Bone Emoji

A bone which may be used for a dog to chew on, or as a part of the human body. The type of bone is not specified.

Bone is a candidate for inclusion in Unicode 11.0 scheduled for release in 2018 and was added to draft Emoji 11.0 in 2017.

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🦴 U+1F9B4


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Swiss ‏@swisstoons

Funny #Orthopedist 🦴👨‍⚕️ #Mug ☕ makes a neat gift for an #Xraytechnician. via @zazzle #OrthopedicSurgeon 🦴😷

Hotel4pets-uk ‏@Hotel4petsU

So it’s 7days to Xmas who’s excited?? Don’t forget to book your dates in for 2019🥳🐕🐶 Planning a hotel? Weekend awa…

Halo ‏@destructiondog

@mummsie2 Thank you Coleen... hmmmm nooo.. but we might get something nice on Sunday.. the mad woman is doing a Chr…

ひ Nukk Lu¢¢i.† ‏@_NukkLucci_

Y’all been counted me out but i just had a different path.🦍💯🦴

de Stafford PE ‏@destaffordPE

Y8 ⁦@deStafford⁩ students learning the structure of the skeletal system today in PE and labelling the bones!…

Fallen Angels ‏@fallenangelsza

Whohooooo !!! Thank you Rawsons Properties in Paddocks for another wonderful donation. You guys rock 😁💕🐶🦴

✧⋆ 𝒥𝒶𝓃𝒾 💍 ⋆✧ ‏@LeaveItToJani

Cant wait to be a mom 🥰 I can feel it in my 🦴

Jeppneypada ‏@jeppneyko

Met my HS teacher and asked why i’m still niwang 🦴

Snarky 🦋 ‏@oohlalatigre

@votevets But his bone 🦴 spurs?!?

🗡❄️Ēśćûšhï Häńćhö🇳🇬💉 ‏@HanchoEscushi

Imma Dog just trying get me a 🦴 Kodak Black - Snot Thot @DJ_BP3 @Spinrilla

Lisa Church 🗽 ‏@lmc

@Bordash @ESKDboston Nice. 🦴

Gee wtf is this? Idk aye ‏@ambahh__

🦴🍎👣: one of the funniest ppl I ever met. Wouldn’t have got thru inter. marketing without y’all 😭

HumanFirst ‏@btrWorld1

@MrsGandhi @republic @Shankar_Live Put a bone 🦴 & the Dog obeys

What‘s up, mugglefucker? ‏@SanguineBelle

At least these hoomans have great taste when it comes to food. Prince approves! 🦴

ちゃんまや。 ‏@m___ay_a

grapes bone Peanuts 🍇 + 🦴 = 🥜 Salt meat mango 🧂 + 🥩 = 🥭 Peanuts mango Can…

Rob Zawrotny ‏@robzawrotny

It a little Long but Heartwarming to All Fellow Dog Lovers . Especially for those that have Recently lost a Dog 🦴🐕😇

BrotherTsa ✨ ‏@TsavionJ21

Birds of a feather flocc together 🦴

Dannary Rodriguez. ‏@Dannaryy

Astroworld for da second timeeeeeeee 🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🎢😥🙃🥵🥵🤣😛😁🙃🥵😊😊😊🤣😁😛🎈😛😄😜😋😄🦴🎠🎢🖕🏻

相対性 ‏@relativative

cheese bone pear 🧀 + 🦴 = 🍐 green apple Peanuts meat 🍏 + 🥜 = 🥩 pear meat C…

くらげ ‏@KUR46E

Honey bone chicken 🍯 + 🦴 = 🍗 meat carrot bacon 🍖 + 🥕 = 🥓 chicken bacon St…

Denver “Humble Beast” Warren ‏@drippy_D1

Give a 🐶a 🦴... @BOOMfootball

Kirsten Eitreim ‏@KMEPhotography

Getting ready to paw-ty!! Are doggie cookie exchanges a thing yet? Who’s in?? 😁🐶🦴    . . . #pawtytime #santadog…

bakpackrj ‏@rjbrooksII


[StainManeLeek]⚰️ ‏@FatherSauceleek

A hoe is the most replaceable thing on this planet niggas remember that💯🦴

LaNate ‏@Lanate

seen a bih every bit of 60lbs cracking her bones 🦴 😩. That aint no twerk lil mama

Bill Wall ‏@BillWallNC1

@mhowdy5 Mom, I give up. Where did you hide my bone 🦴?

Seattle Mattresses ‏@seamattresses

welcome new followers. Retweet this to get a free mattress 🦴

YaBoy_Sean ‏@Spinx31Sean

#MJMONDAY ~ Today was a rough one, didn’t get much sleep lastnight due to pain in my ankle, woke up with... you gu…

AM ‏@ohyoureAlyssa

I think my mom forgot that she had mixed children because she made some Mexican ass caldo with beef bones 🦴 😶 I can’t

Chris McDonald ‏@tgrcmac_chris

@JessBlaylock Anchor Bar? 🍗🦴

Guardian Boerboels ‏@Guardian_BB

Happy Holidays 🎅🎄❄️☃️❄️🤶✨🐾🦴 #merrychristmas #happyholidays #guardianboerboels 💫 #mansbestfriend #boerboel…

YanDreaya ‏@Yandreaya

I’m always late and always tired but I’m getting ready to go live with a little huntress cosplay and @brattyttv 💕🦴🔪

Blaze(Tonio)sumo17 ‏@tonio_blaze

Bro I’m rockn w 🦴 #bonethugs fuck #offset the disrespect 🤔💯

O'Brien Petrol ‏@OrangeKat6

import'a 🦴😊🥳🧠💅🤳🦷👙 SRS WAHL MERCIER

O'Brien Petrol ‏@OrangeKat6

🦴😊Suck on my chocolate salty balls😂

O'Brien Petrol ‏@OrangeKat6

🦴😂🧠💅🤳Jerry Springer's mr. clean floors

Coby|A Nourished Mom ‏@anourishedmom

#happyholidays | Double tap if you feel this in your bones 🦴 . . . We didn’t even do #elfontheshelf, and I’m feeli…

⚜ ‏@c0cosays

No wonder we don’t have the same 24 hours as Beyoncé. The bish got extra joints 🦴

HUNCHO ‏@NearfallkingJR

if it’s gettin too hot for ya, get yo self out the kitchen🔥🦴

The MoOdⓂ️ ‏@dashawnn___

Seeing people doing literally everything else but drive really grinds my bones 🦴

Gio ‏@Gio_cavi_R1904

Can’t #UFC232 Be this weekend already!!!! @JonnyBones vs @AlexTheMauler 2🥋💯🔥 LETS GO!!!!!!!!! BONES 🦴!!Try topping…

Μ∧∁ ‏@MacMerciless

Bones 🦴

星山 十希 ‏@strmnt

tomato peach Peanuts 🍅 + 🍑 = 🥜 coconut bone broccoli 🥥 + 🦴 = 🥦 Peanuts brocco…

Elisabeth Fitzwater ‏@elisafitzwater

Aspen loves Christmas cookies 🎄🎁🦴

ellen grey ‏@ellenisstargirl

should I get a job or should I continue to use up my trap money 🦴


@SeasonDeeper Always turkey 🦃 crown 👑 in my house 🏠 can’t be doing with the bones 🦴 😝 xx

こーひー☕@mstdn.jpもあるよ ‏@c0ee

chicken mango pear 🍗 + 🥭 = 🍐 bone potato melon 🦴 + 🥔 = 🍈 pear melon Cocktail 🍐 + 🍈 = 🍸 ₍₍⁽⁽🍸₎₎⁾⁾ 𝐏𝐀𝐑𝐓𝐘 𝐓𝐈𝐌𝐄 ₍₍⁽⁽…

Matt ‏@matthewpoll

@mattjholding I went ice skating last year. It didn't go well...🦴

gary with a g ‏@p__grl

if 🧿 you ⚔️ have 🤷🏼‍♀️ a 🌂 big 🐐 loving ☃️ family 🦴 we ⚽️ are 🏆 going 🎠 to 🕰 get 🔧 in 🧬 a 🧼 fist 🧺 fight 🦠

Stevenson ‏@thataintjerm

If you loving my bark, let me bury my bone 🦴

Kmya💛🦋 ‏@ReallyKae

I don’t know how someone well some women feel like they have to have an ass or boobs and pay for that shit I’ll nev…

Snap & IG: Montaveli Ⓥ ‏@JMW_CEO

I Be Killing Tae On These Bones 🦴

Brent griva ‏@Brentgriva1

@Crazy4TomCruise @TomCruise Hay hay Tom, great great job on the mission impossible fallout... No more breaking bone…

🌹Edge L. Seawolf #USA Nationalist🚂 ‏@EdgeLSeawolf

@cajunchick25 Wonders how deep are the Skeletons ☠️💀🦴 in his closet maybe we need to Crack that door 🚪wide open see…

Taylor ‏@taylorcatrine

Part one of my Christmas gift 😇🦴

Danielle ‏@BabyD2034

I wish Tooley had a clone 😭🦴

Buffalo Marathon ‏@BuffaloMarathon

The Ruffalo Stampede is back in 2019! Bring your furry friends outside to run/walk our 1k course. Finish up and get…

LMLTOO, LLC ‏@lmllawyers

🦴 Let's throw this dog a bone... if you have kids and the dog, "nesting" may be the answer for you! 🐶 On our blog…

Colin Synnott ‏@colinsynnott77

Jon Bones baby 🦴

🛸 ‏@WDM5C

Gettin old 🦴

Chelsea Fox ‏@Chelseadfox

@Fox2PointWHOAH But Drizzy wants to bury her bone 🦴

Din Ese needs #Covfefe, No #SmockingGuns🌊 📎 ‏@dinhi45

Brother and sister, identical twins, Missy, a female and sparty, the only male from our clutch of 4, she is twice h…

Lydia L ‏@schoolover13

@TManitowoc Hey KZ is tweeting some explosive stuff regarding an expert is willing to test pelvic bones 🦴

peter roberts ‏@peter_robbo

@lfc318 @jase_red1 I don’t think they can on this 1 she’s saying it only takes 2 hours to test the bones 🦴

Dionne Peacock ‏@dionepeacock

@AmberRoseOD @ZellnerLaw @drrichardselden Have you read through all her Q&A!! So interesting! I’m praying the parti…

inferno_dante ‏@infernodante5

Give a dog or in this case dogs a bone 🦴 @Virgil

Fern Angel Beattie ‏@fernbeattie

Still waiting to be picked as bone marrow doner... it’s been over a year now and no word! Hit me up @DKMS_UK 💉🦴

Leader Dog ‏@Leader_Dog

Check out retired Leader Dog Mom Brooklyn and Future Leader Dog Prodigy spending some time with Santa! What do you…

veronica ‏@veronicagrro

awkward arm 🦴

Sly ‏@slyv19

@avsnews @markkiszla Poor guy getting zero questions after 3 weeks trying. Maybe he should just try improvising abo…

adeel taiq ‏@adeeltariqchoud

@iamshafaatali I wish os cameraman ki jagga ap hoty 🦴

laurianna ‏@Laurianna90

@bitpartner Oh no-no, eat separately and only the tiny pieces between the bones 🦴

Dazai ‏@BrbTyingANoose_


kendog ‏@kendog25733005

@TakeThatDarwin After millions of years we have thousands of dinosaur bones 🦴 Where’s all the monkey bones? Duh?

Jill ‏@JillLHickey

@thebossofyou Helvetica could have slipped on a banana peel that Damn Danica left out when she was making a smoothie.... 🦴 💪🏻 ...???

Erik ‏@iamgeric1

@phunky___ Skelton is a frame work of bones 🦴

SPELL🔮 ‏@badnbruja_

and some techno pls 🦴

Shevy 🎄⛄️ ‏@Mk3Shevy

Me and Ben have started watching @BONESonFOX and I’m already excited 🦴

Rosalba Guzmán ‏@RosalbaGuzmn9

Yeah get the bone 🦴 honey 🍯

julia deman🗿 ‏@JuliaDeman

eugenia cooney be like 👩🏻 🦴 | 🦴 🦴 🦴…

Swiss ‏@swisstoons

Funny #OrthopedicSurgeon 😷 Cartoon Desk #Plaque for the #Orthopedist,👨‍⚕️ #OrthopedicNurse,👩‍⚕️ or #XrayTechnician…

Tina ‏@Tina27Twit

@hoochhhhh Thanks Rick, and I’m thankful for every minute with her! Merry Christmas to you, but there’s lots of coo…

Emilia Jarochowska ‏@Emiliagnathus

Fantastic ammonite discoveries at the #PalAss18 field trip led by ⁦@macroevolut⁩ and ⁦@moononthebones⁩ - also some…

💗💜💙 ‏@ktdbsn


digital d’angelo ‏@_sydneyintheory

Sweet Bones 🦴🍯🥭

Shawn Andrews ‏@CanadianShawnDA

@Brittney_BA "I saw you wrapping that chew toy mommy" 👀🦴

🐶 Thoughts of Milo 🐶 ‏@thoughts_lenny

This is my nemesis, we’ve been locked in battle all day. It’s inevitable that fur will be lost soon, I just hope it…

Emilia C Rabbit. 🥨 ‏@emicrabbit

mondayzz 🦴

Bape ‏@BapeGreenMan

@biblicalboyd Hope it will get better! 🦴 + ❤️ = ✅

Pets Located ‏@PetsLocated

The Dog’s Christmas Dinner - what your dog can and can’t eat #dogs #Christmas 🦴

Lietta James ‏@LJames_TDA

Oh my... how cute it that! 🐕🐶🦴

Laugh Trek ‏@LaughTrek

Will you let this smiling man play with your bones? #StarTrek 🦴

Kaelin Kakuta ‏@KaelinKakuta

🛑 🦴 - @donaldglover @ The Forum

Catsmas Overdose 🎄 ‏@teckworks

@OneyPlays Hopefully one of them is Mr. Bones 🦴

Kousik Seshadri ‏@itiskousik

Jurnos are just 🐕 s for 🦴 s

Albína Hulda Pálsdóttir 🐏🐴 🦴👩‍🔬🧪🇮🇸 ‏@AlbinaIcelander

Burnt fish 🐟 bones 🦴 and I want to cry 😭 #ArchaeoAnimals #FishAreEvil

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