Clown Face Emoji

A face with distinctively colored face makeup intended to entertain children with physical comedy. May juggle, create balloon animals or perform magic tricks. Some people consider clowns to be terrifying.

Clown Face was approved as part of Unicode 9.0 in 2016 and added to Emoji 3.0 in 2016.

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Also Known As

🤡 Gary the Privacy Clown

🤡 Scary Clown


🤡 U+1F921


Tweets For 🤡

Donghae ‏@Ieedonghae1015

@taeeyounglee my little clown 🤡 i will work harder in learning bahasa so i can stop cursing u when u actually say s…

Aagam ‏@VadechaAagam

Picking and choosing things when based on whether or not they’re convenient for you...…

Jerry Carlile ‏@bigjerry43

@PrisonPlanet Lol 😂 that’s a 🤡

🅿️ort ✈️ ‏@_4myeyes

Bae fall asleep soon as she cut the shit on 🤡

αmвíє 🦋 ‏@HEECH3ON

I’m actually most excited for Shosei fan cam 🤡

Joe Mari ‏@ayi3mazing

Can't get over with the #Joker wanna watch it again! Wanna hear Joaquin Phoenix's laugh once again. Anyone? 🤡🃏

Bottle Pay ‏@bottlepay

@IgorAnatoliev you just sent 21 sats to yourself, satception is real 🤡

daisy ‏@selectedhearing

@realDonaldTrump : get in there! @mattgaetz : I will look stupid 😩 @potus: GET IN THERE ! @mattgaetz : 🤡

austin ‏@austin21lee

So we tweet or don’t tweet based on the ramifications regardless of the morality of what is being discussed or the…

Stanley Yelnats IV ‏@IvYelnats

@KingJames What a 🤡. They say anything to protect their money. They don’t care about anyone but themselves

cheyenne ‏@thecurlqueen

I probably spent 4+ hours at the mall walking around in circles, trying things on for my Halloween costume just for…

pumpkin spice lex ‏@notsixela

well i’m not venting on twitter anymore 🤡

Air Caruso🐝🇲🇽 ‏@FluidRap

@OfficialBaeza Why you slashing tires bro that’s lame 🤡

sabrina ‏@ft_tweets_

@KatieFruitpunch 🤡 this emoji says it all

Carolyn Yeater ‏@Gatito_56


Craig Hama ‏@CraigHama

@thehill They are not running a “clown show”! That’s why they didn’t admit Gaetz! 🤡

Smash Cat YT ‏@IamSmashCat1

@NotJitsu @FortTory Imagine raging just bc you are eager to play fn 🤡

Jasmine ‏@torresjasmineee

I deadass thought high school would be like High School Musica...bitch I was over here waiting to sing with my Zac…

𝗳𝗮𝘁𝗶 ♡ 𝗵𝘄𝗮 ‏@kvheavens

@lilpiedpiper my brother’s friends came over again at ass o clock 🤡 wasn’t fun

nea ‏@gweengo

I thought the earthquake was a washing machine problem... im on the third floor of my building and the wm room is on first floor 💀 ima 🤡

즈。 ‏@96zcafes

im this close 👌🏻 to do something stupid 🤡

Jaeweezy ☁︎ ‏@_JaydenOfficial

twitter shade is still a thing? 🤡

RexPublic ‏@public_rex

@mattharan @catherineanntuc Russian Connection & He's not as rich as he claims he is! The Clown 🤡 hasn't surpass…

steph ‏@___steph00

He told me he missed me now he’s dissing me, can we talk about a whole ass clown 🤡 🤡🤡🤡🤡


i took 30 minutes just to get 4 decent photos 🤡

CL Pagaduan ‏@clpagaduan

ang joke time talaga ng transportation sector and i aint laughing one bit 🤡

Steven Kunac ‏@Thekunac

@AdamBandt @RichardDiNatale What a bunch of half wit 🤡 clowns.

Neemra🔪 ‏@NeedyLeapord

Some of u are really creative with your tweets 🤡

fang ‏@fangsuspended

@andrewFN_ @littlefnbr Its crazy your so uncreative 🤡 go play fortnite oh wait haha

$onia ‏@idsoniaa

Embarrassing 🤡

H🎃pe ‏@hope_gaul

Now that Amber blocked me...🤡

Muhammad Alsyafiq ‏@syafieqash

Keep testing my patient. 🤡

Krag 💀🤡🕷️ ‏@coffeeconsume

Life made me go: 🤡

Exclusive Sass ‏@SSperbeck

@antoniacrump @elijahdaniel Damn I wonder which one of my personalities it is 🤡😂

faith🕸👻🕸 ‏@faithesajian

I see I got my clown outfit on like I always do 🤡

Ashley 🎃 ‏@AshleyMonroig

I wouldn’t be surprised if she made another account and started sending the messages to herself 🤡

bebeh.skyxx ‏@NihauSkyler

boy’s thinking it’s okay for them to call us cute stuff until you// they make it awkward enough that you fr before…

PMF ‏@Julianpmf

I stayed up late af for a 3 min phone call 🤡 💀

❀ callisto ❀ Subway❣Bot ‏@xcallisto_

@DeadsinsH I love that your birth month is 🤡

Actuated ‏@Actuated69

@smokeasac fuck uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu 🤡

🥴 ‏@L3gacymn

Just left the Stu feeling good 😈🤡

👻goddess👻 ‏@calliemilan

i love how one tree hill was making me cry so i decided to look at videos of me and griffey and now i’m sobbing 🤡

Lalo ‏@_lalizzi25_

Im always trynna fit in where I don’t belong 🤡

Devin ‏@duhhitzdevin

It really doesn’t show 🤡

whipped cream ✨ ‏@_KhayaN

kuthiwa don’t let a person waste your time twice, should have listened. 🤡

JASPER 🤠 ‏@jaspermofficial

@remsghost I don’t support clowns 🤡

𝔧𝔢𝔫𝔫 👻 ‏@joonito_

@viakth_ Because I lost my glasses and I have an appointment a week from now 🤡

Jose ‏@YouCrayyCrayy

Seeing all these fake couples for the holidays 🤡

nov 11th 🤟🏾 ‏@3rdlotD

Just cuz i ask somebody how you doin dont mean i give af about you ima just tryna see how ya livin on some coo shit 😂 but neva again clown 🤡

Cam Kinetic 💕 ‏@CamKinetic

these lil girls on this social media 🤡

𝒩𝒾𝓉𝒽 🌺 53 days until i hug conan! ‏@LillyConeBilSab

it’s 11 pm i am not doing anything useful should i just sleep i should write but i’m prolly not gonna so gn this we…

celestie ‏@celestepenaa

i told myself one game of apex here i am 7 games in smfh 🤡

Jaiden ‏@ridicvle

🤡 🏃 🤡 🏃 🤡 🏃 🤡 🏃 🤡 🏃 🤡 🏃 🤡…

뿌뿌 🦁 #THEMADSQUAD ‏@settobejunhees

Me, saving the same pic of brownhee nth time, perfectly knowing I already saved it: it's fine 🤡

hazwanee ‏@1neeysf

me every morning and end up taking the grab everyday 🤡

GuoHaur ‏@GuoHaur

It feels kinda sucks to not have the ability to make people listen to you when you try to speak 🤡

🎃👻 kookie 👻🎃 jimtober HAPPY BIRTHDAY JIMINIE! ‏@jibootaeuwu

@dionysus_yoongi i’m 8/10- wOw- im actually surprised cuz i never thought i was thAt funny 🤡

🇬🇧Ant👽🇬🇧MBGA➡️🇬🇧 ‏@kyza_sozayAE82

@janetehealy1 @eu_boff_now @MartinDaubney All Hail the Messiah!🤡

𝐣𝐞𝐧𝐧𝐲 🦇 ‏@xojennnnny

slide in my dms already @ oomf 🙈🙈🤡

💙 Kashyap #LoveBrieLarson 💙 ‏@KashyapKatariy4

So my friends are saying me that my exams are from 7 November 🤡 (they maybe wrong) And i have not purchased my books yet

Rob Rayza ‏@RobRayza

@BoyCorp_ @daddydepressed_ @NG_Langley @piersmorgan But they are Bulgarian? Sorry to hurt your poor feelings 🤡

◡̈ ‏@idealistaec

@onlyUmyScenery Boy he dragged them too but he’s a bit nicer compare to what he did to bts 🤡

Love, Jilen Becker ‏@jilenxbecker

she wrong but y’all started it,don’t trigger the person,if u don’t want to hear em’ things,y’all be feisty af for c…

✨ ‏@__aylinnn_g

I got rid of all my Halloween costumes bc I thought I was done being a hoe 🤡

mars misses loki ‏@vanishingmars

@littIeIovebug no we aint 🤡

draculaura 🧛🏻‍♀️ ‏@crownkingzyx

i guess we're excusing sexual assault if it's bl? oh those zany homos sexually assaulting each other, it's just par for the course 🤡

Mishraji ‏@Nashhawk1

@Nashad9 @majorgauravarya Apne tweets khud hi like karta h🤣🤣🤣🤣 Yaar tu wahi h na Jo FB par sad smiley lagakar Happy…

QueenJudas ‏@_QueenJudas

Lol, this is what happens after you block a thirsty ex. 🤡 #nottodaysatan

big mouth prick ‏@DojimaNoRyuu_

Imagine choosing 💰 over democracy. and people say you're the 🐐. go back to Cleveland, 🤡

Biliquis ‏@Biliquis_X

@kvvngmichaels @Jennism__ Yes, consent is required unless you’re insinuating you own her and she’s not a full grown human with autonomy 🤡

mack ‏@mackjangles

Thanks for the stream last night all. I began with some cool city building in Anno 1800/@ANNO_EN (simply a joy of a…

brandon ‏@branndonx13

i start convos and then don’t answer why am i like this 🤡

_ꜱᴏꜰɪᴀ.🇳🇦 ‏@_GodIsAble

Nvm. It's probably the weather effects. 🤡

alyssa ‏@hrryinlove

At this point I honestly think the Ace Family could get away with murder 🤡 People are so quick to cancel others ove…

👻 Anna 🎃 ‏@Izzy_Clementine

#WIP btw 🤡 the portrait part is almost done but i'm working on a lot more parts of this personal project so ye

_edwin_ ‏@Edwinoo__0

oh um it’s day 14 of spooky szn.. and um it’s pretty trash but it’s okk 😖🤡

j e s s 🌷 ‏@jessskangas

ik my mental health is goin ↘️↘️↘️when i stay up all night n my room is a mess 🤡

𝐯𝐚𝐥𝐞 🦋 ‏@velezxvale

@dorisgisselle @gowonwithluv @TammyVera8 ew get this trump supporter outta my mentions tf 🤡

Cuddle Team Leader ‏@JohanTheeGreat

Woah, this isn’t even his final form and his clown level is over 9000❗️❗️❗️ when will you reach your full potential…

CrimeGad ‏@Crimegad

@kayy_ame Suh Issa 🤡 uh deh wid?? Thought penny wise was a badman can see he ain’t Jamaican❌

CF360 ‏@cf360_uk

A well-developed sense of humour is the pole that adds balance to your steps as you walk the tightrope of life. - W…

whimsyspookiest🔮👻@Kumoricon ‏@whimsydearest

@RainSpectre I mean, both have their share of clowns.🤡

A Tia Elaine do Zap ✌🏼 ‏@ElaineBR3

@AllanFrutuozo Kkkkkkkk Farmeme 🤡😼

christina ‏@christi62851913

@CatherinePaiz Are we going to continue laughing when @CPS takes away your children because clearly you are delusio…


@ScottCharlesMD Bitch you started it clown 😂🤡

Francis Macomber ‏@fmacomber

@renato_mariotti It would defy the oath he took to be a rodeo clown. 🤡

hanna ‏@trblmvrk

its 8am n i didnt sleep at all 🤡

forest ‏@africanoboricua

Send in the clowns 🤡

jackini ‏@jackkeller11

@chrisjnelson13 @The_Real_Rage @america_vest @TheYoungTurks @ewarren @cenkuygur @AnaKasparian @EmmaVigeland…

⋆ ‏@izoneichaewon

@leeknowsi f*ck you. 🤡

seffiya ‏@qtjjongh

let's just hope they won't ever found me 🤡✊🏼

Bad Linfluence. ‏@LincyNajee

Goodmorning 🤡

Come Dubai👅 ‏@uzbekting

I was wondering why he hasn’t watched my story turns out I had him customised lmaooooo 🤡

Jessi//never met tay 🏹🦋 ‏@imdeadswift

I realised your laugh is the best sound I have ever heard ❤️💕🤡

vince ‏@lauharrier

@ElsieKFisher change your display name to this 🤡 instead

!! ‏@yesiverar

aksjskksjwlw there was an earthquake?? i-i didn’t even feel it 🤡

goodnight n go ‏@kilb_xoboy

@thelightana I can’t believe y’all r saying “gng, breathin, tu,n” 🤡

TU Stilson ‏@StiIson

@parpyfn tryna get 1st in middle east ?🤡

amna ‏@amnamjoonx

good morning angels ♥️♥️ i’m trying so hard not to get back in bed rn 🤡

𝖈𝖎𝖓𝖓𝖆𝖒𝖔𝖓 𝖌𝖎𝖗𝖑🍒 ‏@erikadelrey

the people that looked up to the ace family look like this 🤡 now. glad I never watched them.

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