Cat Face With Tears of Joy Emoji

The cat variant of the Face With Tears Of Joy.

Cat Face With Tears of Joy was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

😹 Happy Tears Cat

😹 Laughing Cat


😹 U+1F639




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Hɪᴊᴀᴄᴋᴇʀ ♔ ‏@A_l_o_n_e_b_o_y

@KaththiCriminal Mamsee...😹😹😹🙌🙌🙌

Chris ELiz ‏@chrisbequiet

@0hSheilaaa 😹😹😹😹😹 bruuuuuuh

kiki ‏@__reeimah

😹talking as if you’re not from Nigeria

Kush❤ ‏@tatsmars

@shelton_chita 😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹 chinemaWeights 😆

ironbutterfly ‏@nonty_dube

@LauraAyanda 😹😹😹yazi l just got angry!!! Remember how we prepared for those practical exams? A whole new apron, new…

Air Commodore 👮🏽‍♂️ ‏@Omar_Faruk_

@abdoulgalactico Better for them 😹😹

ᴏᴅᴇᴛᴛᴇ ✿ ‏@intnzlna

i swear the concert will be the only time i go out this month sia😹

Alice King 🌒🌕🌘 ‏@WildChild69

@theladykatie @HERterus @cheomitII @KateofLate8 @jasonebeling @katehanson @Ramanusia12 @skanz0 @FeministSnack…

💖Laiskingirl💖 ‏@_bomiii

"You will end up in McDonald's" 😹😹

thraia🌙 ‏@kwinehG_

Home aloneee😹

ℳƏŁÃN҉ ÇHØĹÝ👻 ‏@icy__flame__

@teemarh75 @Young_m_19769 😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹 u don't see them in your own house until visitors come & boom abracadabra

Joyful Joey ‏@JoeyJoyful

@mjvenesco Wow you look like me 😹😹

Daniel ‏@phwesh_hommie

@official2baba Bros no too para,,,, Na naija we gather Dey 😹😹

KawaiiKaty ☆彡🌙 💜💗🌌 ‏@starlightswifft

So by some crazy coincidence i bumped into someone I’ve been friends with online for years in reading!!! She spotte…

Kaede Van Der Ross ‏@kaedevanderross

These kids have time sheesh 😹😹💔

T3mmy of Canada 🇨🇦💦 ‏@fuckintry3way_

@OlaTheOG 😂😂😂Canada right? ...see as the red ranger they laff you😹

VARLOW™ ‏@_lovewitch

@jamrick_m 😂😂😂😂😂Loorrrddd😭😹😹

peach perfect ‏@hairspray221

@gogosmatis @IbroIya @Alex_unusual1 Na him be that without make up😹😹😹

Paa-Tee ‏@iamMr_Tee

I just love how @stonebwoyb screams ‘Ei’ every now & then in his songs 😹 Izza vibe

H.M. Garth ‏@hmgarth14

@StrayLiotta @thepoliticalcat @landis_melinda You even, very thoughtfully, left your belleh easily accessible from the side 😹😹

lorenz ‏@itslorenzana

You dont need to say bad word you know you’re only what 14. Anyways WHAT IF he says “sorry” , “not gonna do it agai…

A Cat-Adoring Biped ‏@I_Ailurophile

@Crispi66 What a wonderful singing voice you have, Ugo! 😹♥

Jo Davies ‏@jo_davies10

Today I'm back to looking down on humans. Hope your #Caturday is working out as well 😹😹😹 #Sergei #siamese…

Da'Nyla🎀 Mommy😸💋 ‏@LovelolTwin

I need something do later 😹

laurenlondon👱🏾‍♀️ ‏@jhanyaaa

so now these people got ah block on my card cause somebody tried to use it for $49, boy bitches been trynna finesse me all month😹😹😹😹 wtf?

Selecta TV ‏@TvSelecta

Again Funny Baby 2019 #3 😹 Making Trouble Fun and Fails 😹 Kids Are Awe... via @YouTube

Burna's Angelina in Canada👅👅💀 ‏@_ireade

@Tallestguy__ @Biisi96 @Mrmanhere_ @geezythedaddy Excuse me nigga You've made it in Canada,not in life😹😹😹 Damnnnn👻.

🌸Ms. Harajuku🌸 ‏@Anisah_nuru

@s_taibu what im serious oh 😹

hlatssee💕 ‏@_HlatseM

@MolokoMokobi_ what’s sweetheart in Afrikaans Kante ?😹🤷🏽‍♀️

Sue Monkman ‏@suemonkman29

@Hudsonweather @harrylooknorth @AmyGarciauk How indeed? 😹

Karen Lees ‏@Phoenix5432100

Thought you would like this 😹 @rupertgray xxx

yOghUrT🍨😋 ‏@tHe_el_marh

@tweet_adykt @revxbe It’s not ok😹😹😹😹😹let’s do donkomi🔔🔔🔔🔔🔔

Liz Luecke ‏@birdieluecke

My favorite hobby is cats, too! 😹. I got: Abraham Lincoln. via @playbuzz.

🧚🏼‍♀️ ‏@Kamii_Says

Quick in a hurry 💀😹😹😹😹

skybluebink ‏@skybluebink

@LeosDiaries Ooh, Leo, I'm thinking neglect on this scale should be reported! 😽😹😹😹💖🐾🐾🐾

alien ‏@Being80529671

@polysmind @debrayaM Don’t troll me I will not humiliate n all in bio and reality is just cheap comments kardena ,…

Burna's Angelina in Canada👅👅💀 ‏@_ireade

@Tallestguy__ @Biisi96 @Mrmanhere_ @geezythedaddy Canada list way😹😹😹😹😹

suzetteTRADDfarah ‏@traddfinearts

#wecanrelate #adventurecat We have a cat Suki who is up for a drive or a wild ride! 😻🙀😹This hitchhiking cat known a…

Joyful Joey ‏@JoeyJoyful

@feralcatgang Oh my goodness this so reminds me of angel Charlotte! She use to be a pro at kitty yoga too lol 😹

Rohan Gopalpura ‏@RohanGopalpura

@RGVzoomin @realDonaldTrump This one is crazy😹😹

Georgi the Cat and iLilita ‏@ililita

@cocoa_dot @A_affirmations @thecatsartist @RatesDaGoldfish @LolaKittySLC @GeneralCattis @katep08 @MisfitsPolitics…

phoebe ‏@skepticalphoebs

i feel like a child ulet😹

yOghUrT🍨😋 ‏@tHe_el_marh

@tweet_adykt @revxbe 😹😹😹😹😹court riseeeeee😹.... but you need a gf right??? Your luck can shine here... cos I’m tucki…

Cass ⚜️ ‏@Cass_C7

@drjean_neuro He does at times exhibit cat like behaviors😹😹 Happy weekend Jeannie☀️🍂🌳😘

Jacqui Corcoran ‏@jaqthelass

The hotel I'm in looks after the local ferral cats by providing food, water and medical care (including spaying and…

Tom Kattman ‏@TomKattman

@NormieKnells @program_exe_ Moo: So, I’m the alpha cat today, right? Cinder: You can’t be the alpha cat. *I* am the…

free gift of sense from canada🇨🇦 ‏@OkotieWilson

Who's has a friend like this 😹😹🤣🤣😂😂

sandy ‏@sandraa_m9

@georgiaa_mcc shut up specky😹

peach perfect ‏@hairspray221

@Dazzle19397781 @Golden39802442 @Brownsu96562007 I swear putting shinny glossy paint dosent mean the car is well😹😹😹😹😹 🙈🙈🙈🙈 insure please

Aburas ‏@7assan_5alid2

Me after got engaged 😹😹😹🚶‍♂️

gorgeous mya🌻 ‏@ripweasee

I wanted to party til 4am last night wit back 😭😭😭😹😹

Falkor ‏@Falkorkat

@RahzKat I will check it out!!😹

Ricardo ‏@Pichh

Again? 😹

🍀 ‏@cuberonessy

@sanitylor welcome back to twitter😹

K E V S🖤 🅴 ‏@ItsKevsNegron

@CemN1999 I have never baked so I could burn something 😹

Gayle🍀 ‏@wifetoFuture

Somebody threw a YO BOB at me 😹😹😹😹⚰️

❤🐰 ‏@nurcha610

Why fs logo are getting smaller😹

Lara and Jack SHACK ‏@jackassdad2

@RepAdamSchiff is a dirty rat. Soon.......😹😹. Difference w conservatives and democrats. The conservatives ALWAYS ha…

skybluebink ‏@skybluebink

@owenclark3 @DonnaLeeThomps8 Or perhaps you just felt Sweep's eyesight didn't look too clear!!! 😹😹😹

grabe survival skill ng tigyawat ko sa baba 😑 ‏@MaryaAntonet

I'm happy and honored to work with these people who never give up on each other especially our research adviser 💛😹😹…

Blake & Brodie ‏@blakeandbrodie

@tj_tjhunter Nice work Casey! Always good to bring some of the outdoors in 😹

jessica ‏@totenritual

How I wanted to look like vs how I look like 😹 it’ll grow back so it’s ok lol

Woods ‏@only1bwoods

Me & Fab like the perfect match😹this bitch a goofball

Max ❄️ ‏@MadAlix14

@prodnose @GaryLineker Still tittering about the ice cream van turning on the Greensleeves jingle to terrify the opposition 😹😹😹

BAE✨🌈 ‏@NoelPosecion

@JugheadNotes Sherep yun choss😹

Lara and Jack SHACK ‏@jackassdad2

You can’t do better than that? 😹😹

yOghUrT🍨😋 ‏@tHe_el_marh


Falkor ‏@Falkorkat

I will check it out.. .. .. Later!!😹

Vicky Perez ‏@perezv93

SWIPE LEFT➡️😍❤️🐾 she doesn’t seen to like the new rug 😹🙈#homesweethome #yorkie #newrug (btw it is from @ikeaspain a…

Tom Kattman ‏@TomKattman

@NormieKnells @program_exe_ If you can hear the audio, Molly is actually purring a little while she is eating, as t…

Your Groom 😎 ‏@Angonki

@Dina_waziri It's Okay let me go with my full bucket of kunya😹

Ola_Wale 👦 ‏@lawal141

😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹...... So na true

jayla🌻💕 ‏@xbadgyaljx

I Expect No Less Of These Niggas😹😹

Lil Matt ‏@MattyGuwopp

@Faxtzz Lol nah that’s a song bro 😹

Ed 🌈 ‏@EdnahMon

Lmfaooo 😹😹😹😹

Patti ‏@pierrotinnyc

@beckbjj Upper body workout 😹

lilwiz lemana ‏@LemanaLilwiz

@Mar_vee1 In Cameroun 🇨🇲 😹😹

STEVE 💦 ‏@Steve_culture_

@tosinlagos That last part tho, this dude is crazy 😹😹😹

شا ‏@nrsyamimish

Kahkah my partner, vice president in action bhai 😹😹

Charlie, Casey🌈, and TJ ‏@tj_tjhunter

@blakeandbrodie Well done Blake! I’m just in the garden now perched on a rock getting some extra green moss on mine to go with the mud! 😹😹

Your Groom 😎 ‏@Angonki

@Dina_waziri 😹😹😹😹 you got me.

🦋 e l s i e ‏@kellllls3

£uckin Macaroons... 😹

☁️chrisje ‏@woabutera

@sunkissedhanna I deadass did a presentation on her when I was like 11 in front of my class, I made a whole PowerPo…

chem ‏@Cilla216

@MartinKlaus__ by force? 😹

Marmotfox ‏@Wild_Marmotfox

@tallfuzzball Warrior cats really dragged me in. 😹

Indy_Cat ‏@IndyCat14

Hello human, I see you are changing the sheets... did you know I can help with that? 😹🐾🖤

Teddy ☁️😸 ‏@ACloudCat

okay I know that 7rings by @ArianaGrande has issues for the lyrics and stuff but it still a solid bop. also. i a…

Lucy SkinnyJeans ‏@LucySkinnyjeans

@PrimcessPamcake I’m with you, I couldn’t have said it better 😹

Benjjj✨🦅 ‏@_benjoe

@oderahnnaji The thing shock me, I saw Canada trending ontop election postponement 😹

Iain Bruce ‏@Brooshski

@kathrynjoseph_ @the_trades NOW, I can say "Good Luck" with the tour!! 🎹😹🤣😆😃❤️

єℓιzα ‏@elizaxjelinee

awit ean!!!!😹

GYURI, JANG. ‏@jgyoerih

@choithelia Is it the right one? Ehehehehe. How about the left one?😹

aubrina ‏@aubrinaa

I find it so crazy how fast guys shower😹

Anna💛🐝 ‏@maaame_anna

I can’t be the only one who thought it was a movie 😹

_Rin 🎀👓||풍경|| Scenery ‏@BangTan_Sdku

I got so many screen cuts 😹😻 Thread-

JunemanSpoonMan ひ ‏@junemanspoonman

how can i convince my girl to buy me vbucks for fornite😹.

L’il lady Millie ‏@MillieMall

@Cat_MarsEchelon @gemma_thomas @MisterShinto @LipscombeSylvi1 @Marielincoln10 @clasicats Meowmy can just come for t…

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