Breast-Feeding Emoji

A woman breastfeeding a child. This emoji supports skin tone modifiers, which apply to the mother.

The head of the baby is recommended to be hidden to avoid a situation where the skin tone of the baby would only correlate to the skin tone of the mother.

Breast-Feeding was approved as part of Unicode 10.0 in 2017 and added to Emoji 5.0 in 2017.

🚩 New in 2017. Requires an updated operating system.

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Also Known As

🤱 Breastfeeding


The Breast-Feeding emoji supports skin tone modifiers. A yellow (or other non-human) skin tone should be shown by default, unless an emoji modifier is applied.

Platforms without support for emoji modifiers display a missing symbol character (box with a cross, alien, or question mark in it) next to any modified emoji.


🤱 U+1F931


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Honey ‏@KatXXV

Oouuuff i can’t wait to raise a little athlete 🤱🏈🏀🏃‍♀️

ً ‏@queersope

daycare twt at it again 😴🤱🍼

♘Knight Gala♘ ‏@KnightGala1

Breast cancer detection brassiere is lot bra. 🤱👙♘

erika ‏@gothbros

he so 🤱

جوج ' ‏@juej_m

#تخصصك_في_كلمه Nursing 🤱

Liz R ‏@pinkdayze

@aprilherr @MrDrewScott @MrSilverScott @MrDrewScott should take a good whiff of it. Cause he needs to get use to th…

not your babe ‏@interstellrgod

Thank you everyone who kept her in your thoughts! She gave birth to a sweet baby girl, 6lbs 11oz, 19 inches long. #bless 💞🤱

BreastfeedingCentral ‏@BRaeIBCLC

Amtrak Adds @MAMAVA Nursing Rooms for #Breastfeeding Moms to 5 Train Stations 🚉🤱👍👌 via @people

C A T ‏@4foot4eyes


ADAM RAYAN ‏@babajouba

@rizlenzouak @WMMARankings @ReebokFR @EFCworldwide @ProsMarocains @mmafactory_fr @dmsportofficiel @EFCGraeme well d…

Jenny Barry ‏@jennisifire

Fyi: #NAPS2018 nursing moms. There is a mother’s room on the second floor, conference side of @HyattChicago it is n…

SteffB ‏@SteffB6

@SareRahRah Good for Gwen 🤱

kaitlyn ‏@kaitbrianna_

If you aren’t going to the show tomorrow night just know you’ll be missing out on @OriginalSDM flashing the crowd 🤱 your loss guys


Saving 🤱 is but one of his many skills

‏ً ‏@jihmns

i rmbrd to take selfies today 🤱

A Day In The Life ‏@jesus_and_oils

#EllenPompeo uses Young Living 🌱Seedlings line on her 18-month-old! 👶💜 Who else loves taking care of their babies…

Richard Lebert ‏@adaptivetherapy

Massage therapy is a valuable health care option at all stages of pregnancy (🤰-🤱). #AskYourRMT how they can help.

sam ‏@sallam1020

@VlasichC @ICNurses @STTI @WHO @NursingNow2020 No 12 hours work, No need for high technology skills need, no need t…

Amber Toon ‏@amber_nicole8

@ke10x Ahhhh I miss this 🤱 xxxx

Elizabeth Gourlay ‏@ElizabethGourla

@BethMooreLPM As a midwife I love this & I love you @BethMooreLPM Stronger than we know. 💪🤱🙋🏻‍♀️

Karla Rivera ‏@karlaa_ayee

Just 44 more days 😳🤱

LJMU_MakingMidwives ‏@MakingMidwives

#ContinuityInPractice with @121Midwives and @MakingMidwives @LJMU today 🤰🏼💕🤱💕

IG: n.qobile ‏@nqobiezz_

@BongaMosola YOU’RE CHILDISH !🐣🤱

Laura Godfrey-Isaacs ‏@godfrey_isaacs

@aNoviceMum @Milk4TinyHumans @makesmilk @Prof_AmyBrown @lccreagh @LittleDoctorVic @DrNShenker @SBreward @LLLGB…

Suzanne Meade ‏@MsSuzanneMeade

@JenStevensDub Congratulations Jennifer, beautiful moments ahead 🤱

park sooaℓ ‏@Komal_ali446


Karla Gibson ‏@KarlaLouise88

Looking forward to today! Today we Launch the Multiples Group and a breastfeeding group 🤱 In #leeds everyone welcom…

‏ً ‏@jihmns

@animeniacc AND YOU 💞🤱💗💒💘💞


@Alyssa_Milano We are as happy as you ~ God Bless the baby’s 😇😁🤱

Hustle ‏@atxHUSTLE

#1 Rule to dating a single parent... the kid always comes first! 🤱

Scornful Greed ‏@AdanDavila5

@fallenatic841 Lesbians are hot, especially Asians 🤱

Liz Alvarez ‏@lalar30

Any minute now⏳💙🤱

‏ً ‏@jihmns

fc jonhsons a family company and 🤱 are now apart of my brand

mia ‏@rhenjuns

@y_ujus it’s always the answer 🤱

Nicole🖤🤓 ‏@NicoleEsparza13

@melman08 Both! Babies and breastfeeding 🤱 lol

Jared Fallon ‏@jaredfallon

Rotten Tomatoes Review: Incredibly not one of the three 50 Shades of Grey movies could hold Knox's attention but he…

Baron Frosti ‏@baronfrosti

@mark_musing Praise the Lort my sperm never got near an ovum! 🤱🙋🏼‍♂️

‏ً ‏@jihmns

@yuikihira YOU HAVE BABY HANDS... cus you’re my baby 🤱

Lil white girl ‏@ashkaayte

Halo R. will be here soon 🤱

gha ‏@najihauuu

Go back couple (고백=confession) A drama that made u appreciate ur mom more 🤱❤️ P/s harus sediakan tisu 😭

‏ً ‏@jihmns

@yoonized @tokyotiddies spoiling my baby girls is my state of employment 🤱💞💒💘

iBaby Labs ‏@iBabyLabs

Don't miss out on @buybuyBABY 20% OFF all iBaby smart monitors! Score awesome features that will help out all you b…

María Carolina ‏@carolynnebaolv

4 meses 🤱💕

PekPek Destroyer ‏@kevinbatres3

@elexassochet 🤱 bouta be blessed by something else

Bump, Baby & You ‏@BumpBabyYou

10 things our guest blogger wishes she'd known about breastfeeding... a great read! 🤱 >>><<…

Johnny Carter ‏@farbcentral

@RuttenLaw How bout they stay at home and raise their kid who is still freaking nursing 🤱

FarmVille 2 ‏@farmville2

#TuesdayThoughts Gus and the county need your help in building Mommies' Retreat 🏡 to pamper our new mothers 🤱. Join…

Healthy WIC ‏@HealthyWIC

#Breastfeeding is a natural way of feeding our babies 🤱#ThingsILearnedFromMrRogers

FarmVille 2 ‏@farmville2

#TuesdayThoughts Get a chance to win a baby Red Spotted Mini Donkey a Mommies' Retreat 🏡 to take care of new mother…

pie ‏@syaosran

@THEGIRLILOVE_AG wig aren’t you like 30 congrats though ✨✨🤱💞💘😭💪💥🍒🧡🔥🔥

🦋 Kylie Mcfly 🐘 ‏@Kylie_McFly85

I can’t decide on my Education Route - Like should I go further in Nursing 🤱 or should I live out my next Dream Goa…

Claire Jarvis ‏@cejarvis

@thegreatkellino Summer recipe: 🤱 💤 🤱💤🤱💤😭🥃🤱💤🤱💤🤱💤

Nida 🇨🇦💚❤️🇵🇰 ‏@RandomnesInnate

Nothing gives you the immense pleasure and happiness like babies do. 👶👼🤱. #Angels 👼💕❤️🌏

Jennifer Cushman ‏@jencush_

@Bethenny “Baroness of breastfeeding” or “Princess of Pumping” 🤱💪

Emma 💖 ‏@Emma_TND

I couldn’t be more trapped if I tried! Feeding one whilst the other naps on me 🤱 👶🏼 💤

Poppie & George ‏@PoppieandGeorge

🤱🙋🏼‍♀️ Have you found a great mother and baby activity in your area? Share it with us so we can help other mum’s discover it.

Nichole ★ ‏@Nichole_Marie7

20 DAYS TO GO!!!🤱💕

Yves Fans Europe ‏@ehtaes

someone held my hand today 🤱

Renata Abrahams ‏@AbrahamsRenata

@tenille_gilbert Goodluck honey ... these are the best times ever ❤🤱

Elouise *Infant Massage instructor* CIMI ‏@loubylou621

@Prof_AmyBrown @LaLecheLeagueNZ @SwanseaUni @PHPSS1 @HumanandHealth @OzBreastfeeding @AssocBfMothers @wbtiuk…

New Age Nappies ‏@NewAgeNappies

Mummas are multitasking masters! 😂💪🐈🤱

💚Renzo.Cier.Layha💜 ‏@ilyRenzoH

MaLayha & I are taking some cute ass body paint breastfeeding photos 🤱😍👩🏾‍🎨 can I wait til my birthday

yves day ‏@ptgsong

there's 🙂 a reason ❗️ erasers don't ❌ work 🤷‍♀️ on your 👈 heart ❤️ and that's 🤔 because 😲 who you 💁‍♀️ are and 😍 w…

ً ‏@kissksy_

there's 🙂 a reason ❗️ erasers don't ❌ work 🤷‍♀️ on your 👈 heart ❤️ and that's 🤔 because 😲 who you 💁‍♀️ are and 😍 w…

ca$h_mani ‏@Armani1hunnid

🤱 lol this emojis just made choke so bad 😆🤣🤣

ThirdSpace Coworking ‏@ThirdSpaceOmaha

Join us 👩‍💻🤱💪 #NoMoreCryingMoms

‏ً ‏@jihmns

@96JAES the superior jinyoung stan💅🤱

chris c ‏@Chris_Caruso

i’m legally changing my name from chris to ‘🤱’ , as in the speed of light. {☄️ lowercase and italics 💫} ___ this will be much better

KountrySide⛰🌴Bvndit💀 ‏@Certified_Chief

These girls gon hoeing all summer 18 💃🏾then be breast feeding all summer 19 🤱 #waitforit

Ryan ⚖️ ‏@onetimeover

@chuckschumer is a girl. 🤱

Lucien Hollins 🚀 ‏@lucien_xh

Freya Jane Hollins was born Saturday May 19, 2018 at 7:53. We were discharged from the hospital this morning. 🤱…

elise♡yves ‏@jihoontofu

goodnight oomves and eunha only 🤱

Mrs B 😘✌🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇹🇳 ‏@C_bahri14216

Nothing makes me smile more than seeing the smiles on my families faces when we told them a little princess is comi…

JackAcree ‏@JackAcree

@Belle_Vivant @OpDracula @carentarvin @mflynnJR @Cernovich It’s come to the “my followers are bigger than yours” 😄🤱🍼

Oak Ridge Schools ‏@ORSchools

It was a banner day for Key 🔑 7–Industry Certifications today. Students earned at least 11 @Adobe, 21 @Microsoft,…

Little Blue Nest ‏@lbnbaby

💛 GIVEAWAY TIME 💛 We have teamed up with the wonderful @chicojacks_ to give one lucky Mumma a beautiful boobin' b…


Key concepts in NLMG:🤫 👩‍🔬🤐🚭🎶🤱⛵💉♻💑 🛏 ⚰ 😱😢 [email protected]

Sharon Breward MBE ‏@SBreward

@ancientchildren Lady Lactation - she’s been with us a looong time!💖🤱😀

Danielle_C ‏@Danielle_c_

Cannot wait for tomorrow. Seeing that little face is all I need to finally put a smile on my face 🤱

jaxsen the Little Bitch ‏@tittyinmymouth

@caseamber2 🤱 thirty thirsty 🤱🤱 drink titty my titty you’re disgusting 🥛

justus ‏@nykano

me and my future gf --> 🤱

Art Wellz ‏@artman696

Welcome to Memphis a City where people will say 🤞 " On my Momma 🤱" and " on God 🙏" and still be lying 🤥...smh

тазин. ‏@forevrjung

me after I get that hot mom body 👋🤱

Luther ‏@cxxperate

you can count on me like one, two, three porra 🤰👨‍❤️‍👨🤱

Tygastripe ‏@Tygastripe

@ledf2012 Would you like to be a mom? 🤱

Segundo ‏@incabag

When someone else's happiness is your happiness. That is #love 🌷❤🤱#ThingsICantStopDoing #incabag #qotd…

Jocelyn ‏@ogjocelyn

God blessed me with another niece and I can’t be any happier for them 🙏💗🤱

Nadia Jumaat ‏@AchuNadia

Woot woot! Look over America past election please 🤱

bumascloset ‏@bumascloset

And if your relationship is heading towards long term commitments and want to avoid breastfeeding 🤱 at night, sleep…

Canelo ‏@canelo_co

Dawn Barker's bestselling book LET HER GO is only 99p now. A gripping women's fiction novel about what makes a moth…

UrbanHello ‏@UrbanHello

Do you worry about electromagnetic waves? 🔊🤱 REMI allows you to switch off WIFI during the night! It will continue…

Lauren Tomlinson ‏@laurenamyt

Desperate housewives getting me through breastfeeding 🤱

Rave Sashayed 🔥🏒😈🔥 ‏@_sashayed

good morning @Capitals and @ovi8, my biggest goodest boys! ur doing big sexy things this season and u've brought so…

NurseMeMama ‏@nursememama

@jjeewweelss It definitely does. It sounds like you have a great milk flow. Keep lots of burp cloths laying around…

Ieuenctid Torfaen ‏@torfaenyouth

Thanks so much @David_R_Daniels for getting a signed t-shirt from @michaelsheen suppprting TRAC2 and @CllrMandyOwen…

marIon 켜줘(LIGHT) ‏@baejinae

love seeing him eat 🤱

Tomo ㅡ JFB/UNFOLL? ‏@niickotin

love seeing him eat 🤱

bae jinyoung pics ‏@bjyarchive

love seeing him eat 🤱

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