Clown Face Emoji

A face with distinctively colored face makeup intended to entertain children with physical comedy. May juggle, create balloon animals or perform magic tricks. Some people consider clowns to be terrifying.

Clown Face was approved as part of Unicode 9.0 in 2016 and added to Emoji 3.0 in 2016.

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Also Known As

🤡 Gary the Privacy Clown

🤡 Scary Clown


🤡 U+1F921


Tweets For 🤡

Inja Victoria ‏@injaturtles

My crunchyroll free membership is about to end. What anime should I binge???? 🤡

ً ‏@iriseungwan

i can’t at y’all 🤡

where’d you go, beccs #orangeforever🍊 ‏@softforavalance

Me watching JTV, hoping J.V and Petra would end up together: 🤡

ً ‏@irikyeri

ion know where you're all going with the fuse but ok 🤡

リハ ‏@dreamboyLOEY

@loeystudios was reading that demon baek au yesterday to realised it hasn't been finished later on 🤡

Denisa 🎀 ‏@LoveeToDream

@namjinheaven This is like that one time we tried to explain why we should go for Spotify records, no YT and they a…

Dan Santham. ‏@weakbridge

@thomasbrake @BorisJohnson All star Bedwetter in action 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 🤡🌍 #WGBE

Evangelos 2nd ‏@2ndEvangelos

@TimesNewRxman @Panaguapo I don’t even have pics on my 2nd acc 🤡

Katy Perry Charts ‏@KPchartsandnews

@MatteMonsteh Sorry, I don't remember the names of those albums 🤡😆😆

ᴋʟᴀᴜᴅɪᴀ ‏@bensforce

@kylofucking jj called a slug klaud,,,do y’all see me COMPLAINING?????🤡✊

alma ‏@monotxn

stupid bitch. kpop is literally POP MUSIC... but in korean 🤡

kayleigh ‏@jeunghanah

@hoshisarms it be kr doesnt wanna give svt actual success just like retrograde success 🤡

Nono 🌸 ‏@Babalwa__G

Did that tomato even go near a stove? 😳🤡

adamn ‏@adjacent00

imagine still selling for your friends in August who are elite 3s and are trash asf 🤡

다라라라 ‏@daraxxikr

I dont have something to give you because you already have everything 😂😅 but yes, just be happy okay???! Remember…

aquino ‏@Aquino29593522

Sucks when you could’ve done something unfaithful and ya don’t then ya girl or man gets you mad cuz they put u to s…

shua frowny ‏@lux_shoeshua


James Smith ‏@jimmymith71

@weimarman I take it it was a quite night at the circus and a clown 🤡 had time on his hands the Xbox must of been at home 🏠 🛎 🔚🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

*:・゚✧ dee ‏@mccnlightnad

gosh flirting is hard 🤡

Gj ‏@Gj68920763

@seek1st @GeorgePapa19 @JohnBrennan @seek1st, Chaplin??? More like Chaplin 🤡. And I sure would like to see GOD jud…

🥀 icarus rising 🥀 ‏@towertarot

@mercurytrine you already associate w me. it’s bound to happen eventually 🤡 but tbh,,,,even doing something problem…

𝐕𝐢𝐧𝐜𝐞𝐧𝐭 ‏@Ronin_350z

@h3h3productions All these people defending Trump lmao 🤡.

Wareum ‏@Wareum_

@wiyur7 @1Dimmz @Fathomly that’s what I thought 🤡

Jonathan ‏@jcool1054

I’m up like i don’t got school the next day in the AM , I’m never fixing my sleep schedule 🤡

jean ‏@eunheeverse

@eyesmilepyo he 🤡 goodluck to my wallet jdjsjdjs

f̷r̷a̷n̷cypher ⎊ ☂︎ ‏@imsoftIswear

@meowduh my bangs 🤡 i tried doing the korean style bangs but it turned out WORSE so i hid it with a headband. but…

💰Tommy Trillfiger ‏@OGbagzmarley

Clowned the fuck out 🤡

zen 렌 ‏@sg__mingguk

@kooksbiitch This is what I tend to do but it doesn't really work 🤡

ᵗⁱᵐ ‏@__timothyyy

so i was skipping to my moms room ( super unnecessary ) and a ghost slid in like wan-bissaka and i fell. jokes the floor was slippery 🤡

don't @ me ‏@fndamia

tips for clearer skin is to stay at home 🤡 it works everytime

✰ ‏@yuraIuv

i couldn’t sleep well today i’m- 🤡

Alex Molina ‏@realalexmolina

niggas* 🤡

nigisti ‏@needynavy

@caartieer i picked up so excited and heard that stupid ah beat 🤡

ᴍᴏɴsᴇ 🏳️‍🌈 | DARK HAIR CHAN ‏@timelessdoyoung

that doesn’t even look like them a*my are being 🤡

maria✨ ‏@stanloeyong

it's really amazing how taeyong by purely existing makes hoes pressed like there's no tomorrow .... get off his back 🤡

Mags ‏@melvin_maggie

@realDonaldTrump @nytimes The biggest disgrace is YOU!🤡

dudett:) ‏@auntylisa_

I was about to tell my crush how I feel about him then he started talking about his crush 😔🤡

$illy Tha Producer ‏@Sillythaprod

🗣Fucking 🤡

아닛 ‏@myjinseuphoria

Who do you think in BTS watches IT 🤡 @BTS_twt

ⁱ ᵐⁱˢˢ ʸᵒᵒⁿᵍⁱ ‏@Y00NIEBEAR

@KimchiPichu I was clowned too😔🤡👊

Eric 🦁 ‏@itseriic

I would get fucken sick with 100+ degree weather 🤡

Nanni Lovee ‏@LoveeNanni

Don’t have an attitude because of other people and THINK you’re gonna take it out on me That’s OUT 🤡

MaryJeks ‏@jeks_mary

The entire computer department looking like clowns😂😂 I’m the worst of them all 🤡

elle ‏@yoongisjin

omg why cant i see any pics 🤡

SoLo ‏@grounded68

#trump #TrumpIsADisgrace #Trumpresign. #DonTheCon #willtherealconservativesstandup @Liz_Cheney I thought you m…

Skrawberries ‏@shadyoum

fucking clowns ew 🤡

◜⋆ ◦・゚˚☆ bethan ‏@forbearnan1

@on1yevan yep there he is. I was looking around nick 🤡

dimple enthusiast 💌 ‏@woohyunsbffl

@toffymeowmeow i’ve seen people either absolutely believe it or completely deny it 🤡 i wish they could all stay wit…

fat witch☽ ‏@killos

ok i know i said that i wouldn’t check my weight yet, but this is me lol 🤡 so i couldn’t resist but wtf?? i actuall…

ally 🌿 28 ‏@sottlouu

i need an outfit for ari 🤡

ale🐥—close slot upfoll. ‏@psyduckr

no offense but acc unlocked bulan september actually freakin sucks 🤡

chaddyboi ‏@chaddykills

Funny how people don’t want to be criticized by their political beliefs but when they saw someone opposing them the…

Sheri Monette ‏@monette_sheri

@depressionnote I'll never forgive/forget an episode of Chelsea Lately where @BradWollack 🤡 (gross clown),felt it w…

Oliver Cromwells storm troopers 🇬🇧 ‏@Wamph1872

@StirlingMorris If you had the balls to say that to me I'd applaud you then laugh at you 🤡

dina (s/h) ‏@taedybaes

yuvin collected his marimong from sejin and left LOL 🤡

ki ‏@sighkira

@yeahboycub doing the absolute most 🤡

._. ‏@BTSunshine__

@butchjeon This is why multiarmys don't deserve rights 🤡

'Durαmαn ‏@walejobbs

@Brievyy We now look like clowns for being mad 🤡

Namra M. ‏@Namramable

The faces I have to make to keep my nephew from unlocking my office phone. 🤡👹👺 #FacialRecognition

Pol Calinawan ‏@polcalinawan

😬Student activists in Hongkong China are fighting for Democracy! Here in our Filipinas they wanna be Communists!🤡

에이티즈's hana火。-semi ia- ‏@clownkq

@ATEEZofficial literally out there outdid themselves again with performed 4 songs+extra stages on KCON LA, also som…

Andrew 🥵 ‏@Andrewxx2010

I- I really played myself. 🤡

*𝘪𝘴 𝘴𝘭𝘦𝘦𝘱𝘪𝘯𝘨..♡* ‏@icecreemitae

@sunnydayseulgi Weekly idol stil exists? 🤡 this shit needs to be yeeted out this planet immediately smh

aisha ‏@aishawu4

can anyone recommend pakistani dramas that don’t have sad endings n they clap cheeks forever and ever 🤡

koko ‏@ruberryjoon

Used to matter alot to me only o satisfy parents but now idc 🤡

DAVID PUFFIN 💨 ‏@David_Puffin21

Whole time , you got more money then they ass ..fucking 🤡

ash 💫 ‏@joontopian

bruh i m.. so done w uni.... i thought this report was due 11:55am turns out its 11:55pm so i don’t have to stay up tonight hahahaha clown 🤡

𝒶𝓈𝒽 ‏@yoonfinity

... i used to think you were gonna be spiderman but it was a different holland 🤡

John Price ‏@HayMarchesOn

It would be really good if Boris stopped BREXIT, he would win a overwhelming victory in @UKParliament if he did as…

Julia IS FREAKING OUT BC OF CHAN AGAIN ‏@Your_pan_friend

@poutychangbin Its a wig😭😭😭🤡

EXHOE-L, That’s Okay🥺😭 ‏@Exol_koreaboo12

Fuck you and your lies AHN JAEHYUN I BELIEVED IN YOU 🤡😭😭😭🤧

pjm1kbw ‏@pjm1kbw

I’m guessing they already know that’s what he’ll say. But maybe he’s going to look them in the eye and say he reall…

Big Daddy ‏@EmoLitterBox

yo i have lipstick in my eyebrow bc i really just said "🤡"

Nicolas Artance ‏@Nartance

@Moonlightshadxw Honk! 🤡

eunsangmama ‏@eunsangmama


brian ‏@yrianyhandar

Im just a temporary and casual acquaintance for your convenience at this point 🤡

𝒂𝒆𝒔𝒔𝒂 ‏@bbyrosae

but i mean at least we can breathe the same air as them 🤡

nifty ‏@datboiNIFTY

when you move in silence make sure you tell everybody 🤡

nayeli ‏@sbidermann

i really thought i was gonna adjust my sleeping schedule b4 college started 🤣😭🤡

; ‏@jenoneandonly

i was hugging hanbin,, tHEN I FUCKING WOKE UP 🤡

ilix ‏@ilixWasTaken

@JTonYouTube @enesbatur00 ur a clown 🤡

kor ‏@evangelixnx

The fact that I’ve lost about 30 pounds and it’s not even noticeable 🤡

Stephen Daniel ‏@Stephen05292771

@paulmasonnews We know already remainers have been telling us for the last 3 years. It’s old news. Out of the archi…

𝐖. ‏@kimwooshen

Dude, this has been you-know-who. 🤡 @GlMWOOJIN

♡ AHHHHHH #EPIPHANY50M ‏@starryy_joon

@lotives the way i literally thought that didn’t happen when i was younger but then was like wait,,,,, marriages 🤡

💎IO💎 Aurora 🦋 ‏@__IO__x

@san_my_name Its starting to be quite a regular thing 😭😭🤡

🐤 ‏@gooksgcf

looking back at my old stuff has made me come to the conclusion that i was a weeb dedicated to drawing anime boys 🤡💀


remember when bobby said he weighs 68cm 🤡☠️

🍑Kang Daniel: Founder of D-pop ‏@rupiojjang_k

F.cking nerve to attact his personality..🤡 Anyways it gave us a chance to re-remember how much of a precious person he is 👌🏻

[ p a i ] myeon 🔮 ‏@paimyeon

The shit kpop make you do 🤡

clemy ‏@lubeige

the photoshoot from early august was actually a amber solo shoot 🤡

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