Brain Emoji

Brain was approved as part of Unicode 10.0 in 2017 and added to Emoji 5.0 in 2017.

🚩 New in 2017. Requires an updated operating system.

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🧠 U+1F9E0


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𝐯𝐚𝐧 🏹 ‏@van_estillore

@v_ivy_n good 🧠👍

Deuce Bigalow ‏@_KeefSweat

Tonight got me in my bag on God 🔒🧠

Rickey Koga ‏@mr_kogas_class

Continuing the transfer and ownership of knowledge about Maps&Globes by putting my Ss in the driver seat 🚦🗺️🌎 Ss r…

autumn :p ‏@amorapoIIo

kind of like my favorite boy ever 🧠🐛

BFBS Germany ‏@BFBSGermany

It's your last Brain Strain for this week... 🧠 Two girls were born to the same mother, on the same day, at the sam…

King Goat 🌟🌟🌟 ‏@windraftkingmlb

@Thomas1774Paine A president with a peanut size brain 🧠 he is clueless ... #Trump2020 @Qanon76 @Nationalist_D…

Charlie Poet🎈 ‏@EyesOfCharlie

@cajunsoulfire74 i am only alive because jesus saved me because they had me completely they cooked my brain 🧠 good for real 😳

Adam Zorko ‏@sirzorko

I finally watched The Matrix for the first time and my IQ is now 3 times what it was 🧠

🌹 (1&Only) ‏@TikoSupreme

Glad I stopped something that would’ve been dramatic Too real for the bullshit Instincts be on point when it has yo…

Savann-ahh!!! ‏@SavannahHemmig

*Hulk Voice* You Won’t Like Me When I’m Lizard Brain 🧠

☮Seaniee☃ ‏@Seannx3


Montserrat Anguiano ‏@Montserratt__

I’m fascinated by ideas around consciousness, meditation, Buddhism and even the neuroscience of psychedelics. The m…

katie ‏@youngeggkatie

Real lies 😔 Real eyes 👀 Realize 🧠

Bearded Iris Brewing ‏@beardedirisbrew

Time to tickle the tendrils of your thoughts with the pulsating energy of simcoe + citra. DOUBLE SCATTERBRAIN [DDH…

🦋 ‏@gusti____

It’s exactly like being a tiger, more specifically humans can hunt tigers and it’s not of coincidence 🧠

K.J. Singleton ‏@kj_singleton1

Mindset of a millionaire 🧠💰

Scenario ‏@ScenarioLENS

@PaulaGepson @MysterySolvent This is your brain: 🧠 This is your brain on Trumpism: 💩

liyah ‏@jims_whore

you think 🧠 your life is hard ‼️😔? i'm a high school 🏫 junior 🚫🧢 wearing size 13 😡👊🏽 nikes

mk9999 ‏@mk999910

Jew animals lie d/t greed inbred brain 🧠

Dr Solomon Passy ‏@PassySolomon

Smart and simple! 🧠

Kyler ‏@k_dot19

I took a gross colored green shirt that said “I 🧠 psych” from the head of the psych department just because it was…

Roshan packir-saibo ‏@ndrbndrb

GM( 🇩🇪) with 💖, bottom of my ❤️✝️ # Specially with ✊! 🙏 U Sir💜 @ U “R” A ( H-“R”- O2) (JUN…

Stacie Michelle ‏@stacieewacieee

Eyelash & Eyebrow Groth Serum✨💕🧠 • • • #beautynbrains #bossbabe #entreprenuet #growthserum…

Pompeo & Circumstance 🇺🇸 ⭐️⭐️⭐️ ‏@DplorablePompeo

@MaddieG29924709 @mizdonna NAILED IT!!! 🧠❤️🇺🇸👌

amber jane ‏@BBSuperFan_jane

WAY to many physical comps this season In my opinion. For that reason, the athletic dude with the muscles always ma…

Dave C ‏@davecdnb

@ictussunshine LOL, same! Also...I’m still convinced Biden is not the nominee so I’m baffled that DT & Rudy are tri…

ANS Laboratory @ FIU ‏@ANS_FIU

For more information about the projects , about the members of our lab or about the lab , please visit our website…

Perfect Solitude ‏@JAnn78594911

@teachergoals ...☝🏽curriculums must be revised 🧠

amber jane ‏@BBSuperFan_jane

@JulieChen way to many physical comps this season In my opinion. For that reason, the athletic dude with the muscle…

BeJay ‏@BeJayCurry

Fear Is Stronger Than Love 🧠

autumn :p ‏@amorapoIIo

tonight!!!! 💕💅🏼🦟🦟💕🦟💕🧠🐛🧠🐛🧠

Illawarra Health and Medical Research Institute ‏@ihmri

Careful with that scalpel! It's PhD candidates @chellebalez and @NeuronalNat at checkpoint IHMRI in the Amazing Rac…

Ms. Welch ‏@mswelchED

Loving this new #Apple iOS 13 update! Met my reading goal, and closed the move/exercise/stand rings on my Apple Wat…

KjackExclusive ‏@MissxPeaches

@USMCBlkSaiyan @IGN Yeah but I can't go into it focused on the money this time. That shyt almost ruined me the 1st…

Aly Reyes ツ ‏@LET_It_Shine6

You gotta train your mind 🧠 to be stronger than your emotions or else you’ll lose every time baby girl 😉😜

ʙʟᴀᴋᴇ ᴘʀɪᴅᴇ-ᴢᴏʀɴ ‏@blakepridezorn

Classroom = ⬛️ Real Life = 🧠 🤔 💭 📦

Moira Mack Muntz ‏@moiramack

@PreetBharara @kerryqc I just feel sad watching Rudy on tv. It’s like watching your once quick-witted great uncle’s…

Violet ‏@Roxykkk


アキです~ 💚💗 ‏@sunshine_abebe

Day 11 • 7h😴: ❌ (more than that 👀) •💃: ✅✅✅ • 2L💧: ✅ • No 🍬: ✅ •🥗: ✅ •🧠🎓: ❌ •🧠🇯🇵: ✅ • 🎤🎹🎸: ✅ (🎸❌) •💅💁‍♀️: ✅ •🏠🧹: ✅


@kashmannnn This how I felt always in clash Royale. Lol F for small 🧠

katie ‏@ben69solo

all reylos look like this 🧠

A Very Sweet Blog ‏@averysweetblog

The first day of Fall is Monday 🍂🍁🍂☕️. Let that sink in 🧠

Samantha ‏@samazarn

@hoIdsyouclose Hilarious that I’m a cap sun, Virgo moon, Taurus rising and my ass is studying neurology tooooo!!!! 🧠

Smart Money Sports ‏@SMSports34

🚨After the back door has kicked us in the nuts 3 times already this year the gambling gods smile at us. Tulane -4…

🍔grill sergeant official🍟 ‏@OfficialGrillS

@ash_the_soviet @MarioGamer171 Big Brain time 🧠

Marley ‏@mkr_ultra

Me: oh boy can't wait to get some good good sleep tonight! 🧠: upsetting dream? Me: GAH 🧠: no more sleep Me: please…

Camila Lawson ‏@lawson_cm

Regrettably for now because of my high seizure rate I have to eat as close to animal based keto as possible. I’d be…

surgeryhobbit2 ‏@DrHobbits

@TheDanStreamTV We have the SAME brain 🧠!

austin brown ‏@Austin_brown42

All ways on my brain 🧠- need more tattoos!!!!!

Dexter ‏@ItsDexters

@Blizzy Dark Jonesy 🤕😶😐👿😑😤😠😪👿🧡💚👄💀👅🧠

therealmariah91 ‏@therealmariah91

Lectures are motivating! 🧠

j cob ‏@j_matcob

@UN @antonioguterres @TheVenusProject old ways of thinking. We need to grow, past the fear, naivety & selfishness t…

Team Win AG ‏@___teamwinAG

I’ll switch the whole tempo and switch up on the mind 🧠

Constructor of Parallel Universes & Bad Bitches ‏@TyeDyeXO

Felt cute today y’all 🧠

not boofany ‏@bee_thany

@NotRyeChip @BerumenCarla they’re each too famous to conflict, I predict liquid in the early evening and GWN at nig…

EvaSara Luna ‏@aliencuisine

Absolutely amazing!! 🧠

mjc ‏@migali

@stonecold2050 The greatest brain in the universe has spoken. 🧠 you can't investigate my crimes NA NA NA NA NAhh

143 Diamondz ;):) 143 ‏@Diamondz_BS

@ochocinco lol have I been I promoting that kind of innovation ? How many years of advancement 💭🧐🙊💡does somebody ha…

Brian Chutskoff ‏@BrianChutskoff

@drdagly @Addleben @RealMed3 Excellent point. Reasons to Judgment have not yet issued on @CanLII My understanding i…

Ms. Myers ‏@Myers_History

Loved watching @GriffinMSGators 7th grade volleyball teams tonight! #OurFISDStory is supporting kids in and out of the classroom 🧠 💪🏻

Obsessed Wrestler ‏@ObsessedWrestlr

Facts 💯 ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ PC 📸 🧠 @ Wrestling Room

V💋 ‏@v_iewsforkeeps

@TianeeRichelle Type hours... 💭🧠

Toriano Holiday ‏@HolidayToriano

That connection is what makes extravagant 💥💥🔥🔥👀🧠

Dr Jonathon Weakley ‏@JonathonWeakle1

We have 3 Honours scholarships in S&C, recovery, & physical demands in☀️ QLD with me, @richjohnston88 🏉@ShonaHalson…

automobile-mother "car-ma" ‏@automob_mom

@awakeningMan @EIprogram @RachBach007 Some Admiral wacko that’s probably overseeing the TI program that microwaves…

G🍌mmi BABY! ‏@GrandGemmi

Feeling x rated and faded and in need of that good 🧠

Sheila Berls ‏@YakeyYakey

Play live game shows and win cash prizes with me on HQ Trivia. Use my code '🧠 yakey71' to sign up!…

V✰⋆ ‏@17roseV

Hiiiighly recommend The Mind Explained on Netflix 🧠

🍓 ‏@Iovies

🧠: say that. wait, no no say this !!! .. um no wait dont say that, say this instead .. but 🥺 me: okie also 🧠: HOLD…

❤️Julie Klinkenberg❤️ ‏@JulieMommaklink

I have been sharing the “why” behind @STMath with parents during conferences this week. Let’s continue to grow our…

Daring Danny ‏@Daring_Danny

@ginz43 Peanut 🥜 🧠 brain

mme.lyons ‏@LyonsMme

Smart 🧠

zara ‏@snailpng

@DrZedsMeds thank you!!!!!! ✨💪🧠

Vincent Mills ‏@MRMillsSTEM

Play live game shows and win cash prizes with me on HQ Trivia. Use my code '🧠 TeacherSTEM' to sign up!…


@thesireenscall You have the biggest brain 🧠 A Mind Of A Master™️.

Rip Diesel ‏@ripvega75

@YahooNoise @YahooFantasy Nah, smart 💵 is picking up Wilkins off the WW & starting him this week when Mack is ruled out 🧠

David E. ‏@SheepishWeeb

@Shadow20z can’t spend money if you don’t have any 🧠

✰ 𝘎𝘦𝘮𝘮𝘢 ‏@mummygemz

🧠💭 Sometimes in life you think someone is so important that they will just be there forever .. but then things chan…

Taaaavvvvviiiiii🥰 ‏@JustTavii

🧠🔑- eh.. i think we have class together. Idk you frl though 🤷🏾‍♀️


@dailySEP This SEP entry, written by Desmond Clarke, was First published Tue Aug 12, 2008; substantive revision Mon…

Jenny Kyle ‏@JennyKyle6

Level 10!! Come play live game shows and win cash prizes with me on HQ Trivia. Use my code '🧠 Secondtimesacharm' to…

HyannisWWG1 ‏@HyannisWwg1

@dnajlion7 Whoah....🧠💥

prometx ‏@prometx

#nonpartisan, but I, *literally* find this difficult to imagine and, #realtalk, I have a *very*..."vivid"...imagina…

Aayat Khan ‏@AayatKh42331038

Got to go my viva session starting shortly 🧠🙋‍♀️ Happy jumma Mubarak 🕌 Be a Muslim ! 🕋 What Allah says not what people say 💁🏻‍♀️

Brian Chutskoff ‏@BrianChutskoff

@drdagly @Addleben @RealMed3 Absolutely not. The Stephans did NOT ➡️ the standard of care of reasonable parents. Th…

Alex Gray ‏@AlexShaggyGray

@KurtBenkert So. Dam. Wise 🧠

YSPK📮 ‏@Yspk_kk

@ricet2568 A whole damn genius wtf😳🧠

Achmad Danny 🔬 ‏@dannygazali

@Maurice_Y_Lee Thank you Maurice! I hope they also have patch-clamp summer short course 💉🧠

💫💫Vicky awan💫💫 ‏@sardarwaqasawa1

@brown_Girrll Brain 🧠

Tim Strickland ‏@mitstrick

@csoandy Sliding takes too much concentration. 💭 🧠 🤔

kboz ‏@outsidethebozk

The fact that I’m only tweeting this now, when it’s been a finished piece for almost an entire week, is a testament…

sha_snetchid. ‏@sha_snetchid

round of applause 🧠💪

Styles 651 ‏@Styles_651

This is... K-RINO❗💯☄ "the Sorcerer's saga"⚔ Eleven tracks💿 in order, 60 min.🔥Adventure🛸 ▶️🤐👂👏🎯🔁🔎🧠📓😲📣🙌 🎧2🐐,B⚠️,Lyric…

Mikey V. Jonzer ‏@MikeyVJonzer

@ToriNicksWho I genuinely do 🧠

💗 ‏@polyjaemin

@nyeongcity it’s all your heat addled brains 🧠

Mrs.Stine ‏@LSES_Stine

Stretching our brains in 4th grade. Students were given rubber bands and a set amount of time to create anything th…

Faith Point Fellowship ‏@FaithPointFlwsp

He is After You | Ephesians 6:10-18 Takeaway #1: Get ready for the attack by knowing who you are up against 🧠 Ta…

Lisa Baker ‏@LisaBakerTweets

@mitchellreports @washingtonpost I love #journalism My father and both brothers majored in it as undergraduates. I…

funky_m0nkey_junky ‏@JunkyM0nkey

@TracyJan @JStein_WaPo Can you imagine this guy doing brain surgery on you 🧠 🥴

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