Camera Emoji

A point-and-shoot camera, used to take photos before the popularity of smartphones. Similar to the camera with flash emoji.

Camera was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

📷 Digital Camera


📷 U+1F4F7




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Marie (마리)♥ ‏@greeneyedcajun

📷 biorante: “I gotta go Julia, we got cows.”

Original Pancake House Eastern WA ‏@oph_eastern_wa

Try one of our four egg, hand rolled omelettes! Each one is stuffed and/or topped with premium ingredients and fini…

Wrights Brasil ‏@WrightsBrasil

📷|| Jack via Snapchat. (I)

μνημοσυνη| ‏@icewitch_x

📷 amypoehelr: He’s not my boyfriend. This man is more to me than you can dream. He’s the moon when I’m lost in dark…

Kat Henry ‏@henryskat2014

Trioooooo! 📷 : Directed by kaisasparkle #thirdpic #trio #threeinarow #undeuxtrois #123…

notesbynartey ‏@notesbynartey

📷 blamesocietyforthis: REST IN PEACE 🙏🏽👑

lulu ‏@IuIuberry

📷 watchoutforintellect: Anne Sexton - From Small Wire

Jive PR + Digital ‏@jiveprdigital

Recently, we partnered with @readingeggs for a cross-country influencer campaign, boosting awareness for their FREE…

Marci 🌻 ‏@glitterehvid4

📷 debbie-sketch:Twitch screen commission

notesbynartey ‏@notesbynartey

📷 segacity: Lift with your legs ‘X-Men Vs. Street Fighter’ SEGA Saturn

μνημοσυνη| ‏@icewitch_x

📷 squid-star: neptune.

Meet Your Psychic ‏@meetyourpsychic

📷 Free Psychic Guidance from Moving Past Instant Gratification: Inspirations from Psychic S…

error 🦋 ‏@Rotten_Ralph

📷 worldpeaceandpeaches: lolbatty: i literally cannot decide if this is negative propaganda or not lol

— 𝙺𝚒𝚊𝚛𝚊 ‏@tlouabby

,,, arms (📷: amisthiosintraining on insta)

Think Dunes ‏@ThinkDunes

What's the most interesting looking vehicle you've seen at the dunes? #ThinkDunes #puremichigan #michigan…

nanardx ‏@nanardxph

Another amazing morning to turn into amazing day. Blessings to everyone ❤️ 📷 @Bong Gumne de Muhon, City of Koronad…

GunslingerLongboards ‏@GunslingerLongb

Pure Freedom .... Early winter morning ride with the mist rising, what better way to start the day? 📷 Jamie Brown…

Brianna Peace ‏@xxlockedinxx

📷 We Becomes Us - Chapter 14 (on Wattpad) Picture is not mine. Childhood friends, Sasuke an…

Jon Gordon ‏@JonGordon11

Don’t live life being distracted by the wrong things. 📷 from page 59 of “The Garden”

notesbynartey ‏@notesbynartey

📷 nervespike: brandon sheffield | Metal gear solid 2 w/ unfiltered textures

Sabtastic ‏@Sabtastique

📷 July 13 Here they come--! 👀 *shakes the snack bag*

RF Weddings ‏@rfweddings

The perfect cake for your summer backyard wedding 😋 🎂: @cakeandgiraffe 📷: @rfweddings 🌺: @flowerfactoryca 🧠:…

notesbynartey ‏@notesbynartey

📷 caguilera: Christina Aguilera arrives at Christian Dior’s Fall 2005 fashion show in Paris on July 5, 2005

KidsEmbrace ‏@kidsembrace

🚀 “The man who has no imagination has no wings.” ―Muhammad Ali Keep them curious & imaginative! Our littles deserve…

anjelala ‏@jellylikkaaa

@donnaanguyen your new paparazzi, @dannielabuloc 🤪📷

☾ Drew ☽ ‏@drew_whatkins

📷 aalisina: Work in progress

☾ Drew ☽ ‏@drew_whatkins

📷 paintdogs: acrylic on cardboard, 24x24in. Painting my feelings today.

☾ Drew ☽ ‏@drew_whatkins

📷 samwolfeconnelly: ‘Lycian pictus’ - a drawing for the upcoming show ‘Brink’ at the Portland’s Antler Gallery open…

☾ Drew ☽ ‏@drew_whatkins

📷 happydorid: Tea Spirit - Houjicha  A type of Japanese green tea that is roasted instead of steamed. The flavor is…

fuzzyizmit ‏@fuzzyizmit

📷 theraddestcowboy: 2/3 this took longer than i expected because for some reason it never occurred to me that drawi…

Visit Petaluma ‏@VisitPetalumaCA

We’re still celebrating the red, white and blue! Downtown Petaluma has so many gorgeous vintage homes, come take a…

Thrasymachos emeine spiti ‏@SethimusTwitius

📷 iwilltrytobereasonable: allthingslinguistic: surprisebitch: memecage: I am currently studying memes academically.…

ʆαδψ ɾεςίςϯεɾ ‏@NYCPhotoUES

Very good doggo on the UES. _ _ _. _. _. #instagramnyc #instanyc #picoftheday #2020photoproject #2020…

Eclipse Event Co ‏@EclipseEventCo

The closest we’ll get to Mediterranean life around here! Can we say Santorini vibes? 📷 johnwintersphotography Ve…

μνημοσυνη| ‏@icewitch_x

📷 tisnotmydivison: pursuitofnerdiness: No, the writers did not pull that name out of thin air but rather from a pas…

l’età dell’amore ‏@immondain

📷 busylights: photography by eric lamothe for sicky magazine

ナースジョセフ/ 간호사 요셉 ‏@seertotep

📷 ivan-shishkin: In the Grove, 1865, Ivan Shishkin Medium: oil,canvas

nstyleatlanta ‏@nstyleatlanta

Naya Rivera’s former Glee Co-Stars gathered at the site of her death 📷: Al Seib/Los Angeles Times/Getty . . . .…

Auberge du Soleil ‏@AubergeSoleil

Join us on the Bistro terrace for a leisurely al fresco lunch or sunset dinner. Spectacular views always included.…

Reuters Pictures ‏@reuterspictures

People hug trees in Israel's Apollonia National Park to beat the coronavirus social-distancing blues. Read more:…

universal DH ‏@CougThoughts

#CougEats 🍽 Idk about you but I much prefer scoops of #foiegras to scoops of ice cream. 🦆>🍦Thanks to nektarwinebar…

l’età dell’amore ‏@immondain

📷 saloandseverine: Vogue January 1968, Isle of White by Arnaud de Rosnay

C.Rena ‏@CapezioRena

Any friends who watched Black Lagoon? Revy is my favorite and will always revisit to cosplay as her 🖤 📷 | Superna…

Doug Rimington ‏@daysinminutes

Miss travel? I’m posting up photos from my South American adventures over on Instagram 📸📷📸

James Hubbard ‏@Hub23

📷 sean1sargeant: blackqueerblog: We stan Mona Issa 😍 Follow me And you’re welcome 😎😈

LaCrosse Footwear ‏@lacrosse1897

Stream therapy. 📷: Oil Valley Outdoors #HuntMilesAhead #HuntingBoots #hunting #BowHunting #archery #hunter #boots

Mission Critical ‏@missioncritical

Hey Dad, don't we make this look cool?!? . 📷@Odins_daddy56 . #missioncritical #missioncriticalgear #babycarrier…

National Beta ‏@nationalbeta

"She believed she could, so she did." Congratulations to this 2020 Heritage High School graduate!🎓 📷: @bryangi

KMOXSports ‏@KMOXSports

⚾️ After leading off with a double, #STLCards 3B @TommyEdman11 scores the first run of tonight's rewind game on an…

Kleriston ‏@kleristonkolive

📷 alanspazzaliartist: Matthew Stone photography

Loren Gray Brasil ‏@lorengraysbr

📷 | loren gray via Instagram story (@/loren)

Loren Gray Brasil ‏@lorengraysbr

📷 | loren gray via Instagram story (@/loren)

l’età dell’amore ‏@immondain

📷 patricia-loves-art: Bacchante ~ Ferdinand Leeke (1859-1937)

l’età dell’amore ‏@immondain

📷 artist-monet: Cliff near Dieppe in the Morning, 1897, Claude Monet

Troye Sivan Updates ‏@UpdatedTS

“🔙🔛🔝 @troyesivan” - Troye on Byron Spencer’s Instagram (📷: spencernotspencer)

Orto & Sangre ‏@OrtoySangre

📷 thisobscuredesireforbeauty: Source

Lonely Boy ‏@luxfero23

📷 chr-stos: Andreas Drakis by JKF Photo

Troye Sivan Updates ‏@UpdatedTS

Troye on his Instagram Story (📷: troyesivan)

Lonely Boy ‏@luxfero23

📷 chr-stos: Saul Rodriguez by Marcus Russell Price and Mike Grabowski – Yeah, I Work Out

Loren Gray Brasil ‏@lorengraysbr

📷 | loren gray via instagram story

Fidchell’s Sketchbook ‏@FidchellVore

📷 “Jake, lost in the dark and unable to find his friends, is attracted to distant lights, leading him to a peculiar…

l’età dell’amore ‏@immondain

📷 an-overwhelming-question: George Platt Lynes - Narcissus, 1939

☾ Drew ☽ ‏@drew_whatkins

📷 rusakko-art: Gift for Canis-Infernalis. Happy belated birthday buddy!

☾ Drew ☽ ‏@drew_whatkins

📷 luke-ellison: Cuddles. Graphite. 2013

Norm Lee ‏@phoenix45photo

Another Deer encounter, this time with the whole family. They got rid of this pesky 📷 by walking behind the fence .…

Guara The Tank ‏@Garalord

📷 incorrectvillainquoteoftheday: Venger: My game uses dice. Tiamat: Burn the witch!

Travis Blair(Ntwadumela🤴🏾🦁🔥) ‏@MelekTrav_Blair

FOWLER HOMES HOUSING PROJECTS 879 S. Fourth St. Apt. #47....Where it all began w/ my brother, Michael, & me. His bi…

💥 Alex Oxford 🌹 ‏@AlexOxford3

"Burn prisons // Melt ICE" 📷: @tormaid

ATLA Seasons Zine ‏@AtlaSeasons

📷 atlaseasons: Would you like to join the mod team? If so, please fill out the form below to be considered. I’m cur…

Maslow-Driver ‏@AnnMaslow_HD

📷 the–chicks: Countdown to Gaslighter - The Chicks’ studio albums 1. Wide Open Spaces (1998)

The Westin Bayshore ‏@WestinBayshore

Vancouver's largest and most beloved urban park is located in our own backyard. What are you waiting for? Grab your…

Van Andel Arena ‏@VanAndelArena

#OTD in 1998 the queen @StevieNicks performed live on the #VanAndelArena stage with special guest Boz Scaggs 📷by…

Envy Glass ‏@envyglass Link In Bio. Tag Smoke Shops, Help Envy Get Our Glass On Their Shelves, Receive A Free P…

Karen with a 🍁📷🍁 ‏@Karen53958262

#Mbstorm rolling rolling rolling ☁️🌧☁️👀📷 #mobile #Monday #weather #MondayMotivaton #StormHour @EarthandClouds #mbwx

l’età dell’amore ‏@immondain

📷 milk-sockets: marquis’ “maid training,” 1998

Adryz (LadyStardust) ‏@Adryz80

📷 night-spell: 1972 © Brian Ward

l’età dell’amore ‏@immondain

📷 art-t-nyc: Kacie Marie, from behind.

Adryz (LadyStardust) ‏@Adryz80

📷 repulsiveneed: David Bowie at the Capital Centre, Washington DC, 11 November 1974. Fan photos © Hunter Desportes.

🇨🇦ⓂⒾⒸⒽⒶⒺⓁ 🦂🍁 ‏@PhotosMichael

#Repost @brokinyolk • • • • • • 📷 𝗙𝗘𝗔𝗧𝗨𝗥𝗘 𝗢𝗙 𝗧𝗛𝗘 𝗗𝗔𝗬 📷 - Back to the basics! Enjoy our Farmers Breakfast with yo…

Adryz (LadyStardust) ‏@Adryz80

📷 bowieography: The Heart’s Filthy Lesson (1995)

Johnson & Laird ‏@Johnson_Laird

📷 It’s here the official trailer to @lowdowncriminal! Starring a talented bunch of kiwis AND the talented J&L'er…

Holiday Inn Resort Fort Walton Beach ‏@holidayinnfwb

Some of the best memories are made in bikinis. 👙 | 📷 : @handsome.hailey #BeachBallin #FWB

Adryz (LadyStardust) ‏@Adryz80

📷 mikedeodatojr: Repost @ThorLawyer on Twitter Thor: World Engine Arc Art by: @mikedeodato Deodato Jr. is a master…

Portal Zoey Deutch Brasil ‏@PortalZoeyBr

📷 Zoey Deutch no Instagram Stories


Make it to the top pray my family will be there too..🙏🏻 📷: @johnmarqq #FINALLYHOME #Album #OutNow #FellAsleep…

Katie Cleek ‏@cleekers

Earp soon. #WynonnaEarp #EarpSoon 📷: @4amberrae4 Instagram Hello Homestead, it’s been a minute....…

EM ‏@emsingssongs

The city. Isn’t she pretty? 📷

shuffle collective ‏@shufflenetwork

"A book is a dream you hold in your hands."⁠ —Neil Gaiman⁠ @neilhimself 📷 Camilla Maver

'O ‏@Sshh_itzAsecret

📷 sshhitzasecret-blog: @blackfashion @blackandkillingit @black-culture @darkskinwomen @ootdmagazine

Harper Dark Brasil ‏@HarperDarkBR

📷 | Harper (@harperthebagel) via Instagram Stories.

Ivo Rangel ‏@Ivolutionary

📷 savvygooner: They’re scared and stupid

Love of Jindabyne ‏@LoveOfJindabyne

@willtres is still horsing around in this powder dump 😂 📷• @willtres Lucky I still had my ski boots at home yeste…

Meet Your Psychic ‏@meetyourpsychic

📷 Free Psychic Guidance from Psychics Explain How Shame Shapes Your Decisions & How To Fix…

Kevin J. Newsome ‏@KNewsome69

#bluehour #lighttrails on the Falls Road in #rockymountnc using the #nikon #d200 and the #nikkorh28cm35 - which giv…

FriendsofFryingPan ‏@FriendsOfFPFP

Frying Pan Is for Photo Ops! 📷 Over the years, professional photographers have made memories for their clients at F…

Scott Kingsnorth ‏@TheKingLobotomy

📷 I have been working on a new image. Which one do people like most?

CrowdStrikeRacing ‏@CrowdStrikeRcng

🏁🏁🏁 Read all about our @HondaRacing_HPD triple-header at @VIRNow, led by @mosescj58 and @KBoehmRacing racing in…

☾ Drew ☽ ‏@drew_whatkins

📷 blueblackdream: Martin Wittfooth, Seeds, 2015

創走漕まこと ‏@tamakoto55

Have a nice day🌧 & nice running! 👟 Today’s 🏃‍♂️:12.6km & Jul.Σ:159.7km Today’s 🌸📷: TamaCity Tokyo🇯🇵 🏃‍♂️➡️ #NRC…

9NEWS Denver ‏@9NEWS

#ElephantButteFire latest: - 700 homes evacuated - The fire is 5 acres as of 4:45 p.m. - Elk Meadow and Alderfer…

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