔲Tiger Ben T7510 (China SoC) 📶5G 🤳13MP | 21(main)+5(depth)+2MP(… https://t.co/XOCIGtMS33

TechTipster ‏@TechTipster_

#Coolpad X10 officially launched 📱6.5" LCD display 🔲Tiger Ben T7510 (China SoC) 📶5G 🤳13MP | 21(main)+5(depth)+2MP(… https://t.co/aFtFS1eEZS

Vincent DiGaetano ‏@CoachDiG


Earle Sing ‏@SingEarle

@JimmyBarnes Heya Jimmy god bless for sharing your story of your most precious Mum , I’m sorry to hear and I hope y… https://t.co/vfTqFiFkqf

Pro Skills ‏@Proskills_En

🔲 #HotForex Free webinars 🔘 Times to Trade the Forex Market 🔘 By: Oto _ 13. August 2020 ⭕️ Free Registration… https://t.co/cIaf7f5puF

PIB in Odisha ‏@PIBBhubaneswar

🔲Record highest single day recoveries of 56,110 registered 🔲India’s Recovery rate soars past 70% 🔲India tests hig… https://t.co/n3DMkR66yD


THE WINNER IN THE ROUND 1, BATTLE 15 IS... TETRIS 🔲🔲🔲🔲 (@NintendoAmerica)! 🎉 ⚠ NEXT BATTLE ⚠ 👾 ROUND 1, BATTLE 16… https://t.co/ngxrQVKjPU

Greyhound Racing Victoria ‏@GRV_News

HOT HURRAH 📍 Ballarat 🏁 R8 🔲 B3 ⏱ 9.17pm Prolific winner LAST HURRAH (Brett Nye) owns a breathtaking 30.54sec PB… https://t.co/2H8KKaRgZR

Khallie ‏@AndeyaLouise

✅WIS#1 💓😩 ✅WIS#2 👰💔 🔲WIS#3 🔪🔥 🔲WIS#4 👨‍⚕️💀

Quarantalk Media ‏@quarantalkmedia

‼️#COVID19 BY THE NUMBERS IN 🇵🇭‼️ As of August 12, 2020: 🔲 Active Cases = 72,348 🔲 Total cases = 143,749 (+4,444… https://t.co/aXqe7QBxuF

LDLC OL 🇬🇧 ‏@LDLC_OL_eng

Our goals? 🔲 Win tonight's game at 10pm against @GamersOrigin 🔲 Finish first in the ranking 🔲 Get 1st seed for the… https://t.co/QkKGkKxc76

Team-Cabzhee⚙️ ‏@cabzhee

Ozo: Diplomatic🔘🔘 Nengi: Easy-going🔲🔲 Kiddwayya: Flirtatious🔃🔄 Erica: Straightforward✅✅ Laycon: Versatile🌍🌎 #BBNaija

SylviaRomeike-Coussa ‏@sarc201

@nchenga 👎🏼Too Clinical ⬛️🟨🔲

PIB in Odisha ‏@PIBBhubaneswar

🔲Over 5 lakh applications received under PM SVANidhi scheme 🔲Number of loan sanctions under the scheme or crosses… https://t.co/gViHAJjzNW

Greyhound Racing Victoria ‏@GRV_News

QUADDIE BANKER 📍 Ballarat 🏁 R5 🔲 B8 ⏱ 8.18pm The Watchdog says ROCKET BOY (Lisa Delbridge) has “blown up the clock… https://t.co/0G7p3LSbNg

PIB in Odisha ‏@PIBBhubaneswar

🔲Union Home Minister, Shri @AmitShah conveys greetings to mark the #InternationalYouthDay 🔲“The greatest strength… https://t.co/U8AKShKOqK

EEA and Norway Grants ‏@EEANorwayGrants

Since 2004, 🇮🇸 Iceland, 🇱🇮 Liechtenstein and 🇳🇴 Norway have supported over 300 projects in Slovakia in areas such a… https://t.co/YidqcTAIBK

CeFlix TV ‏@CeFlix_TV

🔳🔲◾▪️▫️💠🤯📶 *Catch-Up on KCCSMW* – 24 Hours Nonstop ‼️ We live in a fast-paced world where new technology and innova… https://t.co/Ix9p2UfWSa

Sean”SE7”OK ‏@se7_o

#SaveCAFC ⚽️ today is a joke. #EFL outright corrupt. Not Premiership? Not worthy of mainstream media coverage payi… https://t.co/QsWTic3WB7

Creed Competitions ‏@Creedcomps

🔲TONIGHTS DRAWS🔲 ⭕️ticket sales END at 7pm⭕️ 🔲Live Draw 7.30pm🔲 #tonights #draws #gopro #Artie3000… https://t.co/6Unoqs7ex2

Creed Competitions ‏@Creedcomps

🔲TONIGHTS DRAWS🔲 ⭕️ticket sales END at 7pm⭕️ 🔲Live Draw 7.30pm🔲 #tonights #draws #gopro #Artie3000… https://t.co/RSUWOcZEo9

Creed Competitions ‏@Creedcomps

🔲 THIS POST IS ONLY TO 🔲 ▪️ASK FOR HELP OR TO ▪️ 🔲 OFFER HELP DUE TO FLOODING 🔲 K e e p s a f e… https://t.co/YgLugytzek

Lancashire Rose ‏@Allisonmcintos8

@connordoner Had this same experience with a relative recently. Now released after being held under S2 for > 2 week… https://t.co/BdYvmju0LC

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