Chestnut Emoji

A chestnut emoji. Sometimes mistaken for an acorn.

A popular snack in Japan (as well as other locations around the world) is the roasted chestnut.

Chestnut was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

🌰 Acorn

🌰 Nut


🌰 U+1F330




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Mary A. Petrillo🧢 ‏@MotherMayI16

Elizabeth Warren may have some decent ideas but her her shakey voice drives me nuts🌰

고먐미 👍🌰 ‏@1994August21

N.Flying's 6th mini album YAHO is available at Joox 👉 👍🌰 #NFlying #엔플라잉 #야호 #夜好 #YAHO…

🏆แจกบั้ม AB6IX รายละเอียดที่ Pin ค่ะ ‏@boraboradanbii

#이대휘 🌰 #อีแดฮวี 191016 (เวลาไทย) 04:00 MBC show champion (อัดรอบ1) 08:50 MBC show champion (อัดรอบ2) 16:00 MBC show…

harp하프 ‏@harp_seungjjang

got it 🎶👍🌰 #NFlying #엔플라잉 #6thMiniAlbum #굿밤 #GOOD_BAM #야호 #夜好 #YAHO #FLY_HIGH #FLY_HIGH_PROJECT #엔플라잉이랑_야호_굿밤 #이승협…

Dixon Kitchen BBQ & Smokehouse ‏@ddixon764

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💛(⚆ɞ⚆) ‏@inseongface

(ENG) (REQ) Campus Plus May 2018: #INSEONG (Part 2; Q&A) 🌰💛 #SF9

💛(⚆ɞ⚆) ‏@inseongface

(ENG) (REQ) Campus Plus May 2018: #INSEONG (Part 1) 🌰💛 #SF9

Wen Kroy 😭4😱 ‏@heyn0ww

Rewatching THE MONSTER SQUAD before the joy of watching THE SQUAD DOC: WOLFMAN'S GOT NARDS tomorrow night 🐺🌰🌰…

Teresa ‏@T_Mtl1110

@ElizAthertonSop @thewhyterabitt @giftedgardener0 @StephenShelle20 Wonderful, I see you're getting an early start o…

Out-R-Inn ‏@OutRInn

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Whoz Who?! ‏@BigWho_

A good 🌰 is therapeutic

Out-R-Inn ‏@OutRInn

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N.Flying • BeneathUrWings ‏@BeneathUrWings

191016 08:00 (KST) GOOD BAM 🌰 Melon: 35 (+34) Genie: 37 (+15) Soribada: 41 Bugs: 31 (+2) #NFlying #엔플라잉 #야호 #YAHO #夜好 #굿밤 #GOOD_BAM

Out-R-Inn ‏@OutRInn

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Out-R-Inn ‏@OutRInn

#EveryGameIsAHomeGame🖤#Friday #Oct🍂18th #NightGame🌚#BeatNorthWestern🔨 “THE”‼️BEST🏆PRE & POST #OhioState🏈#GameDay🏟…

Out-R-Inn ‏@OutRInn

#EveryGameIsAHomeGame🖤Fri🕸Oct🍂18th “THE”‼️BEST🏆#OhioState🏈#GameDay🏟 #WatchParty📺@OutRInn🏡 #ToughLove♥️🌰#GoBucks‼️…

Out-R-Inn ‏@OutRInn

#EveryGameIsAHomeGame🖤#Friday #Oct🍂18th #NightGame🌚#BeatNorthWestern🔨 “THE”‼️BEST🏆PRE & POST #OhioState🏈#GameDay🏟…

🌙 N.Flying👍🌰 GOOD BAM 굿범 🤘🐧 ‏@sinyii_nf

⬆️⬆️ #35 on Melon at 2019.10.16 08:00!! 😱😱 @NFlyingofficial #NFlying #엔플라잉 #야호 #YAHO #夜好 #굿밤 #GOOD_BAM…

Meal Plan ‏@HailieXie

Breakfast: 🍖 Meat on Bone (1 serving) 🍘 Rice Cracker (2 servings) Lunch: 🍰 Shortcake (2 servings) 🌰 Chest…

ircnarc got s worded ‏@rcmnff

🌰 U R The Cutest Person I Know i want to punch you UR SO CUTE

chestnut&garlicsupplier ‏@garlicsupplier

We are fresh chestnut 🌰 supplier Email [email protected] Wechat alina204 Whatsapp 008613963896903

cheerioo ‏@cheerioo

@willfriedle Someone’s going to book a cameo of you reading play’s with squirrels manifesto.. 🤪🌰🌰

🌑⫺∂мοοи 9¾⫹🌑 ‏@nthkmoon

Good night 🌰♥️

Leo Mitchell ‏@LeoIllustration

@PeterMacNicol1 Orange really is the perfect colour to add a sense of homely, autumn atmosphere. 🧡🎃🍂🌰

Sunshine Janel Bey 13 ‏@sunshinebey13

Stop by & get yah plant based snacks @ All yah fav available nutty apples, spice nuts, go…

Sono De Tondro🎃🎃🎃 ‏@EndlosHass

I know you ladies love me, but only DM me if you got them big cow titties 🌎🍁🌔🌰🍄💫✨⛈️🌻🤡

ღ💃❤🐕ღ♥•❥¸¸.•*¨*♥ ‏@Mily116

Those who thank God even in trials, turn the burden into blessings. So keep your faith close to your heart and God…

via🔅STREAM BLIND FOR LOVE ‏@hyogongju

Chestnut 🌰 hairstyle ㅋㅋㅋ

#85390 ‏@ravzacel55

@BrunoPont C A G O N E S 😭🌰😭🌰😭🌰🥈🥈🥈

ღ💃❤🐕ღ♥•❥¸¸.•*¨*♥ ‏@Mily116

Have a sweet afternoon dear friends 🧙‍♀️🍩🧁🌰💚🖤🌰🍂 🖤🍂⋱‿•.♡.•‿.🍂💚🍁Are ya ready to join me for a some scrumdilyumptious…

Veronica ‏@RoverDov123 •°🍂•• 🌰🍁🍂🌰🍁🍂🌰••🍂°• Sharing smiles with the one you love is the perfect way to start the d…

Lifestooshort ‏@AvondalePhotgr1

@SpillaneMj @mark34945235 @harry48771644 @PhilPggreen1 @SkyNewsAust Hahaha ah the old chestnut 🌰. You realise your…

White Lightning Kyle Stan/☇Durag🔋Smart☇ ‏@ToeTapTae

My 😎👈 PP 💦🍆 IS HARD 😭😓 WHY 🤔 THE FUCK 🤤🍑💦🍆😩 IS MY 😔👈 PP 🍆🍆 SO DAMN 😡😤 HARD 🦍 I 😠👈 WENT 💦🍆😓 ON 🚀🌑 MY MOM'S 👩 COMPUTE…

See Social ‏@seesocial_media

Social media in a Nutshell 🌰 And what a "nut post" looks like on each channel 😅 #socialmedia #seesocialmedia…

Emily Burns ‏@BurnsEmily

What did the inquisitive nut say? “...I pistachio, a question....” I’ll see myself out 🌰

jayda ‏@ifhylive

my baby!!!!!!!!!! 🌰🌰🌰🌰

Comadre Daniela ‏@__danicarolina

I have no idea if this is healthy or not 🥴🍌🍓🌰🍫

Jane Fathers Davidson ‏@fathers_jane

#Vegan #ClimateEmergency Well done @Veganfunder 🌰🏆🌳 As you say, the future is nuts!!

[email protected]が待ってる ‏@Ama_setorero

coconut Chestnut milk 🥥 + 🌰 = 🍼 watermelon green apple pineapple 🍉 + 🍏 = 🍍 milk…

leah ‏@ilovemyhan

so soft he is all 🍂🌰🐿

Jon Speidel ‏@Speidel_330

Ok I see you @julian_040 🔥🌰🙌🏼

JeanKevin [FR] ‏@Misterpandawan

@anomalyxd @instinctcsgo Lit broooo 🌰

Global Vegan Crowd Funder ‏@Veganfunder

We did it world. Our first project has reached its target 🌳🌰 NEXT... Funding Ethical & E…

Ambiee 🦋 ‏@AmbrosiaBlaque

🎵🎶 Black Bonnie.... Bad but she Modest..Nasty&Honesty..Black Bonnie Parker!!🥰~ @Wale #AmbrosiaBlaque🦋 #Ambiee💁🏾‍♀️… ⤴️ ‏@kimludcom

New Tumblr post: "Bon Appetit🥘 🍽🍸From 🍂🍁🌰#kimludcom HQ ⚡️⚡️⚡️..." Instagram, IFTTT

Gina Bates ‏@hilltopgina

@jeffrey_deering Thank you 💚 This globally donated forest is going to make history 🌰🌳🌍

Mi Home ‏@caroladventure1

Hi there... I am carol. I am looking for delicious food around the world. I am in Spain🇪🇸. Today is ☁️🌈☁️☁️. So…

Gina Bates ‏@hilltopgina

@Doctorshaib @PeterEgan6 @_AnimalAdvocate @GrowGreenTeam @RebelsAnimal @JohnOberg @ExtinctionR @RobRobbEdwards…

Little Oakley FC Academy ‏@LOFC_Academy

An unfortunate result for the reserves tonight, falling 4-1 to @DedhamOldBoysFC. Reece Harte with the goal in the s…

𝐏𝐚𝐮𝐥 Ⓥ ‏@sonic1930

@hilltopgina @PeterEgan6 @_AnimalAdvocate @GrowGreenTeam @RebelsAnimal @JohnOberg @ExtinctionR @RobRobbEdwards…

Gina Bates ‏@hilltopgina

@Deb58T @PeterEgan6 @_AnimalAdvocate @GrowGreenTeam @RebelsAnimal @JohnOberg @ExtinctionR @RobRobbEdwards @alexlockwood Thank you Deb 💚🌰

Gina Bates ‏@hilltopgina

We made the nut tree TARGET tonight. The Scottish Highlands is going to have its first ever nut protein veganic foo…

Yara/يارا ‏@moailysm

@k_199512 🍏🍎🍐🍊🍋🍈🍓🍇🍉🍌🍒🍑🥭🍓🥥🥦🥑🍆🍅🥝🥬🥒🌶🌽🥕🍞🥯🥐🍠🥔🥖🥨🧀🥚🍳🍖🍗🥩🥓🥞🦴🌭🍔🍟🍕🥗🌯🌮🥙🥪🥘🥫🍝🍜🥗🍤🥟🍱🍣🍛🍙🍚🍘🍥🥠🍨🍧🍡🍢🥮🍦🥧🧁🍰🎂🍿🍫🍬🍭🍮🍩🍪🌰🥜🍯 <—all the food emojis for you—

Suzy Q. Sativa ‏@SuzySativa

Just came here to see if I'm then only one🌰🐿 #snapchatdown

Tree ‏@Honey_Dip3

Sitting on my front porch smoking a wood just admiring Fall’s beauty 😍🍁🍂🐿🌰

Gina Bates ‏@hilltopgina

@walliewombat Yes we have. Whoop whoop. A nut forest is coming to Scotland 🌳🌰🌳🌰🌳🌰🌳🌰🌳🌰🌳🌰🌳🌰🌳🌰🌳🌰🌳🌰🌳🌰🌳🌰🌳🌰🌳🌰🌳🌰🌳🌰🌳🌰🌳🌰🌳🌰🌳

Oozaru ‏@kittsosoul

Just got off, time to drop these 🌰🌰 off in the shower

fabi ☆ 제노 ‏@jenoispuppy

i like boys with rounded head if ur head not circle do Not approach it must be 🌰

Out-R-Inn ‏@OutRInn

#EveryGameIsAHomeGame🖤Fri🕸Oct🍂18th “THE”‼️BEST🏆#OhioState🏈#GameDay🏟 #WatchParty📺@OutRInn🏡 #ToughLove♥️🌰#GoBucks‼️… ⤴️ ‏@kimludcom

Bon Appetit🥘 🍽🍸From 🍂🍁🌰#kimludcom HQ ⚡️⚡️⚡️ 🍁 🍂 🍁 #delicious #yummy #yum #eatfood #newfood…

Ysgol Bro Banw ‏@BroBanw

Green Class got caught in the showers during our Autumn walk today ☔🍂🌳🌿🌰 #banwoutdoors

Susan Jallow ‏@susanjallow

Family on 3! 🅾️🙌🏽🌰

Kat does the Englishing 🇬🇧🇪🇺🇫🇷🇩🇪 ‏@BrainJumble

@EllueTravel @Andreasthlm1 So. Chestnuts 🌰

Car❌en’s Crew ‏@CarmensCrew

The one that's going to have a trophy on the back next summer 🌰

Sublime Squirrel🥜🐿💖367 Smiles ‏@SublimeSquirrel

@LoveCat_Mickey I appreciate your kindness🥰 I know right??!!😆 I hope lucky squirrels will enjoy them🌰🐿🌰🐿💖👼

Michelle Obama Is A Man ‏@Fake1stLady

Michelle Obama's male genitalia EXPOSED on the Ellen Show!!! 🌰🌰

Michelle Obama Is A Man ‏@Fake1stLady

Michelle Obama adjusting his junk. 🌰🌰

Mischa Willett ‏@PoemsforPeople

@jeff_bilbro I just finished chapter 1 last night and I’m bowled over; I can’t stop thinking about it. Those poor 🌰 trees 😬

Bratt & Evans ‏@BrattsNorthwich

🌰🍂 #Autumn is such a beautiful time of the year! 🍂🌰 What part do you enjoy the most? The colour palette? The flavo…

Fairfield Primary ‏@fairfieldnotts

EYFS had a great time watching 'The Gruffalo' at the Theatre Royal on Friday. "A mouse took a stroll through the de…

SpookyWhore ‏@okaydanii

Trying to be worth it 🌰

Kpoppers mellll ‏@Kpoppers_twt

Close friends, Jimin BTS and Sungwoon HOTSHOT Make Netizens Proud of Their Closeness on Their "Lovestagram"! Wow c…

jill ‏@lalunatua

good night 🍀🌰🐣👅🐭🦁🌞🔝😇🌌

Cllr Joe Porter 🇬🇧 ‏@JoePorterUK

My yummy Chocolate Chip Pecan Pie! 🥧🍫🌰😋😍 #GBBO #PastryWeek

🌻RabbitRover🐰🛹🦅🎡 ‏@Rabbit2Jade

the ONLY heartbroken thing to me... 💭💔 YOU are my favorite.🌰🌊🐿️

Kpoppers mellll ‏@Kpoppers_twt

Yeonjun TXT admitted he was moved after getting this special gift from Taehyun,, 😍😊💜💜💜 Wow 👍😊🌰💜💜 @TXT_members…

AimEmp ❤\(◕‿◕ \) ‏@M_Imelody

Take my darling to 우리 원더랜드꿍 jaa!!! And U can follow those step I plan na!!😈😈🎃🎃🎃👻👻😆😘😘 Ok~our SWeet SWeet dream~ LEZG…

Garrison 🌹🌱 ‏@weowntheheat

@ysenojps I'm down! 👻🌳🌰

Ruth Peterson ‏@1ruthieann

@NancyJKoch 🌹 Mr. Climate 🌰 When asked about his own climate footsteps he spoke about how much he loved Cheez-Its…

TessDarbyfield ‏@TDarbyfield

@CollegeGameDay @NissanUSA Justin Fields🌰

mandy64 ‏@mandyaustin64

@SeabrookCrisps Cheese and onion for me 🧀🌰

Scaredy Cat! 🎃 ‏@Cat_Whitney

On a walk 🍂🌰🐿🍁🍃

jayda ‏@ifhylive

missing my beomgyu today :(( 🌰🌰

Meal Plan ‏@HailieXie

Breakfast: 🍫 Chocolate Bar (1 serving) Lunch: 🌰 Chestnut (1 serving) 🥞 Pancakes (2 servings) 🍋 Lemon (1…

Patriot2 ‏@Theresa90842128

I would give anything to see the military storm Congress and arrest these traitors! This is a coup make no mistake…

spooky lil pidge ‏@ramendates

inktober, day 14: chestnut 🌰 . ft. actual chestnuts from the yard. okay so i’m a bit behind on inktober now bc yest…

Laura ‏@Seasonalchild

@evansclothing Brown 🌰 #Shoesday

Veronica ‏@RoverDov123 •°🍂•• 🌰🍁🍂🌰🍁🍂🌰••🍂°• “I would rather spend one lifetime with you, than face all the ages of…

Shelly G ‏@Shelly_G_

@Brutus_Buckeye @ColumbusCrewSC @BlueJacketsNHL @CLBClippers Don’t worry Brutus, you’re the most important mascot. 🌰

✨ Tea Witch ✨ ‏@teawitchery

This is a recipe for when you feel magical, bitch : ☕black tea for clarity 🍬peppermint for smells 🌰an acorn for greed

ジャイ ‏@TheeChunLi

@TheOnly_Shapri Lmfao!!! 😩 I'm just a squirrel trying to get a nut 🌰🐿

Todor Stojanovski ‏@TociZS

My family owns a 3m wide #chestnut tree who was killed by a lightning few years ago. But many hundred old chestnut…

Hiland Toyota ‏@Hiland_Toyota

Be on the lookout! #WinterIsComing #SquirrelsAreComing 🌰🐿️

Mi Home ‏@caroladventure1

Hi! This is carol. Don't you want to find delicious cuisine with me around the world? I am in South Korea🇰🇷. The we…

Naveed Manzar ‏@NaveedManzar

@rubiaabrar Feelings are the state of heart when we love our own Self we love others No doubt Kashmiri ppl are ful…

Becca 🍂 ‏@BeccaRoseTweets

Let us wander where the wifi is weak...🍂🍁🌰🌿 more and more I'm leaving my phone at home (but still taking my camera…

Projecto FollowTrick ‏@ChilliF0ll0w

Like & Retweet come on and join 🌃 🌰 #1FIRST 🎆

HotRod♋ ‏@RodneyStarks2

Now ppl understand how Saints felt about last year's game wen the calls mattered...Detroit keep balling dnt let day…

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