Boxing Glove Emoji

A padded boxing glove, used in the sport of boxing. Usually red.

Boxing Glove was approved as part of Unicode 9.0 in 2016 and added to Emoji 3.0 in 2016.

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🥊 U+1F94A


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Pound For Pound CBD ‏@PforPCBD

Who wants to watch the #CaneloKovalev fight with @MikeyGarcia and 3 of your friends? 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️ Enter our giveaway n…

Jay Garza ‏@Jaygza

@PolishPatriotTM You know who else can hits ? 🥊 @realDonaldTrump 😎

Carolle Cote ‏@CarolleCote

@GoldenKnights Mr. Reave 🥊

Cameron Jones ‏@Cameron13348664

That’s called punching the bully in the nose.... go nats!!!!!💥🥊

John Sharkman ‏@JohnSharkman

@PJHughes45 Time to drop the gloves OC 🥊

Tweetweet🐦 ‏@TweetweetAK

Thugs are the new Bad Hombres. #DemDebate 🥊


🥊 Will #BeterbievNail end similarly to @ArturBeterbiev performance against Enrico Koelling, when he won the…

Barbara Patterson ‏@patte151

Love it!! 🥊

Deb Francis ‏@DfReady4rapture

@Merkabah31 Bet he would make a great first baseman... ❤️our military🇺🇸 Antifa Terrorists=Punks 🥊

Dr Becca, PhD 🐘 ‏@doc_becca

Fitness people, anyone know good exercises to improve general balance? I assume core work helps? Anything else? My…

Diana D'Agostino ‏@hollygonitely

Gloves off, fight clean, GAME ON! 🥊 #celebritydeathmatch #DemocraticDebate

Tom & Mikey ‏@TomAndMikey

We’re waking you up Thursday on @JOY949, 6:30-9am, with guests 🤩 @hugh_sheridan hitting @artscentremelb in “Listen…

🏈Panthers 4-2 🏈Clemson 6-0 🏈 ‏@ErbodyH8OnChris

Best group of all time #FightMe 🥊😂😂😂

redkniqht ‏@redkniqht_

@Boxing_UK_ @DillianWhyte @EddieHearn Wow .. never piss her off 😎🥊

DoveTalesBand ‏@DoveTalesBand

@gr8musicvenues coming to a venue near you soon 🥊

Koca Kocaaa✨ ‏@muwkoca

@PrettyyDee Love you too ❤️ life doesn’t get easier if you give up either. So never consider that shit again 🥊 😂 ❤️

Dale Gribble ‏@ShacklefordPI

@ringmagazine @cynthia_conte @Main_Events @KrusherKovalev @GoldenBoyBoxing @DAZN_USA @Canelo @JSantoliquito Wow! Th…

Barbu de ville ‏@barbudeville

@jeffreyboxe @JiCLajoie Good job mon Jeff 🥊

RULECougar ‏@MVNUMbb

Ryan Wolfe hosts another 30-94 fast break with sophomore, Eddie Driskell. #RULECougar🏀🥊😤

PamS ‏@PamSchep

Hats off to Rand Paul's neighbor. 🥊 #Hardball

Pure CBD ‏@PureCBDWanae

@amberoneal1 @TonyBakercomedy @RexChapman Is he the guy talking smack and then I’d be the guy up against the wall..…

Andydudley ‏@AndydudleyHD

@tictoc Give the Republicans the right to question witnesses and also the ability to subpoena who they need to get…

Jess 🌊 ‏@jessbd8

the first 12 emojis in your history will show how 2020 will go JANUARY: 🤦🏻‍♀️ FEBRUARY:💁🏻‍♀️ MARCH: 🙈 APRIL: 🥊 MA…

🌱 Deku Star 🌱 ‏@DexSaidSo

@jylrdgls Tara boxing 🥊

⚖️ The Justice Team ⚖️ ‏@robyns323

#LeBronJames is a joke! He thought the glasses would make him look smarter. Hardly, LeBron. 🤦🏼‍♀️✌️🏼🤨🤓🤑👹🥊

Rich Fogarty ‏@RichFogartyMMA

Post Fight celebration 🎉 last Sunday for the boys 🥊 as you can see we don’t get out much 😂😂😂😂 robfog147 clements592…

Dale Gribble ‏@ShacklefordPI

@LennoxLewis Best left hook since Frazier and Cooper when they both decked Ali (Clay) 🥊💥

Rick Ramirez ‏@rick_ramirez915

We can all learn from each other 🙌🏽 I’ll never be a “know it all” because I still learn from powerful educators eve…

Dale Wetton #TrudeauMustGo 🇨🇦 ‏@DHBucsFan

@Sheila_Copps @theJagmeetSingh Give us a break Tequila Sheila, your bought and paid for media was running stories a…


Sparring Tuesday’s 🥊#squad #family #train -together #stay-together @ MJKO Boxing

professional victim ‏@joeyhanndsome

doin some pushups before the Dem Debate just in case anyone wants to disagree with me on any of my opinions 😳 🥊

SpookiestChief2😱💀 ‏@Chief2Speediest

Today I finished shout-casting the newest episode of our #SinisterCup💀 series, Episode 6, featuring Season 1 Ace Tr…

Miro Jurcevic ‏@mirojurcevic

@alexbhturnbull @HughGnu @mattjcan Punching the clown 🤡 🥊 won’t shut down the circus 🎪 Until Gina Rinehart makes a…

Maurenzo Smith ‏@TDiddyBoxing

He would still knock all of our asses out #NoneSoStrong #Boxing 🥊

1.77K TEZII 💔 ‏@TeziiGrinds

@TheRealDarryl_ @KjCapaIot @TomoThaGod leave my nigha alone before it be a 2v2 🥊 match 😂

Vinnie ‏@vinnboslice

@doubleAMA2000 I knew she had him when she wiped her nose with her glove 🥊. She turned something on because her foo…

Dale Gribble ‏@ShacklefordPI

@LennoxLewis That was a vicious left hook. She lured him into a false sense of security (reminiscent of my wife Nancy) 🥊💥

Cyrus Beschloss ‏@CyrusBeschloss

Tonight in DC: 🥊 Speaker of the House outlines impeachment of US President. 🙅‍♂️ Vice President says he won’t comp…

The🌐Eleventh-Dimension🛰️🚀👽👾🤖 ‏@David_ElBaTri9

@CharafMzour Happy birthday Lboxor dyana 🥊🎉🎂🎂🎂

Pink Gloves ‏@JanuaryBabies01

Swear I'm so damn proud of you @Andy_destroyer1 and the smile after you say "look at me now" makes me smile so hard…

Paramount Network ‏@paramountnet

It’s going to get PHYSICAL! 🥊 Set your DVR for Battle of the #FittestCouples premiering TONIGHT at 11/10c on…

Meatloaf Mike 🧲💰 ‏@MikeWill__100

@courtneybowiee Told his ass 🥊

asap login ‏@howisyesterday

@lil_grunge69 Leggo 🥊

Moon_King ‏@MoonKin49567032

@angels_pimp @s8n You know what @angels_pimp I think you should box 🥊 this man

Robert Ruiz ‏@4LUVofBOXING

@ValleyofdaSun @De_Marco07 @JorgeLinares Always great time at fights with you vato 😎🥊

Rico Bravado ♑️ ‏@freddrico

@Says_LifeAsKing Damn who’s messing with you ? 🥊

Reece Shagourie ‏@Shagourie_Boxer

@ArmySportsLTRY @27RegimentRLC @ArmySportASCB @cosascb Did the Boxers get a cheque for their boxing 🥊?

Frank Malfitano ‏@FrankMalfitano

I believe that’s also Sugar Ray Robinson 🥊

Fariabi. ‏@AndrewFairybob

Danis is for the kids 🥊

Momen Hussain ‏@MOMEN_HUSSAIN

@TheAlpShah1 🔥🥊 but could’ve picked a more intimidating soundtrack mate 🤣🤣🤣

🇨🇦🥊 Philippe St-Martin ‏@BoxRec_Canada

🇨🇦 #boxing broadcast schedule for this week: 🥊 #BeterbievGvozdyk 📅 Fri 🕙 22:00h (ET) 📺 TSN2 RDS Direct 🥊…

_adorenay_ ‏@__ayoooooonay__

@__Tajae17 @1YungLing & if you don’t wear it bitch imma 🥊 you

john rivoli ‏@john_rivoli

Super excited be exhibiting at the ROCKY RUN in Philly Nov 7-9! I’ll be signing prints, doing photo ops and talking…

Kensho Martial Arts ‏@kenshochicago

Miss Dani and Mr. Bob demonstrate how to integrate our cross and shoulder roll into combinations 🥊💥 #kenshostrong…

Citadel Theatre YEG ‏@citadeltheatre

🥊 "'The question for me,' ... is 'what does theatre have that no other medium can do better?'" 🥊 Get to know the a…

Jesus Larios ‏@JesusLarios1

@HitmanHatton Awesome work, Champ! 👊🥊👍

✨Adam Mattis✨ ‏@AJMattis

Bonus Street Fighter Alpha video from tonight. I'm the Rolento. I'm training to defeat @S95James in these arcades o…


Shouldn’t have given me IMovie and a tripod 😂🥊📹

Joe Ganz ‏@UncleTweezy

@LilyyUlloa @lazylefty For me it was but only after I saw the Tale of Taylor Chavez on HBO I always wanted to know…

Brooks Smith ‏@I_Am_A_Celtic31

C’s call the first timeout of the night 8:58 1Q Kevin Love 8 Celtics 2 C’s Carsen Edwards already subbed out wit…

K.Diamondz ‏@PresKDiamondz

Time to Put that Work in 🥊

Eric ‏@2ez28u

@Dougydoug79 @_hublette @ABC 😂 It might be the red button for Diet Coke he luv so much to punch 🥊 from time to time !

Ray Bacchus ‏@rayb247

@nationaltrust some very funny cards @nationaltrust at devils 🥊 bowl 🤣😂🤣😂🤣


I know I relocated to Hollywood and all that but, if I hear you saying the N word around me Im PARKING ya shit no questions 🥊

Joe Ganz ‏@UncleTweezy

@TheKidIrv24 Na ...🤔...smh,na let O.Fig fight somebody else.🥊

CaroleJMcCoyArtist🎨 ‏@CJtheFineArtist

@SpeakerPelosi @HouseDemocrats Lol 😂 “ trump had a “wet noodle “ for his sanctions ! @SpeakerPelosi 🥊

TunaHead ‏@VectorAbbot

Sometimes when I start with these movies i just can’t stop. Round Two 🥊

SHF ‏@HedgehogOptions

#dncdebate tonight - this should a good one... 🍿 🍿 #Biden warns candidates #HunterBiden off limits. Hopefully…

Golden Boy ‏@GoldenBoyBoxing

Join us for another action packed #GoldenBoyFN💥🥊 This Saturday on at 7:30pmPT.…

Kh❌rey📸 ‏@chef_khorey

I ain’t really mad rn lol it’s all good vibes over here but wait till Thursday 😡😡😡 @UNTPBSO I’m bringing gloves to…

Killian ‏@Killian180

@Johnbullboxing Cheers 👍 been wanting to get to both for a while now 🥊🍻

Joel Lampkin ‏@JLampkinMedia

Hello everyone, on November 22nd I will be boxing to raise money for ACSIL. A #Charity who help Amputees with their…

51 Minds ‏@51Minds

The wait is over! Don’t miss the series premiere of ‘Battle of the #FittestCouples’ TONIGHT at 11/10c on…

NeeNlue ‏@NeeNlue

boi 👦🖐 hit 🥊 or miss 🚫? I guess 👀 they never 🙅‍♀️ miss ⛳️🏌️‍♀️ huh? you got a ❤️boyfriend❤️ 🕺🕺 I bet he 🙅‍♂️ doesn'…

angelo 🇵🇪 ‏@angelorepl

I would like to get into boxing 🥊

Claire Hylands ‏@ClaireHylands - I painted custom @KSIOlajidebt V @LoganPaul Boxing Gloves 🥊 #KSIvsLoganPaul2

Single Barrel Eatery And Lounge ‏@BarrelEatery

We are the greatest. We said that even before we knew we were! 🥊💥 #SpookyEats

Peter Riding ‏@peterr250387

@LennoxLewis Who is your all time favourite British Fighter ? 🥊🇬🇧

Ang ‏@alasecki1309

@edawson184 This is what I think of when you say Rocky 😂 🥊

LouisianaDan ‏@LouisianaDan007

@charliekirk11 Yes Charlie,Can U believe some would allow 50 US fighters to be sacrificed at Syrian,Turkish borders…

Ollie Agate ‏@OAgate

@LennoxLewis That geezers nut having taken a worldie left off his missus! 🥊 🤕🤣

Sammy W ‏@samwordy

@LennoxLewis Watching midnight run (Robert de Niro) on film 4 in London 🥊

lesly To ‏@LeslyTorresG

Box box box box box box 🥊

Marla Davis 🇺🇸🗽🥰♥️👠🙏⚖️Parler name is @marlaJ ‏@marla_j98

And when our government is swept, drained,& will help every single American citizen & our country b/c…

80pThaGeneral (Drip Hussle💦) ‏@LLBIG80

The G.O.A.T 🥊

Francis McManus ‏@xxxFrankie7xxx

@LennoxLewis What’s up Champ 🥊

Official Bookmaker ‏@bookmaker_eu

Daniel Jacobs and Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. are closing in on a deal for a super middleweight bout 🥊 Who Wins : ❤️Lik…

pinstriped4life ‏@pinstriped4ever

the guy is already close to 100 pitches..we’ve had him against the ropes , now it’s time to land a knock out punch…

Myles Haynes ‏@Myles328

I gotta get back in the 🥊 ASAP. This weed shit only make a nigga forget and feel good till it wear off then the iss…

HiImNy🍦🇹🇹👑 ‏@HiPandaaaaaa

Please explain to me what this “❤️ 🥊” mean lmfao cause someone sent that to me and I don’t know what to say

Bruce County Combat ‏@BCCandF

#Throwback to a 2018 Ontario Winter Games Training Camp our athletes attended! 🥊 #BCCFgymfam

FullCombatFighting ‏@FCF_MMA

Georges St-Pierre ‘would’ return to face Khabib Nurmagomedov for right deal…

Rhys ‏@RhysDon_Doller

AJ The Chosen One 🥊✨

MaryAnne Dishon ‏@madishon71

@Nike give this warrior a shoe deal @BlessedMMA ! He would be the perfect man for the job- top athlete, loves shoes…

hayley macpherson ‏@westerhaylz

Cannot wait to watch you do what you do best 🥊☝🏼

monsterMac 👹 ‏@Macstros

These games are INTENSE!!! 🥊 #HOUvsNYY

Acosta.🤡 ‏@Erick_Acosta12

@Roxxi_Jo stop distracting yourself. Wrap up 🥊

Killian ‏@Killian180

@BillyNelsonBox Great news pal look forward to a big fight for on the Monaco show, all the best to yous both👍🥊

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