Brain Emoji

Brain was approved as part of Unicode 10.0 in 2017 and added to Emoji 5.0 in 2017.

🚩 New in 2017. Requires an updated operating system.

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🧠 U+1F9E0


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Thoth of Light ‏@ThothTheDemiGod

Knowledge is power, and greater power, requires more responsibility 🧠

Ju$to Wonder ‏@BabyChose

cardio audio lemme jog your brain 🧠

Agnes ‏@agneshy_w

Today was a day of feeding the body. Feeding the mind at #BrainDay - so fascinating, and also personally invested…

TBone ‏@BozoBrizo

@ScottAdamsSays 🧠 Brain looks like an emotional eater.

FREE$LAVE™ [clothing] Za ‏@ZzzHarrington

I haven’t dropped music in a year. That sh!t hurts me , but I’m so glad my BANGER$ stayed true and loyal to me💚🤧🥺 2…

Naomi 🤑 ‏@TheNaomiBanks

Can wait to snatch his soul 🧠

アリゼ ➰ ‏@thareal_ze

“You know you give good brain 🧠 like you graduated from a good school 🏫 “

MATTE ‏@mattesounds

outside the 📦 🧠

Ted Dupuis ‏@dupuis_ted

hood got no help so the boys be robbin,runnin the streets was they only option, all of my boys batmans no robins ,…

Hayden1k ‏@Hayden1k1

Someone put me on a great book 🧠

Kevin K. ‏@kevskinny

@dwood57585 LOL the report is released to AG and there is no indictments for collusion and you won’t believe it sti…

Schpunglemonkey ‏@schpunglemonkey

@ChicagosFines19 @jcoralpark Is that kids father in jail yet? I CERTAINLY WOULD BE....... it’s why i understand why…

God of Nature ‏@YantrVs

It’s so funny watching y’all run around my nigga “I gotta be to work” headass 🧠🍑 -the. roach

𝚎𝚖𝚒𝚕𝚢 loves calum ‏@luckystrikecal

thinking 🧠💭 bout grilld

moy❤️ ‏@jamaicangal4

@giiiannyy @estrellaaxx Skin to skin 🧠

Glenda Jara ‏@glendamouse2

Change my mind 🧠👅

Schpunglemonkey ‏@schpunglemonkey

@CuringLeftistCs Not to mention that he didn’t shed a single tear for years whilst reporting on thousands of people…

Kathleen Hart (Kathy Hart) ‏@hart_ct

@Ufc26 @JimCarrey Wrong! He’s calm because he knows they’re going to do that. If he were in the clear he’d be all over Twitter now. #Think 🧠

Readwise ‏@readwiseio

@deadly_onion Done! We've saved this tweet to your Readwise library so that you can revisit/remember it 🧠📚

em 🎎 ‏@EmilyHarumi1899

Love on the brain 🧠

i love renjun ‏@beomkuyu


babrielle ‏@wiccawoobitch

gotta stay 3 😤steps ahead of the enemy 💯by engaging in psychological warfare🧐,, against ursElf🥵💪👨‍🔬🧠

Lo ‏@lmlaurenmarquez

wonder if i ever cross your mind 🧠

Jewells ‏@hannj666

@TwoEyeHead His brain 🧠

keyboard warrior 🌚 ‏@nownigel

🧠✍🏾 12:14 am // Like my shit?! // Tried to finish this so that I would have some work uploaded for Friday but... we…

Ssavannasmiles ‏@ssavannasmiles

@OneTonTestes @Mrjpz @WorldAndScience Then ask your self what is gravity ? And why was it created ? Then ask your s…

Trell Tha Don™ ‏@TrellThaDon


Summer 🧜🏼‍♀️ ‏@summerfiscalni

My girl @emilyktakeda got into UC IRVINEEEE AYYEEEEE 👌🏼👌🏼🗣👄🧠👅🤑🤤

Tom Grissom ‏@tomgrissom

#OneNote multiplies the power of you, deceptively simple, powerfully effective, and yes, the ultimate ideation spac…

DonnaCastel ‏@castel_donna

@NamvetTN All those snacks of TIDE PODS HAVE DAMAGED THEIR BRAINS 🧠‼️🤪🤪🤪......but that would only be if they ever…

Ssavannasmiles ‏@ssavannasmiles

I’ve hid my true self my entire life because I was to worried about being made fun of because I wasn’t like everyon…

VitoCorlioni ‏@CorlioniVito

@hardball @KenDilanianNBC You can take over Leonard Nemoy’s old “In Search Of” TV show. Your first search will be f…

Elixer ‏@stephenpierce5

@tweetvickie @babysgramma @brithume He is awaiting for you in December block number 44. Mind is rejecting your meat ball 🧠. Ayyyyyyyyy

comms301791 ‏@comms301791

😔👋Hello.... I am a uni student. This is what happens in my day. At 10am I am - 🌝😴 At 12pm I am - 📹 At 2pm - 😴🛋 At…

Chonch🌀 ‏@Chonchobre

Heads in the Future, But your Necks in the Past 🧠

Holly Clapham ‏@HollyClapham2

Ah brains 🧠 and hearts ♥️, two things essential for keeping us alive but the two things that can cause nothing but…

🧠_Trending_memes🧠 ‏@Trendingmemes4

my sperm to me ,whenever i masturbate 🧠😴😬

'Shola Rosanwo ‏@getskulpt

Sensational Saturday! ->Dancing can reverse Brain 🧠 Aging💃🏽🕺🏿

egyptican ‏@egyptican

@Jstlivinbbyy 🗣🗣🗣 HEARD YOU 👂 🧠 💪🏽

Coach Jeff Hill ‏@14Jhill

Yessir Snowy!! 🧠 + 💪 + 🏃💨 💯

Ruben ‏@Ruben32901712

There will always be someone who will do what you do or maybe do it better but nobody will do it just like you ... 🧠

1ïncø1n ‏@Stefan71279082

She sehh mi too hard 😂😂 Oh am sorry termites are eating brains 🧠 dark and foolish wicked and tormented 😫💯🔥

ϲɾɑղ 曼越橘💢 ‏@slussg1


Jen Foronda ‏@Jen__Foronda

I honestly, genuinely love studying (esp Neuro and Med) but I just wish I had more time to digest everything 🧠⏳

Cuz Lightyear ‏@Taz_Boyd

#NoJersey🚷 yet still feeding you game 🧠💯

romaarrr ‏@ricooflo

Heart/brain memes are ❤️ 🧠: 😑

QueboMGTOW ‏@Quebo8

@exitdave Michael Jackson didn't molest any boys. Do your research. You are unintelligent if you're so easily manip…

LⓋD ‏@LODweb

#goVegan, the only way for us to civilize ourself and to expect to survive climate-change led by carnism holocaust…

izzy ‏@bohemiandyke

@isabell01733498 skfjs i have a good balance 😳🧠

Anna ‏@NASA_85

@brielarson hey, I just learned you were homeschooled. Me too! Opposite coast, though. It makes me happy to see you…

sean ‏@rashaanTweets

Watch ya man 🧠💧

Monica Nguyen ‏@mawnieeats

Spent all of today setting up for an event in DTLA with #pizza on the the brain. 🧠 Can the @psp_nyc pop up come bac…

GLORYBOY ‏@jp_gloryboy

I would do the faith thing again an give it a try but if it stays I kno it’ll take over my mind 🧠😬💔♥️

⚡️Henry(Enrique)Varona⚡️ ‏@awhiteCuban

Whoops 🧠 💥

Terrelle Ford ‏@road2riches411

#Repost veganon_demandny2 ・・・ 👉🏽 @road2riches411 . To know the truth 🧠 💭 #Drsebi #alkalinediet #alkaline…

🥀 ‏@YesaKimmy

📚🧠 student mode: ON

Wired Up Inc ‏@wiredupinstalls

It’s audio rack day on this project! Building the brains of the operation! 🧠 . . . #custominstall #homeautomation…

Crist Briand ‏@Cristbriand

Psychedelic minds 🧠

Lexy⚡️ ‏@lexysheep

👑 🧠 👂 👁 👂 👁👁 👃 👄 👌👗🤳 🦵🦵 — where did u get this picture of me pl…

Chris ‏@ChrisTheCulture

Still can’t believe I donated blood, I’m a hero 🧠

Buhloo808 ‏@Jahloha808

@thatssojady All fax no printer 🧠👈🏽

TerrissaMichelleYT ‏@TerrissaReidy

Let’s do it! 🥰💜🧠

jes ‏@jesthevirgo

need sum 🧠

Ariany :) ‏@Ariany_garcia28

@lvchelleg That vocabulary 👀🧠

Taylor Johnson ‏@taylor_marche

Most Blacks, NOT ALL, NOT ALL, NOT ALL, expect white people to be the reason for their failure. @JLPtalk in my 🧠.

HAN ‏@Hannahgresmacas

🧠👄: Chowking, MCDO, Jollibee 💸💵: Money left the group 😭

Devon Wheaton ‏@Synn2162

@iTempp In all seriousness congrats. But how is nobody losing their shit on the math here... 433,000+1000=434,000 5…

Aryan Secret Police ‏@KKKArian

🧛‍♂️👑 Bless🤴🏼 / 👸🏼⚡️⚡️🤙🏻🖕🏻🥃♦️🧛‍♀️ Three Dimensional 🧠. Scan Boston. Face Down On My Bed. #

Psychology ۞ Pнιℓσѕσρнυѕ ۩ ‏@PsychologyDoc

I've been living a lie all my life... 🧠 = 💥

NaGhah ‏@najihahshahrel

@TheAdibHashim its the weekend. 🧠 needs break

Mubashir ‏@rubusmubu

People with little brain 🧠 who are irritated on New Zealand media for donning Hijab 🧕 should know Terror attack in…

Trump's Brian 🇺🇸 ‏@MEMF69

@AdamSchiff We BELIEVED You. Why did You Lie AGAIN? RESIGN or BE REMOVED 🤔🤥🤔🥴 Tough Choice 😱💩🧠. Your Political Career is Dead 💀

New American Consensus⏳ ‏@truth4president

Just think about this for a moment. We could feasibly achieve 🌏☮️ within our lifetimes. We can legit build ethical…

The Popping Post ‏@thepoppingpost

Jordan Peele 's second movie Us is a #horror film unlike any other. Full of suspense, hidden messages and intellige…

Kyle Walker Jr. ‏@kwalk8517

@megaripodu @sehlinger3 We live rent free in their 🧠 😂😫

Trump's Brian 🇺🇸 ‏@MEMF69

@AdamSchiff 😱💩🧠 Why Hide the Evidence? You Have it 🥴. You LIED 🤥. Resign Tomorrow 👍🏽❤️🇺🇸

Lorna Quandt, PhD 🧠👌🏼💭 ‏@lornaquandt

Action & Brain Lab at #cns2019 ! 🧠 Poster A120 + Data Blitz Session 2: Deaf signers perception of biological motion…

BethValerie ‏@bethiav_

can we make pink cool again? 🧠 k thnx, bye.

Steven ‏@Stevenmantlo

My brain is on a slip n slide when you hold my hand 😂😂😂😂😂🌊🧠🌊

Thoth of Light ‏@ThothTheDemiGod

Ego & Anger, block it All 🧠.

🦈Alexandria Diaz de Leon🧚‍♂️ ‏@alexandria91198

Us - @JordanPeele The acting, the plot, the plot twist, the foreshadowing, the messages, the script, the visuals.…

Kayla ‏@kaylamaluhia

piper has all the space in the world...but she chooses to sleep in the worm dish. 🧠

San Francisco Shock⚡ ‏@SFShock


shay ‏@shaylaangeline

@plantflesh cool n new 🧠

Kathleen Wong ‏@BloodyKleio

@UMichPath Great group! Hi everyone 😄 I am a hematopathologist + #MedEd enthusiast at the @UAlberta_FoMD My 🧠💡up fo…

Kenneth T Kelley ‏@Kenneth29820052

@Lrihendry I ll do you one better lori: the age across the board should be raised to 24 IMHO based on ANATOMY of th…

Trump's Brian 🇺🇸 ‏@MEMF69

@brianstelter What You Got To Say Today? 🤔🤐. Good Idea. 🤪😳🤪🤪🤪💩🧠

Still on break from 🐦 ‏@MsSmartyPanda

If you want to understand how hallucinogens impact the brain, here ya go: ✌️😘🧠

Adam Donaldson ‏@AdamPDonaldson

@LaBeck81 @LosDaGooner @InTheBleachers @LosDaGooner that’s my guy!! He’s a total stud - and also knocks out calculus problems in his sleep 🧠

Awsten’s Stubble 🧔 ‏@Awstenstubble

11:11 Mind your head I’ve lost my mind 🍑 🧠

Heather Carr ‏@VeganMoonRising

#Repost @alexisrakun with @get_repost ・・・ ⚛ New Art ✍ | 🧘🏽‍♀️🌌🧠 Just making some upgrades... 📚🦋🔮 | It was Dr. Bruce…

ٍ ‏@lshammri_1

way of his words and his voice in my heart before I hear💙💙🧠.

Nars ‏@NaimaH56

#HappyBirtdayKangana Kangana, a wonderfully, unusual and provoking Queen 👑, who has created a new view for india…

❌The Sicilian❌💙#AllLivesMatter ‏@The__Sicilian

@GregNorberg #obamaLEGACY of open season on cops has given the Green Light to #Racist #WhiteGenocide openly aggress…

Matty McHollowknight ‏@darkredlink

@JMScomedy People have no idea how stupid there 🧠 are.

Sagarika 💖 ‏@this_is_sag

Brooklyn Nine Nine 🚓💕 iZombie 🧠 Stranger Things 🙃 Limitless 💨 Sherlock 🕵🏻‍♂️ The Big Bang Theory 🔬 (in no particula…

Mer ‏@Theremina

@Richard_Kadrey @Splitcoil Dawww. 😭💖 Oh! Btw... Sean just gave me the BEST fictionalize-yr-fucked-up-life story ide…

Chace Kschawn Harper ‏@KingPrym3

My best friend said some shit just now @SammySosaa02 💯💭🧠

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