Clown Face Emoji

A face with distinctively colored face makeup intended to entertain children with physical comedy. May juggle, create balloon animals or perform magic tricks. Some people consider clowns to be terrifying.

Clown Face was approved as part of Unicode 9.0 in 2016 and added to Emoji 3.0 in 2016.

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Also Known As

🤡 Gary the Privacy Clown

🤡 Scary Clown


🤡 U+1F921


Tweets For 🤡

kath 🍣 ‏@aegyohyeongjun

felt cute MIGHT delete later 🤡

방탄소년단 ‏@Ggukstteok

You two flirt more than I take steps 🤡 — MOVEJSKSKS

Julia ‏@hsmedclne

Niall and Harry at the same show. Possibly a reunion 🤡

🔱 Spoils 🔱 ‏@TheRealSpoils01

@LifeofRio Answer 1: The games you never finished Answer 2: THE GAMES YOU NEVER FINISHED Answer 3: tHe GaMeS yO…

Fly Shit Only ✈️💩 ‏@HeemCeo

One thing I ain’t is a send off 🤡

Perry Law ‏@PerryLaw1

@euphoriacribbon @KDKA And wait for it.... your President for 5 more years😂😂😂😂😂 🤡

⚔️🍍 Clexa Warrior ⚔️🍍 ‏@Carlu_Clexa

“Lexa in the flesh with new actress in the finale” 🤡 🤡 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

ً ‏@IIordey

im a clown 🤡🎪🎈

🐌🏳️‍🌈 ‏@milfjakurai

having a hyperfixation is fun because i love talking about things that im passionate about but i also never shut up…

悠太 ‏@11athn

bout to fail g12 english✋🤡

GOLDEN🏳️‍🌈 ‏@joonies_milk

@joonieba Teenage Mutant Frogs coming soon 🤡

Namaste ‏@Namaste_7

@bozotheclone @GovInslee Sorry BOZO but that’s archaic which tells me one thing....lets see...simple minded combine…

juls_🖤_Moonchild ‏@tatasnoona

@PremiumDumplin d...did i boo boo the fool myself or was i right 👀🤡

Joc ‏@jocelyn_perez7

The same people who feel disrespected by the pride flag being flown have literally worn the American flag as appare…

Factbot ‏@Factbot9

@lpt621 @TRexterminator @Riveras1a Weird. He lives in the White House. He gets the paycheck. He signs laws into ef…

Benny Baseball ‏@BennyButtcheeks

Someone start the clown car for this clown 🤡

Carissa Braam ‏@BraamCarissa

@korey_z when I tell you I was mad 🤡

staci ‏@needydemetrias

we did it again y’all 🤡

Joyceee🦋 ‏@swizzyjoyceee

told my friend that im going to treat her her fave milktea if lexa makes an appearance on tonight's episode. sad…

Ro ‏@ro_mundo

@Jr72115028 @aangoZ_ @KlutchKawhi @LakersInformant the comment was not about Raptors brand being bigger -it was abo…

Casino Nikko ‏@icompyou

@EddieVolkman Yes you would. 🤡👽💩

Dose ⌨️ ‏@imdosed

@Sevzto I asked for your cmg and you never sent it stop hitting my line do you even have one ? Broke piece of shit 💀🤡

elton ‏@eItondw

@jon_andujo You won off me scratching the 8 ball 🤡

ᴬᴮᴮᴵᴱ ₃₉ 🏳️‍🌈 ‏@HERRONSCHAMBlE

i’d just like to say wdw and pm are both great bands. people should stop comparing the two because the bands are no…

zo x zion & ad x lbj ‏@ball_brother_zo

@DivineBardi So delusional what do you think drugging means you have to be 10 🤡

ً ‏@s9nhas

@sunbffs just look for whatever's trending 🤡

🐢 ‏@gozxno

after rewatching kuroko no basuke i just realized something,,,,, it's my favourite anime 🤡

web 🐷 | 42 Orbs ‏@mysteitive

Gotta copy all my files from my school account before it gets deleted because I don't know which ones have fic drafts 🤡

Cheryl Donahue ‏@realcherdonahue

@realDonaldTrump care, wall...hmmmmm🙄🍊🤡

snail ‏@snail63118106

@JackPosobiec 1968 tvs last 40 years, my grandparents owned a black and white tv 📺 they bought in their 20s till th…

Unknown ‏@ezebeast_

@MoreEpicerGamer @try_twiter @IsakuHoshi @Murphy3806 @LoganPaul How I'm I wrong no one is talking about it anymore…

dest ‏@ClassicMonarch

@TraGotThemPercs You went on ur alt account to talk shit because you are too afraid to say something on your main t…

'97 ‏@bugattife

at mck half of yall niggas wasnt with it nah y'all gangsta 🤡

Code PURE-SQUEAKY ‏@PuReSqueaky

@Prxvail_ yeah, i can tell...😂🤡

christiana ‏@floweredfloors

@jacksonljacobs bro the way i’m bout to do this i forgot i had his number 🤡

ً ‏@_NCT_Cherry

@minjoonstar @sunfIowerwonho You do know BTS tickets on rosebowl in some of the dates didn’t sell out either right 🤡

Cheryl Donahue ‏@realcherdonahue

@realDonaldTrump Words spoken from the man that didn’t have the spine to do his are a coward and a crimi…

iKON is 7🌹 ‏@IKONHWE

@yysmp3 remember ur first concert hahahhahha 🤡

suddenlyiminlove ‏@ma_cherrie64

@Jenbae__ @jennieschicken You snapped maa 🤣🤣 They thought Jennifers forgot.. 🤡

🍩 ‏@thattasiangirl

anyways.. time to disappear 🤡

Casey Cavanagh ‏@CaseycVT

@marcorubio Oh little Marco. I'm embarrassed for you 🤡

vis || aus on 📌 ‏@yeontteomok

Hahah vote please 🤡😂😂😂😂

Gabe ‏@Gabe_Hall_23

@jon_townsend3 And this is why people think all Americans are clueless about the game. What a 🤡

R ‏@sanachaesthot

@siyoohyeon Katie go to sleep!!!! Its almost 4am 🤡

Raelynn 🏳️‍🌈 ‏@RaelynnKahani

An actual clown 🤡

𝑔𝒶𝒷𝓎 ‏@lxgixs

@freezyflakes_ @InflowSean @Xan_127 Freeze is right! 🤡

𝙠𝙖𝙮 37 ‏@playboycv

@ntltcorbyn LOL YOU RN: 🤡

angela ‏@angelas_trash

Never kissed a boy never held a boys hand yet I run a wholesome meme account do I deserve rights??? The answer is n…

Evade Rogo 🔜 ‏@officialrogo

@ayoleaky Actually fell for it 🤡

Mathew Smith ‏@MathewS74052920

@robyp87 @AndyOstroy @realDonaldTrump Right... 🤡

dutch bros dutchess ‏@cherryxlimeade

I should be packing for the 3 day conference I’m going to tomorrow so like this and I’ll reply with a draft 🤡

Timothy Caulder ‏@caulder_timothy

@MoseHighsmith @YouTube Lawyer? Clown? I leaning more towards 🤡. #youstillaround?

𝑔𝓇𝒶𝒸𝑒 ♡ ‏@hyukcl

@jdorable @lilactaeil can’t wait to see u at the next fam reunion 🤡

still a glados fucker in 2019 ‏@CindersToAshes

@h0nk_png Me and Bimbo the clown in the hotel: 🤡👉👌💦💦🥴🥴🤪🤪😳😳

sam¹²⁷ || 190618 ‏@softbyunbaek

@lovingleemark thats why you inTERACT sweetie 🤡

Cheryl Donahue ‏@realcherdonahue

@realDonaldTrump You’re trying to buy another election...from ANYONE-even Russia, China, are a crimina…

‏ً ‏@minatowhore

@akashislut sksksks i don’t talk to my irls over summer 🤡

Edit PhilSkii ‏@philskii_

You could say @KEEMSTAR is a 🤡 all you want but a kid's dream was destroyed because some people couldn't keep their…

ella || 6.19.19 SKZ ‏@nctisthelovee

@monamour_johnny didn’t i scare you 🤡

𝐝𝐞𝐦𝐨𝐭𝐡𝐢. ‏@godmilfs

@minviIe @nsfwpupjimin ok bye !!! will miss u both so much 😔😔 have fun in the underworld 🤡

Kana Klub ‏@KanaKlub

@sharonlee25 That’s great! Have fun and I look forward to reading it. 🤡👍

LILI ‏@vivid0t7

if i’m wrong then i am boo boo the fool 🤡😔🤟🏽🤟🏽

ロイス (180/300) ‏@lv2nt

@nodplus50pts yeah im trying to think about that too. like when he showed up in the granblues w vyrn, vanepercy fan…

yulie ‏@_juju_99

me when I woke up with $0.03 in my bank account this morning 🤡

08/24🦄💖 ‏@CraveQua

@ken_janae I’m dead asffff 😭😭😭 sisstaaaaa uk we both clowns 🤡 🤣

Kennedy | NamJune 🏳️‍🌈 ‏@lizshooky

@joonies_milk and I’m trying to be nice but they really want me to promote their account...🤡

ella✨ ‏@ellaistrashhh

@DanHowell @kelseyyygrace isn’t this some clownery? 🤡

Larry O’B ‏@JGreenHaw4

@LBoudle @QMAGA2 @mansoortshams If you believe the deep state isn’t real, you are the 🤡

NaBestia504 ‏@bestia504

Where did they find this 🤡 Zardes

Awan ‏@MuhammadRadhwan

@ZaydanEmil the best mufti in town 🤡


i lost my birth control pills imagine being me lmfao 🤡

patricia ‏@pmon100987

@wvjoe911 @politicususa LAME as usual!!!!!!🤡💩🤮🤮🤪

maria ‏@maria_cww

remember when i did this and then he turned out to be a pedophile??? 🤡

Michael Molina/マイケル ‏@mass_blaster2k2

No Matter what the People Said but My True Favorite Tag Team @WWEAsuka and @KairiSaneWWE Will steal the Hearts of m…

@drian ‏@driandominguez

@marcorubio What a hypocrite you are? ... I cannot believe you REALLY support these two clowns!! 🤡

laniece ‏@LANIECEEE

@BigTimeReem First of all I was talking bout a nigga Kareem on the show 🤡

gratefulVol ‏@gratefulgil

@peterhoneyman @JCRCNY @AOC What were they under Obama? “He wrapped them in foil and put them in cages” get out of…

Gabe ‏@Gflako_

Lmao “concentration camps” 🤡

juls_🖤_Moonchild ‏@tatasnoona

@galaxysoftboy OKAY so dont like hate or sass but I feel like you’re a switch, but you very much enjoy being on dom…

JustRene ‏@bluuluv1

@kylegriffin1 Great we don’t need to see that 💩🤡

🤡 ‏@lilbopbop

@DoughBoyMagic @mad4madzz Your 19 year old ass is the one that need permission to date 🤡

bucky love bot ~ semi ia 🐉 ‏@outrocyqher

@jkgoldens do y’all think we stupid or..? 🤡

ً ‏@heartwoos

please say sike 🤡

shawn & camila’s wedding planner ‏@tenerifecamila

@worIdwidemila it was my concert, which i’ll gladly accept if that’s the case 🤡

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