Broccoli Emoji

Broccoli was approved as part of Unicode 10.0 in 2017 and added to Emoji 5.0 in 2017.

🚩 New in 2017. Requires an updated operating system.

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🥦 U+1F966


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❄️❄️Rose❄️❄️ ‏@arroda

@Perkierfoods @WeAreVeganuary #win #vegan #perkupyouroffice #winitwednesday #saynotopalmoil #COMPETITION These bit…

Yorks Wildlife Trust ‏@YorksWildlife

We're proud that @YWTstirleyfarm now supply a weekly vegetable box to the @Bistro_BlackCat - all hand-picked and sp…

Vista Lago Adventure ‏@vistalagoadv

The first wealth is health!🥗🍎🥦 #WellnessWednesday

Helen ‏@Helen77397849

@caitlinocoilean 🙊🥦🍍🍉🥥😂 understand that feeling😒🙄

Ro-Bear 💙 ‏@robynriana

@Literary_Raven You both deserve the very best, Love! 🥰💙💛🍅🥑🍉🥚🌮🍳🥦

Sun Health ‏@SunHealthAZ

Community Education at Sun Health with our very own Susan Welter, Registered Dietitian. Eat Med-Style at Home 🥗🍤🥦🍞…

knockatipton.A✌FC ..🍺bonksys...😎 ‏@knockatipton1

@TomFox90 @StephenRoe2 The man to a tea 👌🥦

Plant Based News Ⓥ ‏@PlantBasedNews

@SECONDHOME_IO Looking forward to seeing you all! 🥦🍆🥥🥒🥬🌽🥔🥔🥕

Chris 0¥3r ‏@Chris_Dy3r1998

B R O C C O L I ! I am a broccoli 🥦 and I don’t know why😂

Growers Garden ‏@GrowersGarden

BIG NEWS! 💥 Our Broccoli Crisps are now available to buy online. Check out our shop here, browse our range and orde…

Tenderstem® ‏@Tenderstem

@CuriouslyEmily Delicious 🥦

Garagelounge ‏@garageloungeuk

💪🏼 Our super latte ☕️ range of functional, natural blends packed with superfoods 💯 and nutritious ingredients! Choo…

D.♥️ ‏@TheyLoveJena

@BigDaddyAsh_ 🥩, 🍤 , And 🥦 w/🧀

knockatipton.A✌FC ..🍺bonksys...😎 ‏@knockatipton1

@Son_Lyme @villan_ginger Media and clueless football prats stand for him.. Me and 50k plus av fans don't...🥦👌👍

CrossFit 603 ‏@CrossFit603

What is your go to carb for lunch? 🥦🍎🍓 Carbohydrates are our source of energy✨Have low glycemic foods for lunch tha…

CA GROWN ‏@cagrownofficial

Broccoli is our jam! 🙌 Roasted, steamed or straight from the stalk! 🥦 What’s your favorite way to eat broccoli?…

J R Organics FarmCSA ‏@jrorganics

🍃🥦🍃 AH-MAZING broccolini 🥦 from @jrorganics dipped in tzatziki 🥒 from yallatizers . Photo credit thefixitqueen . .…

idiot vegan becky Ⓥ ‏@soypreme

Hi! Soz for the lack of posts! I’m so busy working on so many awesome and incredible things right now, I’ll be back…

Centrestage ‏@CentrestageMT

Healthy food promotes a healthy mood! Our Café/Bar has introduced some new healthy foods for you to snack on while…

Food Sense Wales ‏@foodsensewales

Keep your eyes and carrots peeled! #TheVegAreComing 🥕🌽🥦

stanningtonfruit&veg ‏@stanningtonfv

Add @justpreserves jams and chutneys to your delivery box as an extra to your veg, fruit and salad 🚗🥕🍓🥦

UptownMarketAZ ‏@UptownMarketAZ

Find fresh Organic Broccolini at McClendon's Select's booth today. Broccolini is wonderful sauteed with garlic, ste…

Lori's Natural Foods ‏@Loris_Natural

Crisp and ready for you to take home and enjoy 🥦


Hayi @CassperNyovest you finished all the broccoli 🥦 at the Woolworths Chief.

katie🎉💚٩( ᐛ )۶🧡👑 ‏@Fireheart_Deku

@Azreto They can’t accept his P O W E R F U L™️ BEING💪🥦

East Bay HS FBLA ‏@EastBayFBLA

Donating to the state service project of Feeding Tampa Bay 🌽🥦🍗 #destinedforgreatness


All this food and veg! 🥦 Now being shared at @OLIO_ex, #sharing to stop #foodwaste

Skinnyfromthe419 ‏@belactsuj_

Told the doctor I'm a healthy kid I smoke 🥦

Home Care Alliance ‏@thinkhomecare

Thanks to ⁦@HHAeXchange⁩ for being here #NELS2019 and for sponsoring lunch. 🥦🍇🥖

Claudine Ingleby ‏@Claude27Ingleby

@MickBraddy And Cold Broccoli at that 🥦 🤢 could murder a chicken wrap but needs must 🏋️‍♀️💪

Shiloh Steakhouse ‏@ShilohSteak

Its lunch time ... what are you waiting for? 🤷‍♂️ 🥩🍗🥦🍺😃 #chickensandwich #wafflefries #londonky #corbinky…

owt sad Andreas 🤡💀 ‏@cuddleptic cutting onions with @janetjealousy Hertford Cooking Show 🥦🍲 not Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares…

Jennifer Bomba ‏@JenBomba

I loved the pesto zucchini noodles so much i made them again last night and added broccoli! Delish! 🥦 #food #foodie…

Mountain View College ‏@MVConline

They're back! 🍓🍉🍇🥔🍅🥦 The @ntfb Fruit and Veggie Truck is here for the first time this year! If you're in need, sto…

YMCA of Simcoe/Muskoka ‏@YMCASM

Remember that healthy eating is more than the foods you eat. Plan what you eat and make sure to involve others when…


[NEWS] The new Canada’s Food Guide is in line with the #NextFoodRevolutions: the future is plant-based. 🌱🥦🍏…

Foster ‏@foster_rudy_

@RubyWingtips Come visit 🥦

Mary Perino ✨🍎 ‏@missmaryperino

Loving this plant-powered plate. Sparking conversation with milk and alts., left out of the picture. Interested to…

Zara Indian Cuisine ‏@Zaraindian

Bengali Jalfrezi is a 7th Century dish founded by the people of Bengal. At Zara it is cooked with sliced onion, gre…

Jade Nicholson ‏@JadeNicho4

Excited to see the advert! 🥕🌽🍅🥦😊 #TheVegAreComing

SaraJPNorth ‏@SaraNorth5

30 Varieties of FRUITS 🍉 VEG 🥦& BERRIES 🍇 ⠀⠀⠀⠀ 🍓We juice them⠀⠀⠀⠀ 🍇 We dry them⠀⠀⠀⠀ 🍏 We remove any excess sugar &…

Rebekah L. Sanders🦅 ‏@RebekahLSanders

@lolonghi @utilityreporter @nurobots What did you order? 🍎🍓🥦🌽🥨🥩🥚🍕🧀🍚🧁🍻?

Meaghan Duvall ‏@meaghan_alice

@LivviaEllen_ Yenno it’s bad when ye mum has to grate cauliflower into mash potato to make you eat a vegetable 🥦

Lo ✨ ‏@lorenkessell

I’ve been trying to eat healthier lately, but sometimes I have crazy busy weeks. A friend introduced me to…

Disaster Duo Fest 💥👊 ‏@disasterduofest

HEYA! (⌒▽⌒)☆ We are currently in the process of fixing errors in some prompts due to incorrect inputting and addin…

Bella & Brave ‏@BellaandBrave

Lovely to see the woolies again...brought them an extra treat of carrot 🥕 and broccoli 🥦 As you can see Fawn loved…

by CHLOE. ‏@eatbychloe

Lil Broccoli Head is answering all of your questions (including where her nickname comes from) on the blog, now! 💕🥦…

Broccoli City ‏@BroccoliCity

The 3rd annual #BroccoliCon2019 is coming💡Join hundreds of forward-thinking leaders from around the world with a pa…

Camões Rádio & TV ‏@CamoesRadioTV

Canada's new food guide is here 🥦🍎 @HealthyCdns #camoesradio #camoestalk #healthycanadians #CanadaFoodGuide

steven evans ‏@stevieEvs82

@phillipsleg your in the wrong van 🥦🐔☕️🤤

chiCHARON ‏@kennth_hrnndez

Gulay galing benguet online shopping 🥦👌🏼

Kate Cornick ‏@katecornick

What happens when evidence beats food politics: “It’s really about nutrition and quality of life, much more so than…

AV Community Trust ‏@AVCT

🥦 Do you not know where to start with cooking? 🥦 With our free Adult Education course, 'Cooking on a Budget', you…

The Int'l Preschools ‏@IPSNYC

RDo you have #pickyeaters at home? Here are some great ways to get your kids to eat their #vegetables! 🥦🍆🥕🌽🥑…

Salad King ‏@SaladKingTO

We were hoping that Thai food would make the cut for Canada's 2019 food guide, oh well. You can still get all the f…

Mpho Manana Khanye ‏@MananaKhanye

Grey broccoli 🥦😂😂

Bella Baby✨ ‏@oakstreetbella

@HandsomeJameel I want to do it myself 😩 I’m getting ready for #TheWalkingDead , cause I feel it coming soon with this Pres ... 🥔🥕🌽🥦🍅 #TWD


B is for... 🥦 Natasha Gavin, founder of @iknowwhyitsyum will be writing a regular column about healthier snacks fo…

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