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Stop Button Emoji

A stop icon, displayed as a square.

Stop Button was approved as part of Unicode 7.0 in 2014 under the name “Black Square for Stop” and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

⏹️ Stop

Unicode Name

⏹️ Black Square for Stop


⏹ U+23F9

️ U+FE0F


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888 ‏@888issex

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Joe ‏@joex_02

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Joel Feliciano ‏@jfeliciano55

@kareem_carr 2 squares plus 2 squares is 4 squares. What you do with them after is your idea ⬛ 🟨 ⏹ 🟥 I guess 2+2= 1 rectangle.

VanSant07 ‏@Sant07Van

Not working, not my Monday night poker game..... yep I'll be there or be ⏹ https://t.co/PDwpSEOErY

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cash ‏@thekidwhoskinda

mans got hit with a whole ⏹🔼⏹⏺⬇️⬅️🔼⏹↘️ https://t.co/tBbyxvGGdq

Barb⁴ 45 Forever ‏@Barb09464508

@MarissaMeleske @lisakitter @_hublette Be there or be ⏹

Danchō🔅 ‏@APugonline

Do you know what’s mad if I was to see certain teachers in their old age now they would actually have to ⏹⬆️

Louise Field ‏@LouiseField19

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not natalia♡BLM ‏@emmasveganpizza

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Christian Long ‏@Segafan93Long

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jimmy ‏@jimmytweeted

@whyyoucominfass What about this one ⏹

Narwalt🍻 ‏@waltseason

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G ‏@g_keyss

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Rob_Locci ‏@tin_elijah

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SailorMoon Pie ‏@t0keeyow

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Hugh Jbongrip ‏@JeffDelicious

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𝗍𝖺𝗂. ‏@girIpIaysgod

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AntAntixx ‏@AntAntixx

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ZEHNDER ‏@zehndercom

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Just Sean ‏@dief601

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🆓🕑 ‏@Evinj

while the sun is still in leo, it will connect with uranus & the 🌗 in taurus to form a square ⏹ (when 2 signs of th… https://t.co/0OvGda3Ni6

Rances Romero ‏@rances_romero

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The Mariani Open ‏@themarianiopen

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Jared Benson ‏@benson

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bb’s feral hog ‏@maverickminuano

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Carter ‏@CarterGray17

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SHAUNA ‏@soyylatte

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mont ❄ BLM 👊 ‏@saerodynamic_

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bhavya🍬 ‏@TSUKKIC0RE

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🌸Kobold🌸 ‏@cool_poss

@Drascolav ❎ Reflect on Hog ⏹ Reflect on Perfume

§➿§ ‏@Akanbi___

@woosh1 Mumu boy ba. Two shooting chances. Man just de do ⏹❌ (shot cancel).

#GotSteeze ‏@DezzGotSteeze

@JoeySativa So. Joey sativa: ⏹ brings the drama. Do you need anymore songs about you? Honestly.

x__x Headquarters ⧖ ‏@IHATEATINY

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Paper Planes Bot ‏@BotPlanes

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Shannon Marie ‏@ShannonMarie402

How u “accidentally” hear a song??? U didnt have the ability to press ⏹, ⏸, ⏭, OR walk away, Jackass James??? https://t.co/E8jcvLFjx1

meers- ‏@meerstwt

@j00niepie ⏹⬆️ let’s go

Tiff Roberts ‏@shedefendsit

It’s Friday. Let no one throw you off your ⏹. https://t.co/T0LfZgPZT3

AJ Brodsky ‏@aj_brodsky

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˗ˏˋ𝚜𝚢𝚞𝚋𝚜𝚢𝚞𝚋⁷ˎˊ˗ ‏@minsugatonin

trainor: from these shapes ⏺⏹🔼Z pic one. this is also based on your mbti them: ⏹🔼Z me: ⏺ trainor: ⏹ strong leade… https://t.co/LS5LPCSZkV

mont ❄ BLM 👊 ‏@saerodynamic_

RACE STATS AND SEASON STANDINGS Laps Led: 10 Points for Race: 175 (Including Bonus Points) Points Standing: 3rd ⏹… https://t.co/sKFu4u0NKz

Cristian Rodriguez ‏@cgrodriguezr

@ADAlthousePhD Mean Squares 😈⏹

Ryan Bailey ‏@RyanJayBailey

Atalanta ⬆️ Juventus ⏹ Barcelona ⬇️ Ahead of the @ChampionsLeague restart, my power rankings of the remaining team… https://t.co/gKithobufM

Socially Distanced Gamer ‏@GamerSocially

@Alcoholikaust Literally just smashing ⏹ whilst walking through the same corridor forever isn’t it?

andrea zagata ‏@zagatam

@scavendish @jcrutchmer do you like strawberry cake check ⏹ yes or ⏹ no

Silver ☮ ‏@AirnSilverArt

“This Doesn’t Sound Like The Usual Mindless, Boring, Getting-To-Know-You Chit-Chat. This Sounds Like You Have Somet… https://t.co/qTminNyHeG

ZP ‏@TheBigBodyBobby

⏹ : I’m not a robot

Mohamad ‏@MohamadGoat

@mikcsa actually a human being 😎😎😎😎😎😎↙️😎↙️😎😎😎😎⏹↪️↪️🕴🏻🔃➡️😎➡️⏫⏏️⏯⏺↪️⏭⏸⏫

Dot Chocolate #iLLa ‏@Sdot_CashOut

@Blazae_ He said all you Nigga’z squares like the stop button ⏹ @Blazae_

AiLLY OmoJehova ‏@meet_ailly

#Repost @naijagospelbeat • • • • • • #NaijaGospelBeats Recommended ▶️🔂🎧🎶🎵🔊🔊⏮⏹⏯⏭ Halleluiah @Kspiritmuzik Mighty… https://t.co/kxK1WpsiTz

There List ‏@Derlis_Whatever

@matiasbeniteza But then I got sucked 🌀 into this 90 day fiancé 💍 marathon 🤓📺, and you know how it is with that sho… https://t.co/G1rapqbyfI

Dr. Milad Mikhael Saad ‏@DrMiladMikhael1

@Leila1H Are you a Robot? ⏹

Breakaway: A Hawks Zine - Creation Period ‏@bnhahawkszine

🎆 For our final surprise while we comb through the apps, we're super excited to announce the fantastic… https://t.co/xI9GwlfGm7

Rorenado ‏@Rorenado

@BRENTHOR Reflect on... 🔼 My uncle ⏹ My uncle

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MaoriGamerDooD #BLM✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿 ‏@TekkenAotearoa

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Ken Manix, le pancratiaste ‏@Kenmanix

➡️"The neighbour's plate is always fuller." Spain ⏹"El plato del vecino siempre está más lleno." ➡️"Your neighbour'… https://t.co/hjNNZUO2Uw

Misty Brooke Martin ‏@kohtakangas

@EricRWeinstein @ConceptualJames 2+2=4, 2+2=5. To me the 5 represents an observer. . .… https://t.co/Rpu5SsPLgm

anna🦎 ‏@spaceruby

@bugfever69 B there or be ⏹

Words & Nerds Podcast - Dani Vee ‏@wordsnnerds_pod

Well in that case! Be there or be ⏹ https://t.co/pzmVLerwXd

Homer's Car ‏@homerscar

Homer is driving drunk😱 and has collided with a stop button ⏹

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