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Circled M Emoji

The letter M in a circle, commonly used in to identify a Metro (subway, underground train) station in a city area.

Circled M was approved as part of Unicode 1.1 in 1993 under the name “Circled Latin Capital Letter M” and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

Ⓜ️ Ⓜ Circled M

Ⓜ️ Ⓜ Metro

Apple Name

Ⓜ️ Circled Letter M

Unicode Name

Ⓜ️ Circled Latin Capital Letter M


Ⓜ U+24C2

️ U+FE0F




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Chiney_Lo💡 ‏@Sandrah50559034

@GabriellaSpark6 I'm not saying hyping her is wrong my dear Get the message 🤣🤣🤣🤣You guys always say every group she… https://t.co/tucyjGc8zb

william ‏@billllyy_

Fasting and I’m just counting down the minutes till it hits 1 for I can eat lol

✨Celeste Khumalo ‏@CelesteKhu

@Luyanda_Maf I tried it once. I was swollen and tender/sensitive for the whole month in that area. 🙇🏽‍♀️ I’m scared to go back..

BurnED out Doc ‏@realEDdoc

I’m wishing there were wearable event recorders (audio/video) that automatically start recording when in proximity… https://t.co/8IcqnFuWhS

Eva Samuels חוה החמודה ‏@EvaIsAdorable

@roadhunter Sweet. I'm useless when it comes to anything handy.

sheebe ‏@sheebe9

@rodjgrimmer @GavinWilliamson The kids haven’t failed the Government failed big time! I’m waiting on GCSE’s my da… https://t.co/ba58S5LJMc

riley⁷ &⃝ ‏@sooyoungsbword

i don’t want to be annoying and ask them when they want to facetime but i’m boredd

Maddie Jinks ‏@m_remi468

@TheCityWolf On it boss

JokesBot ‏@RedditJokesBot

My husband has left me because I'm insecure Oh no he's back, he just went to get coffee :)

Kendal 🥀🖤🕷🕸 ‏@silleyladnek

I need more friends to talk about the Sims with bc I’m obsessed and can’t stop playing 😍

Hollowheartz🐺🏳️‍🌈🏴‍☠️🐾🐨 ‏@Hollowheartz1

@dounia I know it might be kinda impersonal since I'm a bit high, but I love you

Wen'Zell Franklin 🤘🏾 ‏@Boss_Wenzell

I’m Snapchat illiterate! How do you work this thing?

Asia Warsi ‏@AsiaRahman6

🙏 @Zerka_M for retweeting

꧁𝙱𝚛𝚒𝚝𝚗𝚎𝚢꧂ ‏@xPandoraBeauty

I'm ready for the launch of iBUYPOWER's Element CL! #betterwaytocool #intelgamerdays – https://t.co/3R1rPDGpVB

VIΣHNU The 1st Wonder ‏@raikagerome

@alxistrmr I’m just glad you’re back 🥺

Bo Norcross ‏@bo_nor_cross

@Therealnbates @TinyTines123 I’m with Tiner on this one. Half is big fake news

Gabs ‏@berniemunoz14

@klarissam_g I usually write down how I’m feeling like if I’m talking to him and then just mail them out, but I was… https://t.co/5TNo6nUmzN

Ben Nguyen ‏@SwagtasticAsian

I feel like I’ve been living under a rock by being off social media for awhile but wtf is with this she/her crap in… https://t.co/svuiykrdyT

Jane Reed ‏@kaslina

@Kitty29America I'm ready! I am so pissed off and frustrated.

VIKTOR ‏@BitchBoyAlpha

@abusebf Yeah I’m taking her chair batteries so I can play Xbox 😹😹😹

L.J Peltrop ‏@ThatGuyWrites_

Feel like I’m caught in a loop hole.


See gobe and creativity>>>> Talent por See my Debie rise https://t.co/zkWm3g9uj4

pogo ‏@Owns65

I’m getting bangs on Saturday ahhhhh

Gary P Navin ‏@gary_navin

@Johnee_B @BeechCorp I'm looking forward to getting my grubby little mits on the final package.

Aindrieu ‏@aindrieu

@andylevy @JordanUhl @HRC I’m pretty sure it’s just a rhetorical question lol John Kasich speaking style the dem co… https://t.co/mwww5tKyNy

Princess Diana 🇲🇽 ‏@_DeeCole

@Budda3rd I’m going through these pages and I can neverrrrrrr be this bold 😫😫

Habs1967 ‏@Habs19671

@TSN_Sports She has not played well since, I’m sorry but this is to avoid embarrassment! I do hope she gets back to her best.

Naughty__Tae ‏@TaeNaughty

@SaiyanOps Yah from last week, but I’m hearing they may be up tonight so we’ll see

Mike ‏@mf_vio

Work sending out emails about optional "Return to Office" procedures like lmaoooo I'm gonna go to the office without someone making me

charli with an i ‏@charlezks

listening to I’m Afraid of Americans by David Bowie on repeat today lol

𝐫𝐚𝐞 ‏@kiwistylesx_

@ADOREANGXL @starryhazz that’s it i’m deleting social media

lil spooky 👻🖤 ‏@xxspooOoky

@JoeAnimelli i’m so excited hahahaha. thankyou 😭

Gamingmentor101🛡 ‏@gamingmentor101

@TheRealest1YETT @synneatssin And there goes more ableism. Well I am diagnosed and mentally ill so clearly I’m more… https://t.co/kmk4jfoqEH

Elizabeth Bluewave 🌊 🌊 🌊 #BidenHarris2020 ‏@lees_scout

I'm shocked that he admits that cases in FL are surging. Sounds like the perfect subject for his incessant 'fake… https://t.co/2AulNfB3Sw


Idk I’m feeling myself 🤷🏾‍♀️ https://t.co/u3a4liVG1I

OFURE. ‏@tse_omo

I’m stuck on if I should dye my hair black or blonde (i have a buzzcut)

Alastair Horne ‏@pressfuturist

@TrudaSpruyt I'm so sorry.

Humanities Intel ‏@HumanitiesIntel

@kate_awakening @M_O_T_H_3_R Wednesday, August 12, 2020 Planetary Initiation https://t.co/nWq88Gin27 Q<Goode-Cobra

GlassTurtle ‏@GlassTurtle1

#MyCampaignSlogan I'm not Trump 🤷‍♂️

Ivy Rose ✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿 ‏@xxxIvyRosexxx

@FutureBecky @sweet_angel_bby I’m super behind with all this mess, but it seems like their DMs go against MBP’s twe… https://t.co/qYPtm0OEvy

I.Y⁷📼 ‏@Infiresman_95

@thelileuphoria If you need someone to talk to I'm here😊

Horny 4 abolishing ICE🔥 ‏@yung_cabrona

The soonest counseling appointment isn’t until October?! But I’m crazy NOW!

Alexandria Demi ‏@alexandriademii

Security guard in Chanel always flirting with me & I'm like sir if you ain't trying to buy me a bag from out of here please move around 😒😂

shhhhhh ‏@r_shhhhhh

@BBCWatchdog Hi I’m wondering if you’ve been contacted by customers of Jet2. Have a booking for September & not all… https://t.co/MADGj2xz4L

dumb turk 🤪🏳️‍🌈⃤🌺 ‏@TurkBainco

@tellmewhore i hope sm it will be fine for u ellie! this period is such a fucking mess :( if u need to talk or if u feel down i’m here

Sincerely Yours ‏@halfomill

@shalondajones30 Yeah Beloved, do what you gotta do in order to vote in this election. IDK how Trump got elected? I… https://t.co/kxkJY2pEzm

G G ‏@TheKnowtorious

@raffbeezy Bro I’m so excited lol

𝒜 🧚🏼 ‏@ageofdrea

@moonlightwonbp I’m so sorry. I feel your pain. If you need anything I’m here 🥺💕

joe kennedy’s moist mouth ‏@FlugeneDebs

@BrentWelder I get it. I’m just aggravated and fed up. No hostility intended.

Rickydisco 4 a new party ‏@Rikdisco

@Stephen888WTF @carolejanehay @UKLabour I'm half out of this as there is a blocked account ahead of your answer.

Tenace55 ‏@peace4us55

@NancyCooperNYC Clearly you thought you could get away with it. Not now. No more. We are in a different time. Read… https://t.co/NStfjDrlRk

Alex ‏@alex_bishxy

I’m sorry but how the fuck can the government justify this...? https://t.co/NyzCeSjl3i

W ‏@wolverinefactor

@KoeiTecmoUS #KTfamily @MamoruNoHakkyou would love some Atelier but I’m down to giving #FairyTail a try

Aurrex ‏@LeKippz

I think I'm so slow at sketches because I do like... The stick figure construction lines, then like a bunch of tria… https://t.co/rRw698ARRq

Emma ‏@madame_fierce

@JLizB8700 Aw thank you for that. I’m lucky to have had them as well. I’ve taught them for four years and have lear… https://t.co/UB3ShSXHFc

✰ ‏@Iuzers

@padmegf i'm still traumatized 😓

⇆ ‏@ziziful

damn i posted the same pun i'm sad HAHAHHA https://t.co/3FkmJbTeBz

Alvaᶜ ᴬ ᴸ ᴹ/ bassist for Leighsas ‏@simp4mikey

Omg I’m so happy I need to go back to school on Monday and interact with people...

Mario Lanza ‏@MarioJLanza

@AdamJ102211 I'm saying it's not up to me, we have to coordinate four schedules.

isa ‏@jcock_

i'm here. — que bom, oi. https://t.co/z3kQo6hxw6

Bella❤️ ‏@Prettybresmiles

@1ofakindTIP Girl I’m a flight attendant and I feel the same way!

Papa Ranjeet ‏@Shahruk16904471

@xvicky22 Hello vivek I'm a manufacturer of 3 in 1 vaporizer ask me if you have requirement

𝘽𝙡𝙖𝙞𝙧™ 💝 ‏@MCMVlII

@AYISHADIAZS @clayyyy Definitely is. I’m not even Latina and I know that’s one of y’all classic song lol

earlsintern lost cousin ‏@earlsinternlol

@GumballKnowsRap Key word, "What I got" Ofc its not her message, look at the tweet. I'm talking about how she worde… https://t.co/jUVeFBJNvJ

Bran ‏@_pernell

I’m sick of Eleven45 I ain’t going plus that shit just got shot up... let it breathe a few weeks lol

♠️Dgonerenege🖤 ‏@ThatDAMMArt

I’m really not https://t.co/YYpooWmwnM

Giovanna ‏@BluTheGoddess

I’m not mad.. I’m just reciprocating your energy luv

APrimalWolf ‏@APrimalWolf

I'm live on Twitch, come hang out! https://t.co/YexeSGqng4

witch queen / AOS finale ‏@serafinapekalas

@wiitcheries yeah every time i see u in my notifs i'm like why is there a man here!!

lizzie🥵🍭 ‏@deep_doze

@feelinlokki game face on and i’m ready to listen!!

ᴛʜᴇᴏ 🚬 ‏@mlmbuttercup

@brot_liebe I’m afraid I can’t


@JayWely @actual_chaos @Bapi_Redemption @FiggFrankie @TheLastRefuge2 I'm challenging him on being a decent human be… https://t.co/Tb7bI0OVMC

Angie Monsalve ‏@angiemonsher

So I'm following the map that leads to you

StanLee ‏@StanLeeTheG

Get out your comfort zone This is one of the things I'm working on to better myself

Joe From America 🇱🇷 ‏@lumpydice

@FinancialTimes Trump 2016: "the election is rigged" Trump 2020: "I'm going to rig the election"

NYChAoS ‏@NYgrooveX

@AZLibb @pitbullsad 90?! Mine is about 65 lbs. When he’s playing and runs at me, he can easily knock me on my butt… https://t.co/XGRtMxDhRX

Urooj Zaidi ‏@UroojZaidi110

Date: 14th August Time: 12:05 a.m Focus on date & time. Happy 73rd independence Day to all !! #14August… https://t.co/qeN1eOotuu

Dracula Dairy Queen/Demonic Dreamsicle Blizzard ‏@CringeKirby

@RacieBeep @josukeluvbug I'm deleting this fucking bird app

sarah 🌴 ‏@ailurea

i wish i could share sketches of fic... on top of my pile of unfinished wips i have a few fics that have been prett… https://t.co/X53Ka59rxI

Sean ‏@THESeanBell

Nobody bother me, I’m listening to sad music again

#BlackTechRecruiter ‏@QuentinDeBerry

#blacktechtwitter #blacktechpipeline I'm giving free Career advice coming from a corproate recruiter and agency r… https://t.co/lVHTxZ4oSj

nada ᵕ̈ ‏@flwersan


pringle mouth on an airplane ‏@nellpostman

Basically just did this and I’m tweaking https://t.co/ftUV4KGJ3N

rone’s gamblin corner ‏@_rone

Gather round good sirs and ma'ams for a new set of gambling plans. I would tell you how I'm doing, but I don't want… https://t.co/wP8HHZxcn0

✨S.K.E.D✨ ‏@Shalayer1

I’m so ready for the fall/winter

TRLdiamond ‏@TRLdiamond

@FortniteGame But I thought you and Apple were just talking about getting you game back in the AppStore I’m so confused

Puppy Love 🐺💕 ‏@kogalovesyou

@BLDYMOONVMPR B-be careful, Sempai! Don’t get too close to the water! I know ya can’t swim very well and I don’t th… https://t.co/Qu0BspHJMT

Trey Pearce ‏@CoachTPearce

@CoachPels just saying if you need a commentator for some @RichardsonHS_FB I'm right here... https://t.co/a3YtjP5AO9

Terry D Hill ‏@terrydhill64

@RyanThomasCody You gotta admit though, it was funny!! I’m sure you laughed!😂😂😂

Guillotine Now ‏@CreativeMrPen

@nutmeggles yeah the only reason I haven't played yet is I'm supposed to be doing a server with some friends so I'd… https://t.co/UE8o9nvkyJ

Emmy Lee ‏@emilycraig44

@ILAGolden @Kellyrei007 @TrillLINDSAY @Shoguun1 @ericwoodsauthor @DzintraSullivan @byOliverBussell @museofdestiny… https://t.co/GR4W52PxT4

Krystal Gamer 🌹 ‏@KrystalGamer1

@MsPrissySim LoL. Well, I’m happy if the tutorials are helpful regardless! 😁

House cat ‏@sdj17

@MoTheComedian @DeanoAdamson I’m sure I caught you sporting this?? 😂😂

✊🏾✊🏾 ‏@ScottieP_31

@baby5jesus That WAP cost him fosho a few M’s

Lain ‏@lowkeysushiroll

I know it's my day off, but since I haven't been streaming the past few days, we're live now with some cozy Minecra… https://t.co/yK3ipNnUrE

Reggie ‏@Thetobe_

@Buneta__x I never said that. I'm saying you can pass your point without been insultive so relax sis I'm not the one getting you worked up.

Thanson #MTO ‏@perspective_cap

@ChicGentlemen You do whatcha gotta do! I'm out all of my longs

BOSS ‏@bossladycha_

don’t lurk on this bitch @CallMeTayMay for information shit even I’m confused lmfao

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