Bowl With Spoon Emoji

Bowl With Spoon was approved as part of Unicode 10.0 in 2017 and added to Emoji 5.0 in 2017.

🚩 New in 2017. Requires an updated operating system.

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Also Known As

🥣 Cereal Bowl


🥣 U+1F963


Tweets For 🥣

South London Trainspotter ‏@mattd_rail

Sick at home food/drink list: 🥤🍞🥣

♡ milli ♡ ‏@millibeeeee

Nothing but respect for my president. 🤧 🥣

Emily Schiazza ‏@SchiazzaEmily

🥣 Late Night Soup 🌙

VEGANUARY ‏@WeAreVeganuary

Breakfast Recipe: Cacao + Hazelnut Chia Pudding by @PlenishDrinks 🌰🥣 ✨ Chia seed pudding is the ultimate healthy b…

Dessy's Days ‏@dessysdays

How about oat smoothie in this hot afternoon 🥣? Dragon fruit, banana, milk, golden raisin, goji berry, chia seeds,…

🦋ClockworkDolly 🦋 ‏@clockwork_dolly

@garden_chamber @makinggardens Morning FW. 🐝🌿🌱🐞 I too need a bucket of coffee...but that’s because I’m fasting fo…

silvia, and a flower🌿 ‏@gominijongin

oh yeah good morning,, how are yall feeling today? something interesting to share? imma go grab some breakfast 🥣 so…

arderelife ‏@arderelife

HOMEMADE BANANA LOAF 🍌🍞 Who’s tried our delicious healthy banana bread recipe? For the full nutritional low-down,…

Well This Is New ‏@All_Things_New_

Coco Caramel Shreddies! 🥣 At Asda @ShreddiesUK #shreddies #cococaramel #coco #caramel #cereal #breakfast…

🛒 ‏@pjmlocket

🥣 gonna make him a cake for being pretty

kíkαchu ‏@imaginegravity

@klossyversace no on your 🥣


Currently vibing to Wonton Soup by @LILBTHEBASEDGOD 🥣

PaPa_Kego ‏@Tso_KGMTSO

@Emmanuel_Tsebe After breakfast 🥣

Jem 🌻 ‏@jemkiaraxo

Pop art 🍋🍎🥣

🌸FlyHighMomAngel🌸 ‏@ref_xoxo

...mabele porridge 🥣

💚 ‏@queen_batula

Cereal 🥣 is a late night snack😩.

👯Danceypants 💖 ‏@Pinkdiscoball77

@sadneedy Cereal 🥣

La’Naee 💛 ‏@iTSme_Lanae

Now I’m eating cereal 🥣 I’m high asl 😭

@ldrin ‏@___aldrin___

@dannyalexson *serious (but cereal works here) 🥣

#blkcreatives netwrk ‏@blkcreatives

#blkcreatives you can use this for: Coffee ☕️ Tea 🍵 Cereal 🥣 Ice cream 🍦 Wine 🍷 the sky’s 🌌 the limit:…

Jules ❄️ ‏@JulieSchwartz1

Cinnamon. Toast. Crunch. 🥣

Harvest Bosworth ‏@harvboz

@umichbball Go Blue 👕🧢🦋👕👖👔🧢🐳🐬🐟🐋🌎💧💦🥣🎽🚙💎🛋💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

pics of swmrs/mt eddy! ‏@swmrsrspics

🧢💧🥣 max thread 🥣💧🧢

7 rings 💍 ‏@grande_goddess

@sadneedy cereal 🥣

Crystal :p ‏@ih8temee

cereal be smackin at night bro 🥣

AUSTIN ‏@austinrsparks

Drinking until I believe bowling for soup is a good band 🥣

Michelle Tuxford ‏@michellelarina

@HatTheButcher @pookiethefuzzy Don’t care - too busy hunting for food. 🐇 🔪 🥣

bella ‏@frijolfreesoul

we’d love to explain but we don’t speak mortal 🥣


@MrPopoTFS This is now the only way to get cereal 🥣 official

A M B E R 🐘💙 ‏@_amberleigh99

Cereal at night is better than cereal in the morning 🥣

kayy ‏@kayyfinessin__

That soup 🥣 was good tonight but anyways this goodnight fr lol✌🏾

Frugal To FI ‏@FrugalToFI

@TreadLightly_RE But you made it work 😂. 👊🏼 Power to the cereal 🥣 and popcorn 🍿 !!

mcr’s favorite groupie ‏@orawonderland

if a person puts milk before the cereal 🥣 , they’re a psychopath. it’s scientifically proven.

Rare Italian ‏@RareItalian

Winter = Soup season 🥣

% kalis % ‏@karthitweeti

#cock u r going to be our 🥗lunch yahoo% village samyal 🥣🍝🍛

kate✨ ‏@multiplekats

@gainingmutuaIs Cereal 🥣 fam

Steffi ‏@Steffi_Cole

In addition to pineapple 🍍pizza, libertarians are divided on breakfast cereals 🥣 and chugga chugga choo choo trains 🚂.

ᏕᎥᎷᎧᏁ ᎴᎧᏉᏋ ‏@sonofragendLUV

🥣@AcidicReflux < half-Italian, one quarter German and one quarter Spanish. I know 'cos I've been told about it seve…

ᏕᎥᎷᎧᏁ ᎴᎧᏉᏋ ‏@sonofragendLUV

🥣@AcidicReflux < What the fuck does he say? "Yours too. I hope you don't mind if I ask: were you born and raised in…

ᏕᎥᎷᎧᏁ ᎴᎧᏉᏋ ‏@sonofragendLUV

🥣@AcidicReflux < up or go down the steps. But he just shakes his head and adds, "You can try it yourself if you wa…

ᏕᎥᎷᎧᏁ ᎴᎧᏉᏋ ‏@sonofragendLUV

🥣@AcidicReflux "It means I can /literally/ finish a song while climbing these staircases," Simon clarifies at onc…

🛣🛣💵 ‏@DBKoolie

@AintuChocolate Cinnamon Toast Crunch i’ll fan a ngga up bout em & wrestle a btch bout em. 🥣 * 🥛

bbnoboxes ‏@finalflex225

@localbigdumbass Here you go my guy 🥣

jonathan 🦹🏼‍♂️ ‏@303JAC

i think gorgonzola cheese is really underrated and that’s my hot take for the night 🥣

Kevin Ventura-Cortes ‏@KKCORTES7

If you don’t like me then I’m sorry #SAUCEITUP 🥣

jean's sands 🐻🛶☔ ‏@jeans_sands

@mjn126 @Exotichikes @gearforward_org There were a lot of great recommendations, I should have said "look at all th…

Ric. ‏@yeahonelikestan

What the fuck is in the bowl? Milk? 🥣

Selected Faces ‏@Selected_Faces

Selected Faces Promotions for Friday & Saturday...... Post cereal 🥣 Promotions Friday 22nd March 2019 Time: 10am-…

Molly Martin ‏@MollyDbu

Apparently my cat is into kimchi 'cause she keeps trying to eat this. Pork belly + kimchi fried rice 🥓🍳🥣 . . .…

Horla🗼 ‏@__horla

My niggas for the night 🥣

Ana Becerra ‏@ss_sunshine

@Nad_V Hold my beer 😎🥣

linneey swack ‏@linz_eh

ok ya girl made meat-free italian wedding soup 🥣 with homemade veggie friendly “meat”balls, you’re welcome 😻

morena😍 ‏@loranna_vitoria


HowToUseYourPieHole ‏@useyourpiehole

When you get home late and your kick-ass hubby has made you a plant-based jackfruit stir fry 🥣😍🙌 . . . . . #wfpb…

𝓜.🌸 ‏@_Iimaanni

Milk b soooo good with cereal 🥣 thats the only way i’ll drink it

ABDULAZIZ ‏@theAbdulaziiz

fact: cereal at night is better than cereal in the morning 🥣


Tryna whip me up a rollie not a breitling 🥣

kameron ♡ 🌙 ‏@kamieee8

@wizkhalifa All I had was cereal 🥣

Hannah Earnhardt ‏@MakingMillMama

Random thought - I don’t like the way cereal 🥣 tears up the roof of my mouth. That is all #ouch #milkandcereal #randomthought

Bite San Diego ‏@BiteSanDiego

@LobsterWest you obviously need a #lobsterroll 🦞🥖🦞but maybe you also need a flight of 🥣🍵 soup?! #delicious…

emma ‏@ema_leaver

NO MORE IB ART!!!!!! I’m gunna celebrate with the best midnight binge food: cereal 🥣💖💞


Milk before cereal for a soft cereal landing forevs 🥣

Eddie Tweetman ‏@eddietwyman


Ailsa Forshaw ‏@AilsaForshaw

Every time I make a batch of my favorite #Oatmeal Scottish Porridge, I always want to make a big batch o' m'fave Oa…

Sarah ‏@IMeanSeriously1

@vclarke1979 And every meal when I’m home alone 🥣

SharksProGrad2019 ‏@SharksProGrad19

@ShadowCreekHS Still time to grab dinner @panerabread ....Pasta! 🍝 Sandwiches! 🥪 Soup 🥣! Dine with us tonight 'til…

alex 🤠 ‏@alexwaslate

@notviking ok but do you pour milk on your yeeties or pour the yeeties in the milk? 🥣

KingAndrogynous_ ‏@ButchKingg87

Thinking about cereal 🥣

Nathan ‏@Love_PornGirls

There’s no questions to be asked, it’s 100% fact! 🥣

💪🏻BIG PINK👑 ‏@PrinceKawaii

@fondlyRegarded Okay my love//💕🥣😋


#creativespiritkwb @mcalistersdeli CHICKEN & DUMPLINGS SOUP 🥣

SuperSeedz ‏@superseedz

Wow! Check out this Broccoli and Avocado Soup from @triadtowellness 🥦🥑🍵🥣 They topped their soup with deliciously cr…

faye! 🐮🔞🗯 ‏@eclipticpml

cerePHIL 🥣

Margrette ‏@oForiwaah_

I love eating cereal in bed 🥣

bells ˆзˆ ‏@jeonggukkstan

my emotional batteries: recharged ~<33~ 💨🥣💎🌟💘

worldwide ‏@c_kisha

@PoprostuKrzys1 @PrezesPan Mood 😋🥣

Freekeh Foods ‏@FreekehFoods

Try our Red Lentil Soup with Freekeh, Spinach and Za’atar Seasoning! 🥣😋 Filled with healthy and flavorful ingredien…

Komolafe Rosemary ‏@komolafe_rose

@Fatimah_Borkono 🥣 Crunchy . Always 😁

Chris Copacetic 💜🍑✌️ ‏@ChrisCopacetic

@btrain92 My favorite cereal is Banana Nut Crunch. 🥣 🥛

St. Anne Church SF ‏@StAnneSF

Come to the first meeting of this small faith community on Saturday! 🍰🧁🍪🍩🍡🍛🥣🍯🥮🥟 Bring ingredients for you favorite…

Ruth ‏@NotesFromRuth

@AmazingPhil Cookie crisps and Kraves as a cereal combination is 👌🏻 🥣 (I feel like I didn’t know about this emoji oh my gosh)

яα∂ιcαℓ cσиcєρтυѕѕу ‏@radical_concept

@AmazingPhil Mixing cereal together is strangely good tho. Especially if you're at the end of multiple boxes and th…

Speciality Inn ‏@SpecialityInn

Check-out tonight’s DINNER SPECIALS! Octopus Stew, and more. 🐙🥣 #Bermuda

Public Emily ‏@emily_the_gray

Feel better soon please soup 🥣 #vegan

SoDelicious ‏@sodlco

Make sure you avoid these common #oatmeal mistakes. 🥣 #cookingtips

Flicking the Vs ‏@flickingthevs

@veganrecipehour @VeganChatRoom I like the addition of apple too - that's got to be all your 5 a day right there! #veganrecipehour 🥣

The Nutramilk ‏@TheNutramilk

This Cashew Cream of Mushroom Soup is super creamy and flavorful soup that actually has no cream! instead it's pack…

Kaylen Samson ‏@kmsamson

I’m really tired of people tryin’ to tell me how “white” I am because I love me some Panera Bread 🍞 🥣 🥗 #mindyourownbusiness

Mercy High School ‏@MercyHighSchool

@MercyStudCo hosted a soup contest for Mission Week! 🥣 Students purchased samples of each with all proceeds support…

Milverton PS ‏@milvertonps

Don’t forget your mug/cup and spoon for our Soup Day on Monday brought to you by the @OSNPsouthwest and our Healthy…

Flower Fairy 🧚🏾‍♀️💐 ‏@PAsHotMess

Idc that it's almost 4 PM. I'm craving cereal. Lol. 🥣

Donna MacKinnon ‏@DonnaMackinnon0

@Hairyhaw @AlistairPaddis3 But really, that ‘porridge’. 🥣 ????

Mark ‏@Donewithtech

Does your #app eat emojis for breakfast? 📱🔪 😟🥣

MᴜʀKS™ 🎮🌴[ who u gonna call? ] 🐧🦉 ‏@pxf_1981

@Dax_x98 If you put it in a bowlwith milk and let it rest 10 minutes 🥣

Dontae Jones ‏@DJonesWHIO

Ok who y’all got?! I got Lucky Charms taking it all...they are lucky after all! 🍀 😂🥣

Space Trash 🔜TFF🐺⭐️🦇 ‏@Frute_Brute

I’m actually meal planning my TFF trip to save money for souvenirs and going out to dinner with friends. Bringing m…

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