Boxing Glove Emoji

A padded boxing glove, used in the sport of boxing. Usually red.

Boxing Glove was approved as part of Unicode 9.0 in 2016 and added to Emoji 3.0 in 2016.

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🥊 U+1F94A


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Rey Stylez ‏@IAmReyStylez

Damon got hands tho! That 🥊 @PoseOnFX @RyanJamaal

Huskies R Us ‏@coolmma

@realDonaldTrump More Votes Coming Your Way!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🥊

char ‏@wabisabicj

After this week, I should be buff af 💪🏻 🥊

Vanessa Moore ‏@vneessa_

If it wasn’t for kickboxing I think I might have gone crazy lol so therapeutic 🥊

Prodigy Point ‏@prodigypoint

@politicususa @LibtardJesus1 Every time I think IT can’t get any dumber, another hour passes....🥊

podrick ‏@patricksustento

local 📍 taco 🌮 bell 🔔 employee 👨‍🍳 quits 🚫 job 🏙 to pursue 🏃‍♂️ his passion ✨ in beat 🎤 boxing 🥊

Chicken🐔 ‏@RangerArisen

@TonyFergusonXT Struggle from Womb to the Tomb! Champ Shit Only 🥊🔥

Dennis Okeefe ‏@okpoppa

The CLINTONS are finished. JAIL TIME is NEXT. 🥊🇺🇸

Floatiesoda ‏@floatiesoda

@OneiricGolem P U N C H!! 🥊

Jamie Mills ‏@JamieMillsVX13

@ben_damon @FOXSportsAUS @MainEventTV @ausboxing @mickycapparelli @T2TBoxing Awesome. 🥊😎

Julio Anta ‏@fitdef

Heels 👠 off get gloves 🥊 on. Get strong 💪🏻 hit 🤜💥like a girl 👧 at Anta’s Kickboxing.…

sebastian ‏@RoyalSebas

Whole lotta red 🥊

Meatwad ‏@Joey_BlowMe

That’s it, get the gloves 🥊

March Baby ‏@AlmondKarisha

@netta31_ @MackDad04041880 let's get in the ring 🥊

Demi♡ ‏@Demrodriguez_

Can’t wait for the fight Friday 🥊🙌🏼

AC Boxing Hall Fame ‏@acbhof

💥ATTENTION BOXING FANS 💥 You can now be a part of all the action with your very own Atlantic City Boxing Hall of Fa…

ChInO ‏@ChinoSanchezf

I’m soreeee bro😳🥊

Ƥąvį ‏@pavi14

🥊 that class beat me out 😴

sean ‏@Sean_has_wood

@llcoolj Let’s Fight, G... Mama Said Knock You Out 🥊

Education Galaxy ‏@EducationGalaxy

Hey Stewart Hudnall 🥊 🎓(@stewhud), thank you for following me

Keith McPherson ‏@Keith_McPherson

I mean...if ppl keep listening and we keep growing im down #GeorgesBoxers 🥊

Karen Myatt ‏@karenamyatt

@DanaCarroll67 @BellaRisttaa @SJI2783 @talkshiticus @SadieTNResist @MarciaDaughtre1 @Maltomash @iamLucretiaMott…

ryan longer ‏@RLonger

@danrafaelespn @AKbabyface @PBConFOX @barclayscenter @TGBpromotions @brettyormark @Brooklyn_Boxing @premierboxing…

jennifer pooley ‏@jenniferpooley

Day 2: And at 1004 with writing that's a bit more morning pages-ish so hoping for another round after dinner on my…

The Ms’s 🍷 ‏@MsBatteaste

@_LouKing Lmao you came for my crab legs first !! 🥊

Bryce Flippen ‏@brycess55

@Phuff2020 @Shawn_Cole13 I didn’t know this shit was like boxing but I’m game for round two 🥊

CoryWithAChanceOfRain☔️ ‏@Cory2Rich

I swear to god i just bought everything with my bank card now he walking in with my shit ..... get da gloves 🥊

myronturner ‏@myronturner992


Marilyn Garis ‏@maeme58

@RepKatiePorter Wow, you are an outstanding public servant. I just so admire & respect your entire demeanor & appro…

RacchaRambola 🇮🇳🇺🇸 ‏@RacchaRambola

@GoyatNeeraj Bhai, whole India is with you. I am cheering you from USA 🇺🇸... Beat the heck out of that Paki @amirkingkhan 🥊

Nicole Boxer ‏@nicoleboxer

@JakeSherman Great News! Bring in @REVERB_org 🥊

Ricky Diaz 🇺🇸 ‏@RickyDiaz

If anyone sees #SteveBuscemi, tell him I'm looking for him! 🥊 Let's call it, the #CelebFightChallenge

Mad Liberation 2019 ‏@madlibfest

Artist spotlight 🥊 THERAVADA

mingyus bae ‏@vxguejimin

the way my video got so much recognition from vernon stans and not a SINGLE FOLLOW 😭😭😭🥊

D💰 ‏@lildevooooooo

We can argue about bitches 👭basketball 🏀 boxing 🥊

-A ‏@angiepop90

@dandysandyy You’ve been giving me the stank eye since yesterday. Lessss go! 🥊

Abehoff. If you're not 💯% on MCA GTFO ! ‏@Williamkellehe4

@LumpyLouish I'll show her the good ship lollipop 🥊

Mean-Moe Green ‏@MeanMoGreen

@HockeyCrazed11 Hawaiian Punch 🥊

🥊🥊Kelly Hoggard🥊🥊 ‏@champforkids

@Thunderbird1240 Thank you for always believing in me and giving me room to run! ❤️😍😘🥊


Lil Mac vs Ryu Poster 👀🥊#SmashUltimate #Nintendo #SmashBros #StreetFighter #LilMac #Ryu #PunchOut Retweets and like…

Mula_Panero ‏@RestRodyPanero

Fuck boy brought me out retirement 🥊

Franchesca ‏@_Fran_e

So excited for Vegas in a couple of weeks! 🥊 @JonnyBones & @HollyHolm

Sophie Carter ‏@sophiie_carter

@KHforAmerica you are my favorite organizer/human being on the planet and i love fighting for #BigStructuralChange with you every day 🥊💙

𝚔𝚢𝚕𝚎 👽 ‏@KLRGRM

can’t wait for those boxing classes 🥊

Legendzboxing ‏@Legendzboxingym

Congratulations to Anthony C. @anthonysharts who won the @wbcboxing green belt amateur title 🥊🇲🇽💥🔥 . #Repost…

Alida#NeedToImpeach ‏@palomacreative

@JasonOverstreet @ProudResister And the media endorse that stupidity ! Is a horror to denied what they have done 😡🥊

D ‏@ddylanjackson

I think if Andy Ruiz didn’t lose to Oscar Rivas in the Olympic Trials he would’ve won gold. Oscar Rivas only loss i…


Well done! 🥊

Laurence Martin ‏@LaurenceBBattle

@miningmeagan @minnyiowa @davidamackey Going tomorrow Springfield area today👍😉😉Record hunt😉 foundation few 😉🥊💃 Groo…

Daddy Dan ⚡️ ‏@USUtheRightBlue

@maxkellerman Why is December 26th called Boxing Day if there is no 🥊 matches on TV that day?

H 🌗 ‏@HIXV218

@TristanMaxted I get those lately at work 🤦🏻‍♀️ I’m a translator and i depend entirely on my mind and if it shotted down , I’m screwed 🥊

𝒥𝒶𝓏𝓏𝓂𝓎𝓃 👑🍦 ‏@Jazzybuddafly

Thou Shall Not Throw Shade If Thou Can Not Throw Hands 🥊💯😏

V ‏@vlozoya2010

People on my I.G and Snap are probably getting annoyed with all the pictures and videos I've been posting about my…

MMA. ‏@mrzdontcaree

Y’all I’m drained on God I am. I’m tired of fighting for ppl that won’t even throw a punch 🥊 for me

Tierra Pettiford ‏@EandEmmysMommy

Completed 2 workouts today 9:30am TruX and 7pm Riot boxing 🥊

#PrayForDRC ‏@myselfbrans

What did I say?! Tyson Fury is the fucking man 🥊

Adrian Sanchez ‏@ging_ging19

@maxkellerman Has the heavyweight division single handily brought the sport of boxing 🥊 back?

🔭♥ ; #지국's ‏@minkoosgf

@softvminist im Fightin tht candle 🥊😠

✨OS🤘🏾DORSEY ✨ ‏@DorseyKydd

Fool goof troop ass got whooped up 😩 🥊 💯

kdhillon ‏@kdhillon

Fighting boxing 🥊 — at UFC GYM

Margo Porras ‏@ShesNachoMama

@Leung__Wendy Thank you so much for the updates! No Livestream is killing us here in San Diego!✊🏽❤️📖🥊🔥

Surgeon💉Dissection💉MD PhD💉 ‏@SURGDissection

@realDonaldTrump ^ Pound4Pound @realDonaldTrump is the greatest puncher of all times 🥊 Think this through: Would…

✨ m i n i m o n i 💫 ‏@itzgoldenrose

Me X Hair Style 🥊

Marc ‏@marc_brocepek

@jayrock’s first verse on Rotation 112th feels like these lyrics are tryna sock me in the face 💥🥊💥🥊

♥️Mari ♥️ ‏@Just_TwEATme

@JDaIey Floyd Mayweather 🥊

Alicia Ray ‏@iluveducating

@champforkids @CristinaDajero @mgrosstaylor @_on11 @MrPStrunk @mradamwelcome @sheehyrw @jeffreykubiak @JoyKirr…

Nashua Silver Knights Updates ‏@NSKGameCall

Final Score| Silver Knights⚔️: 10 Rox 🥊 : 2 Silver Knights improve to 8-8 on the year as they’ve now won 4 straight🔥🔥🔥🔥 #guardthegate

Nashua Silver Knights Updates ‏@NSKGameCall

⬆️9| @TheQBaseball Derek Goldrick closes out the game with back-to-back-to-back SO’s🔥🔥🔥 Silver Knights⚔️: 10 Rox 🥊 : 2 #guardthegate

Lot 180 ‏@Lot180

1980s #keithharing prints recently added {via link in profile} 🥊 #haring

Carolyn 🌺 #YangGang #Yang2020 ‏@hexcr8v

@AndrewYang 🥊 ✊ gloves off #POTUS46 #PresidentYang

Isaac Rojo ‏@Ringside_Rojo

@PlayoffsLeBron Really Stephen A Smith ?? 😂😂😂 that’s like having Mac Kellerman as your boxing source 🥊

Alida#NeedToImpeach ‏@palomacreative

@tribelaw Make him stop! Why invite a schizophrenic on prime time ?😡🥊

NY Nite Owl ‏@SoarForFreedom

🇺🇸🥊"America Will Never Be a Socialist Country!" [email protected] (& the patriotic crowd🙌🏽goes wild)…

Laurence Martin ‏@LaurenceBBattle

@Ossiebel @miningmeagan @hankspants @FloamyMagee @HedyBellNova @HollywoodTed67 @AFCBSydney To get too the other side 😉😉🥊

Nashua Silver Knights Updates ‏@NSKGameCall

⬇️8| @UVABaseball Liam Deegan hits a grounder to 2B to end the inning. Silver Knights⚔️: 10 Rox 🥊 : 2 #guardthegate

JoAnn ‏@JoAnn82236460

@FoxNews Best president ever Fox News get in the right line🇺🇸❤️🎉😇👏🌷🌸🥊🌞🌹💐🙏

noo : 리 ‏@dbk_noori

🥊: join me and know me better.

T. Greene ‏@onegoal_tg

Tryna do a put the guns down and pick the gloves up video for Our YouTube channel hittin a 1000 subs ‼️ if you tryn…

TJ ‏@Only1Mata

@Kierankyle6 @Milxanx @sam_lummis @AntSeesRed @MrDtAFC @rantsnbants It’s you’re not your. To be honest, probably no…

Lance Herman ‏@LanceHerman79

@JelenaBoxing @WBCBoxing Good luck 🥊

Nashua Silver Knights Updates ‏@NSKGameCall

⬆️8| @HartfordBASE Jarrod Norcrosse Plourde bounces back as he tallies his 2nd strikeout of the night🔥🔥; ✌️ outs S…

Isaac Rojo ‏@Ringside_Rojo

@maxkellerman Can you stop 🛑 commenting on boxing 🥊??

Nashua Silver Knights Updates ‏@NSKGameCall

⬆️8| Rox infielder, Mitch Donofrio, gets the RBI double off Jarrod Norcrosse Plourde. Silver Knights⚔️: 10 Rox 🥊 : 2 #guardthegate

Meryl 👽 ‏@merylvelezzz

Back at it 🥊💪🏼

TrueFitPhysiques ‏@HeSoFit

Anyone called for a round of core? Come join us for amazing workout 🥊 . . . #letsgetit #absworkout #verbnation…

Tony Bailey ‏@trebailey3

I keep getting knocked down...I keep getting back up. 🧟‍♂️👊🥊

JaySinatra ‏@Sinatra_Jay

@BackAftaThis He’s Hitting below the belt 🥊

Jaxs🌻 ‏@missjaq_

I feel like a champ today.... did squats every hour with @BbyItsDrea and then did boxing with Alex.... almost died…

Charles Shannon ‏@user239956

“America will never 🥊 be a socialist Country!” #Kag #KMaga #Maga @POTUS @realDonaldTrump #Trump2020 #TrumpRallyOrlando 🚂💨❤️🇺🇸☀️

Magical Queen Flower Road ‏@bbangOT5

@GiiGiiBabyBaby Divina Commedia will always reign supreme on KJY and I'll fight anyone who says otherwise 🥊💥

Hannah Rankin ‏@Team_Rankin

@AlexArthur1 @HeatherHardyBox @AshleyTheophane @RealCFrampton Thank you! 🙏🏻👊🏻 and yeah it’s so sad to hear about th…

Darren Duffy ‏@dazduff100

@tank23072956 @craigdpostie @TheSportsman Paul Mitchell can punch though. Legend has it that on derby day, he had…

Erin S. ‏@ErinGoBORO

“No one who believes in sanctuary cities should be allowed to run for President of the United States!” 🇺🇸 🥊 💪

Nashua Silver Knights Updates ‏@NSKGameCall

⬇️7| @CSUBucsBaseball Kyle Sandstrom gets walked to kick off the bottom half; advances to first, no outs Silver Kn…

Bam Bam Brandon Rios ‏@Brandon_Rios1

Will be out there 6/22/19 with @Thekostudios! Event starts at 1 pm hope to see you there 🥊👊🏼

Running Is Ceremony Blog ‏@runningiscerem1

@BibRave A2: picked up a boxing class for my marathon regiment this year. Take frustrations out on the bag and padd…

Miller Jennings ‏@dr_millertime

One of these women is way less attractive then the other. And she’s getting pieced up 🥊 #DWCS

Anna Owens ‏@AnnaOwens12

Hey guys my first Muay Thai fight is this weekend. 😁🌼🥊

Paul “P-Mac” MacKenzie ‏@PMACBOXER

KO 86 Boxing Press Conference is Thursday at 2:00 PM and the Weigh Ins are on Friday at 6:00 PM with both events ta…

Paul “P-Mac” MacKenzie ‏@PMACBOXER

@Gervontaa That curse is BS and always was. Raptors ended that ish. 🥊

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