Brain Emoji

Brain was approved as part of Unicode 10.0 in 2017 and added to Emoji 5.0 in 2017.

🚩 New in 2017. Requires an updated operating system.

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🧠 U+1F9E0


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5 ways to deal with anger 😤 🧘‍♀️ Meditate 💨 Take deep breaths 🗣 Talk to a therapist or a neautral person 🧠 Be pro…


I jus thank God my mind 🧠 ain regular 🙏🏾

James Batz ‏@jimbatz

@TeaPainUSA He won’t be able to serve out his term because those darn bone spurs spread to his brain...💩🧠

AWOL Pedals ‏@awolpedals

Progress 🧠👽💜🎛

Anna Wright ‏@louizee_anna

@PillaiRaunak at a conference vs. me at a conference 🧠👀🤓

MapleBuds ‏@DylanCLee23

Let’s put our 🧠 power together and take Cody Ceci off the PK unit #LeafsForever

Mike Bou ‏@MikeBou11

@by_rhonda @Mrtimrock @realDonaldTrump @EddieRispone Sicko !🧠💀🤡🐑


Witty sense of humor, an open mind, kindness, ambition and an intelligent and enterprising mind 🧠🔥

Jöhn ‏@Sichz_1331

Home: 🤷🏻‍♂️ Home Alone: 🧠 Home Alone at someone else’s house: 💆🏻‍♂️

Jmd ‏@JoeeDoody

@efsharpy @LboroSSEHS Congratulations bro 👏🏽 🧠


"I'm too dumb ❌🧠 to learn 📝✍️ people's pronouns 👬👭 so I'm just gonna be disrespectful 😝 and dehumanize them 👎👫 to…

♡ cat ♡ semi ia uni ♡ ‏@winwinslut

our turtle minds 🧠 large

Andres Gomez ‏@GomezDLeonMD

Dr Rivera is the only BMT doc in the state of Chihuahua, leading by himself the transplant program of two instituti…

JP ‏@JPhillips_82

@EvilMikeTomlin I hear if he makes it back to the pros, the plan is to play the national anthem every time Kap take…

butterflygarden ‏@aldijianw3

My lil bro Micah Voted today never too young😁🧠💪🏾😎 and my lil sis voted as well🧠💪🏾 as did I &&& out mother ... I won…

Eromarley Ero Egware 🇳🇬 ‏@EroEgware1

@sbonelosiyabon1 @burnaboy You called your brothers human traffickers.....not me..... You see even the hand can't d…

jon rod ‏@jawnrod

@MarisasaggioMs I was gonna post this earlier hahaha 🧠👉🏻👈🏻🧠

yaya "get over it" nana ‏@yayanan54247678

@mhollis51 @mkraju Maybe a massive stroke is on the way.🧠⚡️

𝓔𝓼𝓻𝓪 ‏@heavenstained

@Aryacolbert omg some of them do have a 🧠 after all

🐐🇹🇹 ‏@lilni9ne

a slow dime is worth more than a fast penny 🧠

Amber Cervantes ‏@CervantesAmberS

“Reading and writing cannot be separated. Reading is breathing in; writing is breathing out.” 📖 ✍️ 🧠

⚜️Mars Parks Visual Arts⚜️ ‏@mpvisualarts

🧠💜Made this pendy in honor of #EpilepsyAwarenessMonth 🧠💜 #Copper & #Enamel, tube rivet spacers to make the #brain p…

Gloria ‏@7thstculture

"Overthinking IT" 🧠 @OfficialWillow

... ‏@longliiveme

Feel like I’m losin my mind shorty 😔🧠

Chef Tidy 👨🏾‍🍳👨🏾‍🍳 ‏@Lil_Attorgen

Fucking glad I don’t have my glasses, sis is fine sha. Burst my brains 🧠

Dollar Bill 💵 ‏@toonxhi

damn gitt whats on yo mind 🧠.. Everything ? big head ass 😂😂😂

Jake ‏@followhelpgaga

follow everyone who likes and retweets this, 🧠!

#tankforyoung ‏@DunkinDarius

@IBSLivesMatter @Rudolph2Mason brains 🧠

Freyja Wired ‏@freyjawired

@LeftSentThis As a woman I face this same prejudice for intelligence often, (with out the racial factor). I have be…

Life Flip ‏@SpencerMeadow10

This is true. However it is important to realize that these symptoms can be relieved or made easier through various…

Jemeth ‏@JemethW

No more girls along, Just a pencil and my songs.🧠

Serafina_tiklya ‏@Serafina_tiklya

Can’t be a ❤️attack cuz he has no ❤️; can’t be a 🧠 tumor cuz he has no brain; and CERTAINLY can’t be hemorrhoids c…

✨CRYSTALDRAWSSTUFF✨ ‏@crystaldrawss

IT GETS BETTER... 🧠✨ #MentalHealthAwareness

GWHawg ‏@oinkjones55

@RealSaavedra Well there you go. And this is coming from the brains 🧠 of the bunch. 🤪🤪🤪🤪

Jwill .. ‏@john_w30

“she fill my mind up with ideas” 🧠 TRAVIS SCOTT // HIGHEST IN THE ROOM (2019)

Al hamdoulillah 666YASS666 is alive ‏@Jeposedescartes

@timo77lol First of all, it's not a rat 🧠

mitch dowden ‏@Mitchy_COLE2433

@Bengals @MiamiDolphins @BuffaloBills @Broncos @nyjets @Buccaneers @Panthers @ChicagoBears @Titans 👀 calling on eve…

Tom Spencer ‏@csspostal

@sanjaylord @josue_El_Pelon @CultofMush1 True if you’re starting fresh I agree with you. Just considered if you alr…

Wayne dFr8s 🇨🇦🇬🇾🇻🇨 ‏@Wayne_dFr8s

@ambermac I hear ya, but could you please tell my brain the same?? 🧠 💪🏽

#ShaqWhoIDoItFor ‏@peso4r

The biggest battle be your 🧠&❤️

David ‏@icalleddibs_

I’m moving into a much better mentality it feels amazing ! 🧠

Peter Malcolm ‏@anyidea

National #Caturday perverted #Cat #PrinceAndrew says he 'couldn't sweat' in attempt to debunk #Epstein accuser's cl…

Brandy ‏@Youthaning


Blinkist ‏@blinkist

Because taking care of your mental health should be your firstmost project 🧠

Terrence. Baltimore ‏@TBalt

Write with your heart — edit with your brain. ✍🏿 x 🧠 + ♥️ = Truth

Sarah Kark ‏@sarah_kark

Ready for take-off in 5....... #zotzotzot #uci @ucicnlm 🚀🧠

Varshini ‏@varshini_ini

You know you’re mad hungover when you turn the bass all the way down in your car 🧠🚫🔨

TeslaOwnersDFW ‏@LuvMyModel3

@CodingMark @Tesla Well said Mark, Its important for car manufacturers to also understand that competition only fos…

Andrea Hill ‏@Hill1Andrea

@carolvorders Money can’t buy you brains 🧠

M&M ‏@realistxleft

@RealSaavedra The fat from his neck is seeping into his brain 🧠

Shireen Rigby ‏@shireen_rigby

Money invested well will always give you more than back than imagined 🧠 #2019ep3 @noigroup

Trent Popp ‏@TrentPopp

@camrich859 Reading a book about him right now... very odd individual! 🧠

Deplorable Drac ‏@drachman56

@CarlosGSmith @FLCoPreventGV @richardcorcoran I’d say Richard is on the right track.. I’m my state, teachers have h…

HQ Trivia ‏@hqtrivia

It’s #smarterday 🧠 Get ready to flaunt your IQ on HQ!

JanisOlson ‏@JanisOl07095228

@Raging_Red @LawsEris I think his hurt his brain 🧠 Tougher than me of course but wasn’t a republican!

Martha Grogan MD ‏@MarthaGrogan1

Agree. Very exciting to have new tools to add to our 👀 + 🧠!#amyloidosis is next. @drpaulfriedman @HeartDrLopez

SuperGreen ‏@_Star_Tron

@Grimezsz @NinaKraviz @SOPHIEMSMSMSM Luciana Haill @BrainAnalyser contemporary artist exploring neurofeedback, nost…

Foreign Bodies 👽 ‏@4nbodies

Are you a reporter or writer covering #mentalhealth or #mentalillness? Do you know someone who is? Let us know so w…

TechBuddy💻⌨️ ‏@OfficialSamkayz

So I code👨‍💻 for like 10hrs 😢😢 Man have tried. Make I go rest this small 🧠

cplubberding No DM's pl. ‏@cplubberding

@DrKristieLeong ❣️ Healthy Food is so important❤️💪🧠

allyne / FINE LINE ‏@idkusuk

Then his Libra placements as well. We... thinkin 🧠

likkle’bit⛱ ‏@RxGoodie

That was off the top 🧠

🌺Samjang🌸جاسمين👸🏾Deity🧚🏾‍♀️ ‏@moe_ada_jacey

Proud is an Understatement 💪🏾🧡🏫📝💰🌸🧠👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 👩🏾‍🎓 👨🏿‍🎓 🎓

Dave Householder ‏@DaveHouseholde3

@Thomas1774Paine If you were moved by it you don’t have a brain 🧠

william sigsworth ‏@BSiggyme

Y is everyone moaning about the #NHS & the speed of who gets to been seen if all theses people weren't here helping…

whole lot’a Lust ‏@paidinlust

Just got some good brain 🧠

weerapat ‏@weerapatc

‘Flow’ exhibition by note_kritsada . ชื่นชม~ . 🧠 @ Media Expertise International (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (mei)

one00three ‏@SWERVEaHO

@QueenLeAysha I love you too 🧠❤️

YPC ‏@youngpatients

@HannahCrazyhawk Wow! Lots of #chronicillnesses #chronicpain #chroniclife . We are here to support you!💙🧠

Fred Hoffmann ‏@TFredYFred

@ElaFerndale @leighjones23 @BrookeSumner @mathmom2016 @mischajj @Outhereteaching @Educ8Minds @bcthomp2…

𝐛𝐥𝐚𝐜𝐤𝐲᯾ ‏@kWHhh2gKqIzt36F

@iisk_8 Ahaha in his brain 🧠.

Ronald ‏@beaujack531

@atrupar @RudyGiuliani appears to be suffering from Wet Brain 🧠, Dementia.

Christopher Krusey ‏@ChrisKrusey

@ODNIgov Fucking GAG ORDER from a fucking TERRORIST about the Holy Grail FISA warrant! 🚀🛰💻📡🧠…

Adelita Vizcaino ‏@astroade

Germinoma of the pineal region. Classic and pretty! 😍🧠🔬 #neuropath #pathology

Ronald ‏@beaujack531

@TomthunkitsMind @rayleengale I will say it AGAIN @RudyGiuliani appears to be suffering from Wet Brain 🧠.

Brian Renaud ‏@Trumpshuttfu

@cnnbrk Did they find a brain 🧠?

⭐️ Sus C❤️🌻✨🎵 ⭐️ ‏@voxsusana

@GayRepublicSwag Worked this morning. I’m a therapist 🧠. Spent time with my kid. Now I’m going to sing 🎶 in church ⛪️ !

Holt Apparel ‏@holtapparel

Physically 💪🏼 or Mentally 🧠 It doesn’t matter how or where you start... All that matters, is you FINISH STRONG . ⚡️…

Henry ‏@HernHerb

I had the most amazing time at this weekend’s #Brainhack! Really exciting to explore the same brain in 3 very diffe…

Linda C 🌊🌊🍂🦃🍃🍁🌊🌊 ‏@LindaC528

What Happens To Your Brain 🧠 and Body When You're Stressed About Money 💰- HuffPost


So much love, that I stay off, with that back; circuit-racing. Just all-surge, and that brain🕹🎚 🧠. On my controls.…

MOG ‏@JaniceW4637

@RoadWoods @grindingdude BHO, here’s your answer! When you have 💩4🧠 you have no answer! Trump however that has a 🧠…

Jessica Sinarski ‏@JessicaSinarski

I spy with my little eye...a teacher sharing #rileythebravebook with her colleague!! 😍 💡🧠 Light up the Learning Bra…

Tre Gibson ‏@ThoroughProcess

What was once racism is still racism but now you can profit from it...."Nigger" is being replaced by slick code wor…

Paulo Jay ‏@paulotirso

I want you out of my 🧠

Mia Zanotti ‏@MiaZanotti

👀🧠 excited for tonight ✔️

Soak Shot ❁ ‏@SoakShot

Noggin Knocker 💥*🧠**++

Blender Sushi Guy ‏@jimmygunawanapp

@aoepng High 🖐 five on the article, you are one Snap Lens creator I find inspirations from! And we have similar 🧠 t…

leander 🧠⚡️ ‏@leanderfidel OUT NOW 🧠💔⚡️

Nicole Orsi Barioni 🇧🇷🇵🇹🇪🇸🇨🇦🇯🇵 ‏@NicoleOrsi

Well said! Communication is also key in #science. "You do not really understand something unless you can explain i…

Coach Mitch ‏@IAmCoachMitch

Bench players scrimmage against the starters. Remember the starters are only as good as they are because the role p…

sugoi_san ‏@sugoisan_

@frankiemonroee Deep into the brain 🧠 💭 🍑

jeanette impia ♪♫ ♪♫ ‏@jeanetteimpia

Just too much wrong educational music video glad i can get da baby off, tweak twerk old and lame too many ger so…

back half of horse costume ‏@Bstod95Ben

I like to think all the vaping related deaths are happening because people are rippin’ a cloud too deep and suck th…

Bernie is the only real Democrat ‏@010_10_101

Most can't comprehend the enormous difference between millionaires & billionaires, let alone Bezos & Gates, who hav…

𝘠𝘢𝘮𝘴 ‏@hey_yamsss

jigsaw is freakin’ 🧠😋

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