Butterfly Emoji

A butterfly shown with wings spread. Commonly displayed as a Monarch Butterfly (with orange and black wings) or a Morpho Butterfly (with blue and black wings).

Butterfly was approved as part of Unicode 9.0 in 2016 and added to Emoji 3.0 in 2016.

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🦋 U+1F98B


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pranavi ‏@BABYH0URS

shay is literally the cutest person in the world 🍒🍑🍄💕🐹🌺💓🦋💫🌷🌻🍭💞🌙

Angelica Billones ‏@HisErela

When I Kissed Dating Goodbye turns into I Kissed Marriage Goodbye. Welcoming myself to celibacy. 🦋 https://t.co/oV4BpYtRMF

marco ‏@mmmarrcco

@x0elle you’re so sweet, thank you love <33 🦋

Victoria 🦋 ‏@bratzd6ll

single single 🦋 https://t.co/OHEoVERZQT https://t.co/0dhw86OJEG

RoxAnn Duran ‏@RoxAnnDuran1

@michele5411 @DebbieRumsey1 I miss him! 🦋

Shawn Rain Chapman ‏@shawn_rain

@ForAllTheMarble @carmelitequotes @CarmeliteNGO I am so sorry! ❤🦋🙏

Kavita Basi ‏@KavitaBasi

Butterfly vibes here in the beautiful island of Brac! I’m exploring nature, the scenery & family time with some muc… https://t.co/VRLP8btqjI

MariamQureshi ‏@ArtbyMariamQ

🙂 thank you for the good company! 🌹🌺🐛🦋 . . Don’t miss out on artist abstractfortuna doing live art Sunday 12-4pm!… https://t.co/QMBzz5MxMn

Bri 🌶 ‏@Briannna_Lynnnn

$20 hour facials all this week ladies 💕🥰 I’d love to be your skincare girl 🦋

Mac ‏@zion_lion_DMV

I’m not gonna give up dating but I’m gonna stop settling for women that don’t give em butterflies 🦋

Blue Moon Diamond ‏@Rea_Walker

Great news are coming this week 🦋

🧚🏽‍♀️ ‏@LoveMiaaaa_

Best thing to do.🦋 https://t.co/LNA0aw9p4S

LUNITA🐲 ‏@Lunadelrey_

ITS MY BIRTHDAY 🤪🤠🤧😖🙄✨🦋☁️🤩👼🍒⭐️💚

Joe ‏@frijoeles

@redwinedress the answer is YES  ✨🦋❤


I have a lot more ideas for fun and silly loona video edits but if you have a requests feel free to dm me! 🦋

Rosé is my Muse 🦋 ‏@parkishii

@crazyforrosie All thanks to you 😉😉.... you gave me some friends 💙 they're really sweet and friendly 🦋

Harry Styles. ‏@mexicosuits

goodnight im so tired, i love u all!!!🦋💙

morgan brooke ‏@momo_murray

There is always room for you to grow, change, and evolve 🦋

Krisztina Janó ‏@KrisztinaJano

@PIKUMAR2 Beautiful morning my dear friend 😊🙏🌸 Thank you so much, beautiful writing. From the bottom of my heart...… https://t.co/9flyI31bYQ

Trina 🍒 ‏@Trinnaa__

@liannnaa__ So cute ✨🦋💫

Emme Lentino ‏@EmmeLentino

@wordman54 Thank you Bobby!!!💖🦋💖

ρἶოρ🦋 ‏@iiesha5

🦋 Normani beautiful Normani successful #Normani Normani beautiful Normani successful #Normani Normani beautif… https://t.co/I99x2PSEiq

dori ‏@babydollblake

“why does it always have to end like this” “cause yous a bitch” art by me 🦋 https://t.co/0PPpNZ1f2Q

cute and very cool penguin (in glasses( ‏@1920s_fapper

@V3LV3T3LVIS You don't even age! 😩👏🦋🐬

Turtle ‏@LoganStrojny

@taylorrandall_ It sucks baby but it’ll all be worth it when I come home! I misses you so much and I love you infinitely 💙🦋

princessoftingz🥰 . ‏@princessoftingz

lord knows i ain’t perfect but i sholl deserve it 🦋.

Phoenix Of The Lakes ‏@phoenixlakes

After a great day of 🎵 recording ♥️ feeling peaceful 🌈🦋 . . . #phoenixofthelakes #nyc #vocals #singer #songwriter… https://t.co/ck4sazisgy

MagickalMoonstone🌛🌝🌜 ‏@whitewitchy1111

@triniricanbruja I’m an INFJ too💕✨🦋

perdidaenelsistema ‏@perdidaenelsis1

Feeling like a new woman 🦋

RoxAnn Duran ‏@RoxAnnDuran1

@kimmieswatching @CaroleRadziwill I’m not touching that, but I will say I’ve been disappointed in Carole this last… https://t.co/SIW6v2HHsG

POLEN ANGHELS ‏@PolenAnghels

hello! this is the official account of the polen anghels. to avoid confusion : 🌻 - @azi_kjs 🤩 - @fantacity_kjs 🐰 -… https://t.co/JqElEjakM7


honestly we luv a couple that’s all abt self growth & unconditional love. happy y’all r happy 🦋✨ https://t.co/pR8vZjvvtD


on the 7th day he rested 🦋🚀🧩🌎 https://t.co/rMfZmOmNE0

Serennu Astrology ‏@serennu

Sunday ☉ Moon square Jupiter 🎈 Moon sextile Saturn ⚓️ Moon trine Mean Node 🐉 Venus opposite Pluto 🦋 Moon conjunct… https://t.co/fH4egHV8QC

BFLY ‏@BFLYdownunder

Meet Donut 🍩Hes the newest member of my family and Im already in love ... guess my instas gonna be full of hairy sa… https://t.co/fZMyc2xNLH

𝙠𝙖𝙘𝙚 ‏@kaceshusjackson

@SuperChefTp ++++🦋 always & 5EVER

Jasmyn Alexis ‏@itsjasmynalexis

I don’t wanna be like everyone else 🦋

Alicia ✨ ‏@aliciajones_02

Its #ASICSLDN10k day 🎉 I mean who doesnt love a 5am start 😐 But glad to be representing TEAM @ocdaction 💚🦋

X1_flyhigh let's be moot 🦋 ‏@pantonemoth_X1

hello this is hani a.k.a @pantonemoth_x1 i want to bless my tl with X1's everything. friend ?? 🦋

Lauren 💛 ‏@amouredelavie

Bodysuit: @fashionnovacurve PROMO CODE: amouredelaviexo for 15% off 🦋 #fashionnova #fashionnovacurve… https://t.co/9dreRYfAEi

Jennifer Carnahan ‏@jkcarnah

Enjoyed a great night benefiting @starkeycares ... this is a great foundation that changes lives for those across o… https://t.co/dMKKJRhUq8

Momma Chels 🌸 ‏@Chelsella25

Love the life you live, live the life you love. 🦋

𝐩𝐚𝐢𝐠𝐞 ✧˖*°࿐ ‏@COSMODORBYNS

surround urself w positive energy and it’ll come back to u👼🏼✨🦋☁️🧸

Momma Chels 🌸 ‏@Chelsella25

@meaganlovesfood Love these pics!! You’re so beautiful & seem like such a sweet genuine person. Keep doing you, pretty girl! 🦋✨

Will Budic ‏@will_bud

🦋 Julio Iglesias ~ Baila Morena ~ Oksana Rus 🦋 https://t.co/U5AUnasYB2 via @YouTube No one does. Schizo to love ov… https://t.co/kzm4tgG9UV

Ayah 🍓 ‏@ayahpaints

I can feel when a new skin is about to shed 🦋

RoxAnn Duran ‏@RoxAnnDuran1

@KTluvs2cook @islandgirl9417 Well said, I agree with everything you said 🦋

Kimy 🧡 ‏@kimygiselle

Here you go 🦋 https://t.co/zka5ataA4D

the toxic you need out of your life ‏@Paradisemab

It’s for the best 🦋

Arnita DeShields ‏@adcirksey

Sweet dreams 😴🦋 https://t.co/Z11fQddqeB

bagheera🐾 ‏@jakina24218602

There is no such thing as good hair ALL HAIR IS GOOD HAIR embrace your natural beauty that’s some goddess shit✨🦋

$🦋 ‏@dabartierbarbie

unbothered at its finest 🦋

Joc 🦋 ‏@jocelynlarios2

Today felt right 🦋

Carter ‏@Carter62847941

@isabelvx9 Same but wife 🦋💍

Kate ☯️ ‏@k_lewz

Kate the Stallion 🦋😉

katricia ‏@ifsuniter

one day i'm going to fly, i promise to myself 🦋

RAY & JOE RADIO SHOW #Worldwide #Music ‏@RayandJoeShow

@BrittanyLeo_ Happy Sunday in the land down under wonderful cool @BrittanyLeo_ hope your doing good and all is well🌞🌴🌈🦋🌞

nes ‏@nesmcobiann

@MakenaGal stunning 🦋

jen💘 d-7 ‏@motsjung

7 days 🦋

Cassy ‏@hairby_cassy

Have you ever felt an angel upon your presence? 🦋❤️❤️

jadyn •34• ‏@whysapphire

me and maria on the same wave 🙈✨🦋

m 🏹 ‏@honey_bvby

@omgitsanika And a butterfly 🦋

Krisztina Janó ‏@KrisztinaJano

@alainsauv1 🦋 Really. thank you. Pleasure for my heart....... 🦋

chloe 6 ‏@corbynscrayon

late night vibes✨🦋 https://t.co/i6zih96MeV

Autumn🦋 ‏@FallingNAutumnn

The lion king was amazing. 🦋💙

Crystina Wyler ‏@Dialogue_works

@RepJeffries I DON'T NEED Mr Muller to tell me, I've KNOWN it all along! 🦋🇺🇸💙🦋

J Slattt **+🦋 ‏@JLOAD1NG15

Slattt**+🦋 merch?👀

mamí bree ‏@baelabree

s/o to the men who hype me up on snap y’all much appreciate. to the ones who don’t well you ain’t shit. that’s all i have to say 🦋

nearness 🦋 ‏@withoutuimblue

#เป๊กผลิตโชค​ #PeckPaLitchoke #เรือนดอกไม้ของผลิต Some people, like flowers, give pleasure just by being 🦋😘☀️ https://t.co/8XTgkncNKe

Redberry×Macaron ‏@MacaronRedberry

missing you already...🦋 https://t.co/PoQJtta6ks

~48€~17~0S9|| ‏@bradedwardengel

@laurawbush @DeptVetAffairs @Breaking911 @senatemajldr @Drake Aubrey, you and fam R more than welcome to the house… https://t.co/0l60PKapXA

Такако Т. ‏@otterX

I’m grateful MotherNature sends me butterflies on occasion to tell me, the things I’ve done for her has made a diff… https://t.co/cy2TzBeU7N

Kurdistan ☀️🔥 ‏@100_kurdish

Baynî bash 🌸🌼🌺🦋 Good morning https://t.co/rcDtaY8Sr4

Celii ‏@imcelinavalerio

Enjoy life 🌙🦋

jaeek🤩 ‏@itsja33k

beautiful 💙🦋 https://t.co/NbntT8ZosC

gabi ‏@got7honeyy

@yous_bts Jimin 🦋

KANCHAN ‏@kanvirgo

What if we started saying what we’re all really thinking?💗🦋🤩💖 What if we forgave on the blink of an eye? What if we… https://t.co/COIQOwOfo9

dabuddafly🦋 ‏@lifewitjess

out here looking like revenge 😏🦋 https://t.co/rZqqCsg81I

Our marriage Living with Autism and Fibro ‏@WorldZealand

@mariesvoice_ This is normal; however the truth is ur Divine. Its cool those of us with MH as part of our expression are unique 🌹💕🦋

Reshma Pasupuleti 🔥 ‏@ReshmaArmy15

She made broken look beautiful and strong look invincible. She walked with the universe on her shoulders and made i… https://t.co/aESMbSs1dU

Arnita DeShields ‏@adcirksey

Gifts I received from 1 of the Vendors today...she said I see that you like butterflies-she also gave me the Boss e… https://t.co/LzoEvjPHbt

zinnia🐝 ‏@zinniapink

LOVE #zinniapink beautiful #flowers great picture!😋 #thetimeisnow #HEATWAVE2019 again..!?#ClimateChangeIsReal… https://t.co/hV6CdzawV8

PrettyMami 🦋® ‏@iamprettymami

🍒 Summer 🦋 https://t.co/XWXb2vRUdF

jada | stream trench ‏@jatbest

change 🦋 another original poem https://t.co/BQz0cbg6Po

Arturo Evaristo ‏@arturoevaris

Emotional availability is rare these days. I’m not sure if it’s LA, this industry but thank you to the few I’ve bee… https://t.co/OuBpYuLxqC

Nuwáni Blaque ‏@uhm_jayana

Your fav tough butterfly practicing patience and how to be soft. 🦋 https://t.co/Iep6lOIY30

JASMINE ‏@jvsminelove

i was going through a lot, but i can say i’m starting to feel better now 🦋✨

Finding moots💙🦋 ‏@x1fangurl

@yoyohanies Butterfly 🦋

𝓓 ‏@blue89s

"just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly." 💖🦋 https://t.co/NZOrsfJBY7

Terry Sackett ☀️🚘🌻 ‏@terry_sackett

@Mindlessrobot37 @JulieMcgonagle @fuzzyduckmoe @The_GM2 @lseever55 @smeph17 @bizzymom8 @CassidyLoup @franceswolf… https://t.co/B77zU16hTH

ƘƎƮŁịῃ ‏@WtfKetlin

butterfly effect 🦋

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