Broccoli Emoji

Broccoli was approved as part of Unicode 10.0 in 2017 and added to Emoji 5.0 in 2017.

🚩 New in 2017. Requires an updated operating system.

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🥦 U+1F966


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Janna Vallente ‏@Aaaboywithluv

goodnight 🥦💕

🦋𝔽𝕠𝕣𝕖𝕧𝕖𝕣 𝔹𝕣𝕠𝕜𝕖𝕟 ‏@we_mask

@imjungshook BTS: 3+5=18 therefore 😛+🥦=Army Army: 🥺💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

b a i l e y ‏@BP_shawty

I need more plants. In my house, in my body, in general. 🥦🌿🥬🍃🥗🌱 🥰

Juniper Bramhall ‏@JuniperBramhall

If over 30 #vegetarian dishes wasn't enough to be #spoiltforchoice, there are 8 great #smallplates to perfectly com…

Batman Follow Trick ‏@alexmdr1997

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Nicole G Morgan, RDN ‏@ChickNik

I ❤️ broccoli 🥦 so much that you can’t see what else is on my plate... chicken thighs with pesto. Another reason I…

👑PEARL Abraham 💎 ‏@InciIbram

@CatherineMinion @sim010101 🤢I'm sick of eating broccoli😩🥦

VeRAWonica | The Foodie Food Girl ‏@VeRAWonica

🌿🥦🍃 🥦Rappini heading into the excaliburdehydrator for a nice Warm, Soft, Sautéed-like Taste all the while keeping i…

𝑯𝑶𝑵𝑬𝒀 ‏@honeyandtea2

shirt ทรง oversize 🥦 120฿ รวมส่ง reg / ems +20

Maureen Mallea ‏@maureenm48

@VeryLazyFood #WIN Love Cauli Cheese!🥦🌽🥑🍅🍑🍆

Gastivists Network ‏@gastivists

If you can, donate to this crowdfunder for @FreeTheSoil's #Agriculture & #ClimateJustice Camp and mass action of…

Janine Barnes ‏@Janine87

According to Rose my trees look like broccoli 🥦 #missionabolished

E o n ‏@AerooonH

fresh cut 😋🥦

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Genuine Jersey ‏@GenuineJsy

Did you take part in last years Jersey local food challenge? The event is set to return this summer and local organ…

Chilli & Grille ‏@ChilliandGrille

🍴🥦🍖 If you want to try the best Sunday roast in Barnsley then come along to Barnsley’s award winning restaurant Gri…

Michael Kennedy ‏@kennomick1

@boringkearney That was only a starter, he will eat Glasgow for his dinner, cause he will be even more hungrier 🍽️🍲🥦

SHOWY ‏@Showytheshowman

🤣🤣🤣 we are big fella! Ital is vital!💪🏾🌱🥦🌽🥑

BabyBlue ‏@lilatina510

@BusyPhilipps Will do! Lol 🥦💨💨

angelica aquino ‏@angellcaaquino

whenever I make journals I always fuck it up by adding some trashy sketch that isnt really needed. indeed it is rea…

Johnny Vet ‏@Johnny_Vet_

@BitcoinGuru81 Light up that green 🥦

Cat ‏@Rabbitsnap

@jamesdleech 🐱🥦 here's a happy barky

Charain Starks ‏@heycharain

@Xrizztina Beef and brocolli 🥦

The Dressers Arms ‏@thedressersarms

Your Sunday begins with our Full English breakfast! (9am-11am) 🍳 Followed by our Carvery (12pm-6pm or until it runs…

Meal Plan ‏@HailieXie

Breakfast: 🍙 Rice Ball (2 servings) 🥦 Broccoli (1 serving) Lunch: 🥞 Pancakes (1 serving) 🍦 Soft Ice Cream…

ϟ ‏@armiecariazo

We need not to choose for a GDL 🥦

Tie Dye Company ‏@tie_dye_company

@TheDrewTully I won’t forget now!💚🥦

TORZ 🥦 ‏@ginesetorioo

Craving for Beef 🥩 Broccoli 🥦 🥺


#DYK that… broccoli 🥦 has more vitamin C than a glass of orange juice? Learn more about about this highly nutrition…

Southbank Centre ‏@southbankcentre

[email protected]_Please prove vegetarian food can be just as delicious as meat. 🥦 🌽 🍅#NationalVegetarianWeek

FOLLOW HELP ‏@followprojecten

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Abbey Ladies RFC ‏@AbbeyRFCLadies

🏉 Rugby pitch sessions for all aged 16+ 🧘‍♀️ Rugby Pilates by @STEVIE_Therapy 💗 Rugby Pre-hab by JM Sports Therapy…

gheslain karylle ‏@the_gheslain

so that was Psalm’s hair hahaha 🥦

Nausk ‏@NauskTV

We are [LIVE]🥦 out here #albiononline

Brena ‏@brenakiwi

Walked to the supermarket for food and bought a new broccoli which meant I had to eat the old rubbery one in the fr…

Meal Plan ‏@HailieXie

Breakfast: 🥛 Glass of Milk (2 servings) 🥦 Broccoli (1 serving) Lunch: 🧀 Cheese Wedge (1 serving) 🍈 Melon…

𝓻𝓸𝓼𝓱 ‏@cheyrvr

daming 🥦 😂😂😂

Matthew Lipschultz ‏@matt_lippy

Some pics from last night, thanks to our pals Jennifer, Jeri & Patty, plus our pal and videographer, Jeff. Thanks…

Doha Festival City ‏@DohaFestCity

Ramadan Trading Hours 👇🏻 – Weeks 2-3 Mall Trading Hours: 10:00 AM to 1:00 AM Food & Beverage 🍴: Iftar to 1:00 AM V…

Nick Zablocki ‏@NickZablocki

I’m way too good for a lot of y’all. You don’t deserve me. Pay me better for my time. Ahhh. Soon enough. 🥦💲🔝

Ash ‏@AshleyA12538617

Warm bowl broccoli 🥦 cheddar soup sounds amazing in this rain . I hear it with my window open . I love this cuddle under a blanket weather

one of a kind ‏@venus_mitchell

eees tyme ta wake UUP big bruh friends get him iii mmean me ssome 🥦

YummyPixels ‏@PixelsBeCrazy

Nice! 😁💜🥦👌✨✨ Hope you love it!

PB ‏@PolarBear805

@Macdre3k Blazers in 7 fuck broccoli 🥦

Lady Reaper ‏@Lady_Reaper

Binge watching @netflix shows and doing a #FaceMask is how I’m spending my Saturday night. How about you? This…

( ˘ ³˘)♥ ‏@craptxp

here's a tea about ruzzell's flirting before ella gatchalian 🥦🍵

★ Sweetie Cutie ★ ‏@SweetieeCutiee

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Xena, Warrior Chicken ‏@AthenaOfChicken

@abintra @RadioFreeTom I do as well but mainly bc I know it’s fresh & pesticide free. I can & freeze a lot of what…

clingy ‏@antisxcialsusan

4.25 update, Im coming for you 🥦

★ Sweetie Cutie ★ ‏@SweetieeCutiee

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Sarah Chiodo ☤ ‏@SarahChiodo

After a weekend at Disney vegetables never tasted so good 🥦

Tia ‏@Tya_perona

Morning ganu...🥦

Rich Carbaugh ‏@magkatkevdad

@JeepJewel Oh Dear! I am in trouble with this! Like maybe 🍅 🌶 🥕 🥦 I know CauliFlowers...Lol!!

matato | summer feet ‏@not_dlwlrma

@g_syro the deserves the broccoli 🥦 🥦 🥦

SipEatSleepRhepeat ‏@SipEatSleepRhe

Pool and sun and drinks. Now I want #pizza. For those on a #ketodiet @ZestyZzeeks has a #keto friendly crust that’s…

Oprah Winfrey Network ‏@OWNTV

Ain’t that the truth. 🥦#BookOfJohnGray

Cyntora B. ♋️ ‏@Sh_tCyntoraSays

I had s stuffed pineapple 🍍 today with steak 🥩 shrimp 🍤 broccoli 🥦 a cheese sauce and yellow rice. It was nasty than a mfer.

broco 🥦 ‏@xbroco

@Hpwkss @Ziroikabi you're one off 420 🥦😜

❣️ ‏@boyDonavin

@EatDrinkDoWear 🥦 a really pretty vegetarian charcuterie board, truffle mac and cheese, maybe a lobster ravioli

✨Shan-Shan✨ ‏@shannondrewthis

@anamericanghost THE BEST BOY 🥦✨

rizzanity ‏@rizzanity_

Here’s a thing...i’ve been telling my friend to chew soundlessly but then while i was munching on 🥦 it’s like i was…

Lauren Nolan ‏@lakeshore_lady

I love me a colorful dinner 🌈🥦 Usually I stir fry all of our veggies on the stove, but I was so tired after my work…

D L McInnes ‏@JavaJones62

@ianmnoone I like adding mushrooms and onions to mine, maybe even a shredded carrot 🥕 for healthier mac n cheese. I…

dr eric berg ‏@drericbergdc

Exactly what should you expect from your weight loss journey on the keto diet? There's more to losing weight with i…

Mike Gormley ‏@AirGormley

I forgot how much of a banger broccoli is 🥦

tina chapman ‏@tinacplus6

@BayWater_Greens Agreed!!🍅🍒🍑🍉🍎🥦

Phitz ‏@Phitzssb

@slurmpass A broccoli with bones 🥦 🦴

Tom Poston ‏@jtomposton

@g_syro you know I love my Nevie Broccoli Buddy!! 🥦

Herbiⓥore ‏@herbivore_club

"consumption of fruits and possibly vegetables, rather than meats and fats, can lower the risk of IBD" 🍓🥦 or 🥩🧀…

kylaaa . ‏@KarlieMommy

I want some broccoli 🥦 and cheese

Nicole Ilustre ‏@nicoleilustre

It's been a month since I decided to be vegetarian. Not too bad, actually. I feel better in general. I think I'm gonna carry on. 🥦

Domo 💋 ‏@_DOMOnatrix

i’m a healthy kid, i smoke broccoli 🥦

Angi Anti-Love ‏@AngiAntiLove

In light of all the beauty guru drama I’d like to take a moment to thank @TheNaomiJon for creating content that mak…

Nathan Youngman ‏@nathany

Pineapple slices, broccoli sprouts, bell peppers and tomatoes on rye. #vegan #wholefoods #plantbased 🍍 🥦 🌶 🍅

Eugene ‏@eugene_kwesi

I’m on that Biscotti rn 🥦 real rapper weed

julia ¨̮ ‏@jubjub216

eating steamed brogle 🥦

Andrea Castellon ‏@andreamagaly_cc

Send greens 🥦

gain loren mutuals🖤 ‏@gainlorenfans

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Hitler's Tasters the Play 🔜 EdFringe 2019 ‏@ht_theplay

We cooked up something super special today.... can't wait to give you all a bite 💄🥦✨ #hitlerstasterstheplay…

milaners kidtueng n’tae🥺🌷 ‏@xbuttercuptaex

@BTS_twt have fun baby I love u 🌷🥦

Dino ‏@InkaCoIa

@pankiane Fachas 😎🥦

elģ ‏@_lorrengrace

Good morning broccolis 🥦

Lila ‏@LilaBridget

Garden day 1🥬🥒🍠🥦🌼 Feeling optimistic about it We planted a blueberry bush today Let’s see what the summer brings

Ngozi Onuoha ‏@DrNgoziOnuoha

I have to beg some chefs not to add Butter to the broccoli 🥦. The addition of butter negates the benefits of the broccoli. Thank you.

𝒸𝓁𝒶𝓊𝒹𝒾𝒶 ‏@ouroborusu

@CATHARSIS_ADMIN its the compost bin i swear look: 🍌 🥦 🍊 🗑

moα · ♃) ‏@M93OI

@O88KJY Hellou bolin. 🥦

max the vegayn ‏@Max_September

What's your favorite vegetable? Is it broccoli? 🥦 I bet it's broccoli. — yep. I would do naughty things for some we…

StillsonXP ‏@StillsonXP_

Anybody that follows me live near Clear Water Florida? I need some 🥦

diana ‏@feehanbin

merak 🍄 : seems scary, is scary 🍒 : seems scary, is baby 🍅 : seems baby, is scary 🥦 : seems baby, is baby

Lisa Marie ‏@BellaDolce5

@enzobuf cooked me the perfect filet mignon dinner tonight 🥩 🥦 Thanks babe ❤️💋

#RingoStarr ✌️😎✌️🌟 ‏@ringwormstone

@rejectfalseicns That’s my job on this bird app ✌️🎶🥦🍒🌟☮️😎💕🦏

#BlackkHeart🖤 ‏@iAmJasmineK

@UncleSego radio station on while starting dinner🎷👩🏾‍🍳🥦 kid watching TV & playing in his room #blessed #sahm #vibes

Ngozi Onuoha ‏@DrNgoziOnuoha

Eat more broccoli 🥦

Negative Nancy ‏@shannenclarkx

The entry for Belarus is very @TheNaomiJon 🥦 #Eurovision

Bernin Sanders ‏@SandersBernin

Six joints in today 🥦🔥& I’m still not as high as @AOC ‘s ‘new green deal’ tax rate.

Sparks ‏@JRisSparks

Have some Todoroki’s and a Deku! ❄️🔥🥦

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