Church Emoji

A church building, generally associated with Christian denominations. In addition quiet prayer, churches hold regular worship services, weddings, baptisms and funerals.

Church was approved as part of Unicode 5.2 in 2009 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

⛪ Church Building

⛪ Cross

Apple Name

⛪ Church


⛪ U+26EA




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JustinReisler239 ‏@JReisler239

Finally!!!! Got my meds💊🏥...a new job🏫💰...and a new place🏡💑...God answers prayers I guess!!!😉💪⛪🙏💯 #SNOOPOUT❗❕😎✌✌✌

Team Yeshua ‏@firstseekHim

"Make SURE that #nobody #pays back #wrong for wrong, BUT ALWAYS #strive 2 do what is #GOOD 4 EACH OTHER AND 4 EVERY…

Louis J. Miller 🇺🇸 🦅 🇮🇱 ‏@Moon_Lust

@conservmillen To see those people cheer... saddens me to my soul...😢 Dear Lord forget them...⛪🙏

Kdaukno ‏@kdaukno

First Sunday like a MF 😂⛪

David Assanowicz ‏@daveassanowicz

Does he get paid by the word? ⛪🐄

GOD ‏@chonwin1

Jesus Christ ⛪ Christ ⛪ Christ who gives us time you going back home 🏠 home 🏠 home from you again but this one time…

Heavy Metal Machines ‏@HMM_Hoplon_EN

You want SPOILERS? We got'em! 💥 Join us for our live stream this Thursday, 24/01, at 19h CET, and check out what o…

🌎 ‏@triplenosa

It's time for midweek/communion service. Don't replace God's time. 🙏⛪⛪

Merk Montes ‏@MerkMontes

#gettingoverthehumpwednesdays 💪💭😇⛪😎👑 Finishing is better than starting. Patience is better than pride. Ecclesiastes…

Pirate Party☠️Weekly ‏@PiratePartyINT

Issued by Office of Holy Vatican📿🙏⛪✝️ 1st sinkhole closest proximity to Trump Mar Lago. 1st horsemen of the apocal…

Anni Lang ‏@Anni_Lang

Alo all my fake chommies: 🏡 🏠 ⛪ 🏘️ 🏢 💒 🌇 Chom's son looking for a room to rent in town, Gardens area. If you have…

Joe 🇺🇸 ‏@JoeE98Vette

@FeetOfClay70 @NascarChuck336 FAITH, doubting Thomas⛪

Vagabundler ‏@GuntherMichels

⛪🌋 "Reformed Inquisition" - Protestant French Reformed Church, Dornbusch , Frankfurt - [GERMANY🇩🇪] ________________…

Rozaina Reith ‏@ReithRozaina

How about you think outside the ⛪?

The Noble P ✌🏾Mack T 🌹 ‏@TareItOffNow

Aye mane say mane. I got some free G.A.M.E for the young playas out there. Sometimes you gotta let the bitch do wha…

McCrimmons ‏@Mccrimmons

Lord Have Mercy : Prayer Intentions for Your Faith Community Each page is inscribed with a comforting biblical quo…

Saskatchewan Rush ‏@SaskRushLAX

BOOM TOWN 💥 @ConRobinson77 🤖 and @robert_church ⛪ have a blast going back to 1910 Boomtown Saskatoon!…

Muryan Olinares ‏@murmuryan6

Say hi to Leo, a once 25-ton fin whale who's just casually 'hanging' from St. Bavo Cathedral's ceiling. 🐋⛪…

Max. ‏@Pierre27Milien

I was wrong last week. The Safari vehicle is for ⛪, not 🎎

OrnithaDaniellePRSpecialist ‏@OrnithaDaniPR

The keys 🔑 🔑 🔑 that have been given to us as the church ⛪, has been armed with these keys of the kingdom of God, it…

fred_coker ‏@JohnFai26950693

Is the ⛪ church pastors doing more harm to the members? Pls daddyfreeze should repost this, and explain to us, at m…

Krista Ann (Owen) Hudgins ‏@KristaAHudgins

My favorite #FamilyTree name 📷 Nimrod Fender (b. 1766) Surrey Co, #NorthCarolina #genealogy His parents Christian &…

melody ‏@147Melody

Do not solve laziness with prayers.. If u don’t work hard 😓 u will spend the rest of ur life in the church ⛪ shouti…

Catholic Shop ‏@USCatholicShop

⛪📕 ✝🙏🏻 •1ST READING: HEB 7:1-3, 15-17 •PSALM: 110:1, 2, 3, 4 •HOLY GOSPEL: MK 3:1-6 #catholic #catholism #faith…


Tweet from #HAPPY NEW YEAR ! 🎉🎊🌹🥀🎵🎶✝️⛪🙏♥️😎🇺🇸 (@PRAISETRIUNEGOD): #HAPPY NEW YEAR…

Ridgemont HighSchool ‏@RidgemontHS

11:40 🗣️ conversation club (218) ⛪ Christian group (semA) 👥 students for change & ICP (120) 💼 Co-op meeting (B008)…

Luis Dvr ‏@luis_dvr13

I’ll be the next big thing. 🏈💪🔜 #FrailesUT #LigaMayor ⛪🔴⚪

Vershone ‏@vpftweet

Gotta get back to our 1st love. ⛪🙏🏾💜 . #godfirst🙏 #churchfamily

McCrimmons ‏@Mccrimmons

Guide for Celebrating Holy Week and Triduum Detailed overview of the various liturgies, rites + devotions + addres…

Aistine ‏@imaistine

⛪ @ Caleruega Church, Tagaytay

McCrimmons ‏@Mccrimmons

Assemblies Volumes 1 and 2 by Sr. Jude Groden RSM & Fr. Christopher O'Donnell O.CARM For liturgical seasons and sp…

McCrimmons ‏@Mccrimmons

Masses with Young People by Sr. Jude Groden RSM & Fr. Christopher O'Donnell O.CARM Over thirty Masses with suggest…

Dean's Party Mania ‏@DeansPartyMania

⛪💍 It's Wedding Wednesday! Having a rustic burlap theme for your big day? Dean's carries several burlap decorations…

GENET SERVICES/Gina Ella Nettey ‏@NetteyElla

#EventsUpdate2019 #TheExperienceWithDH #AccraEdition THE EXPERIENCE WITH DIANA HAMILTON Live in Ghana Accra 📆 10t…

StJohnPaul II Parish ‏@JP2KC

Want a peek at the future!? ⛪ -

Realogwn ‏@realogwn


Agent zero ‏@SeanMcD59509495

#GovernmentShutdown : Nancy Pelosi's house!!! ⛪ With newly installed steel barrier...

Moises J Pineda, MBA ‏@MoisesJPineda

Great trip to Boston!! Great experience in Christian unity.🙏😇⛪💒 It was beautiful and cold!😁⛵🌬⚓☃️❄⛄ @ Boston, Massa…

Benjamin Tom ‏@benjaminstom1

@Godi_boi @Adebusayo13 I think say you be church ⛪ boy ooo 🤔🤔

Minister Brian Benjamin ‏@Ministerbrianb

Goodmorning God Flow........⛪🙏

Sharon Dockery ‏@SharonDockery15

@JohnLegere X =⛪( The Cross On Top) Look @ It From The Angle.

MonroevilleCC ‏@MonroevilleCC

Monroeville Messenger 1-23-19 issue ⛪ -

ArtisticSOM Podcast ‏@ArtisticSOM

Chama has been on his travels! Read what he thought about @RoyalDerngate's production of "Our Lady of Kibeho" 👸🏾⛪

Hatton, Stretton and Walton Police ‏@HatnStrnWltnPol

Morning coffee at St John's Church ⛪ quiet today I think foggy weather and icy conditions kept some of the congregation away.

kye || SEVENTEEN_HOME 🏠 ‏@kylmrplr

@basicjungwoo he ready ⛪

© Minerva ‏@RussiaBates34

⛪ Let the church say AMEN.

'KANYE MICHAEL ‏@kanyesnazzy

When you decide to leave a church ⛪ and start talking about Pastors make sure you include all the times they helped you too 😊

A L // M E N D O Z A ‏@MisterMusikero

Wedding Singer's Life ⛪❤

Preech Media ‏@PreechMedia

#PM_EventsUpdate2019 #TheExperienceWithDH #KumasiEdition THE EXPERIENCE WITH DIANA HAMILTON Live in Ghana Kumasi…

Preech Media ‏@PreechMedia

#PM_EventsUpdate2019 #TheExperienceWithDH #KumasiEdition THE EXPERIENCE WITH DIANA HAMILTON Live in Ghana Kumasi…

Preech Media ‏@PreechMedia

#PM_EventsUpdate2019 #TheExperienceWithDH #AccraEdition THE EXPERIENCE WITH DIANA HAMILTON Live in Ghana Accra 📆…

Preech Media ‏@PreechMedia

#PM_EventsUpdate2019 #TheExperienceWithDH #AccraEdition THE EXPERIENCE WITH DIANA HAMILTON Live in Ghana Accra 📆…

Jesse Taylor Lewis ‏@torkum

He died as he lived, by carpentry ⛪

Munsch K. ‏@leesoo6777

@XHNews @realDonaldTrump @USUN @USNASAA @USTEWASSURY99999 @SAUDI @IRAN 1-23-19 @LAMayer 👟👟👖👖👖👖👓🔗 🌍MOM CORNCERNIN…


Life Has Becoming Too Much Extremely Dangerous Since Last Two Decades til Today!! Hope The Conclusion of this Tende…

Lizzi Jean Solis ‏@SignorinaLizzi

⛪ @ Basilica Minore of Our Lady of Penafrancia

Quio Candari ‏@CandariJeu

you carry my weakness, my sickness, my brokenness all on your shoulders💙💙😌😌😌✝️⛪

JayzelS. ‏@jayzelmarie

Parang i need to talk to someone (⛪) nonna...🇦🇷🇨🇦😍 ‏@SusanaSales6

@Pontifex I pray for you everyday Pope Francis, have a great trip and be safe 🙏⛪

AirportCargo ‏@PhuongT04325886

Cheap and reliable express delivery service from Ho Chi Minh to Somalia Hotline: 0869029161 Address: ⛪: No 1 Hoang…

Kιт Wyмαɴ. ‏@PxrfectIllusion

// Kit's twitter: just finished Bible studies 😇🙏⛪

AirportCargo ‏@PhuongT04325886

Cheap and reliable express delivery service from Hanoi to Senegal Hotline: 0869029161 Address: ⛪: No 1 Hoang Ngoc…

Charmaine v.d Heever ‏@HeCharmaine

Father, U called the ⛪, including the 👫, 2 proclaim the 📖 2 all 🌍. Empower the ⛪ 2 disciple 👫 in such a 🔛 that they…

Cifer_906 ‏@Al3_Martis

@Pontifex Have a safe flight Pope Francis ⛪ 🛫🇵🇦

Omar S. Gutiérrez ‏@il_pianoforte

Do you wanna have concerts tour 🎹🎻🎸🎶around the world🗽🗼⛪✈️🛳️😎, being a recording artist 📀💿💽and more!? Do you want to…

Omar S. Gutiérrez ‏@il_pianoforte

Do you wanna have concerts tour 🎹🎻🎸🎶around the world🗽🗼⛪✈️🛳️😎, being a recording artist 📀💿💽and more!? Do you want to…

St Thomas More R C ‏@StTomMore

Year 5 lead our school mass today. ⛪ Their theme will be focused on the conversion of St Paul which will be remembe…

Intal Garing ‏@intalBwi

One of Philippine's oldest church and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The beautiful Paoay Church of Ilocos Norte ⛪…

BBC North West ‏@BBCNWT

An icon of the city like you've never seen it before ⛪

Mk-Wstbrk ‏@MkWstbrook

@TheJohnDiMaggio I hope they sue you and you end up at Catholic homeless shelter. 😎⛪🙏❤️🇺🇸

Elle Woods 🌸 ‏@Swtladee

So it wa da total hit job. Somebody passed out the #MAGAhats to the #CovingtonCatholicSchool students before the in…

christian cantiller ‏@xtian1219

Finifugal ( adj ) someone who prolong the endings of some journey.⛪🏰🕍🏰⛪🕌🕍🏰⛪🕌🕍 . . . . . . . . . . . .…

P. C. ‏@protyushachak

#GodIsAlmighty. GodMustMakeForceThemfollowHisWill2b2gether100%👊👊👊✌✌✌👫💏💑🎉🎊🎎💎💍💒⛪🏩🗽⛲🚗💘💝❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💕💕💕💕💕💕…

Kiplangat Pascal ‏@ngetichpascal

William should start Owuor's like ⛪now that he's a free man.

Mason ‏@nasanamjoon

Only for a real one 😔✊🏼🙏🏼☝🏼⛪

JaMerv ‏@JaMerv777 "As they say in church: delay is NOT a denial." - @AndrewGillum 🙏🏽⛪ #BreakfastClub

Nicole Paulson ‏@NicoleRPaulson

Get you a man that tells u yr amazing. U dont believe it till u see it. Yr a 33 yr old single mom of 3 working 2 jo…

iAfRi - iJt ‏@iAfRi

😘 my #little #Jesus and my #Holy #VirginMary #Pls #PrayForUs!!! 🙏 #CatholicChurch #inLove ❤ ⛪ #PrayTheHolyRosary 🌹…

Colton Sullivan ‏@C_Sulli23

Praying this one don't go nowhere 🛐⛪

Myanmar Tourism ‏@tourismmm

Here 😍😍 how great are the colors 🌈 ! Different from everything else. Beautiful and colorful 🎨St.Mary Cathedral cath…



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