Cheese Wedge Emoji

A wedge of cheese. Not necessarily a specific type or style of cheese, but likely to be shown with a bright yellow appearance.

Cheese Wedge was approved as part of Unicode 8.0 in 2015 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

🧀 Cheese


🧀 U+1F9C0


Tweets For 🧀

Frankia Ja’Niece Hutton 💖 ‏@cocokiaaa

Where the fuck is my bro 🧀

⚡️✨ Ann Lemay ✨⚡️ BlackLivesMatter ‏@annlemay

She smelled the #cheese I was eating and came to claim the cheese tax. 🧀 #pamplemousse #catsofinstagram

MadReisz | nsfl ‏@MadReisz7

The way if you know, you KNOW. 🍆🧀

Moppie 🌼 ‏@moppie138

@MadReisz7 Such slut lololol 🍆🍆🧀

Voster💰 ‏@SlyGangVo

We don’t play no games when it come to stacking cheese 🧀 💯💯

NorthOconee Baseball ‏@NOHS_Baseball

@bubba_chandler1 @JBrownPG Cheeeeeeese 🧀

🤷🏾‍♂️ ‏@IsYahDumb

Free Cheese 🧀


Which one of our vegan organic cheeses is your favorite? Share your favorite 🧀🌱 with us 💚 #veganism…

Robert Angelo ‏@RobertAngelo

@jonfavs @danpfeiffer @PodSaveAmerica I guess reading live ads on your podcast to save America wasn’t enough. Sucki…

Stuart Crossman ‏@StuartRCrossman

@spilsbury_orama Give Me Cheese, or Give Me Death... Viva la Fromage 🧀

🇲⋆⑅˚₊ ‏@uhxia0

@maivur hey sexc 🧀

Florian Frischmuth hex(255) ‏@ffrischm

You leave us no choice: Do not wear deodorant when taking public transportation to entice people to 1) wear a mask…

Areen_Azyan ‏@Areen_Azyan

Breakfast 🍳🧀 #Areen_Azyan

𝘤𝘩𝘢𝘳𝘭𝘪𝘦 @ simping for uni ‏@cheezthemz

guys i have a new nickname its chaese bc its like cheese but also short for charlie do u like it 🧀😈

14u T3 Elite (Lowe) ‏@T3Elite2024

🔥86.2🔥 New personal best FB velo for 2024 LHP @Drew3Graham this past weekend in the semifinals at SFP. That’s some…


@worthybieber Here you go 🍆🧀


Which one of our vegan organic cheeses is your favorite? Share your favorite 🧀🌱 with us…

jaedawg77 ‏@jaedawg77

@Gould_A_T That actually sounds pretty good.. Reminds me of childhood.. Some messed up shit but the grilled cheese…

Kelepi Finau Hala ‏@562Hala

I dont eat 🧀 🎂 but are you down for some Cheesecake Factory?

Margieville ‏@Margieville

Spicy cheezy buffalo chicken with vegan cheese topping. 🧀 Big ol' side salad and garlicky broccoli to fill my plate…

Marcia Gagliardi ‏@tablehopper

The only way to stop eating a pan of browned and bubbly broccoli 🥦 mac and cheese 🧀 is to share it with your neighb…

ashley ‏@ashley79987224


bubbly.bebe.dunkin ‏@bebe_dunkin

@lilpapivoni you gotta love cheese 🧀

BlindBagToyAddict ‏@blindbagtoys

@fugglers dinner 🧀 who doesn’t love some macaroni & cheese 😋 #Fugglers #Minis @ Chicago, Illinois

Bangla Steinbrenner ‏@AshBonny

@sirenaboricua11 Looking forward to virtually dining your lobster mac ‘n cheese 🧀

👶🏽 ‏@jmoney50k

I got that butterfly effect🦋 it's like i changed for the better i ain't got no friends in here nigga i came for the…

🇲⋆⑅˚₊ ‏@uhxia0

armchairs with matching icons, lets be moots 😼🧀

jumpy231 😷🙏🏈🚛 ‏@jumpy231

@LittleMissLizz I second the motion 🧀

NudeFoodDude ‏@NudeReviewDude

CONGRATULATIONS!!! @mellionie_noelle You won the #Giveaway with @eatmusclemac 🧀 ✅ AS ALWAYS PLEASE LIKE AND FOLLOW…

anindya ‏@anindnatsir

🍗🧀 chicheese

Matty Speth ‏@matty_speth

@MollyJongFast Maybe out of Velveeta 🧀.

Red Fm live wala 爪Ⓐ𝔫ᶤˢⒽ (منیش فتنہ) ‏@my_self_manish_

@shivamss110 Good morning shivam bhai 🌼💛🌻🏵🐥😺😀🍋🧀🍤🌄🚕🛵🚖🌞⚡🔔💡⚠️

7orrez ‏@7orrezz

NAME THIS RAPPER [4th EDITION] Here’s the twist there is a right answer so the person that gets the right answer ge…

🇲⋆⑅˚₊ ‏@uhxia0

@honeykiims greetings 😸🧀

🌱梦梦 ♥ 📖天涯客 ‏@yuhengnight

Moshang 🧊🐹 & Meimeng ❄️🦚 meanwhile are running the entire production front-to-back. It’s not easy, getting all the…

𝐬𝐲𝐚𝐡𝐢𝐫𝐚 🐧// #LeftnRight4thWin ✨ ‏@lil_jinyoung

@pjszcI Ahhh :((( also morning asha 🍳🧀🍞🥐 Hope u alrdy eat 😂

Kathy Olson ‏@KathyOlson24

@ChuckCallesto WISCONSIN 🧀🇺🇸🦅❤

Oscar ‏@orphieus

@LittleMissLizz Mac & Cheese has been classified a veggie in my life after watching King of the Hill. Peggy: "Hank…

Trisha ‏@westerndragon90

@akkitwts Grilled cheese 🧀

Owen Johnson🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 ‏@owenjohnson03

What a man.🧀😂😂

sathish ponnusamy ‏@rpsathish3

@msdhoni Happy birthday MSD 🎉🎂🧀

G-dubbbbb5⃣ ‏@_Gduuuuub5

Straight cheese 🧀 @Zachary_James_3

Tony Solo ‏@CallMeDelicious

@Jozy_NutMegz @milioONmute Follow the 🧀

andy 🐊 ‏@AndyR_realtor

@Keith_JR95 Blue cheese 🧀😉

Cactus Assassin ‏@assassin_cactus

@replicantpinky @AussieGuy @AuthorEllie @ninsthewriter @RAndrewAuthor @morales_ej @l_paterno @ElizabethALance…

kyleigh ‏@corenswets

@lemastersofia get ready for cheese 😏🧀

Mae ‏@Mae_notMay

💛🍯⚠️🌕🛵✨🐱🧀 google name + favorite color + aesthetic | add 1st four pics (no collages)

Huskohlyite ‏@huskohlyite

bet you could route it to be his own dungeon cause chains get him off or something 🧀

Finley Adams 🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈 ‏@Finlderp

@Jberry438 @Tesco You may have some cheese puffs. Fuck it, cheese puffs for everyone! lol 🧀👌

幸이 ✈🍋💧🎻🎹 ‏@starmyung

This is literally all anyone needs to know about me: 1. I stan bands 2. I have trouble sleeping. 3: I love cheese. 🧀

John Berry ‏@Jberry438

@Finlderp @Tesco Clearly I'm not good enough to be told of these Cheese Puffs.. I shall not be sharing by Nacho Che…

Chef Sonya Mo ‏@ChefSonyaMo

Moscato grapes 🍇 & mild cheddar cheese 🧀 + music = my vibe tonight

Packers12Rodgers🐐 ‏@PackersRules31

@jamienolastname One day we will see eachother in person my awesome Packers sister Jamie!!! ❤️💛💚😍🧀💯

Joewand Murphy ‏@last1muggin

Everette & Jones should make a BBQ Chicken or a Sliced Beef Burrito. Ingredients: Tortilla Shells Chicken or Slice…

C ♛ ‏@_HeyItsCarissa_

she dropped it to the floor, she did it for cheese 🧀

Rj Ruppert ‏@rj_rupp247

@NHLBlackhawks @JonathanToews @FifthThird @Votejim2 Subban in season form. 🧀

Chiru DHFM ‏@DhfmChiru

Happy Birthday Boss 🧀😎

tiffani 🏝🍯 ‏@tiffanicvd


🥋🥋Kuzushi🥋🥋 ‏@kazushi2016

@SwiftHitter Lots of aspects people never see or even consider i.e syndications and stallion deals. That’s the real chedda 🧀

Ahpheng8 ‏@ahpheng8

Cheesy? 😂 I haven't done cheesy strips for a while, indulge me! 🧀#ItsOkayToNotBeOkay #kimsoohyun #seoyeji…

Uriella Israel 🤍 ‏@urivolving

Vegan mac and cheeze. 🧀

kyle ‏@AslayKyle

Some words are better left unsaid. 🧀

Roberto Belen ‏@bel2744

@TheDemCoalition @funder @FoxNews @realDonaldTrump Yeah right. The moon 🌙 is made of cheese 🧀.

Adamgaim/ZETA! 😊 ‏@AdamBlackRX5

😋🧀 I make Bread Roll sausage Cheese mozzarella 🤭🥰


Even the ones that play outside of the PG, content creators focus on 🧀. People pick point guards not because they a…


This is false, @NBA2K doesn't focus on the PG, they over emphasis scoring period. Interior play is mostly a series…

J 🧀 🍑 ‏@jamienolastname

I need this Covid virus to be over with so when I get to Wisconsin I can freely hug all my cheesehead friends 😍💚💛🧀

Tommy ‏@thackett13

@jjyergey Smartest molds gotta be spoiled milk, how did it know to become disgusting and then with time become what…

S u n n y ☀️ ‏@sunnyotakuu

@DenofGeekUS @pinny_arcade @animalcrossing @ACWorldBlog @anicrossingnews @ACNewHorizons @PA_Megacorp @PA_PinPals…

くろすにいる ‏@kurosusenpai

All for cheese!!! 🧀🍻

gigi 🧺 i.a.a. 😼🔥 ‏@kottoncrossing

@goldiesgf fromage 😳🧀

kaya 🎗 ‏@stocklinscmb

cheese 🧀 just 😳 went ➡️ in ⬇️ my 🖐🏻 boobies 🍒

Kat Loud Aka KatZop ‏@RedRumBom

I just want da cheese 🧀 & Dope but ion hang around rats 🐀

Calvin "Big Diesel" Sturgess ‏@MountainDew2020

@vespertilioAJR We gonna leave out the fact Gavin Newsom made a lil 🧀 off us too?

▲ trabediah ▼ giornos government assigned bully ▲ ‏@MOBSDAD

@fuyuzakkura So here’s what I’m thinking 🤔💭 . You🧑🏻, me🙋‍♂️, two Four Lokos🤯. Chuck E. Cheese🐭🧀. Skee-Ball⛷🎾. Uh oh…

Nauld ‏@RenauldShelton

@CoachC21906 @Chiefs @PatrickMahomes 🧀 with the Whopper

Novi ‏@saputrinovi27

Baking 🧀🍰

lilsherm_25 ‏@vSxpreme_z


_Smayes_ ‏@_Smayes_

@GmiasWorld Where is Rodgers at ?🧀

Eddie Martinez ‏@eddiejmart86

@bossbro5 @FakeSportsCentr That’s a lot 🧀

u4ikst8 ‏@u4ikst8

@SixQ2Q2Q Sconnie 💛💚 🧀 🍺 𝚋𝚕𝚖 ‏@BruhmomentoC

@Gwacieboatman CHEEEEEEESE cheese 🧀

RoyalKeck ‏@rosenhoover69

Bored in the car, im in the car bored. 🚘🧀

Danielle Ayers ‏@BluesyThoughts

Though I prefer the liquid version of @eatjust Egg, the frozen ones are REALLY great for making breakfast sammies.…

G w a c i e ‏@Gwacieboatman

@BruhmomentoC CHEEEEEEESE cheese 🧀

Derek S Game Design ‏@DerekSGamDesign

@replicantpinky I’ll dig for cheese 🧀

Waide ‏@waide55

@Botella2000 Spam 🧀 this queso 🧀 if u want PUMUKI MAKI in the nexo 🧀

Turah ‏@turahDuhh

Finna be a movie 🍿 night popcorn and grill cheese 🧀😋☺️🥰

Sorry4theSnake ‏@SSJON1000

50 smoked TI on that you so tough record 😂🧀🐀

^Owlies Featherbottom^ ‏@LittleOwlies

mama say is very rude for little #owls to do defenestrationz of yucky ol’ dinner-bwoccoli. 🥦 so i says “den maybe…

NeverFatAgain Fasting CHEATCODE ‏@ChaliciaMisick

Stop your wining! You need some cheese with all that damn wine😂🧀🍷

Gary Hailey ‏@pbzstwnrmc49

@48sleeper @babygirlcj Government cheese 🧀 works wonders.

Wart Jr. Fan Club ‏@animalcrossinEA

@aylin_island let's get to know each other, pt 2! 1) breakfast 🥞 2) natural hair 💇🏻‍♀️ 3) arcade 🎮 4) farmhouse…

SaluteMe ‏@ImBeautiful613

Idk why I been craving this 🧀 🥖 omg! I need it now

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