Clown Face Emoji

A face with distinctively colored face makeup intended to entertain children with physical comedy. May juggle, create balloon animals or perform magic tricks. Some people consider clowns to be terrifying.

Clown Face was approved as part of Unicode 9.0 in 2016 and added to Emoji 3.0 in 2016.

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Also Known As

🤡 Gary the Privacy Clown

🤡 Scary Clown


🤡 U+1F921


Tweets For 🤡

p ‏@glutenfreeafro

my phone fucking up but guess who aint buying a new one 🤡

Ted ‏@thadei

Lol!!! You're a 🤡

BTS MAKNAE LINE 📌 ‏@hypemaknaes

BTS almost has 15M followers on Twitter so make sure your following them! @BTS_twt - 🤡

Nik Morris ‏@NikMorris5

@skier017 @thaimaishuu @GunOwners I’m guessing you’ve hit the piss? 🤡

itzzjessiesis ‏@itzzjessiesis

@MorgzHudson Pqeryend it was one of ur friend as the clown 🤡 to ur mum

M🥀 ‏@ForevaQueenin

Clown 🤡

I'm Doggu ~ ジャム✨ ‏@CadizJam

@sleepykimmyyy no comment, but here it is 🤡

Petulla ‏@ChrPetulla

@DonaldJTrumpJr Such a stupid discussion. Shows who you are. 🤡

S🦋 ‏@serenaxmc

Boys be more loyal to their homeboys than they is to their girls. A bunch of clowns 🤡

Ms.MBeck 🐾 🇨🇦 ‏@ms_mbeck

@RepAdamSchiff Thx Adam for being a glimmer of hope for what is truthful. DJT 🤡🎪

sanzina ‏@sehungotbaek

@jenobabyboo Ahshsjd shutt ur welcome 🤡💓

Craig Brunt ‏@brunny70

@liampsheedy @Bruntyswfc Fucking 320 soft cock got there 👀🤡😂😂

Rofl Republic ‏@i_theindian

@ManojTiwariMP @narendramodi @Ra_THORe @SrBachchan @iamsrk @BeingSalmanKhan In case someone misses "Ajanta Circus"... 🤡

Mike 🔱 ‏@Glazedovernow

@pimpmytweeting Wow that is so radical..why didn’t I think of that 🤡

foxfiregirl50 ‏@Foxfiregirl50


🌊KevinRobertson❄️ ‏@Occupymore

@RachBach007 @ResistanceNOW77 Hell Yeah! 👺#Trump666 is an Evil we've never seen in our life time! He's doing Evil v…

Mbml80 ‏@flintstone_810

@NFL Kudos to the first 52 man roster that stays in the locker room until after the anthem! Stay united, you play f…

Big Daddy Tee ‏@BigDaddyTee2013

@AndreKonieczny @FoxNews @foofighters @realDonaldTrump Traitor? Why cause he disagrees with your political bullshit…

Hela ‏@MeritPrevailed

How we spend our Wednesdays. What’s good, brujas? 🤡

im not even bald anymore ‏@baldboyblues

Need Me A Baddie Like Pennywise 😍💦🔥✨💯👌🍑🤡

Wrong @Roy ‏@wrong_roy

Hiya @pianohive, not sure which Roy you're looking for, but I'm pretty sure it isn't @​roy 🤡

QüeenQüi👸🏼✨ ‏@_DarealQuisha

Y’all sound dumb af 😭 I started going w. him wayyyy before he went to college and had all them offers and could still double back dbd 😭😂🤡

🌼BeeBea V🐝💃🏻 ‏@BeebeaV

@Janice_Resist @Dsparky120 Yes listen to your king 🤡 tRumperies, they’re not important, stay home

Sky ‏@thundarcatz

hey guys, follow my horror profile and make sure you tune in this Friday for our first Fright Night Friday 👹🤡⚰️.


@slss1419 Once a bone spur deferment bowling trophy candy ass always a bone spur deferment bowling trophy candy ass…

Bob M 🇬🇧 ‏@bobmca1

😂🤡😂🤡😂🤡😂🤡😂🤡😂🤡😂SNP report to claim independence would bring £4,000 bonus

Thotia🍯 ‏@Gabbylicious121

Y'all! I was just tryna spread my K pop/ BTS Propoganda to my family and they wasn't having it skajhsgshshk They a…

jordyn christine ‏@jordyndawave

You bitches are foul 🤡😂

John E Miller ‏@Krazy_Canuck

@manny_ottawa Awww, look at the Canada's Village Idiot doing what he does best! "Yo, duuuudes, we're having a kegg…

h ‏@heaffgh

Forgot I had to get a tattoo for my daughter , to show that she means something to me. 🤡

Tamiwynot ‏@Tamiwynot

@realDonaldTrump Fuck you, all those fucking douchebags in your family, your cabinet, your businesses, your foreign…

Carl ‏@Keilor30

@AaronMarkPeters @Greatmartis69 @Greatmartis69 Great Wanker will do his best to PUMP $AJM, same as he did with $TAW…

Fierce1269∞ ‏@FierceNemeth

@EllaaaCruzzz @POTUS If the President can't block Tweets by ruling in the courts as a hindrance of 1A , wtf is Twit…

Sam Rebentisch ‏@Srebb

Unexpected 12 hour work days are m favorite 🤡

sab | yves day ‏@tyongpjs

i didnt do my hair 🤡 i went like this omfg

Tony D Wilson ‏@TonyDmachine

WWE: "Written in the Stars" ► Stardust 12th Theme Song Its the Carnival 🎡 Birthday Clown 🤡 everybody

Bubba chuck G$O 🧙🏿‍♂️😈🖤🧟‍♂️ ‏@Jt_Turner12

@DubiussonEvelyn 😭😭 stfu 🤡

C. Windstar ‏@Cwindstar

Maybe the judge can rule next that Porn is the right to free expression, and make it legal? Maybe unicorns are real…

DJ cool pool ‏@gracetonys

corny when little girls call other little girls whores but there even bigger ones, smh.🤡

👑 A. ‏@xItsArieBae_

Mfs be fronting soooo hard it’s ridiculous 😂💯🤡

Evelyn Dubiusson ‏@DubiussonEvelyn

@Jt_Turner12 Stop playing with me 🤡

ScoutFinch🇺🇸📚🗽🌊🌊 ‏@legacygirl2017

@RepMarkMeadows @RepLeeZeldin You are complicit in destroying our country! How much 💰💰did you get from the Russian…

- ‏@AlexDub182821

The @NBA has the rule that says you have to stand for the National Anthem.. is the NBA a disgrace too?🤡 #NBAPlayoffs

mgobluegirl6 🇺🇸🗽✌🏼🌊 ‏@mgobluegirl6

@PerditionReigns @EvilVeIo @bratacat @misterbumface @realDonaldTrump Hmmm, @EvilVelo has no answer for you! Figures. 😉🤡😂

Richard Gilliard ‏@MonkeyTamer

@RealKidPoker Fans...🤔what fans? Fans of getting robbed out of their hard earned money, what a clown! 🤡 Could that…

may ‏@parkwoojins

@jihoous well 🤡

Diane Gardner✊🏿 ‏@abronxchick

@TheLastWord @TheBeatWithAri But ya’ll ova👀ing 🍊🤡 lies mo than breathes! Him/his flunkys will swear #DOJ showed em…

Johnny Azari ‏@johnnyazari

@MckeverJonas Life hasn't been the same since they did away with the revolver emoji. But it does make:🤡🔫 way scarie…

Desha 💞 ‏@_xBossladyy

Bitches love “telling on me” like I ain’t grown 🤡

CapitalTeacher ‏@capitalteacher

@robertonics @FlatEarthGang 🎩and 🤡 aren't mutually exclusive...

Brown Dirt Cowboy ‏@FlatEarthGang

@SirNasaRoyal He told the 🤡 Pyne to sit down.

Selim Bradley 🇺🇸 ‏@SelimSeesYou

4/ to make an unironic prediction: no, our banned friends aren’t coming back. This is 🤡🌎: the jewdiciary will find…

nicole ‏@nckzzs

🤡 me rn

glopimpcess🤩 ‏@P0pularlame

you can stay the fuck from round me if you ain’t gone ride for me 🤡

Daizha ‏@theofficialdaiz

Welp that’s all folks 🤡

words for the win ‏@talksalad2me

@Stellar0_o 👏👏👏👏👏 🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊 🤣🤸🏻‍♀️🎪🎬🎶 L💛VE your parodies! you use your creative gifts for good 😍 i mean... how can…

Sonic ‏@RenTianTang

@Sean_McDowell You gotta start the proper apologetics training now, Sean. This kind of logic isn't going to be very…

Black Mumba ‏@prettywhenpink1

He 🤡 from Baytown also . If u don’t have a Jedi better get you one #Thekidiseverything

shinee’s back! ‏@kpopIays

i hate my phone, i can’t see my photos 🤡

ValueBeauty ‏@ValueIt8

@funder @AP @sppeoples She can. I’m tired of leaders @TheDemocrats @TomPerez @SenSanders @SenSchumer with this issu…

Chańel ‏@hbandz0

@_KilaahKaay You blocked me then unblocked me 😂 paint your nose red clown 🤡

cupid 2 ‏@cupid_ebooks

Cupid a different another is haha 🤡

Ibeth 🌙 ‏@wildinibeth

@__carrool No cause your adopted 🤡

DEBBIE G ‏@RangerDebbie

@AlanLeeArtist @IndianCountry SOO DIGUSTED . . . 💔😢🤡

I See Stupid People ‏@TwitAcctCA

LOL Pickles unlocking her account and her TL is full of the same mundane BS. OF COURSE someone of Pickles' level…

GracieGAGAshihtzu ‏@GagaGracie


khalil ‏@woodfieldgianni

Some white ppl be soooo mad always trynna justify their weird racist lifestyles lol y’all needa leave that on yo ancestors plantations 🤡

Ayo_Lipz💋 ‏@Fucclbd27

He act like a fucking girl.🤡

sleepy gary ‏@JDNLive4Ever

Hey I'm gonna post a tweet thread of music I've had on rotation that I think EVERYBODY should be listening to 🤡

Bill Shedd ‏@BillShedd

@realDonaldTrump @foxandfriends Great, Another bizarre rant by the liar in Chief. I’ll be sure to miss it 🍊🤡

ant ‏@nattheturner

@FoxNews @FBI More lies from this clown 🤡 told by a propaganda supposedly a news group. @FoxNews

Bella ‏@cheeky_2c

@KamaleonManu I just yelling in case you don't see me. 🤡

KB and the Doc ‏@KBandtheDoc

Are these the worst pair of pants you’ve ever seen on a golf course? @SamGrothTennis has sent this through.…

Jack Carr ‏@JackCar53128133

@realDonaldTrump @foxandfriends Wrong 🤡

👑 A. ‏@xItsArieBae_

J I M E R S O N now watch all the hoes run w. It knowing damn well ion like that bitch 😂💯🤡

yeah ,suga. ‏@yoonguini


Brown Dirt Cowboy ‏@FlatEarthGang

@SkyNewsAust @TurnbullMalcolm @AustralianLabor 🎩 is a 🤡, his #qt display is laughable.

West Coast Trader ‏@___Prodigy___

@RealJamesWoods @DividendMaster By taxing them higher they will live longer & enjoy life more.... Riiiight 🤡

🧢 ‏@__tr3y

@createdmoody exactly, can’t stand white mfs 🐷🤡

Brown Dirt Cowboy ‏@FlatEarthGang

#qt No longer a 🎩, it’s now a 🤡.

‏ً ‏@renjunvn

kys seriously no one likes you or even thinks you’re funny ROFL — well obviously u think I’m funny cos u used ROFL…

John Powell ‏@CeltPowell

To which rant are you referring I have heard about five @TurnbullMalcolm is a 🤡 #auspol

Lynn Jones ‏@LynnJon72520575

@FoxNews @FBI ———— He is such a FREAK. SAD. 🤡 ————

Cool Guy ‏@CoolGuy12356

@priyankac19 Eureka! At last me got this Mark Twain joke👇🤡😜🤣

LIVING LEGEND ‏@nino_roy

That’s 🤡 behavior mann smh

🐕 • V ‏@NayoungsPuppy

I don't think I've ever done one of these but the blue is pretty so here I is 🤡

lia ‏@diveyong

i just wasted $40 sigh,,,,3 more days till i get paid again tho 🤡

Trish_Bilafer ‏@TBilafer

@RVAwonk Trump =👹🤡👿💩🤮🤢

Rexit ‏@hogger1007

@OttawaCitizen No one with half a brain would believe anything that comes out that 🍊🤡💩mouth

Man'sNotTheSheepSkinnedGoat ‏@ThaboJojo

@hlalelechaka I'm just a simple guy who happens to know that the pic is 3 years old. I hope my response pleases her…

Niki ‏@nikinikill

my types are literally just different parts of me but like split up, so they’re all bad/ thx 4 playing 🤡

💛💛 ‏@jim25_bw

Okay but why didn't I follow the account 😭🤡

Make NC Great Again 🇺🇸 ‏@media_nc

@wht353 @Redankulous13 @ScottAnthonyUSA @awoodard1004 @BookEnoch @realDonaldTrump @QBaller_Boyz @elenochle…

Brenda ‏@BrenLG

SMH crazy orange 🤡

Nolan Wells ‏@nnobby45

@PitoChiquito1 @Mediaite He gets more laughs being serious than you 🤡 get trying to be funny. 😆

🇺🇸🇮🇱🇲🇽🇦🇶🔥אליהו (אריה) לביא🔥 ‏@CrazyNormie

There's not having white guilt (not having race-based guilt a good thing, imo) and theres...this. 🤡

💰JimmyBaggz💰 ‏@JimmyBaggz210

You clowns...don’t make laugh 🤡

C I N D Y - not Lou ‏@ckn4502

@DudekLinda Stunned? I’m sorry, I really am, but no one should be stunned by a broken promise made by this 🍊🤡

MAGA93 ‏@magajcs

@JackPosobiec @rightwingertoo Only because they wanted to confuse. Incompetence by corrupt media is not a winnable case. 👍🏻💪🇺🇸😂🤣😱🤡

Tony Bolick ‏@TonyBolickCT

@TreyW_SEC Yep, I'd love to help the guy out too ... but I gotta call back this company about my refund for my Micr…

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