Bowl With Spoon Emoji

Bowl With Spoon was approved as part of Unicode 10.0 in 2017 and added to Emoji 5.0 in 2017.

🚩 New in 2017. Requires an updated operating system.

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Also Known As

🥣 Cereal Bowl


🥣 U+1F963


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Explore Liverpool ‏@ExploreLpool

🥣 | Thursday 28th February will see Liverpool celebrate it’s annual Global Scouse Day! The city will be getting it’…

Andrew Tylers ‏@Tylerandrews_

Anyone else eat cereal with an ice cube in it? Anyone? No? 🥣

leather tuxedo ‏@raccoonjacuzzi

Strawberry paint seats vanilla pudding 🍓🥣

Andrea Hernandez ‏@andyhtorres

Cereal 😍🥣

timo kApA ‏@KapaTimo

im just gonna start tweeting ABOUT MY BORING ASS FUCKING LIFE HOLY SHIT. sorry 🥣

Official Dharmik .T. ‏@AmourDharmik

@IceShadow92 Well most of the time I put cereal 🥣 first but whatever comes to my hand first 🤷🏻‍♂️

Brie Barbee ‏@briebarbee

I had soup 🥣

Brian J. Esposito ‏@brianjesposito

@zivacooper @scottwarner18 We are going to get her home @zivacooper. @scottwarner18 we need all the help we can ge…

IdaGreyBenden ‏@IdaGreyBenden

@KOCOdamonlane Ribs in the crockpot for tomorrow 🥣

Lo 👑 ‏@mzbranae19

That soup 🥣 was EVERYTHING 🙌🏾

Luis Orozco ‏@Luigi_o1_

@909_raquel U right cereal 🥣 first so that it can soften, straight facts . Eres inteligente 🤓

Maww6💗 ‏@ModelingSlim

LoadedMe⛽️💨= Goofy🤪🤣Food🍫🥣

lakka♥︎태태 🥺 ‏@chaesakus


Natasha ‏@natnicoleeee

Stirring the pot of manifestation tonight 🥣

jordann🦂. ‏@JorDanielle12

Cereal at night >>>> 🥣

Jeffrey Ballesteros ‏@jb90703

@VampyBitme @BandaiNamcoUS @OrigCupNoodles I wish I could have some of those. 🥣🍲

Los.Angeles ‏@saucccy_

Fruity pebbles sure hit the spot even if Ray decided to take away the bowl. Jerk. 🥣

Trey Alexander Davis ‏@TreyADavis

Life isn’t complete without breakfast cereal 🥣 #WednesdayWisdom #TonyTheTiger4President


Cinnamon toast crunch 🥣

Fr Darshan Naik ‏@darshan2866

Birds having them breakfast 🥣

Fr Darshan Naik ‏@darshan2866

@Vaidyvoice @UMANUJ @K_Mishra7 @JpsrathoreSingh @mini_707070 @BharteHindurav @Sanani22 @SakshikapoorDun…

Omar Ruiz ‏@OmarRuizz13

I just had 3 BIGG ASS BOWLS of Cocoa Puffs and I don’t even feel bad about it 🥣

•CC• ‏@c0dd

@tcashthecreator i keep it for myself i keep it for myself 🥛 & 🥣

Yeremiah ‏@treday216

Cereal 🥣 for dinner

Joar ‏@PrJoar

James harden 🥣

S ‏@FSheikhax

Cereal 🥣

Kayla Sharp ⚓️ ‏@MissKaylaDeanne

Hey @Panerabread! I'm #TeamBroccoliCheddar. I can't get enough creamy goodness. 🥦 🧀 🥣 🤤 😍

Danita Stephens ‏@MomDanita

1/23/2019 • #Art • #Oatmeal 🥣 with #dates & #walnuts 😋 with #coffee ☕️ in #Conway #Arkansas 🙏🏻 #blessed @ Conway, A…

Trevor Zungu ‏@TrevorBZungu

Breakfast 🥞 🥣 in a very 📸BEAUTIFUL SPACE 🍶🍯

ro ‏@__r_c_m__

U real🐐🥣 @JColeNC

Diamoniq💋 ‏@_fagette

I want some cereal 🥣

Rory Plays ✈️ SF for Anthem Meetings ‏@RoryPlays_

When making a bowl of cereal, which do you put in the bowl first? 🥣

MissBinky👣💋 ‏@MisBinky

OMG. Shay. STOP stiring the fucking pot girl..... 🤦🏽😒😝🥣#LHHMIA

Block The General ‏@Darkluva85

If you put milk in the bowl before the cereal 🥣 you are a serial killer. #ThisIsNotUpForDebate #DontArgueWithMe #FucknPsycho

Cherelle M. Dessus ‏@C_Dessus

I need to go to bed but I want a bowl of cereal 🥣

HokieChick ‏@HenHokie

Don’t read if you’ve just stuffed your mouth with Cocoa Puffs. 🥣

Maria G 🐷 ‏@MariaQ549

@nailogical Overnight oats are so good. Love being an old lady 🥣

Adam Lauver ‏@adamlauver

"You know what they say: you'll never be hungry if you carry soup with you." Loving @PFTompkins on tonight's…

Michelhada ‏@Michelhada18

Cereal 🥣💕

C🅱️ ‏@wavycb

Harden with another 60 piece 🥣

Irma🧜🏼‍♀️ ‏@tangled30

Time for a bowl of cereal and #Punisher.🥣💀

julie lauren vick ‏@lila_engel

@esmewang my first nyc apartment was above congee village 😍 🥣

The All or Nothing Company ‏@aorncompany

Feedback is the breakfast of champions. 🥣⚡️

🇺🇸 1st N Weight Loss ‏@1stnweightloss

Scrumptious Herb Chicken 🐓 and Mushroom 🍄 Soup 🥣. . Eat something today that your future self will thank you for la…

Abigail Kopp ‏@abbyld7

Reese’s Puffs 🥣 Why is this a question?

Christopher ‏@Chris04Diaz

Alright, let’s settle this once and for all. Who deserves the #1 spot for best cereal? 🥣

Sarah, The Rebel, Wolfe ‏@SarahTheRebel

Random: I learned about congee b/c a steward on a hong kong airline told me I probably wouldnt like it lol. I got i…

Lollia ‏@YTLollia

I think I eat more cereal than I should. 🥣

Hustla Tj ‏@JetLife_954

Free my niggas eating 🥣 cause they in the can

𓂀$lim | Ralphie ♒️2/1 ‏@TRU_ralph103

Chef Woe Woeski 🥣 with the wrist Turkey 🦃🍗 Thursday Tommorow @willing_ 👨🏽‍🍳 🥦🚀

Jamee Drake ‏@Jamee_Drake

@mrjaxtaylor @panerabread My homemade broccoli and cheddar soup does! Yeah, I said that. Lol soup off!!!! 🥣

Septa Shaena ‏@SeptaShaena

@ELSmith1994 Cressen’s long sleep 😴 callout was cool. As was the other attempts to save him. Interesting we know he…

Jose Rojas Soho ‏@Joserojasart

Sancocho, Dominican Soup 🥣 great for cold days. 🏋🏽‍♂️ #cooking #fitspo #mentalhealthawareness #squats #art…

PJ Gaynard ‏@goatmilkfudge

Everyone please play. I want to see your answers! P.S. I love reading these. I find out something new about my frie…

Krystal Lashan ‏@KrystalLashan

@dearra Fruity Pebbles 🥣

Justine Monikue ‏@JustineMonikue

Muesli sounds like a healthier and classier alternative to other cold breakfast cereal, until you check the nutrition facts. 😒🥣

🦋 elyza 🦋 ‏@Elyyyyzaaaa

1/23/2019 im grateful for: potato soup 🥣 powering through a workout even tho im on my period cute bois

Jose Rojas Soho ‏@Joserojasart

Sancocho, Dominican Soup 🥣 great for cold days. 🏋🏽‍♂️ #cooking #fitspo #mentalhealthawareness #squats #art…

Jose Rojas Soho ‏@Joserojasart

Sancocho, Dominican Soup 🥣 great for cold days. 🏋🏽‍♂️ #cooking #fitspo #mentalhealthawareness #squats #art…

mr. parka ‏@adam_253

Cereal is always an acceptable meal 🥣👌🏽

Jose Rojas Soho ‏@Joserojasart

Sancocho, Dominican Soup 🥣 great for cold days. 🏋🏽‍♂️ #cooking #fitspo #mentalhealthawareness #squats #art…

FOLLOW HELP ‏@followprojecten

follow everyone who retweets this, 🥣

🥰💋 ‏@ToriiAGTweets

Cereal 🥣 then MILK 🥛 that’s LAW!!!! #igottimetoargue

Breanna Brown ‏@BreannaJBrown

Thirty crockpot freezer meals complete! Here’s to quick and easier dinners for the fam 🥘🍴🥣 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 #whole30…

infinite zest ‏@_yuzufruit

🥣 how to make paneer


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DeAnna Burghart ‏@DeAnnaBurghart

Chili is on a very slow cook in the pot and my eyes are watering along with my mouth. 🥣🔥🔥🔥

Lori ‏@Dwightcrazy 6 ingredients & real easy to make! 🥣 The measurements listed only made 2 servings, so nex…

Tez ‏@Retro__tuff5

I can’t eat soggy soft cereal 🥣 either

Kim Wise Hamilton 🌸🌼🌺 ‏@KimHaml10

@bookshouse1 Yes over my lunch hour I started reading The Social Affair 📚🥣

Maggie B. ‏@MaggaSwag

One of my favorite soups to enjoy in the cold weather- homemade cheesy chicken chowder 🥣 #soupseason #yummy…

John Simons ‏@akajohnsimons

@deborahh_nicole i mean.................... nah deff dont do that, the money will come 🥣

Nko ‏@Nkocain

Grey cereal 🥣

Kent ‏@KentManning

@nutrition_facts Well written and simply explained. Thank you! 🥣

Randy Tagliatela ‏@LChapoPapiChulo

Cartoons and cereal 🥣

*Lindsey* ‏@Lindz_Jay

Every day started with #breakfast in one of these #bowls. 🥣🐢 #TMNTCereal #CerealBowl #TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles…

Notorioussoldier ‏@NotoriousG3

@WickedSarah_ Drink Hot and soothing stuff like chicken or vegetable soup. Orange juice is good to if you like it.…

Thicc Rave Daddy (́◉◞౪◟◉) ‏@Fire__giant

@AlexisfrmTexas_ @wub_daddy Cool dm me we’ll set something up 🥣

Lena Holubnychy ‏@tomtomlena

@AriMelber I hope you had your Wheaties! 🥣

Melanie ‏@MEckberg7

...I have no shame 🥣

ally 📚🐛 ‏@kittenshiver

An absolute unit 🥣

Cv ‏@CostcoVegan

Organic Steel Cut Oatmeal 🥣 $11.99 (item # 1294013) . . . . . #oatmeal #costco #vegan #costcovegan #steelcutoats…

ella ‏@edjka_

the sun was still out! on my walk home from work! the sky was pink! 🙏👛🌸🍬🥣💎🧬🧫💘🌺👚😭

CV's Family Foods ‏@CVsFamilyFoods

WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE CEREAL?? 🥣❤️ STOCK UP for the whole family with this deal! #stockup…

Michael Crocker ‏@labeling66

@peterdaou Many great things, but a tangential benefit & glorious guilty pleasure is that it takes a giant steaming…

Cricket Vauthier ‏@reallycricket

I’m thinking it’s a cereal and Netflix kind of evening. 🥣

Roxatized Studio ‏@Roxannepion

Funny and Creative Things to do in The Snow via @YouTube Snow Day ❄️⛄️🌨🥶🌬🙌🏻✌🏻🥣

Nick ‏@NicholasSlocom1

Punch my ass and call me a pickle corn pops are good 🥣

JS ‏@joeshirley_

Cereal taste better at night...not arsed what anyone says 🥣

cam MET RAMI AND BEN ‏@pxrfectharold

What colour were ramis eyes? Green, blue, green but bluish, blue but greenish... — icy blue !!!!!!!!!!! 🥣 like this…

🌬¯\_🌊_/¯🌨 ‏@Godflow419

@htownjp_ I’m mad at the milk they wasted, I got cereal 🥣 im tryna eat

stoney_zach ‏@LifeY0ung

Pouring the precise amount of cereal that I would like (want 2bowls get a bigger bowl 🥣) Then pour the milk and pu…

Bryan Urrutia ‏@bryan_urrutia20

Okay but before anything happens.. you pour the milk or cereal first? 🤔👀🥣

Emma H ‏@EmmaH45607459

Fruity pebbles 😫😫🥣

Diana Zayas ‏@DianaZayas18

@IISuperwomanII I hope yo get better soon #TeamSuper loves you and we want to see you healthy and happy. I send you…

J.C 心の平和 ‏@Juanestupinan5

Sauce 👨🏻‍🍳🥣

D Record$ 🛸 ‏@Prodbydrec

Just cooked up on my story follow me on insta @Prodbydrec 🥣🔥 showed how to make this. // quick preview 🚀

KingRustic ‏@king_rustic

It’s that soup 🥣 kind of weather! Join us for dinner. #rustic classics on deck. Always satisfying. #rustickitchen 👑…

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