Clown Face Emoji

A face with distinctively colored face makeup intended to entertain children with physical comedy. May juggle, create balloon animals or perform magic tricks. Some people consider clowns to be terrifying.

Clown Face was approved as part of Unicode 9.0 in 2016 and added to Emoji 3.0 in 2016.

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Also Known As

🤡 Gary the Privacy Clown

🤡 Scary Clown


🤡 U+1F921


Tweets For 🤡

Jerry Benji ‏@Wendys_Customer

The bag: Fumbled 🤡

millie ‏@MillieMeacham77

@katieskidmorex honestly can’t wait 🤡👻😭

Deniz ‏@DenizTheOne

This is the mentality of typical jew. Always the victim, never acknowledges the facts, makes a ridiculous assertion…

Nina ‏@nina_bee3

Y’all bold to think we getting pics or a gcf 🤡, if we get a gcf it’ll be them on stage to promote the movie

My room / MONO ‏@d_sideways

@suga_wife90 @SerieTV46 Narnia 🤡

rebeca loves stray kids ‏@aesthoshi

my ugly ass wanna know 🤡

jay is nia's¹²⁷ | azsd📌 ‏@seonghwassteak

stealing from RDF again 🤩 🤧 you want to be friends 🤡 you're intimidated by me 💕 you have a crush on me ✊🏻 we're friends


@DaddyJim52 Nothing new trumps been doing it for yrs lie cheat n steal from anyone he can doesn’t matter as long as…

r.i.p mac miller ‏@MozzeyFlaco

nyy future wife is probably fake laughing at her boyfriends lame ass jokes rn. be patient queen, a true clown is on…

King of the shpeal. ‏@bernard56ish

@Peston @theresa_may What. 🤡

jamlessweakling ‏@satorisedaii

another petty reason to block people 🤡

Leanne Vroom 🎉💗 ‏@Sagittarius1286

Good morning 💓😊🤡👻

MacEvellian ‏@MacEVellian22

@realDonaldTrump 🤡🍄🤣Free tip:Insulting people's intelligence is not the way 2 go sugar...hth..😏🇷🇺

nancy neff ‏@nancyneff2

@ellievan65 @LouPage5 Sadly, I wouldn’t put it past 🎃🤡 to enact whatever laws he wants without Congress. That’s the…

😑 mono ‏@monochims

Y'all coming in here with the SAME THREE Jeff Benjamin articles when I asked about BEING ON THE BILLBOARD CHARTS no…

NICO 🥀 99 ‏@switchdualies


#everythingoes ‏@taekookisinlove

still havent bought the album bc i forgot my appleid pw 🤡

emad ‏@emadalamri2017

@realDonaldTrump @DeepStateExpose Really 🤡

zo ✨ mono ‏@jinsfine

oh my gosh skdjs I started singing along to Seoul and I was like ?? it’s the teaser he posted 🤡

Little Georgia 🍑 Peach ‏@galittleruby

Cancelled cable January 2012. We get our news on the Internet. You can’t imagine how addictive watching that thing…

mingi cult ‏@octobersicheng

@taeismyname wait what's ur zodiac 🤡

Michelle ‏@MissMichelle61

@decidedlyclare @TNmom53 @DirkJordan2 @greatcarpentry2 @ChrisCuomo @POTUS Yes they do. Besides that he’s as dumb as…

GG ‏@georgyngomez

🤡🔪 i luv studying 🤡🔪 i study for the sheer interest of learning 🤡🔪

❌ Eric Pullhard ❌ ‏@Ericpullhard

@piersmorgan That’s you isn’t it every day pick out stories to feed too you’re twit’s and chat shit all day every…

Lily ‏@lilies1013

@iam12thAlphabet R u copying my yall?🤡 lol

thetreethief ❌ ‏@thetreethiefnwo

@curlyred29 @ScottGalliford @CBCAlerts You liberals are hilarious @curlyred29. ! A billion five a year for propagan…


Awww Brown nosed Brogues...ran away crying...🤡👏

‘𝑠... ‏@TAEYEONlES

yes, snsd did in fact invent sitting at tables 🤡

𝘔𝘶𝘮𝘮𝘺¹²⁷ ‏@glossyglocks

Since no one has voted yet imma just say yes I should 🤡

❌ Eric Pullhard ❌ ‏@Ericpullhard

@piersmorgan You’re new Column is not worth the toilet paper it’s written on 👍🤡 they all float down here Pecker Piers 🎈

BINNY🇬🇲 ‏@bintou_kinteh

Niggas think they slick😂😂😂🤡

léa misses bts || #mono ‏@jnsolipity

where are the « no one cares about joon » squad now ? did you see the numbers ? did you look at it ? 🤡

ken ‏@iIoveksoo

i fucking forgot to charge my laptop last night hahaha 🤡


@Carson1916 @pimpmytweeting Ooo a meme you sure showed me your a big hard man...🤡

Katya Zenina ‏@3ene4ka

hello friends! We are now streaming Dropsy here at ! 🤡 Come join us

pao ‏@forevrpaow

I tried fooling my husband this morning, but the one that ended up being fooled was me 😔😔🤡 lmao

¥ung $oci ‏@prophecy_amadi

Honestly in real life I’m a friendly ass nigga 😂😂🤡

Pablo EsKubar 🎪 ‏@DjCrisKub

Open for Surprise: Halloween edition. 😂🤡🎃

Tracy ‏@realtracyw

@LCFC The graphics are as slow as the back 4. Claude 🤡

¥ung $oci ‏@prophecy_amadi

FINALLY!! Someone gets it lol 🤡💯

A Bathing Sean™ 🆎 ‏@DGaines98

Im ugly asl but funny asl 🤡

ara ‏@maxtuII

when my crush looks at a girl: 😫☹️☠️💀🤡😤🤬🤮😡👿 when my crush looks at me: ☺️😍🤩💘💓😭💗💞💕

James Michael McKay ‏@jmmckay1

#NationalNutDay Yep all you nuts out there... it's your day!! 😋🤪😜🤡

UK-positivefuture ‏@sizjam68

@BrexitCentral @Jacob_Rees_Mogg Err...Brexiters still can't agree with each other on what Brexit means 🤡

Nicki Doran ‏@TheAntiDJT

@realDonaldTrump @RonDeSantisFL I actually thought this was one of the many trump parody accounts. But it’s not. What a clown 🤡

👑zlo. ‏@CallMeKiyaO

as long as you entertain a clown you’re apart of the circus. 🤡

Mary Alice Cain ‏@Maryalicecain2

Day late and a dollar short mr speaker!🤡

li #mono ‏@bloomjjg

why are u talking about multis as if u weren’t one? so like, u’re above multis or like...? idk but u just made a fo…

Never Fear, Empress is Here! ‏@TakesBackToday

One year ago today... Empress debut on #Raw! 🤡

Real Name ‏@Choogling

@nypost Tear these buildings down and start over. Why don't you start taking "bids" Mr. Pay to Play? 🤔💰🤡🎃

Keith C. Waidelich ‏@KeithCoreyRE

There are some great SPOOKY neighborhoods around the valley to check out!! 👻😈👽🤡 #luxurylasvegaslifestyle #halloween…


Amazing ! After all the disgusting comments towards Mrs May ie bring your own noose and more vile comments you fini…

Lily ‏@lilies1013

@iam12thAlphabet But ur still bothered...otherwise u wouldnt be here 🤡

Metropolis Nights ‏@MetropolisMagNJ

blue42bar ・・・ Saturday we’re putting the BOO in BOOTY 😳😳 @weTheBOMB4real & blue42bar bringing you Halloween 4 Days…

MacEvellian ‏@MacEVellian22

@realDonaldTrump 🤡🍄 Isn't caging kids in lice ridden cages & leaving them open 2 abuse enough....🤔Jeez is…

Kathy Little MAGA Maniac ‏@KathyLittle18

Karma baby! @MichaelAvenatti 🤡

c ‏@cIowndegree

i said i was going to save money but my dumb ass literally just bought all four versions of monsta x’s new album 🤡

Giacomo Gagliano ‏@GaglianoGiacomo

@matteorenzi Clowns 🤡

Phil Revard ‏@PhilRevard

The "No BS News Hour" is having BS Schuette as its first guest? 🤡 + 🤥 = 🤣 @SchuetteOnDuty @gretchenwhitmer

quweenstrawberry👑🖤💋 ‏@funn_dunn

I love this month 🎃👾😱👿🤡👺👹😈☠😍😘

Jules Morgan ‏@glamelegance

@CNNPolitics What is Jeff Flake going to do about it? Nothing! When #DonaldTrump gives the Saudi’s a pass, Flake wi…

Ari🌺 ‏@Legtagon

Kinda guessed it 🤡

Laysa Palheta Makeup ‏@LaysaPalheta

Happy halloween 👹🤡💀

Alex ‏@Mr_Gee15

Change of plans on my costume bc I don’t have a job and cannot buy all the stuff so maybe next year or just buy all…

Lily ‏@lilies1013

@hunkaism @jypgoose7 Lol that vid ur spamming, need help in views? 🤡

nupur #areyouthere ‏@seokissy

lmao bts is a family. they love and support each other the most and they don't need to show it to you. 🤡

BabestationCams ‏@BabestationCams

🚨 Don't Miss Out This Weekend🚨 🤡 Sexiest Cosplay Action Coming To You 😈 Get Ready.. 📲…

Lily ‏@lilies1013

@iam12thAlphabet If you say so 🤡

crazy richie rich 🔥 baby castro ‏@RichardWoolf97

Wow that makes me so sad you block me I love u sorry I’m a joker 😂🤡

🇸🇪⚜️CHANGEAGENT⚜️🇸🇪 ‏@ChangeAgent20

That is not cool!🤡

Blanca Camacho ‏@BlancaCamachoNY

@SFLAMo @PlzVoteItCounts @FoxNews @RepDeSantis @AndrewGillum You mean like your potus? Yeah, he’s hilarious. A real 🤡

Travis Malott ‏@Gadsby49

@bricc1 @B_Gaspy Haha. He keeps tweeting and deleting. What an absolute 🤡.

aurora 🦇🕸 #mono ‏@SINGULARITY1013

i tried at least 🤡

| ᴀɴɴɪɪ | mono | ‏@animoomi

@yobettergo send me some 🤡

Randy ‏@randyavilla

@ramireaux Nooo I want something terrifying in the fiction realm to briefly distract me from the horror that is nonfiction right now 🤡

crazy richie rich 🔥 baby castro ‏@RichardWoolf97

@handydandysam I wish I could die but I’m invincible 💪👌🤡

Estheramma ‏@estheramma

@Puck6T9 @202Sincerity @CRAZYMERiCANS @FoxNews @RandPaul Funny how the supposed builder, developer & deal maker is…

💀P 💀 A 💀 U 💀 L💀 ‏@AtlantisKane

@lostinmusic1982 @Davorka1965774 @1carolinagirl @MyLittleRascal8 @BlankPetra @RattleDemBonez @ahsitw @quembelle…

ً ‏@demonjhs

@itsraemin @miraedia but she has two thumbs in one hand 🤡

Jules Morgan ‏@glamelegance

@realDonaldTrump #DonaldTrump and the Republican Party need to be cleansed with a Big Beautiful Blue Wave! #BlueWave2018 🤡

mingi cult ‏@octobersicheng

alright bri 🤡 nap

Erin Koske ‏@erin_archy

@Zak_Bagans HELP! Where can access throwback episodes? i.e. seasons 1,2,&3 ish... 👻👽🤡💀👹😵

leslie ‏@chittaphon_116

@nctlovecult if its not toxic then i dont want to hear it 🤡

Brittany Tyler ‏@btypes

#Mondays = #funorama 🤡 @ York Long Sands Beach

SugarDeuces✌ ‏@SimekaNaomi

Who Ready🤸🏽‍♀️👏🏽👹🤡☠️👻👁🧟‍♂️💃🏽🕷🕸 🎃

Marcus O'Neill ‏@marcus__oneill

@talkSPORT @talkSPORTDrive @mattholland8 The coach should be given a medal 🥇 and coach of the month award by the Pr…


@OT7whore by that angle they had to be in the far back with a big ass camera that can zoom really far 🤡

ßr¥c£ 👨🏽‍🔬 ‏@bigbryci

My twitter is not wild 😂🤡

Brendan ‏@prince_weasey

Bigger 🤡?

Michael Molina/ マイケル・モリナ ‏@mass_blaster2k2

The Empress of #WWEEvolution @WWEAsuka ✨✨✨🤡⭐️✨✨✨

ßr¥c£ 👨🏽‍🔬 ‏@bigbryci

@Kimberleannn It ain’t even wild though 🤣😏🤡

Sonshine⛅️ #PLUSHGang💟 ‏@lilmisssonshne

Lmao okay I’m done. I’ll stop. I don’t appreciate whoever texted you know who and told what was going on ..on my Tw…

Roy Rogers McFreely ‏@ProfSalamander

@MBS1872 Mr Green.......talking well shite....🤡

John McQueen ‏@jackbriant

@BreitbartNews What people? The clowns 🤡 at the 🎪 circus?

TRUTHTELLER ‏@LouisHaskett

#Weatherpup Skip’s afternoon forecast is you will need a light jacket, unless you can get out the wind and in the s…

Аli КHADRA ‏@TyLeb

@EAML21 @youssef_hussen Clown Prince 🤡

Rhys Cooper ‏@TheRhysCooper

@patsfanalways1 @SkySportsF1 Keep trying what? I've given you a crucial fact that you've chosen to ignore. There ha…

TOPSPIN ‏@topspin7777

@RawStory Trump knows that he will be held accountable if the House falls! He's running scared and he's will lie,…

Eileen ‏@eilcoa1

@NBCNews Why in heavens name would anyone stand in line that long to see that orange faced nitwit 🤡😏

Cheryl Donahue ‏@realcherdonahue

@realDonaldTrump By cutting off foreign aid, you are almost certainly guaranteeing more of them coming....jerk...a…

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