Bust in Silhouette Emoji

Generic profile of one person. Often used in interface design to represent a user.

Bust in Silhouette was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

👤 Shadow

👤 Silhouette

👤 User


👤 U+1F464




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Apple Hong ‏@apple_5840

👤: Please say the final greetings 🌴: Please look forward lost to GOT7's "I WON'T LET YOU GO", and please support it/us. Thank you very much.

Apple Hong ‏@apple_5840

👤: You said that you want to eat your last dinner with Jinyoung, why did you choose him and what do you want to eat… https://t.co/Jqhok7PQJp

Apple Hong ‏@apple_5840

Q6: In relation to the new song, what is something you don’t want to let go of? 🌴: *times up* I'm not able to answe… https://t.co/O0HS3kgT47

ITC ‏@ITCnews

Today is #EducationDay! Why don't you sign up to one of our #Elearning courses starting 28 January: 🇨🇳 Exportin… https://t.co/FWdsh3YnyA

Kash Kagé ® ‏@kashkage

U got 1 life it would be a waste 2 live it regular … 👤✨ // 3 ur mind 🌌

I'm Rai ‏@Your_Rai_

@apki_bhabi_ FLAWLESS👤...

kuwkam👩‍👦❤️ ‏@Pokin_LikeAPony

👤 Be Like You Know Him Too? Like Bruh, YES .. This The Mob , This The Gang , What Was You Thinking 🤣

OtherWorldEncounters ‏@ZharLloigor

(💪-1) if you fail, gain a detained condition. become delayed and gain 2👤.

Koko & Bal ‏@JiamingZhang14

. ^___^ ( ▰ °□° ) ✧ Ooh! you are the ♒Aquarius! 🔮Your Today's Matches: 💖Love: ♋Cancer 😉Friendship: ♍Virgo… https://t.co/0fV3q8UdKQ

Cork Live ‏@live_cork

OK! It's time for the Cork Place-name Emoji Challenge! 1. 💀 2. 👑⛵ 3. ✝️🧔➡️👦 4. 🚪🇺🇲 5. 🐑👤 6. 🏰🌇🐻 7. 🥫🇹🇷 8. 🚫🔛 9. ⚽☕➕… https://t.co/31hZgfh55d

Gracious Wood ‏@Niilondon

Helping a nigga when he down is really a risk and take a Strong person💯. I don't care what anybody say, because nig… https://t.co/BixpVwFpvW

ROCK STAR SUN ‏@RockStarSun1


william sigsworth ‏@BSiggyme

@normanrecords I think it all ways sunny wen #CCTV are watching keeping people safer you looky things av a good cam… https://t.co/qWmQuF7uWm

henry collins ‏@henryco89590812

I knw exactly who need to hear👂 this shidd It better to have nobody, than to have somebody who hides you 👉👤

Sera, Lee. ‏@kayakmochi

Story Update 👤sera.lee https://t.co/XEYBHzZ5MY

Sera, Lee. ‏@kayakmochi

Story Update 👤sera.lee https://t.co/tcAfwbWXBd

Hoax Hot Men ‏@HoaxHot

👤#MarcoGumabao (@marcogumabao)☑️ ・・・ Wearing: #BenchTM (@benchtm) #BenchBody (@BCbench) #bencheveryday #HotNoypi… https://t.co/4jXu5wQIWc

rin 📒✒️ ‏@ktaebwi

👤 How does it feel to have the world in your embrace? (lit: at your chest) 🐨 In my embrace... Isn't it the world th… https://t.co/62aeaBI19v

-_- ‏@prettysjjk

Streaming #LetMeCryMusicVideo while studying 👤 @lauramarano https://t.co/CSKB41tAw3

Lounge ‏@WyneLounge

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Isaiah Rubio ‏@SnackDaddy_

the character is of men never ever of mice, shorty let me tell you about my only vice, it has to do with lots of lo… https://t.co/Ea7au4ljhS

Bump🥀 ‏@Bump__3

Stuck in these streets feel like my life froze 👤

Lounge ‏@WyneLounge

@MissAgathaV [ 🐣 Send a package to Apt 69] 👤 : @MissAgathaV CD - Day 1 • Marinated Sea Bass • Peanut Butter Brow… https://t.co/jw8LOFvMoQ

Koko & Bal ‏@JiamingZhang14

. ^___^ ( ▰ థ౪థ ) ツ Ooh! you are the ♏Scorpio! 🔮Your Today's Matches: 💖Love: ♏Scorpio 😉Friendship: ♋Cancer… https://t.co/zrK84oyZOi

Lounge ‏@WyneLounge

@MissGwilym [ 🐣 Send a package to Apt 69] 👤 : @MissGwilym CD - Day 3 - Lemon and Berb Roast Chicken - Fruit & Se… https://t.co/w17icMSwnv

☆Polichick Elle ☆ ‏@elle_franks

@Henjam48 No. Lols 😂 I need Julian to come and see me. 💔 👽 👿 👴 👤 💏 💑 💔 I hate waiting! 😕 😯

☆Polichick Elle ☆ ‏@elle_franks

Come back Julian. Come and see me 💔 👽 👿 👴 👤 💏 💑 💔

Archives IT ‏@ArchivesIT

🗣We have published 70 interviews with figures from the UK #IT industry. Here, our Director of Operations, ⁦… https://t.co/ITulS8DaUQ

Gracious Wood ‏@Niilondon

Stay AWAY From People That Play Victim To Situation That They Cause ✅👤💯

Gracious Wood ‏@Niilondon

Never judge someone's story by the chapter you walked in on ✅👤💯

Gracious Wood ‏@Niilondon

Hustle until the people you could never reach, start reaching out to you ✅👤💯

Gracious Wood ‏@Niilondon

I wanna meet myself from another mf point of view ✅👤💯

Gracious Wood ‏@Niilondon

Don't loose your star⭐player just to entertain some fans✅👤💯

OpenTheVentBro💨 ‏@packiow

The Lonely Stoner Seems To Free His Mind At Nite 👤

Gracious Wood ‏@Niilondon

Pay attention to those who want titles but don't deserve them ✅👤💯

UNcaptured-UNpAiD ‏@Zah_Khanyile

Father and Son.. still together in the crook place 👤👤 #DuduzaneZuma https://t.co/MY1tJhF2Ic

Claweller De Vil🖤 ‏@athifa_kenta

So apparently Anxiety and depression is a sign and symptom of HIV/AIDS... How crazy is that? 👤👤

Di Di [~`°_°´~] ‏@its_me_didi

Wanna gain followers fast? Comment “ifb” 👤 Follow everyone who comments💆🏻‍♂️ Make sure to follow every follower… https://t.co/5ae5L3dM2w

Chicken Baby ‏@nick_flipp2

george washington did the dog 👤 😭 👃 Stay tuned, -flippo the dumbo idiot

Ya-Ya ‏@YaYaOfficial25

If someone is calling 📲, texting , and inboxing 💌 ur significant other.... #Before Jumping on defense with the “oth… https://t.co/7BI2tyD1Vw

bambamlatte on ig ‏@bambamlatte

👤: “What is Bangkok’s official name?” 🐍: “It’s too long! It’s crazy long!” 🍑: “He doesn’t even know his family memb… https://t.co/1cCCzILUIw

#Nezar ‏@Nezar67479263

@Malaamusic @iamTchami No Redemption Team #🙏🏻👤#

Gracious Wood ‏@Niilondon

The Saddest part about finding out a mf lied to you is wondering what else they lied about 😴✅👤💯

Gracious Wood ‏@Niilondon

Just because I forgave you that doesn't mean I trust you again✅👤💯

OtherWorldEncounters ‏@ZharLloigor

(👤+1) if you fail, lose 3❤.

Koko & Bal ‏@JiamingZhang14

. ^___^ ( ● `・д・´ ) > Ooh! you are the ♐Sagittarius! 🔮Your Today's Matches: 💖Love: ♎Libra 😉Friendship: ♐Sa… https://t.co/MF56cXxdyZ

Gracious Wood ‏@Niilondon

Don't block your blessings trying to treat people how they treated you ✅👤💯

Gracious Wood ‏@Niilondon

Kids make mistakes, Grown ups make decisions ✅👤💯

Gracious Wood ‏@Niilondon

We are too grown to be faking feelings ✅👤💯

Atlas Fitness Gym ‏@AtlasFitnessGym

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☆Polichick Elle ☆ ‏@elle_franks

Miss you JL 💔 👽 👿 👴 👤 💏 💑 💔 Come on and see me.... https://t.co/SD6hzE4SqE

via ‏@via67293137

"It’s at the heart of Trump’s Russia connections, and that’s why he and Giuliani have lied about it repeatedly."… https://t.co/o4PPl5W60e

☆Polichick Elle ☆ ‏@elle_franks

I miss you Julian. Please come and see me 💔 👽 👿 👴 👤 💏 💑 💔

Gracious Wood ‏@Niilondon

Bitches will fight you over a nigga😴 you need to fight a job application and your edges✅👤💯

Gracious Wood ‏@Niilondon

As soon as you get focused 💰 people swear you acting funny ✅👤💯

via ‏@via67293137

Pelosi barred Trump from speaking in the House of Representatives. #Pelosi #Trump #StateOfUnion Heavey, Susan Cor… https://t.co/tIDHF6Jh1Y

Rhd.zay ‏@isaiah_puloka

I just got the drop where you be at, time to line you up 👤

Gracious Wood ‏@Niilondon

You have to win in silence and let them think you losing✅👤💯

Patchapp ‏@PPatchyp

The journey of the shadow👤 SaWadDeeKa(NA) @BDO_News #witch #bdo #BlackDesertOnline #BDOscreenshot #shadow https://t.co/9kb0ePNnIl

🐥 ‏@Honey_Bun98

*I've just watched a clip* Jimin 🐥: I was never famous in Busan. I'm a bad dancer. MC 👤: Is Jimin always this humb… https://t.co/cL3w9jB9Nk

Chicken Baby ‏@nick_flipp2

iggy azalea is a autozone 📀 🏪 👤 Peace, love and pogo sticks, -flippo

Gracious Wood ‏@Niilondon

I am glad you switched up on me✅👤💯

nRadio ‏@nRadioApp

I am listening to: Ozzy Osbourne - Miracle Man @ I Love Heavy Metal Radio. 📻 ⇨ https://t.co/3o9kzOraLB… https://t.co/yFlxM7z0Fl

Gracious Wood ‏@Niilondon

Be loyal behind my back👤

JungWoo, Park ‏@cc_heechul

💬 First Plot ⏰ Current Time - Night 🏠 Lux Bar > Current Place 👤 3rd POV 👥 Self Plot https://t.co/RkgXHRvvxG

SPROCKETS ‏@Sprockets88

Rip #EazyE Eternal Legend .... We need u holmes 👤

help Gain ‏@_helpGain_

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It’s a Tottenham thing ‏@TottenhamThing

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Irene Remelie ‏@ireneeroo

The only person 👤 you are destined to become is the person you decide to be. 💛💯

🇺🇸🚩LeftyPickit 🚩🇺🇸 ‏@realeftypickit

@immigrantdfndr @Kenindp1L @Lauremari2 @viphires @gsfrktct @ConlonCharles @Forest_Lawn1937 @SwearengenMaude @PWM62… https://t.co/uQCpn9h5YG

Daniel Crooks ⚽️ ‏@danielALcrooks

• Volunteer more often 👤

Albaseerah ‏@albaseerah

📕 *The Book of Emaan from Sahih Al-Bukhari* 👤 @AbuHumaydSaalim 🕌 @MasjidAsSunnah Bradford 📅 Saturday 26th Jan… https://t.co/6McxqfTSiD

TheKop.com ‏@TheKop_com

Happy 32nd Birthday to one of the most gifted players to ever wear a Liverpool shirt @LuisSuarez9 🔴 👤 133 Apps ⚽ 8… https://t.co/0zNYqSlTgg

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[rest] ‏@hyunjinnyo

I put in two ✌️plus ➕ two 2⃣ plus ➕ONE 1⃣plus ➕two 🕑. I hit✋ 💥 the equal sign✔️. And, oh 😮😮😮 my god 🛐 , I shit 💩 yo… https://t.co/bk5QXrvWqf


👤: What are you doing in the break? Me:… https://t.co/TlrLLJk5Ab

via ‏@via67293137

③ Instagram removed the verification sign of Maduro's account and instead applied the verification sign to Juan Gu… https://t.co/BmqpdiUY8t

Emmanuel Sowah ‏@Emmanue20282435

In the year 2009 i was struggle👤🗣 in the village but the lord have let my dreams come true 😍😍🙏🙇o((*^▽^*))oლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵… https://t.co/XBO6rnxoAh

Eddie_Blanco #XBoxOne name { EDDIEBLANCO70 } ‏@EddieBlanco7

Love all 😘 Trust few👥 Do wrong to none👤 But what about when they violate You by doing all three wrong? 👣✔💯

Mohamed Alkarkhi ‏@AlkarkhiMohamed

Yesterday was the worst day ever a guy sneezed in my face 🤮🤢🤒🤧😷 the bus passed by me and didn’t stop 🚎🚎I forgot a… https://t.co/dKGQel7fl5

via ‏@via67293137

① Guaido swore himself in as President. Maduro faces criticism for undermining democracy. #Venezuela #Guaido… https://t.co/RQI05mtl7S

𝐬𝐚𝐫𝐚𝐡 ‏@apoclvpse

i👤prepare👨🏻‍💻 for the noble 👩🏼‍✈️war. 💣🗡 i’m👆🏼calm😌,i know🧠the secret🤫🤭. i👤know 🧠what’s coming👉🏻☄️💥 and i know 🧠no… https://t.co/KRuBypTRnO

Susan Zapper ‏@SusanZapper1

Believe in yourself Boss!! ✨✨#youareunstoppable !! - Tag 👤| Comment 📝| Share📱 - Follow ♛ @Boss.Ladies.Empire♛… https://t.co/BPUpRJ2rrV

Tax Justice Network ‏@TaxJusticeNet

Complex ownership structures keep owners hidden, making life impossible for authorities. 🔎Company L🏢 Company Ltd… https://t.co/vmDT3TKtKv

Your Nutritionist ‏@nutritions96

Salam, Health and Good Life . . . Get more informations and Consultations 👤@bang_andr13 📜@nutritions96 (IG, Faceboo… https://t.co/UjmxO4ECSJ

chloe ‏@michaeIangdon

@tateslngdn i👤prepare👨🏻‍💻 for the noble 👩🏼‍✈️war. 💣🗡 i’m👆🏼calm😌,i know🧠the secret🤫🤭. i👤know 🧠what’s coming👉🏻☄️💥 an… https://t.co/CGC9ikGxXi

Michael A Phipps🕆🎤🏀🏒⚾🎾🏊🏈🏆❄🇺🇸 #WeGoHard🌟 ‏@Michael90445407

@BrooklynNets @Dloading @barclayscenter YESSIR!!!!!!! ALL⭐STAR MR❄ RUSSELL!!!! ALL⭐STAR MR🚘DINWIDDIE @SDinwiddie_25… https://t.co/gYO2ZXRBCK

FaDy ‏@fadykhater97

Really , Not interested in anything 👤

*̣ʃ›'πŠÅĮF ‏@xNKA10

👤 It’s not a cry you can’t hear in midnight or somebody can seeing the light 💡. ❤️🎶🎶

Plus Capital FX ‏@markets_plus

#Thursdaythought 🤔 ✔️Type “FOCUS” letter by letter if you agree 🔥 Tag 👤| Comment 📝| Share📱 follow PLUS Capital FX… https://t.co/LgaMljxOBC

੭•̀ω•́)੭̸*✩⁺˚ ‏@eVoTheSage

I have a protection voodoo doll 👤

Baba👴 Adìtú ọrọ🎙 ‏@Aditu_Oro

The only person 👤 you are destined to become is the person you decide to be. "Use your self as a tool to change 💫 y… https://t.co/aBubhmZ1az

Reginald V. Damour I ‏@ReggieVlad

Just don't wake me up 👤🌑

PoxiiPro ‏@PoxiiPro

My Socials Below! 🎥Twitch: https://t.co/fSZSgenDXS 📺Youtube: https://t.co/LL1HP3l4Xo 👤Instagram:… https://t.co/RBebnBH6uU

Koko & Bal ‏@JiamingZhang14

. ^___^ ( o `・д・´ ) q Ooh! you are the ♍Virgo! 🔮Your Today's Matches: 💖Love: ♒Aquarius 😉Friendship: ♓Pisces… https://t.co/tIspnPqdSb

もぶ ‏@m06t4ke

🎵: TRUST IN ETERNITY 👤: Inori Minase 💿: TRUST IN ETERNITY - Single #nowplaying_mob

Noah A. O'Neill ‏@NoahAONeill

contemplating the fall. 👤

Komang Suarnawa ‏@komang_suarnawa

Welcome back, Sir 👤 https://t.co/cbtiSUOi7H

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