Circus Tent Emoji

A circular ‘big top’ circus tent, with a triangle flag on top.

Circus Tent was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

🎪 Big Top

🎪 Circus


🎪 U+1F3AA




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Patrick Brown ‏@bpatrick4491

@TLAVagabond We all know this isn't news. This, like most entertainment, is 🍞 and 🎪. Don't pay attention to the obj…

Clydesdales&Cattle🤠 ‏@_d_skinner

@CaptainChris33 @J0J0_Wilson @hay705 @ScottyGAFC @AudioTreatsDK @AdamRichman @GuyFieri Na nae been to my knowledge.…

Occultis Regulus ✡️🪐 ‏@RossiRiko

My ex a clown , her life a circus 🎪

junginjun🐶🐵 ‏@zeusgimpo

~ Give away 💌 (💘) postcard 200 ea (🗓) date : 22-23 / Feb /2020 (⏰) time : 11.00 am~ (🎪) location : Siam @…

Liam Murray ‏@MadmankMurray

@jamesrobsonES To our fondness of our club how can we as fans actually help our team improve it seems to me that we…

Practical Governance ‏@practigov

Happy birthday @FunPalaces 🎉👏🏽🎪

พิชญาภรณ์ หันมา ‏@noojoy_pitchaya

@mymay_pm 2OAJc5🗽🏯bChoCVsc🎪😧☹😒 #telugusexmovies #beautifulday If you want a Lady in your life, do not hesitate to…

Chatterbox ‏@Chatter69318470

@Jkburke21Jim @motorcyclejesse @EdGreenberger @AriFleischer A bit too smug Jesse. The Dems laid it all out so even…

♡ ✧・゚: *✧ ROBLOX IS STUPID WITH BANS ✧・゚: *✧ ♡ ‏@TwilightPoiison

@KristenBrendon says the one who claims they have a red nose, is a clown, and a circus 🤡🎪

✨Alice✨Walls✨ ‏@AliceNorth05

@guccilouuie This fandom is a whole new circus 🤡🎪🤡

The AOI ‏@theaoi

Yo-hoo! Our first meet-up for 2020 is a come & draw at @NationalCircus London🎪. See performers training in class se…

Affinity for Business ‏@affinityfb

It could be #BringYourDogtoWorkDay 🐕, a team away day 🎉 or just another fun filled office party 🎪. You can always g…

MissPetiteBrunetteBookBlog ‏@MelissaDStephan

🎪COMING SOON🎪 In Fury Lies Mischief, book 2 in the STANDALONE series by @amojoneswrites , coming 3/10 . Preorder Am…

🗺 a tiny map ‏@tiny_map

.      🎪      a brimming vegetation          🎌         mom's vulnerability     🍲    a distributor

DUKE ‏@copaduke1972

@joncoopertweets The white house 🎪 circus and the genius clown 🤡 DumbTrumb

Paruhum Mulia Daulay ‏@paruhum_daulay

@franncescaaline 🎪✈😉 Some dicks I receive in Dms are impressive #bokepjepang #schoolsexvideo mBgEOX 😀🕋🏭😥

💙LEO🔥☮️ ‏@CrystalSRain

@433 @ChrisEriksen8 @Inter It seems that he is in a theatre, the truth he is in a circus 🎪 🤡

BMS World Mission ‏@BMSWorldMission

Raise money for BMS World Mission, and you'll change the lives of people all over the world. Why not plan a sponso…

🗝✨ ICE WOLF 🗝✨ ‏@IceWolf_17

@mimadodoceu @IslandQueenCPI @Nickzzetop2 @CarlosA656 When #CaptainJustice asks what the "crisis" is, #Huey explain…

Digital Dirty Girl ‏@DDGBookBlog

▪️🎪COMING MARCH 10th🎪▪️ “You’re mine, even when you don’t want to be.” - Amo Jones, In Fury Lies Mischief TBR In…

Scott Griffith ‏@scottyg1366

@FanMorningShow Being 31st in payroll, “Bottomline Bob” wanted to win at SOMETHING so he’s gonna try to “win” the l…

Nuria ‏@Nuria2407

@Alyssa_Milano Gm morning #workout #REASONSWHY #CHILDREN #History #ETHICS MATTERS TOO👆🎪🎫📺🤹‍♀️(🧐🔎🧠=➖📚📜)…

SWIPA ‏@swipa_mc

@_WoManUnited_ @UnitedStandMUFC Spurs & Liverpool both wrapped up deals without bad publicity 🧐 United has definite…

GCK's Book Review Blog ‏@BookGck

▪️🎪COMING SOON🎪▪️ “You’re mine, even when you don’t want to be.” - Amo Jones, In Fury Lies Mischief In Fury Lies…

Liza Happiness ‏@mazerunner_liza

Кто я? 🤡🎪 clown, chaotic, typos, never shuts up, literally shut up dork 🐰 soft, shy, friendly, cute, sweet, babi…

frank ‏@Marwan75

@SpeakerPelosi Let me know when the circus 🎪 at capital hill is over. Will be voting Trump just because you are hol…

コンサンコン ‏@NoisyBlockhead

@shino_Zsasz_ 🎪LIVE🎸🙋🙌🎶

Vivienne Brereton ‏@VivienneBreret1

Power and passion at the #Tudor🌹court. Travel down to 🎠#Cornwall, up to #Scotland and across to #France. 🌊🎪Histfic…

Maven ‏@unicorn_maven

@malaymail Circus 🎪 in town?

Colonel Mustard & The Dijon 5 ‏@colonel5mustard

@AcademyMS @BDsfestival @KTTunstall @Happy_Mondays @Manics Thank you! It has been said we love a festival ☀️🌳🎪🌿🌻 Ke…

DAYNA ‏@DaynaJai

@PageSix Royal revenge strikes again?!? Meghan should have 2 chats: one w/ @Oprah and the other w/ @MaryJBlige. Sh…

Guillermo J Guajardo ‏@GJGunit

@SouthwestAir @MananaZoo Toss some peanuts for the circus 🎪

Singularitae ⁷ 🐯🔰 ‏@KaVtae

@PJMxEMA Nah I'm whole 🎪 😅😅

Brooke Hardie ‏@brookehardiee

So many holidays n festivals to look forward to this year ☠️👭👙☀️🎪🍹🏝

John Doe ‏@JunaidDoe

@kayleighmcenany @realDonaldTrump CIRCUS 🎪

Peace on Earth ‏@mymeditrax

@SkipScipioni @beachgal4trump And did CNN ABC MSNBC et all report these dire facts?!? 🧐 Nope!! Because they only r…

stephib ‏@stephib15

@Lrihendry Absolutely! Why doesn’t America wake up & see this circus 🎪 for what it Really IS???? Enough!!

OceanSolitudeMaine 🇺🇸☘️🇮🇪🎶🦞♻️🌎🕊💞🗳💙 🌊 ‏@OceanSolitudeME

@Morning_Joe 🚨 MEANWHILE, back at the #IMPEACHED #IMPOTUS #45* 🤡#tRUmp🇷🇺 #WhiteHouse🎪#OvalOffice 🤡 🤡 🤡👊🏻💥 👀

Coffee_evenings but Dante takes over for today ‏@CoffeeEvenings

@AttireTux He’d probably be like “suck my dick” and all of that retarded shit 😔😔😔 he’s gonna make me look like a fool 😔🎪🎪

mufid ‏@mufidayyy

One fine day🎪

OlgaCA2017 ‏@nola24073693

@JoeNBC 🎼 But where are the clowns! Quick, send in the clowns.. Don’t bother, they’re here.. 🤹🎪

Mike ‏@Mike27674684

@ChloeSalsameda I can’t tell anymore.Who the biggest clowns are in the Democratic Party .However Biden has to be in the top six.🎪🎉🎈🤡

Bru the DogTurd - Text TRUMP to 88022 ‏@brunobrobro

@danieldansku200 @lenasparksmiami @ScottPresler @HillaryClinton Executive privilege. National security. They didn’…

Book Lovers Hangout ‏@BookLoversHang

▪️🎪COMING SOON🎪▪️ “You’re mine, even when you don’t want to be.” - Amo Jones, In Fury Lies Mischief In Fury Lies…

SpringPeony ‏@SpringPeony21

@lousrant @PackersFavreFan @realDonaldTrump @FLOTUS NOTHING he says or does anymore that people care or respect thi…

Vivian Grey ‏@VGrey14

▪️🎪COMING SOON🎪▪️ “You’re mine, even when you don’t want to be.” - Amo Jones, In Fury Lies Mischief In Fury Lies…

Martin Crossley ‏@M_Crossley80

@M_Shaw1 @garethwalker It would appear just another day at the circus, that is @TheRFL #rugbyleague 🎪 🏉

Jose Rivera Pérez  ‏@jriveraed

They need you back Soledad... a reporters job is to inform facts... this is a circus 🎪

Lily ‏@GraceAlijah

@LBF777 The dream team🤡 has left NY 🎪 for a bigger venue in DC 🎪(the rec hall will look pretty damn good from the b…

scott for 🇺🇸Trump🇺🇸 ‏@scott71847352

@trainman_lover Hopefully Pelosi,Schiff,Nader and chucky’ all get investigated 🤡🎪end the circus

SpringPeony ‏@SpringPeony21

@PackersFavreFan @realDonaldTrump @FLOTUS He’s NO pres . just a 🤡 with a 🎪. Most HATED in the WORLD !!!

Bonus Arena, Hull ‏@bonusarenahull

🎪 The new Circus of Horrors show will be an immersive celebration of its astounding 25 years, don't miss it when th…

ห้าวหาญ ‏@guxhowharn

janjanjanuary` 🤹‍♂🎪🎟 ♥︎. - all the pretty girls—vera blue - i’ll be seeing you—billie holiday - in for it—tory lane…

🔊🥃🎤Halli Casser-Jayne Podcast🔊🥃🎤 ‏@TheHalliCJShow

@KellyannePolls @realDonaldTrump Everyone loves a freak show. 🎪😂🤡

Trollnaldo ‏@Wazahatkhan19

@The_Gerrard_Era You are entire 🎪

Angie Crabtree ‏@sweetypie1178

▪️🎪COMING SOON🎪▪️ “You’re mine, even when you don’t want to be.” - Amo Jones, In Fury Lies Mischief In Fury Lies…

Kyle Reid ‏@kyler14

@NoelMcPolin More clowns at Old Trafford than duffys circus 🎪

💓BangtanSkies ⁷ ❄ ‏@Jiminie_purrito

@yoongheiss 🎯🎪🎠🎭🎡🎢🃏🎰🎲 ain't the whole circus's here

💓BangtanSkies ⁷ ❄ ‏@Jiminie_purrito

@yoongheiss I knew Ii looked like a an oxygen tube or sum but my dumbass got Too excited :/ 🎠🎪🎡🎭🃏🃏🃏🃏🃏🃏🃏🃏🃏

mala ⁷ ‏@yoonminnchild

ARMY is a professional circus group🤡🎪

dreams ✨ ‏@blueberryyyyy_

@2002yizhuo We are the whole circus 🎪

AHCEENA ‏@ahceena

@stone1244 @dynatre3 @MartinLockheed3 @okabaeri9111 @kit_bramat @Mattytwo2 @RealTrumpSquad @MasterDieken…

Tom Ireland ‏@TomIrel16364241

Just joined Twitter. Resisted for years but after last nights one Party one State circus 🎪 on RTE and the anti-demo…

Mary Magdalen Mendoza ‏@MaryMagdalen777

@fancybuttplume @tracybeanz @ImDeplorable16 No... Just in their Own Minds I think they are Waking people up themselves 🤡🎪🤮🤮🤮🎪😂🤣

ًana⁷ ‏@sihyewons

@ICYYONG we all are don’t worry <3 🎪

Hoseok’s Balenciagas Polisher⁷ ‏@Jammin_to_Jimin

@roonsamaynila Here is ur clown suit 🎪🎪🎪🎪

Déda Derby UK ‏@dedaderby

We have had lots of fun at work recently trying out classes to include in our programme going forward... 💃🕺🎪 Thanks…

Meli ‏@stu2doc

I wanna know OwO 🎪 - clown, chaotic, typos 24/7, never shuts up, loud af 🌸 - soft, shy, friendly, cute, sweet, ba…

💜 Meli 💜 ‏@Melibuki

Me copio 🎪 - clown, chaotic, typos 24/7, never shuts up, loud af 🌸 - soft, shy, friendly, cute, sweet, babie, 10/…

Alma Ivette G. 🥀 ‏@geealmaa

You are not a clown. You’re the entire circus 🎪

Not A Loner ‏@Illo_naaa

Gotta wear the race t-shirts, even if they’re a bit unsightly or get you mistaken for a car-guard 🤪 (But according…

Youth Discount ‏@YouthDiscount

Get your summer festival plans sorted! 🎪🎶☀️ Have a look at our breakdown of the top music festivals happening in th…

SwedishExchangeRidgeway ‏@ExchangeSwedish

When you finish the lesson with cha cha slide 🎪💃🏼🕺🏼

Peace on Earth ‏@mymeditrax

@TeaBoots Thats what sore loosers do they laugh because it beats cryin 🤡🍿👀🎪 #Trump2020

Melanin Sniper for MinSëok | With Chen 🔫🦋 ‏@MelanatedMin

The whole 🤡🎪🤹 show

Charleys World ‏@WorldCharleys

This is part of the reason we’ve all been subjected to the impeachment circus 🎪. The other part is because…

The Amazing DJ Dan ‏@TheAmazingDJDan

Karaoke/Singalong Disco party bookings went up following the Greatest Showman, but haven't really done so with Cats. 🎤🐈🎪🎶🕺💃

Phillip Mehegan ‏@prmehegan

The circus 🎪 #MUFC @ManUtd

Colin A ‏@ColSkye

The flood of announcements and ‘commitments’ from the @Conservatives 🎪 led by 🤥🤡 @BorisJohnson shows that he and hi…

Steve ‏@shalpin

Why yes sergeant, today IS like a day on the farm 😊👍 (Every meal is a banquet. Every paycheck a fortune. Every form…

Return to Scale ‏@returntoscale

When a horse walks out 3L last you’d expect it to get a mention in the @QRICStewards fictional report. Not in Rocky…

Aretha D ‏@ArethaD15

@JoeNBC U should win an award 🥇 for the analysis that U made with that #Trump 🎪 defense yesterday! #Trump is terrif…

Holly Antrum ‏@HollyAntrum

Waiting for Janet Janet of freecycle Janet in her hatchback I have warned her about getting in the right lane to e…

ATEEZ(에이티즈) ‏@vitunsan

what’s your concert history? first concert: halo (if we don’t count the random jazz concert i attended in france)…

Troy Johnson #GoNiners 🏈 ‏@littlehoss16j

@KariWahlgren @ThatsSoCravens @MaryEMcGlynn @Julie_Nathanson @courtenaytaylor @VOColleen #TriviaTuesday: The…

Richard Beahan #UndeadMusiciansClub ‏@richbeahan

@Ceris8 @danbloom1 @PointlessBrexit Thank you, Ceris. 😀 #UndeadMusiciansClub 🤠 Checkout YouTube channel for more of…

Southport Flower Show ‏@southportflower

🎪 | We're delighted to announce that @mr_plantgeek returns to Southport Flower Show 2020 on Friday 21st & Saturday…

Sparkle Trump ‏@sparkle_trump

💖💅🏻💥Don🍀💐🐞Lemon,👻🦋⭐️the🦋🤡🎪dumbest💐🐣🍪man❣️🏰🌸on💗🎤👾television💚🍦💖(with🍦💅🏻😽terrible🌈🚽💙ratings!).🐛❤️🌷👑💫🌟🎆🐡💚🌃💚🍰🚀🍭🌺💜🦋🍭💞🎆💖 🙃😋

Aretha D ‏@ArethaD15

@Morning_Joe @Morning_Joe host was the 1st commentator that has summoned up that🎪 defense from yesterday perfectly!…

𝐚𝐫𝐢𝐚𝐧𝐚𝐡 ‏@arianaheunice

𝐈𝐭'𝐬 𝐛𝐞𝐞𝐧 𝐨𝐧𝐞 𝐛𝐥𝐮𝐫 𝐨𝐟 𝐟𝐮𝐧. 🎪


@HawleyMO @CarpeDonktum Yes. Wrap this 🎪 up!!!

K ⭐️ ‏@kayela_starr01

Not my circus, not my monkeys 🤷🏽‍♀️🎪🐒

Visit Bristol ‏@VisitBristol

Attractions in Bristol 🎪🎨🎭🎟️ Brunel, boats, bridges, bikes and more!

🗺 a tiny map ‏@tiny_map

.        🎄        your mellow deflation        🎪       Audrey         🍢    🌽   Andrea's culprit   mom's tracing

Trinity Centre ‏@CdfTrinity

*FREE HALF TERM FUN!* Tuesday February 18th we welcome all to @NoFitState Circus Workshop! - FREE - and welcome to…

Jo Marquez ‏@Jofly17

@JamaalHarris23 Circus 🎪

FutureBot27 ‏@Grace75646541

In 16 years from now trees will be driving and we will be extremely surprised. What a scary time that will be! What will be next? ⛳️🎪 🎧🚲

Angela in KY ‏@AngelaInKy502

@katyemaryh Three ring circus 🎪

Newport County AFC ‏@NewportCounty

WHAT’S ON? | Find out everything that’s going on when #NCAFC host @thesilkmen tonight in the second #SaveOurShirt U…

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