Boxing Glove Emoji

A padded boxing glove, used in the sport of boxing. Usually red.

Boxing Glove was approved as part of Unicode 9.0 in 2016 and added to Emoji 3.0 in 2016.

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🥊 U+1F94A


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Gee_psa ‏@Tlhologelo11

And after rumble class I had a session with Tshepo.. baby I say the journey continues 🥊 Book your trial session now…

scHoolboy U ‏@ThatGuyUtba

Young Floyd with the rope 🥊

highfield EP coming soon ‏@singo_negro

@fabiola__naomi @mackdaddypuff Both of y’all getting get the gloves on. We boxing. 🥊

Leonidas ‏@Leonidasss88

🥊 Yoel Romero v Paulo Costa 📝 Fight of the Night 📈 5.00 ✅ Press ❤️ if you got on this with me

Follow Help + ‏@ox92_

Follow everyone who RETWEET and LIKE this 🥊

bryony ‏@bryonymusicuk

Thank you @ventsmagazine for my interview on ‘Stronger’🥊

[email protected]@expressionessd1

@cannabislee @Card007Teri @VictorK43995989 @ThisIsNotEng @barryoleary77 @Thehopper7 @red_black_cat @pelling_laura…

Naomi Sargeant ‏@YogiNaomi

En route to @edfringe with the @MiddleWeightTC crew! Come check them out at theSpace on North Bridge 19-24th Aug, 9…

paul ‏@giantroad1

@AndyMcGhee8 @SteveBoxman He fought decent fighters who had once been top of their game but some long past their se…

Future Boxer 🥊 ‏@MarMar_Tatum

I will be ready 🥊

Molestia #SaveDaredevil ‏@Molestia14

@Shepherds5 @vincentdonofrio ... and you are not alone. There are over 341k mutuals trying to bring it back. Chec…

⚫️Dudga ⚪️ ‏@paulyd_81303

@LacozSaldani U are a true survivor sonny 🥊👊🔥🕺

Claire Nisbet ‏@Le_Nibbles

@kaiserchiefs smashed it again last night in Inverness! 🥊 Awesome energy on stage and the crowd were fab! 🦆 climbin…

The Boxing Lowdown ‏@boxing_lowdown

Said this 3 months ago, finally we’re getting some significant activity in one of my fav divisions. Light Heavy mig…

Chez Nihell Pro Boxer ‏@ChezNihell

@8urkey @lozzadouglas cheers men will let you know when tickets come, hopefully this week 🇬🇧🥊

Steve Spevack ‏@SteveSpev

Awesome bday pressie from the missus👍 can’t wait to try these out😉🥊 @RDXSports

SweatSparkleRepeat ‏@Sweat_Sparkle

Feels like I've been away from training for weeks, it's only been 7 days 😆 and to top it off, the boss handed me ne…

Blig ‏@BligBlig8

@trboxing @ABeterbiev @espn @LiacourasCenter Can’t wait to see this fight I’ve got Gvozdyk early ko 🥊

Micky ‏@mick47506264

🚨 Its not cool to tell your partner “ I could knock u out” 🥊 #TheBlock .. bad look really 🤨

Michelle ‏@yoitsnotmich

Wore an outfit w/ newspaper headlines on it and this guy behind me put his hand on my leg to “read” the text. I tur…

barney rubble ‏@beecroft_barry

@scourtenay Jesus Christ you don’t need to be an A* English student to use Twitter and as long as we can read it yo…


Hard to believe when this picture was taken that Kane would also be fighting for an @AIBA_Boxing world title. Any t…

Leslie Greco ‏@CactusQH

No RFLaws!🚩🚩 Background cks already exist! Mental health. Medical records. Privacy issues!?! Slippery slope-all of…

𝖇 ‏@meanlust

should be sponsored by greggs for those rolls😔🥊

Nick Drane ‏@IBA_CoachDrane

The day before my Son’s 11th birthday..... a truly magical moment for any father born in the 70s or 80s...... “Dad, can we watch Rocky”! 🥊

Steffen Fåland ‏@FalandSteffen

@stipemiocic Congrats Champ 🥊 Well done

ALISON ‏@Aem1976Moss

@trboxing @ABeterbiev @espn @LiacourasCenter Wow. Just wow 🥊

Rob Cass #RingWalkFridayFeeling🥊 ‏@robcass333

Need help selling tickets? If you are boxing on a small hall show soon and would like a shout out on…

BRAVO IPTV ‏@bravoiptv3

🇬🇧Fantastic #IPTV in #FHD/#HD🇬🇧 ⚽️All 3pm Kick Offs in sub ⚽️Team Channels 🇬🇧#UK/#USA #Sport🇺🇸 🏎#F1 Live…

Billy Cairns ‏@Billytheyid70

@Beckyb4ker @ErikPreSeason It’s more sad all they sing at us is have you ever seen Tottenham win a league & when we…

ALISON ‏@Aem1976Moss

👏👏 oh wow. Just wow! I love this fight 🥊

The Eagle ‏@TheEagl23595997

@stipemiocic Congratulations on being the new heavy weight Champion! 🥊

𝐘 ‏@_yudding

no one ever injured their eyesight by looking on the bright side [still, keeping a sunglasses in your bag will be h…


Damn 💔🥊

Raheel Warraich ‏@RaheelC33584249

@Subansajid Swimming 🥊

teo ♡ trin. ‏@3xygen

@parqyvn bitch you suck at go fish but you're so good at mini golf i hate you. and we are always sad together. and…

Mitra Bakhtiari ‏@MitraB95

#NursesActive ... boxing gloves and pads energy drink ✅ 👍🥊

RealMarakThaGod 🎲 ‏@RegoMarak

Class in session. 🔥🥊🙏🏿👌🏿🎲💆🏽‍♂️🙇🏿‍♀️🥋

HBA ‏@HighlandBoxing

Starting on Monday 🥊💯🥊💯🥊 HBA WEEKLY TIMETABLE MONDAY @ Highland Boxing Academy 5:30pm - 6:30pm ~ JUNIOR SPARRING…

JW ‏@RRocknroller

@AllOfTheBelts All eyes on Russia then. 🥊

Joe Ganz ‏@UncleTweezy

@stormiodim @trboxing @OttoWallin @espn @Tyson_Fury @BronzeBomber TADS= that's a dam shame😂🥊

TOP HAT ‏@TOPHAT56777505


Brandi 🐰🌹🌈⚢🌹🐰 ‏@EmilyroseRob

💙🎙My Favourite Podcast🎙💙 They're back 👟👞👟👞👟 ! 💖 With Co-Host @AaronLinguini 🐈 & @partar400 🐕 Watch if you're…

LIFE OF AKAYLA✍️ ‏@kaysoanemic

bout to go 🥊 this clock in

Andy G. (Big Jam) ‏@1963Boxing

@RichardCommey @IBFUSBAboxing @KBouhairie @JakeNDaBox @ChrisGlover28 @trboxing @MatchroomBoxing @DAZN_USA…

Anita Garrison ‏@LovingNASCAR9

@MattWeaverAW I love this. 💞 Best analogy ever. 🥊 @mattdracing

SA Politics 🇿🇦 ‏@sapolnews

@IRR_SouthAfrica Box clever 💥 🥊

Nasa Lamode ‏@nasalamode

@Ant_Keezy @themarchforth__ @30SecFights On god I would have to see me way out...class would been empty while he pu…

Andy G. (Big Jam) ‏@1963Boxing

@lalosboxing @Andy_destroyer1 Lucky punch😂🤣, Andy Ruiz went in there and destroyed AJ full stop for me Ruiz is a wo…

Alessio Di Dato ‏@alessiodidato

Ready to start... 🥊 #training #home #holiday

Comrade Del Boy. ‏@TubbyBob79

@JeremyCorbyn4PM @JamesEFoster Jezza's looking trim. Clearly, he's partaken in a Rocky-style montage in preparatio…

🎩katemartbo ‏@CoastieKate1

@veterans_i Yes you can👊🏼...always and forever💥🥊

oj ‏@ojboxingufc

No1 wants to see u fight AJ @LennoxLewis Jesus your 53 years old! 😂🥊 #boxing #feud #fight #beef

BoomBoom🥊 ‏@MarcusBuckner12

@curtiswoodhous8 Respect ✊🏽 Curtis, good luck with the next few chapters in your career 👍🏼👏🏼👏🏼 ⚽️ 🥊

Cheru ‏@cheru2016

The fight game'll keep you fitter and in better shape than lifting bars in the gym will, any day of the week, and i…

Frank Warren ‏@frankwarren_tv

FURY AND WILDER CLASH AT WINDSOR PARK 💥 One year ago today, @Tyson_Fury and @BronzeBomber came face to face in Be…

keith paul morris ‏@keithmo93068249

@JeroenTel It’s Sunday morning explain 🥴😕🥊

NightingaleCBD ‏@CbdNightingale

@Andy_IFLTV @danielplewis_ DM me buddy, and if any chance of looking/following at what I am trying to achieve it wo…

BoomBoom🥊 ‏@MarcusBuckner12

@MrKnockouts75 @Tyson_Fury was born with a heart that cannot be broken ✊🏽🥊🐐

anthony stewart ‏@biganth13

#UFC241 best card of the year by far @NateDiaz209 doing his thing 🥊

Keenan Groom ‏@keenan_r_groom

Had a wonderful night at @fightlikeagirly last night @kingssalford. A great mix of comedy and thought-provoking the…

Sonic Viewing ‏@SonicViewing

ALL YOUR TV NEEDS IN ONE PLACE 📺Full HD sub just £35 for 1 year 🔥💥 5000+ channels including 💥3pm ⚽ 💥PPV 🥊 💥Movi…

sHashA ‏@kwesi07

Do me I do you 🥊 🥊 🥊

JuiceManOcho ‏@JonathanTooReal

I Wanna Meet @andreward I Need Some Guidance From Him On My Boxing Career. I Want To Know What All It Took For Him To Be The Champ. 🥊💢

kingofkings89pl ✝️🇵🇱💯 ‏@kingkingspl

@Survios Thank you, I hope you will update a game so I can enjoy it this title to 💪😎 I love 🥊 so this title is very…

bob ‏@itsmebob_n

@humaa_rx @Ibraheem_Er gladly, number 1 on my list 🥊

Hummingbird Bakery ‏@hummingbbakery

If you had to pick one, which Hummingbird classic layer cake would you go for? Red Velvet, Carrot, Lemon Raspberry…

j_bigglzworth ‏@BigglzworthJ

@stipemiocic Maaaaan u should've been bobbing n weaving!!🥊💥🧠#cte


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Purity Slavulj ‏@PuritySlavulj

🇷🇸 @LeaderOfHorde fans vs 🥊 @TheSuperHoopers 👎

Tony Cervantes ‏@Tcervantes_14

@Jacquees 🔥🔥, now I need that Round 2 🥊 Album to come out already !!!

ปลาบู่ทอง🐡|ต้มโคล้ง ft.เบอร์สุ่มบู่เอง🌱 ‏@bxng438

🥊@.TNCH_P 🥋@.TNCH_P 🎽 🛹 🛷 🎣@.PLA1090 🏹@.smileforwnw 🥅 🏏 ⛸

levi giles ‏@LeviGiles03

👏 October the 4th I’m coming ! 8-0 on my mind ! Eat sleep and drink boxing 🥊 #Numberuno . . . . . #Boxing #Strength…

Yanni Pap ✌ ‏@Yanni_Pap

Miocic is the new heavyweight champ 👌 never underestimate the body shot 🥊 #UFCf241 #Miocic #Cormier…

James Yeandle ‏@James_Yeandle

Sunday morning watching Haye v Bellew: The Best Bits. Enjoyed these fights and the competitiveness so much! 🥊 @TonyBellew @mrdavidhaye

khalil mujahid ‏@khllmjhd13

@MMAjunkie This fight is the only fight that makes sense, unless you want a Nunes vs Holly Holmes 2 fight😫🥊

Christina Trajceska ‏@CTrajceska

@HoreBrad Well sh*t, I'm coming 😂🥊

Hayley Gonzales ‏@haysgonza

Unedited 💥🥊 (Y’all stay getting first looks at my IG posts 🙈🙉🙊)

Lisa Anderson ‏@lisa123Anderson

@LennoxLewis @anthonyfjoshua I agree AJ doesn’t need distractions like this. Hope you guys can sort your difference…

Joy is an intellectual 😎🧠| HASEUL DAY 💕💕💕 ‏@arcadeknj

@cutiehobie I dony complain because u give me laughs istg if i see u being nice again imma box u 🥊

YOUNG EXIT1 ‏@YoungExit1

I would like to thank everyone who participated in my giveaway it has officially ended and tomorrow I will be drawi…

BRAVO IPTV ‏@bravoiptv3

🇬🇧Fantastic #IPTV in #FHD/#HD🇬🇧 ⚽️All 3pm Kick Offs in sub ⚽️Team Channels 🇬🇧#UK/#USA #Sport🇺🇸 🏎#F1 Live…

Tony ‏@bottyy

@eddraper81 Ray Leonard, in slow mo so you can see them 😳🥊

Brian Dolan OBE, RMN, RGN ‏@BrianwDolan

@Glowingfuture @BevMatthewsRN Thanks Mary - was inspired by the great man on the poster up on the left of the picture 🥊🙌

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