Chopsticks Emoji

Two equal length chopsticks that may vary in color or shape. Used in a variety of countries in Asia, chopsticks are commonly found in the steaming bowl emoji. These are a complement to other eating utensils such as the fork and knife, or spoon.

Chopsticks was approved as part of Unicode 10.0 in 2017 and added to Emoji 5.0 in 2017.

🚩 New in 2017. Requires an updated operating system.

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🥢 U+1F962


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Ruth Valiente ‏@iamruthlesss_

Finding a happy balance between work and friends. 🥢

ThatTacomaGirl ‏@ThatTacomaGirl

🥢 Tasty dumplings and pop music. I think they’re on to something here. . . . . . . . #dumplings #californiaeats…

Aloha Shoyu ‏@AlohaShoyuHI

Gotta have mo' shoyu in that Teriyaki Bowl 🥢 . . . #hawaii #HI #hawaiieats #hawaiifoodie #808plates #soysauce…

THH70 ‏@thh70

A little #TGIF #ramen sesh with my bessfrenn acollinsrealestatela 👍🏻🍜🥢 #teamfriday #japanesefood labrearamenbar…


Watching Sadey use 🥢 while eating with regular utensils 🙄 #ShowOff lmao jk being a hater Rn 🤦‍♀️

jaden ‏@Iovsletter

@koogoth i’m gonna eat ur legs 🥢

Sports&Politics ‏@TheRealXavierP

@DonaldJTrumpJr where is the magic 🥢

Raizo ‏@alprazolamZZZ

🥢 everywhere

Aloha Shoyu ‏@AlohaShoyuHI

Gotta have mo' shoyu in that Teriyaki Bowl 🥢 #AlohaShoyu #Gold

Young Love ‏@YoungLovens

SchoolBoy Q Ft Travis Scott- Chopsticks 🥢🔥🔥🔥🔥

HEMP C ‏@CooperEubanks52

I eat cheetos with chopsticks 🥢

Brenda Gonzalez ‏@_breendaaag

Friday night dinner date 💗🍴🥢

ًwooyoung’s gf named y/n 📌 ‏@ATEEZSTAYS

@skzseoul you’re smexy mommy 🥢😍😍🥵🥵🥵

Rosa diaz ‏@diazr1991

I really want some spicy salmon rolls 😋🍣🥢

‏ً ‏@yeeunlooks

squishy 🥢

RealxB!lxl ‏@paininmyasss

New edit 🌊🥢

David Harris 🇺🇸 ‏@DavidHarris707

Food as Art: Hawaiian Poki with salmon and soft shell 🦀 #foodie #Foodiechats #FridayMotivation 🥢

[email protected] ‏@JapanWireless

Slurp delicious Soba (buckwheat noodle) like Tokyoite! Here are 5 best Soba restaurants picked by local 😋🥢✨ #Soba…

Nic ‏@NicBallejos

@ajplus Fuck forks, use chopsticks 🥢


WatcH @ScHoolboyQ perform His new Hit #NumbNumbJuice + #CHopstix 🥢 on @FallonTonigHt witH @JimmyFallon. #TDE

G ‏@wthgissel

patiently waiting on this schoolboy q album 🥢

📍csd ‏@cheolkwans

cheolkwan 😢😢 eating a meal 🥩🍚🥢 together 👥 and post pictures 📸on ig 📲 this girl 🙋‍♀️ cannot handle🙅‍♀️🚫🙅‍♀️

LRMacbeth 🇳🇿 ‏@LRMacbeth

@rachaelray mmmmm yummy Israeli food night! 🇮🇸👩‍🍳🥢

Anze ‏@___Anze___

@BanhandMee Haha. For real, you guys are definitely my #1 go to in Leeds. I know you shouldn't have favourites, but 'Oh well'. 🍲🌱🥢

Maxey ‏@MillionMaxey

Lmao we love a skinny legend 🥢😂

Jules Kane ‏@Julesthefoodie

I can’t wait as a prior #thai resident I’m ready to get wokin’ ❤️🍜🍲🥢

clubby ‏@clubbyrichie

Proud of you cousin.🥢

Lovelace Network © ‏@LovelaceNetwork

DJ Wonton hosts “3AM in VA, Vol. II” 🥢

‎ً @[email protected]/ ✰ ‏@diminluvr

time 2 watch anime ~ with moot 🧸🍮🥢

Nicole 🌱🖇 ‏@solarrthreads

Writing 🥢 - Things you should do is try to write as best as you can so you can later understand. Write the most imp…

David Tribble ‏@davidtribble

The Thai is rising. 🥢

East Coast Culprit ‏@ElliotRuckus

the week in recap Bri 📢🍕🍺🥢🏄‍♀️🦄🏀🖌🎮⛺💯

ℙ𝕒𝕟𝕥𝕠𝕟𝕖 𝟚𝟡𝟛.™ ‏@niqbohr

DJ Wonton hosts “3AM in VA, Vol. II” 🥢

DamonCreed ‏@DJ_DamonCreed

@mister_fusspot And the mid-air snatching with chopsticks 🥢!!!

FlightCircle_T-Raww👌🏾 ‏@iAmTerN

Me and Leseneck made the best raumen last night 🥢

bbybly ‏@Clynishaaa

Shotby @thankyouugabe 🥢

Chef Ben ‏@ChefBenExpress

New item alert 🚨: Tonkotsu ramen noodles coming soon! 🍜🥢 #ChefBenExpress #NewItem #GoodyearAZ #Ramen #AsianCuisine…

Umi Fort Wayne ‏@UmiFortWayne

Friday feels... 🥢🍣👌🏻 #umifortwayne

K. ‏@kh_humoud

my room smells like noodles 😔🥢❤️

imotopalmbeach ‏@imotopalmbeach

So honored to be written up in such a wonderful article! Thank you so much! Don’t forget to stop in and enjoy some…

Fuji at Assembly ‏@FujiatAssembly

Wok tossed dishes like our Singapore Vermicelli are the perfect antidote for rainy days like today. Stop in for an…

𝐀𝐥𝐲𝐬𝐬𝐚 ‏@JuliaaIyssa

In this ungodly hour 🥢

St Wilfrid's MFL ‏@stwmfl

Year 7 Mandarin had a fabulous time at Palace Garden Chinese restaurant today trying some traditional Chinese food…

World of Chia ‏@worldofchia

It’s time to switch up your kids' lunch box meals! Keep lunch time fun and unique by trying this spin on a classic…

Dex🦂 ‏@Dexterj_97

Mama wondering why I’m playing w/ them chopsticks 🥢

Chrys Kefalas ‏@CKefalas

At @ShopfloorNAM, we love our makers in America.🇺🇸 And we REALLY LOVE our BBQ makers.🥢 Nice follow-up piece here o…

Sunnyside Market ‏@sunnysidenatmkt

Stir-Friday 🥢 On sale! Broek Pork Acres fresh, local Ground Pork 15% off - $1.71/100g (reg. $2.09). Perfect for st…

MontCrossAreaChamber ‏@MACC_NC

Yum!!! This looks like a good meal to start the weekend. Find it at Sake Express here in #BelmontNC. And better ye…

Shin-Sen-Gumi USA ‏@ShinSenGumiUSA

Photo by foodie_champ_mom Thank you 👍✨❤️😋🥢🍱 #ssgla #shinsengumila shinsengumiyakitori ・・・ Ahhh...this is so good…

ApprovedSA ‏@ApprovedSApts

We're loving Viet Shak, the Vietnamese restaurant that has people queuing out of the door 🥢🍜 Just down the road fro…

Roger Ma ‏@lifeenjoyer

Plenty of potential fresh sashimi right behind us 🐠 🐟 🍣 🥢 @ Vancouver, British Columbia

Spicy Dragon Roll Crew ➳ PAX EAST 2019 ‏@spicydragonroll

Want to interact with a great group of #DnD folks? We have the perfect place for you! Through @Twitch we gathered f…

Richie // ‏@nhbrhood

Chopsticks 🥢 🙌🏼🔥

Hoshi Pgh ‏@HoshiPgh

Grab some dinner from us tonight at Yellow Bridge Brewing ( 2266 Route 66, Delmont ) 👨🏼‍🍳🥢 we’ll be outside from 5p…

𝐜🥂 ‏@camskinnylatte

My grandma is my bestfriend. I love this gorl🥺😍🥢

Nicolaas Guaderrama ‏@NicoGuaderrama

@MollyMiossi @emmaleersmith Hahaha. Thank you! You can try it next time uber eats brings you the wrong order! 🥢

sara goodman ‏@porridgecake

@Deliveroo #FridayNightDeliveroo Game of Thrones and a tasty chinese 🥢

Rury Nugraheni ‏@rurynugraheni

Let's play the game 🥢

emma ranger ‏@emranger1

@Cate_Dearn - thank you 😘 🥢🍚🦑🇯🇵

Maido! ‏@maidousa

🥢 Tasting & Sale 🥢 We will be tasting one of the traditional dishes in Osaka next Saturday, March 30!! Let's learn…

YAGI🥢 ‏@jollymiyagi

🥢DOJO* TrapHouse 🥢 ⛩ ⛩ ⛩ 🎥: chopstickshotz_ popesherod 🥢 🥋 ⛩ #WaxOnWaxOff #AllPlatforms #StreamNow…

Pedro A. Martinez ‏@PedroMrtz__

I’m just waiting on that ScHoolboy Q album to drop, it’s been long overdue 🥢

Nicolaas Guaderrama ‏@NicoGuaderrama

Bahaha! I don’t even remember when I got them. I grew up in 🇯🇵 so I use 🥢 more than most people. I used them @ work…

Boobs and loubs ‏@Lobee_k

@qunubelihle With chopsticks 🥢 sis 👌🏽

Tentaclef00 ‏@T3ntaclf00

Had the most yummy soft boiled egg in the coolest ramen shop today! Def recommended this joint enjoy ♡ slurp and de…

Tasha Stewart ‏@tstewart2

@NicoGuaderrama We (@emmaleersmith and I) found this stockpile of chopsticks 🥢 in your old desk and we have questio…

지민’𝘴 𝘱𝘢𝘶𝘭𝘢 ♡ ‏@sofftiejimin

jimin: *exists* me: 💗🥺💞💓🥢💖🤱🏻🍼🍭💕<protect>🧚🏻‍♂️💓🧣🤲🏻💘🐣💝💓💘🥺🥺💗💞💜🤱🏻🧁🍼💞☺️🐣<luv>🍯🥢🥢💘😭🧚🏻‍♂️💖🍭💜🐣<keep in pocket>💞💗🍯💕🍼☺️🤱🏻🧚🏻‍♂️✨💜🥺

Samantha Price ‏@samanthajprice

@Wellington_West Rare beef and chicken!! Best pho in the city 🥢

jajah K. ‏@jajahxz

fact about jajah 🥢.

Silver Rice ‏@silverriceny

Blooming roll 🌸🍣🥢 #silverrice #sushilovers #leffertsgardens #crownheights #brooklyneats @ Brooklyn, New York

Master of Japanese Cuisine Academy ‏@jpcuisin

#Teriyaki kingfish @appare_cologne😋😋😋 Teriyaki sauce is combination of #soysauce, #sake🍶, mirin and sugar (🥄2:2:2:1…

HENNDOOO🥶🍾 9ine God⚡️ ‏@KyngKayyMMB

I need 🔥 Beats not no wack shit💯🥢

South Derbyshire DC ‏@SDDC

Tickle your taste buds and check out *SOME* of the 5⭐️places to eat and drink across #SouthDerbyshire this weekend,…

Kombucha Kat ‏@Kombucha_Kat

People-watching in Wasabi? Ok then! 😺🍱🥢⁣ •⁣ #agoodcan #kombucha #drinks #organic #bento #probiotics #model…

Iron 🃏 ‏@DemirBoolin

Chopsticks 🥢

Nora McManus 🤟👩🏻‍🦰 ‏@Nora_McManus

@POOetryman @jkCallawayYAY Haha yeah. Seppuku… I think I might have ordered those once with Katsu sauce. 🍱🥢👩🏻‍🦰

ashtin mcfadden ‏@ashtinmcfadden

my go to meal is two over easy eggs on rice with soy sauce 🥢

กินัน ‏@adultxsoojin

˗ˏˋ ♡🥢 all about ginun🧸☁ ˎˊ˗

VillaVerona Vineyard ‏@VillaVeronaWine

Cold Thai Noodle Salad – Tossed with vegetables and peanut dressing 🥢

CynicLgrrl ‏@CynicLgrrl

Happy Birthday, Darling Man!! 🎁🍵🥗🍶🍣🥢🎈🎉 @MatthewModine <~Still cute as all hell. ;) 💕

TabletopJournal ‏@Tabletopjournal

Prevail sushi plate from @cheforward🥡 🥢. #TabletopMatters #sushi #plating #cheflife #chefs #cheforward…

#RENJUNDAY d(^_^o) ‏@fairytalenct

@renflirts goodnight 🛌/star/ /🥢 happy renjun day🥺

The Catchpole Agency ‏@peachjamcloset

Erm how did we miss this?! “East is East meets Georgia Nicolson in a Chinese takeaway” - yes! 👍 (The pitch was a…

Talkcityonline ‏@Talkcityonline

Kung fu master breaks Solid Chopsticks 🥢 with just a leaf 🍃 @ York, Toronto

Ping Pong Dim Sum UK ‏@pingpongdimsum

We're biased, but we think dim sum and cocktails is THE perfect meal to kick off a great weekend 🥰🍸🥢 #LondonFood…

Brady's ‏@BradysSushi

We are ready to serve, are you ready to feast? 🥢🍣🥑😋 #hibachi #sushi

. ‏@skylightpjm

love u more than anything n jus want u to be always happy. 🥢🌱💚🍼🧸💌❣️💛💓💕💜🧡💖🤱🍭🥰💘🍬💞💗🥺💙#HappyYunhoDay

Flame NYC ‏@flame_nyc

It's Friday, #TreatYourself to some #delicious #AsianCuisine! 🥢 Check out our #menu and #specials in the link in ou…

♡ ‏@lipwonss

@renflirts says the mf who changed her ☆ to 🥢

Moc Kitchen ‏@Moc_Kitchen

Emails off. Weekend on! 🍺🥢 #charringcross #London #londoneats #Vietnamesefood

RENJUN DAY (★≧▽^))★☆ ‏@813ldh

happiest birthday 2 the best boy ever!!! #런쥔 i hope Ure healthy n happy all the time Please take good care of you…

ً my bff renjun day ‏@fullsuhns

🧚🏻‍♂️✨🍥🥢💒💨Happy Birthday to NCT's golden hand and my best friend ever, Huang Renjun!! 🧚🏻‍♂️✨🍥🥢💒💨 #런쥔 #仁俊…

KraZiVybZ✌🏼 ‏@KraVyb

Coochie with a bowl of rice 💦🍚🥢

Janet Joy Wilson ‏@jsquaredink

@peopleforbikes I’ve cycled with @GrasshopperAdv through Mekong Delta in Vietnam 🇻🇳 & highly recommend their servic…

Huo ‏@fxckhuo

reply to this tweet with a “🥢” and i’ll give you 10 reasons to tag someone, but they won't know why 1. @minghax_ 2…

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