Cat Face With Tears of Joy Emoji

The cat variant of the Face With Tears Of Joy.

Cat Face With Tears of Joy was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

😹 Happy Tears Cat

😹 Laughing Cat


😹 U+1F639




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Imani 📌 ‏@lilou_Melick

Mood le 8 😹😹

TRUX_DADI ‏@Mr_Wisane17

@Boity_Rams Right 😹😹😹

I ❤ Kiernan Forbes ‏@penny802

@kaygeetk @vanuworld The only "colors" I know is by DJ Zinhle and Tamara 😹😹😹😹😹😹😹 this one its my first time even hearing about it

Falling and laughing ‏@fallinglaughing

@Paulineandbeans I once asked the vet what the heck was in Dreamies and she just sighed and said she wished she kne…

TRASAVAGE 😘🙏🏽 ‏@okaaysuss_

bro I’m CRIIIIINNNNEEEE 😹😩” yes fat flesh “ 💀💀💀🤣🤣

Zenkosi Mandela ♥ ‏@Zenkosi_

@osmaseko No. It's his hoes 😹😹 my friends are either smaller than me or bigger.

Zenkosi Mandela ♥ ‏@Zenkosi_

@PhilaMvelase Azikho 😹😹 his hoes stole them.

sailor moon. 🧝🏾‍♀️🌙 ‏@JusNETTE_NoRim

Not going to lie I used to have this Lil secret crush on I'd imagine what it would be like for your nails…

kaitlyn ocampo 🌻 ‏@KaitlynOcampo

@mami__reina 😹😹 we’re the opposite of that! I love sweets

김yerim #CookieJar ‏@yeurianaa


Small Axe ‏@SankofaMind

So, the cutest Matilda. Fun times with litter tray in my bedroom and 2 cats. Night time fun times. Aka being woken…

Minghao, hijo del copete🐸The8 ‏@CarliCarli_

@min2angel R we gonna live in Germany? 😹 We will have to hire Tokio Hotel as bodyguards. Wait they r living in the US :(

Shanny 🍯☀️ . ‏@Second_ToNunn

@chase_p13 Damn You Sticks 😹🙄 .

Issy love jongin so much ❤ ‏@koreasitgirI A poll asking the korean gg fandom which bg fandom they hate a... — 😹😹😹😹

zatyy📌 check pinned ‏@shushwhat

Okay this is literally my reaction😹

meghan 👑✨ ‏@renegvdes

this is why i don’t get my family to take my digitals☀️😹

gold 🐍 ‏@zqtelcorte

@stolenhand Nice! 😹


Son is you really pregnant 😹

Rae ‏@monaeravenn

@96keezus Wilding 😹😹😹

anuhea teixeira ‏@akeliikuli

😹 FR tho

☀️ ‏@wtfaaliyah

“We live baby, I’m blind baby” 😹

LARUE🎬 ‏@LeonardoLarue

You're my nigga😹

Jer ‏@ade_jer

@Don_Jeffrey13 @drizzyposh25_ ARE YOU NORMAL 😹😹

ғяαηcнεscα🌸 ‏@franchesca_mfv


cεℓεsтιтα ‏@lavidacelestial

@NlBOLE @youngstallion69 @Baezer76 come with me next season when I go watch Oscar!😹we can hold up posters & all dat😎💪🏼

Shyenne♕ ‏@ShyenneSherell

@Youngindnic Waaaait why the Michael Jackson neck? 😹 you lit lol.

Kay Dámaris ‏@KayDamaris

@inf_ili @Friskies lol right?! 😹 the things they’d do for food 😸😸😸

Venus ‏@venusrimb

😹 Black is Beautiful

BILL ‏@NBAstacy

Bruh 😹😹😹

sailor moon. 🧝🏾‍♀️🌙 ‏@JusNETTE_NoRim

@thea_jayyyy i will not 😹

Miss Behavin△⃒⃘ ‏@witchdontcare

okay tyga released a new single with quavo and it bumps. hopefully he’s back bc everyone can get ratchet to some tyga😹

Betty Quinn ‏@BettyCQuinn

Great finale @KryptonSYFY also WTF?! 😹😹😹 @SYFY #WhatTheEl

M. ‏@mihnamyoui

@psyrv96 Last day went just good, but nothing happened. But today also went that way, though. 😹 How's yours, Nee-chan?

Victoria secret model ‏@OmhleMadai

You were doing so well here hey,then jiki jiki😅😹

神 ‏@rasheezy_

Aye twitta... I’m the funniest person I know 😂😭😹🤯🤬🤬😱😱 hahaha *in my voice* ON GOD.... that’s on my mama

JAX ACROCAT ‏@JaxAcrocat

@BloomNight2 @catsrule0 @fluffybasil @hugo4de @clawdiathecat @Tonithecat32 @Cleo_sMommy @Joeybird @nesjloch…

coy ‏@nicolecoyy_

Fav movie😍💗 Joey king how to be u pooooo!?😹🙈

권응찌아아아아앙。♡ ‏@kwoeunbean

@kmboyfkm I don't know. . . . . But, Youngmin oppa more flawless than you. . . . ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I'm kidding 😹😹😹 You two is m…

Tipu🤘 ‏@PR1CELES5

@Mr_LoLwa Are na, Mr south India ke😹

Lebo 🤴🏽 ‏@S_E_J_O_1

It isn’t 💀😹

AleGee. ‏@alegee_priced

@rhynu_m I’m not tryna hear that I got a question...😹

αяιεℓ ‏@ArielMichelle21

@itsceleste24 I’m ded 😹

v i c c 🖤 ‏@vicc35

this one may be better than the ice story bro 😹

ashla ‏@ashlamandez19

😄 Now accepting memberships to the 'No Bra Club' (45 Photos) 😹

sailor moon. 🧝🏾‍♀️🌙 ‏@JusNETTE_NoRim

@thea_jayyyy cause lmao that shit ain’t funny 😹

Lebo 🤴🏽 ‏@S_E_J_O_1

Ge boyfriend yao e le soh o me fe nama ye nyane💀💀,he’ll start dishing for himself😹

GeeMoney🧡👑 ‏@Gabbyy_TH0

I’m quick to leave you on read 🗣😹

MITANG. ‏@minarimy

Apparently you haven't see me being all gloomy in timeline 😹

Yan Fan 👩🏻‍💻 ‏@yanarchy

I have known this girl since she was an 11 yr old with endless (sometimes annoying) questions 😹. She's still asking…

Ygkuatro四‼️🖐🏽 ‏@DjPerdue1122

Haha real spill😹

MissRayMaake ‏@RagelRose04

He wishes strike/protests can happen every two weeks so he can get free groceries and Puma tekkies .😹😹😹😹

mo🌻 ‏@MoniqueDee_69

@_Angiee_Garcia damn I really can’t stop laughing 😹 & I did abs today so this low key hurts 😩😹

قومبليشّــآ ‏@zubair_saadiq

@TartilH Ya frrj text me 😹😹

Awesom-O ‏@AwesomO17

@WielderWolf @iammoshow Even the kitten on his lap is all-‘take my pic I’m ready to be adored’ 😹😻

Muah ‏@muahpruneda

“That’s a clear mfuckin lipgloss” 😹😹lmao i don’t like sharing my lipglosses 😩

Gao. ‏@supassarash

@sejonggdn Jeongie jugaa! [ but the mun has fasting. so i don’t eat anything. ] 😹

HOT M£SS ‏@NazTwitch

@yawamoatengg 😹😹😹❤️❤️❤️❤️ love youuuu bros

Minghao, hijo del copete🐸The8 ‏@CarliCarli_

@min2angel 🤷 fix it. Chilean wine and grapes, huge yard 😸😹

Brother O-Dog 🇫🇷 ‏@BrotherODog

I’m confused on why this lil boy ain’t trynna be clean 😹

A.D.A ‏@DEBBY241

@badass_hooper Jide you know me so well. Lol 😹😹

AleGee. ‏@alegee_priced

@rhynu_m Bruuuuuuv😹

MsMermaid ‏@onewiththesand

The sick person in me just had to retweet. 😹

Cate 💚 GOT7 Giveaway is pinned 🐥 ‏@Cateaclysmic

JB living the dream 😹 #PremiosMTVMiaw #MTVLAKPOPGOT7 #GOT7 @GOT7Official

naj🇬🇺✨ ‏@anajahhhh

lmaoooo stfu already 😹

frizz ‏@_allenalaplaya

@nophunintended lmao u did not have to be told to relax in this wth 😹🤦🏽‍♀️

🍒 ‏@goremyg

@taesblush well i hope they see and get a stroke over my tweet! we dont care! we #BakugouProtectionSquad 😹😹😜😜

DJ SAMPLEX 💡 ‏@DeeJaySamplex

The funny attitude of them shaking ur hands so many times esp. If it has been long you met. 😹🙀😹

ملكة اندرو ‏@avndrxw_

@thiughh BUT! Me when my man asks, “Can we use a calculator?”😹

MsMermaid ‏@onewiththesand

@pahubb43 I can't stop laughing! 😹😹😹

Rie Daisies ‏@RieDaisies

@batgrrrrrrl I know more cis women obsessed with body building than trans men... but go ahead go off 😹😹 shaming oth…

MonroW ‏@jmcefalas

@Ermintrude2 you carry the aura of cat adoration with you! It communicates 😹😹😹

Rae ‏@monaeravenn

I wouldn’t ever wear shoes with a dress.. that would look so weird on me 😹

®Tae .🤨 ‏@TaeDubbb_


-` skaði ´- ‏@icefeathxr

@Senators24 what we’re not going to do is have my friend and my boyfriend gang up on me with this caps hating trash 😹 LEAVE OVI ALONE

Enrique Just ‏@ElKunKike

@BrotherODog @xavierm_14 This was him when you would try to ask him something 😹😹

JAX ACROCAT ‏@JaxAcrocat

@catsrule0 @fluffybasil @hugo4de @clawdiathecat @Tonithecat32 @Cleo_sMommy @Joeybird @nesjloch @dinkycatSE18…

Cynthia ‏@Cinday_saywhaa

Same 😹😹

QUEEN💿06.15👸🏼 ‏@ItsCiahh

Yess Sis Drag him😹😹😹 I'm hear for itttttttttttt

caitlin✨ ‏@caitlingracez

i have soooooooo many tweets in my drafts 😹

𝓗𝓸𝓹𝓮𝔂 ‏@hopetaamai

That’s sad😹🤷🏽‍♀️ it is what it is i guess.

JENINE ‏@JenineMacDonald

I swear she’s doing this shit just to see the crazy mf’s who want to follow and copy everything she does, just so s…

AJ Asturias ‏@nnjnstrs

Can we watch truth or dare movie? — Are u a boy princess or a girl princess? 😹

mandy ‏@mariemandyy

@Slim_Fa_Hire @nikkixo_ bruh wdf This NOT what we bouta do. Get out my twitter fr 😹

🥂 ‏@julietealondra_

Julietealondra is my snap if any of you wana watch my Cali snaps 🌴 tbh don’t message me tho cause I’m not gona repl…

Brother O-Dog 🇫🇷 ‏@BrotherODog

Literally us 😹😭

princess ✨ ‏@_aislinnraee

yesss , for christmas i told my tia me & joseph had to leave because we had to be up early to leave to cali & she t…

Brother O-Dog 🇫🇷 ‏@BrotherODog

@ElKunKike @xavierm_14 Nah this was him 😹

ღ queen ღ ‏@ayramkyla

@fthizyn not that one la siao😹

®Tae .🤨 ‏@TaeDubbb_

Not my nigga😹😹

Nastie Woman Auntie Wendy ‏@This_Actress

@MaryLyszczarz "It's Twitter, Jake..." (By which Auntie Wendy means: "Honey, there is no right or wrong!" Entertai…

𝔸𝕓𝕓𝕪 🌹 ‏@abbsreeder

@Tucktuck_16 You suck 😹😹


@_katyespinoza Damn😹

brownie🍫 ‏@normamonama

@lulu_malete_ same 😭😹😹😹

¡¡JK MIXTAPE¡¡ ‏@peachyykookiee


chloe ‏@chloetemple_

Allies that friend that asks 100 different questions about a movie 😹😹

Lebo 🤴🏽 ‏@S_E_J_O_1

As For Power Couple Ya Di Toes, I was dead 😹😹 great show mans 💥You are a natural.

🥂 ‏@julietealondra_

I can’t leave without my silly baby 😹♥️

⚓️매리🖌️ ‏@wonderkidvv

@chivyane Oh~ u got me there lolz 😹 that was misleading 🎶

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