Cactus Emoji

A cactus emoji, usually found in warm or desert climates. Most commonly displayed as a three-branch Saguaro cactus.

Cactus was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

🌵 Desert

🌵 Wild West


🌵 U+1F335




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Jr Hernandez ‏@HernandezJJrC

Glad this bitch got fired. And her last name is Chapa y’all.. 💀💀 ok🌵

Sue Alexander ‏@sueonline

Spent the most beautiful enchanted evening with @jacobtobia where? @pimalibrary Murphy-Wilmot Branch. Standing room…

soft yearnings ✨ ‏@softyearnings

🌵 sup, turnip? 🌾

Anne Townsend ‏@AnneTownsend007

Absoflippinglutely Same goes for shit-stirrers, manipulators, drunks, gropers, anybody who makes you want to back…

zora stz ‏@zora9ts

Favorite fruit🌵

⚡️Follow Help ‏@followhelpingz

Follow Everyone who retweets and likes this 🌵

htx.eric ◟̽◞̽ ‏@EricSoReal_

Jack Boys 🌵🔥 x2

Amble #DiscoverChester ‏@amble_hq

Networking isn't just for businesses. Chester's first ever #plantswap was one person's idea and connections. Uyen (…

Katlee 🍒 ‏@JustKatlee

@TwiggyMoli Mexican girl 🌵

ChiveDuck ‏@ChiveDuck

@realwillway Few days ago at my doggie 🐶 dawgs house 🏡 🎄🌵🐉

*screams.internally. (sPoOoKy) ‏@Rainbowtotprint

Gm rats, softies, mutuals and phannies ❤✨🌵

drea ♛ ‏@dreaagtz

Don’t ever forget where you come from 😤and be proud🤞🏼🌵

❓ ‏@clearquarts

⍰🌵 ⍰🌵 ⍰ can't believe I'll be in the desert soon watching Tipper, then in NOLA  ⍰🌵 ⍰🌵 ⍰

drew ‏@drewelalala

@greykaaa123 @moorielll para may inspiration gud. may depth and meaning sa works ba ✊😍😩🌵😭😻😨✌

DrWhoIsMyName ‏@DrWhoIsMyName1

@LindseyGrahamSC Now that man on the tv today was the old Lindsey! It will be very difficult to remember this anger…

Abdullah Mulazim ‏@abdullahmulazim

#nightriders #bikelife #desertlife #rideon #YesWeHaveFun Come join us! 🚴🏾🚴🏾🚴🏾🚴🏾🚴🏾🚴🏾💨🌵✌🏾😎

meatbag #whereisfinn ‏@kylosstargirl

🌵 first impression:u were v intimidating but i loved ur posts and ur takes! your nickname in my head:ik ur janae bu…

JD ‏@JDBeastMan88

@CatalinaCruz I got to watch one of your lives 🥰🥰 love you hun thinking of you! Atleast it’s almost Friday ! Can’t…

Chiimiera ‏@chiimiera

Porcupine falls in love with cactus 🌵💕🦔 I know this has been drawn before but aaaaa it’s cute. #watercolor

Aileen ‏@gatopashe

I love you so much @thedrumsforever 💕🌵

Ivan Zavala ‏@ivan_zavala96

@trvisXX Man I wish I could've got my hands on those amazing Jordans 6. They sold out before I even got the chance…

𝓜𝓪𝓻𝓳𝓸👑 ‏@MRJCSL


Ameribrit44 ‏@zamakeupartist

@dally_russell @1seashells @Lorrainefmdg @EdytaBaracz @Violet_Isak Hello to you Lorraine @1seashells @dally_russell…

Travis Scott's Ragers ‏@travisxragers

Highest #1 let's goooooo!🌵🌵@trvisXX

DEE OG SPLASH NICE ‏@daddydee1973

Cactus 🌵 Jack 🌵 #travisscott…

Amanda Morris ‏@AmandaMoMorris

Learning from example here: check out The Arizona Republic and subscribe today!! 🌵🌞

sambo bambo ‏@SamanthaErinK

All I can think about is the plot of FernGulley and how our president is the villain. What an awful sight. 🌵💔

West Wisdom ‏@Blinkzwears

follow everyone who LIKES this🌵

⚡FOLLOW HELP⚡ ‏@rizickyusuph1

follow everyone who LIKES this🌵

Blanca Garcia ‏@_blancaa22

I need to get some more succulents and cacti 🌵! 🥰

Travis Scott's Ragers ‏@travisxragers

What's good y'all. I just made this account I've been a huge Travis fan since 2015, and I've always wanted to be in…

The Texas Tie Guy ‏@dyspence1

I'm Currently Living In Dallas But I Still Drip Detroit!! 😉🌵👌💝🌍🔥

🌵 Yuridia Los Cabos 🌵 ‏@YuridiaBCS

Yuridia 🧡 #Yuridia #Photo #Photography 🌵 #México #CDMX #LaVozDeUnÁngel #ReinaDeLaBalada #Balada 🧡 #Belleza #Black…

WolveinSoCal ‏@jzanier468

45 years in Southern California and counting. October 15, 1974. And I have never regretted the decision. 😎🌴🌵🥂🍾🇺🇸🇬🇧🇮🇹

fvder. ‏@chxmv

My phone be like ☀️ 🌵

여자친구 글로벌 ‏@GFRD_Global_twt

I think #GFRIEND already knew about you but its not the time for them to say something about this, but in the near…

Mario Pinedo ‏@azcardsfan911

Loved the Herm hire since day one. So excited [email protected] future of this program #GoDevils #ForksUp 🔱🔥🌵

☆Naomi Salvador👸 ‏@meiliyumi

RD errands earlier •courtesy visit to our Queen mother 👸 and the rest of the Salvador clan❤️ • jogging/pawis time •…

myers ‏@noitsnotjessica

i really really love living in arizona 🌵

D # ‏@singlouder08

Could I BE any more excited about Friday??? No, no I cannot. I love hockey in the desert! 🌵 ❤️ 🏒 #meepmeep

3⃣'s World. ‏@_Jrawww3

Nie if yall dont go vote for him 🌵 ya

Michelle❣️ ‏@carbaugh_15

Got our flight to Texas booked🤪🌵

Anne~•~ ‏@nekoch_ANNE

Hi Ex bby! Idk how you found out that I have an alter acc but idc because I wanna tell you this: F U C K O F F. th…

David Acuña ‏@DavidAX17

Highest in the room🌵

memei 🐘 ‏@jeimylouuuh

easy 1800 🌵

Mij🦋 ‏@cloud_9teen

I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE @jonasbrothers IN MY FAVORITE CITY (Phoenix) 🌵 IN DECEMBER AHHHHH I need a break from this cold weather too lmao

Jorily May ‏@jorilymy99

If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere🍂🍁🐿🍃🌵🌲

Frank ‏@_Charlie_Rose8

Phone dry like a freakin desert 🌵😂😂

Такако Т. ‏@otterX

What an incredible, inspiring movie! Wow. A #MustSee! #TheGameChangers 💪🌵✨👍👍💚 #PlantPower!!!

Carolyn Marie Wright ‏@CarolynMWright

‘Twas a great night of #theatre! Still marinating on this play. Thinking about implicit bias, historical context, t…

bloZZy ‏@emblack421

Ok but also shoutout to @lmarie_123 for fostering my plant children while I’m gone ✨🌸🌿🌱🌵

🌻RabbitRover🐰🛹🦅🎡 ‏@Rabbit2Jade

#metoday☂️ patiently... 🕸️ 🐰🌵🍕📡 🐾 🔺 trap

Kevin Ace ‏@moletwister666

I know (bc im smart), that in your dirty little rotten heart, you don't want to send that pooor mananap sa priv. h…

Amy Silverman ‏@CoachAmyFitness

When they announced we’d be back here for Leadership I was SO HAPPY! While Vegas is fun, this hotel, location & vib…

Luna Lovegood ‏@chantriddikulus

I see people asking, "Can Cactus be Blue?" 🌵💦 I don't know. Maybe with a touch of Magic. #QuenYouBelieveIt

David Hulstedt ‏@davidhulstedt

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Kevin McCabe ‏@KevinMcCabeFSAZ

@iam_DanaScott @ASUFootball @saguarofootball @chillwill_8 @azcsports @azc_preps Apprende Jaguars!🌵

David Hulstedt ‏@davidhulstedt

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David Hulstedt ‏@davidhulstedt

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David Hulstedt ‏@davidhulstedt

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Dietrich (D-Trick)🇺🇸 ‏@Follow_DTrick

@jaycups23 One more week!! 🌵☀️🏜🏀

David Hulstedt ‏@davidhulstedt

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David Hulstedt ‏@davidhulstedt

🌵we fight we hear God & 4 family-unity & walk now with the love of God Please follow the link for the message on m…

Thatsworrisome™️ MAGA🔊Hertz™️ ‏@Thatsworrisome

@ZaZon20 @HadiNasrallah 👋🥴Hey, Sunshine☀️Ya Think That was a BIT #TMI? Or, Tooooo Worrisome for 244 Characters, Cuz…

Paige Poppe ‏@PaigePoppe

✨Florals, saguaros, and rabbits...OH MY!🌵Arriving this month, the freshest version of fall you’ve ever laid eyes on…

久川鍋 ‏@xya002

@rarars54 🌵🌵𝑯𝑨𝑷𝑷𝒀 𝑩𝑰𝑹𝑻𝑯𝑫𝑨𝒀🌵🌵

moni ‏@moni_cerv17

🌵 wow my friends would find this amusing 😂

Michael Karvelis ‏@Michael12oz

MIKE SAID IT 1ST🌵 Today 10am EST @12ozSports: • NBA Playoffs + Finals picks • XFL QB Class • CFB wk 8 / NFL wk 7…

@Csanchez_CTE ‏@CsanchezCte

Building healthy relationships. #CTE 🌵❤

Cezane Syed ‏@Iamcezane

And you are a legend 😂 Get well soon Mr Salil 🌵🌵🌵 All #SiddharthShukla fans please shower some 🌵🌵 to Mr Salil…

🎃🐥duck🐥🎃 ‏@duckieart1

#Inktober2019 day 16:wild🌵🏇 WILD WILD WEST BABY🤠

شهد الزهراني ‏@shahod702

Smile please🌟 Nothing is worth the grief🌵.

Callmephoanh ‏@callmephoanh310

@JIMINBAR_CHINA @BTS_twt Amazing 👍👏💜❤🌵

@Csanchez_CTE ‏@CsanchezCte

Starting off Social Butterflies Group at CTE. These scholars engaged and shared a very important message...Set goa…

bri 🏳️‍🌈 ‏@yungkissy

i can’t breath out of my nose and i don’t know how to get into college 🌿🌻🌵🍄🌈🌊

rhktuhin ‏@rhktuhin


B0TTT0M ‏@b0ttt0m


ً ‏@liyonalin_

fck physics 🌵

Merry Hime ‏@ZF_Hive

Follow everyone who Likes and Retweets this🌵

Undatable ‏@__theclique

I’m a dumb bitch 🙃🍳🌵🌊

Hector Hernandez ‏@Younghecloc


Robert California ‏@gilgarcia7

All I gotta say is, Oscar Solis is one heck of a compositor 📝🏇🏾🌵🦂

Mis P.S. ‏@sahapink71203

Would you like to gain more followers? 🌳1000 Followers 1000 RTS 🔄 🌲2000 Followers 2000 RTS 🔄 🌴3000 Followers 300…

Teddy M ‏@TedMwiti

@ComplexSneakers And the CACTUS 🌵 WINS🎉

✈ᎮilotᏋmpress✈ ‏@PilotEmpress

@TFACHunter I used to have a small one ,but now I don’t. I wish I could though ^__^🌵

Quornflour. ‏@quornflour

So @hulu thinks I might like Kalifornia. Ya [email protected] It’s one of my top 5 favorite movies OF ALL TIME…

dom gamiero ‏@domgamiero

part two #riseandshine ☀️🌵

Emily Vance ‏@VanceEmily

@NMS_Knights Sending my weather your way! 😎🌵🌞

Jo Pihl ✨ ‏@JoKiddo

The big news today was that I saw a lean hungry wolf just down the street and he looked hungry for dog. 😧 So ton…

Erica Fetherston ‏@blairez

This content speaks to me. 🌵💧 @TheOnion

brandonnnnn29 ‏@El_Mergas29

She fills my 🧠 up with 💡’s #astroworldfest 🚀🌵🎡☄️🎢☄️…

Velyz~ Hebe💌 ‏@Carlavely1

#TaengSic 🌵 "Taeyeon introduced this song to me..." ~Diary♫~

chester ‏@chester39105294

Mail call 🌵

Trippy ‏@TrippyComms

Goin' LIVE! 🌵

brandonnnnn29 ‏@El_Mergas29

She fill my 🧠 up with 💡’s #astroworld 🌵🚀🎡🎠🎢 @ Ast…

Anthony Viola ‏@AntViola23

Really need to see my guy in concert again 🌵🎡🎢 @trvisXX

R.J. moody ‏@rj_loading

All the females Travis fans like this 👀. I’m tryna see something 🌵

Isabelle Alejandra 🌙 ‏@_isabelleperez

@JasonRossOfc Phoenix ! 🌵🙏🏼

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