Camera Emoji

A point-and-shoot camera, used to take photos before the popularity of smartphones. Similar to the camera with flash emoji.

Camera was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

📷 Digital Camera


📷 U+1F4F7




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Streetphotography .. #streetphotography #barcelona #sonya6000📷 #followme #walk #ilovemycity #callejeando…

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Do you ever get the feeling that your dogs know when you’re going away? 📷 Mike Nash

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📷 We teach the ART of #DESIGN since 2001

スターは愛され Ü ‏@StarrLoved

📷 Thank u, next.

Jeffers ‏@KingBunj

Once the job is done we can smile. Until then we stay militant 🦁 📷: @ShotByLexo

DragoKarlo 📷 ‏@drago_karlo

#MOTOVUN #MONTONA ART-PHOTO 😃📷❤️ #ISTRIA #CROATIA #planet #Earth #countryside #environment #heritage #walking…

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📷 butts-bouncing-on-the-beltway: somanyofthekids: I just needed to make sure more people saw this. I... ‏@designcareer



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All About Slash ‏@All_about_SLASH

@slash with #GnFnR last night #gig at #asiaworldexpoarena #asiaworldexpo #hongkong #China #GnRinHongKong #night1…

OprahPaulMusic ‏@oprahpaulmusic

‘Concentrate’ out now ‼️Link in bio ‼️ 📷 iam_isaaclegend #tbt #singer #uk #concentrate #spotify #itunes #tidal…

Yellow Green Corp ‏@YellowGreenCorp

✔️Empire State Building🗽🎥📷💕 #yellowgreencorp🚘 #transfer #in #out #manhattan #airport #thebest #dreamteam🙌#famous 🎬…

Ronald G. Talbert ‏@RonaldGTalbert3

📷 cubdar: Gorgeous.

Gie Wahyudi ‏@giewahyudi

I believe I can fly. 📷 ig : ngejalan

All About Slash ‏@All_about_SLASH

@slash with #GnFnR last night #gig at #asiaworldexpoarena #asiaworldexpo #hongkong #China #GnRinHongKong #night1…

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::: ORB :::⠀ ⠀ "Mt Oberon sunrise hikes never fail to impress..."⠀ ⠀ 📷 lachiethehiker 📸…

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The Allman Brothers Band on the road during the Eat A Peach Summer Tour. Tampa, FL. July 1972. 📷: Bob Gruen.

BLACK David ‏@davidxxl1970

📷 chrisnaustin: Yum!

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📷 v-i-c-e: After School Secret | momi

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Exactly 10 more days 🥰 💄 @diamond5475 📷 michaelhengwing #kenciadiaries

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Lord of Tits ‏@Lordoftits_tmbr

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All About Slash ‏@All_about_SLASH

@slash with #GnFnR last night#gig at #asiaworldexpoarena #asiaworldexpo #hongkong #China #GnRinHongKong #night1…

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'I loved it': Cheryl defends X Factor performance following 'relentless abuse' (📷 PA) #HeartNews…

Lord of Tits ‏@Lordoftits_tmbr

📷 roulettey: I’m all yours ‏@designcareer

📷 Academy of Art & Design® Estd. 2001

Federico DeVirgiliis ‏@Devi_Fede

More Big Coffee Makes Me Always Roasted Happy. Very. I📷➕📰➕☕️)°

Inviernos de café. ‏@segundoincendio

📷 justanotherfangirlinggirl: An Intellectual™.

Carmina Shoemaker ‏@carminashoemake

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Mitch Melecio ‏@MitchMelecio

Hanging out at the W Hotel. 📷: @patrickmelecio #whotelbali #seminyak #bali #indonesia #woobarbali #travel…


Actor Lee Sun-Kyun was wearing outfit by #Sandro #leeSungyun #이선균 #SandroParis #배우 #KoreanActor #PMC…

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📷 oldschoolfrp: Fizban and Gunthar, “Dragons of Deceipt”  (Larry Elmore, from the 1985 Dragonlance...

Afrillia ‏@NinaAfrillia

`Life is like riding a bicycle: you don't fall off unless you stop pedaling` - Claude Pepper . . 📷 #ricohanalog . .…

H_Daily ‏@H___daily

📷 Today is World Television Day!

Lisa Goodwin 🐝 ‏@LisaGoo07645616

@theresjenn @louisa1000 @YYonnette Thankyou Theresia 😚📷

다복 합솹계(스포주의) ‏@panda_hivestuck

📷 i somehow managed to make her look even more tired.

Kass Claiborne ‏@StillNotRefined

📷 Sealed with a pinky swear.

Fre ‏@Francesca_it

📷 crossconnectmag: Street Artist: Gaia Gaia (born 1988) is a Baltimore-based street artist, who is...

Ronald G. Talbert ‏@RonaldGTalbert3

📷 novacockjockey33:Cum and get hard with us:

TStormer ‏@Tsonchi

📷 teakayblog: revlansa: Catra being left alone by her girlfriend ADORA ASKED YOU TO JOIN HER CATRA WHY...

Kelly (cancer) A. Mongiovi ‏@mongioka

📷 taylornation: To celebrate the instax Square SQ6 Taylor Swift Edition, exclusive Instax photos from... ‏@designcareer

📷 Academy of Art & Design® Estd. 2001

TStormer ‏@Tsonchi

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📷 ponpox: I imagine Ojiro isn’t super extra by himself, but he has a lot of energy. Like, he has a hard...

Hi.Im.Aron😁🌈 ‏@aron_1226

Classic old house is really in fascinating 📷🍃 @ San Isidro, Nueva Ecija

Fre ‏@Francesca_it

📷 archatlas: Artist Imagines What Russian Skies Would Look If They Were In 8-Bit   A Russian artist...

TStormer ‏@Tsonchi

📷 chuckdrawsthings: he no like

TStormer ‏@Tsonchi

📷 sixmonthsandgone: Honestly, the greatest moment on Top Chef

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Agay #Var #cotedazur (📷p)

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