Brain Emoji

Brain was approved as part of Unicode 10.0 in 2017 and added to Emoji 5.0 in 2017.

🚩 New in 2017. Requires an updated operating system.

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🧠 U+1F9E0


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PiNKSTiR ‏@Denvers_Finest_

No signal ever at Global, set a meeting time and place with your homies before hand 🧠

Jennifer Santiago ‏@SANSJen

Coming next week, #CFP for CTI Summit 2020! We want YOU! 👉🧠🎤 @likethecoins @meansec @rickhholland @PDXbek…

Katie Adamson ‏@katie_adamson_

En route to Leeds to celebrate with my clever clogs sister who has just graduated from @UniversityLeeds with a firs…

Zahid Rodríguez ‏@zahid_1998

Ignore the bullshit 🧠

Sarah Tislow Gustin ‏@PrincipalTiz

Even if the money to support efforts isn’t there, as long as there is collaboration, we can always find a way. Some…

Muscle Cell News ‏@musclecellnews

Maybe muscle cells have actually been giraffes all this time? We'll have to completely rethinking everything... 🧠

Louise ‏@louiseglover3

I forgot how intense absence seizures are - so brief but knocks you out completely! What are people’s go-to tips fo…

Scott Halliday ‏@Lymmitless

You can learn a lot about yourself during this process. When you feel good physically, it can also support the way…

Mood Killer💧Liquify EP out now 🔥⚔️ ‏@moodkillermusic

Minds will be lost 🧠

Diffblue ‏@diffbluehq

We've been published on @Medium🤩📖🤩 What is #AI for #Code? Diffblue's founder and CEO explores the reasoning behind…

Eve Adler ‏@MsEveAdler

There's also part of me that worries if I were to combine everything again, thanks to all the stigma, my work would…

Imagination Station ‏@ISTscience

Do you know your jams? Think you have what it takes to be crowned champion? Join us Saturday night to flex your mus…


We need our @asmbs @asmbsih members 🧠 💡: @BehavioralMed wants your big #questions #challenges #ideas to define area…

Sk tha Wave ‏@skthawave

• OMG Issa Wave 🌊 . . Fucking around a bit Off the Dome 🧠 . “Drake Type Beat” (Prod. By Syndrome) . . LMK your thou…

LaCie ‏@LaCieTech

#FridayFact: The left hemisphere of your 🧠 is responsible for tasks to do with science and math. The right hemisphe…

Sanjiv ‏@Sath_Hum

@imVkohli @thescript Is there any substitute for good brain 🧠..for shrewd captaincy.. Just asking.. ☺

Makers ‏@makersacademy

The first team up at Makers Demo Day are the Platypus Boys. Their voice controlled trivia app built in Java helps…

it’s Dan ‏@OfficialPyronik

Ambers’ dilemma: ❤️Michael - Better connection Been an utter dick 🧠 Greg - Treats her…

Dr. Nikki & Vici Psychological Care ‏@vicipysch

It is a hot one today! Take a break, get some sun or escape to some cool air and write down any worries. Figure out…

[ⓜ①ⓚⓔ] 7\ ‏@Aphexm1ke

@AmazingCoverArt ✨ Knowledge 🧠 ✨ 🙏

Sharlene Flesher ‏@WishUponAShar

The absolute best thing I've read in the #Neuralink storm: an interview about it with an implanted participant :D :…

The ASMR Ryan 🔪 ‏@XRyanGutierrezX


Zoey Renee | Clarity For Chaos ‏@clarity_4_chaos

For all my Christian women! Do you think your Christianity influences who you are as a woman? If so, how? Writing a…

Myles Turner ‏@Original_Turner

@KLR_doce Haters, distractions, doubters, etc!!! gotta free the 🧠 Brodie!

ToneNina ‏@ToneNinas

@Adeleart3 Omg squisher 🤦‍♀️ don't mind my typos. I have chronic illness 🧠 fog and mom brain 🧠

Casting Networks ‏@CastingNetworks

Training your 🧠 is 🔑@StellaAdler

Football Daft ‏@FootballDaftPod

Ep8 is all platforms ⚽🤪 🧠 @Colin_Cloud freaks Grado out 🥊 Gary Jacobs gives us insight into his career 🗣️…

DJ First Class™ 🏁 ‏@1DJFirstClass

I Made A 6 Hour Playlist Of Kendrick Lamar Songs & The Samples Used In Them 🔥🧠✍🏾 [@kendricklamar] Stream/Download…

Smash Hits Interview Bot ‏@smashhitsbot

@ricardoautobahn Pur-lease! Ricardo 'Snoot' Autobahn. 🧠 What was the best excuse you used to get out of PE?

HERMĒS ‏@chriskzh

gotta self motivate myself 🧠

kiki ‏@Nayrobis_

Not only for my physical health but mental as well 🧠 💪🏽

Bottom Chicken ‏@bottom_chicken

@derek_mafs @AOC @MikeLevinCA He’s president ! Talk about not having a brain 🧠 especiallyfrom a navy vet ! #yerturninthebarrel

Jaime Castro ‏@jaimecastro

@BruceLHart @Jillsey11 @GregAbbott_TX The abortion is about laws and public policies, not about personal preference…

✭ jitachi® ‏@gorenct

its her lips. 🧠 cute girl

ziin ‏@qtziin

@Iovestrikes Now you see why I have the highest iq 🧠

Paul Ramirez ‏@Position6_9

@Anthrosunday @SHolden2009 @realDonaldTrump Now you’re using your brain 🧠

Lucy Babbs ‏@LucyBabbsSLT

So pleased to have had my brain scrambled over the last 2 days at the #foundationsofneurology2019 course, Queen Squ…

andreea ♡ ‏@calumstruly

thinking about 🧠💭 michael saying lottery ticket at celeb family feud

Rebecca ‏@JustKihl

@TruthOuter I’ve noticed that fear&cynicism seem to guide conservative thinking while liberal thinking usually see…

SpaceCourtPlanet 🎋👩‍⚖️SC🌍🌌🦁 ‏@SRepublieknl

@techreview @neuralink @elonmusk 🐒👨‍🔬🧠😇 Where your Monkeys sedated @elonmusk? During surgery ...

Ophelia ‏@discountpussy

This honestly displayed a lot better than I expected tbh I could make some tweaks but when this idea 💡 popped into…

Happy 2Be Nappy ‏@BSAQueenGoddess

FACTS The World 🌍 of Autochthon Aboriginal Original Indigenous Melaninated People Has Been Brain 🧠 Washed About The…

Good Morning Cyberspace ‏@GMCyberspace

This Sunday the GMC team takes on: 🧠 Neuralink 📱 EXODUS 1 Wallet Exploits 📊 ElectionGuard Voting Security Join u…

Melissa Traynor ‏@MelissciousT

27 minutes, no skills required. You CAN do it! Make the choice and DO. Not sure how? Ask, listen, take small steps…

pida ‏@friedbeefroll

@askfess i love replying stupid tweet like this like... when boys don’t uses his brain like i love it,SPECIALLY whe…

Āsurā ‏@iAsura_

The new CSR mandate is obnoxious. Why is he acting like a brainless person? Is it because the Brain 🧠 behind his rise is out of action?

crumch ‏@kelly_crunch

@Sleeplock IM SURE HE Is but like, bro, inside voice please YEAH yeah...i think i saw too much jyuto/doppo when wha…

MARKO ‏@Mindofmarko

Full interview 🧠

lσrdєв☢️ ‏@lordeav

Train your mind to stay calm in every situation 🧠❤️

PANGAEA 🤞 ‏@pangaea_visions

It’s all perspective🤞 Mindset sold separately 🧠 . Choose your (NEW LIFE) on ( now by click…

Kris N ‏@KrsJams

This is overloading my brain 🧠

dana ‏@dana24601

@longneckmf smort, inspiring, i should just go now 🧠

Norma E. Cantu  ‏@xoxonormaestela

This was a great opportunity. I was able to network & meet other knowledgeable Microbiologists from all over the US…

MiddlEasternHonestmen🌴 ‏@MHonestt

@HappyCycler @mike_knoke @EcgoLC @droidster3002 @ccinthemiddle @TomCottonMouth @misterdish69 @Punkin682…

junior ‏@JermajestyJr2

@realDonaldTrump I think you meant that only 50% of your brain 🧠 is only functioning. Lol

Ang ‏@Ang_S2019

@Kris_Sacrebleu Two people - but half a brain 🧠 🤦🏼‍♀️

Bo Sarkcess🌀 ‏@beauolassan

@MMettaleon I wasn't expecting you to tweet about @sarkodie this month. After the waya you cach this week. You shou…

Penelope Birding ‏@PenelopeBirding

We are an ecologist and a biologist, we are a couple of young people with a lot of knowledge to share. 🧠🍃 👉Want to know more about us?

Allison Flynn-Bowman ‏@AFlynnBowman

Ok, MA student friends, or those that advise them. What are your thoughts on first person in a written thesis? 🧠

Tee.Roy🦅 ‏@1bosstee

Feed the brain 🧠

USN ‏@NavyVet0707

@AOC Illegal border crossers are CRIMINALS so what type of reception do you expect they get? 20 days at the Hilton? WTF? Get a brain 🧠

Epilepsy AZ ‏@EpilepsyAZ

Great night for an even GREATER cause! Thank you @HotelValleyHo and everyone who came out to show their support an…

Wrizor ‏@Wrizor2

@BrimpBromp The Intellectual has arrived😈🧠

Ria is powering up! ☀️ ‏@riam00re

@JL_Kdiamond You read my mind! 🧠👏🏾👏🏽👍🏾😊@BTS_twt music just grabbed me! I heard Silver Spoon (Bapsae) on Pandora 3 y…

Sadiq Afridi JWP ‏@JwpSadiq

@JahangirKTareen Sir we r still n that circumstances over nation will change only by education not these candidates…

sonja mel ‏@OMGitsfirefoxx

looking for anomalies in the code 🕵🏻‍♀️👀 ty @audible_com for having me at Stan Lee’s Alliances: #ATrickOfLight inst…

Hermes Moiche ‏@HMoiche

My brain 🧠

Plugd ‏@hypedlabs

[Signal] Based on past sales history data fed into our 🧠 forecasting algorithm, the Lundmark #Yeezy will trend 📉fro…

KAI ‏@kaigradert

On a form I have to fill out: “I am not a nonresident alien for purposes of U.S. income taxation” My brain is twi…

Lucidite Love ‏@LuciditeLove

@coinyeezy We’ve all felt what you’re feeling if we’re human...I’m not sure how pretend frogs feel though 🧠💗

VUBBLE ‏@vubblePOP

Neuralink: Elon Musk's plan to merge brain and machine via @ColdFusion_TV ht @cfcmedialab 🧠…

Norma E. Cantu  ‏@xoxonormaestela

This was a great opportunity. I was able to network & meet other knowledgeable Microbiologists from all over the US…

The Book of Jobe ‏@Jobe35

@RoryKramer Already knew you were the 🐐 - then I checked the store and it’s like we speak the same language too 🤣🔥🧠…

Torie Robinson ‏@TorieRobinson10

Whats that #FridayFeeling? If a person is has #depression, #anxiety, #schizophrenia, emotional disorder, #schizo-af…

BizON® ‏@mybizon

A6: Honestly, I have 1 --> Take care of your mind 🧠. Do whatever is necessary to increase your focus and discipline…

Votre majesté en personne ‏@OhKila

@Eliesbr_ tient 🧠

Samantha ‏@SamWOIllusions

@Inannamarduk Options...lot of people have options but they are not all equal. I know a lot about war from the inside of a soldier 🧠

TYYYnesha🤤🍫💛💰 ‏@BossLadyTYYY

Career, Money & Security 🤓💪🏡💰🧠👩🏿‍🎓📝💯🚗.

Vanessa Campo-Ruiz, MD PhD ‏@VCSTX

Go #Harvard, go! #HarvardMedicalSchool #MassachusettsGeneralHospital #MassGeneral #MGH #WellmanCenter…

Janet Hester ‏@ELARJanet

@JRod_EISD @EsparzaCL @MichaelsStores @happyplanner_co Lol, planner people! I started a TUL and love it. But haven’…

720CancerLove ‏@freebmedistant

But y'all didn't hear that though💯👂🏾👀🧠💬🗣👥🤦🏾‍♀️😪

Massiah ‏@massiahprofit


🇺🇸NvrFrgt🇺🇸⭐️⭐️⭐️ ‏@TimD343

@K_JeanPierre @IlhanMN Very spontaneous. Thankfully the #FakeNewsMedia just happened to be right there. #Playdoh manipulative soft brains 🧠

Kirsten Peters Roebuck ‏@KirstenP_R

Sending 10 newly qualified Youth Mental Health First Aiders out into the weekend. Huge huge thanks to @MHFAEngland…

teresa ofoia ‏@fatherteresaa

Wait till you see the rest 🤭😇🤯💗💞🧠

💜 Cassi 🦈📚🏳️‍🌈 ‏@LitWallflwr

@Gibknight Well, the girl below your daughter said Brain 🧠

VUBBLE ‏@vubblePOP

Neuralink: Elon Musk's plan to merge brain and machine via @ColdFusion_TV ht @york24_7…

♡ Güera 🧠💅🏽 ‏@GucciJaZzz

Money & love is all I want 🧠

maylBag 🧠 ‏@maylbag

We just added the @fortelabs newsletter to the app 🙌 Expect short emails with new blog pos…

Youthful Minds ‏@MindsYouthful

Want to join Youthful Minds and get involved in our campaign? Email us: [email protected] 💡🧠…

Alex Ordoña ‏@alexordona

finding comfort in the most unexpected places 🧠

Ryland Roderick ‏@RoderickRyland

@MindfulRat Congratulations! Future Neuroscientist?!? 🧠🐁🧪

Gandalf🧙‍♂️🇳🇴🇸🇪🇺🇸🦅 ‏@bobjones2244

@risemeccanica @BabsSCL @thespybrief @Dark_Falcon7 @joemamma_1 @a_team1983 @DanBalitewicz @SueUvino his 🧠 = 🥔 , which is why 🇷🇺 luvs him

WillPowerApp ‏@WillPowerApp1

🥗Think all healthy food doesn't taste great?🥗 🧠Is boring food causing bad habits?🧠 🥘Keep an eye out for upcoming…

Thrive Wellness ‏@thriveburl

It's time to Boogie Down! 🧠 ❤️'s 💃🏻

hallierjordan ‏@hallierayjordan

@Notawful Love the idea of setting small goals for Fridays to knock out low brainpower but large time commitment ta…

JanetLove ‏@JanetLoveJoyous

@blksoltheory Although my father died 25 years ago, I woke up today with the realization that he still controls me.…

Tomomi Imura 🦝🍩 @OSCON ‏@girlie_mac

@zanylikethat @mathowie Awww a good idea 🧠💡

Vincent ‏@local9494

@RWPUSA You need a lot of help! Your brain 🧠 is not working properly.

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