Cinema Emoji

An emoji representing the cinema: a large screen showing the latest movies, available to the public. Displayed by Apple and Twitter as a film projector, and by Google and Microsoft as a cinema screen with curtains.

Cinema was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

🎦 Cinema Screen

🎦 Movies


🎦 U+1F3A6




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@PeterRabbit when is the second adventure coming to cinema 🎦 as it was to have been released easter, then Covid hit…

F.Sสttสr❤️ ‏@Fsattar1

@_ayushi_saran @__sarphiri_ @jimmysheirgill @preetijhangiani Wow I like this song n best movie ever 🎦🎥❤️❤️

Cora van Kalken ‏@coravankalken

@rena_tsgr @SolsticeStudios @russellcrowe I hope there will be positive news on that front for you. 🎦📽️

Jon Myer (@ ‏@_JonMyer

Pst..Yeah YOU! 👉I Need your help. I'm looking to customize my youtube URL but I can't do that until I get 💯 subscri…

Ragu ‏@Ragunanthen1992

#Papanasam released July 3, 2015 ✨ Best Family Drama Thriller by #JeethuJoseph 🎬🎦 👍🏼 #KamalHaasan @ikamalhaasan…

Danita Blackwood ‏@DanitaBlackwood

@WindowWorksUSA @POWERplexSTL Thanks @WindowWorksUSA & @Carol_Stephen 🎞️🎦 Appreciate your sharing spirit✨

English Premier League Live Stream Online ‏@epllivestream11

Liverpool vs Man City Liverpool v Man City 🎦 𝐋𝐢𝐯𝐞 Stream 🆓 𝐋𝐢𝐯𝐞 Stream 🆓…

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🎦 Tim Curry's tranformation into 'Darkness' for Legend (1985)

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Give Yourself The Love You Want To Receive From Others via @YouTube ➡️ | Follow us for Dai…

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Ivan Mora Robles ‏@Fakepeke


﮼رضا‌ ‏@Pourkariman

📻 New #RP_PoDCaST 🎧 A good event called death 🎼 Vocalist : #Alireza_Azar | #Sina_PaaRsiaan 📀 Producer & Arrangement…

Flight Esports 🐦 ‏@FlightEsports

[#LIVE] Its almost Friday! Tune in below ⬇️🎦 👥 Cal 📺- 👥 @Flyndle_ 📺-…

Justin A Gonzalez ‏@Justingunz96

Continuing to practice FPS fundamentals in #CallofDutyModernWarfare ➡️➡️ 🔴🎦 #twitch #teamtsan #smallstreamer

Embassy of Poland US ‏@PolishEmbassyUS

#StoriesFromBehindTheIronCurtain 🎦 continues with "Little Rose," a moving story of human dignity and a love poisone…

Julian Kenion ‏@jak_rtz

Learn,Teach,Give back-Repeat🔸QB room @KTPrepElite & @centralvalleyk2 @dorianhale12 21' 🎦…

jupiter palms 🌴 | reddie au ‏@jupiterpalms_au

49. 🎦 jupiter palms hotel security camera 018 inside marquee new security camera design! bigger font! woo!

Escape ‏@Escape_Arts

Supporting Talent is a weekly employment skills training group focusing on developing projects celebrating the arts…

cathy ‏@Petescathy

@liamhemsnewss @LiamHemsworth @Quibi I can't wait to see this movie 🎦

English Premier League Live Stream Online ‏@epllivestream11

💠 𝐋𝐢𝐯𝐞 Stream Online 🆓 sheff utd vs,. tottenham 🌀 𝐋𝐢𝐯𝐞 Stream Online…

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#RealGuru_SaintRampalJi have tried to tell the true path of bhakti by enlightening the profound hidden secret in al…

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2019–20 PL Live Stream Online Free 2019–20 PL Live Streaming Online Free 🌀 𝐋𝐢𝐯𝐞 Stream Online…

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#RealGuru_SaintRampalJi have tried to tell the true path of bhakti by enlightening the profound hidden secret in al…

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#RealGuru_SaintRampalJi have tried to tell the true path of bhakti by enlightening the profound hidden secret in al…

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#RealGuru_SaintRampalJi have tried to tell the true path of bhakti by enlightening the profound hidden secret in a…

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#RealGuru_SaintRampalJi have tried to tell the true path of bhakti by enlightening the profound hidden secret in al…

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#RealGuru_SaintRampalJi have tried to tell the true path of bhakti by enlightening the profound hidden secret in al…

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#RealGuru_SaintRampalJi have tried to tell the true path of bhakti by enlightening the profound hidden secret in al…

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🎦Live Now🎦 Starting with some Warframe and later Borderlands 3 💪

Ziggy Marley ‏@ziggymarley

VIDEO OF THE DAY: "We Are The People" by #ZiggyMarley!! 🎦 :

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🎦 Today's #NETWORKandChill recommendation is the short film, Henceforth by Charlene Jones @_charlenejones 😢 ⚱️ This…

Kalbo ‏@jokozcreo

Patiently waiting 😌🎦 @jessconte @gabrielconte

Umberto Pellegrini ‏@UPellegrini

🎦 Here's a terrific, evidence-based best practice guide to #webinar #marketing 🎦 Learn how to create an excellent…

RK ‏@raajstr686

But sanju is not bad movie 🎦 He delivers his finest performance

Global Citizenship Education ‏@GCEducationScot

**Today's lesson** Do u enjoy teaching lessons on #filmliteracy? Check out this #idl topic planner focusing on teac…

KIT ‏@kitblln


Robert McNulty 🤖 😎 ‏@T800_2029

ANTZ 1998 watched this in the cinema when I was 9 yrs old 🐜🎦

Nosha LuvinMhiTeam ‏@ConoshaL

💡❗❕❓❔✡⚖🆘♐🙌💬☑✔✅🇬🇧💌🇺🇸💐💎🚢✈🗼🗽🏆🏁🛀🚿🏩⛲🐩🐞🍹🍸🍯🍫🌇🌆🌃🌌🌊⚡☔⛅🌈🌹🌷🌴😍👑💅💄👙👗👠💃👒👜👛👝💰💳💲💵💴💶💷💸🔮📓📕📝📰🎁🎆💭🎥🎬🎦📼💾💻💿📀💽📇📊🎫🎢🎭🎡🎠🎯🎶🥀🥂🥃🎂😜🤦🤷😚😋🤤🍑💦🌈💫 what…

Maekotlou ‏@maekotlou

@PrinceKaybee_SA Moe's you can act. We must meet up I have a perfect idea of a movie 🎦

Hansol ‏@vrenonchwe

MPD Fan Cam Left & Right Group 🎦 Encore 🎦 #헹가래 #Henggarae #Left_n_Right

Hansol ‏@vrenonchwe

200702 MCountdown (#엠카운트다운) Left & Right 🎦 #헹가래 #Henggarae #Left_n_Right

Luka Bassin ‏@LukaBassin

A lot of wisdom here > Sample #video from the best of @Coaching_U Live. This short 🎦 gives you highlights of some o…

Aashim Kushmi ‏@AashimKushmi

@MosesSapir @SrBachchan @juniorbachchan Congratulations for the 20years in cinema🎦 Ab bachchan sir

Roselind Knight Star ‏@rosettalind55

3, 2, 1...…. ACTION !!!! 📣🎬 🎦🎞️

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@Shivam37910810 @shekharkapur And yes, we are referring to mainstream commercial cinema here, not adult or art movi…

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📣 Second call for Cinemas as Innovative Hubs for Local Communities: Transnational Pitching sessions for cinema oper…

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Hourly Minseok 🦋🐱❄️ ‏@HourlyXiuminn

"YOU" by #XIUMIN 🎦 #시우민 #EXO @weareoneEXO

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#RIP JohnnyMandel ③ 📺Michael Jackson - Will You Be There Orchestration by Johnny Mandel #Dangerous 11 🎦Free Willy…

Yoichi Akoh 🖤 ‏@Linusdaddy2

#RIP #JohnnyMandel ① 📺Barbra Streisand & Johnny Mathis - The Shadow Of Your Smile 🎦The Sandpiper 1965

Hot sexy babes 🔞 ‏@alex77035

🎦 Sexy lady.

KONNECT ENT. ‏@rpkonnect

🎦[Special Clip] 강다니엘 (KANG DANIEL) - Intro (Through the night) ▶️

REGI Committee Press ‏@EP_Regional

[email protected]_Regional meets on 6/07: 🗳️ Report #JustTransitionFund @M_Kefalogiannis 🗳️ Opinions: #EUClimateLaw…

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Max Stroke ‏@AmIRealToday

This is how you show non mask wearers the door! 😆👍🎦

Francesco D'Orazio ‏@abc3d

Wait: there's an emoji for any medium (📺📻, 2x newspapers 📰🗞️, 4 x cinema 📽️🎥🎞️🎦) but not one for the Internet or th…

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Our succulent Roast Kebabs on a Charred Flatbread can be made in minutes, perfect for delivery or reopening this we…

niahh🍒 ‏@urbasmentpet2

@DogSapforfun its nsfw twt they probably like da shit gotta🎦🔫💣🚪🚬 em

CaptB ‏@ChaesaraBA

Iseng Capt. @bebyJKT48 👉👈 📷/🎦 : @.bebyJKT48 @.agv48 @.Fdo_project @.instagram_JKT48 @.exgcon Youtube : Hanif Ah…

Pretty🌟 ‏@prettyktm

@BeingSalmanKhan YOU Dazzled #ME🎲 With UR Look & Voice In #TereBina Its #MY👈 Lullaby Song every Night Currently 🌛 T…


Yep, last day to watch Monomyth: garden / RETURN. @petra_szeman 🎦 #VRAL

SusanTurner ‏@SUSIE1932

Watched "Where no man has gone before" yesterday. So many good screenshots. Just watching the doctor's face made me…

European Health Management Association ‏@EHMAinfo

Did you miss the 7th #EHMAwebinar on procurement response in the midst of #COVID19 ? Don't worry, we got you cover…

1 Play Sports ‏@1playsports

🎦 Inside Access: Despite the heavy restrictions during this period, @gifcsg make the best of the situation during t…

edius ‏@edius47585165

#crackedius9 #ediusdoungle #ediusopendata #ediusunlockdata #premierepro #aftereffects #editing #editingphotos…

Goremote ‏@Goremotech

Custom signature and content for email notifications🎦🟪📧 ▼ #video #call #videoconference #newapp #mobileapp…

Sanjay sagarr😉 ‏@Sanjayy16433533

Watching the final one in triology 🎞️🎞️🎬🎬🎦📽️

Yuriy Bishko ‏@YuriyBishko

How to use MT4 like a PRO In 20 minutes u will learn: ✅ How to work with the platform, ✅ Open/close orders ✅ Set…

Mohit M Aitwadkr ‏@MohitMAitwadkr

@rohitjswl01 Shat pratishat ✔️ 🎦💜

📸 TheRevenger Filming ‏@SaluteDemTroops

📶⛈🧢🎦🆕: July3&11 @officespace2020 | @officespace

Damian Patton ‏@DamianPatton

@TeresaTelfer We saved the cinema fee :-). 🎦

Outlook South West ‏@OutlookSW

All of our courses, workshops, groups are moving ever-closer to being fully adapted for online / video delivery.…

Prosperity Kenya® ‏@ProsperityKenia

Driven: Wendell Scott 🎖️The First African American Inducted in the NASCAR Hall of Fame. 🏎️ 1960s & 70s 🎙️ Naratte…

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🎦 Who is UCD School of Information & Communication Studies? Our Masters: -Digital Policy -Library & Information S…

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🎦 For today’s Daily Challenge, Mrs Laurie would like you to look at the last 20 pictures in your phone and think ab…


Guess the movie 🎦 please @SRKUniverse @BrijwaSrk @SRKandRK @khalid61931 @iamsrk @SrkianDas03 @srkbengalurufc

ନିସି ‏@Nishii999

Finally we will watch real story, in the upcoming horror film 🎦.. @vivekoberoi #Rosie .

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Content creation guide: How to effectively think of SEO at every stage 📚 💡 💡 🎦 🤔 #seo #guide

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#RVHeadsUp Thu 2 July 2020 Your daily FYI from the digital team: 🎦 Get your tickets for @OdysseyStAlbans reopenin…

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