Bone Emoji

A bone which may be used for a dog to chew on, or as a part of the human body. The type of bone is not specified.

Bone is a candidate for inclusion in Unicode 11.0 scheduled for release in 2018 and was added to draft Emoji 11.0 in 2017.

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🦴 U+1F9B4


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Helen Dean🍉 ‏@dean63_helen

@TheMontyDon Something to celebrate ? 😁🦴🎉xx

jWalk🚶🏻‍♂️ ‏@JacksonCarol14

@vezin009 immediately change your name to bones 🦴

Luke johnson ‏@Luke_johnson100

My bones 🦴

Kara Lynn ‏@KaraLynnthedog

I had a dream that we ran out of treats 🐶😴🚫🦴

ᶜʰⁱᶜᵏᵉⁿ ˡⁱᵗᵗˡᵉ ‏@xpixeliex

@veniceknj ⠀ 💕💀💕 ⚪️🧣⚪️ 🦴 🦴 🦴 🥊 💎 🥊🦴 🦴 🦴  🦴 🦴  👢  👢 now wait a minute papyrus is my friend

orangesprocket ‏@orangesprocket

What a night! Ruff. #lenny #chichon #pup #dogslife #puppylove #ruff #puppy #dogsofinstagram #doglover #dogs #doggy…

♥️ Yaya Fandom ♥️ ‏@Undernutrient

🦴 Links 🦴 Tumblr: Main Twitter (NSFW): @YayaYstya Twitch: Ask anyt…

ᶜʰⁱᶜᵏᵉⁿ ˡⁱᵗᵗˡᵉ ‏@xpixeliex

⠀ ⚪️🧣⚪️ 🦴 🦴 🦴 🥊 💎 🥊💀 ALAS, POOR 🦴 🦴 PAPYRUS!  🦴 🦴  👢  👢

ᶜʰⁱᶜᵏᵉⁿ ˡⁱᵗᵗˡᵉ ‏@xpixeliex

⠀ 💕💀💕 ⚪️🧣⚪️ 🦴 🦴 🦴 🥊 💎 🥊🍝 🦴 🦴  🦴 🦴  👢  👢 hey guys this is my friend he is new here please welcome him

Count Smakula ‏@CountSmakula

Lmao, thanks for the follow Ghengishlong, whoever you are. Up to 20 followers now, almost halfway to my arbitrary g…

Flames 2008 Elite ‏@08FlamesElite

T bone with some great saves!! Yea T bone 🦴

Patricija❣️JUS2 ‏@Yug_yeomie

@hjnjb_ Yes we do 😌🍡🍌🥖🥕🍆🦴

Rice Village ‏@RiceVillageDist

Spotted: our furry friend Jackson the Dalmatian picking out something sweet @ThreeDogNews 🦴

❤️🐁❤️WifeyCampbell❤️🐀❤️ ‏@HorrorHousewife

Well HorrorCon 2019 here we come!! Anyone else going in May to Sheffield? 💀🔪🦴

Jewett Orthopaedic ‏@JewettOrtho

Move your bones 🦴 with @JewettOrtho @ Amway Center

~(=^‥^)_旦~ ‏@ElliePharmakeia

Gardening question for my followers with better green thumbs: is it a good idea to take my old chicken bones that I…

Same-Ol-Miah-FWM ‏@ArmaniBoyMiah

Nah I’m in anuda nigga 🏡 when he ain’t home puttin dat 🦴 down

Guddie$acUpBrunson ‏@GuddieBrunson24

It’s My Year #issa #bigdawgyear 2019💙🦴🐕 #available #everywhere

Judy Corbin ‏@jcorbin63

@JohnBriggs74 By golly .. went right to my funny bone 🦴🙋🏻‍♀️

2️⃣4️⃣Grind9️⃣ Wka🐙 ‏@WkaFlocka

Sticks in stones make break my 🦴

Brandi M. ‏@pleasurejpg

Don’t let the sad eyes fool you, she was staring at the huge bone that she got right after she took this. 🦴💕…

WomxnFreed📚🥩💕No🗑 ‏@womxnFreed

@ladygodot I made the broth ... with bones 🦴 cooked it for 12 hours ! After that ... the flavor is amazing and you can add whatever you like

Flocculency ‏@Flocculencyy

@hapahunty Sksksksks daddies gotta HEART. But he just wants to 🦴. LMAO

Not-So-White Knight ‏@SirMattyCakes

@A_K_Anderson Yesssssss!!! 🐾🦴🐕 Lemme know when to pop over and introduce you.

🄳🄰🄽🄳🄰 🄿🄰🄽🄳🄰 ‏@dandapanda

@fultonjr LOL. Driver's licence and registration, please 🦴

Chester & friend's 🐾🐾🐶🐶 ‏@chester_friends

@SunneeSummer @TheRealOscarDog @MsRoseCavalier @welshcav Mummy got on the i bone 🦴 to let Heather know some more ho…

Topk9nosh ‏@topk9nosh

Beautiful Bella came to help her Mum at Topk9Nosh today! She happily helped Julie choose some raw food for Handsome…

Amy Lauer ‏@amylauer0218

@The_Gilp Well done! Marathons are hard, I think I’m retired from them at this point. Turns out cycling is way less impact on old bones 🦴

moth tongue ‏@Locust_Pocust

@yourcupofblue to the 🦴. lol.

knapsack ‏@bringurknapsack

Music is nuts just saying 🦴

Katie Hampton ‏@Ktmae_7

Remmie, you are PAWfection! Happy 12 week birthday! 🦴🎉💕 #blackgoldendoodle #blackgoldendoodlesofinsta @ Augusta, Ge…

Graeme Hall ‏@GraemeDogfather

What’s everyone having for their Sunday dinner... is it a classic roast with all the trimmings? Lily is just havin…

Hannah Trotman RD ‏@HannahTrotman

Excellent advice @nickyKfitness - if a female has missed a period for >6 months it must be investigated! 💉Look for…

Dr. Carly Ameen ‏@CarlyDigsIt

Just in time for the #YearOfThePig. Amazing what diet can tell you about the spectrum of human/animal relationships…

Nightmare_SVK ‏@SvkNightmare

19:30 live! 👊🚨🔥🦴

LadyMillie ‏@Milady_Millie

@RosieKcavalier 🐶😁 Nearly as long as a #CavalierKingCharlesSpaniel 👍🦴 I spent a good hour wrestling with it, now I am knackered 🐶💤

Animals Are Jerks ‏@AnimalsRJerks

“No time to explain. GET IN THE CAR.” 🚗💨🐶🦴 #BoneToPick #badboys #bostonterrier . . . . . #funnyvideo #funnydog…

Zulema 🍓 / Abolish ICE ‏@zoblue

@beep Last weekend I held a handheld mixer up for whipping eggs for I guess a long time that my shoulder hurt for three days. 😩🦴💩

Melissa Kroger ‏@MelissaKroger

Them bones them bones 🦴 #nationalhistorymuseumParis @carlkroger adriarnas.fursuits #valentinesweekend ❤️💙😘☀️🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴…

N A Z R I O T H M A N ‏@ShahNazrii

good night awak 🦴

Christian Meyer ‏@OsteoARC

🦴 Comparative osteological research for the identification and analysis of Neolithic animal tooth and bone pendants.

frank benintende ‏@fbenintende

🇺🇸PRIDE🇺🇸 ~ Reward 🧸 your associates 🐾 with praise 👍🏼 and motivational 🦴 acknowledgments @RioTheBorzoi #photography…

Beedz._zw🇿🇼 ‏@Brian_Munyikwa

@iamphillii Bones 🦴

Sarah C McCord ‏@JonesCarraway

Happy Sunday! 👯‍♀️🐶🦴🔈🎼☺️....

RIP Sunnee boy💙& Jake 💔😢🌈ForeverROSIE🌹❤️ ‏@RosieKcavalier

@Milady_Millie Oh my goodness that is humongous 🐷🐷 🦴 😋😋😋😍😍😍😍

mix ‏@mixtobin

@Gib woot woot 💀🦴

Da Black Frank White ‏@SmackMatt757

Funny 🦴 was 🔥 Coco Brown had me crying 🤣🤣

Seamus Thebear ‏@chefmcc

@Bretontheradio I was completely unaware of this side of you and I love it! Downtown is the best for gaming, better…

ㅤ ‏@dotvolume

@AdamPaigge @sethkostek @foxnbots “I am not sure” 🦴

IntheHaute🙏🇺🇸 ‏@mjbarnett1962

@K9Apart @Karrasamelia5 Good boy! 🦴❤️

Kitty ‏@KM_Zencat

@KavaScott I would gladly harbor this fugitive from justice--- and give him treats. 🦴 #porcupupper

Corporal Sable Marie ‏@sassysablemarie

Hello pals! Getting ready for the race today. Brought my favorite toys & of course a 🦴. What are your plans today?…

Officialricky ‏@officialricky77

I have always been a patient dog but still yet can’t find the fattest bone 🦴 to eat😩🤦🏻‍♂️

Steve Dewick ‏@Stevieonit

@sniffpetrol Give it a bone 🦴

Renee ‏@shaloziur

I'm so dehydrated 🦴

🇺🇸Thornapple Aussies 🍏🐾🌻🍎 ‏@thornappleaussi

Video Highlights of our incredible NYC Westminster KC trip! Thank you, Megan Teeling, for summing up our most excel…

Zack Khan ‏@khan_zack

@MarianaBaabar @murtazasolangi @fawadchaudhry @Mushahid 🦴 for you

LadyMillie ‏@Milady_Millie

Sunday treat - a delicious ham bone 🦴 Nom nom nom 🦴🐺 #CavPack #dogsoftwitter #CavalierKingCharlesSpaniel

David Drew MCSRH ‏@impactbusiness

My just one year old CockerPoo eating his favourite bone 🦴🐶👌👊👍

⚖️ LMLOO, LLC ‏@lmllawyers

#SundayMorning 🐈 A lazy holiday weekend Sunday is for the cats and dogs... 🐕 But if you're splitting up, who gets…

Tina Meikle MBGA ‏@tinabutton44

@polscotdogs @finnforchange Great success👏🦴

Helena Castro AKA Ms. Castro ‏@ms_pinguino

I’m up... but now I’m not. 🐶🦴#Weimaraner #blueweim #weim

Kim (TransNerdGuy) ‏@transnerdguy

@shotwithsoju I feel this so much in my bones 🦴

Seminoles 4 life ‏@manufanatic99

@MeanestGirlKat Give this old man a 🦴😇

Bruce Devlin ‏@BruceDevlin

@MichaelB1983 Yes I can understand why and has she eaten the bones 🦴??

Russ D... ‏@RussD39393939

@AnnCoulter Ann your 110% right. We must have a border wall, but you keep laying blame on the President when in fac…

💕ash💓 ‏@yjncult

@hyuniebeom he CANT eat bones but he will lick it :) 🦴 🦔

พุงพลุ้ยเมจซองอุ D-7🎂 (rt pin tkub) ‏@slyseongwujrx

𑀀 🦴・ ˓ factabouteveryonebyme ˒ ・☁️ 𐬹

Stella Compiseno ‏@TheHeartsDlite

I’d like to introduce you to the newest member of our family: Cooper Cornelius Compiseno 🦴🐶 (more commonly referred…

Dwight&Angela ‏@DwightAngela1

@heatherdmoon Roses are red Violets are blue We'll jump on your car And we like to chew 🐾🦴

Stella Compiseno ‏@TheHeartsDlite

I’m so excited to introduce you to the newest member of our family: Cooper Cornelius Compiseno 🦴🐶 (more commonly re…

Sascha Gabriel #GTTO ‏@bleksverdvar

@Socialist_Chris It's all about the lefty doggo lovers this week ✊🏼🐕✊🏽🐶✊🏿🐩✊🏻🦴✊🏾🧸

Kenneth Barr🦅⚽️⚾️🌈🌊 ‏@RedPalaceCoSox

@CEO4TAG I understand you are caught up in massive train delays on your way to Donny. Perhaps getting Sweet Fanny…

Dexter Dachshund aka Mr Pickles ‏@PicklesDexter

On Sunday’s we like to lay on the sofa and eat snacks 🦴#snacks #Sunday #sofa

Curtis Thompson ‏@curtis91324

@Reuters He’s bringing his bone 🦴 🍖 saw 🔪

Bob Stookey ‏@bob1522

Murphy.The #Boxer 🦴🐕Says 25° #Lazysunday 🦴 this picture is me trying to steal a cookie this morning 🐕 #Daytona500 🏁…

Sascha Gabriel #GTTO ‏@bleksverdvar

And if anyone wants to support/donate/follow the progress of my dog fostering, please add my FB page, I may make a…

owen taylor ‏@owenHFSA2014

While waiting for our sessions to end, Callan, Henry & Joe team up for random ball games in between searching for w…

Brendan J. Micik ‏@LilSamson7

❌S U N D A Y : February 1️⃣7️⃣❌ #Proverbs17 #22 “A cheerful ♥️ is good medicine 💊 , but a crushed spirit dries up t…

Pet ‏@Petcaja

Me, my dog, and I. 🦴

𝕮𝖍𝖗𝖎𝖘𝖙𝖎𝖆𝖓 ‏@ColynGumba

@breatherinelove “You may look thin but you’re not” 🦴

Debbie ‏@Debbie18124912

@KeithTinaHarri1 @LeamGuideDogs Happy Birthday 🥳❤️🦴🐾 🦴

Caitlyn🍒 ‏@Cxitlyn_x

Cannot wait too get him!🦴

JD↔️ ‏@JoelDeb

@tommylondon Since we are rolling in this shitty weather how about some Great White, for Joel/Debbie/Stevie/bo the dog Mista Bone 🦴 🤘

|~| Sans |~| ‏@Geeetdunked

“You’re gonna have a bad time.” 🦴 Sans 🦴 Brother to Papyrus 🦴 Pun loving skeleton 🦴 Ships with chem 🦴 Friendly to f…

ღღTheLadyCarolineღღ ‏@MyLadyCaroline

I really hope that PD Ozzy was ok after this incident. Our service animals need to be protected when they are put o…

young sandwich ‏@jackhowad

lucy 🦴

Mark Sutherland ‏@markosftm73

It was eating a bone 🦴

Anikulapo. ‏@MVO_Solodolo

@mitchime09 You and @trybechief_ dey enjoy life alone based on say mans don suffer broken 🦴.

Demola🔱 ‏@Mayo_OG

*hits blunt* What if the patient dog 🐕 gets the fattest bone 🦴 because all the other sharp dogs have eaten all the…

Chinese foreign doll 🎀🦄💯🌺⛩㊗️ ‏@ColumbianaQ

Red bone 🦴 killing you hoes 😍🥰💕

Amit Sharma అమిత్ రామ్ శంకర్ శర్మ ‏@asliamitt

@Nidhi Stop spreading your propaganda to divert citizen from our beloved Martyrs. If this is so then why you're not…

zafar shah ‏@VoiceOfBilawal

Shia activist Rashid Rizvi has been arrested from shia missing persons camp at Rizvia Chowrangi. #NewPak #Tabdeeli…

Edgar V. Lerma 🇵🇭 ‏@edgarvlermamd

MT @aakashshingada Nephro-Endocrinology: Hyponatremia and bone 🦴 disease #ASNHighlights2019 🇮🇳 #Nephpearls 👉🏼…

Lesley Smith ‏@smiffy1062

@bmstores @Crufts Whippet 🦴

Patti ‏@sunshine4887

@MisterPemberto1 @Lil_Fen Happy birthday Mr P! 🎂🦴🍔🥩🥓🦴🎂

OHnS ‏@squatsnscalpels

@Orthofacts @Davembmd I have this and the bones 🦴 edition in my study! So great!!

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