Cloud With Rain Emoji

Raindrops falling from a cloud. People standing under it should probably use an umbrella to keep dry.

Cloud With Rain was approved as part of Unicode 7.0 in 2014 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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🌧 U+1F327

️ U+FE0F


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Len Melisurgo ‏@LensReality

🌧 Storm update: Forecasters from @NWS_MountHolly have boosted their snowfall projections for Sussex County. It’s s…

meki ‏@__meki

Mornings! 🌧

Alex Keddie ‏@AlexKeddie7

Why do people not know how to drive in the rain??! 🌧

Hazel Bergantinos ‏@hzldb

There are just days you miss certain people a little bit more. ☹️🏡🌧

CG2byDesign ‏@cgossjr

The itsy bitsy spider 🕷 🌧

lorvelle ‏@lorvelle

Good Morning, Everybody!🙂 It's raining here in Baltimore!🌧

cade ‏@CadeLauren

it takes all i have to just get up and go to work to be honest 😣🌧

Joyce Matthews ‏@JoyceMatthews_

@HeleneJewell We’ve had that all week - it must be your turn ☁️ 🌧 ☁️

.. ‏@Gwiyomi994

I'm so thankful for these days 🌧💜💜

Jason Aycock 📚📖☕️ ‏@jasonats

We’ve got some cold November rain today. 🌧 so yeah there’s obligatory music.

👑Va⚘Nessa👑 ‏@VaNessaDeRossi

Good Morning 🌞❤☀🌧

Ash!🗣 ‏@Dayouthdem

Keep doing ya thing God😊🌧

BeDogMyFriend ‏@BeDogMyFriend

Mode Raining day....🌧☔️

IG: IMSPRINKLES ‏@taste_sprinkles

My damn knee hurting 😫😫😫 it must bout to rain 🌧

dVh 🤸🏾‍♀️. ‏@_shebeenpaid

cold rain 🌧 is the worstttttt !

Rah.Shad⇦ ‏@shad_rah

This gloomy day and rain 🌧 giving lay up and fuck type of weather

Oscar Hernandez C. ‏@Calidreamin213

This rain 🌧 has been Going on for too long 🤔, We need the sun ☀️ back

Maryam ‏@mclllv

This kind of weather 🌧.

MelindaMorrisZanoni ‏@LegacyTalentCEO

In #Charlotte where the rain seems cruel and on the wrong side of the country. Thanks to @DougHerbert @CKornak…

Barbara McGreger ‏@thelastmilehome

Did I mention we have lots and lots of 🌧? When it’s too wet for Sampson it’s too wet.

Smiley😉👸🏾 ‏@happi201430

This weather has me so not in the mood to workout 🌧 but let me just get it done 💪🏾

KyleHorton/ F3Benign ‏@kylehorton1977

18 men weren’t afraid of 🌧 or 🥶 at the @ToysForTots_USA convergence at @BSWArena. All @F3SwampRabbit AOs were repre…

Jessica Norman ‏@_jessica_norman

Lake Norman? 🤔 #cltwx @wxbrad 🌧

emily 🌼 ‏@emilyakerman

5 things I love which are not people: Eating outside 🥨 Every dog I’ve ever met 🐶 Rain at nighttime 🌧 Thailand 🌴…

Brandy ‏@Branderss

It’s gonna be a great day 🌧

GM Prepared ‏@GM_prepared

Are you weather ready? The @metoffice has launched a new campaign about the importance of and benefits of preparing…

Mother247365 ‏@Mother247365

Be careful out here today 🌧 ❄️

Austin ©lopton ‏@CoachClop

Glad I just got new tires yesterday cuz this ice rain is lethal 💦🌧💦

Jason B ‏@KingJasonB

I dislike this cold 🥶 rain 🌧

Debra Lynn Shelton 📒📚🎼🎵 ‏@debralynnlazar

@BookEndsJessica @jamerrson @bookendslit You could set up a chaise lounge on the lawn with a large tube of sunscree…

CROWN ME ✨ ‏@iDICKtate

Morning Sugars 🌧


@realDonaldTrump Whatever Rain Man. 🌧 ☔️

7mza ✠ ‏@7amza_17

Coffee + rain 🌧 = 💆🏻‍♂️

Mrs. A ‏@mantonio66

This is why we drink.... SMDH, is he delusional, or are we? 🙄🍄🌧

Andrea Houston ‏@AndyLynne31

Uhm . . . About this day! 🌧☂️

suci utri utami ‏@suciutrii

November Rain 🌧

Wake Tech CC ‏@waketechcc

A slow commute to campus this morning. Helpful Reminder: Don’t forget the umbrella while walking to class! 🌧 ☔️ 🌧

John Howlett ‏@Howlinator

Day 3 and Central Park was a blast 🌧🇺🇸🍎 @ Central Park

Reem. ‏@_raiv1

No weekends ,without raining cloud @starohoud 🌧♥️

Roy Domenech ‏@DDebroy84

@LucyYang7 @ABC7NY Wow 😮! That looks 👀delicious 😋! Enjoy 😊 dinner 🥘 with your wonderful 👍family!! Have a great 👍 day!! ❄️🥶🌂🌧

candace stephens ‏@cstephens_4

With how busy these two weeks have been with moving & barley getting any sleep Henslee & I are going to lay in bed all day 😊🌧

Eugene Alexander ‏@EugeneA83497567

@jade78052492 Happy Thursday to you, have a blessed and wonderful day, be safe in your traveling, how the weather t…

Lisa Ren ‏@zoey122013

@engineco16 @yesica Sooo sad !! Praying for 🌧.

Jeremy Williams ‏@jeremy_wil

It is very bad outside here this morning wintry mix weather today the students getting 2-hour delay at school very…

Colleen Michelle 🦊 ‏@DelcoBlonde

Not ready for this winter weather thing!!! Of course I have a meeting tonight too. 😨 ❄️ ❄️ 🌧 🌧 #Issummerhereyet…

"Alexa, enable FPPad" ‏@BillWinterberg

How wet has it been this week in Georgia? This is the water that came through my leaking chimney this week... 😶🌧 (I…

Holden LeCroy ‏@wx_holden

🌧 It’s a cold rain this morning and while it will remain cold today, the rain will start to move out around 12PM.…

Roy Domenech ‏@DDebroy84

@AnnaCAAlves17 Good 😊morning ☀️ Anna, how are you doing? Hope all is well, have a wonderful 👍day!! Enjoy 😊!! ❤️🙏🌧❄️🌂🌺

none ‏@LazaroR55759820

@realDonaldTrump Mueller fought for our democracy in the rain 🌧.. you couldn’t even honor our veterans because of r…

Kim Zajan ‏@KimZajan

I skipped my run this morning due to the rain 🌧 Thankfully it stopped and I was able to walk these 2 cuties 😍…

LJL ‏@Red6366

@ACog1984 🥶 🌧 Good morning ☕️☕️☕️

Roy Domenech ‏@DDebroy84

@heatherorourke7 Everyone looks 👀great 👍as always, have a wonderful 👍day!! Stay warm.❄️🌂🌧❄️☃️

Dr Smooth ‏@DrSmooothiee

@realDonaldTrump Mueller is a Marine ☔️. You are a paper 📝 🐅 Mr Rain 🌧 Man

Pretty_Br0wn3y3z 👀 ‏@Sign3dByGi

🌧 and ❄️ today. Come on Mother Nature 🤦🏾‍♀️

Giant York ‏@GiantYork

Testing out the new @giantuk Diversion gloves 🧤 Keeping you dry in the rain 🌧 and warm in cold 🥶 Click the link…

Chicken On Biscuits ‏@Chickenonbiscu1

Freezing rain morning ASMR, North American midwest 32°F/0°C 🌎❄🌧

camel✈ ‏@camilleee2002

I need more pillowsss 😴🌧💓

SMH🦁 ‏@Smhalha7

Kissing under the rain 🌧

Dr. Patricia Egner ‏@PatriciaEgner

If I carried my ice scraper AND my umbrella in today that means I won’t need to use either one. Right?!?! 🍁🌧❄️🌨☂️…

MARYAM🎠 ‏@M_sixtytow

Make it rain and wash all the sorrow away.🌧

Air-Rum ‏@__aarum

It’s snowing ❄️ & rain 🌧 but working from home so 😎

Wismec UK ‏@WismecUK

It could be raining outside but that won't stop the Active 🌧😉 #wismecfan

نور فاتحه ‏@nurfatehahsaidi

The sound of rain and its smell 🌧💕

Robert Fields ‏@RobertFieldsLPA

Rainy morning soundtrack.🌧☔ leonbridgesofficial #goodthing🎧🎶

Mawkini ‏@mawcabanada

Maoy weather 🌧

sam 🥀 ‏@samdils12

I just hope you miss me a little when I’m gone 🌧

Mickey Bean ‏@Mbbean1

@julie_luck Raining 🌧 all the way from Lexington where I live to Winston where I work

Karin: #45IsDoomedByMe ‏@KarinKster4

@realDonaldTrump 🔹 weak 🔹angry 🔹lying 🔹heavy 🔹bad hair day The morning mood 🌧🌂

Karl W. Ekberg ‏@ChttgRvrFlyShop

Chattooga River Info. 🌧 Low 40's. Rain AM, then clearing this afternoon‼️#CRFlyshop #flyfishing #chattoogariver…

Shoug Alahmad ‏@shougalahmad72


Freckles 🌻🍯🥥✨ ‏@Dawnn2Dark

Y’all be safe in this rain 🌧

Chief Nilda Hofmann ‏@NYPDCommAffairs

Good Morning #NYC, ⚠️ @nycemergencymgt has issued a Travel Advisory for today 11/15. We are expecting a wintry mix…


Everyone be safe driving to work this morning! ❄️ 🌧

Chris Boyd ‏@clb0137

@h8Wankmaggot45 We all have those moments. Hang in there. 🌧🌈

Rosalie Lockhart ‏@RosalieLockhart

Tempted to cancel today and have snuggles & watch movies 🌧☔️

شذا حِسين. ‏@_shatha19

“15 November” 🌧❤️.


@realDonaldTrump 🌧🌩 🇺🇸 President Donald J. Trump payed his deepest respects to the fallen heroes, during a Commemor…

Albert Robertson ‏@Mr_ARobertson

@Adam_Dymond Keep the faith - we’ll need to build an ark soon. 🌧💦💧☔️

najihah ‏@jiee___

Rain rain go away, come again another day 🌧

Dr. Dina Al-Sharaf ‏@zaharadinosis

Hello weather 👋🏻 Can i please HUG you 🌧☔️🤗

Carrie Wooten ‏@MrsCarrieWooten

Go out and shine your light! ☀️ especially on dark, freezing rain days 🌧 Love my Thursday mornings and all the amaz…

𝓛 ‏@loustarx

`𝓛𝓸𝓿𝓮𝓵𝔂 𝓓𝓪𝔂 𝓦𝓲𝓽𝓱 𝓡𝓪𝓲𝓷 🌧`

Real Southern Girl ‏@southernvl1

@pilotboy2018 Good Morning sweetness!!! You be careful if you're gonna flying your plane in that rain today!!!😃🤠👨‍✈️🛩💨🌧⛈

Jhonathan 🇸🇻Umanzor ‏@JhonSiceCrewEnt

The sound of the snow ❄️ raining 🌧 sounds so relieving and peaceful ... #November

DrummerBoy!!!! ‏@Littlejohn2fly

Another day of rain 🌧

Jeremy Scott Law ‏@CoachJLaw

Guns N' Roses - November Rain via @YouTube - Not a more fitting song for this week! 😂🌂🌧☔️

Page Fehling ‏@pagefehling

#6at6: 🌧 ☔️ go away... 1️⃣ ☔️ and ❄️ in/around CLT 2️⃣ 🏫s delayed/closed 3️⃣ more deaths in Cali 🔥s 4️⃣ Kidney reci…

Ghadi. ‏@iig_8

#الخميس Have a nice weekend 💙🌧

lisa amico ‏@lisa_amico

I finally had to do it. I turned on my heat. It’s really cold outside 🌧❄️💨

NIA ‏@nxxas

Davina~ when it rains 🌧

All Clear Plumbing ‏@UpstatePlumber

Who else is ready for this rain to stop? Our poor employees are drenched 🌧 and chilled ❄️ to the bone. But we are c…

di.xon 💋 ‏@_theonexception

I dislike leaving Khaire to dress the girls in weather like this 🌧💨😭 lol i really don’t have anything to worry abou…

UMIE ⚘ ‏@UmieSyahira1

Rain rain go away come again another day 🌧🎵

Mea ‏@MascarinasMea

joji kind of night 🌧🍻

Wasim Bariوسیم باری ‏@wasim_dr

Raining in Makkah earlier today at Fajr time .🌧

Mark B ‏@Maro2Bear

@laurynricketts @ChuckBell4 Light sleet, frozen rain, and snow mix falling to the ground here in PG County, NASA…

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