Bowl With Spoon Emoji

Bowl With Spoon was approved as part of Unicode 10.0 in 2017 and added to Emoji 5.0 in 2017.

🚩 New in 2017. Requires an updated operating system.

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Also Known As

🥣 Cereal Bowl


🥣 U+1F963


Tweets For 🥣

RockYuhBoat🚣🏿‍♂️ ‏@Gingsen_

🚨My New Single #RockYuhBoat is OUT NOW‼️‼️ This be soup 🥣 Chale💦 kindly Listen and put someone on this 🙏🏾

✩ Rachel Khoo ✩ ‏@rkhooks

Wish I was organised enough to whip up these roasted butternut squash waffles for breakfast this morning (it was ju…

Original Flava ‏@OriginalFlava_

Cornmeal Porridge 👨🏾‍🍳 A vegan version of a traditional Jamaican dish 🥣. —— 🌱 Cornmeal 🌱 Almond / Coconut Milk 🌱 B…

Muesli Master Ltd ‏@Muesli_Master

Find @Muesli_Master on the #GirlsNightIn in #DavidRossSportVillage this Sunday and get a chance to win muesli blend…

amy ‏@ajrPT5

🍫🍊🍓🍒🥣 - - Chocolate Orange Porridge Oats with Mixed Berries (porridge made with @meridianfoods Cocoa Hazelnut Butte…

18. ‏@ARREE_

Cereal 🥣

Waun ‏@iam_waun

Up eating cereal 🥣

Perth Wildcats ‏@PerthWildcats

TODAY'S TEAM 😼 💯 Bryce Cotton (11) 🥣 Nick Kay (3) ⚡️ Mitch Norton (8) 🎯 Clint Steindl (35) 💪 Greg Hire (4) 🦁 Jesse…

Meerab | BTS 🇬🇧 ‏@meerabmazhar7

@Btsmaykook Has to be milk before cereal 🥣

luvi ‏@itsbabyabcd

Watching UAAP cheerdance competition while eating lugaw 🥣

💎Kenny Hill💎 ‏@Da_Vinci_Kode

Biggest moment of my life so far is approaching 😌🥣

anerdydad ‏@anerdydad

FYE Exclusive Suicide Squad The Joke FunkO’s 🥣 #funko #funkopop #popvinyl #dccomics #suicidesquad #thejoker #fye…

Ali Jaye ‏@alj84co

@danabrams You still did a great job tonight, even though you were sick! Thank you for toughing it out! Feel better soon! 🥣🍵

Bobo ‏@u_Nobz

Breakfast 🥣

❤LaliPop❤️ ‏@La7li

@puhinnalle_ @LudMarx1 @Jill_Gregory @ellepiari @Judy_Cockerton @jvstiff @jeficpk11 @Djpk10Denise @VelvetSkye…

❤LaliPop❤️ ‏@La7li

@puhinnalle_ @LudMarx1 @Jill_Gregory @ellepiari @Judy_Cockerton @jvstiff @jeficpk11 @Djpk10Denise @VelvetSkye…

Generation Medics ‏@GenMedX

What's for breakfast? 🥣 Banish #breakfast boredom with 14 delicious #porridge ideas from @TheBHF 👉🏾…

whatstha4.1s ‏@whatstha41s

All I been craving is Ms. Rosette Haitian rice and the porridge 🥣 I want to cry 😢

Rick Rexroth ‏@rexrothkingred

@realDonaldTrump Mr President, you do not get to compliment Ms Abrams after you make up lies about illegal voting.…

Tasha ‏@Natashablessed1

Thank you #1702deuceswild Team! Enjoy your nonpay Friday cereal 🥣 bar! We appreciate all you do! @Joanou_Robert…

Irene🦋 ‏@Orchid2424

@BackTheLEOs @danabrams @LivePDNation @LivePdFantasyLG @Pray_For_LEOs @K9sOfLivePD @LivepdTweeter @LivePDWatch…

riley ⚡️ elizabeth ‏@rileyasfuck

friendsgiving got me feeling like betty crocker! 🥣

GroundUnder ‏@GroundUnder4

@GOVTWINE Cereal 🥣 makes more sense. He could have just said, “cereal” and I would be less perplexed by these respo…

sara ‏@SaraMcChong

Had to bring Erica and Daniel some oxtail soup 🥣 since they both wanna be sick

jess ‏@liedtocth

🥣-you’re such a cute i love u sm, one of my favourite people

The Council Wolf ⤵️ ‏@TheCouncilWolf

🎶🎵🎤🍛🥣 (geddit?)

Shumthang ‏@Shumthangg

@sammgiraffesx @GoLunchTeam @TheTrueLegendTV @DocLevee @mannyocrity @TwitchReTweets @ShoutRTs @SupStreamers…

addi ‏@blondekillla

@twerkitonjr @ChampagneOrtega @Nathaniel__20 LMFAO by the time I’m ready you should barely be turning the corner to…

Jedi Bentley Jr 💡🗡 ‏@Bent_SWPopLover

@CorgiKohmander Do we get a little Corgi Pocket Pop from that box? 🥣

selfcaresplanet on instagram ‏@selfcaresplanet


zharia❣ ‏@1zharia_

Cereal type of night 🥣

Melissa Love Peace ‏@melissafreemind

🗣️🗣️🗣️I will be babysitting for Black Friday so all you Moms👩 and Dad's👨 can shop 🛍️til You drop!!!! I will be prov…

🅺🅸🆃🅲🅷🅴🅽 🅵🆄🅲🅺🅴🆁🆈 ‏@Kitchenfuckery

No Peel Leek & Potato Soup 🥔 🥣

Lena ‏@QueenLenaC

Making my Thanksgiving list tonight and checking it twice! 😂🍽🥧🍖🥣

ST. SODIUM 🐓🌿 ‏@ssodiumm1

You cannot make every one happy. Because you’re not a Nutellar jar. 🥣 pic from : Quote of the duangs book

Alyssa Roegner ‏@alyroe9

Ok, I definitely need to stock up on sugar cookie toast crunch while I can. Stuff is so dang good! 🥣 #cerealkiller

Kim Leslie Hollis ‏@KH_says

@henrihollis this was made for you @SourPatchKids #cereal 🥣🍭

Kiley Eiken ‏@kileyeiken

Simpler times: low-key freaking out if the guy you were into had other girls in his top 3 on Snapchat. Current day…

FOLLOW HELP ‏@followprojecten

follow everyone who likes this, 🥣

Irene🦋 ‏@Orchid2424

@freddieNUPE @LivePdFans @danabrams @OfficialLivePD Needs chicken noodle 🥣

Bethany Bowman ‏@BgraceGus

🥦 🧀 🥣 Panera was out of it!

Aimee ‏@AimeexPerez

my fav hair is back 🥣😚

Irene🦋 ‏@Orchid2424

@PDCam1 @danabrams I’ll make some soup 🥣

¿QUE JUGO?🥤 ‏@MelaninZekel

Let’s settle this 🥣 what’s better?

Zoë Manfredi ‏@zoeangelina717

how well is my night going? they forgot to put the noodles into my chicken noodle soup 🥣 🐓☹️

VAratifyERA Shenandoah ‏@VAratifyERAShen

Shout out to Dennis Morris! From speaking at the ERA Bus Tour to serving soup at the Shenandoah Alliance for Shelte…

rick ‏@RickeyNance_

Eat that shit like soup 🥣

WiLL ‏@WiLLy_T98

@Slandy_ Serving up Wet Willys and Slandy Specials for everybody💦🥣

Crystal K. Armwood ‏@Spell4Ever

Burrr!! don’t you wish you had a Tupperware Soup Mug 🥣 on Hand today ⛄️ ❄️ ⛄️

Krazy Fish ‏@KrazyFishCLT

🥶 Chilly Nights = Chicken & Vegetable soup for the soul! 🥣 🥰 Also....Fresh Fish & Chips are what’s happening ❤️🎣…

National Film Board ‏@thenfb

🥣 Recipes bring generations together, and little Mia wants to show you how! 🎬 Granny and Mia - Émilie Villeneuve…

OurFlipSideLife ‏@OurFlipSideLife

@Vitamix These are totally SOUPer! 🥣

TinaMarie deLamerens ‏@tmdelamerens

Cream of vegetable soup with zucchini, peas and rice noodles. Good for what ails me, I hope. 🥣

Christopher Tsimiklis ‏@ChrisTsimiklis

Delicious leek soup made with our Ilios organic chicken broth and olive oil. Vegetable and beef broth also availabl…

OurFlipSideLife ‏@OurFlipSideLife

@KoyahLife Definitely perfect for a chilly Fall night like tonight! 🥣

OurFlipSideLife ‏@OurFlipSideLife

@MissSweet2Eat Wow! This is brimming with so much goodness and flavor! 🥣

Justin K. Milton ‏@justinkmilton

@MJD Almond Milk Man not water 🥣 #TotalAccess

Teddy K. Haight ‏@TeddyKalonga

Tomato soup for dinner ! 🥣🍅Who’s in!?!😋

robv713 ‏@robv713

@LMac_1326 The trick is the hot water gotta gets 2 it quick soon as you poor it in 🥣

MissFab💁🏾 ‏@saudakig

@nasser_kaaya Ehh but Nasser even in porridge 🥣 nkutidde 🤣🤣

Antony Parker ‏@Antzy28

@Koto3sax Thank you! I'll have a nice relaxing evening drinking nice cold beers.🍺Cheers!🍺 Hope you enjoy your Satur…

Superball Rex ‏@SuperballRex

I cut my hair because I opened a yogurt. Yogurt squirt -> change shirt -> mirror check -> one snip -> all snips ->…

Rachel Sue Fernandez ‏@FernandezRachel

@franimal10 @14eastmag LOVE THIS!!!! Can’t wait to see the final product!! 🍲 🍜 🥣

United Valley Insurance Services ‏@UnitedValleyIns

Who loves soup?! We do! In fact, we created our own challenge, because we couldn’t pick a favorite! We tried eight…

Ace of Spades ‏@aceofspadessac

TONIGHT 🌶 Join us for the @RiverCityChili Cook-Off! Doors open at 7:30PM (21+). 🥣 Limited tickets available at the…

Tustin Brewing Co. ‏@TustinBrewery

Happy Friday Indeed! 🦀 Lump Crab Cakes 🐠 Ceviche 🐄 Pastrami Sandwich 🥣 Chicken Ranchero Soup. Enjoy... #TBCSpecials…

Yass ‏@YassTabing

Let’s eat!! 🥣

ℝ𝕖𝕤𝕡𝕠𝕟𝕕𝕖𝕣 𝕂𝕖𝕟𝕫𝕚𝕜𝕚𝕟𝕤 ‏@Kenzikins1337

I’m really peeved with Fallout so tonight I’m just doing a Saturday morning stream in my pajamas playing Spyro. Wh…

Sarah Frumkin ‏@FrumkinSarah

@District34EC students made vegetable soup today! We all participated in following the recipe: snipping green beans…

Domonique Marquez ‏@Domoniqueee_

Today Anthony almost convinced me he was “so so sick” and for him not to go to school. It almost worked till he cam…

Mrs. Lynskey ‏@parklawnmusic

Yummy pumpkin stew 🥣🎃 @ParklawnFCPS

Komplete ‏@officialkboogie

@lildurk i was raised by myself I don’t need guys 🥣🐍🔥🍵🤮

it's me, november steph 🥣✨ ‏@Stephasocks

@Kunryu17 AAAAH I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR DRAWING MY CHILDREN- they look incredible in your style! 😭💕💕🥣

No. 1 Gyro Shoppe Hilliard ‏@no1gyroshoppe

It’s Fri-YAY! 💙 What are your plans for dinner? Dine with us and choose from our wide variety of combo meals, entr…

Mr. Gyros & Catering ‏@MrGyrosWPA

🇬🇷Homemade Authentic GREEK Tonight.. 🔘 3 GYROS $17 🥣 HOT, Homemade Greek Lemon Soup 👅 TASTY Desserts: Baklava,…

PureOrganicTan ‏@PureOrganicTan

My girl @tessabrooks killing it with her @pureorganictan and extra sauce 🥣 sponsored by @asics 👟

kristen g 🧛🏼‍♀️⚽️⭐️ ‏@nomadpdx

@majorl56 Well, I did this to myself so you win. 🥣

OurFlipSideLife ‏@OurFlipSideLife

@AmysKitchen @kimjuliehansen @BestOfVegan These are lovely! They are so nourishing and comforting for a chilly, snowy night like tonight! 🥣

GreenGo Travel ‏@greengotravel

Tomorrow the food festival will take place on the banana leaf in Flavio Alfaro, The main objective is highlight the…

OurFlipSideLife ‏@OurFlipSideLife

@lovebeets The jewel like color is stunning and this recipe can't be BEET! 🥣

Me🧢💨🤘‼️lowkeymaijor ‏@FvxkVSVPpmf

This nigga @youngthug said he ate cereal 🥣 off a plate 🤣🤣nigga stfu #notslimeenough 😐😐 I swear these niggaz #notcoolenough

Unison ‏@UnisonHome

All we need on a chilly November day are some gold details and this minestrone verde soup from @TheDefinedDish 🥣…

Annapolis Parking ‏@ParkAnnapolisMD

And thank you @harrybrownes for your crab soup. It's one our favorites! 🥣😋

OurFlipSideLife ‏@OurFlipSideLife

@superseedz @TriadtoWellness Perfect dish for a chilly Fall night! 🥣

Sydney ‏@BelovedMusician

I made soup 💕🥣✨

GashleyKate ‏@Gashley_Kate

@MrDane1982 What about the word Progresso? 🥣

unknown ‏@URinMyWorldNow

Cereal tastes so much better at night time 🥣

🐱❄ Leslie Bialler 🎄♈ ‏@lesliebialler

@treasonstickers @Michkirkfitch For sure he's never bought cereal 🥣 ...

OurFlipSideLife ‏@OurFlipSideLife

@DelMonteFresh I agree with @luv_mydachshund ! There are many great parts of Fall, but the warm and nourishing foo…

🥏 ‏@gabedashian

@billiesuunday @jaderozinsky OH! Damn it, Sharon, you walked right into that baaaaare essentials trap. 🥣 We were AL…

Range Restaurant ‏@RangeChicago

Weather Appropriate ••••••••. PUMPKIN & LENTIL SOUP 🥣 🐥💚 with nicholsfarmandorchard pumpkin & winter radish • topp…

OurFlipSideLife ‏@OurFlipSideLife

@TastingPage So nourishing for a chilly night like tonight! 🥣

Kimberly Toureiro ‏@KitchenSprout

Doing crunches twice a day now! Captain in the morning, Nestle in the afternoon 🥣🍫🥣🍫🥣🍫

OurHouse ‏@house_our

🦃 With Thanksgiving right around the corner don’t forget to order your turkey by Monday! 🦃 We still have plenty of…

Christopher Cravey; M.Ed.L ‏@CCraveyMEdL

My vegetarian chili was a big hit with the teachers, but got no love from the judges in the 4th Annual Chili Cook h…

Westside Pour House ‏@WSPourHouse

Homemade Tomato Soup!🥣 Come in for a soup & sandwich combo, Egg Salad on a toasty bun. Happy Hour starts at 3pm!!🍻

jacqueline joy to the world 🎀🎄🔔 ‏@jcquelinejoy

Our team always holds a retrospective after a sprint to discuss our 3 L's: ❤️ Loved 🥣 Lacked (still thinking of a…

Emily Lynch 🍳 ‏@_emilynch_

Soup! 🥣

Pie Pushers ‏@piepushers

happy friday! #comegrababowl of our new soup— Roasted Butternut Squash & Red Pepper 🥣 #yum #soupspecial…

Pie Pushers ‏@piepushers

happy friday! #comegrababowl of our new soup— Roasted Butternut Squash & Red Pepper 🥣 #yum #soupspecial…

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