Collision Emoji

A symbol that represents a crash or collision. An angular burst of orange and red in a star-like shape.

Collision was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 under the name “Collision Symbol” and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

💥 Bang

💥 Explode

💥 Impact

💥 Red Spark

Unicode Name

💥 Collision Symbol


💥 U+1F4A5





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first tweet ever...been living under a rock 💥😂😂 💕 did anything happen since the stone ages? Hmu

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@TheTweetOfGod your son was a radical socialist. 💥 🌹🌹🔥

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@GuyWorthey Ha, ha! You’re welcome. 💥BOOM💥

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@deanzipes When Stanton hits one he doesn’t kid around 💣💥

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Summer Walker feat Drake 🙏🏽🤤💥

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Girls be talking shit but still be liking yo pics📸💥

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@HimeshMankad @akki_dhoni And the song name is Bismillah💥

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Jumping into the weekend at NRG Dance Project! Let’s go! 🐍💥🏔 @nrgdanceproject @josieannlindle #prodigy

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Thr Great Awakening Enjoy the show. It has already been played. Are we watching a repeat? How do you know the end…

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So here’s a fun one... Been taking students through 16th jazz-funk grooves at a wide range of tempos... For LESSON…

Martha Dayana ‏@mdalcal_

Scored 3 goals in 10 minutes. 💥

TheCaptain ‏@PrisonBarge

@sallykohn We shall see 💥

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NASA☄️💥🌚🌛🌜. @ArianaGrande astronauts conduct the first spacewalk of 2019

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Iris ‏@irispraytan

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Pamela🖖🌊🌊 ‏@PamelaBastaGal

@MichaelAvenatti Absolutely. Apologizing for everything won't cut it. Someone tough, who calls out his lies & isn't…

cuchulain ‏@beezelkailen

@IngrahamAngle . ~~~ HRC Sedition ~~~~ . British legal filings: . . 💥🦇💥 . Steele testified that the D…

Ben Mannion ‏@footballbenny

I will never get sick of watching her #WINX #Goat 🏇💥💨

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MonsterOfTheTriState ‏@SCAR_179NY

@BearMisterio @ChicagoBears @NFL You already know!! 🤜🏼💥🤛🏼

HNE Official ‏@urstruly_HNE

#MAHARSHI1stSINGLEonMARCH29th 🔥 5Days to Go...🙌 Get ready for the YouTube storm💥 #Maharshi

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Best Spotify #Pop #Rock #Americana Music 🎙 'Emme Lentino' 🔅 @EmmeLentino 📀 'Oxygen' (Spanish Version' 💥 #Spotify…

MasterBoy ‏@BamBow4You

Dam Bam 💥

jax ‏@jxtpse

I found my neglected tripod! Now for a significant wad of blu tack... 💥

Robert Balaam ‏@RobertBalaam

Great escape #Raymond !!!! & I'm certain this is most definitely NOT the last #TheBlacklist action we've seen of…

RylerOner ‏@RobertC47262866

@LisaMei62 @DevinNunes Congratulations Lisa! Thank you💥

. ‏@siagpp_eilish

@JKCorden @celinedion OMG! Looking forward to watching that! Also, you should do a carpool karaoke with Billie Eilish, just saying. 💥🙌🏻

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CardiacDrop™ ‏@CardiacDrop

Street Fighter Saturday... #ShareYourGames ... a most definitive title in the storied Street Fighter franchise from…

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movie2(((o( `💥▽💥´)o)))

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