Cheese Wedge Emoji

A wedge of cheese. Not necessarily a specific type or style of cheese, but likely to be shown with a bright yellow appearance.

Cheese Wedge was approved as part of Unicode 8.0 in 2015 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

🧀 Cheese


🧀 U+1F9C0


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SGBM ‏@SGBMFreiburg

Industry mentoring 2019 - Mentors and mentees always enjoy networking in the kitchen! 😊🥪🍷🧀

Erick Perez 🧀 ‏@tderick95

@SNFonNBC @ChicagoBears @packers @NBCSBears @FiftyDeuce Go pack go 🧀

Whop'LOADING ‏@Whopppppppp

MLB some 🧀

The Blackalachian ‏@blackalachian

Say Cheese!!! 🧀 #theblackalachian #loveandlight #moosejaw #moosejawmadness #caminodesantiago #caminodelnorte…

Ayesha 🌐 ‏@AyeshaaOfficial

☀Pehchaan Group☀ Follow+ Retweets👍 @Mohaadnr1 🧀🍰@AA__MAZA @nain94410905 @Noorkpti @waqar__rana @Aliza_ifb 🧀🍰…

Katelynn ‏@haighkatelynn_8

Congrats on making it to Hump Day, here is your reward! (45 Photos) 🧀

G2 Esports ‏@G2esports

Do you like your queso sliced or shredded? 🧀 Don't miss out on the action as our Academy team @G2Heretics takes on…

Jennnnn ‏@_iamjenn09

i hate that cheese is so delicious but yet so so bad 😩😭🧀💕

Candice Haridimou ‏@candii_h

Shout out to @TyneChease @ButeIslandFoods @FollowYourHeart @GrViolife @daiyafoods @vegusto_uk !! 🧀🌱🙌 And there are…

It's Teddie!! Brofurs Hector & Toppo OTRB🌈💔😢 ‏@Hector_Shar_Pei

@angelananaedna Now that’s just playing dirty pal! Pffft! Don’t they understand the rules? 👍🧀👍the quid pro quo?

Aaron Martin-Green ‏@SirMartinGreen

@erynstancell @emilyjoyyyyy CHEESECAKE CHEESECAKE CHEESECAKE 🧀 🎂

Work🐎 ‏@omerta_lee

@adi_carl You see my boy Peters up there ? Nope me either he is 🧀

It's Teddie!! Brofurs Hector & Toppo OTRB🌈💔😢 ‏@Hector_Shar_Pei

@Mark_99nc @TheSilkies11 Could be upping my game soon for a bigger chunk 😈🧀😈

KENYA • DENISE ‏@iamkenyadenise

😋Give me all the Vegan Mac & Cheese!🧀 My new favorite place to hang out in Dallas is the @DallasFarmer because ther…

Erick Perez 🧀 ‏@tderick95

@ParkerMoes @thepackerpage Agree 🧀

Laura The Swiftie ‏@LauraTheSwiftie

Vote plz, it’s for science 🧀

Follow HELP 🇵🇰 ‏@Ashrafollw

☀Pehchaan Group☀ Follow+ Retweets👍 @Mohaadnr1 🧀🍰@AA__MAZA @nain94410905 @Noorkpti @waqar__rana @Aliza_ifb 🧀🍰…


We’ve got some exciting news that will mac’ you smile... for more than just our cheesy puns 😉 🧀 Mac N’ Cheese has a…

John Quakes ‏@quakes99

Yee-Haw! 🐂🤠 Numerco now indicating #U3O8 Spot sits at US$26.25/lb... UP $1.50 since last Thursday (+6%)... up nearl…

Randon 🐺 ‏@randonwolfy

VW pin-up gurls 🧀 & 🚗 @KobraSergal 🐺 @twistedtwisz 🐺 @randonwolfy 📷 @ZiplerWolf

Mike Parry ‏@mikeparry8

Sure is .. 🧀

Amanda ‏@33ayu

Are we going to lots of cheese 🧀 Says “ Let’s go 🚙💨 Giddy up 🐌” Do Do 👿🍤👶🏻❤️💃🏼🙇‍♂️👧🏼👱🏻‍♀️👱🏻‍♀️ #DoDo…

Destiny ‏@muvaades

Ate the 🧀 he a rat now

Good Citizens ‏@thepeoplesmac

Which box are you digging into for #MacNCheeseMonday? 🧀⁣ HINT: There is no wrong answer 🤤⁣ ⁣ 📸: @sandyeatsblog

It's Teddie!! Brofurs Hector & Toppo OTRB🌈💔😢 ‏@Hector_Shar_Pei

@agoldentale Make sure they put down a decent chunk, otherwise stay put 🧀👍🧀

Daniho ‏@Danihobaze

🧀🍰How Many Followers Do You Want ? 🧀🍰🧀🍰🧀🍰🧀🍰🧀🍰🧀🍰 🧀🍰10M     🧀🍰20M 🧀🍰30M 🧀🍰40M 🧀🍰50M 🧀🍰60M 🧀🍰70M 🧀🍰80M 🧀🍰90M 🧀🍰9…

Classifieds California ‏@ClassifiedsCal

10:44:34-** #ClassifiedsCAL @jimboystacos How are you treating yourself this weekend? 🤗 Are you loading up your taq…

The Cheese Bar ‏@thecheesebarldn

⁣All about that puuuuuuuuuuuull!! Thanks for the cheesy goodness funfoodfund 👍🧀⠀

josh houtz ‏@houtz

@GhostOfAdamGase @EAMaddenNFL seam route 🧀

Stacey🌺 ‏@staceyrebecca7

#BookReview Escape to the French Farmhouse by Victoria Brownlee 💞🧀🌷🥐

Miguelito Loveless ‏@DrLiebknicht

Yes! #Cheese 🧀💓 An edible token of esteem:...

Jules. ‏@savoie_libre0

@flanofChaos Fromages 🧀

YaeYae ‏@yae_r3dd

nigga ain’t need them my pockets still cheesy 🧀💵

Ali Branscombe ‏@alibranscombe

Long live CHEESEHEAD, the best science field campaign acronym. 🧀#cheesehead19

Khawar Ali ‏@K_Ali1992

@mrynwa18 Just adds more ⛽️ to the 🔥 Rodgers coming with this season. It’s gonna be a wild season WE ARE HERE FOR IT 🧀

Meisya Yonenaka ‏@meisyayonenaka

Happy Birthday My Bestie!🐭🧀

melissa ‏@mbg803

@chrissyteigen Not a vegan and just did a taste test for plant based cheeses. Violife is amazing! Especially the sm…

Shakers Bar andGrill ‏@ShakersBarWixom

Tag a friend that will eat all of this! 😋 #cheese #bread 🧀 @ShakersBarWixom #cheesebread #🧀 @ShakersBarWixom 🙌🧀🧀🙌…

👑Nompumelelo💫 ‏@Laydeephum

@OupaKev Sorry Pastor 🧀

Perry Huntley ‏@perryhuntley

@ALEXDYKE1 @BBCRadioSolent forget bubble gum and cheese, lato just playing 🧀 Yes!

azariah ‏@amariah88

@RileyJennerXxX Did you try ebay? Mac and cheese 🧀

Mewie_Girl on Fire ‏@Mewie_shiny

#fireandwater #stagsleapwinecellars 🍷 One of the best wine 🍷 tasting & small bites 🧀 of the world from chef Travis…

Luna Blue ‏@weareLunaBlue

Sun's out Buns out 🍔🍔🍔 Best things to put on a BBQ? Can't beat a smashing slice of halloumi 🧀😏😏😏😏 #summer #BBQ #bbqtips #food

Sean martin ‏@xxMartinix

@zachkruse2 @DavidBakhtiari @EAMaddenNFL There goes another 3 beers off rip, when he see's this🍻🍻🤣💪🧀🏈

KingWooD ‏@KingWooD_Love

@yum_shes_creamy 😁😄😀 Whole time never was no 🧀 on that nigga burger.... He eating noodles🍜

🌈 ナット / Can't shut up. Won't shut up. ‏@jogiovers

🕶️: hey, gela, we're getting into da mirror world, can u check noone is coming? 🍨: leave it to me. 🧀: btw, do u kno…

Sean martin ‏@xxMartinix

@_SmashAmos31 👀👀, you and Trevor Davis 💪🧀🏈

Sean martin ‏@xxMartinix

@Big__Blake50 @AaronNagler @EAMaddenNFL 👀 this gonna be good 😁🧀🏈

🧙🏾‍♂️ ‏@TheyHate_Jab

They don’t know what I’m doinnnn 🔵🧀

Vegan Chat Room Ⓥ ‏@VeganChatRoom

@veganrecipehour @VeganOlive1 Oh a cheese block? 🧀

Sean martin ‏@xxMartinix

@Showtyme_33 🤣🤣🤣 Aaron Jones this year be like 🏃🏽‍♂️🏃🏽‍♂️💨✌💪🧀🏈

𝕁𝕚𝕜𝕠𝕠𝕜 𝓈𝓊𝓅𝓅𝑜𝓇𝓉𝑒𝓇 ‏@my_mochi_aegiya

@joonhomo 🧀 Cheese, 🍍 pineapple, 🍄 mushrooms and 🌽 corn HAHAHAHA (really, and its good)

Amara ‏@Ahhmara

My stomach has not been okay since I left Disney world. 🐭🍔🍟🍕🧀🍞🍇🍿🍫🍰🍩🍦☕


🌴~Info~🌴 That what he said... #twitchde #twitch #liebe ❤️ #DiMiFry #PrimeNightRT #Bier 🍺 #käseschnuten 🧀…

KSizzle.Driz19 ‏@Kenny_Szmansky

Wonder what it feels like not to even break 80 and be a “top 5 guy” win a playoff game first Stafford ur cheeks. Aa…

Kat ‏@katrinity78

I just made the best grilled cheese sandwich!🧀🍞

🐬 Stacy Bauer 🐬 ‏@tbauer001

WOOHOO, I was 1 of the 5 LUCKY WINNERS!!! CONGRATS! 🧀❤😍 You have been chosen as one of the WINNERS of the…

Bypass 2020 - Anniversary Symposium ‏@bypass2020

Indeed, 50 years of bypass is an extraordinary event to celebrate. Now, the fact that it happens in Zurich is even…

Sticker Mule ‏@stickermule

With today’s prize, you’ll never have to buy cheese again! 🧀😜 Enter to win a 20lb parmesan cheese wheel just by li…

Madi👽 ‏@music_relative_

I need breakfast food 🥞 🍳 🥓 🧀

Bret†Joseph†Muraski† ‏@unite_and_fight

Herbed #GoatCheese 🐏🧀 #PolentaFries #FrenchFries 🍟 with #Raspberry #Dijon #Aioli 🍇 #ItalianRestaurant 🇮🇹❤️💚

Purple 💜 (Per Pill 💊 💊) ‏@PillPer

@billcollectorDB Lookin like 🧀, 🥗 & 💩 in a 🌮

ieatgood247 ‏@ieatgood247

Mamma Mía, could definitely use a pick me up like this to get me through this Monday right about now 🤤 • • • 🍝: Gno…

John Quakes ‏@quakes99

Seems the Sellers 🐭 were right... the Buyers are continuing to chase 🐱 by raising their Bids to US$25.75/lb. 🧀 S…

Brook Kitchen & Tap ‏@BrookKitchenTap

WE HAVE THE WINGS, and they are delicious 😋 Come get your famous wings with you choice of sauce or dry rub! Served…

BeverlyPublicLibrary ‏@beverlylibrary

Registration is open for our Summer Reading Cheese Tasting! Learn about cheese pairings and try some delicious chee…

WCPB ‏@Banjoman2011

@Cathy_L17 From Somerset so appreciate local cheese. 🧀👍

💕 میرا عشق جنون عمران خان💕 ‏@QAU798

☀Pehchaan Group☀ Follow+ Retweets👍 @QAU798 🧀🍰@AA__MAZA @Noorkpti @waqar__rana @Aliza_ifb 🧀🍰@sham3600 @shaz2684…

Aaron Palacios ‏@ImmigrantEVEN

Yo found this at the @TheFreshGrocer in Philadelphia by UPenn on walnut! Ratatouille in the dairy section chasing…

Halfway Cafe ‏@HalfwayCafe

WE HAVE THE WINGS, and they are delicious 😋 Come get your famous wings with you choice of sauce or dry rub! Served…

Nando ‏@fauxfurnando

At my moms eating all this dairy like i dont have to be at work in a couple hours! RIP TO ME. 🧀⚰️😵

Ali Gabriel ‏@Balski78

What do you call cheese 🧀 that isn’t yours? Nacho Cheese

// Bobbie // ‏@_bobbietweets

hello does vegan cottage cheese exist? asking for me 🧀

HomeDNA ‏@HomeDNAbyDDC

There are some key differences between intolerance and allergy. 🍓🍏🧀 Read it: Think you mig…

Shearwater Life ‏@ShearwaterLife

Just add wine and cheese. 🍷🧀👌 Learn more about @tollbrothersinc: #luxurykitchen #JAX #StAug

Wawa ‏@Wawa

@DaPegster We're so cheesed to have you as a fan! 🧀😁

Red Button ‏@davidredbutton

I wonder whether they could date when people began to feel obliged to 'smile for photographs' I don't think that th…

Jess 🌎 ‏@jesscid

Yes, agreed 100%!!!!! Gimme some good tasting alternative blue cheese, gouda, cheddar,etc 🧀

Camden the Fox ‏@FoxyNuls

@NickTyson I see this video and all I can hear is the Duck Tales moon level music. 🌕🧀🎶

FRAN!!! ‏@cheesychoi

both my usernames relate to cheese wtf I guess I like cheese huh? 🧀

Sandy / Cass ‏@socalheart

I have to go to town every day this week. Hoping that @tacobell here has #nachofries still/again. 🧀🍟

eDairy Market.en ‏@eDairyMarket

Gouda, Mozzarella, Parmesan, Cream, Hard, Ricota.... 🧀😛 😎Cheeses with very good prices, here:…

Skee 🅙 ‏@SkeeWRLD

@HundoTV And believe me, there are locks that cannot shoot for shit. Like at all. And that’s just the 24 🧀 and good timing

Sugar & Lime ‏@sugarandlime

Who said Monday nights have to be dull?😉 Head down to @petitcafeducoin for cheese and live music!🧀🎵 ・・・ Come join u…

Bethan Turner ‏@Bethan_Artist

Veggie Tea tonight 👍🏻👍🏻 Tandoori garlic and coriander flatbread sweet chilli margarita pizza 🍕🧀🍅🌶😋😋

Chelese Belmont ‏@CheleseBelmont

@ComedyRobbo I’m having flashbacks to my middle school nickname 😉🧀

The Big Kitchen ‏@BigKitchenRVA

Mac & Cheese pleeeeeeease. 🧀🔥 #TheBigKitchen #Catering #TBKCatering #RVACatering #RVA #RVADine…

joshua ‏@JoshuaMah

@Chris79699884 @AlexNBCNews Blue check means shhhhheeeeees top cheddar 🧀. 👎🏼

thisissoho ‏@thisissoho

If you love fondue then you are going to love Soho's newest opening Heritage 😍The modern Swiss restaurant has offic…

🔥SpiritScorcher🔥 🔜 TwitchCon ‏@spiritscorcher

Who likes blue 🔵 cheese 🧀? I love blue cheese. Am I the only one who adds several scoops and the beefiest chunks of…

Cathy Lovell ‏@Cathy_L17

@Banjoman2011 Good effort! 🧀

glittermethisco ‏@glittermethisco

We all have that girl in our tribe who yells "Oh my God, that's my jam" and then proceeds to sing ALL the wrong lyr…

Rachel Egan ‏@rockegan

He sure knows the way to my heart 🧀💛

Waz Wu ‏@wazwu

I have several 💣 #macandcheese recipes using some combo of veggies, nuts, seeds, and vegan cheese, but sometimes yo…

🦊Jamie From State Farm ☎️ ‏@NaNaGsFunkyJunk

@lisazumba10 Indeed.. my pizza 🍕 or macaroni & cheese 🧀 tweets always bring new followers 😆🤷‍♀️😏

aaila ‏@nain94410905

☀Pehchaan Group☀ Follow+ Retweets👍 @Mohaadnr1 🧀🍰@AA__MAZA @nain94410905 @Noorkpti @waqar__rana @Aliza_ifb 🧀🍰…

Apent ‏@AnchristoPEnt

Say 🧀 📸 @express better hire me as a model already 😂. #model #newpost #castincalls #smallyoutuber Add me on the Gr…

Di Bruno Bros. ‏@DiBrunoBros

Its RIND Day! 🧀 TODAY ONLY Free shipping on orders over $75! Also, enjoy 15% off our entire site ALL WEEK using the…

ℤℬ Kℍᗅن ‏@Zia__k

☀Pehchaan Group☀ Follow+ Retweets👍 @Mohaadnr1 🧀🍰@AA__MAZA @Noorkpti @waqar__rana @Aliza_ifb 🧀🍰@sham3600…

NeneView Dairy ‏@NeneviewDairy

🥂🍾🎉 We're feeling a little bit excited once more! We are very lucky to have been selected as Finalists in not 1 but…

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