Coconut Emoji

Coconut was approved as part of Unicode 10.0 in 2017 and added to Emoji 5.0 in 2017.

🚩 New in 2017. Requires an updated operating system.

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🥥 U+1F965


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FourthRayBeauty ‏@FourthRayBeauty

@lorenaniya Absolutely!🥥 Definitely check out our coconut milk🤩

FourthRayBeauty ‏@FourthRayBeauty

@Amani_Shay17 For deep nourishment 💁‍♀️ coconut got you like no other 😏 🥥

Silvia 🌻 ‏@sissibgn

Kids, say no to drugs. Say yes to @Pret’s coconut bites 🥥 🍫

🥜 ‏@peanutbutter885

Chocolate pb, lotus and coconut flakes 🥥

🥜 ‏@peanutbutter885

It was my bd so I wanted to do something special : chocolate pb, vegan caramel ice cream, blueberries and coconut f…

Daniel C Schmidt ‏@dcschmidt

@jeffjarvis @DIEZEIT Themenkonferenz @ alle anderen publications this afternoon – 🎩🎲🥥

celisa 🦁 ‏@cgoddessqueen

bye, staying here forever 🌴🥥

PureGymLondonCroydon ‏@PureGym_Croydon

If you missed out on our Yanga taster sessions this week.. no need to worry there is plenty to come 🥥🍐🍋🍓🍍🍑🍌Also did…

Organic Man Coffee Trike ‏@omcoffeetrike

There’s always time, call it in! ☎️ 956-489-6411 #IcedDirtyChoconut 🇳🇱 🍫 🥥 +☕️🇳🇱🍫🥥+☕️🇳🇱🍫🥥+☕️ #nonGMO #OrganicOnly…

Yvonne Beauty ‏@Beauty2theT_

How ? Almond oil : relives chapped/irritated lips. Protects lips from UV radiation. Provides long lasting moistur…

rachel ‏@r_achelmarie

think i’m the only one that loves bounty’s in a celebrations tub mm more for me 🥥

Mr. Matt ‏@matt_m19

@adambonin Per sources, he was caught “nuttin’ in coconuts” behind the well at camp by a production assistant. Afte…

RichContext ‏@RichContext

Check out the #DigitalQuilt in action in our latest #casestudy. We partnered with @VitaCoco to create a memorable e…

すやすやうに ‏@suya2uni

Chestnut coconut grapes 🌰 + 🥥 = 🍇 cherry green apple watermelon 🍒 + 🍏 = 🍉 grapes…

Rizzy Cash🎖 ‏@Rizzy_Cash001

@greenaugustus44 @adeyemo_ramota Imagine dating a girl who breaks coconut 🥥 with her head ....

360° ‏@chawinkx

@ireuwu Almond milk or coconut 🥥

♡ 𝑪𝒉𝒍𝒐𝒆̈ ‏@CBieberBelieve

@howneedy Magical Coconut Kiss 🥥 💋

South Beach Swim ‏@SouthBSwim

Dreaming of places I would rather be 💭🌎🥥🌊🌴 #holidayplease #holidaygoals #needed #relaxing #refreshed #beachdays…

Kiko Suarez ‏@QueRikoconKiko

VEGAN BANOFFEE PIE 🥧 Coconut 🥥 dulce leche • banana • yogurt • nut crust I’ll be vegan for…

Cynthia Gonzalez ‏@Cyn21G

Anybody else included their desire for the @ColourPopCo Coconut Collection in their full moon rituals? 🥺🌕✨…

🏙🌃SUE MISCHKA🌇🌆 ‏@enigmaticsue

I love awaking up really early in the morning during winter (like 5am) for the quietness which is so difficult in d…

Taywor 🌎☄️💕® ‏@arzenoy

@Aloviina dis my favorite don’t judge 🥥

Gina Gallagher ‏@ggallagher71

@edenbodyworks Sledding 🛷 and building a snowman ☃️ with my two boys! 💯❄️🙌 #SNOWDAYS 🥥 #CoconutShea

Catherine Schutte ‏@CathySchutte

#Christmas coconuts! #Cancun #Mexico #FelizNavidad #Palmtrees #tropical #tbt 🌴🎄🌴🥥 #holidays #FelicesFiestas

谁人不爱罗文姬(Free) ‏@Z_RForever

🌞,🏖️,🌊,🥥,🍑。What a wonderful holiday!!! @GudelZilv

Sabrina ‏@Sabrina52049805

@ColourPopCo #colourpopgivesback 1. Peach collection 🍑 2. Whatever Collection 3. Coconut Collection 🥥 4. To be…

Indigenouscoconutoil ‏@Indigenouscoco

@dchellew_tdot Hi there! Can you follow back so I can DM you? 🥥

Adek Mu ‏@adek_mu

Come and see 🥥•PUSECHKA•🥥's LIVE in #BIGOLIVE: Private 1 kiss me gift

Himani ‏@Himani77614274

Come and see 🥥•PUSECHKA•🥥's LIVE in #BIGOLIVE

Ana Počivavšek ‏@Dr_Ana_P

✌️Goodbye #ACNP2019 and goodbye Orlando! Morning flight bliss with 🥥 🍫 and a mini celebration of a manuscript acce…

imran ‏@imranhossain336

Come and see 🥥•PUSECHKA•🥥's LIVE in #BIGOLIVE: Private 1 kiss me gift

The Cupcake Lounge ‏@cupcakesottawa

Coconut!!🥥#thursdayflavours #coconut

ShinDigger BrewingCo ‏@ShinDiggerBeer

🥥🍫🥥 🍫🥥 This year's edition of La Vida Coco is pure liquid bounty. Smoother than a bubble batch with Samuel Jackson.…

Laura Alonso ‏@itslauraalonso

@baby_bids A cute lil coconut 🥥

โจอา ‏@godxjoa

mention krubpom 🤘🏿 — like your dis 🦥 — like your head 🥥 — like your pin 🖖🏿 — like your character ☕️ — like y…

MAFIA ‏@MaasegDagaati

God Bless The Coconut 🥥 Seller. Call Me The #Mafia

BeautyExpressGH ‏@BeautyExpressGH

A rich, creamy shampoo with raw, natural ingredients that deeply hydrate, repair damage, and give hair incredible s…

Projecto FollowTrick ‏@ChilliF0ll0w

Retweet & Like follow 🥥 🌇 #1FIRST 🌆

raj neupane ‏@paradiseraj

Come and see 🥥•PUSECHKA•🥥's LIVE in #BIGOLIVE: Private 1 kiss me gift

Jetmarie ‏@joseestertudy

Time to swallow a bitter pill again, for growth, but I just hope that this one is sane enough to not fall into delu…

𝓛𝓮𝓷𝓪 •♡• ‏@lyna74921858

Vsco girls 🥥

Mujtaba Datay ‏@Muj_756

This was refreshing after lunch 👅 - Coconut sorbet 🥥

Upup ‏@Upup35193731

@Missyummy___ Bbc lol wake n u up with a daposit .😁😁😁😁🍆🥥

Justin Girdharrie ‏@Justin2407

Full Service Buffet for Bonne Aventure Presbyterian Church's Annual Christmas Dinner. 🎄💒👨‍🍳🍝 . From our @ttlunchkit…

TheGameDevGuy ‏@thegamedevguy

[ 😆 IGNORE GRAPHIC GLITCHES 😆 ] Terrorizing the beach, with beehives 🐝🍯, coconuts 🥥 and rocks lol #gamedev…

ميثھ🇦🇪 ‏@maithaa82

@maharee29 coconut 🥥 rice 🍚♥️😋😋

Francis Xavier Peña ‏@FrancisXIX

I give up on working out this December. I’ll let the Holiday season win 🥂🍻🍺🍢🍢🍡🍱🍝🌮🌯🍔🍲🍕🍤🍟🥟🌮🍨🥪🍦🥓🦴🥖🍖🥔🍗🥕🥓🌶🥝🥔🥐🍒🍑🥥🌽🥐🍠🧀🍼🍘

Wendy ‏@Wendy_xlt

Saluuuuuuuut 🥥

Lunch-KIT ‏@ttlunchkit

Full Service Buffet for Bonne Aventure Presbyterian Church's Annual Christmas Dinner. 🎄💒👨‍🍳🍝 . From our @ttlunchkit…

beanball ‏@beanballtaco

[email protected] beanball 🍎 🥥 🥕

𝖆𝖑𝖊𝖝³⁶⁵ ‏@lesbyomi

stolen from the search bar 🍰 we are friends 🥑 my favorite oomf 🥥 let's be friends 🍋 i don't like you

nG0Bese 🌵 ‏@ahmardhii

@Thandolanga01 @DeeNwokike if you do not know how water get in the coconut 🥥 🤷‍♂️😅

Rosslyn Riviera Mall ‏@RosslynRiviera

Healthy habits start from within. Pop into our mall and take your time sipping on invigorating coconut water on the…

tinkerbina ‏@ftnsabrina97

Hi everyone! Did you know that your cooking oil could turn bad? Could you imagine how the quality of your oil when…

Nailah E.Timberlake ‏@EIsForEllis

Life is good when they get your own coconut... been waiting on this weather all week... spent ALL day on the pool d…

ً rawan ‏@seungjinir

stolen from the tl ofc 🍰 we are friends 🥑 my favorite oomf 🥥 let's be friends 🍋 i don't like you

E. 🦋 ‏@misslittlebody

Island hopping and monkeying around. 🐒🥥🌴🌺

Villages ‏@VillagesBrewery

Honk honk! 📯🎺 Dark beers! 😍 OBOE our annually-brewed easy drinking 5.3% porter. And introducing its cousin TUBA. We…

tëa ‏@oheyitstea

finally made it to the philippines 🌴🥥🇵🇭

krémas qúso 🎄🥥🇭🇹 ‏@pj_machete

I might be the only person in the world who likes coconut everything 🥥 😕♥️

MeekNestHawaii ‏@meeknesthawaii

🍍🥥 Because I’m craving a piña colada 🥥🍍 Pineapple plant pot by @dovekienfinch 😍 She & her make hubby make cute stuf…

InsureandGo AU ‏@InsureandGoAU

Because sometimes you just wanna enjoy the #beach, some good #food and a coconut drink. 🥥

Get Creative ‏@edu_GetCreative

I’m so proud of our grade 2 students @ISZN_School. 👷🏽‍♂️👷‍♀️👨🏻‍🔬👩🏾‍🔬 Their #science/#engineering fair was amazing a…

ᗰıƖƙ ᑕɧơƈơƖąɬɛ 🍼 ‏@_CoCoJuan

Haven’t Had This In A While 🥥

𝔉𝔞𝔯𝔞𝔥 🦋 ‏@spicexgurl

I have combination to dry skin so sometimes in the winter my skin will get a little dry, and for that I would just…

🍀 ‏@amourkedra_

🥥- it’s fuck you rn

♏️MerryMerry🎄 ‏@emsabarns

having coconut gelato & drinking coconut la croix ❤️ 🥥

Andrew Postell ‏@drewp4vp

Some #deliciousfood #memes to take away any #latenight cravings you may have...ever. 🍇🍊🍒🥥🌽🥦🍗🍥🍰🍮 #food #yummy…

2am eore. Might ‏@ae_modjbaTAN

I wanted to. Merry bar refeialli so that I could bridge the political divide between Iran and Israel so that I can…

||Daisuke Kinichiro ·vs· Kirk Carter|| ‏@IAmKinichiro

@MarcieGamingx @HeelJaden Jaden and I sharing Recipes for Cakes, I told him to give me his weeks ago also congrats on the new mans🍰🥥

Danielle Ashley ‏@DaniielleAshley

Coconut oil 🥥🌴 cures everything.

Jurnee 💕 ‏@JReyonceH

🥥❄️- you’re really pretty!! Cool too!! I can see us being friends

Mr. Dont Play ‏@AntioneJohnso17

🥥: you really be low key but I see you from time to time when I be in different cities

Mazen Bin Afif 👋🏼😂 ‏@mazbinafif

Black Coffee + 15ml C8 Oil C8 = Caprylic Acid Oil Extracted from MCT Oil Sourced from Organic Coconut 🥥

MC ‏@sauceyymeggz

i tried drinking water like how bretman drinks coconut water on “ COCONUT WATER OF THE DAYYYYAYYYAYY “🥥 and i spit…

Tim BlackDragon ‏@TimBlackDragon

Found the lime 🍈in the Kokonut 🥥 (@ The Hood Kitchen Space) on #Yelp

👮🏻‍♀️ У£ ‏@LadyCop2019

@andylassner @AkilahObviously What a lovely bunch of 🥥 🥥 s

Martin Miles ‏@martinmiles

@juswal Hehe. I had forgotten of course but thought Shipton and the 🥥 must have served together in that period after the election.

tyty ‏@stvnnrfell

Coconut 🥥

Mıranda Shmurda ‏@miranda_gang

How trini can you get? Coconut water from the homeland 🇹🇹 🌴 🥥

Tim BlackDragon ‏@TimBlackDragon

Ring my bell...🥥🥥🥥🍉🥥🍓🥥 (@ Kokonut Dessert Bar) on #Yelp

Carla Gutierrez ‏@cokodriloo

My new jam 🏝🦋🌴🥥🙌🏼🐸

Jeff Hiemstra [Climate Science Canadian] ‏@dmcjeff

Okay wow! Coconut 🥥 Doughnut 🍩 #Vegan @ Green Bar

BouBou ‏@2B0

Anxiety got me shook , my mind’s playing tricks on me 😣 poor me cup of roots 🥥 I need to get loose.

David Brown ‏@davidpinotgris

@AnthonyCole68 Bunch of 🥥 ‘s...

Deanna🐨 ‏@Deannalaur

@jiminscrickets Ayy that's ma fc. You hv taste😏🥥

Izen ‏@itsme_izen

Coconut Festival🌴🥥

QueenP 👑 ‏@FineAszPorcha

@ENDORSE_my_MIND @RayBeenImmortal That toasted coconut 🥥 sounds yummy 😋

🍁HAL🐿CommsOpen ‏@sumi_no_iro

Alright, I didn’t know I have allergic to coconut lol but I was dying really, it was shock symptoms😓💦 Kinda weird,…

Bebebsa Hills ‏@Suilamordna

woooooooooootttt so vltra deliciovzzz drinkzzz i lovezzz to eat and drink all of them every secondzzz mmmmm yazzzzz…

advisordanny ‏@advisordanny

virgin coconut oil based skin care products with significant SDG participation because People, the Planet and Profi…

TravelinMama ‏@MagtheMom

First time making #CoconutMacaroons 🥥 Ridiculously easy and delicious. @kroger #SimpleTruthOrganic unsweetened coco…

elbee ‏@BaggerLance

@FedPorn Thai spicy coconut 🌶 🥥

Jake ‏@followhelpgaga

follow everyone who likes and retweets this, 🥥!

Alex ‏@lexmg_11

@jon_living It taste sweet. I like them just pure unsweetened 🥥

ح♡ ‏@Han0shah

@malsh3aib sweet sweet sweet sweet 💕🥥

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