Chocolate Bar Emoji

A block of chocolate, shown as squares with a foil wrapper.

Chocolate Bar was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

🍫 Block Of Chocolate


🍫 U+1F36B




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SculptorBodyFit ‏@sculptorbodyfit

We are constantly having the people that we coach ask us things like:  🤔 ⠀ Do I have to cut my carbs 🍞🥐🥖 to drop bo…

#BeardGang ‏@Sanjay_Dope

If you’re Black, Like & Retweet this and follow me! We gon all follow each other. Comment your snap/ig /Every socia…

🌺PammyR🌺 ‏@Pammy228

@bmstores @CocaCola Chocolate and Christmas decorations🍫 🎄☃️

cinnamon🌸 ‏@kuttinupwnana

Mexican boys ain’t for me 😂😒😛🍫

Barok Café Miami ‏@BarokCafeMiami

Tonight calls in North #Miami for a scrumptious night.🔥🍫 #chocolatefondue Join us for dinner -…

Sushiiblanco ‏@sushiiblanco

This girl never cease to amaze me 😩❤️✨🍫🙌🏾

CITY_OF_DOMS ‏@city_of_doms

@roman_africa CHOCOLATE 🍫 Melts all in your 👅 MOUTH NOT in your 🖐🏽HAND! F L 🍊R I D A Are you READY?…

Marjani ‏@noermarjani

Sweets!🍬🍫 Good treat for bad mood.❤ "So close yet so far" that's what I feel every time I play the claw crane.🧸🕹️…

‏مقرب چوہدری ‏@Jugno_Jatt

A wish for you on your birthday, whatever you ask may you receive, whatever you seek may you find, whatever you wis…

Robin ‏@rb776

@sierrawhiskey_ Enjoy regardless :-) 🍫🎂🍧🍿

Twitt_Bistrot ‏@BistrotTwitt

Obsessed 😱 #Brownies 🍫 #food #foodie #chocolate #brownieslover #chocolatelab #yummy

Mandy Gill ‏@MandyGill

Crossfit 🏋🏼‍♂️ Coffee ☕️ Christmas Cheer 🎄 Chocolate 🍫! 10+ years and this best friendship keeps getting sweeter &…

Mayora Maldita ‏@MalditangMayora

"Current mood: I need food. 🍕🍟🍔🍫🍩

✿ Sнαн Kι Bιωι ✿ ᶻᵉʳᵒ ‏@JacyKhan

@iamsrk Have a very safe & pleasant journey my Sweetheart💋May Almighty Allah keep you healthy, take away your tired…

laur♌ ‏@LauraLeiigh

I love breaktimes at work when Tom's on, we just sit in the car with a picnic 🍫🍬🍰

Sophia reid ‏@sophiareid69

Glass of Wine 🍷 and Chocolate 🍫

OrangeCatCoffee ‏@ohrangecat

Sun Nov 18 Coffee Selections: ☕️Burundi ☕️Pumpkin Butter🎃 ☕️Death By Chocolate 💀🍫 ☕️Decaf Liquid Metal ☕️Decaf Hazelnut

_breeshericee ‏@breeshericee

If you’re Black, Like & Retweet this! We gon all follow each other. Comment your snap/ig /Every social media as well 👸🏽👸🏾👸🏿🤴🏽🍫✨

Papí Hano 🚀✨ ‏@HanoUnknwn

If you’re Black, Like & Retweet this! We gon all follow each other. Comment your snap/ig /Every social media as well 👸🏽👸🏾👸🏿🤴🏽🍫✨

✿ Sнαн Kι Bιωι ✿ ᶻᵉʳᵒ ‏@JacyKhan

@iamsrk Thank you so much mere Babu ke Papa for letting me know that you are leaving NYC then, grateful when you te…

jaque ‏@booeunji

you're my hunny bunny sugar plum.. you're my sweetie pie.. and I want to sing this song for you because you are so…

Gage ‏@allthegage

Wearing my pea coat to the movies because it has a bunch of big pockets 😏 #allthesnacks 🍭🍫🍬🥤🍷

Joy ‏@joyswierczek

🍫 Get to know Marissa luck, the crazy bride from 'The Leftovers' (Video) 🍇

Kiley Christine ‏@iDance_Yuuup

Marshmallow hot cocoa coffee with whipped cream, anyone? It was really just creamer and whipped cream but whatever…

Jess ‏@messjartin1

Netflix and hot chocolate😋🍫🥛

Lisa Jayne Scruton ‏@Lisa_Scruton

This is bliss!!!! RELAXING...eating chocolate 🍫 & watching that square thing 📺 🙌🏻

Wilson Bulldogs Football ‏@WilsonBulldogs

GOOD LUCK Wilson Boys Soccer, playing in the @PIAASports 4A State Title Game this evening at 6:30 at Hersheypark St…

Lise Ode ‏@MomLovesBaking

I’m in love with this fabulous chocolate and peanut butter cake by @sugarcoatesbakery in Baltimore.🍫🍫🍫Photo #9 of m…

Jay🌸 ‏@lesley_jailene



It’s the holiday season — you know what that means!! Stocking up on chocolate oranges and becoming entirely depende…

Glenna Walker ‏@GlennaSWalker

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups PLEASE PICK ME BECAUSE I HAVEN’T WON YET 🥜🍫🥜🍫🥜🍫🥜🍫🥜🍫🥜 #NotSorry #Sweepstakes

Kenzo Katayama ‏@elpprime

Good morning, everyone.🍫"Make the best of a bad bargain." Take it easy!🙃#Kintokun #Katsumada #Shootown…

Whisk Catering & Consulting ‏@WhiskTXK

A fresh batch of cookie dough fudge just for you! $10 lb Preorder yours for the holidays! 🍪🎄🍫 #cookiedough #fudge…

Ana ☁️🇧🇷 ‏@anarianator041

@SabrinaAnnLynn come back to brazil so you can eat more brigadeiro 🇧🇷🍫❤️

*T͙h͙e͙ D͙i͙s͙n͙e͙y͙ D͙u͙o͙o͙* ‏@thedisneyduoo

Yummiest Holiday treat this year! 🎄🍫🤤🍫🎄 The Holiday brownie from Jolly Holliday is one of our favorites! Just enoug…

Theresia ‏@theresjenn

@LindaOwino Fancy sharing a bar or two 🍫🍫🍫🍫

carmel ‏@carmel86527219

@SamGolbach Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay My happppy day 🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫😋🍫😋🍫😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋🍫🍫🍫🍫with chocolate 😋

December 2 🥂🎉 ‏@lovelysamarah1

A whole snack out here 🤤😌😻🍫

SnapNutrition™ ‏@Snap_Nutrition

Snack and Shop 😋🍫🛍 . . . #snapnutrition #oohsnapbar #fitness #gym #protein #snack #fitfam #glutenfree

Ayza Wine Bar NYC ‏@AyzaWineBarNYC

🧣Baby, it’s cold outside 🎼❄️ . . . How do you like your Hot Chocolate? 🍫 @ AYZA Wine & Chocolate Bar

Abolarin Muhammad ‏@Attorneyama

Tall, Dark, Handsome. 🍫

Veronica Manzo ‏@msveronicamanzo

Collagen Hot Cocoa 🍫 . Hot Cocoa is my favorite treat when it’s snowy out. Unfortunately, all the hot cocoa mixes…

Chris ‏@chrismaguire123

Cant beat a Twix straw with a cuppa yeno...👌☕🍫

urara🔥🌱 ‏@kyuuuuukochan

Doodles! Death note Mello×Near(girl)🍫🤖

🎀🎅 Sharon Lawson 🎅🎀 ‏@Sharri028

@CCreative4 @HotelChocolat 💖🍫 Wonderful Giveaway 🍫💖 myself and my hubby LOVE #HotelChocolat its our favourite treat…

carmel ‏@carmel86527219

@Aaron_Doh The earth does indeed deserves all the love and joy all over the globe bc chocolate makes this world awe…

Kate Arce ‏@itskateyperry

My kind of weekend 🍻🍫

vito-🇺🇸🇮🇹 ‏@lovevitotony

@vicsilvstedt Wow Victoria Chocolate 🍫 interesting. You look great so I guess it works yes

NovaMakeupStudio ‏@AlvaWalsh

After a mad busy day today in studio its Jammies & pizza kind of eve 🤣 More pics of todays looks and product detai…

Elle ‏@WhatThe__Elle

@BeakFinch *gasp* Issokay I’ll eat all the chocolate for you 🍫

GK ‏@obsen8

@LesleyOliverA @EditaLaraS8 @AnnaPernigo23 @PeterAarons @Julie_Sgn @SaraRtweet I have no room in my heart for hate🍫😘

LaurelFayee ‏@LaurelFaye55

@Brackens1 It was like hot 🍫

Kamuran ‏@Kamuran1003

Happiness ☺️ is eating chocolate 🍫😋

Juliette & Chocolat ‏@juliette_choco

Est-ce vraiment le week-end sans chocolat? 🤔🍫 📱: @juliecalce • Is it really the weekend without chocolate? 🤔🍫 . . .…


@itz_azhagi Birthday Wishes 🎂🎁🎉🍫

Victoria Greene ♪ ‏@TheRealVickyG

I’m tired of fucking with these lame niggas baby, I just need a thug🗣🍫💙

Dana Tam ‏@DanaYTam

Chocolate was once used as a currency. Yup, this one makes sense. I mean, who doesn't love chocolate? 🍫

April G 🎨📽📮✈🐱 ‏@testpatern

ATTN @adamihasegawa @TweetingNaoto @StephGoodner 🇯🇵🍫 A Weird and Wonderful Tour of the Japanese Kit Kat Factory

Garry Gilbert ‏@Axelrose1993

@Change_Britain @ukmemberships07 Back off tony and retire we’ve paid you so enjoy it. Please don’t spoil my future…

Emma 🌺 ‏@3mma_rh0d3s

Well I've failed, currently munching out on the Christmas chocolates ... 🍫😁

JA McCoy ‏@MogulNoir

My kid is living her BEST life! This restaurant has a griddle in the middle of the table, where she can DIY her own…

Branda ‏@pizzitolabranda

💙 Natural beauty Fiona Barron has us missing summer already (26 Photos) 🍫

myri bw ‏@myri_bw

@welcomet0nature Hi from switzerland🇨🇭🍫🌍🌎🌏🤟🏼🙆‍♂️🙆‍♀️

Moon ‏@ThreadsMoon_fr

ROUGE: 💕❤ 💌👠 🍁🍉 🍎🍒 🍫🎈

Sonia Salazar ‏@Soflosal33

If you like Snickers bars then this is a must try! 😋 This new Salted Caramel is sooooo GOOD! If you want yours to…

Gayle ‏@baninpjs33

At the Botanical Gardens tonight, #cadburys devouring chocolate and the chocolate quiz is underway! @PaulMerryChef…

Sweetpea Pantry ‏@SweetpeaPantry

Soooo yummy 😍Flapjack Muffins or Flapins as the talented @thewrightfoodie has christened them! #repost How much g…

✨🕯Soulful Beauty🕯💫 ‏@DeevaLaDeeva

What’s your favorite chocolate 🍫 candy bar.


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NoNe ‏@NoNe_angelgabe

@SusieSteinle @Lorianneaton @Sam_Sooki @JDT19 @MonicSof @PenningtonJoyce 5 things I like that are not human 1. Boo…

Copy Pasta Bot ‏@spicycopypastas

I told that bitch to 10 other chocolate hunnies🍫👅or else you couldn’t, you better prepare for jacking off when you need

Peter Parker ‏@peterparkerFR

Terence 🍫 #DALS

Kat Mandelstein Ⓥ ‏@katmandelstein

@ImTheQ Stumbling on forgotten money 💰 and chocolate 🍫 is like getting an unexpected present from yourself.

Thalia ‏@aRealOne___

Am as seeet as I look ☺️🍫😘

Prech10 ‏@Prech102

@Aba_Luchi Chocolate 🍫 girl.

高晶晶#ǫɓǫŋɠąwąŋ ‏@thepreyeallagoa

Instagram saw it first...😍😘🍫

⚖️ ‏@RackRunna_

@domthedondada Come through chocolate 🍫✨

SHiNE ON HAMPTONS ‏@shineonhamptons

Just about to dig my teeth I to this fablicious generous slice of 🍫 chip banana🍌bread🍞from jacksstirbrew accompanie…

Bitchfix Chocolate ‏@BitchfixChoc

Anyone up for a bite-sized #vacation? 🙋 Take a trip “Down Under” with Bitchfix #darkchocolate and cardamom ganache,…

Smashcake ‏@SmashcakeQueen

Now that’s a SMASH! 🔨🍫 . . . . . . #theoriginalsmashcakebrand #chocolate #smashcake #chocolatesmashcake…

Cami ‏@camimoster

🍫 Latinas make Sunday that much better (51 Photos)

Beth ‏@bethbop_

@allshookupdrink @karenb197735 would be nice 😍🍸🎥🍫🍕

Chubby English Teacher ‏@t0ny_s3rp1c0

If you’re FAT, Like & Retweet this! We’re gonna ALL follow each other. Comment your snap/ig as well. 🍞🥐🥖🥞🧀🍖🍗🥓🍔🍟🍕🌭🌮🌯…

SUPER MOM 💋 ‏@prettyjaytee__

I wish I didn’t have to go to work I definitely would’ve stayed up here, I really wanted to kick it with #oomf 🍫

Barbieee ♥ ‏@Sum_Speacial

🍫on her face lol 😂 mommy baby 😍😍😍

BlvkHippie🌻🕉 ‏@PattieCake_

Milk 🥛 to my cocoa 🍫

Libbie ‏@hinderbergerlib

🍫 Every day should be filled with the beautiful Melanie (30 Photos) 😄

✨🌬 T a m i a 👑 ‏@x__BitchesHONOR

Where the chocolate people at 🤤🍫 i love you bae 😩🥰🤧

AndrejaS ‏@odyssey158

@TartarugaTanya Of course Tanya,I'm sure it is already on the way to you😉👍Perhaps they sent it to you via snail ma…

Lynn - Ink Arils Blog ‏@inkarils

@SpiritScribbler Milky way 🍫😋

Darleen ‏@holsingdarleen

These girls can borrow my flannel anytime (28 Photos) 🍫

janet ✨ ‏@janetxarianna

dripping melanin, & honey, black without apology 🍫🍯

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