Clapper Board Emoji

A board which contains the scene name, number, and film. A person ‘claps’ the board shut at the top while saying “Action” or “Cut” to indicate the start and stop of a scene that is being filmed.

This is used to synchronise the audio of the clap with the visuals.

Clapper Board was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

🎬 Clapboard

🎬 Director

🎬 Film Slate


🎬 U+1F3AC




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LyleRomano ‏@LyleRomano

scrap the rules write em on the way to wherever..tell god and the devil its us on this it belongs to nobody else 🎬 with love 1luh

JohnnyLucid ‏@JohnnyLucid

Awesome! Thanks for the add. Every click, like, play, follow, and share are appreciated. 💚🎹🎶🎵🎼🎧🎬💚

Eurodesk ‏@Eurodesk

#Volunteering for #YouTubers? Almost! 😁 #VolunTube is volunteering with a focus on #videomaking 📹 Young volunteers…

Arirang World ‏@arirangworld

[Showbiz Korea] Park Seo-jun & Woo Do-hwan's "The Divine Fury" 🎬 #ParkSeojun #WooDohwan #박서준 #우도환

SouthClub_Band ‏@SouthClub_Band

[BROADCAST] 🎬KBS 2 “KISS” Ep3 📆19th Mar 2019 (Tue) ⏰11:10PM KST 📎 📎…

NOVAMEAT ‏@nova_meat

Today we printed @Nova_Meat v.0.1 live on @tv3cat 🎬 Then we cooked it on the grill and ate it 🥩🌾🍽 Thank you…

Kai ‏@_xkailababe

🎬 22 July

Cinema Villa 🎥 ‏@cinema_villa

😎🔥Due to Outstanding Reviews🎬 and strong Word of mouth.❤ #Nedunalvaadai Theatres 👏 and shows Increased. 👌…

ɗ ‏@djventura_

🎬Never Not Love You

MEHRDAD ‏@daneshkia

Happy birthday to Jerry Lewis who was born today in 1926!! - 🎬:

Emma Dark ‏@EmDarkOfficial

Still image from Martin Daniels' psychological horror short film HOUSE OF LEXI. I'm the other side of the camera th…

DADDY ‏@Your_HomieChris

🗣Send me ya titties and I’ll show you my new song I ain’t drop yet and if it’s sumn I can beat to then I’ll send 2 🎬

Netflix - Spotify 150 ‏@Netflixph150

Selling Spotify and Netflix Premium ✨Netflix Premium🎬 1 month - 150 ✨Spotify Premium🎧 2 months - 100…

Andranik nik_s0n ‏@nik_s0n

Check link in bio and find my name in titles 🎬 @ Bamberg, Germany

BeatlesFass ‏@BeatFassbender

"Oh, I am Magneto now." #MichaelFassbender on the set of #XMen: Days Of Future Past, 2013. 🤩🎬 #Behindthescenes #BTS…

Monblanc Traiteur ‏@MaisonMonblanc

Silence, on tourne ! 🤫🎬👨🏻‍🍳#monblanctraiteur #dollyfilms #traiteur #eventcatering #cuisinefrançaise

BIZAKEEM 🔮 ‏@iam_bizakeem

Help me pick a date 🔥🔥🔥🔥 #SickSoundsOnly2019 🎬 🎤 🎧

Sirajuddin Kadri ‏@DrANg3D

ADVERT taking place 25 March in CT! 🎬 Caucasian (white) artists only. Ages 25-65 (cannot be younger than 25) If…

Martin's Little Babe ‏@crazyformf

Last week @ Incheon Airport. 🤗🎬 (Via kamlp on Weibo, original source bababa1224 on Naver blog) #김재욱 #박민영 #그녀의사생활…

ChinitoAndChinita ‏@CChinita1

Xian Lim @XianLimm as Joachim in #UnTrue soon!!🎬🎥📹 @VivaArtists @mhitcpimentel 📷 @iammarkdizon

Busan City of Film ‏@BusanCityofFilm

[The 36th 부산국제단편영화제 Busan International Short Film Festival “Short for Family’ Program👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🎬💖] . "Short for Famil…

SADHIN ‏@SadhinBonik

The song for this holi, #KonyaRe is coming on 21st March. #teaser is releasing tomorrow at : 7 PM, Bangladesh Time…

Mukesh Madhwani ‏@MukeshMadhwani7

@apnnewsindia Respected sir Workshops, Corporate Meetings, High Level Meets will be easily available in the hotel l…

Aww ‏@Ginny_Liah

🎬Captain Marvel

Adam Pepper ‏@SilverscreenPri

It’s wizard day @SJSJuniorSchool today as Y5 examine what it takes to be a magician in Shakespeare’s world.🎬

Ermacora ‏@ermacora_winery

DAY 3. Ready to start! 🎬 . #ermacoratime #prowein_tradefair #prowein #messe #internationalfair #Düsseldorf…

Varsha-The Personal Stylist-Bangalore ‏@_varshasinghal

THE INTENSITY SPEAKS OUT AT ITS BEST ☺️ One of the best shots 🤘 Introducing a new face 🤗 Shoot for WEB-SERIES 📽️🎬 S…

SADHIN ‏@SadhinBonik

Exclusive...... @jeet30 announces new film 😊 #Panther 🎬 Releasing August - 2019 😊 So excited for this 🎬

Keyybii✨ ‏@heyheykymmm19

Movie watching🎬💕

Varsha-The Personal Stylist-Bangalore ‏@_varshasinghal

INTENSE shots are always favourite 🙏☺️🤘 Introducing a new face 🤗 Shoot for WEB-SERIES 📽️🎬🎞️📷🎥 . Styling & Art-Direc…

Imzistar ‏@Imzistar1

Un beau spectacle 🎬 CRY BABIES 💦 MAGIC TEARS 💕 via @YouTube

Jo Moseley ‏@Healthyhappy50

@Feminista_FF Ah absolutely! I was just thinking of the great evening we had at @Feminista_FF last year. Also, I’m…

ً ‏@rejgn

🎬: sky high

Mr TV Australia ‏@MrTVAus

TONIGHT on 📺 • #MAFS: 9 • #9TravelGuides • #MKR: 7 • #Manhunt premiere🎆: 7 • #AmbulanceAU new: 10 • #NCIS new…

WannaGate ‏@wannagate

🎬 Batman TV Series (1966)

nicöle ‏@vrgr_nicoleanne

along with the gods 🎬❣️

BookWidgets ‏@ibookwidgets

NEW VIDEO! 🎬 These 7 apps will help your students overcome their fear of public speaking. #PublicSpeaking…

Gaby Genial ‏@gabs_gl

Wrapped RGS 📺📽💻🎬

Dromero ‏@Dset_7

Clip Highlights 2 🎮🎬! #battleroyale #BattleRoyale #clips #Consolefortnite #consolegaming #epicgames #dailyfortnite…

Incredibledjsmoov🎧 ‏@Incredibledjsm1

Nice hit drops soon guys stay tune -#LOGO🎬🎬🎬 @DRealFreakyP

420 Sailing ‏@420Class

Hear from #470Class Olympic Gold and Silver Medallist Saskia Clark about crewing a dinghy, how to work as a team,…

Mohammed Aldubayan ‏@maldubayan

Great Actors 👍🎬🥇. #Breakingbad

IRIR 🤴♠️👸❤️️ ‏@kollywoodnow

Post #Sethupathi👮🚨 and #Rekka🏃🏃‍♀️, 'Makkal Selvan' #VijaySethupathi👨‍🎨 takes a Break⚡️from doing Action🤜💥 Entertai…

Ashyy. ‏@AshyyIsMe

Life: Another day another drama 🎬

Lośo ‏@DanielJRuiz

Tales From The Hood 2 🎬

Netflix-Spotify ‏@Netflix0615

Spotify & Netflix Premium 🎬NETFLIX PREMIUM🎬 1 month - 150 🎧SPOTIFY PREMIUM🎧 2 months - 100 3 mon…

Greatest Hits Radio ‏@greatesthitsuk

What is your favourite movie scene of ALL TIME? 🎬🤩📽️

alex ‏@sixelargdn

🎬: High School Musical

Dromero ‏@Dset_7

Clip Highlights 🎮🎬! #BattleRoyale #battleroyale #clips #Consolefortnite #consolegaming #dailyfortnite #epicgames…

🔱 कर्ण. ‏@Truly_Karna

Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ 🎬 #BradPitt #LeonardoDiCaprio

Extra Supportive 🤖 ‏@extrasupportive

@Tzbl_ i like the way you're thinking 🤔 📺 🎬

nedim_moskowa ‏@nedo_moskowa

"dark passage" 🎬 by #delmer_daves

Wes Hager ‏@WesHager

Day9 - New Horror Feature “ Trick “ never a dull moment on set 😮🎬 @ Newburgh, New York

Molly rose 🌹 ‏@mindofmollyblog

Any bloggers out there that write a lot on movies/Tv shows?? I wanna follow more! 📽️🎬📺

Risky ‏@RiskyJavan

*NEW* Polite Adventures - Normal (Music Video) | @MixtapeMadness via @ShyMercer 🏆✈️💦 Cc. @gerssisdavid 🎬😎

Radhika Agarwal ‏@thefoodiedevi

INSTANT PASTA (Pesto) from gustorafoods 💚 . . Instagram📸 : @thefoodiedevi YouTube🎬: thefoodiedevi Snapchat👻 : thefo…

Dubai Racing Channel ‏@DubaiRacingTV

Pinter goes for a five-timer @JebelAliRC on Friday. Hear from @echarpy about his chances on #TheWinningLine tomorrow. 6pm Wednesday. 🐎🎬

Gambhir Yadav ‏@GambhirYadav18

@DharmaMovies @karanjohar @akshaykumar @ParineetiChopra @SinghAnurag79 @apoorvamehta18 @SunirKheterpal @iAmAzure…

Mukesh Madhwani ‏@MukeshMadhwani7

@indiavoicenews Respected sir Workshops, Corporate Meetings, High Level Meets will be easily available in the hotel…

Movies On The Way ‏@Moviesontheway

Thanks #Followers @SouthBorderDist @JCaspersenBeats @thehorrorvideo @sjibara @cinematnicshow @friday_talk…

rishab sharma ‏@Riishabsharma

@shufta20 Mam when is your next movie 🎬 coming

Jworld ‏@Jworldmedia

We shoots music video #jworldmedia 🎬💯✅ #jworldmusicvideoshoot #j 🎶💫😍#dailymemes #newtrends #streetphotography | cre…

camil ‏@camillyaaa

🎬: the greatest showman

SAKTHIVEL ‏@tktsakthivel

@karthiksubbaraj Bro Wish you a very Fantastic Happy Birthday this year🎂💐💐👏👏All Success📝✒🎬🏆🏅🥉God Bless👍

MefistO Gamer ‏@MefistOGamer

World of Warplanes 🖤🎮💯🆒 🎬 Streaming on Twitch, Youtube ↘️ #wowp #worldofwarplanes #fighterplane #plane #aircraft…

Science Conference ‏@Open_Readings

Watch online now! ✨🧠🎥📷🎬

Khaleej Times ‏@khaleejtimes

Lights, camera, action! 🎬 Stay tuned for the upcoming #WomenOfSubstance webisode on UAE’s first female film direct…

Flamin' Galah Tours ‏@FlaminGalahTour

We had the ‘luck of the ☘️’ today. Our lovely Irish customer chatted to Sarah about her upcoming visit to Ireland t…

Viktor Mojomba ‏@Khoolfella_

#Indifference #shortfilm 📽🎬🎞 directed by yours truly.

𝚒𝚜𝚑🦋 ‏@itsmsshjtn

🎬: i love you, hater

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