Cactus Emoji

A cactus emoji, usually found in warm or desert climates. Most commonly displayed as a three-branch Saguaro cactus.

Cactus was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

🌵 Desert

🌵 Wild West


🌵 U+1F335




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María Laura Miceli ‏@micelilaura

Mis bellas #Suculentas 🌵💞 #BuenLunes #Cactus

Travis Angry ‏@TravisAngry

Best way to end my 1st official campaign day., watching my son football 🏈 practice with the AZ Snakes Football! Bea…

Cindy Lou ‏@CindyLo10017629

@People_Giveaway I was watching ❤️☀️🌵 Have a great night ❣️❣️❣️

SacFantasyXperts ‏@SacXperts

@FFDynastyOracle I’m Cactus 🌵 Jack, after my guy Mic Foley! What do you think about the trade?

Angie Tone ‏@AngieTone1

another cactus flower🌵🌸

Deseray Ford ‏@deseray_ford

@Nattythescotok Cool picture where is it? Nite hope you rest well. Night from the desert 🌵

thomas int-hout ‏@thomasinthout

so happy i could show you my home town 🌵 @momolovesdomo

Heso_Melo7 ‏@CarlosGrullon69


Thatsworrisome™️ MAGA🔊Hertz™️ ‏@Thatsworrisome

🌵“I Don’t Wanna End Up in a Cartoon Graveyard‼️” @JohnBWellsCTM

Catalina Cruz™ ‏@CatalinaCruz

Starting to pack to move in a few weeks. Bought a home and very excited for a new chapter. 🙏🙌🏻❤️ Staying in the 🌵…

𝐒𝐁. ‏@sambagbey

I have burned this Cactus Blossom candle from Bath & Body Works every day since I bought it. I can’t get enough 🌵🌸

Spinelli's Pizza ‏@spinellistempe

Open and delivering until 5am everyday. 🌵602.800.5300🇮🇹…

Joeann Isaac ‏@JoeannIsaac

Monday’s grind. A little, relaxed meditation & mindfulness practice from a squat & pulse position 🌵🖤✨

Dee ‏@AzDerbyGirl

@LadyChesapeake @howienudet @ArtMcDonald8 @Tea_Party_Chris @TheAkmed @Galaxy8SGQ @Rabbit70414459 @rfragan @WaydeDe…

Vince Gil ‏@realVinceGil

Our field team just keeps getting better and better! These high-energy Field Organizers are going to help ensure th…

McKenzie ‏@KenzieRae_94

fell in love with the desert 🌵🌞

Sad. ‏@Just_Diego_Lo

Packed and ready for the desert 🌵

Kat Ordoñez ‏@MBK_STUDIO

#DevilsBridge #sedona, #az ☀️🌵⛰ • • Pic 1: [almost hyperventilating here] Pic 2: on my way to steal yo man [ew jk]…

Thatsworrisome™️ MAGA🔊Hertz™️ ‏@Thatsworrisome

Please don’t Pro Texas🌵 #FIXIT‼️

Garciaaa 🇲🇽 ‏@carlosg0891

I’m the HIGHEST in the room rn 🔥🦅🌵

Quéntin Marcellis ☥𓆣𓂀𓆃 ‏@QueMarcellis

Abraham Hicks has been my therapist! Look her up on YouTube and thank me later. Any subject you can think of she te…

Cole Freeman ‏@ColeDrank

The 🌵’s are hot! #HHNL #GVO @ Scottsdale, Arizona

𝗡𝗘𝗘𝗗𝗬 𝗕𝗔𝗕𝗜𝗘!! ♥ ‏@wetdoII

stolen from the tl! 🌻 - i wanna be friends with you 🌊 - i have a crush on you 🌵 - i'd sub for you 🌤 - i'd dom you

Kylie Rowe ‏@KyRoBiz

[email protected] in #Henderson, #Nevada makes the one pound snickers bar! Take a tour, sample chocolate 🍫 and walk…

Karen Russo ‏@KarenRussoMoney

@SenatorSinema @danielsparents Thank you @SenatorSinema and bless you @DanielsParents 🌵🙏

Buff Man ⚡✌ ‏@Juicekinggg

This Arizona🌵 king love you like steak and cheese burrito 😤🔥

Rob Yowell ‏@RBYowell2


👻⚰Jöňņ¥Çőffîņ666⚰👻 ‏@JonnyRockin617

@L0B033 @Carreenv1 @JuelzLovesKush @Norstackk @rearea_canis @james_bong13 @Heretic__13 @ReeferMcGee @lanni_1503…

Madhulika Jha ‏@MadhulikaJha10

United we stand : divided we fall 🍀 #USA ❤ all !🌵 #arizona

weeb ^~^ ‏@punkinblackk

Crazy growth ❤️❤️❤️🌵🌵 #succulents #succulentsofinstagram #growing #plants @ Kelowna, British Columbia

TheMagPark ‏@TheMagPark

Brand new “By a Thread” Travis Scott x Virgil Abloh tees going out now! Size Large for $225.00 ea 🌵 Burbank Loc…

Lorraine Longhi 🌵 ‏@lolonghi

I have to shoutout this amazing logo that @asleepynin designed for the Arizona Fighting Game Community. Someone at…

🦄 ‏@xoxokaylovee

It was below 90 today here in the desert & this mama is READY for some cooler fall weather 🌵🍂

.doc ‏@dr_mcdaniels

#1 Track.....HITS ON HITS 🌵

Kenny Uong ‏@_KennyUong_

Neighborhood cacti.🌵#MyGlendale #GlendaleCA

A̶N̶N̶E̶🦄 ‏@ahninganne

Social Media is full of hate. Fuck these ppl 🌵 ‏@DollarBlazeClub

@Angel420Not @Hippie_of_Love @_jena4n @EmeraldZoo @realmedicineMI @Cogitatorium @DAMN87534061 @crazybatmanfan…

David Hulstedt ‏@davidhulstedt

💐We command all always perfect telekenis/get order/family unite/mouth/free&warnfrom bad/us/🌵SLEEP/walk/slow ❤️ rate…

B0TTT0M ‏@b0ttt0m


Aimi Eri 🤠 ‏@AimiE_Ebooks

On an unrelated note: does anyone know how to remove cactus needles from a leg? Asking for a friend. 🌵

Grand Master Bushido Brown 🥋. ‏@jamalkilam

my phone so dry 😭🌵

Melissa Romero 💓🇲🇽 #Harris2020 #AnnaForFlorida ‏@Melissa46465829

@PersonaPrickly Dick Columbus is my vote.🌵

Safwan Ishak ‏@safwanishakk

@FiqAzmann Thanks. You too 🌵

Lindsey Carmack ‏@Lindsey_Carmack

#NKUSciComm other wildlife. But most importantly, I like that they are self-sufficient and store their own water. T…

𝐤𝐚𝐫𝐚 ‏@everyntime

@TAYLAPARX @WSanFrancisco @WHotels love u 🌵

Eric Joseph Garland ‏@McProvolone

"A crash landing into the Almutah Desert..."🌵🌠 #Indivisible #XboxShare

[ Jacky ʷᶦᵗʰ ᴸᵘᵛ ] ‏@Jackyroman172

@BTS5ever_ 🌵 as much as I hate to admit it I do have a type, but I mean I don't really do dating or relationships…

a_isaac_3 ‏@CaesarHuncho

My Top 7 musicians 😎 1. @wizkidayo 🌟 2. @Migos 🚀💰💎 3. @youngthug 🐍 4. @1future 🦅 5. @SahBabii 🐙 6. @trvisXX 🌵 7. @21savage 🗡

Under Canvas® ‏@undercanvas

Ready for this “Did You Know?”? 🌵 The saguaro cactus is the largest cactus in the US. It can take 10 years for a sa…

kevin flaherty ‏@YungkKevin

@BalvidaresRaul It's like tropical cty palm trees everywhere 🌴🌵☀️ really beautiful weather right now high only89 and doesn't feel humid

Ron Mannhalter ‏@RMannhalter

@megoconnor13 Ya, nice change from Space Coast Florida ... traded mold for dust🌵💚🌎💚


Playing some new music This weekend acehotelpalmsprings with @davenada gang!! 🌮 🌵 💃🏻 🌴🌶 🔥 @ Ace Hotel Palm Springs


[email protected] 3D at @desertdaze was otherworldly as usual. Who doesn’t love a good @Thundercat sing along? 🌵 ✨

Aleee👁 ‏@ALEJANDRO_458

Straight up🌵

🐾Kim🐾 ‏@kayakkim11

@CBears74 @sheryl_monk No,,,, we love trees🌿🌵🌲🌳🌴, we just hate Trump & his minions.

Nicholas Tran ‏@nick_tran523

@trvisXX Get better jack 🌵🌵🌵🔥🔥🔥

Isaque Campello ‏@isaquecampello

Inktober Day 14: Overgrown 🌲🌳🌴🌵🌿🍀 #inktober #inktober2019

webster jr ‏@muyiwabayo

we up b!tch , 🌵🌵

PyonDyoooo ⊙♡⊙ 🐧💗 will wait for Kyungsoo🌸🐰🌵 ‏@PyonIzay

D-468 🐧💕🌵 Dduu always think positive & be strong have faith . Always remember Dandanies & EXO-L are always here for…

eLizabeth- ‏@ElizabethLyzAFL

Desert flower 🌵

1nfamous_ ‏@Lord_Infamous__

Who needs Travis Scott 6 .. link🌵

just нιмιкσ 🦇 ‏@krazedknives

who wants to hug? anybody? cactus? 🙂 🌵


Perfect Match 👌🏽 🌵

Nick Maher ‏@N_Miz

Happy 4th Birthday to my best friend Astro!!! I got him popcorn and napkins, his two favorite treats lol 🌻🧁🍿🎈🐶☄️🐕🐾🎂…

stevesFunStuff ‏@FunSteves

Hey Little John Nodrog ⛺🌵👑KOS👑Juggalo(@Flash1074John), thank you for following me

Jaron ‏@PettyMurph

Phone on 🌵 mode

Đám mây nhỏ ở Busan🐰💜 ‏@Maymay18091

Swag! 😎✨👑💜☁ #SUGA #Yoongi Hk 👉Lockscreen - Wallpaper👈 ☁Edit by me :3 ✨ 🌸Thank you for always watching and supporti…

574ᴰ⁻ ⁴⁶⁸ 🌻¹² ‏@SOOshi112

🌵🌻☁️ HOPE

Joshua Villasagua 🌐 ‏@joshua99v

@A_BK_RANDY @lilmonster2000 @XboxSupport Bro that shit looks like a desert 🌵

Rizzy ‏@toolitnextdoor


「 sɪᴅᴇᴡɪɴᴅᴇʀ 」 ⎢ᴀʟᴇɴᴀ ‏@Retributiism

『🌵』I got bored so poof Alena's backㅡ

𝙰𝚕𝚕𝚒𝚎 🎃🍂🍁 ‏@In_Wild_Space

Best part of living in Arizona: laughing at tourists taking photos with random road-side cacti. 🌵

Danny Simbeya Jr. ‏@danny_simbeya


Brittany ‏@Brittany_Ann03

I’ll never get over how perfect this boy is 🌵

Abraham301 ‏@ab545card1413

@billboardcharts @trvisXX @jonasbrothers @ArianaGrande MAY LA FLAME LIVE FOREVER 🔥🔥🤮🌵

Baja Norte ‏@BajaNorteTravel

Valle de Los Gigantes, a unique place you need to experience in #BajaNorte🌵 Begin your adventure by visiting:…

Täغrëëd ‏@bb57f0e512fb430

A voice that says "I'll be here and you'll be alright "😭❤🌵

dean ‏@FlamingoKnight

Trav never disappoints 🔥🌵🎡 @ Citi Field

NarcoLashes ‏@LashesNarco

Repost from the gorgeous @dollface_maree 😍❤️ Make sure you give this babe a follow 👏🏽 Lashes in the style “La Mexi…

Floating Action ‏@floatingaction

so good 🌵 🌙

chasepino ‏@chasepino

I love this beautiful state #arizona🌵 @ BFE Arizona Between Phoenix And LA

Julia Ro ‏@heejulia

We did it. We did it all. Saw some legends both in the flesh & in the making. Saw some friends &rallied to hang wit…

Gabe : Truth ‏@gabejgutierrez7

New song just released! 🔥 shoutout @Zona_Mikey for being the INTRO to T.o.M.e. 🙏🏽🌵 Album drops November 4, 2019 Pre…

✿Sakurasekai✿ ‏@GeniOnigiri

#inktoberday14 🌵overgrown 🌵 #Inktober2019 #Inktober #Drawlloween2019 #witchtober

Marianna ‏@OhMariWesternWX

Clouds really tried but they couldn't get past 20K ft a lazy fall day with just like breeze was had by all at Havas…

Rogerhausen, Butcher of Kearny ‏@rajkaos

I’d really like to see @JPWarHorse and @DanhausenAD live! When are you guys coming to AZ?! 🌵💥 I’m sure @CWFAZTV…

megs ‏@evilmegs_17

Finally got to do some gardening and repotting today. I've been neglecting my plants, so it feels SO good to get th…

Hakim Bellamy ‏@HakimBe

Queening. ❤ • #Repost oceanrelics • • • • • • Reina of open desert red dirt blue skies crosses santos sage warm ado…

Katie☁️ ‏@kayteecece

Matthew has high fived me first at every manchester tour date so far and honestly I’m the happiest girl I could be @OldDominion 💃🏻🌵🍃

RZ ‏@rzeschitz12

@trvisXX Get that knee better for Astrofest 🤟🏻🎡🎠💀🔥🌵

💀👻spooky_will🎃⚰️ ‏@williamscoffees

Omg I loveeeee desserts 😍😍😍😍 🌵 🐫 🐪 🏜 #NationalDessertDay

ʙʀᴀɴᴅᴏɴ 👁 ‏@bharris623

@trvisXX Well deserved, legend 🔥🦋🌵

Mikel ‏@MRICH1213

MNF 🏈 (10/14) 1H Packers -2.5 -110 Packers -3.5 -110 🔝 That is all. 🌵🌵🌵🌵☀️🏈🌡️🌵🌵🌵🌵

LA FLAME 🔥 ‏@cactusjacktrav


WolFenn ‏@WolFenn_Cx

@trvisXX 🌵 preach for a speedy recovery man

Mikel ‏@MRICH1213

SNF 🏈 (10/13) 1H Chargers TT O12.5 -110👎🏻 Chargers Win by 14-17 pts +615👎🏻 Juju Smith-Schuster Rec Yds O68.5 -110…

KennyG ‏@kennyg28__


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