Cat Face With Wry Smile Emoji

The cat variant of the Smirking Face Emoji.

Cat Face With Wry Smile was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

😼 Smirking Cat


😼 U+1F63C




Tweets For 😼

Smokey the Great ‏@thegreatsmokey

@jeffdahkillah Yah. That's the only reason I didn't bite her. 😼

Juicy Jayee 💋 ‏@MajayeBandz

I Bet I Can Make You Put Ya Phone Down 😏💦😼

matts emotional ‏@mattsemotional

😼 Cat Face With Wry Smile

sav💰 ‏@LuhSlimee

workin both jobs today 🤦🏽‍♂️😭 but shidd 😼💰

Damo ‏@damomcfadden

@SCalliss For sure big brother is always watching 👁 😼👽🕶🐥🦉

Naya ‏@nayalask

"She has a whole farm where she can sit anywhere, yet she chooses to sit on the cat time and time again..."🐶😼 Or ma…

★ ‏@dykezayn

omg it’s time 😼

Ahmad puasa awal ‏@fuadafo

@s_efzq @SyaheerAhmad @zurulafiza_ thanks bro. 😼

qyla ‏@qylamohd

@AtiqahhYusoff Same 😼

September.👑 ‏@PrettyxSb__

put em straight to sleep 😼💦

allën ‏@allenaguilarzxc

All for white coat ✊😼

Da Bruizzers & Mr. Bakon ‏@Blutospin

@GregariousGus @Mygreatredmare @Aki_and_Kari @PicklesBottom @timhoyt14 @ZombieSquadHQ @3coolkatz @Pixie_Tooth…

Keith Adactus ‏@cexmate

@SkyNews @SkyJacquie Don’t forget to bring the sandpaper...😼🙀😹

Bethany Kent ‏@MrsKent_OPHS

@OPHS_ValadezAP @Northmen_OPHS @TMcSparin @CoachWhited @BennettsBiology We knew that you didn’t want to eat off of…


@BriOnTheReal cause of work 😼

Kyra Lei ‏@kyderoda

Pearl Meat Shop was lit today #ShameMeForOverEating 😼

Brooke Krider ‏@KriderBrooke

Good morning to everyone in Miami bc I’m back...lady jags 18-19 😼💗

Marissa Poorbaugh ‏@nikepro_mersa


Kapil Mathur ‏@Kapil4Real

😼😼 #LG time to change #LifeIsntGood with this

itsGodBAMGood! ‏@BamSoWavy

Just told Shorty Son how I was Cumin in the 😼 wayyyyy before he came Out!

SnoozeYaLose💤 ‏@LilZooky

I take cat naps 😼what's sleep 🤷‍♂️

briebot ‏@briefrogbot

i love frogs 😽😼

boogaveli 🌪 ‏@JersxBoogie973

@yelhsa92_ You’ll be back out here real soon 😼

g ‏@thatsgoldy

Site visit tomorrow😼

eljon, ECE ‏@thesagitt07

@iamirise Okay lang yan! New opportunity for growth 😼

Valencia CF English ‏@valenciacf_en

Our very own cat in between the sticks! 😼

Šarvësh💃Śaini🙈 ‏@Suresh_4545

@RajniSi98354966 Hii good evening 😼😼🌿🌼

Blue Torres ‏@BlueTorres6

@Degiance What most people dont know, is 2 minutes after this was taken, the cats woke up and were zombie-cats and…

Simon (& Zephyr) RIP Sundance 😿💕 ‏@SimonBallTweets

@TheHardyBoyCats He gets that from me. 😼😹

joonie’s chin mole ‏@straysjoon

lunch time in 27 mins 😼

लाला ‏@sanjay2117kumar

@anika_here @EkAurKash @deg_teg_ Only?😼

michelle ‏@mhyx0

I can tell I’m getting used to night shifts bc I don’t hit my 5AM wall anymore 😼

mi🧠 ‏@mathangi28

@arabianqueen_j they knew😼

تــِری! رویال هدی؟! ‏@terry_evey

@11o_nim @aghmamrez 😼 high five 🙏

Mikey ‏@MikeyJDuddridge

@sambloy I’m there all weekend😼

ck・markhyuck au ‏@minseoqx


Amod ‏@Amodkhiladi

@Tunish_Yadav @Akshay_Brigade Name badal lol 😂😼

Jeri'Ko ‏@JerikoooLee

40. Im a cat person 😻😺😼

SEULGI, KANG. ‏@kangseullgi

I'm stronger than you all. 😼

bhavya ‏@jzbhavya_02

@pratishtha_xx @khushee_singh N our IT is our business ,none of HIS BUSSINESS 😼😪

firstclassbeats ‏@FIRSTCLASS713

I pull up with gang members try me We 30 - 0 no losses beats for street niggas ONLY and da Killaz get wit me 1000 😈👿😼

F◦ L◦ O◦ R◦ Y◦ N◦ C◦ E ‏@a_lencre

@starfish_72 perhaps she doesn't like being ignored! 😼

Ness 🎓 ‏@Itsamarantha

@AngelArcherLoL Dont you have to study 😼

Delicate Eunha。 ‏@eunhatootie

@mercillasne I! Love! The! Left! One! The! Most! 😼

😽Cachouille😽 ‏@CachouLille

@funnycat96 @Elverojaguar Exactly 😼

Stefano S. Magi ‏@StefanodocSM

@JenaC2 Happy Thursday, dear Jena !! 🤠😀😼

Sylvana Van Dien ‏@Sylvana0902

Boy is watching 😼 #MaxVerstappen #P1 #MonacoGP #ziggosport

Muda ‏@MudmanMuda

@Drakey_Draws Never 😼

Yan An (閆桉) ‏@PTG_YANAN

@seejeongs Oh right, that's good Sejeong! Then i'll support you from here :) hmm.. My favorite from gugudan's songs…

Pikashu ⚡️ ‏@shuhuaseyo

I’m giving free hugs because we won again today. 😼 . . . . ok no

Yan An (閆桉) ‏@PTG_YANAN

@PTG_Hyunggu Thank you so much, Hyunggu-ya. I'm wondering what are you doing right now? 😼

norontso 😺 ‏@Neli_Skosana

Kubekho leRubbish ithatha ivideo😼💩

bhavya ‏@jzbhavya_02

@roshni_an Life of POO is so apt fr em . 💩😹😼

Roméo🔥 ‏@mvny_romeo

@Dendaiii Why again is she killing that buddy ? 😼

J ‏@Jxxxxx9

I can't wait to have this moment someday in my future 😼

Nunu, Day-5! #Get_It ✰ ‏@jurigeunwoo

@Roseissance Good evening, Kapan comeback-ssi. 😼

Whoop-diddy-scoop, poop ‏@nguOdwa_

I would watch a big budget South African movie about a man of God falling from grace for the 😼 or 💰. Bushiri type of character!

Nunu, Day-5! #Get_It ✰ ‏@jurigeunwoo

@jcnnkim But I've always been a good girl. 😼

briebot ‏@briefrogbot

i've never been horny in my life 😼👌🏻

Mark Byrne ‏@markyb_88

Pussy & Pillows 😼

PlayGirl🐇🤟🏾 ‏@QGTM_

DATZ Mrs. Stanton Right There🤞🏾😼😼😼

राय साहब ‏@ItsAwanindra

If anybody asks the benefits of deMo, show them this tweet. Even a party like @INCIndia swimming in filthy sevage o…

Cat Of The Wood ‏@ZigsaCat

@JoMacIntosh1 @Greta__Sophie @inster6789 She is such a flirt. Soph was only flirting with me the other day!😼😹

clrssdlrs ‏@imclaris_012

IS IT GOOOOOD? OR NOT? 😊😀😂😃😄😅😇😈😉😐😑😕😠😡😢😴😮😮😣😥😤😦😧😩😰😟😱😲😵😶😷😞😍😒😛😘😚😭😌😖😪😔😓😫🙋🙌🙍🙅🙆🙇🙎🙏😺😼😸😹😻😽😿😾🙀🙈🙉🙊💩👶👦👧💑👪👫👬👭💏👨👵👩👤👥👷👮💁💂👯👸🎅👼👱👳…

Nerdy Awkward Lys 😘 ‏@lys_montague1

Leave the cats out of this 😼

alif kimi ‏@hakimisco11

Hey , do you happy to disturb others happiness ? Darn it 😼

azziie💙🦋 ‏@azuccenaaa

@h1gharibabby Butttt I been thoe😼💪🏼

Marlon & Dexter ‏@TheSilkies11

@mrmokeycat Pfft!!! Mummy the meany 😼

clarazouz ‏@_claradaval

@scaam09 Promis 😼

Saint ‏@SaintLau2

@queenkimbaby Are they golden😼

destanie raker ‏@moviefreakD

@MileyCyrus @chrishemsworth The pup deserves a bone, taking down Thor is no easy task 😼

Davis Cherian ‏@davechers

@vinusearchforl1 @SahyadriMAHA @followsanjeev Kid, whatever land this is, lemme school you : Welcome to India of "w…

HK girl ‏@In_Vino

Last evening in Sydney with @kesabeth before heading back to HK & the furry thug 😼.

TheDon ‏@yahboikeef

You everything I asked for 😻😼

Sharon. ‏@mademyouisele

@ULTIMATERPE Hello, Jeffrey. I would love to do 72 hours to date with you. 😼

🍵@13.01 ‏@gt_rmn

@ft_asami We're JAPANESE.😼

三つ目ちゃん(nagisan) ‏@TdOwxltwi8fIJGy

@qOZam2SJGPJC4MP fighting😼✌️

Danny Rhodes ‏@rhodes06_

Edc 19 is a must and it starts now... good start to say the least 😼

Fake News ‏@FakeNewsCourant

@GreggAWallace There's a good boy😼 #Monicat

Appropriate Tributes ‏@godtributes

@thesyc66 😼 😼 FOR THE 😼 LORD

☭My Own Bear Hands ‏@thesyc66

😼 tweeted...twote(?) it better.😅

oshae💘 ‏@___Oshae

Because I’m up asf 😼

Shall not be dismantled nor infringed upon. ‏@ladyjanekane1

@glamelegance @IvankaTrump @USGLC But she does represent this country and issues I am concerned with. I voted and…

|| T a s n i m || 👸 ‏@_tasnimporijol_

RV looks like a promising character ! But I really don't want this track for a long time ! 😼 We want #AdiYa…

Dany🌸 ‏@JustDJunior

Happy Catday 😼😻 @DannyShookNews @aaronashton77 @robin96325622

R.3.D ‏@R3Dteevee

I just watched a grown woman crying herself to sleep over her cat...that was just ate by a coyote 🙏🏽😼🙏🏽 #RIPCHUNCHUN

Cat Of The Wood ‏@ZigsaCat

@JoMacIntosh1 Don't waste your cat energy on those games. Humans can be time wasters. If she can't play properly, don't bother!😼😺

becto ‏@RebeccaMcEwan_

@caitlin_scott_ Sure am 😼

IG:pump_weezy ‏@IgPump

Hope to see y'all there😼🎈

danbino ‏@DanielBrown1999

When you receive cute texts off bae 😻😈😼👅👌🏻

Sumant Choudhary ‏@WriteIndian

@TimesNow @RahulGandhi Hmmm pappu @RahulGandhi u're right. But i'm posting this news link from back May 24, 2012. 😼…

Nikole Smith ‏@DID_Nikky

Don't want to admit that we're not coping, found out that our friend, 😼, has a minor heart murmur and the vet wants…

preeti young ‏@preeti_young

BRAND NEW VIDEO: Morning Glory 😼💦 $4.99/£3.70 a month 🙀

Sumant Choudhary ‏@WriteIndian

@GauravPandhi @RahulGandhi @imVkohli Pandhi you remain a stooge & sycophant of Italian mafias.😼 This news from back…

Char 🇺🇸 ‏@Charlikesitboo

@MichaelAvenatti People who voted an orange dildo into the White House shouldn’t judge. 🍊🤡😼

Chuu。♡ ‏@chuuiloona

Aih, you want chu from meeeーe? 😼

matts emotional ‏@mattsemotional

😼 Cat Face With Wry Smile

lauragee(; ‏@_LovelyLaura16

Said he wanna see me hit 😼

Zero 🍀💛 ❤️ ‏@ZeroRice1012

👊🏻😼BAM! Clawsum #ZSHQ Zomb Detekshon Tekneek

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