Blue Heart Emoji

A blue heart emoji.

Blue Heart was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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💙 U+1F499




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Natee ~A drift of dust~ ‏@Himmapaan

@cagle_evan You're very kind for humouring me, Evan. :') 💙

Eirian 💎 ‏@eirianmeli

Is there a giveaway or cheap ticket for lauv in cebu? The blue boy means so much to me. @lauvsongs I’m still hoping…

A.J. Harrel ‏@RangersJedi

This is the best kind of baseball ❤⚾💙 #TogetherWe

🖤 ‏@YoungOg_242

Youngbull 💙🏁

Maria Ca$h ‏@bonanasfoanas

And I feel like he’s coming within the next 3 weeks 😩💙 omg omg

Crissie. ‏@TheMommaWolfe

Got the last place all finished up outside! 😍💙


Thank you everyone 💛💚💙

Honeysalgal ‏@Honeysalgal

@briantaff6abc Trophies! Don’t delete! 💙💙

✨👑 KING IN THE NORTH👑✨ ‏@Rather_Dashing

@DWulf96 @mossthewolf @ShimiMarui @KaptainArr @Juanldwfa Awwwww! Likewise! :D Was super great chillin' with ya💙👌✨🦌

Madison Lee ‏@MadyMathewson

Thank you for being my second family and teaching me important life skills. My love for the game will never wither.…

Janet Butler ‏@coach_janet

The fam is finally home. 📍Omaha, NE 🤗🐶💙

🖤🥀💔 ‏@King_Lvck

@__CocaineCrazy It’s okay lol it won’t even have been out long by the same I get out. So I’ll come over there when…

WP BOYS SOCCER ‏@westposoccer

WAY TO GO LADIES!!! KEEP IT GOING!!! 💙💙💙 #westpoyouknow

PeacefulWarrior444⭐️⭐️⭐️ ‏@BrentCSmith44

@4YrsToday As if our Divine Sovereignty depends on it! 💙😎🌎🙏🦅

Ashley Bolton ‏@CoachBolton89

We miss you Jake!!! ❤️💙❤️💙

bluejay ‏@bluejay_712

@HollyConrad You’re so much stronger than you give yourself credit for. What a brave bird 💙🐦 🖤

Binibini ‏@jillxgtr

goodmorning💖 TyL💙

jennika🦋 ‏@jenniiikaa_

My last fair was bittersweet. SVF thank you for always being so good to me. ❤️ Hot-Rod you will definitely be misse…

Moa ‏@myrhapsody_

I have found this meditation to be very helpful, especially after a difficult day Hopefu…

shfff🔥 ‏@sahanaieuteh

@aMrazing shakespear regional park💙

RHS Cheer ‏@richlandhscheer

We had so much fun spending time together at our team dinner!! 💙❤️

StaviskiStars ‏@VanessaStaviski

Getting my bag packed in anticipation for the 2019 Track Meet! ❤️ this fifth grade tradition that brings all three…

GayleLynnette(Miller)BROWN 💕💒 ‏@_lynnettelove

It takes A LOT to push me over the edge. So please... For the love of God... Don't fuck with my family. 💙 The money…

Alpha Zeta Poodles ‏@AlphaZetaSgRHOs

Congratulations! 💙💛🎓🐩 #SigmaGammaRho #PoodlesGraduate #Graduation #Classof2019 #VirginiaStateUniversity #VSU

Nelle✌🏾🖤 ‏@daneezy

I didn’t even know Beyonce sang the #BlackNationalAnthem at #Coachella last year wooooow 😫😫😫😫😫💙💙💙💙💙💙 #Homecoming

Jill R Tainter ‏@JillTainter

@CrimeConHQ RIP Grumpy Cat. Your little frown brought smiles to many. 🐾❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🐾

♉︎ ‏@NBF_S

I asked god for happines and he gave me you 💙

Mr. WholeΣome ‏@1914_marshall

@miles_la Love you too sis💙

фуцк оф 🏁 ‏@iggil12

@BAD69d Happy birthday 💙

soft butch baby ‏@vintagelasagna

my heart just went ❤️💖💕🧡💜💞💛💚💝💙💗💓

its sky baby✨ ‏@SkylerSimone_


Supernatural Oiler💧 ‏@1ichic

@NBCTheVoice I think @GythRigdon may have sealed it but I'm not counting @MaelynMusic out yet! You both deserve it…

James ‏@James_F01

From Wigan away to Wembley on Saturday. City will always love you more than you'll know😢💙

bia eclipse / msd 📌 ‏@biabiaMeloStay

@whymisfit Plus u’re pretty pa 😭💙

Mastura Jahan Mariya ‏@MasturaMariya

_ ❤Hello Twitter World!!!❤ 💙Lets Gain 5000 Followers💙 💛5000 Retweets = 5000 Followers 5000 Likes = 5000 Follower…

𓆩۱۰۰۳𓆪 ‏@b__ix

no words can describe how much i love you💙.

♥ Siramad ‏@siramad_elmalem

Hey! @YouTube please monetized @anthonypadilla video 📈💵💙🥺 Im a video for +18 we seen more on TV 😜

mikee ‏@mikaelab99

this weekend was beyond amazing. Thank you EDC! 💙

Pinakacute na Bao ‏@CrackheadBTSTXT

Oh my my my 😍 #1 #2 💜💙

jwaher💙 ‏@joahr234_joahr

Good bye bast scorer on Al hilal 💙💔@c_edu3 #كارلوس_ادواردو

Biel ✠ ‏@bielmj_crvg

LET'S GO WARRIORS 💛💙🏀👌 #DubNation #StrengthInNumbers #NBAnaESPN

Emperors Savannah ‏@emperorssav

$7 Blue MF’s til midnight 💙 #BlueMondays

Jonelle Simunich ‏@jonellesimunich

Had the privilege of discussing future of schools with these 10 year olds 💙💜 - #future #kids #california…


@linflowerr @squishykookies Omg thank you so much💙♥️

D'juan Moore ‏@Juan410_

Loyalty gets rewarded 💙

👑 🐣 ‏@sweetestjonna

A Blessed and Lovely Tuesday to all! 🙏🙏🙏💖💞 💕🌸🌷🌻🌹🌼🌺🌸💕 💙💚💛💜 #BlessedAndGrateful #PrayAlways #MaineMendoza #TWICE…

kutie ky🥰 ‏@oraxo___

now I’m just waiting for may 28th🥴🎓💙

Shonte Estelle ‏@Smookiejean

Level One Callbacks💙🖤😍🖤💙 lookin like money already!!!!

Paul Barbazza ‏@thepumper5

@judyandthebirds @AndyMaherDFA @TheCarltonShow @NicNegrepontis I luv him he knows that ......but rite now i could p…

rhonda cullop ‏@rkcwvu88

@14_stafford @jdecullop You guys always take such good care of my baby boy💙

Ameena. ‏@Am237_

I still remember how we started 😴💙.

Daniela Rivas ‏@Danielarivashn

No more comment! Blue sky💙

Pech ‏@PechoVinnie

Gameday. Guide us Lord💙💛

Princess Z ‏@ZariaNicole

I’m baaaack 🤪💙

Kira Ren 💗 ‏@princessofjakku

@sketchesbylaura Ohhh stay safe💙

Alexa Alisonn ‏@AlexaAlisonn

_ ❤Hello Twitter World!!!❤ 💙Lets Gain 5000 Followers💙 💛5000 Retweets = 5000 Followers 5000 Likes = 5000 Follower…

Mel aka LXC aka YQY💨🇨🇦 ‏@JemKingofSass

@karratran Pretty merLXC! ✨💙✨ love his expression!

Elle ‏@enamoured_

@NinoGambinoo__ That’s my mf nigga right there!!! LLNH!! 🏁💙🏁💙

Erin ‏@erinurie519

Brendon’s speech made me uwu ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

Carolann ‏@88olpgirl

Music & lyrics mastery🎶💙 @thedavidcook DEATH OF ME🌷💿 Listen, feel, take it into your soul... Available at all major…

plol #gowturgang #Lucadogang code: SAC-Gowtur ‏@ezas13116627

@GowturServices Okay dude! Have fun💙💙

💫 𝐡𝐲𝐮𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐭𝐚𝐞 ♡ ‏@springwinterskz

💙 my picks 🥺 #PDX101 ✊🏻 fighting!

b ‏@kdaaaan

l a u v 💙

ErinsFoodFiles ‏@ErinsFoodFiles

Throwback to 7 years ago. 💙

mamas ‏@DreewEstrada05

My godson is the cutest ever !!!!!! 💙

Amenity Properties 1 ‏@BJJones929

My kinda Monday blues!! Lake life 🚤🐟💙🦋


@DoubleHachtag Happy birthday 💙💘

Chase ‏@Chase16097555

@NFL @Buccaneers @RapSheet become a seahawk💙💚

Ray woods ‏@Kippax73

Cos we've got Guardiola .. his soul, is taking over, we've got Guardiola so glad he's mine 😂😂👌💙

Domo 💋 ‏@DomDineroo

Somebody gone love me unconditionally one day 💙😏🤞🏾

Sofia ‏@honeymoonxchild

@BTS_twt EBRYTHING TO ME 💜❤️😭😭💝💗💛💋🧡💙💝💞🖤💖💓💖💞💚💘💚🖤💖💓💖😭💞💙💋💋💕💜💚💜💝😭💖🖤💚💓💚💚💓💞💓💚💞💕💚💘🖤💚💕💞💖💚💞💓💚💞💖💚💞💚💖💞💚💖💞💖💚💞💖💝💗💝💙💋🧡🧡💛💗💝😭💞💜💚💓💚🖤…

jp ‏@jackiiechain

this show 💙

Mambacita🐍 ‏@Dev_neal

Let’s go boys!!!! Do I smell a SWEEP?! 💙💛 #dubnation

🌸 Kell 🌸 ‏@TheKittenKell

@auroras_art Thank you. 💙💜💙

K.E.Huston ‏@K_E_Huston

@gwynnejackson I took the HUGE step (for me) and started working with a critique partner and so far it has been inc…

nada ‏@najong96

@remnoaoisora Reem :((💙 I'm trying ..

Astrid ‏@narelladlacruz

Happy Birthday bestfriend!! Thank you for erthang, God Bless you always!! Stay smart, gwapa and tangkad. To more in…


¡Felicidades Jesus!! Way to go!! 💙💙💙

KA Sales ‏@kasalesreps

@Royals What a great look at this experience. ....and Dozier’s dad is adorable!💙

⛧Bubba Beefcake⛧ ‏@BubbaBeefcake

@shimmervids @TESOnline I've used / watched your eso YouTube vids since you've been making them. Thank you 💙

ΛΉMΣD ПΛSSΣЯ(𝓱𝓪𝓶𝓸𝓭𝓲) ‏@AhmedNasser9443

Back 😍🌸💙✨🇪🇬 #توتا_ورضوان_وحفله_100k #مشاهير_ملوك_بارتي_فلورز_لوز #زووما_والكينج_وفولورز_للسحور

B E B A N G; ‏@Jennahbjsjsjwka


질라 | 146 ☁ ‏@_jim33

@BTS_twt - 💙🌸:💙☁ You were born with a beautiful voice 💙💙🎶 Sing for those who love you 💙💙🎤 Sing for the world become…

Bri❤️ ‏@BriBri_Short_

@jaquisy We can stop by on our way to bris so we can see you!💙 tomorrow evening

Katie Lowrey ‏@klowrey22

A little blurry, but just ZOOM IN ON ALL THAT GREEN! Our first grade team KILLED IT! 💙🐉 @Lizwhalen3 @kjjackson1219…

Lauren Julian ‏@laurenjulian04

💙💙 Sending my thoughts and Prayers to all Officer William Buechner’s family and friends. I cannot begin to imagine…

Yojama ‏@Yojama8

@AtroxChobatsu Well since you asked 💙🌼

✪ЯR⍟ ‏@_saker_falcon

I love him more than anything else 💙✨ And i love y'all.. Goodnight 🌙💕

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