Carp Streamer Emoji

Carp-shaped wind socks traditionally flown in Japan to celebrate Children’s Day.

Carp Streamer was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

🎏 Fish Flag

🎏 Koinobori

🎏 Wind Socks


🎏 U+1F38F




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Castiglione del Lago ‏@CastiglioneLake

#trasimeteo ☀️ Mostly Sunny 🌡max 22 min 9 ⛵️East 🎏 3 #CastiglionedelLago #trasimenolake

🍂Markosmodernlife👻 ‏@Markosmodlife

🙋‍♂️Day 3 in🦅 #Philadelphia started with rain💦 but we made the best of it! We visited the 🎏@Shofuso, built our 2nd…

#BLESSED ‏@blessthisdoobie

🎏🍉🔹 god ordain this vane 🔹🍉🎏

RDN🌎 ‏@dhamotharan356

Happy birthday to beauty angel 🎏♥😍.

𝕲𝖚𝖑𝖆𝖇 🇵🇰 ‏@gul4b

How Many Followers Do You Want ? 🎏🎏100M 200M🎏🎏 🎏🎏300M 400M🎏🎏 🎏🎏500M 600M🎏🎏 🎏🎏700M 800M🎏🎏 🎏🎏900M 999M🎏🎏 REPLY With…

Notabot ‏@newbotonthebloc


The Cramps Staysik ‏@staysik

@QuatrainGleam @jwb625 @Infantry0300 He'd fail, for short-term use, and hair- analysis for longer-term. Just watc…

Sparkle Tafao ‏@SparkleTafao

✨Big Energy Only 💫✨🎏🔑🧿📿

2ナ🐟 ‏@wangjiT_T

HEYA so just in case u’d be surprised to see me tweeting/rting other stuff in here, i’m just gonna give heads up of…

mimi 🌱 ‏@yuargh

Booked: - Youngmin set 🌹 - Group set 🌟 - Pouch 👛 - Card wallet 🔖 - Donghyun set 🎸 - Towel 🎀 - Mirror 🔍 - Woojin set 🐦 - Garland 🎏

a man commonly known as darin ‏@Amandarin_458

🛍🖼🧸🎈🎏🎀🎊 “But you'll never see the end of the road While you're traveling with me Hey now, hey now Don't dream it's…

Lil Porg ‏@BudhaWho

6 things i like: - Games 🎮 - Movies/Tv shows 🎥 - Pizza 🍕 - Aliens 👽 - Anime 🎏 - Posty🎵 i tag: @shocktheheart…

ix 🐶 ‏@felsaber

6 things I like: drawing ✏ dark souls 🎮 ramen 🍜 art museum 🎨 kdramas 💗 shonen anime 🎏 tagging @akabits…

Chris Loewen ‏@Ow_My_Back_

@ninethreeseven Congratulations 🎉🎊🎈🍼🎁🧸🎏❤️

바람 ‏@vbtslove18

@jmDream1013 @BTS_twt Best concert Tour🎏 🔎O( ̄▽ ̄)o✨O( ̄▽ ̄)o🔍 Love Your self💜 #TheConcertTour #LoveYourselfSpeakYourself #PCAs @BTS_twt

Cristöf Taylor-Keogh ‏@SirChrisofKeogh

@karengillan Are fish 🎏 fingers and custard a suitable option for Xmas dinner ?

‎‏spooky mayra ☾ ‏@jetaimeleven

🎏 first impression: seems pretty cool nickname: jory but in my head it’s jori closeness: not super close but you’re…

🌸520💕الذيـبَـہ🦅 ♥ ‏@myheart0_o

@CelebsArabic Happy birthday our singer 🎊🎉🎉🎁🎈🎎🏮🎏🎀🛍🎊💸💰💳💵💎💴💶💷

mcqe-mal ‏@mcqemal


#FishBowlFamily ‏@FishBowlFamily

Getting into this season 🎃 #art #imagination 💭 Happy Halloween 👻 2019 #FishBowlFamily 🎏

jaz ‏@angelitetarot

🎏 water signs ♋︎♏︎♓︎ 🎏 make sure you are getting enough sleep, insomnia / sleep troubles may be worse than usual. p…

jaz ‏@angelitetarot

🎏 water signs ♋︎♏︎♓︎ 🎏 feeling out of mind? this is a great time to connect with your inner element of water! go by…

jaz ‏@angelitetarot

🎏 air signs ♊︎♎︎♒︎ 🎏 these connections constantly surround you but you're not consciously aware of the energy it t…

jaz ‏@angelitetarot

🎏 air signs ♊︎♎︎♒︎ 🎏 build your own network. if you are lucky enough to have a healthy connection with your family…

jaz ‏@angelitetarot

🎏 air signs ♊︎♎︎♒︎ 🎏 you're surrounded by people&places daily but how many of those actually feel like family&home…

Linda Rojo-Schmidt ‏@RadiantLin808

(7 yrs ago, 2012) Happy 18th birthday to our grandson Jesiah Lopez.🎏 We love you, across Pacific Ocean, Tutu-lady,…

Chris' View ‏@MCrisCardena

@catwoman1957 @zooplusUK I bet it does, eh? Was there some #TUNA 🎏🎏🐈🐾 LOVE 💋💘💋😘🐈💓🐈🐾😊

Flibberty Jibbet 💋💋💋 ‏@belugajill

@KevMcCready Whoops!!! #latetotheparty Happy Birthday to you 🎂🌟🎁🎈😀🎉🎆🎏🧿🔮❤🤗

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Emmanuel Joshua ‏@Emmanue68790723

#joshking Am fucking weird 🤯🤯🤯🤑🤑🤑🤑🏖️🏖️🏖️🎗️🎗️🎗️🎏🎏🎏🍊🍊🍊🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈

Aud Auder ‏@cb_auder

@loki_writes @okaydonkeymag WOWOWOW SO HAPPY FOR YOU CATHY!! 🍾🙌🏾🥳🎏🎉🎎⚡️

Tiny Hooman ‏@littlehumanbot

This is : Matthieu ☉ _ ¤ likes :🎏 🐭

🍂Markosmodernlife👻 ‏@Markosmodlife

🎏Visited @Shofuso today only to be constantly challenged by #Dewott 🥋 After a battle we decided to be best friends…

samo ‏@tejabailey

@n_ikok We are cut from the same cloth 🎏

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mashaa wa mso ‏@wa_mashaa

@CarolRadull Romeru ,we trust in you🎎🎏🎎🎎

October 25🔥 ‏@Generaljorsh

Eating 🍞 and fried 🎏 this afternoon is the most lovely part of my day #dontgetmewrong

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🗺 a tiny map ‏@tiny_map

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taekook ✨ ‏@_cooky_tata_


Devon ‏@sharpe300_d

My birthday treat to me Stem 🎏 and yard food

Chicken Baby ‏@nick_flipp2

godzilla with the laptops 🎏 🐘 🕦 Anything you can do I can do better, -flippo the chicken baby

Sammy ‏@Sami_1993

I wanna go to Little Tokyo today 🍣🎐🎎🎏💮⛩🗼🍥

Joanne Clements #NHSLove 🕷️ ‏@joannekarma

This is unacceptable. The risks from volume of #bycatch, depletion of stocks and injuries/deaths of #dolphins and…

animepee ‏@_animepee

@nonono404 i had such a hard time just getting dsb 😭😭😭 your crazy👨🏿‍🦲😟😟😟🎏😳 good job 😋🌚🙈🚀

Heather Ann ‏@emilyann233

#sugarmummy 💝I'm looking 🌜for a sugarbaby🧳 who is loyal,honest and can keep ❣️❣️my company🏰, talk to me when🍫🍫 need…

Avishek Upadhyay ‏@AvishekUpadhya3

@desimojito 99% are Cat fish 🎏

🗺 a tiny map ‏@tiny_map

.        🏥        dad's odd standpoint     👹    a bothered machinery  🎏 an appointment

society directory ‏@groupnamebot

The 🎏🎯 Society

Farm Fresh Seafood ‏@FarmFreshCFood

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Håmđăň ᴬᴰᴺ ‏@kampowagi

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Dominika Waluś #SilniRazem #FPHD ‏@DominikaWalus

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Neil Sumalinog ‏@niljanjan

Instant reunion real quick. NW: Coco 💀🎏

🦋🦋උ✿ṛƱໄ🦋🦋 #͓̽C͓̽a͓̽r͓̽o͓̽l͓̽G͓̽a͓̽i͓̽n͓̽ ‏@_Carol2018

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Keith Corona ‏@oliveceder

@HongKongFP @HurricaneOro I hope it hasn't been anywhere you would've ever been.🎏🖼️

emma ‏@emmaloveselon

@bundtcheeks @Mark_Dubs happy birthday mark!!! 🎊🎉🎈🎏

Ajith agar😘 ‏@ajith___offi

@Roymouni @mastercardindia @ICICIBank Look 🎏🎏👌👌

•-•ᴳᵒˡᵈᵉⁿ ᴹᵒᵒⁿᶜʰᶦˡᵈ•-• ‏@SamtheShooketh

@BTSGlobalVoting @SSaliha998 @BTS_twt 🎏 and rice 🍚 #PCAs #TheConcertTour #LoveYourselfSpeakYourself + @BTS_twt

団長. ‏@mayonaito


🖤sophie 💋☆🧘🏿‍♀️ ‏@sophieslyph2

If loyalty really existed.🙄.water could never cook 🎏 fish

W7 Productions ‏@ProductionsW7

It's W7 Match Day! 🔥 🏐 @_fgvb vs @PirateVball14 📍@PewaukeeHS 🕖6️⃣3️⃣0️⃣ 🎙️@gwipper and @nadiawheeler24 100% LIVE…

GILBARDOG🦅 ‏@Gilbardogg

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anne [📚] ‏@moreloveforhobi

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Captain Morgan 🇺🇸 ‏@captmorgan_usa

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Greek Viking ‏@GreekVikingX

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Matty Gee🎤 ‏@giftedmattygee

@royaltybalogun @themanvi Garri with no sugar, groundnut, milk and fish🎏

Geoffrey M.Mutalemwa ‏@SweetbutKanana

🎏 Fish and Rice integration, if people in government were a little bit serious! @HusseinBashe @shilinde_cc…

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🌺 Flower729 🌸 ‏@corallaws

@myLondis Happy Birthday @myLondis 🎉🎁🎊🎀🛍🎏🎈60 years young 💚💚💚

CitizensAlert ‏@TeamNGN

@realdanielemeka point & kill 🐟 🎏 🍣

เจนเย้◡̈ ‏@janeeyehbothx

୪ 🛍🧸🎀🎏🎈 ୪ ———————🦄🌟——————— ♡ 𖦹╹ 💙 ˓ @janeeeyeh ˒ 🐰╹𖦹 ♡ 🌈 #littlerabbitjane x #janeeyeh ⛈ 𓏭 ♡⃣— 📸 : Pisit P. Photogr…

armyrant ‏@armyrant1

I really see stupidity taejinist argue with namjinist and yoonjinist enjoy seeing this enjoy taking a sip of pic 🎏…

Judy Killingsworth ‏@JudyKillingswo4

@RealJack WOWJack Good one Biden-Hillary presidential ticket🤯🤡 yeah like WOW!🎏💣💥I'm sure there'd be a few of us wav…

Castiglione del Lago ‏@CastiglioneLake

#trasimeteo ☀️ Mostly Sunny 🌡max 21 min 10 ⛵️Southwest 🎏 8 #CastiglionedelLago #trasimenolake

revolution ‏@devrim_redd

@23Nrsn size de ⚜N.R.S.N⚜...EA🎏 ☕️🌼

marie ‏@jmrprllsdml

enjoy ur day @/h🎏🎏

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@Isabellamaixoxo 🎏 Carp Streamer

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