Clown Face Emoji

A face with distinctively colored face makeup intended to entertain children with physical comedy. May juggle, create balloon animals or perform magic tricks. Some people consider clowns to be terrifying.

Clown Face was approved as part of Unicode 9.0 in 2016 and added to Emoji 3.0 in 2016.

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Also Known As

🤡 Gary the Privacy Clown

🤡 Scary Clown


🤡 U+1F921


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TeX ‏@AnthonyFamula11

@buliSC @Patriots @NFL @Edelman11 Wow I'm so offended, not. Nice cowboys picture! 🤡

Taylor. ‏@avidxmn

Got another book that I probably won’t read for god knows how long, but I couldn’t just not buy it! This will be th…

louis ‏@l1avalos

@MarketWatch Go quickly the traffic is still horrible 👹🤡

Patricia ‏@patacastro


🔌 $cottie Roc 🔌 ‏@Scottie_Roc

I luv when someone tell u something. And then after they tell you what someone said. They go “PLEASE DONT SAY NOTHI…

the homie eli in the cut ‏@cholo_commie

@sustinaanford This dudes been pushing this for years 🤡

𝓪𝓷𝓷𝓲𝓮 ‏@shxnoa

I found my old phone & I had a whole bangpink folder with 500+ edits most were lisakook. I really used to be the biggest shipper 🤡

Ciaran Quinn ‏@peckerface18

@brenckelly Funny like a Clown 🤡

Brandon Woodson.5️⃣ ‏@Bwoodd2

this y’all favorite rapper ???🤡

louis ‏@l1avalos

@CBSThisMorning @FaceTheNation Shut it down Shut it down Shut it down - wish over 600,000 fed employees a wonderful Christmas 🎄💩👍🔥👹🤡

🥁Jeanine 🎤🎼🎸 ‏@JacksJeanine

@RyanAFournier Stooping to the filth of extreme trash and extortion to “REPORT” news? Every NIGHT 🤡😂😂👎🏻

The Flat Earthers 🗯 ‏@Theflateartherz

@Jeremia11955920 @FlatEarthOrg Funny that you're a 🤡

brokendad ‏@Dave89616469

@DiaryOtdGirl Me or the clowns 🤡 on the telly

mia ‏@lesboscafe

also nvm i just deleted those selfies bc a girlie is feeling n looking ugly asf 🤡

alexa ∝ ‏@Pepsigirl170

@CrimsonTynamo 👅 yes 🙃 that 🐀 is 🇦🇶 my 🤡 branding 🤪

The Flat Earthers 🗯 ‏@Theflateartherz

Yes, you're a moron. Simple. 🤡😂

louis ‏@l1avalos

@politico How do you defend a hush money payment?💩👍🔥👹🤡

Sofia🔮| i love bangtan sm| ‏@Sofiymuffin

I’m not even gonna talk about allurance cause we all know they f*cked up by doing that one..but allura deserves bet…

Kakarot! ‏@KianaLHolley

Falling in love 😀❤ ... Falling in love with someone who doesn't love you 🤡🎈

Thombuck1 ‏@Thombuck2012

@GregNorberg The worst president of the United States, it was all a progressive set up, a complete hoax. It shows w…

@joeboxer76599082 ‏@joeboxer7659901

@realDonaldTrump Statements from a man who claims innocence but whose Trump Criminal Enterprise crimes will be unco…

Lord Woodfield of UTAG ‏@LordWoodfield

@workingcabbie I think he’s been caught cos he’s not a wise guy 🤡

Inigo Montoya ‏@Calvegas

@Youngfinessex Haha looks like you need a new pair of bollocks 😂🤡👍🏻

Al 😀! ‏@2668

Trump Blasts 'SNL' as 'Democratic Spin Machine,' Hints at Legal Action Against Networks' 'One Sided Coverage'…

Fiendish Dr Wu ‏@jimjoneskoolai2

@AwesomeKingRex @TWeirdling @satanachia_lord @AtlantisKane @BlankPetra @englishgent001 @AlexVorkov @bloodofkirby…

lily ‏@lily_breuer

@kaziavh @lilyallen nahhhhh cannot wait ffs 💓🤡🚬👹🥳

B. ‏@denbron77

@true_BroncosFan If VJ 🤡 is coaching we would probably lose unfortunately. 😂

Desta yohannes ‏@dasyohan

#seahawks vs #49rs who the fuck are the announcers. They sound like a couple of 🤡. Watching with the sounds off

Jim Orsini ‏@jim_orsini

@MLB He’s a 🤡

Badger 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 ‏@badgermorton75

@tamthebam425 What seek fuck even "likes" that? They're are some warped folk oot there 🤡

🔞 Uncle's Christmas Special ‏@UncleCucky

@egggshoppe Get on it, B ✨👏🤡 I know ya will do some cute af shit

☆ s i n ☆ ‏@_purplehearttae

@sxfthao I just have these pics 🤡

Tony Weaver ‏@maveneer13

@RogueFirstLady Very BIG. And, hopefully, VERY BAD for tRUmpski! 🤡💩

Paulbaillargeon ‏@mrgrizzlie61

@BillyHurstPhoto Someone needs a timeout ! 🤡

Black Money ‏@lionelr904

I just bust out laughing when I seen you with the goofy oouuuu 🤡

@joeboxer76599082 ‏@joeboxer7659901

@realDonaldTrump Nobody even if potus is above the law & as president should ba a becon of light, truth, justice &…

MarqG🔊 ‏@Fedbaby_

Curtains 🤡

K e n e b r e w 🌹 ‏@WhoGotHim_

@shelovesdubb @Terrenceee_ @therealkd16 You ain’t gone see us passing we not airing the ball out like you idiots th…

Ayana ‏@_haleaa

Don’t think just bc I will walk away from a situation that’s not healthy for me anymore that I don’t care.. like no…

Philip ‏@iberiantraveler

@NBCNightlyNews There’s always one, a callous clown 🤡, but in this case there were three, who were caught. And Trum…

Little John Nodrog ⛺🌵 ‏@Flash1074John

I love having a job where I can listen to whatever I want, like this classic. I love bein a Juggalo!!! 🤡💖

WarriorProphetJeremiahWBalik ‏@W_ProphetBalik

GetSomeMore 👹@ChicagosMayor 🤡@RepFredUpton

Brannon Besse ‏@brannon_besse

Another didn't age well tweet 🤡

@joeboxer76599082 ‏@joeboxer7659901

@realDonaldTrump This is not a scam, you sir will go down in history as the worst president & scamer we have seen as potus. RESIGN🇺🇸🤡🚁

hannah ‏@agustphoria

@gukuchiha @yoongilip @BTS_twt @minsugasmuse @missscorn @uwuseokseok @PARKJIIMlN @kimvanitae good thing auto tune exists 🤡

MJP ‏@mrmjprice

@G_Foz Imagine giving the apprentice contestants the tools to be successful 🤡

Fairy Kwan 🍧 ‏@fairyflosskwan

@mymoonsehyoon Oh yes he is 👀🤡

Monica • Law ‏@brakenthelaw

Wouldn’t you love somebody to Love hahaha 🤡

Ebru ‏@YoongisBottle

@JiminieLlamas is it music or run bts??? if run bts, the episode with the tomato song is cutEEEE AF didjdjdjdjd, if…

Si ‏@seehrrahh

i need to stop texting back fast 🤡

Jericho ‏@JerichoRazon

The holidays just won’t be complete without some Nutcracker magic💂🏻‍♂️🐭🤡❄️🧚🏻‍♂️ @ Warner Theatre


People make mistakes so we can learn from them, don’t repeat the mistakes you witnessed. Don’t be foolish 🤡

Michael ward ‏@ward8810

@thekapman @DartTalk @ESPN1000 @WaddleandSilvy @TWaddle87 How about 10 wins and the Division Clown 🤡

Linda Lee ‏@mynorthstar

Stunning Price Tag Of Trump's Golf Trips Are Revealed, Makes Cost Of Mueller's Investigation Look Non-Existent · DC…

sydown ‏@downey1950_w

@zronmm @Williams4TN @realDonaldTrump Thanks for the laugh!🤡

Johnny Mnemonic 🍆👀 ‏@MeshugaApple

I always mix up The Corrs and Sixpence None The Richer. 🤡

R.Writeous ‏@TheSouthPa

@realDonaldTrump 🤡 The Russian Escort, started as the “insurance policy” long before I even got elected, is very ba…


My dms are full of producers lil do they know I am a producer 🤡

Steven P. Wright ‏@SPW62

If you can’t see the Corruption in this than you are clearly a Democrat 🤡

Matthew SNOWFLAKE❄️AF ‏@mshalk

@realDonaldTrump So... If a crime was committed “many years ago” (but within the statute of limitations) we shoul…

Janice Scott ‏@JaniceS86362347

@realDonaldTrump Why do you keep referring to yourself in the third person, 🤡?

nancy a. robinson ‏@nancyarobinson1

@RealSkipBayless @NoPhlyZone5 Omg are you serious right now ? Lol 😂 this guy is a clown 🤡

uwu ‏@daddiejimin

My spending this week 🤡

𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐢୨୧ ‏@vantkoos

@DDAENG69 @paradiseguk my fisrt initial thought was that why is she holding a rodent 🤡.... but then i looked closer

Dakota Rayne 🌊 ‏@LAMlinder

A picture is worth a thousand words 💩🤡

Dee Wilkins ‏@DeeWilkins13

When is Lou Dobes going to stop dying his hair, I think he's. I think he's trying to keep up with the Trumpster 🤡

Phil ‏@K66MBE

@DannyGraham82 @sambo610 @crooklandsfc @pocketspike @bertracoon80 @heywood_tom @TJL21 @Idiotsnephew Home now mate c…

ᴸ̶ᴼ̶ⱽ̶ᴱ̶ᴿ̶ ‏@YeezusDadd

If she got her sc in her bio chances are she a hoe 🤡

daire corcoran ‏@dairecorcoran

@JARiiseOfficial Stop even answering these 🤡 pal your liverpool legend and always will be.


@lullabypepi let me search that up 🤡

👑 ‏@daija_2X

It’s fucking clowns everywhere in this fucking city 🤡😂

l72jg2017 ‏@l72jg2017

@CBSNews @AprilDRyan So much for the art of the deal... this 🍊🤡 can’t make a deal with the dead thing on top of his head!!!

tha loves yoongi ‏@agustlm

@hyyhperiodt @njcrav @daegubrothers @seesawagus @cherubmono the rappers who humiliated them are literally NOT those…

Dolores ‏@mamabird15d

@CBSNews @FaceTheNation Shut it down.Its the trump way.Dictator....Do as I want ,or else.Then fill the tunnels the…

AyrshireGeordie🇬🇧 ‏@George05742281

@auld_jethart @BWallaceMP Bullshit,I know family members & work colleagues who no longer speak 🤡


@jaesoul7 dumb bitch she asked if a high schooler was legal why the hell else would she ask that 🤡

Novo Democrats 🌊 ‏@NovoDems

DON’T BE TRUMP’S UNPAID VOLUNTEER 🤡 Repeating his lies - even to “debunk” them - helps him, not us

zay ✇ ‏@Area71_

Janokoski with the AMAZING EFFORT!!!! 🤡

Otto von Arx ‏@Ovonarx

@wpd58 Is that Cardiff and Swansea rolled into one ?🤡

#FreeOkogie ‏@ThielenBetter

@Vrotatoes @ExpressMoose You a 🤡!!!

Maggie Gardener ‏@methusheilah

#BreakfastNews Woke up this morning wondering who is this Don Trisk Labbor dude that hit the trends last night beca…

Deplorable Terry ‏@tthompie

@Don_Vito_08 @realDonaldTrump 🤡:”There are 1,000 ways.”

CERTIFIED 🎖 ‏@t00freakyy

Mfs will hit you up ONLY for money “can I borrow...?” then try to call you fake cause you said “I ain’t got it rn” 🤡

violet🌤 ‏@deathinitelynot

the w0rld 🌎 d0es NOT 🚫🙅🏻‍♂️😱 rev0lve ar0und U 🤯😰🤡😈✌🏼

🏁 ‏@Mouzii

i jus busted out laughing when i seen u with tht goofy 😂🤡

Neversaynormal! ‏@007donquixote

Apparently the check from Mexico is “in the mail.” Trump’s best spokesperson- Stephen Miller hits the Sunday shows…

ZipperBrain ‏@EdwardZRosenth1

@FredZarguna @CarolCpmgasser @MotherTerysa @shauna_kuhn @Bobalaska1 @Ocasio2018 @degaeta THAT IS THE EXACT SAME PHI…

🆗🆒 ‏@fuckoffbees

@WTFGARRETT My boss might have exposed me to whooping cough 🤡

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