Camera Emoji

A point-and-shoot camera, used to take photos before the popularity of smartphones. Similar to the camera with flash emoji.

Camera was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

📷 Digital Camera


📷 U+1F4F7




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Royal Watching ‏@princeh3nry

📷 hatoriji: SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARFS year 1937 | directors David Hand, Wilfred Jackson, Ben Sharpsteen, Perc…

J.J. ‏@kadonkey

F-35B Lightning II loaded with two AIM-9X heat-seeking missiles on the outer stations, four laser-guided, 500-pound…

Dan Millbauer ‏@OriginalMillbad

Third day of spring at Fremont Land; it had snowed on the first (3/19). .. .. 3/21/20 📷 1706 .. .. #crazytimes…

Compassion’s Compass ‏@wilson_hurley

📷 gerukaland: no one ; …. In the rush to return to normal, use this time to consider which parts of normal are wort…

Adam Bennett ‏@832ajb

@HeyLangdon @soledadobrien @PeteSouza @GottaLaff Obama's 📷📸 guy took that bullsh** tweet down quickly. Go say it to…

r ‏@renatronic

📷 William Anastasi, Free Will, 1968. Video camera and monitor. 81,2 × 106,7 × 116,8 cm (32 × 42 × 46 in)

Steven Bognar ‏@Bogs4NY

Saturday night in Times Square #NYC #nbc4ny (📷 @EarthCam)

Chava❤️🐱🍵 ‏@w1eve

Good Morning Daniel ❤️ #KangDaniel #강다니엘@konnect_danielk 💙 💙 💙 © 📷

Dustin Hapli ‏@DustinHapli

📷 laughingsquid: An Impossibly Difficult Transparent Jigsaw Puzzle

wannurulhisham ‏@wannurulhisham

📷 The Problem With Having Evil Minions Is That Minions Are Stupid . The Problem With A Life Spent Reading Is You Kn…

Elladastinkardiamou ‏@stinkardiamou

📷 amare-habeo: Edouardos Sakayan (Greek, born 1957) The one night driver, N/D Acrylic on board 50 x 35 cm

@ _🎏hιnᥲあtᥲ ¡! ‏@urmoguri

📷 electriqueicons: #O1 % 𝐒𝐔𝐆𝐀𝐑 psd coloring. in order to get the link/para obtener el link: O1. reblog this post. O…

Au Sauvage ‏@TheAuSauvage

📷 nationalgallery-dk: A Moor Wearing a Turban and Armour, Karel van III Mander, National Gallery of Denmark…

Michael Carini ‏@AcrylicAlchemy

📷 The suffocating feeling of quarantine. When you struggle with anxiety, that feeling of being trapped can make eve…

Ian Oliver ‏@WFLAian

Extra clouds at sunset in Hudson - and still a beauty. 📷: Don Bailey

HockeyGearReview ‏@HG_Review

This is the best thing I've seen while in isolation except Tiger King. #vancouver #vancouvercanucks #canucks…

Fighter Dangote Mosia 🔥 ‏@Toolzzzz

@inah7_ @Zingi1979 @miss_moppy Yhooo peer pressure ya tweeter 🙆🏾‍♂️. You went top billing 📷📸📷📸📷the hole house 😆😁

Au Sauvage ‏@TheAuSauvage

📷 fagunt: farhiya shire shot by GIOVANNI CORABI and styled by JONATHAN JOHNSON for King Kong

Papermint. ‏@PapermintAU

Look at these total babes! Also I would like to please move into this wedding venue if that’s not too much to ask.…

소원.tv ‏@sone_tv

📷 oh-taeny 📅 130527 airport (8P - 4.92M ZIP) ⏳ 2333/5055 ⛔ 0405 1800 KST

Robson Street ‏@RobsonStreet

Sending everybody all the love (and caffeine) this weekend ❣️☕️ #eatRobson (📷: @blenzcoffee)

Mistress Brianna ‏@_Mistress_Bri

📷 KIK: Mistress_Brianna_ Tribute Amazon gift cards: [email protected]

Michael May ‏@michaelmaycomix

📷 dreamyfilms: wuthering heights (2011, dir. andrea arnold)

Michael Carini ‏@AcrylicAlchemy

📷 acrylicalchemy: Looking for a little inspiration and some good vibes? I’ve got hoodies and tees available in 12 u…

Draft Central ‏@DraftCentralAus

NETBALL | ICYMI our voting is open for this week's Compare the Pair which starts with a couple of @AussieDiamonds i…

Ken Hudnut ‏@HudnutKen

Happy M 7.2 El Mayor-Cucapah earthquake 10th anniversary! Here we’re at the #Pescadores fault scarp at south end of…

Gary Brown ‏@GPHOTOB

#Repost @_gracek_ (@get_repost) ・・・ Wishing I was in NYC during fashion week w/ @gphotob right about now 😔 Stay Str…

Aishwarya Nair ‏@wanderingshijin

📷 Typewriter Series #1452 by Aishwarya Nair

amy ‏@diegoharknives

📷 bellamygifs: #the blakes are tired of your bs

crown ‏@johnfxrd

Make it pop a little. Artist headshot 📷

LRT2 ‏@OfficialLRTA

Getting your workplace ready for COVID-19 📷 VIA #WorldHealthOrganization

egha agatha ‏@eghaagaths

🚶🚴👣👫☀️🌤️⛅🌥️🌡️🍽️🚲🏟️🌄📷📱👖👕👟🕖🕘❌🏳️ . . . January 2020

Josh Lupkin ‏@supertaxicab

📷 #repost @damien_kempf.  Rabbits’ castle attacked by the Dog King’s army [Verdun, MS. 107, 14th c.]

titlekrt ‏@titlekplee_rp

You always tell me "Cute na" without realizing you're the cute one. Why do u love stolen pictures that much? Ah, I…

Au Sauvage ‏@TheAuSauvage

📷 somepiecesofmyheartandsoul: My thoughts are drowning me. – Lukas W.

kazuaki nemoto ‏@nemopo

📷 highlandvalley:

Tanya Mattek ‏@_trenchphotos

📷 This abandoned gem is sitting right in the middle of town and I had no clue it was there until 2 days ago.  It’s…

°𝕒𝕙𝕙𝕙𝕞𝕒𝕣𝕚𝕟𝕒𝕒𝕒⁷ 🌙❃ ‏@ahhhmarinaaa

[04.04.2020 - 9:55 PM] 🖋: Refreshing Start Thinking and wishing I can't wait til that time comes A new chance awai…

Joan D. Rollins ‏@joan_rollins

@TorranceCoste @akkitwts Just perfect💞🍼!! What breed of glorious woolly hound is that? Treasures big & small all ar…

J.E. Russell ‏@takada_saiko

📷 positive-memes: how can a single person contain so much talent

ÑìķÙ 📷 ‏@Nikuboruah1

Sunny Sunday 🌞. Morning 🌞.📷😷📷

Everyday Bangladesh ‏@EverydayBGD

Nature is a colourful smile. 📷 Tamzeed Alam Token #Nature #Summer #Naturephotography #Naturelovers #Summertime…

Cameras+Films ‏@CamerasFilms

📷 ercodeblue: #graflex #crowngraphic #polaroid 59 #film #photography #largeformat

Cameras+Films ‏@CamerasFilms

📷 ercodeblue: #polaroid 195 #108 #film #photography #packfilm

Cameras+Films ‏@CamerasFilms

📷 ercodeblue: #polaroid 195 #108 #film #photography #packfilm

Cameras+Films ‏@CamerasFilms

📷 ercodeblue: #polaroid 440 #108 #film #photography #packfilm

Sides ‏@Ufodastico

📷 love: by Mehran Djo

Cameras+Films ‏@CamerasFilms

📷 ercodeblue: day 13 #graflex #crowngraphic #polaroid 59 #film #photography #largeformat

Bryan | Commissions - OPEN ‏@bgachz

📥COMMISSION INFO📥 🌐 Website: ✉ Email: [email protected] 💲 Pricing:…

planningforadventure ‏@PlanningForAdv

📷 whiskey-and-thievery: it’s 5 o’clock somewhere

Emily Sean Elizabeth Stylinson ‏@Emmi1D4Life

📷 buggachat: the contrast…

Winter bear(tae tae)#뷔 ‏@Winterbeartaet5

♡ ★I have been never thought one day,I will love you more than myself★ ♡ 💙🐯 . ︹ . ︹ . ︹ . ︹ {V}📷{뷔 }︹ . ︹ .…

King of the Hill Photography ‏@kothphotography

The Haserot Angel in Cleveland, Ohio __________ 📷@NikonUSA #Nikon #D850 📸@Sigma_Photo #105mmART 🖥@ViewSonic…

Friends of Richard Yap ‏@friendsofRY

today is palm sunday and sadly this year we do not celebrate this event in the church, may covid 19 is gone amen 🙏…

ʟᴀʏ 🇾🇪 ‏@fcwbarcelona

📷 iwnttowriteyouasong: Don’t choose the one who is beautiful to the world. But rather, choose the one who makes you…

Jan Robertson ‏@Backcountry_NZ

Welcome to Tamil Nadu Southern India - Namaste !! Pondicherry Intrepid tour wintertime , India. View of Pondicher…

Fort Collins Run ‏@FortCollinsRun

📷 A Trail

Cameras+Films ‏@CamerasFilms

📷 ercodeblue: #polaroid 440 #669 #film #photography #packfilm

A. Lynn ‏@anerdyfeminist

📷 sweetoothgirl: New York Times Cookie Box

َ ‏@roses_la_rosie

[...] although I'm not as good as Lisa and Jennie unnie at this one, please give me your best pose so I can capture…

Stakes Winners 🏆 ‏@StakesWinners

🏆 SOCIAL PARANOIA (Florent Geroux - Todd Pletcher) APPLETON STAKES 2020 ($100,000) Gulfstream Park @GulfstreamPark…

J.J. ‏@kadonkey

F-35B Lightning II. The B model has a diamond-shaped roll duct on the underside of each wing. 📷 andy wolfe/ lockhee…

amya ‏@amyamcandelaria

📷 yeezus–west: $$

MSDian ‏@ItsmeSraj

@ICC Thought @JofraArcher while I saw @henrygayle in this pic 📷

𝚑. ‏@vcxh95

@HoneyJoonie94 Thank you very much🥺 I'm always looking forward to seeing great pictures. 📷💕

[email protected]@Starseedthecre1

📷 twixnmix: Jean-Michel Basquiat preparing for his first London show, The Times of Basquiat at the I.C.A. Gallery,…

Stakes Winners 🏆 ‏@StakesWinners

🏆 BEMMA’S BOY (Florent Geroux - Michael Maker) KITTEN’S JOY PAN AMERICAN STAKES 2020 ($200,000) Gulfstream Park…

Dan Millbauer ‏@OriginalMillbad

Beaver lodge (center) at Fremont Land .. .. 3/21/20 📷 1702 .. .. #getoutside #thingsyouseewalkingthedog…

소원.tv ‏@sone_tv

#SNSDOnThisDay 2009 • 11 年前 년전 📅 090405 Dusan Bears 📷 thsutleo

Nick Goof ‏@FearlessRiOT

📷 oimatchstickman: Ducktales 2017 vs 2020!

Nick Goof ‏@FearlessRiOT

📷 oimatchstickman: Ducktales Season 3 Titles feat. Della Duck!

Camtiago Productions SJA’s Camera Club ‏@CamtiagoSJA

Photo of the Day 04•05•2020 📷 Aliona Tejada "Even in the darkest times, there is always glimpse of hope."

[email protected]@Starseedthecre1

📷 dom-in-bloom: brattylikestoeat: asthebellchimes: daddydreadz: mossyoakmaster: This artists stuff always makes me…

EdD ‏@eddy_twain

📷 ladvsgaga: Lady Gaga for Paper Magazine @ladygaga

Velvet Cupcake Games ‏@games_velvet

📷 “Nice boots” before and after expression implementation. At least Will is proud of himself.  Just what is Marion…

Nick Goof ‏@FearlessRiOT

📷 nothingcanstopdelladuck: I just want to thank the entire DT cast and crew for letting me know that Roxanne and Ma…

James Daniels ‏@VoicesJames

Rachel Amber’s signature feather earring. I’d wear it more if it weren’t so fragile 📷

Stakes Winners 🏆 ‏@StakesWinners

🏆 MEAN MARY (Luis Saez - Graham Motion) ORCHID STAKES 2020 ($100,000) Gulfstream Park @GulfstreamPark @luissaezpty…

🔭steve hardesty🥃 ‏@_jsh02

Saturday #Sunset outside the #TrailerParkSupperClub 🌥️🌳🌿📷 #ShelterInPlace #LasVegas #GoOutsideAndLookUp…

BLACK6IX. (No eventos hasta debut) ‏@BLACK6IXX_

[📷] Black6ix Photo Teaser 2020. 04. 07 Coming soon. #black6ix #블랙식스

Jan Robertson ‏@Backcountry_NZ

Perry Down Saddle Hut to Gouland Downs Hut on the Heaphy track ( Collingwood end) enjoy! 👣👍 Well worth a visit…

Avid Pro Tools ‏@AvidProTools

🎵 The art of mixing a Broadway musical 📷 ▶️ ⠀ #broadway #musical…

H💜 ‏@hk_kimiie97

HAPPY #TaekookDay 🥰🥰🥰 📷sierrajeon

Stakes Winners 🏆 ‏@StakesWinners

🏆 LA SIGNARE 🇫🇷 (Tyler Gaffalione - Brendan Walsh) SAND SPRINGS STAKES 2020 ($100,000) Gulfstream Park…

Ale 5H ‏@JustAlexabel

📷 transparentoctopus: Etienne Louis Boullee, cenotaph to Isaac Newton 1783-93

wannurulhisham ‏@wannurulhisham

📷 Ideals Are Peaceful , History Is Violent .

☆𝑱𝑪𝒆𝒇 ☆ ‏@jotarosalvez

📷 blossomchi: ★ [BNHA] - Season 4 Episode 25 ★ “To be continued! Season 5!~

Natalie Garcia, ACSW, PPS ‏@nataliecat24

We are #living through #history, so are our #children. #Encouraging #parents to #embrace this time to be #creative…

🌻 Alexis 🌷 ‏@AlexisJankowsk1

My mom likes to FaceTime my auntie and take pictures of my fluffy belly 🙄🐈❤️ Mom told me the fluff will hopefully b…

Walter Briski, Jr. ‏@walterbriskijr

📷 Golden Gate Park, October/2019.

Im Changkyun Br 🐺 ‏@ImChangkyunBr

📷🐺[04.04.18 | #HQ] ㅡ Show Champion Live in Ulsan💜 ©MELLOWLIGHT126 #아이엠 #IM #창균 #CHANGKYUN #몬스타엑스 #MONSTA_X…

☆𝑱𝑪𝒆𝒇 ☆ ‏@jotarosalvez

📷 kilruas: The Todoroki Family ~

KeepOnBelieveInn (@🏡) ‏@YMBBastepaway

A beautiful evening in #SouthHaven #PureMichigan 📷 by Dylan Nelson

Im Changkyun Br 🐺 ‏@ImChangkyunBr

📷🐺[04.04.18 | #HQ] ㅡ Show Champion Live in Ulsan💜 ©halfanhour_ #아이엠 #IM #창균 #CHANGKYUN #몬스타엑스 #MONSTA_X…

[email protected]@Starseedthecre1

📷 bandhyukoh: Oh Hyuk by Sam Nixon (unpublished photos from Hero Magazine and Disoriented)

Im Changkyun Br 🐺 ‏@ImChangkyunBr

📷🐺[04.04.18 | #HQ] ㅡ Show Champion Live in Ulsan💜 ©beloved_IM #아이엠 #IM #창균 #CHANGKYUN #몬스타엑스 #MONSTA_X…

tu amigo imaginario ‏@NiP_Idea

📷 historicalevents: A patient is restrained in a mental institution in France in 1900 via reddit

.Trippy.💨 ‏@MaryJane9090

📷 thestonerpotherb: stoner time Ahhhhh ❤️❤️

Iowa DNR ‏@iowadnr

Usually found on open lakes and ponds, you'll find the bufflehead duck in small flocks occasionally on marshlands,…

Andrew Cayanan ‏@OxiEgoEiMi

📷 by #VictoriaJill: Inferno. I do not have the time or the will to tell you why you matter ... So, watch if you wan…

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