Boxing Glove Emoji

A padded boxing glove, used in the sport of boxing. Usually red.

Boxing Glove was approved as part of Unicode 9.0 in 2016 and added to Emoji 3.0 in 2016.

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🥊 U+1F94A


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Hassan SarZ ‏@hassansasman

It runs in the family 🥊 🥊 don't fuck with us 😂 😂 #boxing #boxeo

Daily Boxing ‏@DailyBoxing1

@tonystranack @TonyBellew @mrdavidhaye I’ll always admire his honesty! True champion 🥊

James Nino ‏@JamesNino27

@Bebyn6_ appreciate the support fam 🙏🏾💯Full link below... song will be streaming everywhere soon 🥊✊🏾Subscribe and f…

Dr. Sonya Campbell-Perry ‏@sonanka

@Rob_Briner What’s it called when you have an aversion to people looking over your shoulder??? 🥊

George E. Powell ‏@powell_geo

Floyd Mayweather Jr (in 🏀 not 🥊)

Gary Booth Snr ‏@gary_snr

@gavin_armitage Get rid ! Got no bottle 🥊

PlayMaker Media ‏@PlayMakerLife

🥊😤 Henry Corrales Workout – Bellator Featherweight: via @YouTube

Alida ‏@palomacreative

@1IronMan2020 @resistbot And raise hell , he is destroying USA 😡🥊

Tom Weaver ‏@tom05weav

Best entertainer in history 🥊

Joseph Campbell ‏@Flynblkman

🌪💫 360 Casper Flip 🛹👽🛸 💥💣 💥🥊 💎🔨 This trick took a mighty long time to learn, but there’s no better feeling doing a…

Hottie Matchmaker ‏@ontheropesagain

@MsBiancaMia Undisputed #BiancaByKO 😜🥊

Craig ‏@cww1872

@Football_SCOT @snsgroup A better fighter, than a footballer 🥊 ⚽️

Beyoncé Wilder ‏@WilderBeyonce

No1 can beet me!!! No1!! 🥊

James Nino ‏@JamesNino27

@deadcatweek Appreciate the support fam 🙏🏾💯Full link below... song will be streaming everywhere soon 🥊✊🏾Subscribe a…

Lionel Spears ‏@LionelSpears

@bxngconnoisseur Mayweather vs Coralles! 🥊

British Boxing ‏@britishboxers

NEW VIDEO: Boxers rank Fury, Joshua, Wilder and discuss the exciting heavyweight triangle at the top 👀👀🥊💥 (Beards G…

SPORTbible ‏@sportbible

📅 Apr 2017: Tyson Fury weighed 400lbs and wasn't sure if he would ever box again... 😲 📅 Jan 2019: Wins two awards…

Shane Califf ‏@SCaliffSport

Great @OpTranRTE Leader Siobhan Get back into that🥋 🥊 gear !

Shari cunningham ‏@sacunning

Like Donald Trump talked about punching someone at one of his rallies! 🥊💥

Tracey Slick☆™ Webber ‏@Slicksta_1 Boxing glove persifically designed for woman's hands 🥊 #BoxingGloves #BoxingApparel #Boxing @UnorthodoxxW

уα вσι ‏@zoeyuphill

@APOLLONOT13 these hands 🥊

Lucas ❄️ ‏@MataEffect

@ffselIiot @ttaMahplA Should settle the argument with a set of fists. 🥊

P/T ‏@Toms_PaulT

@theRealEnzoMac Was never a fan. But yes what a fighter he was. 👍🥊

Bobbie Goulding ‏@Goulding7

@realchemic You doing great pal 🥊

Kyle and Jackie O ‏@kyleandjackieo

🥊 Our last guest for today packs a punch! Listen live to our chat with @robwhittakermma here >>…

KIIS 1065 ‏@KIIS1065

🥊 Our last guest for today packs a punch! Listen live to our chat with @robwhittakermma here >>…

DA ‏@D3_Tweets

I’m going back to boxing 🥊 there is a weird bit of excitement about getting punched in the face

Bry sorby ‏@bryonies

Just sat and watched about an hour worth of videos of @sandyryan93 training and I’m in awe. Can’t wait to see what the future brings 🥊🔥

Layla McCarter ‏@LaylaMcCarter

@RickRamosBoxing @jaydi_mac @rjcsandc @shawn_simpson2 @WarriorsBoxProm @AvilaBoxing @FenixAyala Good work! 🥊

Valeen Marquez ‏@MissValeen

🥊Get tickets Now! 🥊

Yasir Bilal ‏@BBBboxingtv

The G.O.A.T 👌🥊

Rayz ‏@RaYz2332

🚦🥊⚽ PREMIUM TV SERVICE 🚦🥊⚽ **LIMITED TIME OFFER** 1 month £13 3 month £25 6 MONTHS £40 12 MONTHS £60 GET YOUR FREE…

Jay pugh ‏@Jaypugh18

Was good to see all the smiths today at the presser and @JoeG 🥊@PaulSmithJnr 🥊 @LiamBeefySmith 🥊 @CallumSmith23 🥊 @SwiftySmith 🥊

__merica ‏@ericasthebomb__

Monday’s, Wednesday’s & Friday’s are my favorite days of the week because of boxing 🥊

Toyota Center ‏@ToyotaCenter

The main event has made their way to Houston! Don’t miss @jaimemunguia15 vs. Takeshi Inoue at Toyota Center on Sa…

Big Naj💪🏾 ‏@NajeJH

My guy @Gervontaa gettin right on the 9th 💯🥊

Habibti👑💋 ‏@bella_love31

Your mouth don’t match your hands baby🚫🥊

Brent Frith (Boxing Coach) ‏@BBP121

mcrtr_ and Simmo getting the rounds in for fight night March 2nd 🥊 #Boxing #TeamBBP #Peterborough #FightNight…

BreAna ‏@yellowbreana

Reading a Bible verse does NOT mean that storms won’t happen... however, that same bible verse can help you get thr…

British Boxing ‏@britishboxers

LYNDON ARTHUR: Raw and real on plans for a big 2019. Talks being linked to Anthony Yarde and stepping it up as he c…

Sports news, 365 days a year. ‏@365SportsUK

BOXING 🥊 🇬🇧vs🇺🇦 British heavyweight Dillian Whyte says Wladimir Klitschko is "definitely" looking to come out of…

Sky Bet #RequestABet ‏@RequestABet

@TopTravelerTips @SkyBet Your Boxing 🥊 #RequestABet has now been priced up & is onsite. Please follow the link to b…

♟ ‏@AWalkingBombb

been super busy today .. its almost boxing time 🥊

Rebel Boxing ‏@RebelBoxing1

Shout out @theRealEnzoMac bigging up my video 🥊

Dale Gribble ‏@ShacklefordPI

@LennoxLewis Many points made here. The major one being Hearn putting the price of a paycheck on the value of the W…

DJ Cory Dismuke ‏@DJCory707

I’m getting all Cable Channels, Movies & Series 🎞, Sports Packages & PPV Fights 🥊, on ALL my TV’s 📺 & devices📱for O…

Walter Hunter ‏@walterhunter012

@Robb37 @GeorgeBreen Is Dazzler on here too, he’ll be wading in to.. 🥊

Sky Bet #RequestABet ‏@RequestABet

@iDaco_ Your Boxing 🥊 #RequestABet has now been priced up & is onsite. Please follow the link to bet >

The Boxing Academy ‏@Boxing_Academy

Boxing on ice 🥊⛷ #afroski #swappingthestreetsforslopes @champion_flash @ThePirateAmbo

Mark Brockett ‏@Tuff_Overlord

You and me! 😂🥊

Barlow ‏@BeeeThunder

@joemartin25 Aye mate it was less painful than watching that 😭🥊

Jack B ‏@CaptJackB

@S7Dru Felt like like it afterwards, but the good bit is you get to give it back 🥊😉

LilyiPie | 🔴 LIVE ‏@LilyiPie

We back from PAX and back to streams! 🎉 Playing some EZ-mode ZOoTR today + some Smash after 🥊

@stemtheman ‏@Ste21Stemtheman

@S3MUFC God your witty havnt heard that before! 🥊

A Couple Of NPCs ‏@acoupleofnpcs

Miss the #SmashBrosUltimate stream last night? Here's a clip of why @BlueShift77 is the best investment to make 🥊

Benjamin Sidor ‏@BenjaminSidor18

@jonnywhitaker @huwbbc @SarahCam3 @rayhandemytrie @AngusCrawfordR4 @amolrajan @bbclaurak @SianLloydnews…

Light Bright Boxing ‏@LightBrightBox

Scoreboard Check Coach Light Bright = 9 Christopher Corrado = 1 Qaden Lee = 2 Lee Bellinger = 1 Rest of Light Brig…

John G ‏@JPG___78

@LennoxLewis What a brilliant read that is 👍🥊.

Sky Bet #RequestABet ‏@RequestABet

@KevHampson Your Boxing 🥊 #RequestABet has now been priced up & is onsite. Please follow the link to bet >

joe martin ‏@joemartin25

@BeeeThunder A bet you wished you stayed at the gym with me.😂🥊

Light Bright Boxing ‏@LightBrightBox

Scoreboard check Coach Light Bright = 9 @Corrado81 = 1 Rest of @lightbrightbox = 0 Always lead from the front!!!!…

Limaondatrack ‏@Limaondatrack1

We just make hits. They soooo amazing. Follow them. No doubt they are future of this sport 🥊🔥 #Repost @grandytwins…

The Neutral Corner ‏@NeutralCorner10

With two egos and so much on the line, together with Fowler's explosive style, how will this NOT catch fire?! Fitzg…

MUFC-LIFE ‏@giggsclass

Liked them both but joe would have won this no problem 🥊

Sibjac Jay ‏@Sibjacj

I think Tony Harrison is making a mistake. He beat Jermell Charlo. Got the title & he should move on. If the 2nd fi…

BaekJinHee ‏@baekjinhee14

One took a bullet in the head The other was thrown off a cliff They escaped death one time, they will do it again…

OctaFight ‏@OctaFight

🥊 WBO Light-Heavyweight Title Fight 🥊 BET £10 GET £30 in #FreeBets by backing Sergey Kovalev #888Sport ➡️…

MmaClay ‏@clay_mma

I'm telling you now @dmorris_11 is about to shock the MMA world. This guy is an incredible athlete and I can't wait…

Jack ‏@Jbox92

@LennoxLewis Massive respect for doing this champ. Not saying I agree with 100% of it but your opinion is your opin…

Rhys Greaves ‏@rhysgreaves1

2019’s shaping up to be a good year for boxing, would just top it off with an All-British Undisputed Heavyweight Fi…


When the homie ask’s “You down?” 🥊😂🤣

Chris Newell ‏@chrisnewell_1

@davidthewhiter1 if I’m the lucky winner a signed glove would be great. Good luck on this winning journey your great to watch. 🥊

Stacey Marx ‏@StaceyMarxCR

@Coreyreed7517 @russwlms @greatergurus @TheAnneChow 💯🥊 congratulations🎉

wesh ‏@OuaisChico

Fedor bientot sur le ring 🥊 💪🏽

Kameo ‏@Kameo85

Nice little sparring sesh done n dusted 🥊 @xercise4less

Brittany Aizawa ‏@jadorexjanae

Sometimes karma comes back quick *faaaaaaat* 🥊

East Hull Master ‏@SeanHitter

Well done to our other two beginners students Alix and Brad on successfully completing their assessment tonight now…

Nazism=IMPERIALISM not Nationalism ‏@thecsa_net

Stand by for @POTUS @realDonaldTrump’s punch-back 🥊 to be even greater than the last one (no plane ✈️ for Nancy 😂 )…

Josh Rader is a an instagram hand model ‏@Jbr827

@AndoHdez We need to harness this energy and get you back in the gloves 🥊

War Of Independence 🇬🇧 🇺🇸 ₿ ‏@NoDealBrexitWTO

@mannypacquiao @PBC @SHOsports @ShowtimeBoxing Thanks, champ, for opening a can of whoop-ass on that loud mouth dis…

Cletus “ The Hebrew Hammer ” Seldin ‏@LifeOfCletus

Thanks for the support 🥊💯#TeamSeldin #SLUGFESTattheSUN #HebrewHammer #Boxing

BoxingBear ‏@The_Boxing_Bear

@Ted_MRFISHER_ @EddieHearn Good luck, Ted. First García. Then Fowler! 🥊

Farid AbdulKhaliq ‏@WhoFarid

@BadouJack @coachlarrywade @MayweatherPromo @FloydMayweather @mikeleanardi @Persianroots Come back stronger 🥊

BoxingBear ‏@The_Boxing_Bear

2019 is shaping up to be a brilliant year of #boxing. Let's go champs! 🥊

J U I C E🥤 ‏@djjuice336

When they think😏you’re a dumb and uneducated Black woman, but you know GOD has guided you to a higher purpose...😃🤟🏽…

🇬🇧 The Boxing Brits 🥊 ‏@TheBoxingBrits

#Follow These Accounts On #Twitter If You Love Football/Boxing .. 😉👍 @SteveBrookesMBE ⚽️🥊 @7DaysOfBoxing 🥊

justin daniels ‏@mrjustin1483

I have a serious problem with lazy people and thinking that the world revolves around them! 😳🥊

Micro🚀 ‏@iMicr0

(catch these hands)🥊 @ItsSota

Max Kennedy ‏@pacman461

@TheFightGuru Love it! 🥊


@_cpfcharry He’s gonna learn the hard way not to mess with the woli my friend 🥊

snowyyy ‏@snow_js

Go get em mate! 🥊 @AndrewMoloney

Jay Taylor ‏@JayTaylor_93

@Asharokamma That's great!! Give me a DM when you're over & I shall sort out some training with you at my dojo, ouss 🙏🥊

BoxingBear ‏@The_Boxing_Bear

@bjsaunders_ Bring it home Billy boy 🥊

Hitsfitness ‏@hits_fitness

"Don't watch the clock. Do what it does and keep going." Come HIT it with us tonight at our 6pm or 7pm boxing classes 🥊

Unorthobox ‏@unorthobox

Day 23 #Gratitudetweets Thanks @HovinghamTweet #Leeds for inviting us back to run family mixed ability boxing sessi…

Holyrood Boxing Gym ‏@holyroodboxing

Thursday Morning 930am with Brad for #BoxFast Served over easy..... 🥊 All welcome

Luis ‏@salcekosma

Jab Jab Right Hook 🥊🇧🇷

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